Mission 42: Not Currently Named

[DeathStar] Location: Control Room (Where else?)
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Okay, ladies and gentlmen...
*** Sunshang is now known as GenjiMan
* DeathStar walks over to a huge capsule in the roomo
* Dominator walks into the control room, and sits down
* Justin-the-II walks in with his headphones on
[Blackjack] What's up, DS?
[DeathStar] We found this a long time ago.  (Mission 32)
* Dominator stands up and moves to the capsule
[Blackjack] Yeah. And?
[Regix] lies lifeless
* Justin-the-II walks over to take a look
[Dominator] Looks like we never opened it..
* Blackjack pushes his cards into a pile and walks over to the capsule
[DeathStar] I've had X1 tinkering with it and we finally think we got the code to open it
* DeathStar hits random buttons on the control pad
* Justin-the-II stops the tape
* Blackjack shakes his head
[DeathStar] Hrm....*Waits*
[Dominator] But, what's in it...?
* GenjiMan looks at the capsule
[DeathStar] A reploid of some sorts
* Regix begins to move as the door slides open.
* Ariel watches intently
[Justin-the-II] looks like a reploid..??
[GenjiMan] ...
* Dominator looks at the reploid
[DeathStar] Ooooo, it's aliveeee....it's aliveeee...
* GenjiMan looks at the reploid
[Blackjack] A Reploid in a capsule... Now  there's  something new...
* Blackjack laughs
* DeathStar actually smirks
* Dominator rolls eyes at DS, then turns back to the capsule
[GenjiMan] ...
* Regix opens his gray eyes and falls to the ground on one kn ee.
* Dominator grins a bit at BJ's comment
[Justin-the-II] uh oh...
[DeathStar] Orginality runs in this business..
[Blackjack] He's out, and he's hurt. Let's hope he's not Maverick.
* GenjiMan looks at the reploid and smiles
* Regix moans
[DeathStar] Well, he was found in CorSec area..
[Regix] Where... where am I?
[Dominator] You're in the Maverick Hunter HQ.
[Justin-the-II] um...mhhq
[Justin-the-II] for short
[Regix] Oi...
[Justin-the-II] For shot
[DeathStar] We come in peace.
* DeathStar leans against the wall
[GenjiMan] Yeah.
[Blackjack] We didn't "come," DS...
[Regix] I gotta finbd better ways to travel... damn those mavericks are so cruel... I'm so cramped!
[DeathStar] Who are you?
[GenjiMan] ...
[Regix] I'm... Regix...
[Dominator] And what were you doing in a capsule?
* GenjiMan walks to Regix
[Regix] A cyborg...
[Blackjack] Regix, eh?
* Dakota runs in from the garage
[DeathStar] And what's your Social Security number?
[Dakota] it's awake?!
[Ariel] ?
[Regix] It has to do with Mavericjks...
[Justin-the-II] yep dak
[Dakota] cool
[Dominator] Are  you  a maverick?
[Regix] I... think they put me in there for a reaason... but I can't remember why...
[GenjiMan] Hm...
* DeathStar walks back to the master computer and sits down
[Regix] No...
[Ariel] I doubt he would say yes even if he was...
* Blackjack walks over with DS and looks over his shoulder
[Regix] I'm no Maverick.
[DeathStar] Ooo, the lady has a point
[Ariel] This IS Mav Hunter HQ remember _
* Dominator moves over to DS and ask,  1"Death Star.. What do we do with him?"
[DeathStar] We give him a trip back to Earth for all I care
[Regix] I'm... alright...
[DeathStar] I'll send him on one of the flights out.
[Dominator] All right...
[Regix] Was there... was there a cyborg near my pod?
* Justin-the-II flips the tape back on
[DeathStar] Only you bud.
[GenjiMan] =(
[Blackjack] Nothing, Regix.
[Regix] Damn... it... M..atrix... 
[Dominator] Afraid not Regix...
* DeathStar begins to shift through the news on the Master Computer
[GenjiMan] ?
[Regix] I'll kill those bastards...
[GenjiMan] ?????????
* GenjiMan listens to Regix
[GenjiMan] ...
* Regix groans and grabs forehead in pain.
[Dominator] Regix... What happened to you? Why were you put in the capsule...?
[Regix] Why... why can't I remeber?
[Dakota] Hey are you okay?
[Regix] I... think so...
[GenjiMan] hm...
[Dominator] Are you all right?
[Regix] It'll straighten out... I hope.
[Blackjack] Hrm... Partial amnesia...
[Blackjack] Figures.
[DeathStar] Why can't I forget?
* Justin-the-II walks back to a char and plays a game
[Dakota] What ds?
* DeathStar flips through the news and stops on a channel
* Dominator turns to DS and the news
* Dakota looks at the screens as well
[DeathStar] Well...Regix...we'll be letting you go...head down to the desk down one floor
[Regix] .me grabs a rifle by his side and notices his sword on his shoulder.
[Dakota] what's on?
[Regix] NRP: Damn it!
* Ariel starts playing cards with Cheryl
* Justin-the-II looks at the screen 2
[DeathStar] Newscater: Just a few hours ago the Maverick Hunters defeated a group of Mavericks attacking an EarthGov base.  More details later
[Regix] Are... you the leader here?
[DeathStar] ......?  The hell?
[GenjiMan] ...
[Dakota] Wow we got some credit? huh? Wait a minute....
[Regix] What the hell does that mean?
[Dominator] What the?
[Blackjack] Yeah yeah, we never get the credit we deserve. More details later. Later? When is later? Never, probably...
* DeathStar points at that screen
[DeathStar] We  weren't  there!
[Dakota] !
[Dominator] I... know...!
[Regix] The who was?
* Blackjack 's head snaps up
[Dakota] What in the world?
* Justin-the-II takes off phonbes
[Ariel] ...
[Justin-the-II] Wha?!
[Ariel] I knew something sounded amiss about that...
[Dominator] Why do we always hear about this stuff on the news...?
* Regix sighs
[Blackjack] The caster did say hours, din't he... Hmm...
[Blackjack] Shall we investigate?
[Regix] Yes... let's.
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] I guess we could..but that Maverick group could still be in the area
* DeathStar stands up
[Regix] Maybe combat will jog my memory...
[GenjiMan] Hm...
[Dominator] We going there, DS?
[DeathStar] Aw, hell, why not?  *heads for the shuttle and turns to Regix*
[Ariel] Hey, it's our job to take them out right?
[DeathStar] And you're staying HERE pal.
[DeathStar] You can leave on today's flight to Earth
* Dakota flies to the shuttle and starts it for DS.
[Dominator] Right, you're not a Hunter.
[Regix] Alrght...
* Justin-the-II walks down the hall
* DeathStar enters the shuttle and waits for the others, nodding at Dakota
[Regix] Perhaps that's best for the moment.
* Blackjack shakes his head, and enters the shuttle bay
[GenjiMan] ...
* Dominator enters and sits at the weapons consul
* Ariel actually is one of the first on the shuttle for once
* Justin-the-II swings into the shuttle and sets down
* Dakota nods back and sits down in the passenger area
[Regix] I'll see you when you return...
* Blackjack enters and takes a seat near the window
* GenjiMan walks to the shuttle
[DeathStar] Something's creepy about Regix...hopefully he won't join the Hunters...
* DeathStar leans back
[DeathStar] But I got a feeling he will..
[Blackjack] Yeah... too many rookies as it is...
[Justin-the-II] why shouldnt he ds?
* DeathStar begins to lift off and fly away from the hanger
* Blackjack removes his patch and replaces it with a pair of shades
[Dominator] Seems like he's tangled with the mavericks in his past though...
[DeathStar] I don't know Justin...
[Cheryl] I just hope he doesn't turn on us...
* Regix hangs head.
* Dominator glances at BJ,  1"You're new look?
* GenjiMan mumbles something about traps
[GenjiMan] hm...
* GenjiMan looks thru the window
* Blackjack snickers.  1"Yeah, you could say that. Foxfire's suggestion." 
[Dominator] Be thankful you missed the mission where we stormed an mysteirous alien craft...
* DeathStar flies towards Earth
* Regix types on HQ termianls.... leraning information.
[GenjiMan] Me?
[Regix] I've... got to sort out myself.
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere a few moments later
[Regix] Idf I don't I'm no good to them or myself...
[Dominator] Yeah... We've fallen into other traps as well... But, we always made it out.
[GenjiMan] You're right, Dom.
[Blackjack] Don't be worried about traps... remember that bit in South America?
* Blackjack shudders
[Justin-the-II] ok...were we goin ds?
[Dakota] Yeah traps are fun to get out of.
[GenjiMan] I agree with you, Dak.
[Regix] DS... go... I'll be alright.
[DeathStar] Heading to North America, Arkansas
[GenjiMan] Hm! Cool.
[Dominator] Not neccesarily... *recalls the time that the Hunters were all but destroyed, and would slowly have died without Shadow Knight's intervention*
* DeathStar flies and enters the Earth and lands at Arkansas
[Justin-the-II] hay....i was born in north america...
[Blackjack] Except that we pretty much know that this is a trap...
[Dakota] .....
[Dakota] Again?
[Dominator] So, this is the place?
[Regix] Be careful...
[DeathStar] Should be...
[GenjiMan] I don't know much about the Earth. Only about the Wastelands. You know, I'm from Tamnawa.
* DeathStar looks around as he walks off
[Blackjack] Well, let's go meet our trap...
* Blackjack gets off and walks after DS
* Justin-the-II gets out'
* Dominator follows DS
* GenjiMan walks, following DS.
* DeathStar suddenly four Mavericks teleport behind BJ and Justin and teleport high into the air with them
* Dakota follows ds
[Blackjack] Hey!
[GenjiMan] O_o
[Ariel] What the!?
[Justin-the-II] wah!!!?
[Dominator] Blakcjack! Justin!
[DeathStar] BJ!
[GenjiMan] HEY!!!
[DeathStar] JUSTIN!
[Cheryl] Oh, Quel surprise...
* DeathStar the Mavericks teleport again, vanishing
* Regix to himself... What did those f's do to me?
[Blackjack] He... *dies out*
* Dakota plays  [ mav.mid ]  - 21k -  [ iČ ] 
[Ariel] No!
[DeathStar] NO!
[Dominator] No!
[GenjiMan] O_O
* DeathStar begins to trace the location of the teleporation signals
[DeathStar] Come, back into the shuttke
* DeathStar dives back in and powers the shuttle
* Dakota flies into the shuttle
* Cheryl pretends to be an echo " 1Noo...noo...noo...no... "
* GenjiMan runs to the shuttle
* Dominator dashes back in and jumps into his seat by the weapons consol
* GenjiMan looks thru the window
* Ariel and Cheryl quickly head into the shuttle
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar lifts off the ground and begins to follow the signals
* Dominator glares harshly at Cheryl for a moment, then turns away
*** Dakota is now known as Dakota-away
[DeathStar] Almost too easy...
[Dominator] A trap...
[Ariel] Heh, I'd be surprised if it wasn't
* DeathStar flies towards the location, a base appearing on the holoscreen
[DeathStar] That's where they went...
* GenjiMan looks at the holoscreen
[GenjiMan] Whoa! A Mavericks Base!
[Ariel] Trap anyone?
* DeathStar in a small voice
* Regix types on termainls more... hoping to find some clue as to who those Mavericks were who jumped him.
[GenjiMan] Yeah.
[DeathStar] We're caught in the Trap!! The Trap of Life!
[GenjiMan] It is!
[Dominator] Beat you to saying it... But, I'll be damned if I let my friends and fellow Hunters by taken without a fight...
* GenjiMan walks to Regix.
[Ariel] NRP: ???
[Regix] NRP: Uh, Genji... I'm back at HQ...
* DeathStar the base appears before them
* Dominator scans it
[DeathStar] Hey....wait, there's BJ and Justin!
[Dominator] What...?
[DeathStar] Fighting a group of Mavericks!
* DeathStar points downward
* GenjiMan picks up his communicator and looks at Regix
* DeathStar brings the shuttle to a stop and lands it
* GenjiMan throws it away
* Dominator dashes out, charging weapons
* Justin-the-II runs out with bj holding his sabre
* DeathStar flips out of the shuttle and draws his sabre
* GenjiMan goes out, drawing his sword
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Justin-the-II fires at some mavs following them
* DeathStar slashes a Maverick
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (280AP)
* Blackjack impales a Maverick, then throws the Maverick at another one as it explodes
* Ariel stabs Mav from behind. [200 AP]
* Cheryl stabs Mav from behind. [200 AP]
* DeathStar notes only three Mavs remain
* Dominator usheaths Rune Sword and dashes forward, slashing
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Mav, and fires a large energy blast at Mav. [190 AP]
* DeathStar stabs one of them
* Cheryl slashes mav with her energy daggers. [170 AP]
* Blackjack fires at another (210 AP)
* GenjiMan fires Genji Beams on the Mavericks [120 AP]
* Justin-the-II stabs one (160)
* DeathStar all Mavs are DEAD
* Dominator grins as they all blow up
[GenjiMan] Hmph. Too easy!
[Justin-the-II] that was a close one...
*** Crucifixtion (death_star@dial3.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - Crucifixtion,DeathStar (F7 for details)
[Crucifixtion] NOT close enough...
* GenjiMan looks at Justin and BJ
[Dominator] YOU!
* Crucifixtion teleports in
[GenjiMan] YOU!
[Ariel] I'm surprised you didn't take them all on your own Jt2
[Justin-the-II] oh crap.....
[Blackjack] YOU!
[DeathStar] Shi..
* DeathStar fires his cannon at Crux
[GenjiMan] ME!
* Crucifixtion teleports out of the way
* Cheryl taps Ariel on the shoulder " 1Umm... "
* GenjiMan runs to Crux
* Justin-the-II fires on crux (140)
[Crucifixtion] Rather pathetic bunch...
* Crucifixtion blasts GM back
* Dominator uses his Thunder Bolt Enhancement to fire off a large blast of fire at Cruxifiction (250AP, heat type)
[GenjiMan] Let's dance.
* Crucifixtion fires a large blast into Dom and shorts him out
[Ariel] Dammit...
* GenjiMan takes Crucifixtion 's arm and slams Crucifixtion onto the ground, then fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 at Crucifixtion [130 AP]
* Ariel charge
[Dominator] Gagh!
* Blackjack whirls to point his rifle at Crux, quickly opening fire (210 AP)
* Crucifixtion rams DS into the ground
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Crucifixtion phases behind BJ
* Crucifixtion punches him in the spinalcord
[Blackjack] OOOWW!
* Justin-the-II side kicks crux the slashes (160)
* Blackjack flies forward
* Cheryl sneaks behind Crucifixtion
* Dominator gets back up, Force Shield re-engerizing him
* Cheryl stabs Crucifixtion from behind. [200 AP]
* Crucifixtion laughs
* GenjiMan quickly slashes twice Crucifixtion  11,1GENJI SLASH! 10,0 [150 AP]
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
[Crucifixtion] ARGH!
* Crucifixtion grabs Cheryl
[Crucifixtion] YOU ARE QUIET ANNOYING!!!
[Crucifixtion] GAH!!!
* Crucifixtion legs Cheryl go
* Cheryl backs off
* Justin-the-II slashes crux(160)
[Crucifixtion] CRUCIY!!! *blasts them all (100 AP)*
* Dominator slashes at Cruxifiction using Ebony Crystal to double power (500AP)
[DeathStar] GAH!
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Crucifixtion and fires a  11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM 10,0 on Crucifixtion [130 AP]
* Blackjack painfully stands, just to get hit again
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Justin-the-II] ahh!
* DeathStar fires his cannon as he begins to charge his fist
* Cheryl stumble and falls
* Dominator reflects it back at Crux
* Justin-the-II swaps for eb
* Cheryl throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at Crucifixtion. [150 AP]
* Crucifixtion unreflectable
* Blackjack grits his teeth and stands up
[Dominator] ARgh..!
* Blackjack yells out to Dominator,  1"Ok, Dominator, let's get 'em with the Fusion Blade!"  Blackjack quickly chants some words, and he changes into werewolf form.
[Crucifixtion] ....Ha ha ha ha ha...
* GenjiMan laughs
* Justin-the-II kisses it and shoots crux(130)
* Dominator nods,  1"Sure thing, Blackjack," and uses Ebony Crystal on himself and Blackjack, then uses Purple Crystal on them both and Crimson Crystal on himself; Dominator looks at Blackjack and nods, giving him the signal to attack.
* Ariel shakes her head clear
* Blackjack nods at Dom. A gleam flashes in his eye as he lunges at Crux. His katana in a blur, Blackjack slashes Crux twice.
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Crucifixtion, and fires a large energy blast at Crucifixtion. [190 AP]
* Dominator dashes forward at lightning speed (x3) and slashes three slashes in one moment, adding to Blackjack's massive attack; Cruxifiction is subsequently engulfed by purple energy and telepathically attacked (Blackjack and Dominator's attacks total at 6,840AP)
[Crucifixtion] .....GAH!!!
[Dominator] DIE!
[Blackjack] DIE BASTARD!
* Justin-the-II drains his energy
* Crucifixtion teleports away
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Crucifixtion and fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 on Crucifixtion [120 AP]
*** Crucifixtion has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Justin-the-II] c'mon!
[Justin-the-II] yes
[Dominator] Yes!
[Justin-the-II] !
* Blackjack stops, panting
[Cheryl] Yikes!
* GenjiMan misses
* Blackjack growls angrily. His fur, snout, and tail are pulled into his body, and his human features restore themselves.  1"The power of lycanthropy will prevail!" 
[GenjiMan] =D
* Ariel cheers
* Dominator holds chest and pants, but grins
[DeathStar] ...*mouth drops*
[Blackjack] That... was close... *holds his back in pain*
[Cheryl] That was mean guys... Could you teach me it?
[DeathStar] What the hell did I just witness?
* Justin-the-II stands up
[Blackjack] You witnessed Crux getting his ass kicked, DS...
[Dominator] Yeah... Our strongest... combined attack
[DeathStar] Hmph..
[Justin-the-II] i thought he was one of the last mavs
[Justin-the-II] n/m
[DeathStar] I guess ol' Crux couldn't deal with that..
* DeathStar points at the base
[DeathStar] Should we go knockin' on their door?
[Dominator] I suppose so...
[Justin-the-II] uh....why?
[Blackjack] I hate the direct route... no choice, though.
[GenjiMan] Ok.
[DeathStar] We're Hunters.  They're Mavericks...
[Justin-the-II] ok...
[Justin-the-II] good point
* GenjiMan walks to the base
* Dominator arms weapons,  1"I'm game."
* GenjiMan drawns his sword
* Justin-the-II swaps for 19
[Blackjack] Let's do it.
[Justin-the-II] Lets go..
[Justin-the-II] ?
* Cheryl thinks Justin is being more stupid than usual
* DeathStar walks towards the base
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Dominator walks cautiously toward the base
* Blackjack replaces his katana and unstraps his rifle from over his shoulder
* Cheryl walks towards the base
* Dominator starts charging Thunder Bolt Enhancement
* Justin-the-II walks up behind
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* DeathStar is tempted to ring the doorbell but instead blasts the door in
* Ariel looks arounf and follows everyone else
[DeathStar] All abord...
* Dominator fires thunder bolt at the door
* DeathStar steps inside
* GenjiMan comes in
[Blackjack] Now that's a good way to keep from being noticed, DS...
* Dominator follows Death Star
* Blackjack follows Domiantor
* Cheryl follows BJ
* GenjiMan follows DS
* Justin-the-II fallows behind all
[DeathStar] NRP: LOL
* DeathStar steps through the dark hallways and suddenly the floor opens up on them and they fall into a prison area
* GenjiMan looks at JT2 8b
* Blackjack lands hard
[GenjiMan] WHAAA!
[Justin-the-II] wha?
[DeathStar] GA!
[Blackjack] NRP: As usual.
[Blackjack] Oof!
* Cheryl falls
[Cheryl] Whaaa....
* DeathStar stands up and looks around, seeing captured humans in the cells
* Justin-the-II lands on his back
[Justin-the-II] oh god...
[Justin-the-II] that hurt!
[DeathStar] Oh, HOW nice...
[GenjiMan] o_O
* Dominator lands,  1"Ooof!"
[Ariel] Hm... looks nice and cozy in here...
[Justin-the-II] oh my lord...
* GenjiMan lands
[Dominator] Hunters...!
[GenjiMan] Ariel] ...very nice.
* Blackjack rubs his head and stand up
[GenjiMan] o_O
* Justin-the-II looks around at evry one
* DeathStar holds side as he glances around
* GenjiMan looks around
[Blackjack] Why do we have to keep falling lately... Who are you people?
[GenjiMan] ...
* Cheryl looks up
[Justin-the-II] hay these are pll from my old school...
[DeathStar] Now, who are the nice decroations?  *points at the humans*
[GenjiMan] Poor ppl.
[DeathStar] School?  People still go to school?  I tell you...
* Dominator glances at DS
* Justin-the-II sees someone and gasps
[Justin-the-II] sharla!
[GenjiMan] The LIFE is our school.
*** Dakota-away is now known as Dakota
* Dakota suddenly falls into the cell
[Dakota] ouf!
[Dominator] Justin?
[GenjiMan] Sharla???
[DeathStar] Dakota?
* Justin-the-II runs to the cell
[Blackjack] Welcome, Dakota.
[Ariel] ??
[Dakota] Don't ask...
* Blackjack snickers
[Dominator] Dakota... Great, he did exactly what we did here following us...
[Justin-the-II] oh my gosh.....
* GenjiMan looks at Justin and... smiles. [=)
[Cheryl] Finally decided to drop in Dak?
[Dakota] whatever
* Blackjack frowns, thinking that he knows what the deal is between Justin and Sharla
* Justin-the-II talks to sharla
[DeathStar] We got the drop on ourselves this time..
* Dominator looks at Justin,  1"Justin...?"
[GenjiMan] ...
[Justin-the-II] this is my sister sharla!
[Dakota] what's with the people down here?
[GenjiMan] Oh
[DeathStar] Another sister?
* Blackjack shakes his head, being wrong
[Dominator] Prisoners...
[Justin-the-II] how did you get down here?
* GenjiMan looks around
[Dakota] oh great!
[DeathStar] Goosh darn, and I was stuck with eight ugly brothers..
* Blackjack looks at Justin
[Blackjack] How do you think?
* Justin-the-II pulls at the bars
*** Angel_Fire (death_star@dial3.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - Angel_Fire,DeathStar (F7 for details)
[GenjiMan] ...?
[Angel_Fire] WELCOME Hunters...to your DOOM!
[GenjiMan] NRP: www.angelfire.com?
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[Dakota] What the? Who are you?
[DeathStar] What---?
* DeathStar turns around
[Dominator] You fool! Even Cruxifiction surrendered to us....
[GenjiMan] Hello.
[Ariel] Oh... crap...
* Blackjack shakes his head
* Dominator whirls around, muttering,  1"Sort of..."
[Cheryl] ANOTHER one?
[Blackjack] ANother battle? I saw this one coming.
[Angel_Fire] Crucifixtion?  Hah...he's pissed...
* Angel_Fire grabs one of his sabres
* Justin-the-II kicks the lock
[Blackjack] Not surprising.
[Dominator] And you'll be dead if you don't release these prisoners NOW
* Dakota draws his saber
* Angel_Fire fires a missile at them all, scattering them
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of AF, and fires a large energy blast at AF. [190 AP]
[GenjiMan] Aw!
* DeathStar dives out of the way
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts Anglefire (ap 160)
* Dominator rolls forward, then blasts at Angel Fire with Thunder Bolt (250AP)
* Angel_Fire shoots fire at Dakota
* Ariel dives behind a cage
[Angel_Fire] GAH!
* Dakota flies up
* Blackjack dives to the side, and opens fire with plasma rifle (210 AP)
[Blackjack] Damn it!
* Dakota fires 3 quick blasts from his armcannon at Anglefire (ap 130)
* DeathStar charges his fist and punches the hell out of AF
* Justin-the-II jumps at angle and slashes the slashes the lock(160)
* Cheryl throws her arm out, firing an energy blast at AF. [150 AP]
* Blackjack holds fire, waiting for an opening
* Angel_Fire fires another missile at them all
* Dakota uses his jets to deliver a strong flying kick to Anglefire (ap160)
* Blackjack quickly dives to the side, aims, and fires a Myollnir Crash (220 AP)
* Angel_Fire grabs Justin and slams him into the ground
* Dominator teleports behind Angel Fire as DS punches her and stabs her in the back with RS (250AP), then blasts with TB (250AP)
* Angel_Fire reflects it at BJ
* Justin-the-II gets knocked off his feet
* Ariel is under cover
* GenjiMan takes Angel_Fire 's arm and slams Angel_Fire onto the ground, then fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 at Angel_Fire [130 AP]
[Angel_Fire] GAH!!!!
* DeathStar stabs Angel_Fire
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at Angelfire (ap 150)
* Justin-the-II slashes at angles feet (160)
* Cheryl runs and leaps as AF
* Cheryl slashes AF with her energy daggers. [170 AP]
* GenjiMan quickly slashes twice Angel_Fire  11,1GENJI SLASH! 10,0 [150 AP]
[Angel_Fire] EE!P
* Angel_Fire kicks Justin
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Angel_Fire and fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 on Angel_Fire [120 AP]
* Dakota 's sword changes to electric as he delivers an omnislash to Angelfire (ap 160 Elec)
* Ariel has gotten behind AF
* Dominator dashes forward at an amazing speed with Crimson Crystal and uses Ebony Crystal to double his attack power, then stabs forward into Angel Fire with Rune Sword and electricutes them through the sword using his Battle Fury Mode, he uses Purple Crystal to launch a telepathic copy of the attacks at the same time (1000AP + 1000AP)
* Justin-the-II rolls over and slashes the lock again
* Ariel stabs AF from behind. [200 AP]
* Blackjack is shocked and KOed
* Angel_Fire fires two missiles and telepots back some
[GenjiMan] BJ!
* Justin-the-II stabs the lock and it opens
* DeathStar while still in his heightened Gold State, Death Star begins to channel incredible amounts of power within him and fires a devastating blast at Angel_Fire, taxing out alot of his systems in the process. 2,500 AP
* Cheryl get BJ under cover
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Angel_Fire and fires a  11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM 10,0 on Angel_Fire [130 AP]
* Angel_Fire begins to explode
[Justin-the-II] ok sharla and you all get out!!!!
* Angel_Fire explodes
*** Angel_Fire has quit IRC (Leaving )
* GenjiMan looks at AF
[Dominator] Well... I warned her....
* GenjiMan looks at AF's explosion
[Dominator] NRP: er... him?
* Dakota looks in her remains
[Ariel] I'm never going to need to go to a fireworks show again
[Dominator] Death Star... are you all right?
[GenjiMan] DS...?
* Cheryl tries to wake BJ up
[Justin-the-II] ds how are we gettin out?
* Blackjack groans
[GenjiMan] ...
* GenjiMan looks at his Healing Bomb
[Blackjack] Thanks... Ariel...
* Dominator notices Blackjack's hurt and uses Sliver Crystal on him (+180HP)
[GenjiMan] Are you ok, BJ?
[Blackjack] Uh... or are you Cheryl?
* Blackjack stands
[Blackjack] Thanks, Dom.
[GenjiMan] Oh no!
[Dominator] No problem.
[Cheryl] It's Cheryl. Good to see your still alive _
[Blackjack] No kidding... I take it we beat AngelFire.
[Justin-the-II] ds how are we gonna get all the pll out?
[Dakota] So now what?
[GenjiMan] n_n
[Dominator] Yeah...
[Cheryl] Yep.  Scrap city
[Justin-the-II] um....guys were in a mav base with hostegess how are we gonna get them all out?
[GenjiMan] Like THIS.
[Blackjack] PAUSE
[Ariel] The front door?
[Dominator] NRP: PAUSE (DS seems to be lagging or disconnected)
* GenjiMan slashes the cages' bars
[Dakota] NRP: DS isn't online
* Dominator glances at Justin,  1"You know the prisoners?"
[Justin-the-II] yes
* Cheryl helps BJ up.
[Justin-the-II] this is my sister sharla
[Dominator] Who are they?
[Blackjack] Let's get them out and get out of here. I don't want to run into another AngelFire.
[Justin-the-II] and some of her freinds
[Dakota] yeah...
[Dominator] All right, lets get them free...
[Ariel] Sound good to me
[Justin-the-II] i did
[Justin-the-II] *there out*
[DeathStar] So lets go.
[Blackjack] I'm with DS.
[Dakota] Me too
[Ariel] Lead on fearless leader
[Justin-the-II] you find away out.....im given the mavs a li'l present..
[Dominator] Wait... we're pretty low under the base... We could plant a bomb to take the base out...
[Dakota] ??
[Blackjack] Convienient that I have some, eh Dom?
[Justin-the-II] just go
[Justin-the-II] i have some too bj...
[Dakota] Need a hand JT2?
* DeathStar jogs off, looking for a way out
* Blackjack shrugs
[Blackjack] Ok, you do it, Justin.
* Blackjack replaces his remote mine
[Dominator] Right, plant them as quick as possible and lets go....
* Dominator glances at stairs in the far edge of the room
* Justin-the-II takes out a time bomb
* DeathStar runs back from the stairs
[DeathStar] Yep, that's our way out.
* Justin-the-II sets it for 5 mins
[Dakota] Good lets get out of here!
[Dominator] You ready, Justin? Lets go!
* GenjiMan follows DS
[DeathStar] Let's mive!
* Justin-the-II activates
[DeathStar] NRP: move
* Cheryl follows Genji
[GenjiMan] Yeah.
* Ariel follows Cheryl
* DeathStar runs towards the stairs
* Dominator dashes to the stairs and starts up
* Justin-the-II runs for it
* Blackjack runs after DS
* Justin-the-II runs up the stairs
* GenjiMan runs to the stairs
* Justin-the-II runs outside
* DeathStar and Blackjack reach the top and sprint down a hallway
* Cheryl runs as fast as she can and passes Genji
* Justin-the-II keeps runing
* Dakota flies up the stairs then to the shuttle and starts it
* Dominator sprints down the hallway, seeing the destroyed door in sight
* DeathStar gets outside
* GenjiMan is not racing, he's just getting out of the base
* Justin-the-II gets into the shuttle
* GenjiMan follows DS
[Justin-the-II] lets go!
* Blackjack sprints out of the doorway, and glances at his watch
[Blackjack] Time is short, people! MOVE!
* Ariel passes genji and is catching up on Cheryl
* Dominator gets to the shuttle and jumps in the shuttle in his seat
* Justin-the-II sets down
* DeathStar leaps into the shuttle and sits in the pilot's seat
* Dakota sits down wherever
[Dakota] GO DS!
* Blackjack enters the shuttle and takes his usual window seat
* Cheryl gets on the shuttle and practically throws herself into her seat
[Dominator] GO!
* DeathStar powers up the shuttle, and guns the engines
* Ariel leaps in the door as the shuttle starts lifting off the ground