Mission 39: Rebelling Hearts

[DeathStar] Location: The Control Room, HQ
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 week later
* Blackjack lounges in a chair
* Justin-the-II walks in with a bottle of pepsi
* GenjiMan looks at Justin
* Dakota is talkin to justin
[GenjiMan] Hey.
[Justin-the-II] So whats happenen evry one?
[Dakota] not much
* DeathStar glares at Blackjck
[Blackjack] What, DS?
* Dominator sits in his own chair, casually viewing information on his computer
[DeathStar] I can't BELIEVE you let him GOOOO
* DeathStar raises fist
[Blackjack] Sorry! I couldn't have done anything about it anyway!
* Justin-the-II downs some pepsie
* GenjiMan looks at DS O_o
* Ariel fools around on the computer, oblivious to everyone around her.
* Cross types a report in "his" chair
[DeathStar] I outta ram this so far into yer head you'll be spitting blood for a WEEK
[Justin-the-II] Let what go?
[Dakota] yeah there is no way slash will survive
* Dominator glances at DS
[Blackjack] Hey! YOU should have tried talking some sense into him!
[Blackjack] You probably wouldn't have been able to do anything EITHER!
[Blackjack] Besides, you think I actually LIKED letting him go!?
* DeathStar turns and sits down in the control chair and leans back, cursing
[Dominator] ....
* GenjiMan walks to DS
* Cross looks around the room, silent
[Dakota] Hmmmmm tense here eh Justin?
* Blackjack sighs, and puts his hands behind his head, thinking
* Justin-the-II sets in a char
[Justin-the-II] yep....
* GenjiMan looks at him
*** Spade (death_star@dial35.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - DeathStar,Spade (F7 for details)
* Justin-the-II puts on some headphones
* Dominator glances at Dakota and Justin
[GenjiMan] Hm?
[Dakota] What up Dom?
* Justin-the-II turns it to a rock station
[GenjiMan] Did you heard something?
[Dominator] Nothing... I'm afraid, its almost always serious around here.
* Justin-the-II props his feet up and drinks some pepsie
[GenjiMan] I think not...
* Ariel continues using the computer, muttering to herself, and purposely ignoring the arguing.
* Blackjack removes his eyepatch
* Blackjack revealing the deep scar over his eye
[Cross] So..... fearless leader, whater we doing today?
* GenjiMan looks at BJ
*** DeathStar has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Dakota] Ouch... how'd you get that bj?
* Dominator looks at BJ and says nothing, recalling how he got the scar...
[Cross] PAUSE
[Dominator] NRP: PAUSE
Session Close: Fri Mar 26 21:00:21 1999

Session Start: Fri Mar 26 21:02:07 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[GenjiMan] Hm...
[GenjiMan] Again!
* Dominator rises and looks at Spade
* Justin-the-II drinks some pepsie
[Blackjack] Got it a while ago... Cut severely with a broken bottle...
* Spade walks in, smoking a ciagar
* Blackjack glances at Spade
[Dakota] What the hell you doing here again?!
[Blackjack] Huh?
[Dominator] You... So, you are still alive.`..
* Blackjack flies out of his chair
[Blackjack] You!
* GenjiMan looks at Spade
[DeathStar] NRP: Note, the previous session wiht SPADE was canceled
* Justin-the-II doesent pay atention to spade he is lesening to music
[DeathStar] You!?
[GenjiMan] You,
[Cross] Spade....
[Blackjack] Well, well, you're back... What do you want this time?
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Spade puffs on his cigar and glances at them all
[GenjiMan] Nice to meet you. I am your nightmare.
* Justin-the-II takes off his phones
[Blackjack] Have another "assignment" for us?
* GenjiMan draws his sword
[Dakota] And i am his assistant
* Justin-the-II turns around
[Spade] I'm here to recruit you on an assignment...seeing as you failed the LAST one I gave you (Mission 9)
* Dakota draws his saber
* Cross smacks Genji
[Dominator] Genjiman, you idiot! Lower your weapons...
[Blackjack] Figures.
* DeathStar blasts GM into the wall
[GenjiMan] Ow
* Dakota replaces them
* Ariel tries to resist the urge to turn and see what's going on.
[DeathStar] Knock it off over there
* Cross smacks Dakota too
* GenjiMan lowers his weapons
[Blackjack] What do you want this time, Spade?
* DeathStar glances at Spade
[Justin-the-II] whos he?
[Dakota] What i put them away?
[Cross] Aye.... new guys....
[DeathStar] Failed?  I don't consider what we did FAILING
* Justin-the-II gets up
[Ariel] Some people...
* Spade leans against the wall
* Blackjack rolls his eyes. 1"Rookies..."
[Spade] You ALL failed to bring in Midnight
[Justin-the-II] ok....whos the big dued?
* Ariel is obviously listening atleast.
* DeathStar leans next to Cross
* Dominator glares and clentches fist
* GenjiMan looks at BJ
[DeathStar] Remind me to kill ALL rookies
[Justin-the-II] hay!
[Dakota] ?!
[Justin-the-II] Thats me!
[GenjiMan] DS] I'll let you forget, ok.
[Cross] I'll help..... *grumbles*
* Ariel actually jumps at that
[GenjiMan] JT2] not only you.
* Spade watches with amuzemment
[Spade] You are ALL pathetic BUNCH
[Justin-the-II] Why?on earth are you gonna kill me?....wait! you cant...hehe...
[Justin-the-II] shut up!
[Dominator] Get to the point Spade.
[Spade] I'm surprised EarthGov still PAYS this operation to be runned
[Spade] Point, Captain Dominator?
[Blackjack] That was years ago, Spade! We've... improved! What do you want from us!?
* Spade turns
[Justin-the-II] spade?
[Cross] There's one problem with that DS, they work for EarthGov, we need to get them fired
[DeathStar] Years?
* DeathStar blinks at BJ
* Ariel continues on the computer as if nothing had happened.
[DeathStar] Boy, you need help
[Spade] EarthGov wants you to take a rebelling group of Reploids
[Justin-the-II] ...
* Dominator narrows eyes at that
[Justin-the-II] k
[Dakota] ?
[Justin-the-II] i like fights...
[GenjiMan] So THAT's the mission.
[Justin-the-II] we can do it
[Cross] what group would that be?
[Spade] The group is REBEL
[GenjiMan] Ok. You came at the right place, Spade.
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Dakota] Rebel!
[Blackjack] ...sorry, DS, Slash leaving is messing with my mind...
* Dominator glares at Justin harshly
* Cross stops in pose
[Blackjack] REBEL!?
[DeathStar] REBEL?!
[Cross] REBEL?!
[GenjiMan] REBEL?!?!?!?!
[Ariel] !!!
[Dakota] Why?
[Justin-the-II] What!?!
[Spade] What the fudge?!  There an ECHO in here?!
[Justin-the-II] Yah!
[Cross] NRP: Ooooo the rooks have done a little reading..... I think......
[Blackjack] What are you sending us after REBEL for? And yes, there is and echo in here, smartass.
[GenjiMan] I heard about REBEL. I won't fight REBEL ppl.
* Spade flicks cigar at Death Star
[Spade] I know YOU use to Command then, Commander
[GenjiMan] NRP: Yeah I read about REBEL.
[Justin-the-II] Is he the boss or something?
* Spade turns to go
[Spade] They are renegades..attacking EARTHGOV bases...
[Justin-the-II] is he?
* Spade walks off
[Dominator] ....!
[DeathStar] Spade?  Who knows about HIM
[Blackjack] Hrm... What's the call, DS?
*** Spade has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dakota] Attacking EarthGov??!
* Dominator glances at Justin, 1"A bastard who should be dead..."
[Justin-the-II] thats a good thing!
[GenjiMan] ...
[Justin-the-II] Thats bad...
[DeathStar] ....*resists urge to hit Justin*
[Ariel] That can't really be REBEL... can it?
[Cross] Ugh...... Spade, if you ever defect from EarthGov, I'll kiss you, then kill you... and love it.
[DeathStar] You know, you're the most HIT person in this job..and not even by the OTHER side!
[Justin-the-II] nrp:Youd be a mav then!
[Ariel] Why would they do such a thing... no...
* Cross hits justin for DS, as he hesitayed
[Dominator] He managed to find and exile many reploids... Even those who were in the MH... even... *stops and looks at the others*
[GenjiMan] Hey, cool down boss.
[Justin-the-II] ouch!
[DeathStar] We're going to check out the situation...
[Blackjack] So what do we do? Listen to Spade, or stand around?
* Justin-the-II kicks back
[Dakota] Justin here's a hint to getting along with the command KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!
* DeathStar turns and heads for the shuttle
[Dakota] jeez
[Justin-the-II] oh well....
* Dakota follows ds
* Blackjack shrugs and, leaving his patch hanging on his chair, follows DS
* Ariel continues talking quietly to herself.
* Dominator walks by DS, 1"I thought REBEL was destroyed..."
* Cross races DS
* Justin-the-II shrugs and fallows
[DeathStar] This is personally personal
[Dakota] So how did you get that scar BJ?
* DeathStar looks at dom
[Cross] Ow.... your not racing? *is already on the shuttle*
[Dominator] Its personal personal for me too, DS...
[DeathStar] Not entirely...when I was...removed from Command....someone ELSE took over
[Dominator] Who...?
[Ariel] NRP: AFK a min
[DeathStar] ...I never found out
[Blackjack] A cut from a broken bottle... The person that did it died soon afterwards...
* Justin-the-II gets in
[Dakota] Hey i worked with them a couple times i need to know what in the world they are doing.
* DeathStar enters shuttle and powersit up
* Blackjack gets onto the shuttle
* GenjiMan enters the shuttle
* Dakota sits in the shuttle
* Dominator gets in and sits at the weapons consol
* Justin-the-II sets in the useawall seat
[DeathStar] Ladies and gentlemen...on this pleasure trip, you can all kill Justin if he says ONE thing wrong!
[Dakota] SWEET!!!
* Dakota glares at JT2
* Blackjack laughs. 1"Tempting, DS... VERY tempting..."
[Justin-the-II] what on earth?
[Blackjack] In other words, rookie, DON'T SCREW UP!
* Dominator is silent
* DeathStar lifts off after everyone gets on and takes off
*** Mono has joined #taw
[Dakota] nrp: lol
[Justin-the-II] What did i do to deserve this?
* Mono comes running into the shuttle
* DeathStar shuttle flies off
[GenjiMan] I dunno, JT2.
[Mono] nooo0
* Ariel gulps and says something about harsh and deserved...
[Cross] You joined us...... thats what
* DeathStar teleports Mono on
* Mono leaps after it
[Blackjack] Cutting it close, Mono...
* Dominator glances at the muttering Ariel
[GenjiMan] I have the same exp. as you and never get THAT! o.O
[Mono] Sorry
* Dakota walks back to Ariel
[Mono] Alarm didnt go off
[Dakota] Have i seen you before?
* DeathStar flies for Earth, quiet now
* Blackjack shakes his head
[Mono] Who 
* Dakota taps ariel on the shoulder
* DeathStar glances at Dominator
[Mono] Man theres *huffs* alot of rookies here
* Dominator glances back
[Ariel] Well, I have been at base for a while
[Justin-the-II] I sighned up for fighting the aleans.....wen do we fight them?
[DeathStar] You know, half the force is now rookies it seems these days..I think we're in WORSE trouble than when we began
* Blackjack looks around at the members of the crowded shuttle
[GenjiMan] Even I may say that.
[Dakota] Feel like i have seen you before though....
* Cross smacks justin
[Ariel] But, I think you mean back when I was with REBEL myself
[Blackjack] *mumbling* The Hunters are being overrun with rookies!
[Dominator] Until you single-handedly kill Vile, Justin, don't THINK about that...
[Cross] we've kept them back.... for the time
[Dakota] !
[Justin-the-II] aa!what was that for?
* Mono slowly catches breath
[Cross] dont know how we did it though.... (WAR)
[Dakota] yeah do you remember highering a guy with a tank to help you out a couple times?
[DeathStar] .....*enters Earth's atmosphere
* Blackjack shakes his head and falls silent
* Dominator turns and tries to ignore the others, looks attentively at his controls
[Mono] Man do i need to get into shape...*looks at belly sticking out*
* DeathStar flies towards the wastelands, heading for the location of the old REBEL base
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DeathStar
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Blackjack
[Blackjack] I am NOT looking forward to this...
* Dominator looks over the wasteland, clentching fist
[Cross] NRP: Chanserv wa kuso
[Ariel] Yeah, I saw you around a bit
* GenjiMan looks at the wasteland
[Mono] Whats the missions DS..*
[Dakota] Ariel?
[GenjiMan] A desert.
* Justin-the-II thinks about X and zero wen he sees it
* Dominator glares at GenjiMan when he says taht
[Blackjack] We have arrived at Hell on Earth...
* Mono checks his gun
[Ariel] ...
* Ariel looks outside
[Mono] No that would be Justins house

* Dominator silently nods when BJ says that
[Dakota] I took you for a ride in that tank. Remember?
* Justin-the-II takes out his gun twirls it and puts it back
[GenjiMan] No. That would be Genji's Bay!
* Mono laughs at Justin
[Justin-the-II] mono......
[Mono] What
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* GenjiMan looks at Mono
[GenjiMan] _
*** Death is now known as DeathStar_
[GenjiMan] Mono, stop that.
* Dominator glances at the others, 1"Quiet down."
* Justin-the-II elbows him
* Mono looks at genji
[Justin-the-II] ok...
* GenjiMan looks at Mono
[Ariel] Yep, but we'll catch up on old times later, the mission is more important now
* Mono elbows Justin hard
*** DeathStar has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Blackjack] Shut up, rookies... This is serious business.
*** DeathStar_ is now known as DeathStar
[Dakota] Yeah but it is nice to see you again
[Mono] Genji...stop undressing me mentally with your eyes
[GenjiMan] I know this is, Bj.
[GenjiMan] Ok
* Justin-the-II stops before waming mono
[Cross] ....oy....
* GenjiMan looks at Mono n_n
* DeathStar an icestorm hits the shuttle when they enter the Wastelands
[Mono] Ahhh
[Blackjack] And you're being quiet. I was TALKING TO JUSTIN AND MONO...
[Dominator] Ahh! Not a storm...
[Dominator] NRP: Is this day or night?
[GenjiMan] OW
[Mono] Bj take your own advise and shut up
[Blackjack] Hrm... damn storms...
[Dakota] Oh great
[DeathStar] NRP: Night, almost morning
[DeathStar] Gahhh...
[GenjiMan] @_@
[Blackjack] Mono, I would NOT ADVISE talking to your superiors like that!
* Mono stands there
* DeathStar shuttle rocks as the temperature plumets down
* Blackjack shivers
[Dakota] whoa!
[DeathStar] I hope most of the rookies die...*stops*
[Dominator] The wasteland is usually hot and dry, but when a storm hits, it hits with alarming force. At night, the tempurates will be extremely cold.
[Mono] wow man uts gettubg cikd
* Justin-the-II flies back and forth
[GenjiMan] DS] At least I won't.
[Justin-the-II] waaahh!
[Cross] You know DS, I could "acidentally" fire a plasma blast
* Dominator tries to help stabalize the shuttles while DS flies
* Blackjack keeps his seat. 1"Seatbelt is actually helping..."
[DeathStar] Kill Mono and Justin...they're the trouble makers Cross
* DeathStar lands the shuttle
[Mono] Ya know Cross you could purpously shut up for once
[Dakota] !
* Blackjack mutters something about Cross and firign
[Dakota] Kill them DS?
* DeathStar turns to Dom
[Blackjack] Ya know, Mono, you keep going against those above you and you won't last long!
[Mono] Cross couldnt hit a bullseye 5ft away
* Dominator looks at DS
[Justin-the-II] why?why on earth do i get picked on!?!
[DeathStar] You know, I like your idea about a Rookie Team
* Blackjack backhands Mono
[Cross] aye.....
* Mono ducks
* Dominator grins slightly, 1"Really?"
* Blackjack shakes his head
* Cross smacks mono
[DeathStar] And guess what.  YOU'RE the Commander of it! *steps off the shuttle*
[Cross] do shut up!
[Mono] oucg
* Mono smacks Mono
[Dominator] ... What...?!
* Justin-the-II wamsa mono in the face for bj
[Mono] ouch
[Ariel] Sometimes I wonder how they even made it in...
* DeathStar smirks happily as he steps into the freezing wind
* Dominator walks out
* Mono smacks Justin and Cross
* GenjiMan gets off the shuttle
[Blackjack] Get off, Mono.
* Cross ducks
* Mono walks out
[DeathStar] Mono....
* Blackjack steps off the shuttle behind Mono and "accidentally" trips him
* Justin-the-II gets out
[Mono] What
[Mono] oof
* DeathStar turns and grabs him and hikes him in the air
* Dakota walks out
* Justin-the-II accedentaly steps on mono
* Blackjack smirks
* Mono falls face foward into the ice
[Mono] uh
* Mono gets up
[Dakota] Can't use my jets in this weather...
* DeathStar drops Mono
[Mono] Who
[Justin-the-II] ?
[Cross] Ugh..... we used to be kinda cool.... now look at us! we're babysitting rookies! What's with earthgov?
[Mono] ugh
[Blackjack] EarthGov's gone insane, Cross.
[Dominator] That is enough about rookies... YOu guys are being more annoying then them, now...
[DeathStar] ....Cross, I'm personally going to split the rookies from the vets...as I told Dom. Whose all too happy about it
[Dominator] This is serious. This place truely repressents life and death in an instant...
* Mono pulls outs some night-vision goggles and looks around
[Blackjack] You're not kidding, Dom... I HATE this place.
* DeathStar the icey winds stop and the light hits them all, the tempt going up
* Mono puts it away
* DeathStar marches on
[Blackjack] Good, warmth!
* Justin-the-II has nght vision any way./...he sees better at night then day
[DeathStar] Lets hurry...
* Blackjack slowly follows DS
* Dakota follows DS
* Blackjack speeds up
[Mono] Man the weather changes faster here than Ophera changes weight
* Ariel hurries after DS
[Cross] Aye..... fearless leader has said a wonderful thing..... seperate the rooks from the vets!
* Dominator continues at a good pace
* Mono runs after DS
* Justin-the-II fallows
[DeathStar] The tempt will get higher..and higher
* Dakota turns his jets on and views the area from above
* GenjiMan follows DS slowly
*** Darien has joined #taw
[Dominator] That's correct, DS.... It may be come too powerful for us to endure soon
* Blackjack laughs
* DeathStar walks slowly through the wasteland
*** Darien has left #taw
* Mono makes a sandball and chucks it at Cross
[Blackjack] *mumbling* Seperate the rooks from the vets... quick death to the rooks... *laughs lightly*
* Mono shakes his head at Bj
* Cross watches the sandball crumble away and fall to the ground
[Ariel] How about just giving them thier own squad?
* DeathStar arrives at a bunch of bolders
* Justin-the-II stick a kick me sighn on mono's back
[Cross] you need WATER for that, and do you see water???
[GenjiMan] _
* Ariel doesn't exactly want to be stuck with them.
* Mono takes it off
* Dakota lands on top of the boulders
* Blackjack realizes that he is starting to think like he used to, when he was in CorSec
[Cross] Ariel..... your a rook too, you'd be with them
* Blackjack shudders
[GenjiMan] Everyone's being annoying about experience now....
[Dakota] Not to much around that i can see DS
[Mono] Hmm very innoavative...And look you even spelt Kick Me right
* DeathStar stops
[Dominator] Perhaps, Ariel. Personally, I do not think this is good time to talk about it. Although, you seem intent on the mission which is goood...
[GenjiMan] Let's concentrate about the MISSION!
[DeathStar] Okay, before we proceed lets get one thing straight guys
* DeathStar turns to face them
[Mono] Whats that
* Dakota sits on the boulders
* GenjiMan is in DS' side
[DeathStar] No more talk about exp, rooks, or vets.  We're going to work as a team and be a team
[Dominator] Good idea... GenjiMan...
[GenjiMan] Yeah
[Cross] I'm all ears DS, I just want to get this mission done...
[GenjiMan] It is
[Ariel] I need to know the truth about REBEL Dominator
[Dominator] That's right. Death Star is right.
* Blackjack shrugs
[Mono] NRP:Genji thats gotta hirt being in DS's side
[DeathStar] We will SUCCEED, as a TEAM.  LEAVE each other alone!!!
[Blackjack] Whatever you say, Commander.
[Dominator] I want this over as SOON as possible.
* DeathStar turns to face the bolders
[GenjiMan] NRP: I mean about IDEAS.
[Justin-the-II] yes sir!
[Mono] Fine with me....just keep Dumb and Dumber away from *looks at Cross and Justin*
[Blackjack] I remember when we first started out... Teamwork was an impossible dream... Looks like it's happening again...
* Justin-the-II sulotes ds
* GenjiMan faces the boulders
*** Reploid (death_star@dial24.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - DeathStar,Reploid (F7 for details)
* GenjiMan hears something
[Dakota] ?
[GenjiMan] Hm...
* Reploid a shadowed Reploid appears on top of the bolders and leaps down into the shadows
[Cross] aye aye captain *ignores what mono said*
[Blackjack] Huh? Who was that?
* Dominator glances at the reploid
[Dakota] !what the where did that come from?
[DeathStar] Who the!?
* Justin-the-II points gun at it
* Cross look at the shadows
* GenjiMan looks at teh reploid
* Mono whispers "butt-kisser" next to Justin
* Cross steps in from of justin
* Mono sits down
[Reploid] Who are you??
* GenjiMan whispers "stop that!" next to Mono
[Cross] you dont know it's hostile.
[Blackjack] Question is, who are you?
* Dakota jumps off the boulders
* Justin-the-II wispers but wipe to mono
* Dakota lands near DS
[Reploid] I am...*Steps out into view*
[GenjiMan] NRP: Stop that stupid fight.
[Dominator] I'm known as Dominator...
* Mono ignores Justin
* Justin-the-II still is aiming
[GenjiMan] You are...
* Reploid a reploid female appears before them. She is 5'8 and has a scar running down her right cheek. She has long, brown hair.
* Mono raises hand "And im known as Mono
[Reploid] I am Iceheart
*** Reploid is now known as Iceheart
[Dakota] Dakota
[Dominator] Your organization?
[Mono]  Hi Iceheart
[Iceheart] The organization....REBEL
[GenjiMan] Hi, Iceheart. I am Dr.Phaedos, the "GenjiMan".
[Justin-the-II] and im jacke chan!
* Mono waves at her
[DeathStar] Who are you?!
* Dakota glares at JT2
* Mono gets up and smacks Justin
[Mono] Smart ass
[Dominator] NRP: Please no 20th century references guys
[Blackjack] Iceheart... never heard of you...
* DeathStar glaresat JT2
[Justin-the-II] ...
[Blackjack] Who is Jackie Chan? *shakes his head*
[Justin-the-II] lowers his gun
[Iceheart] That's nice...*looks at them all*  Who are you?  The Freak Team?
[Dominator] I have never heard of her either.
* Justin-the-II looks at mono
* GenjiMan smiles
[Mono] No thats just me
[Cross] Hello Iceheart, I an known as Cross, but they call me idiot or "The double crosser", so call me cross
* DeathStar glances awt meets eyes with Icehert
* Ariel thinks the name is vaguely familiar, but has heard so many names as a comm officer...
[GenjiMan] We're Maverick Hunters.
[Justin-the-II] oh........i would ......n/m!
[Dominator] I'd warn you to hold you tongue, Iceheart. We're from the Maverick Hunters.
[Mono] WE also call him Moron
[Iceheart] YOU?  The Maverick HUNTERS?  *laughs hard*
[Justin-the-II] we call him but wipe!
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] I'd also be abliged if you'd answer my question.
[GenjiMan] Yeah
[Iceheart] You guys!?  A bunch of clowns?!
* Dakota draws his saber
[Mono] WE aint proud about it either
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow
* DeathStar frowns
[Blackjack] CLOWNS!? For your info, I used to be a higher up in... *stops*
[DeathStar] I take offense at that, personally...
[Cross] Not them..... *looks at Mono and jt2*
[GenjiMan] Looks weird, a guy like ME in a group like Maverick Hunters but that's true, Iceheart.
* Mono lays down and works on his tan
[Dominator] I don't give a damn what you think of us... What is your organization?!
[GenjiMan] J/K
* Iceheart shakes her head and turns and heads into the boulders shadows
[Iceheart] I told you, REBEL
* Justin-the-II re aims at icehart
* Cross walks next to DS
* Iceheart vanishes into the shadows
[Mono] This is the only club that allows Egos like Genji
[DeathStar] Hey!! STOP!
[Justin-the-II] ???
[Dakota] huh?
* DeathStar rushes over her and dives into the shadows
* Mono gets up
* Dakota follows DS
[Blackjack] Hrm... Wait, a REBELer!?
* Cross looks at them
* DeathStar falls down a hole
[Dominator] I see... Iceheart...
[DeathStar] WHOAAA!!1
* Mono walks over to the shadow and falls down
[Blackjack] Huh!?
[Blackjack] DS!
[Dominator] Death Star!
* Iceheart watches DS crash beside her
[Mono] WEeeee
* Blackjack dives into the shadows and falls down
* Justin-the-II fALLOWS
* Dakota turns on his jest and lands easily
[Mono] ooof
[Iceheart] Smove move, Commander...
[DeathStar] Thanks....
[Dakota] you okay DS?
* Mono falls on his ass
[Cross] We are in the presence of a lady, now stop beinf a bunch of----- oy DS fell in another hole!!!
* GenjiMan looks down
* Blackjack lands hard
* Cross jumps down the hole
* Mono gets up rubbing his ass
* Iceheart helps DS up
* Blackjack flips to his feet
[DeathStar] ....So, where are we?
[Dominator] Iceheart, what has REBEL down? You've put us and yourself in a very bad position I'm afraid...
[Blackjack] Ouch...
[Iceheart] REBEL's HQ..
[Mono] I advise that you get some stairs
[Mono] Or atleast pillows
[Iceheart] What have we done?! Nothing!
[Dominator] That's what I was afraid off...
[Dakota] ?
[Blackjack] Lemme guess, Spade has led us into another trap!
[Iceheart] We have attacked EarthGov, Maverick, and CorSec bases in Reploid's best interests!
[Justin-the-II] ....
[DeathStar] But ....
[Mono] Wow
[Ariel] ...
[Iceheart] And we PLAN on continuing to do so...
[GenjiMan] That's good, Iceheart.
[Dakota] !
[Dominator] You attacked EarthGov? Are you suicidal?! You'll only deter our resistance. Would you have Earth fall to the aliens?
* Mono pulls out a camera and takes some pictures
[Justin-the-II] ....why are we chasen them then?
* Blackjack clears his throat
[DeathStar] Look, lady, we can't let you attack EarthGov bases.
[GenjiMan] But I'm afraid you couldn't survive.
* Iceheart glares at DS
[Blackjack] Yeah, in Reploid's best interest. But what about HUMANS!?
* Iceheart turns to BJ
[GenjiMan] Yeah
[Mono] Yeah
[Iceheart] We got no problem with humans..but YOUR kind surpresses our kind
[GenjiMan] I am a human.
* Mono looks confused
[Dominator] We can't. I sympathize with your cause, Iceheart. I myself was exiled, but I belive in Earth for reploids AND humans.
[Justin-the-II] yah!
* DeathStar frowns
[Dakota] yeah humans made most of us!
[Cross] I'm not going to express opinions, as some do so on a regular basis....
* Blackjack is silent
[Dominator] Our kind?
[Iceheart] Look, I have nothing against humans
[Mono] WE dont care about this human *pts to Justin*
* Iceheart turns and continues on
[GenjiMan] I am human too.
[Justin-the-II] hay!\
[DeathStar] Look, lady, just take us to the REBEL Leader..
* Mono looks for a food court
[Blackjack] Iceheart... wait.
[Iceheart] It's ICEHEART, thank you very MUCH Commander.  And I'm the LEADER.
[Dakota] !!
[Justin-the-II] We dont care about this reploid *pts to mono*
[GenjiMan] =D
[Ariel] !
[Blackjack] Whoops... never mind.
[DeathStar] A woman?!
[Cross] Mono.... do you remember what DS said? if you do, just be quiet, dont even comment on what I'm saying
[Mono] Im not a reploid moron
[Dominator] ... I've never heard of you before... Perhaps Venerator might of...
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[Mono] Iceheart do u have a food court here
[GenjiMan] Stop that, Mono and JT2. Shut up you BOTH.
[Dakota] Justin remember the hint i gave you earlier?
[Iceheart] Venerator?  How is he?
* Justin-the-II smaks himself
[Justin-the-II] ok
[Justin-the-II] ...ok...
[Mono] Someone needs help
[Blackjack] Hey, women have been up and coming since the 20th century... Think about Foxfire.
* Dominator darkens, 1"He's... dead, I'm afraid..."
[Justin-the-II] that would be me
* DeathStar nods
[Iceheart] D-Dead?
* Blackjack shakes his head
* Iceheart shakes her head
[Mono] Yeah not living
[GenjiMan] O_o
[Mono] Great no help
* Dominator nods sadly, 1"CorSec made it look like an accident..."
[Iceheart] I would ask you ALL to leave.  We don't need HUNTERS around...
* Mono wonders off in hope of finding some food
* DeathStar trips Mono
[Mono] ouch
* Mono gets up
[DeathStar] Boy, you gotta LEARN to stop being annoying
[Mono] Im hungry ok
[Dominator] we'll leave when we decide to. You realize who Death Star was?
* DeathStar turns to Iceheart
* Mono stomach growls
[DeathStar] Look, we're here to help
[GenjiMan] Then eat yourself, Mono.
[Blackjack] Mono! You either stop annoying us or face the... consequences...
[GenjiMan] Or eat JT2.
[Iceheart] I do.  I lied when I pretended NOT to know who you are
[Mono] hah hah hah your one heck of a comedian Genji
[Dakota] Why?
[Mono] Whatever
[Iceheart] Why not?
[GenjiMan] Yeah you too Mono
* Blackjack mumbles something about death and rookies
[Cross] It's too bad there arent any ranks to be demoted to, as an ensign
* Mono walks off
[DeathStar] Let Mono go
* Blackjack mumbles something else about janitors
[DeathStar] He won't be coming BACK with us
* Mono looks for the exit
[Iceheart] Interesting dicatorship there, Commander
* DeathStar looks Iceheart in the eyes
[Dominator] ....
[Dakota] Uh.....
[GenjiMan] =)
[DeathStar] Look, I personally don't plan on STOPPING this place, but you GOTTA stop attacking EarthGov bases....
* Blackjack shakes his head in confusion
[Mono] Damnt
[Iceheart] Look...we will but...*loud rumbling can be heard*
* Mono continues searching
[Dakota] ?!
* Justin-the-II is confused too
[GenjiMan] ?????
[Dominator] I second that. Iceheart, you may hate CorSec and EarthGov, but without them Earth may fall to the aliens...
[DeathStar] Waht the?!
[GenjiMan] That noise...!
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[Dakota] Aw man what is that?
[Mono] Thats my stomach
[Cross] Hodges!