Mission 38: Ensigns on Parade

[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 3 days after last session
* Blackjack relaxes in his chair, playing solitare
* Mono^ walks in holding his Ion Ace
[Mono^] Axe
* Slash^ is watching out the porthold, holding his blade close
* DeathStar holds his head
[DeathStar] It's one of those days..
* justin-the-II walks in the room eating some frintch fries
[Blackjack] What's up, DS? Headache?
* Mono^ tosses DS a plocebo
[DeathStar] Yes...around 6 of them
* Slash^ looks at DS
[Blackjack] Yeah, there are a lot of new guys... Least I know one of them. *motions to Ariel*
[Slash^] .........
* Ariel is just sitting around using the computer, doing nothing in particular
* Slash^ slowly looks back at the window, sadly
* Mono^ sharpens his Axe on a desk
* justin-the-II shoves some in his mouth
* DeathStar types on the master computer
[Blackjack] Even if it does remind me of CorSec... *wins his game, and collects the cards*
[Mono^] oops
* Mono^ watches as the axe goes through the desj
[DeathStar] .....*grinds teeth*
* Slash^ thinks . o O {"Should i leave....}
[DeathStar] OKAY, THAT'S IT!
[Overdrive_Omega] 8 minutes of lag ARGH!
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow
* Blackjack flies out of his chair and runs for the shuttle
[Ariel] o_O
* Mono^ walks towards the shuttle
* Ariel heads for the shuttle
[justin-the-II] huh?
* Mono^ enterst he shuttle and sits down
[DeathStar] MOVE MOVE MOVE!\
* Ariel doesn't know why, but heads for the shuttle...really fast!
* Slash^ waprs to the shuttle
* justin-the-II walks for the shuttle eating
* Blackjack is the first to the shuttle and seated
* DeathStar teleports down there and sits in the pilot's seat
* Slash^ appears in the co-pilots seat
* DeathStar powers up
[Blackjack] What's up with him?
[DeathStar] God, I love being the Commander...
* justin-the-II walks in and sets in a chare
[Blackjack] ...using his rank... Figured.
* Mono^ whispers to BJ "PMS"
* Ariel plops down in the comm officers seat.
* Blackjack whacks Mono
[Mono^] ouch
* Slash^ glares at DS
* DeathStar lifts the shuttle off the ground and prays he knows what he's doing
[justin-the-II] were are we goin?
* DeathStar hits the turbo boosters and shoots out of the damaged hanger and heads for Earth
[DeathStar] Pizza Hut.
[Mono^] TO the wonderful land of oz
[Mono^] Sweet
[Blackjack] You're joking. I know you are.
* Blackjack prays he isn't
[DeathStar] What?  You don't want some nice crusty pizza Jared?
[Slash^] ..
* justin-the-II licks his lips
* DeathStar smirks as he flies through space
* Mono^ pulls out Justins wallet
[justin-the-II] i do!
[Blackjack] Wish I had some. Oh well.
* Slash^ sighs and settles down
[Mono^] I think ill goto Dominoes
[Ariel] Hmmm... I'll take a Okonomiyaki ^_^
* DeathStar nods at the rookies
[DeathStar] Course...THEY don't know we're not..
* justin-the-II checks to see if he a=has enogh mony
* Mono^ looks at Ariel
* Ariel smiles innocently
[justin-the-II] hay!
* Blackjack laughs lightly
* Mono^ blushes for no reason
[Mono^] Woh
* Mono^ smacks himself
* DeathStar aims blaster at Mono
* Slash^ snickers, uncharastircly after.. his brothers death
* Mono^ pockets Jutins wallet
[justin-the-II] weres my wallet?
[DeathStar] Yo, hormone boy, knock out of it
[Blackjack] Hey DS, shouldn't you be paying attention to the flight instead of him?
* Mono^ points to Bj
[Mono^] yeah pay attention to where you goin
[DeathStar] Eh?  What?? *turns and sees an asteroid in front of them*
[DeathStar] EL CRAP!
[justin-the-II] !?!?!?!
[Slash^] WHOA
*** Overdrive_Omega has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Slash^] uhh...
[Slash^] DS. i suggest turning..
* DeathStar dives downward and goes under it
[Blackjack] WHOA!
[Ariel] Yikes!
[Blackjack] Maybe I should drive...
* Blackjack snickers
* Slash^ releases breath, after realizing he was holding it
[DeathStar] Anyone hear that scraping?  That is called "Close Call #2454"
* justin-the-II drops his fries
[justin-the-II] unuh.......:{
[Mono^] I thought it was "close call #2453"
* Blackjack shakes his head
* DeathStar heads for Earth and soon enters the atmosphere
* justin-the-II looks around for pizza hut
* DeathStar groans
[Ariel] Hey!  They actually have good radio stations here
* Mono^ counts how much money Justin has.."5 bucks" throws it back at Justin
* Ariel is listening on the comm
* DeathStar begins to fly around the world boredly
* justin-the-II catches it and puts it back
* Slash^ whispers to DS "DS, where are we actually heading?"
[justin-the-II] hay!
[Mono^] We come here for no reason
[justin-the-II] you were the one who stole it!
[DeathStar] No where..I wanted to get out of that room before you all drove me mad
[Blackjack] Yeah. Last time we had a "break" there was a purpose.
* Mono^ pulls out 30 bucks
[Mono^] heh heh
[Blackjack] Remember our "vacation?"
* Mono^ puts it back in his pocket
[Slash^] ...
[justin-the-II] ...
[justin-the-II] thats my mony!
[Blackjack] Good. Let's go to Pizza Hut after all. *snickers*
* Ariel has a bad feeling about this...
[Mono^] no its Ari....ummm gotta go
[DeathStar] ....*notices on the radar there's a huge blimp in South America
* Slash^ sighs, and his brows furrow as a shimmering warp field appears around him
* Mono^ runs to the back and locks himself in
[Blackjack] Oh well. FOrget the pizza, let's check it out.
[justin-the-II] ...
[justin-the-II] no pizza?!
[DeathStar] .......A huge building of some sort..
* Mono^ sneacks back to the front
* justin-the-II 's stomach rumbles
[Blackjack] No pizza, Justin.
[DeathStar] Why don't you order pizza down there?  *points at the base looking thing*
[Blackjack] I hate it too.
[justin-the-II] man...
[Blackjack] But we'd be the only ones able to eat anyway...
[DeathStar] I'm landing....*begins to head downward*
[Slash^] ...
* Mono^ pulls out some jolly ranchers
[Ariel] Can't you just forget about pizza for one min!  Geez!
* Slash^ warpfield disappears
[Slash^] ..
[DeathStar] I'm watching you Slash
[Mono^] mmmm....so goood
[Slash^] good
* DeathStar isn't even looking at him while he says it
* DeathStar touches down and powers down
[DeathStar] Hey...look at that...tiny little blimps heading this way...
* Mono^ stares at Justin while opening one
[Slash^] then one day, when you are not watching, i will disappear..
* justin-the-II looks at the pizza hut building sadly
[Blackjack] Great. Tiny little MAVERICK or CORSEC blips.
[Mono^] Hey friends
[Mono^] Lets go talk to them
* Ariel hopes it isn't CorSec
* DeathStar slaps Slash's back and continues on
* Ariel REALLY hopes it isn't CorSec
* DeathStar steps out of the shuttle and looks around
*** Overdrive_Omega (Av1central@gc-digital112.pathway.net) has joined #taw
* Mono^ pulls out his Axe
* Slash^ follows DS
* Ariel heads out
* Mono^ steps out
* Blackjack steps out
* justin-the-II gets out
*** Mavericks (death_star@dial2.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Mavericks open fire on the group
* Mono^ waves to the mavs
[Slash^] i have a.. AUGH
* Slash^ gets hit in the chest
* Ariel takes cover
* Mono^ runs up to one and cuts it in half with his Axe
* Blackjack flips to the side, flipping his rifle into his hands
[DeathStar] DUCK!
* Slash^ flys back
* DeathStar dives behind a rock
* justin-the-II takes out his fathers beam sabre,the yanks out his Z-19 and twerls it in his fingers . lets rock!
[Blackjack] Ok, so we fight!
* Slash^ lands hard
* Mono^ starts hacking at a bunch of them
* Mavericks one blats Mono to bits
[Mono^] oooofff
[Slash^] Thats pissing me off...
* Mono^ comes flying back to where everyone is
* Ariel disappears behind some debris
* Mavericks three Mavericks tackle Mono
* justin-the-II backs up
[Mono^] ahhh
* Slash^ fires a L3 Concussion blast at the Mavericks
* Mavericks two more go aafter justin and Blackjack
*** ______ is now known as Cheryl
* Mavericks and three head toward Slash and DS
* Blackjack aims upwards and fires at the Mavs (250 AP, somewhat bad aim)
* Mono^ throws the mavs off of him
* justin-the-II throws grnade at theme
[DeathStar] You know, we got trouble
[justin-the-II] them
* DeathStar fires off a blast and hits a Maverick heading towards him
* Ariel charges up her weapon...
* Blackjack continues firing, taking time to aim (500 AP, near perfect aim)
* Slash^ gets pissed at them, and rushes the mavs, and slashes them open with a fury of slashes
* Mavericks begins to retreat back
* Mono^ puts away his axe and pulls out a Shotgun
* Mavericks rest take off
*** Mavericks is now known as gM
* Slash^ flips up his autocannons
* Slash^ flips and arms his lockdown cannon
[Blackjack] Haha! Get up, go home, and tell 'em who defeated you!
* Slash^ twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
[Slash^] IM pissed now
[Mono^] Suck my...hey...come back
[justin-the-II] ....
* DeathStar stands up
[justin-the-II] um.....
* Slash^ looks like rambo
[DeathStar] Taunting the villians is bad idea #1..
* Cheryl peeks out from around a tree wondering where the Mavs went...
[Blackjack] Sorry, I'm in a good mood today
*** gM is now known as Crucifixtion
* Slash^ turns to DS
[Crucifixtion] I don't think you really want them to tell ME who beat them..
* Crucifixtion appears
[Mono^] Hi *waves at Crux*
[Blackjack] Whoops... maybe taunting WAS a bad idea...
[Slash^] Just perfect..
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* Mono^ pulls out his shotgun
* Slash^ fires all long range weapons at Crux 920 AP
* Blackjack keeps his rifle in his hand
[Mono^] Suck my boomstic
[justin-the-II] ...
* Crucifixtion hovers, somewhat happy
* Crucifixtion blocks them
* justin-the-II aims his Z-19 at crux
* Mono^ fires off a round of Laser shells
* Blackjack starts to whack Mono, then decides against it
* Cheryl charges up, hiding behind a tree
[Mono^] Hmm out
* Crucifixtion aims his hand at Justin and fires (100 aP)
[justin-the-II] hay munkey boy!
[justin-the-II] remember me?
* Crucifixtion throws a ball of energy into Mono (200 aP)
* DeathStar slashes Cruci twice
* Slash^ glares at Crux
* justin-the-II fires (100ap)
* Mono^ rolls out of the way
* Blackjack fires a barrage of plasma from his rifle (750 AP)
* Crucifixtion absorbs the attack
* justin-the-II ducks
* Crucifixtion phases away
* Mono^ loads the Shotgun with explosive shells
* Slash^ warps behidn Crux, and stabs him in the back 210 AP and warps away again
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
[Mono^] Dangit
[Crucifixtion] CRUCIFY!! *hits all with a 100 aP blast*
* justin-the-II swaps for eb
* Crucifixtion fires a larger energy blast at hers and cancels it
* DeathStar leaps at Crux
* Slash^ screams as the blast hits him
* Crucifixtion blasts DS into the ground (500 AP)
[DeathStar] GAHAHH!!!
[Slash^] DS!
* justin-the-II falls back but hits crux with the eb (90ap)
* Slash^ warps to him
* Mono^ presses a button and a pair of glasses appear on his face
* Crucifixtion phases high into the air
* Mono^ scans for Crux
* Slash^ reaches out and touches DS's chest, attempting to heal them (100 LP)
* Mono^ spots him
* justin-the-II starts draining cruxes energy
[Blackjack] Hey! ...stupid phasing!
[Crucifixtion] You know, this is quite pathetic..
* Crucifixtion is out of range of close attacks
* Ariel looks for Crucifixtion
* Mono^ points S.gun up at Crux
[Mono^] Hey baby
* Crucifixtion shocks justin and he looses the drain
* Slash^ warps behind Crux, and stabs him
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
[DeathStar] Gah...*spits out battery fluid*
* justin-the-II swaps for 19
[Slash^] whats the matter weenie\
* Slash^ warps back to DS
* Mono^ unloads 9 shells of explosive shells at Crux
[Slash^] you ok?
* Crucifixtion blocks
* justin-the-II backs away fireing his 189 (100ap)
* Crucifixtion smiles and begins to channel energy
[DeathStar] Fine..
[Slash^] Damnit..
[justin-the-II] 19
* Mono^ puts it away
[Slash^] thats it..
[Mono^] Dangit
[Crucifixtion] LIMIT BREAKER!!  *fires a 30,000 AP blast at Slash and DS*
* Mono^ looks for a rock
[Mono^] Ahh there
* Mono^ goes over to it and sits there
[DeathStar] NO!
* justin-the-II puts it away takes out a granade bites off the clip and throws it a crux
* Crucifixtion teleports away
* Slash^ dives out of the wya, takiung DS with him
*** Crucifixtion is now known as GM
[justin-the-II] DARN!
* DeathStar the blast hits the ground and causes a huge hole
[DeathStar] That..was close..
* justin-the-II backs away from the explosion
* Cheryl can't even scream as the blast hits...
* Slash^ gets hit by a peice of it, and lands hard, armor twitching slowly
* Mono^ sits on his rock with his mouth on the ground
*** GM is now known as Maul
* Maul phases in
* Cheryl seeing Crucifixtion is gone, runs over to Slash and DS
* DeathStar pulls himself up
[Cheryl] Are you guys going to be okay?
* Slash^ lays on the ground in pain
[DeathStar] ....Watch out...!
* justin-the-II shakes his head
* Mono^ looks at Cheryl and Ariel and notices there twins
* Maul rams Cheryl into the ground
* Slash^ slowly gets up
[Blackjack] Great, another Maverick
[Mono^] What the
* Ariel is hidden
* Blackjack whips his rifle out
* Mono^ gets off his rock and charges Maul
[Slash^] Damn...
* Maul smirks as he fires a blast at BJ (100 AP)
* Cheryl spins around suddenly
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Maul grabs Mono
* justin-the-II fires his 19 at maul (100ap)
[Blackjack] OW! ...So you're gonna be that way, eh?
[Maul] HA!
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Maul, and fires a large energy blast at Maul. [190 AP]
[Mono^] What the
* DeathStar slashes Maul twice and smirks evilly
* Blackjack fires a barrage of plasma at Maul (500 AP)
* Slash^ gets up, and warps in front of the blast, absorbing th blast into his Scyths
* Slash^ channels the power into his Gauntlets
[Slash^] DIE 
* Maul begins to spark
* Blackjack smirks to spite Maul
* Slash^ fires a L3 concussion burst at Maul 210 AP
* Mono^ pulls out his Ion Axe slashes at Maul
* Blackjack drives forward with his katana
* Ariel sneaks behind Maul
* Slash^ then follows it up with a warp and slash
* justin-the-II runs up behind of maul and slashes him (120ap)
* DeathStar fires his cannon
* Ariel stabs Maul from behind. [200 AP]
* Maul explodes
* Ariel runs
* Slash^ warps away
* Mono^ gets blasted into the sand
[Mono^] ooofff
* justin-the-II is too close and fliesa back
* Blackjack starts to taunt, but decides against it
[justin-the-II] aggh!
* Ariel stumbles from the blast and falls
* Maul is now laying on the ground, and he holds up a vile of something
[Maul] ....Hyper....give me strength...
* Slash^ glares at Maul
* Maul injects it
[Slash^] oh crap...
[Blackjack] Uh oh...
* Mono^ slowly gets up and grabs his head
* Cheryl runs over and help Ariel up then the both get out of there
* justin-the-II is bleeding
* Blackjack backs away
[Mono^] Dont tell me he gonna get big 
* Maul bright glow forms as he stands up
* Slash^ stays and fight
[DeathStar] WATCH OUT!!!
* justin-the-II gets up but holds his side
[Mono^] Go go powerrangers
[DeathStar] Remember what happened to GARLAND!
[Blackjack] I've never seen this stuff in action...
[Blackjack] But I don't think I want to...
* Slash^ begins charging all weapons
[Maul] Former HP: 1,000
* Mono^ pulls himself back
[Maul] HP Now: 10,000
* justin-the-II puts his sabre back
* Cheryl hits the dirt
* Ariel jumps behind a rock
* Slash^ screams "DARK ARMOR ENHANCEMENT!!" armor begins to flow, and shift changing into something new. a dark green glow appears around him, and all weapons are affected. "Bring on your worst nightmare"
* Maul charges his blaster
* Blackjack puts up a Splash Shield
* DeathStar "POLARIS STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!" *flies into the air and huge magnetic field surronds him, sparking madly as his armor changes to a bright red and white. Lands on the ground a few seconds later, the field vanishing.*
* Blackjack chants, "Ancient curse of lycanthropy, fill me with the power of the lupine! Crinos Shift!" Blackjack's body is surrounded with a dull white light. His body gradually reshapes, with a snout growing from his face, a tail sprouting from his lower back, and fur growing from his body. When the change is complete, a fully changed werewolf is standing in Blackjack's place.
[Slash^] Lets rumble
* DeathStar rams Maul head first into the ground
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Mono^ gets up
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Slash^ follows DS, jamming his blades into his chest
* justin-the-II gets behind a boulder and throws uncliped granade at mual(130ap)
[Maul] GAH!
[Mono^] I will 
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Maul, and fires a large energy blast at Maul. [190 AP]
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Maul, and fires a large energy blast at Maul. [190 AP]
* Slash^ then fires a burst of plasma at his face 190 AP
* DeathStar roars in pain as his armor turns to gold and his strength begins to double.
* DeathStar while still in his heightened Gold State, Death Star begins to channel incredible amounts of power within him and fires a devastating blast at Maul, taxing out alot of his systems in the process. 2,500 AP
* Blackjack swings his katana at Maul (520 AP)
* Mono^ leaps up into the air.
* Cheryl charges her energy blade with ion particles at stabs Maul.
* Ariel slashes Maul with her energy daggers. [170 AP]
* Maul begins to pant
* justin-the-II FIRES 19 AT MAUL FROM BEHIN (100ap)
* Maul fires at Ariel (300 aP)
[Maul] GAH!
* Slash^ fires all long range weapons at maul 920 AP
* Maul flips backwards
* Ariel flies backwards and out of sight
[Maul] OUF!
* Maul crashes to the ground
[Cheryl] Baka ne!
* Mono^ HYPERION AXE. The Ion Axe morphs into a huge Hammer. Mono flies down and slams it on Maul
* Cheryl stabs Maul from behind. [200 AP]
* Slash^ warps to mauls back,and stabs him in the back
* DeathStar leaps at him
[Blackjack] Ha! Feel our wrath!
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Maul, and fires a large energy blast at Maul. [190 AP]
[Slash^] Lets see you take on the hunters
* Maul holds chest
[Maul] FOOLS!
* Blackjack leaps on top of Maul and slashes with his katana (520 AP)
* Cheryl charges her energy blade with ion particles at stabs Maul.
[Maul] ARGH
* Slash^ kneels, and begins drawing power to his gauntlets, creating a seething mass of power around his gauntlets, that begins drawing all light around Slash^ into it, leaving only his Bright red glowing eyes. He then channels that Dark matter into a blast at Maul, cutting through all armor/weapons/anything. 2,150 AP
* Maul begins to spark
[Blackjack] Fools!? We'll see who is the fool when we're through with this!!!
[Slash^] BURN
* justin-the-II runs up to mual from be hind hand taps his shoulder as he turns around he drives his sabre throgh him and runs
* Maul begins to exploder
* Cheryl slashes Maul with her energy daggers. [170 AP]
* Cheryl runs reall really fast
* Slash^ warps to maul, and slashes at him, continously
* Maul turns to Cheryl and growls
* Blackjack stabs his katana through Maul's chest and leaps away from the oncoming explosion
[Maul] OUD!
* Maul explodes
* Mono^ jumps infront of Cheryl and takes the blow
*** Maul is now known as GM
* Blackjack 's katana lands in front of him
* Slash^ continues slashing, but gets blowen away with the force of the explosion
* Mono^ flies into a rock
* Cheryl gets thrown into a tree by the shockwave...
[Blackjack] Get u... never mind... Not enough left to taunt.
* Slash^ lands hard
* Mono^ lies there unconcious
* Slash^ is not moving
* justin-the-II still bleeding walks towards the others
* Blackjack growls angrily. His fur, snout, and tail are pulled into his body, and his human features restore themselves. "The power of lycanthropy will prevail!"
* DeathStar pants
* Blackjack runs to Slash's side
[Blackjack] You ok, buddy?
[DeathStar] Ya know..gee, as much fun as this is...should we like retreat?
* Mono^ blood starts coming out of a wound in his head
* DeathStar collaspes
* Cheryl pulls herself to her feet and shakes her head clear
* Blackjack heals Slash with Cure Ray (245 LP), then does the same to everyone else that is injured
*** GM is now known as Crucifixtion
* Crucifixtion teleports in
* Slash^ cant answer, is KO'd
[Cheryl] Owwwie owwie owie...
* Slash^ wakes up slowly, because of his armor healing
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] damn.. that .. hurt..
[Slash^] oh great..
* Mono^ gets up slowly but collapses right away
[Cheryl] I... I think we have a problem her...
[Blackjack] Damn it! Do you EVER GO AWAY!?
* justin-the-II sets bye the shuttle
[Crucifixtion] Ha!  Two of the vets are down..leaving 1 vet and a few rookies..
[Blackjack] This "veteran" doesn't go down that easily...
* Cheryl wobbles abit
* Crucifixtion rams his fist into Slash's back
[Overdrive_Omega] i'm just watching.....
[Crucifixtion] STAY DOWN!
* Slash^ falls to his knees
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Blackjack keeps his distance and fires a spread blast of plasma (250 AP)
[Slash^] i....donbt... go..down...
* Slash^ gets up
[Cheryl] How dare you!
* Mono^ gets up
* Crucifixtion teleports next to Death Star
[Blackjack] I owe you something for killing Kilath, Crux!
* justin-the-II swaps for eb
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
[Crucifixtion] Oooo, little shooting star, lets see how much my wish will be when I rip you apart!
* Ariel stabs Crucifixtion from behind. [200 AP]
* Slash^ warps to Crux, and fires L3 concussion bolt 210 AP blowing him away from DS
* Crucifixtion charges fist and rams it downward
[Ariel] Not so fast!
[Crucifixtion] GAHHHHH
* Crucifixtion gasps in pain
[Slash^] I dont think so...
* Mono^ spins around and tosses his AX Crux it goind so fast it isnts seen
* Blackjack activates a Splash Shield
[Crucifixtion] You..hurt me!!
* justin-the-II fires the drains cruxes energy into the eb with full force
* Crucifixtion grabs Ariel
[Slash^] NO kidding
[Mono^] Nooo
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
* Slash^ warps behind Crux, and slashes 210 AP
[Cheryl] Drop her!
* Crucifixtion flies into the air with her
* Mono^ charges at Crux and tackles him
[Crucifixtion] BACK OFF!
[Blackjack] ARIEL!
[Crucifixtion] GAH!
* Blackjack fires upwards at Crux (250 AP)
* Crucifixtion roars and uses Ariel as an attack and hits Slash with her
* justin-the-II centenuse to drain
[Crucifixtion] RAGH!
* Cheryl throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at Crucifixtion. [150 AP]
* Crucifixtion drops Ariel
* Mono^ ctaches her
* Blackjack runs under Ariel and catches her
[Crucifixtion] .....
* Slash^ whips a tenticle out around Crux's throat, draining life
* Ariel has passed out
* Crucifixtion smirks
* Mono^ collapses Koed
* justin-the-II pulls the triger back more making it drain fatser
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Blackjack puts Ariel down, his back to Crux
* Crucifixtion snaps the tentical in two and teleports to a safe distant
[Crucifixtion] I'll be back
[Slash^] ARRGH..
[Cheryl] How dare you do that top my friend!
* Crucifixtion fires a huge blast at BJ
* Blackjack whirls around
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
* Crucifixtion vanishes
* Slash^ armor falls limply
*** Crucifixtion has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Blackjack gets turned around in time to take the blast in the front
[Blackjack] AARRGH!!!
* justin-the-II puts a new dart in
* Blackjack flies a small distance away, KOed
* Cheryl heads over to the wounded...
* justin-the-II crwls over to bj
* Slash^ warps to BJ
[Slash^] ...
[Cheryl] Oh no... we have to get you guys out of here...
* Slash^ looks around at the troops
* Mono^ body starts to shake
* justin-the-II is still bleeding becouse of the second exploisien
* Slash^ eyebrows crease, and a shimmering warp field appears around himself
* DeathStar shakily stands
* justin-the-II looks at bj
[DeathStar] I guess..we forget the base..
* Blackjack blinks madly, and struggles to stand up, but can't
* DeathStar leans against a tree and pants
[Slash^] are you gonna stop me now?
[justin-the-II] he looks like......hes out cold
[Cheryl] We need to get you guys to OUR base...
* Slash^ the glow intensifies
[Blackjack] Ow...
* Cheryl helps Blackjack up
* DeathStar turns to Slash
[DeathStar] You won't go.  We need you
[justin-the-II] maybe not...
[Blackjack] T... thanks, Cheryl...
[DeathStar] You leave, we might die
[DeathStar] Could you REALLY do that?
[Blackjack] S... stop Slash!
[Slash^] ...
* DeathStar collaspes slightly
[Cheryl] Don't worry, we'll be okay
* Slash^ stops concentrating
* Slash^ the field dimms a bit
* justin-the-II stands up
* DeathStar a huge spark comes out his chest and he is blown into a rock
[Blackjack] You're injured like the rest of us... You wouldn't stand a chance.
* DeathStar instant KPO
[Blackjack] DS! Damn it...
* Mono^ gets up but collapses
* Slash^ warps to DS
* Slash^ reaches out and touches DS's chest, attempting to heal them (100 LP)
[Blackjack] Somebody... cure DS. My rifle's already on the cure... setting...
* justin-the-II puts away his wepons
* DeathStar old chest wound is sparking madly, battery fluid draining from it
* Ariel tries to get up, stumbles, and then finally stand clutching her head...
[Slash^] ..
[Slash^] thats it..
* Slash^ wills his armor to leave him and go to DS
* justin-the-II gets the rifle
*** Mavericks (death_star@dial2.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Blackjack groans, and collapses
[justin-the-II] this?
* Mavericks aims their blasters at the shuttle
[Cheryl] This is just great...
* justin-the-II sees the mavs
* Slash^ whirls around, and fires at them, with all long range weapons 920 AP
* Mavericks fires a barray of blasts at the shuttle
[Ariel] Guys!
* justin-the-II blasts them with his z-19
[Mavericks] You're not going anywhere!
* Mavericks half of them explode
[Slash^] Stop him NOW
[Slash^] Them
[justin-the-II] die!all of you!
* Ariel fires at the mavs but misses widely
[Slash^] Im tending to DS..
* Mavericks the other half hit the shuttle
* Slash^ holds his hand over DS's chest
* Mavericks they turn to Ariel
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Mavericks, and fires a large energy blast at Mavericks. [190 AP]
* Mavericks one fires at her leg
* justin-the-II sweeps it back in forth
* Mavericks they all die
*** Mavericks is now known as GM
* Slash^ the armor slowly begins flowing to DS
* Ariel falls to the ground again
[Slash^] if you die on me....
* GM shuttle groans and a spark comes from it
* Slash^ it begins merging with DS, and instantly begins healing
[Slash^] come on...
[Slash^] faster..
* DeathStar his body begins to reject it and loose more battery fluid
[Ariel] I...just hope I... make it...out of...here...alive...
* Slash^ armor retreats
[Slash^] ...
*** GM is now known as Crucifixtion
[Crucifixtion] You could...if you joined us!
* Crucifixtion appears behind Ariel and smirks evilly
[Cheryl] You again!
* Slash^ looks at Crux
[Crucifixtion] you know Hunters, I will NOT let you leave here alive..
* justin-the-II aims his eb at him again
* Slash^ concentrates and a bright warp field appears around him
[justin-the-II] want s'more?
[Crucifixtion] Oh brother...fighting AGAIN?
* Blackjack wakes up
* Crucifixtion flies into the air
[Slash^] no
[Slash^] i have had enough....*looks at DS*
[Crucifixtion] Let me grant you the biggest battle of your life!!!
* justin-the-II fires and begains to drain again
[Blackjack] Huh...? You again...?
* Crucifixtion begins to double his energy and grows larger
[Slash^] ........*is torn with indecision*
* Crucifixtion grows larger and he forms a shield to block the drain
[Blackjack] Grrr... THAT'S IT!
* justin-the-II drains it from crux
*** CzarMegaZ (hirozaki@ has left #TAW
* Blackjack closes his eyes in deep concentration. "The odds may be against me, but gamblers live for that! Royal Flush!!!" Pulsing energy surrounds Blackjack's hands. The energy converges into his hands, forming rectangles that look like cards. A gleam flashes in Blackjack's eye, and he flings the barrage of cards at Crux (500 AP). Some of the energy remains behind, forming a shield around Blackjack (invincible for 2 minutes).
[Crucifixtion] YOU ARE THROUGH!!
[justin-the-II] your not going to grant athing!
* Crucifixtion flies at Justin
[Slash^] Damnit...
[Crucifixtion] AGAHH!\
* Crucifixtion flips through the air and smashes into Justin
* justin-the-II leaps out the way
* Cheryl carries Ariel to cover then joins the battle