Mission 40: Alien Nation

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 4 days later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room, HQ
[Slasher] DS...I cant believe they replaced me
* Blackjack is being typical, lounging in a chair
* DeathStar leans back in chair
[DeathStar] Replaced you?
* Justin-the-II is lestening to rock but facing evry one else this time
* GenjiMan is sleeping on a chair
[GenjiMan] ZZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzz
[Slasher] Yeah...i read that there was another Slasher here that Slash killed
* DeathStar has earphones on listening to EarthGov messages
* Cross sits in his chair
[DeathStar] Aye...it's been 11 days since BJ LOST Slash too..
[Slasher] DS..do u trust me
[Blackjack] Damn, DS, will you stop reminding me of that!?
[DeathStar] Hard to say with all that's happened, Slsaher...
* Slasher pulls out a needle
* Cheryl plays cards on the computer
[Slasher] Take a sample of my blood
[Blackjack] Nobody's perfect, especially us.
[DeathStar] ....Ask X1 to do it later...
* Cheryl looks like Ariel and has yet to be introduced
[Slasher] I want yout to find proof
[Slasher] I read that they took a sample of the other Slashers blood
* DeathStar takes a sample and runs it through the Master Computer
* Dakota is lounging around the HQ
* Blackjack flips out a game of solitare, bored. He removes his eyepatch and replaces it with a pair of shades.
[DeathStar] So, Jared, how's Foxfire?
* Dakota watches bj
[GenjiMan] ._.
* GenjiMan wakes up
* Slasher whistles jokingly
* DeathStar cocks head some as he listens to the earphone and the computer beeps
* Cross looks at the others
[Blackjack] She's doing pretty well, DS.
[DeathStar] There's your sample..done...and it matches Slasher perfectly
[Slasher] Great..
* Cheryl notices that BJ is also playing solitaire (and he can spell it) and is doing better than her. Cheryls only using a single draw...
[Cross] NRP: BRB
[Slasher] no way to prove that im the real slasher then
[DeathStar] I haven't seen her in awhile
* DeathStar cocks head further and then yells
[DeathStar] WHAT]?!
[Blackjack] How do you think I earned my nickname, Cheryl?
[Slasher] Now what DS]
* DeathStar leaps up
[DeathStar] Im-impossible!
[Cheryl] Well, I have never been good at cards myself
[DeathStar] Our sensors could've pickedi it up
* Justin-the-II twirls his gun in his fingers boredly
[Slasher] Nothings impossible
[Blackjack] Huh? What's up, DS?
* DeathStar throws headphones down
[Blackjack] DS!
[DeathStar] An alien ship is over the Wastelands
[GenjiMan] o_O
* Justin-the-II takes them off
[Cheryl] !!!
[GenjiMan] O_O
* DeathStar runs off to the shuttle
[Justin-the-II] !!??
[GenjiMan] @_@ ALIEN!!!
[Blackjack] Again? Damn it...
* Ariel walks in
* GenjiMan runs to the shuttle
* Slasher phases into the shuttle
[Ariel] What's going on?
[Justin-the-II] alians?i fanaly get my payback@
* DeathStar runs past Ariel
* Dakota runs to follow ds
* Cheryl goes to the shuttle
[Justin-the-II] !
[GenjiMan] Aliens on Wasteland
* Slasher buckles in next to a comp and turns it on
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Dakota hops in
* DeathStar dives into the shuttle and powers it up
[Blackjack] I'll go get Foxfire... I think she needs to come on a mission...
* Ariel sees everyone running to the shuttle and follows
* Slasher starts to play pong
[Blackjack] I'll be right to the shuttle.
* Blackjack runs towards the quarters
[Slasher] Dangit the comp beat me
* DeathStar lifts the shuttle off the hanger some
* Slasher turns it off as everyone comes in
* Slasher buckles in
* DeathStar enters the cordnets and puts on some headphones, listening
* Cross sneaks up on DS and scares him
[DeathStar] It seems..it has something to do with the AHHH!!!!
* DeathStar growls at Cross
* Justin-the-II gets in and buckles up
[Slasher] And you say were immature
* Dakota sits near JT2
[Dakota] you okay justin?
[DeathStar] Something to do with the ship we met LAST time in the Wastelands...(Mission 18)
* Ariel talks to Cheryl (who only a couple people know who is) on the shuttle
*** Foxfire (suckit@user043.pcnow.net) has joined #TAW
[Justin-the-II] yah...
[Cross] I couldn't resist
[Dakota] okay
* Blackjack gets onto the shuttle, Foxfire with him
[Justin-the-II] why do you ask?
* DeathStar flies off for Earth
[Foxfire] Figured it was time I came on one of these missions...
* DeathStar hits the hyperspace button and takes off
[Dakota] just checking...
* Slasher walks over to the girls with a plate full of peanuts
* DeathStar exits hyperspace and jumps out into the Earth's atmopshere, shaking the ship
[Slasher] Can i help you
[Slasher] Would u like some peanuts
[Foxfire] No.
* Cheryl looks at the peanuts
[Justin-the-II] woh..
* Blackjack snickers
[Cheryl] No thanks
[Cross] Oww..... I hate inflight turbulance.
* Slasher spills the peanuts everywher
[Ariel] Hey!
* DeathStar flies downward and flies over the wastelands
[Slasher] Ahh my peanuts
* Foxfire and Blackjack fall from their seats
* Slasher rams into a wall
[Foxfire] Hey DS, I thought you were a good pilot!
* DeathStar points up ahead at a huge ship flying in the air, the alien vessel, and a huge ray hitting the ground below it
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] I AM!
* Justin-the-II holds his seat
[Dakota] !
* Cheryl rubs her head.
[Slasher] DS I advise that you get flying lessions NOW
[Cheryl] Owwww...
* Slasher gets put
[GenjiMan] o_O
[Blackjack] Hold your tongue, Charlie...
[Dakota] IS THAT DENTURI???!
[GenjiMan] Look.
[Foxfire] Sorry
[GenjiMan] Aliens.
[Slasher] Who needs Dentures
[DeathStar] ....Look, an EarthGov type vessel beside it..
[Justin-the-II] ..good ones or bad?
[Cheryl] Oh my...
[DeathStar] IT's the T's ships
[Blackjack] Hmm... strange...
[Dakota] okay...
[Slasher] T?
[Foxfire] What's EarthGov doing here?
[Slasher] What have i missed
* DeathStar watches the Tvish ship fire on them
[DeathStar] SHIT!
* Dakota takes a deep breath and relaxes
[GenjiMan] ...
[Dakota] !CRAP!
[Slasher] Should we hurry
* DeathStar dives downward out of the way of the blast, skimming the sand
[GenjiMan] Foxfire, I think that means they're KIDNAPPED
[Ariel] Baka!
[Cross] (mispronounces it) tsirvixsh's ships
* Slasher starts phasing over there 50ft at a time
* DeathStar shuttle rumbles as a tractor beam hits it
[Foxfire] Good point, GenjiMan. And, by the way, don't smart off at me if you value your life.
[Dakota] Aw now what?
* DeathStar the shuttle appears on board the T. Ship
* Ariel snickers.
[Slasher] How we gonna get up there
[DeathStar] PERFECT!  *slams contorls*
[Blackjack] Well, we took the direct route this time. *removes his shades*
[GenjiMan] ok.
* DeathStar stands up
[Justin-the-II] .......i will kill them all......
[DeathStar] Lets take this piece of junk down!
[Slasher] Umm
[GenjiMan] WE will, JT2.
* Slasher stares at Justin
* DeathStar leaves the shuttle and steps around inside the ship
[Blackjack] And how do you propose we do that, DS?
* Slasher enters the ship
[Dakota] Yeah?
[GenjiMan] Stop having urge to fight.
* Blackjack and Foxfire step out of the shuttle
[DeathStar] Um, I'll cometo THAT later...
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Dakota follows DS
* DeathStar sees two aliens running towards them
* Slasher follows DS
* Ariel leaves the ship ahead of Cheryl
* GenjiMan follows DS
[DeathStar] Oh, look, the welcome party!
* GenjiMan drawns his sword
[Blackjack] Two? Come on, give me a break.
* Dakota is ready to rock and roll
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* Justin-the-II takes out his fathers beam sabre,the yanks out his Z-19 and twerls it in his fingers .1 lets rock!
[Cross] hey! where's the beer! *blasts the aliens
* Blackjack draws his rifle, and Foxfire her katana
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* DeathStar the two blast them, taking DS and BJ out right off the bat
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Blackjack] URK!
* DeathStar crashes to the ground as the two aliens attack Cheryl and Ariel
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at Aliens (ap 100)
[Foxfire] Jared!
[Cheryl] No!
[Slasher] Uh oh
* Dakota flies up
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Alien, and fires a large energy blast at Alien. [190 AP]
* Blackjack falls to the ground
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow a sky blue.11"FUKEI"6 Slasher releases the energy in the form of 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball at Aliens (wind elem)
* Dakota crash aliens
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Alien, and fires a large energy blast at Alien. [190 AP]
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at aliens (ap 110)
* Cross kicks an alien
* Justin-the-II gets on his knees and sprays the(100)
* DeathStar the aliens keep firing (50 AP each)
* DeathStar stands up
* Foxfire leaps at one of the aliens, slashing wildly
* Dakota uses his jets to deliver a strong flying kick to aliens (ap120)
* DeathStar slashes one of the aliens
[Slasher] hmm
[Slasher] I konw
[Justin-the-II] gets back!!!
* Dakota flies back
* DeathStar one of the aliens die
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI"6 Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Aliens (Earth Elem)
* DeathStar the other alien dies
* Blackjack stands up, and opens fire at the alien Foxfire hit (210 AP)
[Slasher] Knew that would work
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts alien (ap 120)
* Justin-the-II takes out a grnade and throws it at them withought the clip
* Slasher runs over to Ariel and Cheryl
[Slasher] You two ok
* Blackjack holds his shoulder
[Blackjack] Fine.
[Ariel] I'm okay
[DeathStar] Gah....basses..
[Slasher] good
* Dakota fires 3 quick blasts from his armcannon at Alien (ap 90)
[GenjiMan] There's no more alien.
* DeathStar rubs his chest
[Blackjack] Justin...
[DeathStar] Now, where to?
[Cheryl] I've been better...
[Justin-the-II] ...
* DeathStar looks around the ship
[Cross] aliens go splat....
* Dakota lands
[Blackjack] Aliens BEEN splat, Cross...
[Slasher] NRP:where are we
* Justin-the-II gets up and shakes his head
[DeathStar] NRP: On the ship
[Dakota] That was.....almost to easy DS
[GenjiMan] NRP: In Alien's ship
[Blackjack] Let's hope we don't have to take those hits again, DS...
[DeathStar] ....*notices an elevator*
[Cross] this reminds me of a 20th Century movie, "Aliens" they were really big cockroaches
[Slasher] Lets go that way
[DeathStar] Onward bound, let the incredible journey begin!
* Slasher walks towards the elevator
* DeathStar enters the elevator and hits the top level on it
* Dakota follows DS
* GenjiMan enters the elevator
* Justin-the-II fallows
[Ariel] Where'd you get ahold of that Cross?
* Blackjack and Foxfire board the elevator
* Slasher walks in
* Ariel follows
[Cross] Antique theater.
[Slasher] Wonder if i can phase
* DeathStar the elevator goes up and beeps loudly on each floor
* Cheryl quickly gets in
[DeathStar] 5 more floors...
[Dakota] nrp: how big is this elevator?
* Foxfire covers her ears
[Ariel] Kinda cramped in her...
[Slasher] DS is there any shields up
[Foxfire] Loud enough?
[DeathStar] NRP:Big enough, but cramped
[Slasher] Jamming devices
[DeathStar] Beats me
[GenjiMan] -_-
[Justin-the-II] ...
[Slasher] hmm
* DeathStar beeps again
* Slasher tries to cloak
* GenjiMan hears the loudly beep
* DeathStar Slasheris forced out of cloak
[Slasher] damn
* DeathStar next floor beeps
[Cross] 10 people? I think we should split up, I mean, 10 people wold be noticed more.
[Dakota] is there a camera in here?
[Foxfire] What kinda techology they got on this thing?
* DeathStar suddenly, right before it reaches thr top floor, it stops
[Slasher] Ill try phasing when we getout
* Dakota looks around at the ceiling
[GenjiMan] Yeah
[Slasher] Oh great
[DeathStar] ...
* Foxfire mutters, 1"Whoops..."
* DeathStar looks up at the ceiling and blasts a hole in it
* DeathStar leaps on top and blasts a hole in the door to the level he pushed and jumps in
* GenjiMan looks at the hole
* Slasher tries to phase up on the roof on the elevator
* Foxfire nods and flips through the hole, Blackjack behind her
[Justin-the-II] so....who's with who?
* DeathStar suddenly the elevator begins to screetch
* Dakota flies up above ds
[GenjiMan] NRP: GOTTA GO!
* DeathStar slhaser is froced out of phased
* Slasher climbs out
[Slasher] damnt
[GenjiMan] I'm out of here
* Ariel climbs up with some difficulty
* DeathStar the elevator falls like a rock
* GenjiMan teleports away
* Slasher grabs onto the wire
* Justin-the-II jumps up
*** GenjiMan has quit IRC (*Bye*)
* Foxfire leaps through the hole behind DS, BJ behind her, just before the fall
* Cheryl jumps out at the last minute
* Dakota dives grabs justin and pulls him up
* Justin-the-II pulls himself throgh
* DeathStar is in the bridge floor now
[Cross] I was only sugesting, DS never said we would split up, aint that right Fearless leader?
[Foxfire] W... whoa...
[DeathStar] ....Hrm
[Slasher] that was close
* Dakota strugles up to where DS is
* Ariel grabs Cheryl before she falls and pulls her up
* Foxfire and Blackjack look around
* Slasher looks around
* DeathStar looks around and sees the bridge is empty
* Cross walks next to DS
[Blackjack] Doesn't get much closer than that...
[Cheryl] That... was not.... fun...
* Slasher enters the Bridge room
[Dakota] you okay Justin?
* DeathStar steps up and looks at all the machinary running quietly
* Justin-the-II twirls his sabre
[Justin-the-II] never better
[Slasher] I dont like this
[Dakota] Yeah.....
[Slasher] Its too quiet
[Blackjack] Too quiet around here...
[DeathStar] What?  No diabolical boss?
[Dakota] Somethings not right
[Slasher] Dotn jinx it
[Cross] Do any of us ever like it, slasher?
[Slasher] I do
* Justin-the-II spins his gun on his finger
[Cheryl] I've got a bad feeling about this...
* Slasher walks ahead
*** Tishvian (death_star@dial24.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher stops
[Foxfire] This is too easy... SOMETHING's about to happen...
* Tishvian appears on the bridge, the Captain of the ship
[Dakota] !
[Slasher] We come in...piece
[Tishvian] Welcome, Hunters *Strained English*
* Justin-the-II spin around
[DeathStar] PEACE, you dolt
* Blackjack whispers to DS, 1"There's your diabolical boss..."
[Slasher] doh
[Cross] Hurts to talk english, doesnt it?
[Slasher] nice place ya got here
[Tishvian] IT really doesn't matter to ME, Hunters...in moments you will all be dead and our pact will be complete...
[Foxfire] Huh? Pact!?
[Dakota] ???
[Slasher] WHat
[DeathStar] Pact?
[Blackjack] Lemme guess, with EarthGov, right?
[Ariel] !!!
[Cheryl] ???
[[Tishvian] With countries in EarthGov
[Blackjack] Figured.
[Dakota] Oh My GOD!
[Slasher] Those basters
[Tishvian] Like Russia...countires in Asia...most of the Wasteland is now ours.
[Dakota] SPADE!!!!!!!!
[Slasher] Well we might as well kill you
[Ariel] The scum...
[Dakota] I WANT HIM 
[Tishvian] China...Russia...soon Japan..I hope this will influence the REST to join as well.
[Cross] Ok.... people think we're no threat, but they wanna kill us.... WHY?
[DeathStar] ....
[Slasher] Well stop them
[Tishvian] Lets just say EARTH is getting smarter...they know YOU can't stop us
* Slasher walks over to Tish
[Slasher] Wanna be
[Slasher] bet
[Tishvian] (WAR) We showed you who was the boss
[Dakota] Give me a break
* Tishvian cocks head
[Tishvian] Wait, the pact is complete
* Tishvian laughs
[Blackjack] We'll see about that. We're not in fighters now.
[Slasher] Pact this
[Cross] If we cannot win, WHO could?
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* Dakota slowly draws his saber
* Justin-the-II aims his gun at tish but dsoesnt fire
* Slasher 's legs begin to glow a holy white. 0"KOKEI"6 Slasher kicks Tish 8 times going faster each kick. After the 8th kick Slasher brings his left leg back and Holy Lightning blasts into it. Slasher brings it over his head and ontop of Tish going through him. (Light Elem)
[Tishvian] I wouldn't attack us..EarthGov will have a FIELD day.
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Blackjack 's hand flies to his rifle, Foxfire's to hers
[Tishvian] OUF!
* Dakota changes his saber to fire and attacks captain (ap 120)
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at Captain (ap 110)
[Tishvian] GAHH!!!
[Tishvian] FOOLS!
[Blackjack] Hold it! Cease fire!
[DeathStar] Wait!...OH DAMN *fires*
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
[Blackjack] Oh, what the hell?
* Tishvian begins to glow
* Dakota 's sword changes to electric as he delivers an omnislash to captain (ap 110)
* Cheryl stabs Tishvian from behind. [200 AP]
[Dakota] huh?
* Cross fires
* Slasher leaps at Tish slashing him
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
[Tishvian] ARGh
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
* Tishvian fires a huge mega blast into the air
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of T, and fires a large energy blast at T. [190 AP]
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
* Blackjack and Foxfire both leap at Tish, slashing (420 AP)
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
* Tishvian fires a huge mega blast into the air
* Justin-the-II fires at tish (100)
[Tishvian] If you will excusem e...
* Tishvian vanishes
* Tishvian vanishes
*** Tishvian has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Blackjack and Foxfire slash air
[Blackjack] Damn!
[Slasher] damnt
* DeathStar the air continues to glow
[Foxfire] Perfect.
[Cross] Is everyone scum to you, justin?
* Slasher searches for the controls
[Foxfire] What's that glow?
[DeathStar] Wait...damnit, that's a BOMB...
[Foxfire] Uh oh...
* DeathStar steps back
[Dakota] Uh does anyone think WE SHOULD GET OFF THIS THING!!!
[Justin-the-II] the alians killed my dad.....
[Cross] HAUL ASS!
[Blackjack] If you're right, we REALLY need to get out of here!
* Slasher looks for a window
[Ariel] Never saw THAT coming
* DeathStar looks down the elevator shaft
* DeathStar leaps down
* Slasher leaps down the elevator shaft
[Cross] GERONIMO!!!!! *jumps*
* Dakota activates jets and flies down the shaft out the door and into the shuttle
* Blackjack nods, and grabs Foxfire's arm, following DS
[Foxfire] HEEEEY!!!
* Slasher lands on his legs
* DeathStar grabs onto the hangerbay floor and pulls himself up and runs for the shuttle
* Dakota starts it for DS
[Slasher] Ahhhhhhh
* Justin-the-II fallows but grabs the rope
[Dakota] Ready to go DS!!
[Justin-the-II] yeha!
* Slasher grabs onto a rope
[DeathStar] Thanks Dakota
* Slasher leaps into hanger bay door
* DeathStar sits down and blasts a hole at the hanger door
[Dakota] No prob just get us out of here!
* Justin-the-II slides down
* Ariel acrobatically leaps down the shaft and into the hanger
[DeathStar] Grr...
[Slasher] DS....shall we send this baby to Russia
* Blackjack slings Foxfire throught the bottom floor doors, and stabs his katana into the wall, stopping his fall. He then slings himself through the door
* Cross falls past the bay door
[DeathStar] We gotta open that...
* Justin-the-II lands
* Cross flys up a few moments later
[Foxfire] Nice... going... Jared...
* DeathStar a loud BEEP can be heard
* Slasher goes to a comp and sets in coordiantes for Russia
[Blackjack] Uh oh...
[Slasher] Maybe this will change there minds
* DeathStar the ship begins to rock
[Blackjack] Don't want to think about what that was...
[Justin-the-II] were we going?
* Slasher looks for a shuttle
* DeathStar brigns the shuttle up
[DeathStar] GET IN!!
[Slasher] there we go
[Dakota] GO GO GO GO GO GO!
* Blackjack and Foxfire leap on
* DeathStar flies the shuttle around in circles
* Justin-the-II gets in
* Slasher leaps in
* Ariel runs into the shuttle
[Blackjack] MOVE, DS!
* Justin-the-II sets down
[Foxfire] Let's go!
* DeathStar fires on the bay door, which is closed
* Cheryl leaps into the shuttl
[Cross] Dont even have to tell me! *jumps on*
* DeathStar a huge firewave can be heard hitting the floors above them
[Slasher] NRP:is the ship heading for Russia like i programmd it to??
[DeathStar] NRP: No
[Justin-the-II] oh no...
* DeathStar flies at the door
[Slasher] NRP: damn
[DeathStar] Oh hell....DOWN BOYS AND GIRLS!!
[Foxfire] DS! GO!!! NOW!!!
* Cheryl braces herself
* Foxfire and Foxfire take cover under their seats
* Justin-the-II sets back
* Slasher grabs onto a chair
[Dakota] !
* Dakota ducks
[Blackjack] NRP: Foxfire and Blackjack
[Justin-the-II] were gonna die!!!......
* Ariel hold on for her life
* DeathStar rams into the door and the shuttle is instantly crushedin the cockpit as it goes THROUGH it
[DeathStar] rAGGHh
[Dakota] !
* Blackjack looks up
* DeathStar is buried in wreckage metal as the shuttle crashes downward
[Blackjack] DS!
[Slasher] ahhhhhh
[Dakota] OH CRAP!
* DeathStar the ship begind them explodes and the firewave hits the shuttle
[Blackjack] That's it, we're dead!
* Dakota tears away at the cockpit
[Slasher] Ahhhh
[Foxfire] NO!!!
[Dakota] DS!
* DeathStar the shuttle heats up and crashes on it's side into the sand
[Justin-the-II] ....
[Cross] Shoot!
* Slasher flies into a wall
* Ariel is flung from the ship
[Justin-the-II] oh crap!
[Cross] ....
* Dakota slams into the ceiliing
* Blackjack and Foxfire are slung around the shuttle, and both are knocked out
[Dakota] .........
* Justin-the-II leaps out of the ship confused
* Slasher cuts a hole in the cieling
* DeathStar the EarthGov ship lands a few moments later beside the wreckage
* Cheryl is realitively unhurt
* Dakota shakes it off and gets up
* Justin-the-II jumps off
* Cross picks up BJ and FoxFire
[Dakota] Anyone hurt?
* Slasher grabs Cheryl and Ariel and brings them ouside
*** Spade (death_star@dial24.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Cross] hey, these two are out cold.
* Spade walks away from the ship
* Slasher sets them down
* Dakota continues to try to help DS
* Slasher sees Spade
* Ariel pulls her head out of the sand.
* Cross tales them outside too
* DeathStar is buried
* Slasher chases after Spade
[Blackjack] NRP: Gee, THAT makes me feel important, Dakota...
* Spade watches as he puffs his cigar
* Cross sets down BJ and Foxy
* Dakota draws his saber and continues to try to get to DS
[Justin-the-II] nrp:were are we now?
* Slasher phases next to Spade
[Cross] Uh.... you two stay put.
[Spade] I'm here as a repasentive of EarthGov...
[Dakota] !
[Spade] I was TRYING To stop the others from signing that PACT
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
* Dakota heard spade
* Spade watches
[Cross] I've had just about enough of you spade!
[Slasher] How can we trust you
[Spade] I might, add, Cyborg, I'm a HUMAN
[Spade] NRP: Wastelands
* Cheryl stands ready.
* Dakota flies out of the ship and will attack Spade unless held back.....
* Blackjack and Foxfire groan, and wake up
* Blackjack steps in Dak's way
[Dakota] DAMN JACK A**
[Slasher] Ya think thats gonna stop me
[Blackjack] I wouldn't do that, Dak
[Blackjack] No. That's an order.
[Spade] I am now going to report back to EarthGov...tell them what the other countries have done
* Justin-the-II crosses his arms
[Dakota] Hmph..
* Ariel struggels and pulls herself out of the sand dune
* Spade walks into the EarthGov vessel, which takes off, and flies off
*** Spade has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Dakota goes back to trying to get DS
[Slasher] Crap....looks like another World Wars about to happen
* Cross looks at spade leaving
* Slasher walks back to the shuttle
* DeathStar groans
[Slasher] Ariel you ok
* Blackjack shakes his head
[Slasher] Cheryl??
[Blackjack] You ok, Charlie?
* DeathStar rips his hand through the wreckage
[Dakota] C'mon DS GIVE ME A SIGN!
[Foxfire] F... fine... Where's DS?
* DeathStar does a thumbs up
* Dakota grabs his hand and pulls him out
[Ariel] I'll get myself out of this
[DeathStar] GAHHHHh
[Dakota] URGH!!!!
[Blackjack] Damn it! F... forgot about him...
[Slasher] ok
* DeathStar screams in pain as he ripped out
* Cross laughs
* Dakota falls back getting DS out
[Cross] DS....
* Slasher sits down in the sand
* DeathStar his armor is shredded and he is bleeding badly
* Justin-the-II shakes his head
[DeathStar] Why..can't I never get hurt...
[Dakota] MAN......
* Blackjack spins his rifle on his finger, switches to curaitve setting, and fires at DS (240 LP)
* DeathStar lays on the shuttle floor panting
[Slasher] Looks like were stuck here *throws some sand down*
[Dakota] where is that crystal?
[Cross] Double negatives DS.....
[Justin-the-II] nrp:gatta go.......
*** Justin-the-II has quit IRC (darn it!!!!darn it!!!!!)
* DeathStar grabs comm. and calls in Dom
[DeathStar] That's..how..
* Slasher sees Justin pass out
[Slasher] How can the comm survive that
* DeathStar steps into the hotsand, panting
[Blackjack] You ok, Commander?
* Cross helps DS
[DeathStar] ...To thinks..this all belongs to the aliens now...an Alien Nation..
[Dakota] Lean on me DS
[Slasher] What would they want with the Wasteland
[DeathStar] DAMN!!!!*raises his fist into the air and collaspes again*
[Slasher] Theres gotta be someething special
[Cross] Hey DS, your gonna need more than a cotton swab to fix this.....
[DeathStar] And WHY would they...*looks over at the spot their beams were touching the ground*
* Dakota kneels beside ds
[DeathStar] Omigod..
[Slasher] What
[Dakota] easy save your stregth DS
[Ariel] Okay... I give...
* Cross holds DS up
* DeathStar points and a tree is growing there
[Dakota] !
[Ariel] Could I get some help?
[Dakota] What the HECK???
[Cross] EGYA!
* Slasher runs over there
* Blackjack 's eyes go wide
* Cheryl looks where DS is pointing
[DeathStar] They suckered...the countries of the Wasteland by GROWING life here...again
[Foxfire] A tree?
* Dakota helps Cross with DS
[Blackjack] Here!?
[Slasher] Oh my...god
[Blackjack] Guess that was their plan...
[Cross] good lord.....
[Slasher] ARe they trying to make an Eden for everyone to come to??
* Ariel is burried waist deep in sand.
* DeathStar the MH shuttle arrives and lands
* Slasher grabs Ariel and pulls her out
[Cross] some one pull Ariel out
[Dakota] i'll get her
[Ariel] Thanks.
* Blackjack takes Foxfire's hand and helps her to the shuttle. 1"How was your first session, sis?"
* Dakota flies over and helps Ariel
[DeathStar] Dominator: All abord
* Slasher walks on to the shuttle
[Dakota] grab my hand
[Foxfire] It... sucked...
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle
* Ariel is out now
* Blackjack and Foxfire step onto the shuttle
* Dakota pulls out Ariel and takes her to the shuttle
* Cheryl heads over to the shuttle
* DeathStar leans back in a seat, bleeding on it as he thinks
[Slasher] DS...what are we gonna do about this
[Cross] NRP: after the session, I have a few midi's I need to send ya'll for use in a session comming up
* DeathStar turns to Slasher
[Slasher] ITs all one big Conspiracy
[DeathStar] We do as EarthGov says..
[DeathStar] And I pray EarthGov gives us permission to ATTACK..
[Cross] naw. duh?
[Slasher] I dont trust them anymore
[Dakota] I can patch you up a little if you want ds
[Blackjack] EarthGov? I doubt it.
[Slasher] Will we be ready tho
* DeathStar the shuttle takes off
[Foxfire] Look who you're talking about, DS. Most of them were willing to give Earth over to the Tsivirixsh!
[Slasher] If they dont then maybe we should resign and restart REBEL
[Cross] Maybe.... just maybe, the MH was meant to be an indeendant group... not a pawn of earthgov....
[DeathStar] ....Maybe
[DeathStar] Session Ends