Mission 41: Sinful Repentance

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 3 hours later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room, HQ
* Blackjack shakes his head
* DeathStar rubs his arm in pain
* Slasher walks in scratching his right arm
[DeathStar] Damn frackin' assholes from shit slums up bastard's creek!
[Blackjack] This is impossible... This is exactly what we've been fighting to PREVENT!
* Cross comes out of the repairbay, armor (finnally) buffed to a shine
* Blackjack looks like he doesn't notice, or care about, DS's outburst
* DeathStar slams his earphones into the computer, causing a spark to shoot out
[Dakota] man...what a shocker....
[DeathStar] I just talked to EarthGov.
[Slasher] DS ya think thers gonna be another WW
[Dakota] ?
[Blackjack] What did they say? As if I don't know!
[DeathStar] We're to do nothing....NOTHING over 'Alien Nation' as they call it
[Dakota] !!! WHAT?
[Cross] I want you all to know, I'm not going to be an idiot anymore.
* Slasher punches a whole throught the wall
[DeathStar] Russia..China..the Wastelands...And Ireland are all 'Alien Nation' now
[Blackjack] Great, so we're supposed to SIT HERE AND WATCH while Earth is being taken over!?
[Cross] NO.
[Slasher] This is bullshit
[Cross] I'm not anyway
[Blackjack] You expect me to just SIT HERE!?
[Blackjack] You're crazy!
* Slasher grabs MH logo and gets ready to rip it off
[Cross] DeathStar!
[Cheryl] How can they do this?
[Dakota] Slasher i'm with you!
[Cross] I'm pissed, this is EARTH!
[DeathStar] ....We're all going to play this calmly
[DeathStar] I for one REFUSE to listen to this
[Dakota] course i don't have one of those.....
[Slasher] IF i have to sit here and do nothing im not gonna be MH anymore
[DeathStar] But we're going to REMAIN like we're listening to them
[Blackjack] Hmm...
[Ariel] ?
[DeathStar] So, put your logo BACK on, please...
* Cross looks at the screen
[Blackjack] You don't know how much I want to IGNORE THAT, DS...
[Dakota] hey i can handle my self too,.... but i am startin to like this group a bit
[Cross] do wha.....?
* Slasher drops hand and doesnt rip it off
[Blackjack] But... I don't have a choice... You're right...
* Blackjack calms down
[DeathStar] Now, we'll strike 'Alien Nation' whenever we CAN, but we're not going to go renegades here
[Dakota] Right
* Blackjack clenches his fists tightly
[Slasher] How we gonna do it then
[DeathStar] Secertly..between missions
[Slasher] ok
[Dakota] Kewl...
[Blackjack] Hrm.
[DeathStar] Now, I got a mission right now...Mavericks are attacking a city
[Ariel] I can live with that.
[DeathStar] Lets move out
[Slasher] fine
* DeathStar turns and walks towards the shuttle
[Blackjack] Mavs attacking a city. How common.
* Slasher gets up and runs to the shuttle
* Cross runs for the shuttle
[Ariel] Aye, Sir!
* Dakota follows DS
* Ariel heads to the shuttle
* Slasher enters the shuttle
* DeathStar continues slowly, thinking
* Blackjack grabs his patch from a table and walks after DS, deep in thought
* Cheryl likes always is the last to the shuttle
[Slasher] Watch yourselves people...EarthGov may be trying to get rid of us.
[Ariel] Like I didn't get that impression already.
[Cross] DS, let me pilot.
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle
[Slasher] ITs ok Ariel
[DeathStar] You!?
[DeathStar] You don't know how to FLY.
[Cross] Oh, C'mon....
* Blackjack walks into the hangar, stopping in the doorway
[Cross] I haveta learn
[DeathStar] ..Go ahead..
* DeathStar sits down in the Co-Pilot sewat
* Slasher sits in a chair and falls asleep
* DeathStar listens to EarthGov transmissions
[Dakota] Are u sure DS???
[Cross] I gotta get leutenant back, I'm going to be serious from now on
[Ariel] I hope you know what you're doing...
* Blackjack shakes his had, gets on the shuttle, takes his usual seat, and falls into silence
[DeathStar] Hmmm...sounds like EarthGov is trying to keep peace..neighboring countries are attacking 'Alien Nation'
* Cross sits in the pilot seat
* Cross punches it, and leaves the station with as much accuacy as he can muster
[Slasher] Guys its time  we work together
* DeathStar frowns as he listens some more
* Blackjack closes his eyes
[Ariel] Just out of interest, where is the city that the mavs are in this time?
[Cross] Amen Slasher.... we're a TEAM from here on out, DS? you agree?
* Slasher puts out hand
[DeathStar] Some unimportant town really
* Cross hits hyperspace
* Blackjack looks back.
[Blackjack] Who's hand are you trying to shake, Slasher?
* DeathStar looks out window
[DeathStar] ......
[Blackjack] NRP: Whose
* Slasher shakse head
[DeathStar] I don't believe it...
[Dakota] ?
[Slasher] NRP:i put it out as in like when a team huddle together
* Blackjack looks back out of his window
[Dakota] What's up DS?
* DeathStar shakes head and throws his headphones across the room
[Blackjack] NRP: Ah.
[Slasher] Now what
[Dakota] DS?!
[DeathStar] Nothing..
* Slasher pulls hand back
[DeathStar] Cross, lets hurry...
* Cross pulls into earths Atmosphere
[Dakota] why'd you toss your h.phones?
[Slasher] LEt me guess. Earthgov says we gotta go back to HQ
[Cross] I am... DeathStar.
[DeathStar] I..had an itch
[Blackjack] DS... Those headphones are kind of expensive...
[Slasher] Sure
[Dakota] didn't look like it what's up DS?
[Blackjack] And MH is short on cash...
[DeathStar] Alien Ships are flying over 'Alien Nation' and building a base.
[DeathStar] Alright?!
[Dakota] and all kind of excuses to get us back
[Slasher] Wow kewl
[Cheryl] Well, your gambling doesn't help BJ _
[Dakota] !!!
[Dakota] ......
[Cross] ..... then... I'm working for free. Forget money....
[Slasher] Maybe we should drop in and welcome them
[Dakota] what type of alien?
[Slasher] WE already work for free
* Blackjack smiles sheepishly at Cheryl's comment
[DeathStar] The main ones
* Cross lands the ship
[Dakota] what race?
* DeathStar looks over the city
[DeathStar] NRP: T.
* Cross jumps out
[Dakota] n/m
[DeathStar] NRP: CAn't pronouce it
* Slasher walks out
[Blackjack] Tsivirixsh, Dak.
[Dakota] .....right okay
[Blackjack] NRP: I can.
[Ariel] I'm really starting to hate those guys
[Dakota] me too
[Slasher] When those basterds gonna learn.. You mess with the best you die like the rest
[Dakota] Yeah...
[Blackjack] Slasher, we haven't won yet.
* Cross the city is 1/4 mile away, and smoke can be seen rising from it.
* DeathStar walks towards the city
[DeathStar] Oh cripes!
* Ariel 's hands start to glow, until she realizes what's she's doing.
* DeathStar runs
[Blackjack] I hate to say it, but the aliens are TOUGH. We may not win when the cards fall...
[Slasher] Im trying to encourage everyone
* Cross dashes for the city
* Slasher funs for the city
* Blackjack shrugs and runs after DS and Cross
* Slasher phases towards the city
* Dakota flies toward the city
* DeathStar thinks quietly of Iceheart
* DeathStar shakes head as he continues
* Ariel and Sheryl follow everyone else.
[Cross] innocent people are being slaughtered! let that be your motivation! Oh Sorry DS, I'm acting as if I were sstill a luetenant
* DeathStar arrives at the city
* Slasher reaches the city first
* Cross laughs it off
* Dakota arrives
* Blackjack arrives just behind DS
*** Justin-the-II (jj@207-17-228-139.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar points at the city
[Slasher] How ya wanna do this DS
[DeathStar] See Maverick.  Shoot Maverick.
* Ariel is one of the last to arrive
[Blackjack] Split up like we did in the trainer that day?
[Blackjack] Or stick together?
* Cheryl IS the last to arrive
[Justin-the-II] nrp:it over?
[Slasher] Could you repeat
[DeathStar] Together
[DeathStar] NRP: New one began
[Blackjack] Ok, together it is.
* DeathStar walks through the city
* Slasher cracks knuckles
[Cheryl] nrp This is the third session tonight
[Dakota] together right~
* Slasher phases next to DS
* Slasher walks alongDS
[Cross] Together we fight.... for earth..
* Blackjack takes his rifle off of his back and holds it in his right hand
* Blackjack walks alongside DS
* Dakota takes off searching for mav's
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Justin-the-II] nrp:were are you?
[Dakota] keeping the group in sight
[DeathStar] {Never seen them this motivated before}
* Cheryl follows the group
[DeathStar] NRP: A city
* Cross Maverick tanks roll out blowing up buildings
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* DeathStar fires at the tanks
[DeathStar] DIE!
[Blackjack] Shall we take it out, DS?
[Slasher] Company
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI"6 Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Tanks (Earth Elem)
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts Tanks (ap 120)
* Blackjack opens fire (210 AP)
[Justin-the-II] nrp:is there any way i can join?
* Ariel nods at Cheryl.
* DeathStar fires his cannon at the guns on it
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at tank (ap 110)
[DeathStar] NRP: Teleport in
* Cheryl nods to Ariel
[Dakota] see if that cracks tank armor
* Cross 50 or so footsoldiers go around shooting fleeing humans
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at tank (ap 110)
[DeathStar] Those two freak me out when they nod like that..
* Justin-the-II teleports in
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of tank, and fires a large energy blast at tank. [190 AP]
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of tank, and fires a large energy blast at tank. [190 AP]
* Blackjack tries to short the tank with Myollnir crash
[Slasher] those basterd
* Dakota fires 3 quick blasts from his armcannon at foot (ap 90)
* Slasher runs towards the footmen
* DeathStar fires at one tank in anger
* DeathStar fires on the footmen
[DeathStar] DIE!
[Justin-the-II] whats hapennen?
[Justin-the-II] oh no...
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI"6 Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Footsoilders (Earth Elem)
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at group_of_troups (ap 100)
* Justin-the-II takes out his fathers beam sabre,the yanks out his Z-19 and twerls it in his fingers .1 lets rock!
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at tank (ap 110)
* Ariel throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at Soldiers. [150 AP]
* Cross unloads his plasma on the footsoldiers
* Cheryl slashes Soldiers with her energy daggers. [170 AP]
* Dakota lands ontop of a tank
* Blackjack fires a barrage of fire around the area at the soldiers (840 AP total, somewhat bad aim)
* Justin-the-II gets onb one knee and fires at troops(100)
* DeathStar teleports to the side and fires
* Dakota takes sword rips open the cap
* Slasher stops and scans the area
* Dakota tosses a grenads inside
* Dakota takes off
* Blackjack runs into the fight, swinging his katana around at any soldier that is close
[Dakota] see ya!
* DeathStar slashes one to bits
[Slasher] This is to easy
* Blackjack slashes one completely in half
* Justin-the-II staps one throgh the chesat
* Cross looks around
[Slasher] WHAT THE???
[DeathStar] Who the?!
* Blackjack looks up
[Blackjack] Who was that!?
* DeathStar looks around
[Dakota] huh?
* Slasher looks around for the voice
[Cheryl] !!
[Cross] Do what?
* Justin-the-II uper cuts one
* Blackjack impales the soldier that tried to hit him
[Justin-the-II] ok whos next?
* Ariel stabs Soldier from behind. [200 AP]
* Dakota lands near Justin
[Dakota] cover your back?
[blured-figure] *blurs around and cuts a few mavs in half
* Justin-the-II side kicks one then stabs him
* Blackjack wipes the battery fluid off of his katana, and looks around for the source of the voice
[Justin-the-II] nah!
[Blackjack] Whoa!
[Justin-the-II] lets kill em all!
* Cross keeps blastung mavs
* Dakota fires 3 quick blasts from his armcannon at soliders_behind_justin (ap 90)
* Slasher looks for the guy
* DeathStar kills another Maverick and attempts to track the moving MAverick
[Dakota] i think you do
* Cross scans
* Ariel and Cheryl stand back to back searching for whoever is out there
[Slasher] Somethings familar about him
* Ariel throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at Soldier. [150 AP]
* DeathStar lands next to Cross
[DeathStar] Who is he?
* Cheryl throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at Soldier. [150 AP]
[Cross] Uh... oh crap.... DS you really wanna know who that is.....?
* Blackjack slashes a Mav in half and tracks the figure, but can't see anything about who he is
[Dakota] !
[DeathStar] Tell me!
[Dakota] ?
[Cross] It's Garland.
[DeathStar] WHAT?!
[Dakota] !!!
* Blackjack drops hi skatana
[DeathStar] GARLAND!!!
* Justin-the-II jumps forward and flips and slaces at once killing one
*** Garland (Lobo@ip215.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher mouth drops
[Blackjack] GARLAND!
[Justin-the-II] garland!
* DeathStar turns to face the newcommer
[Justin-the-II] hi@
[DeathStar] You---...
* Blackjack looks at the blur
* Garland stabs a mav
* Justin-the-II jumps at gar and slasahes(120)
[Slasher] Garland what are you doin
* DeathStar rushes at Garland and lands next to him
[Blackjack] You... why are you helping us? Decide to come back?
[Dakota] what the?
* DeathStar stabs a Maverick
* Justin-the-II upercuts(120)
* Slasher grabs Justin and slams him down to the ground
[DeathStar] Why are you helping us, CorSecian?
[Garland] Don't worry about me!!! just help the people!
[Justin-the-II] oh!
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts Maverick (ap 120)
* Ariel stabs Maverick from behind. [200 AP]
[Justin-the-II] what are you doing?
* Slasher jumps in front of some mavs
* Blackjack picks up his katana and impales a Maverick, then throwing the dead Mav at another Maverick. The first explodes, killing the second.
[Slasher] Hi
* Dakota takes off again
* Garland has a pendant of a cross on
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI"6 Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at at (Earth Elem)
[Garland] just help them.
* Garland runs around slicing mavs
* DeathStar covers Garland's back as he kills a Maverick
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Maverick, and fires a large energy blast at Maverick. [190 AP]
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Dakota grabs a solider on the way up and drops him onto a group of other soliders
[DeathStar] You think I'll let YOU out of my sight?!
[Cross] Garland???
[Cheryl] What's going on with him?!
[Garland] I didnt think so!
[Justin-the-II] i thought he was a mav!!!???!!
* Garland kiamas a tank, blowing it up
* Dakota changes his saber to fire and attacks mavericks (ap 120)
* Cross blasts a few soldiers
* Slasher slashes at a couple of mabs
* Blackjack fires a group of homing missiles at the Mavericks. The missiles spread, killing five of them.
[Ariel] NRP: Is Garland a Rep or human?
* Justin-the-II jumps on a tanks and gets in cuting all the soldires up inside
* DeathStar flips onto one
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at Mavs (ap 110)
[DeathStar] NRP: HumanOID
* Justin-the-II runs over some mavs
* Garland is hit by a blast
[Garland] Agh..
* Blackjack continues firing with the homing missiles, taking out a few more
* Slasher phases into a tanks and kils the guys in it
* Dakota uses his jets to deliver a strong flying kick to Mavs (ap120)
* Cheryl leaps into a small group of mavs and slashs them up with her daggers
* Blackjack heals Garland with Cure Ray
* Garland grabs shoulder
* Blackjack immediately turns back to the battle
* DeathStar flips onto one of the last Mavericks and covers his eyes
* Ariel backflips onto a tank
[DeathStar] Guess who!
[Dakota] Can you drive that tank Slash?
* Justin-the-II fires tank killing a group of souldires
* DeathStar smashes his head in
* Slasher takes control of tank
[Slasher] Its 
[Dakota] SWEET!
[Slasher] its Slasher moron
* Blackjack leaps at a Maverick and decapitates him
* Ariel prys the hatch open
* Cross keeps blasting
* Justin-the-II pops out runing over some mavs and waves too all
* Slasher drives it foward towards the mavs and smashes a bunch
[DeathStar] When we're through, Garland, you and I have some unfinished business
* Ariel impales the pilot with her daggers and throws him out of the tank
* Dakota backs up the tank and keeps mav's from getting inside
[Garland] Ok DeathStar! but now, SAVE THE PEOPLE!
* Slasher fires a blast at a group of mavs sending them everywhere
* Justin-the-II blasts another tank from behind
* Dakota lands on top of it infact
* DeathStar grabs a human from a blast and leaps out of the way
* Blackjack leaps onto another tank, and pries open the hatch. Seconds later, a dead body flies out of the hatch.
* Ariel pops into the tank and close the hatch
[Cross] I'll go check out the other side of the city!
* DeathStar flies at a tank and blows it up
[Ariel] Party time!
*** Cross (Lobo@ip215.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has left #taw
[Dakota] Hey Lets make a tank battalion!
* Slasher runs over a bunch of Mavs
* DeathStar flips into the air
* Ariel fires the cannon at some mavs
* Justin-the-II rolls over 21 mavs that are martching and hes still waving
[DeathStar] TIME TO END THIS!!!
* Dakota flies into another tank and takes it over
* Slasher runs into Ariel
* DeathStar fires a stream of blasts at the Mavericks
[Slasher] Bumper TANKS
* Blackjack comes out of his hatch, gives a thumbs up, and runs over a few Mavs and fires at a few more
*** FlameStone (Lobo@ip215.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[Dakota] wonder if this is similar to montana?
[Ariel] Hey!  Watch where your going!!!
[Slasher] Sorry
* Slasher stops
* DeathStar lands on top of FlameStone
* Garland kiamas 5 mavs in a group
* Justin-the-II runs over a apandone building
* Slasher pops out of his tank
[Justin-the-II] ooppps!!
* Cheryl takes the commander's position in Ariel's tank
[FlameStone] HAH! *throws DS off*
[DeathStar] OUF!
* Cheryl throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at mavs. [150 AP]
* DeathStar crashes
[Slasher]  Flame....i can beat that
* Justin-the-II shoots same mavs
* Dakota is driving toward FlameStone
[Dakota] DIE MAV!
* DeathStar rams FS into the ground
* Blackjack looks at the newcomer, and ducks back into his tank, opening fire with laser blasts from the tank cannon
* Justin-the-II rols bye dak and waves to him
* FlameStone slashes Dak
* Ariel drops a bombshell on a group of mav (literially)
* Garland runs into Flame with a kick
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a ice cold blue. 12"SUKEI"6 Slasher punches Flamestone 9 times. Each time he punches Flamestone ice covers him up and after the 8 blow Flamestone is covered in Ice. The 9th blow Slasher breaks the Ice shattering it every where.(Water Elem)
* Justin-the-II shoots flames stone with tank(???)
* Blackjack drives behind Flamestone unnoticed
* DeathStar leaps back
* FlameStone kicks Garland into a wall (200 AP)
* Dakota locks onto Flamestone
* FlameStone blasts Dak, breaking the lock
* Slasher phases next to flamestone
* Justin-the-II fires missle at flame(???)
[Dakota] dang
[Slasher] Hey bab
[Garland] Aough.....
[Slasher] baby
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a ice cold blue. 12"SUKEI"6 Slasher punches FlameStone 9 times. Each time he punches FlameStone ice covers him up and after the 8 blow FlameStone is covered in Ice. The 9th blow Slasher breaks the Ice shattering it every where.(Water Elem)
* DeathStar watches them all
* Ariel locks the cannon on Firestone
* Justin-the-II jumps out and slashes flame(120)
* Blackjack opens the hatch and leaps out, slashing at FlameStone (behind him, 210 AP)
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Dakota hops out of the tank
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of FireStone, and fires a large energy blast at FireStone. [190 AP]
* Dakota uses his jets to deliver a strong flying kick to flamestone (ap120)
* FlameStone blows into flames (100 ap all)
* Blackjack flies backwards
* Slasher flies into a building
* Justin-the-II ahh!
[Slasher] AUgggh
* FlameStone throws dak into justin
* Blackjack slides along the ground
[Dakota] ouch!
* Justin-the-II is nocked back
* Slasher slumps down
* Ariel fires the tank's main cannon at firestone
[Justin-the-II] aahhhh!get off me dak!
[Ariel] Ka-boomy!
* FlameStone over loads
* Cheryl throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at Firestone. [150 AP]
[FlameStone] ack.....guh...
* Dakota 's sword changes to electric as he delivers an omnislash to Flamestone (ap 110)
* Blackjack quickly flips to his feet and flips his rifle into his hands, firing a Typhoon Wave at FS for the kill
* Slasher shakes his head
[Dakota] DIE!
* Justin-the-II fires aT flame(100)
* Slasher slowly gets up
* FlameStone explodes leaving weapons chip
*** FlameStone has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com)
* Garland gets up
* Blackjack runs forwards and grabs the chip
* Slasher runs over
[Ariel] Yeah!  We got him!
[Dakota] aw man
[Justin-the-II] wwoooooo,,,,....a chip!
* DeathStar turns to Garland
* Cheryl cheers!
[Blackjack] I'll use this for the time being...
* Dakota plays [fanfare.mid] - 8k - [iČ]
[DeathStar] Well, Garland, enjoying your time in CorSec?
* Justin-the-II spins his gun and jams it into his holster
* Slasher crashes to the ground
* Blackjack inserts the chip into a slot on his rifle
* Garland looks at DS face to face, scar showing
[Ariel] These tanks are fun!
[Slasher] NRP:why does he get the chip :(
[Garland] Dont ask me that....
[DeathStar] NRP: We ALL do
* Blackjack straps the rifle to his back
* Garland rips of the CorSec insignia
[DeathStar] Why NOT Garland?  Betrayer?
* Ariel spins the tank in a tight circle
[Ariel] Wheeee!
[Blackjack] NRP: I'm just the one who picked it up.
* Slasher grabs head
[Cheryl] I... I'm getting... dizzy...
[Blackjack] I knew you'd come to your senses...
[DeathStar] Now why ruin that nice suit?
* Garland rips off the collar of his uniform
* Slasher tries to get up
* Cheryl almost falls over...
* DeathStar turns to Cheryl
[Blackjack] Scratch one uniform...
[Garland] .....
[Dakota] Okay time out why are you suddenly helping us?
[Slasher] Could use a little help here
[Ariel] Opps, sorry about that...
* Slasher falls on his knees
[DeathStar] Slasher..Cheryl?
* Justin-the-II walks over to slasher
[Justin-the-II] what do you need?
* Cheryl climbs out of the tank and almost falls...
[Garland] You were right... they did lie to me.
* Justin-the-II helps him up
[Slasher] Justin if you know whats good for you...
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[DeathStar] That's nice Garland....have fun with whatever life you choose now
* Slasher takes arm away from Justin
[Justin-the-II] what i just tried to help.....
* DeathStar walks away from Garland to the others
[Garland] I also know another thing.
[Blackjack] Just remember that it's your choice, Garland.
* Blackjack turns away
* DeathStar kneels beside the two
[DeathStar] You guys okay?
* Garland looks down, a single tear falls
* Blackjack walks to DS
[Slasher] A little
* Dakota gives a thumbs up to DS!
[Garland] I'm sorry about what I did.
[Cheryl] I'm... I'm fine... just... I'm just dizzy...
[Slasher] You shouldnt be so harsh towards Garland
[DeathStar] ...
* Blackjack 's face fills with emotion
* DeathStar helps Cheryl up
[Dakota] Great!
[DeathStar] Lets head back to the shuttle
[Garland] I.... I looked at the tapes of when Hyper as forced into me the first time.
* Slasher pushes himself up
[Garland] I...........
[DeathStar] Why NOT Slasher?!
[Blackjack] Garland... we forgive you...
[Cheryl] Th..thanks...
* DeathStar helps Cheryl away from the city
* Garland throws the darkblood revenge to the side.
[Slasher] Cuz hes a MH and he walays will be 
[Blackjack] It's your choice to choose your own path in life... If you want to come back to MH, you're welcomed. If you want to go back to CorSec, so be it.
* Ariel climbs out of the tank
* Slasher stumbles over to Garland
[DeathStar] He's not welcomed back at MH.  EarthGov will have his NECK.
[Garland] I killed one of you in cold blood.....
[Dakota] Welcome BacK Garland.....i guess
* Garland falls to knees
* Justin-the-II walks to the shutle on the way he tosses a granade into the tank and gets in
[Garland] Kill me.
[Slasher] No
* DeathStar stops
* DeathStar turns
[Ariel] Theses are fun _
[Dakota] Huh?
* Blackjack 's eyes are firey as he looks at DS
[Garland] let me repent for my sins....
[Justin-the-II] *BOOOOOOOOOOM*
* DeathStar walks towards Garland
[Slasher] No
[Dakota] Kill you?
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
* Garland exposes neck
[Justin-the-II] WE GOIN HOME OR NOT?
[Garland] you heard me.
[Justin-the-II] oopps
[Dakota] No we forgive you Garland
* DeathStar keeps walking for Garland
* Cheryl is still disorientated... thanks to Ariel
[Justin-the-II] nrp:sorry 
[Blackjack] DS, if you kill him, I swear I will NEVER let you live it down. If you kill him... you won't live long.
[Garland] Do it so I can be forgiven by God!
[Dakota] Everyone make's mistakes Garland
* DeathStar steps up to Garland and raises hand
[DeathStar] You ASKED for this, REMEMBER that..
[Dakota] Just pray he will forgive you...no need for blood
* DeathStar holds hand out to help Garland up
[Blackjack] And that's a promise, DS. *silence falls on him*
[DeathStar] Come on, son...
* Slasher puts ion blades away
* Ariel sits on the tank and watches.
[Slasher] Dom'll be happy to see you
[Dakota] C'mon Garland 
* Blackjack smiles, relieved
[Garland] You heard me DeathStar!
[Garland] KILL ME!!!!!!!
* Justin-the-II swings out of the shutle
[Ariel] Isn't this a Kodak moment...
* DeathStar punches Garland hard, KOing him
[Garland] Like father like son! I must repent for my -----OUGH!!!!!
*** DiMantha (Lobo@ip215.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] No more of that...*lifts GFarland over his shoulder*
[Dakota] Maybe that will knock some sense into him
* Blackjack shakes his head
* Slasher chuckles
* Ariel claps
[Blackjack] I hate using force to do things like that...
[DeathStar] Di'Mantha
[Ariel] Way to go
[Slasher] WHO?!
* Blackjack hears the newcomer
* Blackjack turns
[Blackjack] YOU!
* DiMantha walks infront of DS
[DeathStar] ....
[Dakota] ?
[Slasher] Who is DiMantha
[DeathStar] Been awhile, lady..
[DiMantha] I'll be taking Gaarando
* Justin-the-II goes back out to the rest
[Ariel] ?
[Blackjack] Last time I saw you, I ended up under the remains of a mall...
[DiMantha] He's learned, finally
[DeathStar] Learned WHAT?
[Slasher] huh
[Blackjack] Learned!?
[Justin-the-II] ??
* DeathStar holds onto Garland
[Dakota] What's going on?
* Slasher scratches hi sheaed
[DiMantha] you wouldnt understand
[Justin-the-II] yah..
[DeathStar] Try me
* DeathStar eyes narrow
[DeathStar] DON'T think I'm BENEATH you Di'Mantha
[DiMantha] You know I'm not his mother, but he must know her.
[DiMantha] I've grown since then, back on Parnel, I'm one of the weaker people.
* Blackjack shudders
[DeathStar] ....I'm going to take Garland home.  Where he has friends
* Dakota is confused
[DiMantha] And now, if you please, I need Gaarando
* DeathStar wlkas towards the shuttle
* Slasher goes towards the shuttle
* DiMantha stops DS
[DiMantha] No.
[DiMantha] I can't allow that
* DeathStar eyes blaze
* Dakota stays with DS
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Ariel is still perched ontop of "her" tank.
[DeathStar] You know what, lady?  You make me REALLLLL sick
[DiMantha] He must go back home.
[Blackjack] Di'Mantha. Gaarand... GARLAND should be allowed to CHOOSE HIS OWN PATH IN LIFE. Too bad he's not conscious right now...
* DeathStar lays Garland down
* Justin-the-II stops
[DiMantha] Kilath was a fool.
[Dakota] DS??!
* Slasher walks over to Ariel
[DeathStar] You want the kid, you'll have to take me out
[Slasher] I dont think DS'll let you keep it
[Dakota] And me!
[Ariel] Yeah, too bad
[Blackjack] And we're all behind him.
[DiMantha] Oh well... I havnt had a fight today anyway.....
[Justin-the-II] yah!
* Garland wakes up half-way
* Dakota draws saber
[DeathStar] He's up
[DeathStar] Let HIM decide
* DeathStar turns to Garland
* Ariel notes Justin is INSANE.
* DiMantha draws sword
[Dakota] C'mon bring it!
*** CM (casaursa@pm504-47.dialip.mich.net) has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] No one attack ANYONE!
* Slasher agrees with Ariel
[CM] SHI***
* Justin-the-II takes out his ---stops
[CM] Right... sory.
*** CM (casaursa@pm504-47.dialip.mich.net) has left #TAW
* Cheryl doesn't even know what's going on...
* DeathStar rouses Garland some
[Garland] Wha........? Di'Mantha? DS?
[DeathStar] Listen, kid, do you want to go with HER, or stay with us..it's YOUR choice you know
* Blackjack stays silent, knowing that everything rests on Garland's shoulders now
[Slasher] Ariel this is like one of those Soap Operas
* Dakota puts his saber away slowly watching Di"mantha
[DiMantha] Gaarando, do you still have the kinship?