Mission 4: Chips of Fate

[DeathStar] Mission Starting
[DeathStar] Time: 24 hours after Mission 3
[DeathStar] Location: The Command Room to the Station
* DeathStar limps into the room and sits down
* Slash^ is sitting at the watch station.. watching
[Wiendigo] What the hell is it THIS time? Can't those morons on Earth handle themselves?
* Blackjack walks in with a slight limp behind DS
[Slash^] I really dont think so
[DeathStar] Shut the hell up Wiendigo, honestly...
[Wiendigo] You'd better be taking your own advice or you're going to be hurting alot more then you are currently
[DeathStar] Alright....we have reports that a High Tech Army Installment that makes these high tech chips that work on weapons and stuff is being attacked...
[Slash^] and we are supposed to do....?
[Blackjack] Great... Last thing we need is the Mavericks getting more powerful than they already are...
[DeathStar] Make my day, Wiendigo.  The day you can kick my ass is the day that I will.....*Stops*
[Wiendigo] Figures the human army can't handle themselves
[DeathStar] We're going down there NOW to stop these attackers
[DeathStar] Head out to the Hanger Bay...
[Slash^] lock and load
[Blackjack] You sure you're up to it, DS?
* Slash^ head for the hanger bay
[DeathStar] Of course....
[Blackjack] Your call...
* DeathStar enters the bay and climbs into a shuttle
* Slash^ on way pulls out small chip
* Wiendigo smirks at DS  1"Go ahead and finish your sentence Death star, I'm DYING to hear it..." 
* Blackjack walks into the bay
* Slash^ enters shuttle
* Wiendigo phases into the shuttle
[DeathStar] I'm sure you are, asshole *mutters this*
* Blackjack climbs into shuttle, unable to jump that high in current state
* DeathStar takes off
* DeathStar heads for Earth at top speed
[Slash^] Blackjack take a look at this
[DeathStar] EST is 6 more minutes...
* Slash^ hands him the chip
* Blackjack examines the chip
[Wiendigo] I assume we're heading into Maverick activity, correct?
[Blackjack] It's from CorSec...
[DeathStar] As you can all tell, Dominator isn't with us.  The joys of fatherhood...*snickers*
* Blackjack laughs
[DeathStar] No, we're heading to Disney World
[Slash^] I pulled it off of one of the things we fought yesterday......
* DeathStar brings it toward the Army Installment and explosions can be seen from below
[Slash^] NRP: meant robots
[Blackjack] Hold up, DS.  What do you think about this chip?  It's obvious that it's from CorSec.
* DeathStar lands a little ways from the Installment
* Wiendigo ignores DS.  1"As long as I get another crack at Shitafixtion, I'd head into the darkest pits of human Hell." 
* DeathStar glances at it
[DeathStar] It's a weapons chip.
[Slash^] damn...
* Slash^ pulls out his warp blades
[Blackjack] No shit, Sherlock.  But, how did it end up on our base?
* DeathStar gets out of the shuttle and points at the installment, explosions can be seen from there
[DeathStar] You tell me, CorSec...
* Blackjack shrugs, and leaves the shuttle
* Wiendigo climbs out and takes off running towards the explosions
* DeathStar starts heading for the Installment
* Slash^ heads for the main explosions
* Blackjack follows the Hunters
* DeathStar stops at the edge of the base
* Wiendigo charges arm cannon
* DeathStar grabs saber and cuts a hole in the wall and enters
* Slash^ watches as the army gets their asses whooped
[DeathStar] Alright, let's get ready....
[Wiendigo] Let's do it
[Blackjack] let's go...
* DeathStar begins to walk down the hall toward the front of the installment when he bumps into an officer
[Slash^] lets rock this joint
* Blackjack draws plasma rifle
* DeathStar the human looks up at him
* Slash^ draws his Ion cannon
[DeathStar] Officer: Halt where you are.
[Slash^] why?
* Slash^ aims Ion cannon at Officer
* Wiendigo glares at the officer.   1"Like bloody hell I will." 
* Wiendigo continues past
[Slash^] little do you know we are actually here to help 
* DeathStar the officer grabs his gun and blasts Death Star at point blank range in the stomach, taking 150 AP. "Reploid scum..."
[DeathStar] ARGGHH.
[Blackjack] NOO!!!!
* Wiendigo spins and blasts at the officer
* Slash^ fires Ion cannon at officer
* DeathStar crashes to the ground. "CorSec....smelled it a mile away.."
* Blackjack rapid fires rifle at officer
* DeathStar human dodges and gets killed by Blackjack
[Blackjack] CorSec!  Aw, man...
[Slash^] lets see what that chip can do!
* Blackjack walks over to the dead human
* Slash^ grabs chip from blackjack
[Blackjack] Damn!  I didn't see the emblem...
* DeathStar chip gets blasted by blasts
* Wiendigo kicks the corpse  1"You're lucky I didn't get to you first." 
* DeathStar six humans come charging at them, firing
[Slash^] DAMN! I needed that chip*mumbles*
* DeathStar grabs saber. "Time...to kick some ass..."
[Blackjack] Holy shit...
* Wiendigo fires off rapid shots at them
* Blackjack stands there
* DeathStar their armor reflects it
* Slash^ creates a warp field by their feet and it takes off a few feet
* DeathStar lunges at them, swinging
* Wiendigo charges and slashes into them with his sai
* DeathStar Wiendigo cuts one's arm off and he falls to the ground
* Slash^ fires his Ion cannon into their midst
* DeathStar tries to run his saber through one's head
* Blackjack mumbles,  1,0Which side do I help...? 
* Wiendigo stabs one in the chest with his claws
* DeathStar more humans appear behind Blackjack. "The traitor, hm?"
* DeathStar the human collapses, almost dead
[Blackjack] No.  Not this time!
* DeathStar slashes one's arm off
* Wiendigo kicks one square in the jaw
* Blackjack turns around and let's out a stream of fire from fire laser
* Slash^ jumps in and slashes at everything he can except for allies
[DeathStar] CorSec: You betrayed us...
* DeathStar they die instantly
[Wiendigo] Now this is payback!
[Slash^] oh go suck on a rotten egg
* DeathStar the rest of the humans take off
* Blackjack drops rifle
[DeathStar] ....
* Wiendigo starts after them. 1 "Come back here cowards!" 
[Blackjack] I... can't believe I just did that...
* Slash^ watches them leave
[DeathStar] They're here for the Weaponry Chips located at the base....*turns to Blackjack* You did what was right.
* DeathStar loud explosion rocks the halls in the direction Wiendigo went
[Blackjack] I know that, but there's no telling how many of my friends were in that group that I just...
[Slash^] whoa
[Slash^] what was that?
[DeathStar] Wiendigo...the idiot!!
[Blackjack] What the...?  Wien!
[DeathStar] They probably boobytrapped the hall...
* Slash^ runs down the hall taken by Wien
* Wiendigo comes rushing back. 1 "MOVE!" 
[DeathStar] Move?
* Slash^ jumps back
[Blackjack] Why?  What?
* DeathStar turns to face behind Wiendigo
[DeathStar] Holy shit...
* Wiendigo shoves them aside being chased by a whole mess of guards
* DeathStar turns around and takes off after Wiendigo
* Slash^ plasma cannons flip up to ready position
[Blackjack] uh...
[Slash^] oh crap...
* Blackjack turns and runs
[Slash^] this is not good
* DeathStar grabs an explosive he brought from the shuttle and throws it at the guards and takes off as a loud explosion rocks the installment
[DeathStar] There goes the 1st Rule of Robotics...*snickers*
[Wiendigo] I ran into the mess hall! How was I supposed to know???
* Slash^ begins rapid firing at the guards as fast as he can
* Blackjack laughs
[Slash^] way to go brainack
[Blackjack] Nice move, Wien...
[DeathStar] Brilliant as ever..
[Wiendigo] Shut the hell up in you don't want to end up dead!
[Slash^] no kidding
* DeathStar turns around the corner and 50 men stand there
[DeathStar] ..........
* Wiendigo phases through the wall in a dive
[Slash^] not again..
* Slash^ arms his PPC's and charges them
* DeathStar they all begin to fire rapidly at them
* DeathStar dives behind the wall
* Wiendigo unphases behind them and starts hacking and blasting the guards
* Slash^ appears in front hacking and slashing the guards open
* DeathStar the remaining guards blast Wien, 250 AP
* Blackjack reaches for rifle.  1,0"Shit! I'll be right back!"
* Wiendigo absorbs the blasts
* DeathStar can't absorb
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
* Slash^ fades into his warp before he gets targeted
* Wiendigo phases through the ground
* Blackjack returns, rifle in hand, and fires a stream of fire at the remaining guards
* DeathStar fires cannon
* DeathStar the guards die
* Slash^ fades back in
[Blackjack] I remembered something.  That reflecting armor doesn't help them against fire.
[Slash^] now lets not do that again shall we?
[Slash^] good plan
* DeathStar stands up, holding side
* Wiendigo unphases and blasts them with a charged katana
[Slash^] you ok Ds?
[Blackjack] You ok?
[DeathStar] FINE
[Slash^] alright..
[Blackjack] Don't question him...
* Slash^ backs away
* DeathStar continues on down the hallway, his eyes burning with rage
[Slash^] is there any computers I can wreck havoc with?
[Blackjack] I don't think I've ever seen such determination...
* Wiendigo blasts the bodies with an incineration blasts
[Slash^] I have.... I dont want to see it again..
[Wiendigo] Burn...
* DeathStar uses HP RAIN to bring his life up to 300 HP since he was down to 75
* DeathStar ignores Slash
[DeathStar] We must reach the control room, NOW
* Blackjack shrugs, and runs after DS
* Wiendigo darts after them
* DeathStar continues along
* Slash^ follows them guarding their back
* DeathStar the roof groans overhead and 50 guards come falling on top of them, firing (100 AP)
* DeathStar quickly fires HP RAIN at Blackjack
[Slash^] AKKK
[Blackjack] Whoa!
[Wiendigo] What the?
* Blackjack darts out of the way
* Wiendigo fires upward
* DeathStar dives and slices one in half
* Slash^ fires his rapid fire plasma cannons at them 24 balls/min
* Blackjack tries again with the fire laser
* DeathStar the guards overpower them, firing 50 AP blasts
* DeathStar they die
* DeathStar 25 of the guards tackle Blackjack
[Blackjack] Ack!!!
[Slash^] Crap!
[Blackjack] HELP!
* DeathStar the other 15 attack the rest
* Slash^ dives at the guards with warp blades flashing
* Wiendigo tackle the ones on BJ and start ripping them up
* DeathStar they run off with Blackjack
* Slash^ hacks at them
[DeathStar] BLACKJACK!
[Blackjack] HELP!!!!!!!
[Wiendigo] Die you spineless infidels!
* Slash^ misses and runs into a wall
[Slash^] Oof
* DeathStar dives past one, slicing him in half, and lands on the mass of guards, only to be thrown off
[DeathStar] OUF
* DeathStar they blast DS with 100 AP attack
[DeathStar] ARGH/
* Wiendigo chases after them
* DeathStar the rest hits Slash with a 100 AP attack
* DeathStar the others trip Wien and blast him too
* Slash^ targets the mass of guys with his Ion cannon 50AP/stun
[Slash^] ARRGH
* Slash^ holds arm
* Wiendigo dodges and starts blasting back
* DeathStar gets up and glances around
[DeathStar] ....Not right..
* Slash^ targets the group with plasma cannons and fires a lot of plasma balls
[DeathStar] Everyone, get the hell out of here!
* Blackjack thrashes wildly, allowing him to get his hands back on the rifle.  1,0"Eat shit, bastards!!!"  Blackjack lets out a long stream of fire.
* Wiendigo dives into the guards who tripped him and starts tearing them up with the Shadow Claws
[Slash^] WHaaa??
*** MegaRobotCarrier (death_star@dial25.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Slash^] CRAP!@!!~!!!!
* MegaRobotCarrier comes blasting in
[DeathStar] ....Damn
* Slash^ disappears in his warp field taking the heads of a few guards with him
* DeathStar dives at it, slashing it (100 AP)
* DeathStar the rest of the guards die
* MegaRobotCarrier punches DS through a wall
* Wiendigo spins his head to the MRC and goes after it
[MegaRobotCarrier] 100 AP
[DeathStar] .....
* Slash^ fades in on top of the robot carrier
* Blackjack drops to the ground.  1,0"I'm a reasonable man. Get the hell out of here, and you won't die."  The remaining guards run in terror.
* MegaRobotCarrier punches Wiendigo into a wall, 50 AP
[Slash^] you want some of this you big tin can??
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
[MegaRobotCarrier] Errr..
* Blackjack turns to the Carrier
* Wiendigo pulls himself up
* Slash^ uses warp blades like can opener
[Blackjack] Your turn, asshole.
[Slash^] lets see who is in side
* MegaRobotCarrier grabs Slash
* Wiendigo dives into a shadow
[Slash^] ACK!
* MegaRobotCarrier begins to crush Slash
[Slash^] owowowowow
* Blackjack readies fire laser
[MegaRobotCarrier] Har har har
* DeathStar leaps out and slashes the arm off
* Slash^ fires lockdown cannon to freeze him
* Wiendigo comes out above the carrier with 50 HP replaced
* DeathStar Slasher is free
* MegaRobotCarrier punches Wien through the ceiling
[Wiendigo] ?fires a charged katana blast at it
[Blackjack] I tried to be nice... Oh well.
* Slash^ jumps down and starts hacking at his feet 100 AP(two blades)
[DeathStar] Argh....*grabs side*
* Blackjack fires a thing stream of fire at the carrier
[Blackjack] NRP: thin
* MegaRobotCarrier begins to smoke from the damage
* Wiendigo bounces back off the ceiling and slashes it
* MegaRobotCarrier grabs Wien with remaining arm and throws him into the others
[DeathStar] .....
* Slash^ jumps back up and fires some more lockdown shots at it in the hope to stop it
* Blackjack continues the stream (around 135 AP)
* Wiendigo goes limp to lessen the impact
[DeathStar] Can't use Draco Enhancement...damn
[Slash^] Oooff
* MegaRobotCarrier explodes
*** MegaRobotCarrier has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Slash^] Melty melty
* Blackjack replaces the rifle
[Wiendigo] NRP: HP?
[DeathStar] .......
[Blackjack] This is really coming in handy today...
[Slash^] isn't it though
* Wiendigo glances at his energy meter
* DeathStar a blast comes out and hits the rifle, destroying the fire part
* Slash^ makes a quick check of his powerbar
* DeathStar 20 guards stand there
[Blackjack] NRP: HP?  Was at 140 before that little bit with the guards.
[Blackjack] Ack!  No!!!
[Wiendigo] This is doing nothing for my health...
[DeathStar] NRP:  I replaced it....you're at 150 again
[Blackjack] NRP: cool
[Slash^] NRP: im still almost full power at about 250 HP
[DeathStar] Guards: Surrender...
[Slash^] I dont think so
* Slash^ fires plasma cannons at them
* DeathStar they fire
[Wiendigo] Screw you human
* DeathStar fires blaster
[Blackjack] What now?  Close up battle!
* Blackjack draws fire dagger
* Wiendigo phases through the shots
* DeathStar they hit the roof and bury them
* Blackjack takes one hit
[DeathStar] ARGHHHH
[Slash^] AHHHHH
* DeathStar guards leave after they bury the Hunters
[Blackjack] GYAGH!!!
* Wiendigo unphases on top of the rubble
* DeathStar explodes out of the rubble. "YOU BAST--"
* Slash^ rubble starts caving in because the warp blades warp pieces of it away
[Wiendigo] They're gone, forget them
* DeathStar notices that the hole in the wall leads to the Control Room
[Slash^] You are making me VERY angry!
* Slash^ eyes flash
* Blackjack throws pieces of rubble away and climbs out.  1,0"Damn..."  Blackjack grips his shoulder.
* DeathStar dives through the hole, glancing around. "I'm out of HP RAIN"....
* Wiendigo jumps up and flips into the control room
* Wiendigo holds arm cannon ready
* Slash^ climbs up
* Slash^ autocannons are at the ready
* DeathStar looks around
* Blackjack catches up to the Reploids
* DeathStar the computer has been destroyed and all the Weaponry Chips gone
[Wiendigo] Well, that was easy...
[DeathStar] Damn....they got what they wanted...
* Slash^ sees a small sparkle in the corner
* Slash^ quietly picks it up
[Blackjack] Damn!
[Slash^] Damnit im gonna kill them
[DeathStar] ....
* Slash^ pockets it
[DeathStar] Too easy....
[DeathStar] Be on your guard
* Wiendigo hits DS and points towards Slash. 1 "Looks like he got something." 
[DeathStar] I notice that...I'm watching him out the corner of my eye
[Blackjack] We're talking about CorSec here.  They usually try stuff like that, DS.
* Slash^ shows it to DS its a CorSec badge
[DeathStar] .....
[Slash^] this could make it easier to get in
* Slash^ scans it
* Slash^ shows it to blackjack
[Blackjack] You don't plan to use me as  bait,  do you?
[DeathStar] ...
[Wiendigo] If we smell an ambush, then why don't we get the hell out of here?
[Slash^] what do you think, how good is it?
*** Albert (death_star@dial25.planters.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] ALBERT?!
[Blackjack] Hmmm... This is a commander's badge!
[DeathStar] You!!!
[Slash^] Albert!
[Blackjack] Albert!!
* Albert teleports in
[Albert] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
* Wiendigo aims blaster at Albert.  1"Who the hell is that?" 
[DeathStar] You mean "who"....
[Slash^] ..?
[DeathStar] He's the "President's" top man...
[Wiendigo] I SAID who...
* Albert is wearing an enhanced suit
[Slash^] He wants some eh?
* Slash^ warp blades glow black
[Albert] I got the chips and my business is done here.
[Blackjack] It's you... I should've known the President would send you to do the dirty work...
[DeathStar] WAIT Slash
* DeathStar turns to Albert. "What do you need those Chips for?"
[Slash^] alright I will wait
[Slash^] I can always kill him later
* Albert glances at Blackjack. "You are nothing to me, pal."
[Albert] You never WERE
[Albert] Why?  For the Ultimate Weapon we're building to wipe your kind off the face of this planet
* Blackjack 's hand tightens on his rifle.  1,0"It may turn out you wish you hadn't said that..." 
[Slash^] and everything else?
[DeathStar] ....
[DeathStar] Let's kill him
[Slash^] gladly
* DeathStar grabs sabers
* Albert teleports
[Wiendigo] Finally, a GOOD idea...
[Slash^] DAMN
[Blackjack] Shit...
* Albert appears behind Death Star and Slash and kicks them both forward, 100 AP
[Wiendigo] And a late one at that...
[DeathStar] Too...much...damage...*
[DeathStar] KOed
[Blackjack] NO!!!
* Albert teleports
[Slash^] ACK
* Wiendigo phases
* Blackjack turns around and rapid fires at empty air
* Albert appears beside Blackjack and punches him across the room
* Slash^ turns fall into a roll
[Blackjack] Whoa!!!
[Albert] .....ha ha ha ha
[Slash^] you want some eh?
* Blackjack slams into the wall, and is KOed
* Wiendigo unphases and hurls Dark Sai at Al
[Slash^] you can teleport so can I
* Slash^ activates warp field around him
[Albert] Mercury Blast!  *fires a huge melting fire glob at Wiendigo and his sai
* Albert fires disrupter at Slash and it destroys Warp Field
* Wiendigo sai returns and Wien phases
* Slash^ jumps behind Albert slashing with his warp blades
* Albert quickly dashes forward mad punches Slash
[Slash^] NRP: Jumps=warps
[Albert] I took out your Warp, pal
[Slash^] ARGH
* Albert charges cannon and fires at Slash, 100 AP)
* Slash^ autofires at Albert
[Slash^] Oof
* Albert teleports
[Albert] ..
* Slash^ takes blow and falls to floor almost KO'd
* DeathStar slowly gets up
[DeathStar] ......Too...late....*tackles Albert in midport and slashes twice, 200 AP)
* Slash^ eyes roll back into head
[Albert] ARGHHH
* Wiendigo unphases and blasts at ceiling above Al
* Albert lands on the ground
[Albert] OUF!
* Albert is buried
[Slash^] NRP: I have like 50 hp
* Wiendigo fires blasts at the rubble, melting it
[DeathStar] .....HP...at.....25...
* Albert it melts, leaving nothing behind
[Wiendigo] Damn!
* Blackjack stand up.  1,0"Ooh..." 
* Wiendigo stands ready
* Slash^ body gets up
* Albert appears behind Wiendigo and kicks him, 50 AP
[Blackjack] NRP: I'm down somewhere around 60 HP
[Albert] Bye little Reploid trash
* Wiendigo grabs Al's foot and flips him
* Slash^ wakes up
[Slash^] Die trash
* Albert unflips himself and kicks again
[Wiendigo] Bye human bag of garbage
* Slash^ teleports behind Albert and kicks him in the back of the head
* Albert teleports to the edge of the computer
[Albert] This is really...fun..
* Albert activates the hidden auto-destruct feature in the wall
* Wiendigo blasts at the computer
* Slash^ fires Lockdown at Albert disabling all computers close
[Albert] 2:50
[Blackjack] Send my best to the President, asshole.
* Albert teleports
[Albert] 2:40
[Wiendigo] Everybody out!
[Albert] Sorry, but you see, this BASE is one big bomb...
* Slash^ grabs Albert in midteleport and holds warp blade close
[DeathStar] ...No...
[Slash^] CRAP
* DeathStar tackles Albert
[DeathStar] GET OUT OF HERE!!!
[Blackjack] Shit!  ... What say we get out of here...
[Albert] 2:00
[Slash^] Gather around im getting us outta here!!
* Slash^ creates warp field around himself
[Blackjack] Come on DS!!!
[Slash^] GET IN
* Wiendigo grabs DS and phases him too
[Albert] Death Star....you are most wanted by the President.  You are too much of a nescience.
[Albert] NO!
* Albert activates a powerful field and knocks Wien out of his phase
[Wiendigo] You'd better be grateful I'm ARGGGHHHH!
[DeathStar] .....NO!!!  LET ME AT HIM!!!
* Wiendigo bounces across the ground
* Albert appears
* Slash^ grabs blackjack and warps him away
[Albert] Wiendigo...
* Albert grabs DS and teleports away
[Wiendigo] Damn....human...piece of shit...
* Slash^ warps Weindigo to the shuttle and takes off
* Albert reappears besides Wiendigo
[Albert] Coming....?
[Slash^] there is NO WAY IM GONNA leave DS
* Albert kicks Wiendigo and grabs him
* Slash^ goes back as Albert kicks Wien
[Albert] Maybe it was a mistake giving you to the Hunters
* Wiendigo slides sai into his hand and stabs Al close in the gut
* Slash^ slashes him in the back of the neck 80AP
[Albert] ARGH
[Albert] ...
[Albert] ARGHHH
[Slash^] You want something?
* Albert begins to teleport with Wiendigo
* Blackjack stabs Albert with fire dagger (60 AP)
[Blackjack] 50
* Wiendigo jumps out of Al's arms and phases through the floor
* Albert grabs Slash. "You too."
* Slash^ fires PPC's at Albert 100 AOP
[Albert] ARGGHH
[Slash^] WHAT!
* Albert hits the wall
[Slash^] NOoooooo
[Albert] .....
* Albert stands u[
[Albert] Fine, all you traitors...
[Blackjack] What?!?
* Slash^ targets Albert with autocannons
[Albert] :50
* Albert teleports
* Albert grabs Blackjack.
* Slash^ fires
[Blackjack] NO!!!
[Albert] I will make sure you pay DEARLY
[Albert] :30
[Slash^] CRAP
* Slash^ fires multiple balls 50ap/each
* Wiendigo phases through the comp, shorting it out
* DeathStar uses Blackjack as a block
[DeathStar] :20 
[Albert] Sorry, you can't do that..
* Albert begins to teleport
[Albert] :8 
[Wiendigo] Then can I do...THIS? *slashes up the computer*
[Albert] :7:
* Slash^ fades in behind Albert and catches hold
[Albert] :3
[Albert] ARGHH
* Wiendigo rips out all sorts of wires
[Slash^] you teleport its with me in here
* Albert teleports away without Blackjack
[Slash^] and if I stay, you do to
* Slash^ warps everyone to the shuttle
[Albert] :1
* Slash^ everyone is sick to stomach
[Albert] :0
[Blackjack] Cutting it close there, Slash...
* Albert the base explodes
[Slash^] heh I like to wait till the last second
[Wiendigo] Somebody mind getting us THE HELL OUT OF HERE?
* Albert teleports beside the shuttle, holding his side
* Albert blasts the engines to bits
[Wiendigo] The base is exploding and we're not even off the ground!
[Albert] You....aren't...going anywhere..
* Slash^ targets Albert and fires ppc's
[Blackjack] You're finished, asshole!
[Wiendigo] Damnit!
* Albert the firewave of the explosion gets closer
* Albert teleports inside
[Slash^] Ohhhh CRAP
[Blackjack] Slash!!! We need another teleport!
* Wiendigo phases outside the shuttle, and phases in enough to lift the shuttle
[Slash^] ...
* Albert firewave is 20 yards away
* Slash^ creates warp field and warps them a safe distance away
* Albert warp field FAILS
* Slash^ eyes roll back into head and is KO'd
[Albert] HA HA HA HA HA
[Albert] I blocked it again..
[Slash^] ARRGH
* Albert stabs Slash
* Wiendigo flies away from the base holding the shuttle
[Albert] Until next time...
[Blackjack] No!  You're through asshole!
[Slash^] brother..
* Albert shocks Slash's life away
* Blackjack throws fire dagger at Albert
* Slash^ falls totally KO'd
* Albert Wiendigo begins loose grip
[Albert] ARGGHH
* Albert lets go of Slash
[Albert] ....
* Albert teleports
[Blackjack] You sure I'm not a match for you, asshole?
* Slash^ falls to the ground limp
[Wiendigo] I'm losing my grip!
[DeathStar] .
[Blackjack] Not much we  can  do!
* Wiendigo tries to get his grip again
* Albert reappears, hovering in the air, holding something large
[Wiendigo] Oh damn...
[Blackjack] What the hell?
[Slash^] NRP: isn't the firewave still around?
[Albert] I think this shall me fun.  *throws the thing, which is Death Star, at the shuttle, knocking it out of Wien's hands
[Albert] NRP: It's fading away
[Wiendigo] NRP: Think I flew us out
[Blackjack] DS!
* Blackjack runs over to DS's limp body
[Wiendigo] THE SHUTTLE!
* Slash^ incoherent mumbling
* DeathStar rolls off the side and keeps falling, the shuttle falls too
[Albert] ......
[Albert] At least you all will die...
* Wiendigo grabs the shuttle and tries to slow it's descent
[Blackjack] NRP: ignore that "runs over to DS"
* Albert teleports away for good
*** Albert has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Wiendigo] Damn, damnit, DAMNIT!
[Blackjack] NRP: Who here can teleport?
* DeathStar opens eyes and dives saber into shuttle's side
[Slash^] NRP: me but im KO'd
[Slash^] NRP: unless you can revive me
* DeathStar starting to loose grip
[DeathStar] CorSec....must kill.....Albert...
* DeathStar tightens grip and flips up onto the shuttle
[DeathStar] Can't...calls upon too much energy...don't have it
* Wiendigo mentally tries to keep the ship in the air now
* DeathStar tries to keep balance on the roof.
[DeathStar] Land the damn ship!!
* DeathStar tries to keep the battery fluid in that is pouring out from him
* Wiendigo lets go of the ship  1"As you wish." 
* Blackjack , although he doesn't know much about flying, takes control of the ship
[DeathStar] DAMN!!!
[Slash^] NRP: we just about done? *stomach growls* it's almost an hour past lunch time
* Wiendigo watches as the shuttle crashes into a lake
* DeathStar the shuttle floats on the water
[Blackjack] Hey!  You told somebody to land it!  I tried to!
* DeathStar fires a blast at
[DeathStar] Wiendigo
[Wiendigo] And proud of it
* Slash^ sits bolt upright, eyes blazing red
* Wiendigo absorbs it
[DeathStar] .....
[Wiendigo] Ah, that's better...
[DeathStar] Someone....call the base....we need to get someone out here to help us
* Wiendigo dives straight into the water
[DeathStar] .....
* DeathStar passes out again
[Blackjack] Right.
* Slash^ passes out again
* Blackjack grabs communicator and contacts the base
[Slash^] NRP: mmm food(away)
* Wiendigo swims in the water for awhile
[DeathStar] Dominator:  Yes?
[Blackjack] This is Blackjack.  We had some... trouble during this battle.
[Blackjack] Our shuttle's trashed.  We need some help getting out of here.
[DeathStar] Dominator:  Need a shuttle down there
*** Crucifixion (death_star@dial25.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Crucifixion] Need a shuttle?
* Crucifixion snickers
* Wiendigo sees Crux from under the water
[Blackjack] Holy shit!  Just what we need...
[Crucifixion] I'll love to help you.  Damn you guys are easy to find, all those explosions and shit...
[Blackjack] Huh?  You... help us?
* Wiendigo comes charging through the water
[Blackjack] Wien, hold it.
* Crucifixion blasts a hole through the shuttle, it begins to sink
* Slash^ begins sinking with it
* DeathStar the comm. dies, with Dom saying, "What?"
* Wiendigo rams through the water and into Crux, stabbing him in the gut
* DeathStar Death Star awakes and topples into the water
[Crucifixion] ARGHHH
* Crucifixion shocks Wien, 50 AP)
* Blackjack grabs DS and tries to swim to shore
* Wiendigo takes out katana and shoves it in his shoulder
* Slash^ keeps sinking
*** taz (sdrfgh@max1-42.traversecity.megsinet.net) has joined #taw
[taz] Hi taz =)
[taz] hey
* Wiendigo lets go of Crux and goes back into the water
[Blackjack] PAUSE
[Slash^] ...?
[Slash^] who is this?
[Blackjack] We're in the middle of an RPG session, taz, if you could come back a little later on.
[DeathStar] TAZ, you must leave immediately
*** taz (sdrfgh@max1-42.traversecity.megsinet.net) has left #taw
[DeathStar] .....
[DeathStar] unpause
* Slash^ a warp field suddenly appears out of no where and he warps to shore
[Crucifixion] *laughs madly*
[Wiendigo] NRP: Defintely need to remember to start locking the door...
* Blackjack drops DS on the shore of the lake
[DeathStar] Kill....him....!
[Slash^] NRP: that's why im getting a bot for DS
* DeathStar gets up
* Wiendigo melts into the shadows and comes out with 50 HP restored
* Crucifixion vanishes
* Crucifixion suddenly the waters begin to churn
* Blackjack begins fiddling with his rifle, trying to fix the fire setting
* Crucifixion a huge geyser explodes out and rams Blackjack into a tree
[Slash^] NRP: afk
* Crucifixion appears in the air
[Crucifixion] .......
[Blackjack] Whoa!!!
* Wiendigo comes up under the shuttle, picks it up, and rams it into Crux's face
* Crucifixion a shuttle can be seen in the distance
* DeathStar tries to blast Cruc
[Blackjack] Here... comes the cavalry!
* Crucifixion vanishes