Mission 46: No Laughing Matter

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 days later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Ariel and Cheryl are working on the computer systems... still!
* DeathStar talks quietly to a construction worker
[Dakota] How goes the repairs DS?
[Regix] Can someone alter my programming...
[DeathStar] Slow, but steady...
[Justin-the-II] ds did you already take sharla nad her freinds home?
[Ariel] Arg!  Will we EVER get these finished...
* Darien keeps sneaking off with wreckage
[Regix] I got the screen fixed for you gus...
[Baberlus] Ok, Regix
*** Blackjack has left IRC
*** Blackjack is now known as Foxifre
*** Foxifre is now known as Foxfire
[Dakota] how's jared?
* Baberlus pulls out a magnet
* DeathStar blinks as Darien leaves the room, yet again
[Foxfire] Good.
[Regix] Get that thig outta here!
[Foxfire] He's doing fine, Dakota.
[Dakota] That's good
* DeathStar shakes head and sits in his chair, which instantly breaks and he crashes to the ground
[Regix] (Points at magnet)
[Baberlus] anyway, will you guys let me join you now?
[Foxfire] Yeah. He's supposed to be let out later on today.
* Darien comes back without the pieces of Wreckage he just grabbed
[Ariel] You got a green over there Cheryl?
[Cheryl] Yep
[Dakota] DS..need a hand?
[DeathStar] OUF..
* Dakota offers to help DS up
[Baberlus] NRP: BRB
* DeathStar takes his hand
[DeathStar] Thanks..
[Ariel] Good, this thing will be almost up to standards soon then ^_^
[Darien] Hello Doggy
[Dakota] no problem
* DeathStar looks at Darien
[Foxfire] Hi Darien
[Regix] How badly did I kill it?
[DeathStar] IT isn't Doggie, it's Wolfy
[Darien] DOGGY!
*** Blackjack is on IRC
* DeathStar looks at the Master Computer, still running
[DeathStar] It's fine..
* Foxfire looks at DS
* DeathStar looks back at Foxfire
[DeathStar] Uh, what?
* Foxfire shakes her head and looks at Darien
[DeathStar] Anyyyywayyyy.....
* Regix focusdes in on the burnesd circuits.
* Ariel press a wrong button and the main computer blinks out for a second
[Foxfire] I don't mind Doggy. Go ahead and call me that. *glares at DS*
* DeathStar wonders what Iceheart is up to
[Cheryl] What'd you do?!
[Foxfire] Ariel!
*** Justin-the-II has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[Ariel] Nothing... -_-;
[DeathStar] Ariel!
[Baberlus] Hmph.
[Ariel] It's working... see?
[Regix] WOW!
[Foxfire] Nothing in this place works anymore...
[DeathStar] ....I need a vacation
* Dakota walks off to check the information on the chip he got from Darien a few days ago
[Regix] Heh...
[Dakota] call me if you need me DS
[Cheryl] I've manage to recover most of the lost data
[Cheryl] Got the sensor log, but some personal files are missing...
[DeathStar] That's good...Cheryl
[Foxfire] At least SOMETHING's going right for us...
[Cheryl] But I'm working on them guys!
[Regix] Dakota, you kow computers? Do you think ypu could fix up my systems to something a little more mangable?
* Darien concentraits on the computer and begins running through the corrupted files trying to fix them
* Ariel frowns
[Baberlus] Does this mean I'm an ensign now?
[Baberlus] Aw... c'mon... please?
* Foxfire watches Darien
[Ariel] For some reason, I can't get the solitaire program online...
[Foxfire] Hang on, Darien, go back...
[Regix] If I keep shorting like that, I'll be more trouble than I'm worth...
* Darien goes back
[DeathStar] Yes, yes..
[Cheryl] There!  Sensor are back on the main computer... sorta...
* Foxfire looks at the filename she told Darien to go to
[Regix] Sort of?
* DeathStar sings quietly to himself
[Cheryl] Um, well, I had to rewrite the sensors software...
[Baberlus] DeathStar? You going nutz on us? singing?
[Foxfire] Um... keep going Darien... *mumbling* Jared... keep this crap off of the systems...
* Foxfire laughs lightly
[Cheryl] They work, but it got a new interface now...
* Darien begins working on the rest of the systems while 'Doggy' looks at the files
[DeathStar] Huh?  What?  Sorry for being happy..
[Regix] As long as it doesn't show repeats of Pong tournaments, I think we'll be ok.
* DeathStar gets his usual scowl on his facae
* Ariel looks at something interesting...
[Ariel] Oh this is neat...
[Ariel] All of the encryption on the person files is gone...
[Regix] Hmm...
[Ariel] Better get that fixed soon
[Regix] You sure?
[Ariel] Yep
* Ariel encrypts her files
* Darien reencrypts the personel files
*** GenjiMan (hirozaki@ has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] That's bad..
[Regix] (types cpommands in)
[Regix] Damng... 
* Baberlus mops
* DeathStar finds himself humming again
[Regix] Can we fix that?
[Foxfire] I'm gonna go check on Jared...
[Baberlus] Nasty floors
[Ariel] Okay, I got the OS running at 80 now
* Darien keeps using his Psi to fix the computer
[Regix] What's it need to be at?
[Ariel] Well, 100% is usually a good thing...
[Regix] (Types more commands) 
* Regix smiles
* Foxfire leaves the wrecked command room for the Medbay
*** GenjiMan (hirozaki@ has left #TAW
*** GenjiMan (hirozaki@ has joined #TAW
* DeathStar hums as he begins to paint the walls
[Baberlus] Duh, Regix.. unlike your %1 running
[Regix] I got the encryption back.
[Regix] I'm gonna ignore that comment...
[Cheryl] The security protocals only took minor damage, I'll have them on the computer soon
[Regix] Hmmm...
* DeathStar paints
[Regix] This is nuts...
[Regix] And I did it...
[Cheryl] Someone make sure you're watching the sensors, I don't want anything sneaking up on this until I'm finished!
* Baberlus *acidentaly* splats a little paint on DS*
[DeathStar] ACK!
* DeathStar stops humming and turns to Baberlus
* Regix watches Sensors.
* DeathStar throws a glob of paint into his face
* Darien keeps using his computer psi ability
* Baberlus kinda accidentally put the whole bucket on DS, making his armor white
[Ariel] Okay, the memory is stable, copying lost files form the backup...
[Ariel] This'll take a while...
* DeathStar goes back and continues painting, humming again
* Foxfire walks back into the command room, and is shocked
[Foxfire] What's been going on in here!?
[DeathStar] HEY!
* Cheryl looks up
[Regix] Everything's getting up and running again...
* Baberlus looks at DS's armour You look good in white.
* Cheryl giggles softly...
* GenjiMan comes in
* DeathStar is white now
* DeathStar grabs a bucket of paint remover and clubs Baberlus on the head with it, laughing and smiling
* Foxfire cracks up laughing
* Darien walks over and dips his hand in some of the paint
[DeathStar] Take that Bounty Hunter!
[Baberlus] ouf!
[Regix] Hows things going?
[Baberlus] Yeah? Well Spam you too!
* GenjiMan takes a bucket of dark paint and drops into himself
* Baberlus laughs
[Ariel] Nice to see him in good spirits
* Darien flicks paint at GenjiMan
* Foxfire grabs a bucket of green paint and empties it on Regix
[DeathStar] You look good in NO color..
[Baberlus] GACK!
* GenjiMan looks at DS
* Ariel looks at the puddles of paint on the floor and shrugs
[Baberlus] No color, I am.. trasparency man.
[Foxfire] THAT'S how things are going.
* DeathStar turns and slips on some paint
[DeathStar] WHAO!!
* GenjiMan takes a bucket of paint and paints the walls
* DeathStar skids down some red paint, leaving a red streak down his back
[Baberlus] gah..
* Ariel falls over laughing
*** Blackjack (speedblade@user038.pcnow.net) has joined #TAW
* DeathStar stands up and rubs the back of his head
[DeathStar] Oops..
* Blackjack turns the corner into the room
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blackjack
* Darien dips hands into paint and begins leaving handprints over the walls
[Baberlus] I am red man.
* DeathStar notices his glovers get covered in paint
* GenjiMan looks at BJ
* Regix looks at Baberlus and instead of laughhing continues woirking on the computer.
* Ariel types on the computer
* Foxfire slips over some paint, and slides along the floor, running into Blackjack
[Blackjack] I'm baa... AAAAAHH!!!
*** Iceheart (death_star@dial8.planters.net) has joined #taw
* GenjiMan keeps painting the walls
* Iceheart walks in
* Blackjack and Foxfire end up in a pileup
[Iceheart] What, am I missing a party in here?
[GenjiMan] Whoa, look who's there.
[Regix] Iceheart?
[Baberlus] Hmm?
* Iceheart looks at DS and smirks
[Ariel] *Maverick Hunter/ Clown HQ is on the monitor*
[Baberlus] Whos the lady?
[Iceheart] You know, you look good White/Red Boy..
[Blackjack] What's going on!?
[Regix] Sort of... I blew the computer... on accident...
* Darien leaves a few handprints on Iceheart
* Blackjack laughs
* Darien dips hands into the paint again
[Iceheart] Ahh!! My armor!!
[Regix] We got it back mostly...
* Iceheart tries to keep her hair up
[Baberlus] Uh... college frat party down here?
* Ariel snickers softly
[Regix] Hey, DS... we gotta picture!
* DeathStar laughs at Iceheart
[Baberlus] I can explain the paint... really...
* Iceheart grabs a bucket of soap and splashes DS in the face
* Darien dips his hair into the green paint
* Blackjack gets up, but trips rather quickly and ends up covered in red and black paint
* Baberlus point at DS
[Baberlus] He did it.
* Ariel makes sure the secruity camera logs are backed up
* Foxfire laughs at BJ
[Iceheart] MY HAIR!!
[Foxfire] Fitting!
* Iceheart chases Darien, laughing
[DeathStar] Are we the Maverick Hunters or the Hunter Goofers?
[Regix] This is nuts!
* Blackjack stands up, insulted, and throws a paintbrush covered in blue paint at Foxfire
[Blackjack] The latter, DS!
* Ariel points at the screen
* Foxfire takes the paintbrush in the face
[Regix] DS, we gopt the computer working pretty well.
* Darien vanishes, but leaves visible paint flying off him
[Foxfire] Mmph!!!
* Dakota walks back from his room
[Ariel] * 4Maverick Hunter/ Clown HQ is flashing on the monitor *
[Baberlus] I'm a gopher
[Regix] Well... sort of..
[Dakota] WHere the hell is that jerk?
* DeathStar laughs his ass off
[DeathStar] I've never had this much fun before!!
[Iceheart] Have some more!! *pours paint all over DS*
* Foxfire throws the paintbrush back at BJ, but BJ dodges, and the paintbrush flies over his head and into Dakota's
*** GenjiMan has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[Ariel] This is crazy... we gotta do this more often ^_^;
[Dakota] *ping* ouch
[DeathStar] ACK!
[Regix] Hey, toss mew some blue paint!
[Ariel] Well, minus being attacked...
*** BimboTheClown (death_star@dial8.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Regix] I need a good color, anyway.
[Dakota] what the heck?
* BimboTheClown teleports inside
[BimboTheClown] Hey hey hey, I'm here to destroy.....what the?!
[Ariel] Welcome to clown HQ
* Darien stands on his head in the yellow paint
* Baberlus mops regix's face
* Foxfire grabs a paintbrush, covers it in blue paint, and slings it at Regix
* DeathStar turns head
* Cheryl leaves
* Foxfire laughs wildly
[BimboTheClown] This is the Maverick Hunter HQ...right...
* BimboTheClown frowns
*** GenjiMan (hirozaki@ has joined #TAW
[Regix] That's better... I need iot in a shower though...
[Foxfire] And I thought WE were clowns!
* DeathStar slips
* GenjiMan comes back
[Baberlus] Nope this is C.L.O.W.N. HQ
* Iceheart plays with her green hair
* BimboTheClown shakes head
[BimboTheClown] Hey hey hey, prepare to die!!
* Foxfire paints the four card suits on his shirt
* Darien leaves red and green paint on the clown
* Cheryl comes back later with goggles and a couple guns
[Regix] What's wrong? We scaringour compotition?
* BimboTheClown blasts them all with clown noses (50 AP)
[Foxfire] NRP: his = BJ
* Cheryl shoots the clown... with paint balls
* Baberlus puts a bucket on Bimbos head
[Iceheart] What the--?
[Iceheart] *ducks*
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts clown (ap 160)
[Baberlus] shyad up.
* Cheryl shoots Ariel
* Foxfire throws a paint can at Bimbo (100 AP)
[BimboTheClown] HEY HEY HEY!!!!
[Regix] This is rediculoyus!
* BimboTheClown throws bucket into Baberlus
* Ariel falls over
[Ariel] Hey!
* Baberlus picks up bimbo
[Baberlus] Can I throw him out to space?
[Regix] (fires at the clown, nbut blue pauint shoots instead)
* Cheryl tosses Ariel a gun
* BimboTheClown charges energies adn blasts Baberlus (300 aP)
[Dakota] we have reduced to fighting clowns how embarassing
[BimboTheClown] Don't play around the Maverick Clowns...
* Dakota fires 3 quick blasts from his armcannon at bimbo (ap 130)
* GenjiMan quickly slashes twice the  11,1GENJI SLASH! 10,0 [150 AP]
* DeathStar grabs sabre and charges, slipping
[Foxfire] Whoops... this is getting serious now
[BimboTheClown] HEY!!
* BimboTheClown honks nose
* BimboTheClown gets painted
[BimboTheClown] ACK1
[Regix] Burn, clown!
* Foxfire tries to leap at BTC, but slips, losing her katana, and it flies at BTC
* BimboTheClown pulls out a little puppet
* Ariel fires as fast as she can at the clown [PAINT]
* Cheryl fires as fast as she can at the clown [PAINT]
* Baberlus takes bimbo to the trash shoot
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at clown (ap 140)
[BimboTheClown] Meet socko!
[Dakota] BURN!
* Darien slides at hyperspeed into the Clown (240 AP)
[Baberlus] DS? can I? PLEASE?
* BimboTheClown socko fires a beam into everyone (200 AP)
* GenjiMan fires 3  11,1GENJI BEAMS 10,0 on the [140 AP]
[DeathStar] Pleaseeee whatttt?  *slides into a wall*
[Baberlus] throw him out to space?
[Regix] I'm outta here!
* Cheryl shoots paint balls at random targets
*** Regix has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Cheryl] Ha ha ha ha ha
* Iceheart doesn't know whether or not to attack or laugh
[BimboTheClown] HEY!!
* Sound request: can't find 'fullshot.wav'
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Bimbo and fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 on Bimbo [120 AP]
* Blackjack grabs his rifle, and fires at BTC, and paint covered plasma flies out (310 AP)
[BimboTheClown] ACK!
* BimboTheClown bounces off
*** BimboTheClown has quit IRC (Leaving )
[GenjiMan] ..
[Iceheart] ...
* Blackjack laughs wildly
[Baberlus] NO!!!!
[Dakota] what the?
[Blackjack] This is REALLY screwed...
[GenjiMan] No what?
[Baberlus] Come back here you little!
[DeathStar] Hey!! We gotta stop him!
* Ariel shoots Cheryl
[Dakota] That was weird
[GenjiMan] Hm...
[Blackjack] Yeah! Get him!
[GenjiMan] Maverick Clowns?
[Iceheart] Yeah, even if he's a Maverick... clown ..
* Iceheart laughs
* Cheryl gets hit and slips on some paint
[GenjiMan] Let's go after him.
[GenjiMan] Forget it.
* Cheryl tries to get up but slips
* DeathStar goes into the hallway, tracking paint
* Blackjack runs out of the command room, sliping and sliding, finally running into Foxfire. The two slide out of the room, covered in multicolored paint
* Darien grabs a bunch of paint and forms it into a dripping ball
[Baberlus] To da Clowne Mobile!
* Cheryl is green now...
* GenjiMan goes to the paint track
* Baberlus notes DS is still white
* Darien throws the ball of paint at Iceheart
[DeathStar] Grrr
* Foxfire looks at the red and black Blackjack
[Foxfire] I guess it fits you
* Iceheart ducks
* Foxfire laughs
* Iceheart throws a kitten at Darien
[Iceheart] Whoops..DS's cawt!
[Baberlus] Hey whitey!
* Blackjack looks at the red and white Foxfire
[Blackjack] Same to you
* GenjiMan throws a dark beam on DS that turns him dark again
* Dakota goes back to his room
[GenjiMan] NRP: This does NO DAMAGE.
[DeathStar] Thanks
* DeathStar continues
* Darien catches cat
[GenjiMan] N/P
* Blackjack slips
[Darien] Kitty!
[Blackjack] WHOA!
[DeathStar] ACK!!
[Baberlus] HEY!
* Blackjack slides across the floor
[GenjiMan] Darien...
* Baberlus throws more white paint on DS
*** BimboTheClown (death_star@dial8.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Baberlus] He looks better that way!
* BimboTheClown talks on Cellphone
* Foxfire shifts into lupus form and shakes, slinging paint everywhere
* GenjiMan runs to the clown
[BimboTheClown] Lord Crucfixtion....they're nuts!
* Darien shows the Kitty to Doggy
[BimboTheClown] Cruci: You're the crazy one!! That's your advantage
* Foxfire pants
[BimboTheClown] But..They're painting themselves!!
[GenjiMan] ...
[BimboTheClown] Cruci: You're a clown!!!  Kill them!!
* Blackjack laughs
* BimboTheClown hangs up
[Baberlus] Hm... Be right back...
[BimboTheClown] HEY! HEY! HEY!!!
[GenjiMan] Hi.
* Baberlus runs into a room
[Blackjack] Great, it's him again
* BimboTheClown blasts them all back
* Cheryl paint anyone
* DeathStar chases them
[GenjiMan] HEY HEY HEY too.
* Foxfire reverts to human form
* Cheryl paintballs anyone
* Baberlus comes out..... a MIME
[Foxfire] Hey hey hey, freak!
*** Baberlus is now known as Baberlus-Mime
* Iceheart follows slowly
[BimboTheClown] A mime!?
[Baberlus-Mime] ...... *hand motions*
* BimboTheClown is getting freaked
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] Barberlus...
* DeathStar smakcs head
* Darien throws the cat at Bimbo
* Foxfire and Blackjack use their paint-covered katanas to slash BTC, throwing paint everywhere (520 AP, paint on everyone)
[DeathStar] Our base has been invaded and w'ere..MY CAT!!!
[GenjiMan] @_@
* BimboTheClown catches cat
[BimboTheClown] STAY BACK OR THE CAT GETS IT!! *holds clown nose to it*
[Iceheart] Sorry Ds..
* Ariel juggles giant paint balls... and drops alot leaving spots of paint all over the place
[DeathStar] DARIEN!!!
[GenjiMan] =p
* Darien hyperjumps the cat to his hands
[BimboTheClown] ....Grrr.
[BimboTheClown] Time to get funny!
* Baberlus-Mime looks at Bimbo and does an invisible box
[Ariel] Here catch!
* GenjiMan points at BTC
[GenjiMan] Yeah
* BimboTheClown throws a clown nose in BJ's face (500 aP)
* Darien hands the cat ti DS
* Ariel tries to get the clown to juggle the paint balls
[Foxfire] OW!
* DeathStar blasts the clown
[Blackjack] NRP: That was BJ
* DeathStar hides cat
* GenjiMan 's fingers glow a dark blue
* DeathStar slashes bimbo
* Blackjack fires paintballs at BTC (540 AP)
* Sound request: can't find 'fullshot.wav'
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at BTC and fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 on BTC [120 AP]
[BimboTheClown] HEY! HEY! HEY!! *hits DS over the head with a clown nose (400 AP)
* Cheryl paints clown [260 AP]
* Baberlus-Mime mimics the poses of old MM super robots
[DeathStar] OUF!
[BimboTheClown] aCK! ACK!
* BimboTheClown backs up
[GenjiMan] DS!
* Blackjack grabs the nose that he was hit with and throws it at BTC
[Blackjack] (500 AP)
* Darien hyperjumps behind Bimbo
[BimboTheClown] OW!
* Ariel throws a big paintball as Clown [250]
* GenjiMan walks to DS
[BimboTheClown] OUF1
[DeathStar] Grrr
[GenjiMan] Are you ok?
* Blackjack rapid fires paintballs (720 AP)
[BimboTheClown] You Hunters are insane.
* Baberlus-Mime rips off the mime out fit and blasts bimbo
[DeathStar] Fine..
* GenjiMan looks at BTC
* Foxfire grabs BJ's rifle and continues firing
* Cheryl and ariel drop a can of paint on clown [520 AP]
[Blackjack] Hey!
* Sound request: can't find 'fullshot.wav'
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at BTC and fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 on BTC [120 AP]
[Blackjack] Oh yeah?
[Baberlus-Mime] Hell yeah! and I'm........ a hunter too now! I'm puuure ntz!
* Darien empties a slippery bucket of paint behind Bimbo
[Baberlus-Mime] nutz
*** Baberlus-Mime is now known as Baberlus
* Ariel hits Clown with a fish [230 AP]
* BimboTheClown throws a clown into them all and bounces off
* BimboTheClown slips on the paint
* Blackjack throws his paint covered dagger at BTC (310 AP)
[BimboTheClown] HEEEYYY!!!
* GenjiMan runs after BTC
* BimboTheClown crashes into the wall
* Darien than raids the Hunter refridgerator
* DeathStar leaps at BTC
* Sound request: can't find 'electro.wav'
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at BTC and fires a  11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM 10,0 on BTC [130 AP]
* BimboTheClown rams DS into some paint
* Cheryl honks the clown's nose [260 AP]
* Iceheart laughs
* Foxfire runs up to BTC and whacks him with BJ's rifle (300 AP)
* DeathStar spits out paint
[BimboTheClown] M YNOSE!
* BimboTheClown punches Cheryl
[GenjiMan] Yeah YOUR NOSE
* Baberlus laughs at the now multicolored DS
* Darien grabs stuff from the refridgerator and comes back
* BimboTheClown begins to flicker
[DeathStar] Grrr..
[GenjiMan] Let's DANCE, BTC
* DeathStar slashes at BTC
* GenjiMan takes BTC 's arm and slams BTC onto the ground, then fires a  11,1GENJI BEAM 10,0 at BTC [130 AP]
* Cheryl frowns
* BimboTheClown turns DS into a clown
* Blackjack throws a paintbrush at BTC (400 AP)
* Darien eats a banana and throws the peal at Bimbo's feet
[Blackjack] AH! DS!!!
* Baberlus gets out a watergun
* DeathStar gets frozen into a clown
* Cheryl makes a ballon animal for clown [230 AP]
[Blackjack] NO!!!!!!
* GenjiMan fires 3  11,1GENJI BEAMS 10,0 on BTC [140 AP]
[Baberlus] Hmph It's....piccaso time!
* Ariel squirts Clown with a flower [250 AP]
[BimboTheClown] HEY! HEY! HEY!!!
[GenjiMan] DS!
* BimboTheClown bounces off
*** BimboTheClown is now known as GM
[GenjiMan] ...
[Blackjack] We're not through with you yet!
[Iceheart] DS...that's...not a good improvement..
* Blackjack looks at IH
[Blackjack] Really? I don't see any change! *laughs*
[Baberlus] *pumps the watergun, filled with paint
[Iceheart] LOL
* Darien begins juggling tomatos
* GenjiMan fires a   8,1bomb   10 that heals DeathStar with heat! ^_^ [+150 LP]
* Darien tosses a few tomatoes Bimbo's way
* DeathStar is frozen like a clown
[GenjiMan] ...
* Baberlus sprays Iceheart with purple
[Foxfire] Be right back...
* Foxfire runs off, giving BJ his rifle
* Dakota flies into the room
[GenjiMan] Everyone's turning into clowns.
[Dakota] ?????????
* Darien glares at tomatoes and an explosion ripples across tomatoes (215 AP)
[Dakota] what the heck DS??!
* Foxfire returns with a water-filled water gun in his hands
* Baberlus shoots DS with blue
[Foxfire] NRP: her
* GenjiMan takes one of the water guns
* Foxfire fires water gun at DS
* Baberlus pumps the water gun
* Darien shield appeares in his hands
* Cheryl drops a water ballon on BJ
[GenjiMan] Time to get serious.
[Baberlus] time to get piccasso
* Blackjack throws a water balloon at Cheryl
* DeathStar remains frozen
* GenjiMan fires water gun on Baberlus
[GenjiMan] ...
[Iceheart] You guys...won't you HELP him?!
[Cheryl] suoires teg ot emit?
* GenjiMan throws the water gun away
* Baberlus sprays genji with red
[GenjiMan] I'm trying.
* Darien touches DS with his shield to cure the clown
* Foxfire kicks DS
[Baberlus] Your dead!
[GenjiMan] ...
[Foxfire] Unfreeze!
* DeathStar crashes, frozen, to the ground
[Foxfire] Whoops
[Iceheart] Maybe you should kill..Bimbo
* Ariel pours some anto-freeze on DS
[GenjiMan] I'm going to slash you, Baberlus. My sword is sharp.
[Baberlus] crawl between his legs, freeze tag! thats how it works!
[Foxfire] Me and BJ will go after Bimbo
* Dakota lites up his saber changes it to fire and holds it near DS
[Foxfire] You guys concentrate on DS
[GenjiMan] @_@
* DeathStar catches on fire
* Foxfire and BJ runs after the last way BTC was going
[Dakota] !
[Iceheart] DS!!
* Darien follows Foxfire
[Ariel] Anti-freeze and saber don't mix
*** GM is now known as BimboTheClown
* GenjiMan takes a watergun on DS
* Cheryl drops a water ballon on DS
* Dakota puts the saber away
* BimboTheClown rams FF and BJ
* Baberlus sprays DS in hopes of putting out the fire, but the paint catches fire
[GenjiMan] ]_[
[Foxfire] OW!
[Blackjack] HEY!
* Darien begins juggling tomatoes
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at btc (ap 150)
* Cheryl does after Clown
[Baberlus] Do do do.... *walks off*
[BimboTheClown] ...?
[GenjiMan] You're DEAD
* Foxfire fires watergun at Bimbo
[Foxfire] (400 AP)
* Darien tosses a few tomatoes at Bimbo
* GenjiMan fires more water on DS
* BimboTheClown fires the clown freeze into Foxfire, turning her into a frozen clown
* Cheryl throws a water ballon at Clown [250 AP]
[BimboTheClown] ACK!
* BimboTheClown smits out tomatos
[Foxfire] Ack....
* Baberlus sprays Bimbo with every color
* Dakota throws ds into the clown
[GenjiMan] _ DS! Wake up!!!!!
[Blackjack] Charlie!!!
[BimboTheClown] You insane freakS!!
[Baberlus] PICCASSO!!!!!!
[Dakota] Wake up ds!
[Blackjack] YOU DIE NOW!!!
* Blackjack chants,  1"Ancient curse of lycanthropy, fill me with the power of the lupine! Crinos Shift!"  Blackjack's body is surrounded with a dull white light. His body gradually reshapes, with a snout growing from his face, a tail sprouting from his lower back, and fur growing from his body. When the change is complete, a fully changed werewolf is standing in Blackjack's place.
* DeathStar flies into him and just bounces off
[GenjiMan] Beberlus, shut up!!!
* Cheryl paints a mostash on clown [260 AP]
[GenjiMan] DS!
* Darien glares at TomatoeJuice and an explosion ripples across TomatoeJuice (215 AP)
[BimboTheClown] Uh oh..
[BimboTheClown] AHH!!!
[GenjiMan] Are you ok?
* BimboTheClown runs off
[Baberlus] Hm.... *grabs DS*
* Blackjack yells,  1"LYCANTHROPIAN FURY!"  Blackjack leaps at Bimbo and slashes with all of his close range weapons and his claws.
* Dakota chases the clown
* Cheryl chases clown
[BimboTheClown] OW!!
* BimboTheClown grabs his rump
[Baberlus] *swings DS around in circles by his ankle*
[GenjiMan] _
* Darien follows Bimbo
* Cheryl juggles for the clown [230 AP]
* Dakota crash BTC-butt
* GenjiMan looks at Baberlus
* Blackjack hits again wtih all of his weaponry
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at BTC-butt (ap 150)
[Baberlus] *throws DS into bimbo*
[BimboTheClown] .....
* BimboTheClown explodes
*** BimboTheClown has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Baberlus] Wooooo!
[GenjiMan] Don't get near DS or I'll kill you, clown.
* DeathStar flies through explosion
[Dakota] thank god!
* Blackjack flies at Bimbo and eats the ground
* DeathStar turns back to normal
[DeathStar] Huh..what?
[Blackjack] Mmph...
[Cheryl] Ooh, I didn't get to use my boomerang fishes...
* Baberlus falls down, laughing at the multi colored, flying DS
[DeathStar] AHHH!!
[GenjiMan] =D
* Foxfire also turns back
* DeathStar crashes into a wall
[GenjiMan] Are you ok?
[Dakota] lol
[Iceheart] You guys sure fight some evil villains..
* Blackjack flies forward, still in crinos, and lands on DS
[DeathStar] Owww....
[Blackjack] Ouch...
[DeathStar] Uh, BJ?
[Blackjack] W... welcome back, commander...
* GenjiMan fires water gun on DS, taking off his paint
* Darien eats a few more bananas and begins leaving them under various pairs of feet.
* Dakota collapses in laughter
* Blackjack gets up
[GenjiMan] _
* DeathStar stands up
* Cheryl astually sees everyone else and laughs histerically
* Blackjack immediately slips (paint on feet)
[GenjiMan] ~/o Baberluuuuus... ~/o
* Iceheart slips on banana
[Iceheart] AAHH!!!
* Iceheart crashes
[Iceheart] DARIEN!!
* Darien walks over to BJ, while he's down and ties his shoes together
[Dakota] hahahaha!
* Baberlus looks at Genji
* Iceheart gets up and chases him again
* DeathStar smirks
* GenjiMan drawns his sword
* Darien takes off in a run
[GenjiMan] Look I have a present for you!
[DeathStar] ....I'm worried about your sanity level...
* Blackjack tries to stand, and falls again. He succeeds, but slips due to shoelaces being tied together
* Ariel walks into an invisable wall and falls down
[Ariel] Oww...
[Blackjack] DARIEN!!!
* Darien keeps running
* Blackjack takes his shoes off and runs after Darien
* GenjiMan keeps holding his sword
[Foxfire] BJ! Don't lose your head!
[DeathStar] I think we used up all our paint...
* Foxfire runs after BJ
[Baberlus] whats the kid doing?
[GenjiMan] No.
[GenjiMan] I have MY paint.
[DeathStar] ...Now how can we clean the Control Room up?
[GenjiMan] 1 bucket.
* Ariel turns around and runs into another invisable wall/
[Baberlus] I have two.
[GenjiMan] I know.
* GenjiMan takes in the water guns
* Iceheart looks at Ariel
[GenjiMan] No you won't use it.
[Iceheart] Girl, you need help..
* Baberlus splats the white colored one on DS
[Dakota] What;s wrong Ariel?
* Darien vanishes
[GenjiMan] This is not a circus this is a Control Room.
[DeathStar] HEY!!
* DeathStar swipes at Baberlus
* Foxfire and BJ come running back, X1 on their tails
* Ariel kicks to forcefield projectors
* Baberlus loads the black in his water gun
* GenjiMan fires water gun on DS taking his paint off
[DeathStar] X1!!!
* DeathStar takes off
[Ariel] Now how but those there...
* GenjiMan slashes Baberlus with all his fury
[Foxfire] [X1] Get your paint covered carcasses out of here!
[Baberlus] I'm ready for you Genji
[GenjiMan]  4_ 1 DIE
[Dakota] X1???
[Baberlus] ?me sprays Genji black
[GenjiMan] -_- Stop that
[Iceheart] Whose X1?
[GenjiMan] Hah
[Foxfire] [X1] They were getting paint all over the medbay!!!
[GenjiMan] I AM black
[Dakota] the weirdo god!
* Darien begins painting the control room international orange and florecent green paisley
[GenjiMan] My armor is.
[Foxfire] [X1] What's going on!?
* Foxfire dumps paint on X1
[Blackjack] Sorry, Nova!
* Baberlus laughs at the comm
* GenjiMan fires multiple beams on Darien
[Baberlus] HAHAHAHA!!!!!
[DeathStar] -_-...I
[DeathStar] ... am going to the bar
* DeathStar walks off
* Dakota follows ds
* GenjiMan goes with DS
[Baberlus] Get me a beer, will ya DS?
[Dakota] this is nuts