Mission 47: Vanguard

* DeathStar leans back in chair
[GenjiMan] NRP: In Session
[Dakota] nrp: session
[DeathStar] Welcome Slasher
[Blackjack] NRP: Logging?
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes..
[Dakota] nrp:yes
[Slasher^] Hey
* Justin'the'II plays [spekkio.mid] ' 10k ' [i]
* Blackjack snores
[Dakota] hi slasher you like the new paint job?
* DeathStar smirks as he thinks about something
* Justin'the'II sets in a chair and fiddles with a laptop
[Slasher^] What paint job
[GenjiMan] Wah
* DeathStar points around the control room, all painted
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slasher^] Who did this
[GenjiMan] Darien and a clown
[DeathStar] Welcome to MTV the Next Generation
[Slasher^] Hey DS..ya got my combo system
* DeathStar throws it at Slasher
[Slasher^] Ok
* Slasher^ catches it
[Slasher^] What the hell did u do to it
* Slasher^ sees it cracked wide open
[DeathStar] I dropped it down a stairs...
[Slasher^] Thats what i thought...
[GenjiMan] ',';
[DeathStar] Anyyyyhoooo....*turns back to the Master Computer*
* Justin'the'II plays [spekkio.mid] ' 10k ' [i]
* GenjiMan looks at the Master Comp
[Slasher^] Well looks like its time to work on the Second in line of it
* Blackjack wakes up, reluctantly
* DeathStar types silently
* Slasher^ goes to a comp and works on the design specs for Combo System II
* Justin'the'II turns a game on
* Dakota goes over to justin
[Slasher^] This color sucks
[GenjiMan] Justin...
[Dakota] 2 player?
* Blackjack yawns, and puts his shades on
[GenjiMan] Slasher] Yeah
[Justin'the'II] ya
[Dakota] cool
* DeathStar picks up some distrubance
[GenjiMan] What is it, Justin
* Dakota plays the game with Justin
[DeathStar] ...Hrm...
* Slasher^ takes out a can o spray paint and writes Slasher Rules on the wall
* Blackjack deals out a game of solitare, bored
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar leans over and looks at a small Maverick ship flying over an island
[Justin'the'II] oh yah!high score!
* Slasher^ cracks his knuckles
[Dakota] nice
[Dakota] ?
[DeathStar] Ooooo, time for some FUN
* DeathStar stands up
* Slasher^ sees what game their playin
[Dakota] Mavericks where?
[DeathStar] To the .... wait, there is no Hanger Bay...
[DeathStar] To the Hunter Tower!
[Dakota] okay
* DeathStar heads for the HT
[Justin'the'II] huh?
[GenjiMan] Ok
* Dakota follows DS
* Blackjack yawns, stretches, and, leaving his game on the table, runs after DS
* Slasher^ phases up there
* GenjiMan goes to the tower
* Justin'the'II turns off game and fallows
* DeathStar enters the tower and heads for the 2nd Hanger
* Dakota flies to the shuttle and starts it
* DeathStar walks past the fighters and ships and enters a shutle
* Slasher^ phases next to DS and enters the shuttle
* Justin'the'II gets in
[Slasher^] Dakota aint flyin
[Blackjack] Maybe we should take the fighters sometime soon... Just for a change...
* DeathStar sits down
[Dakota] no i just start it slasher
* Dakota sits down near justin
[Slasher^] Wow you must feel special
* Blackjack takes command of the weapons console, as Dom is absent
* DeathStar hums happily
* DeathStar lifts the shuttle off the ground
* Slasher^ pops a CD into a comp terminal and starts his program
[Justin'the'II] were we goin now?
[Slasher^] hmm
[Dakota SOUND]
* DeathStar shrugs
[DeathStar] I forgot
* Justin'the'II slips on his head phones
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar flies from the HQ and heads for Earth
[Blackjack] ...to counter that Maverick ship, maybe?
[DeathStar] Oh, yeah, that...
* Slasher^ puts on some glasses and types fast on his comp
* GenjiMan looks at Slasher
* Slasher^ looks at DS
[Slasher^] What Genj
* DeathStar hums quietly as he flies, taking his time
* Dakota looks at everyone and falls asleep
[GenjiMan] Just looking at your comp.
[Slasher^] DS..you been smokin weed again
* Slasher^ turns the comp away from genji
* Dakota wakes up
[GenjiMan] ...
[GenjiMan] DS?
[DeathStar] ...No time for jokes
[Slasher^] No...bad Genji
[Dakota] Say what?
* Blackjack fiddles with the weapons console, and accidentally fires a missile, disintigrating an asteroid
[Blackjack] Whoops...
* DeathStar rolls eyes at everyone actually believing Slasher
[Dakota SOUND]
[GenjiMan] ...
[Justin'the'II] nice shot!
* GenjiMan looks at Slasher and DS
* Slasher^ goes back to working on his comp
* DeathStar loses his happy face and scowls again
* Blackjack shakes his head, and goes back to figuring out the console, trying not to fire anything else
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere
[Dakota] ? what's wrong DS?
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slasher^] hmmm...maybe if i...
[DeathStar] Nothing....*glares at the lying Slasher*
* Slasher^ presses a button
[Slasher^] Oops
* DeathStar looks at the computer as it locks onto the Maverick ship and he heads for it
[GenjiMan] Wrong button, huh?
[Dakota SOUND]
*** Sound requests ON
[Slasher^] no
[Justin'the'II] another non boring day as a hunter.........
* DeathStar flies over the Maverick ship
[Slasher^] just dont like what happened
[Blackjack] This is a light day...
* Dakota walks up to DS
[DeathStar] Hey, BJ, care for some target practice?  Please shoot that thing down
[Dakota] how big is it?
[Blackjack] Take out this shuttle and go home.
[Blackjack] Sure, DS...
* Slasher^ saves data and an pops CD into its case and puts it in his cloths
[Slasher^] Never you mind
* Blackjack aims the shuttle's lasers at the Maverick ship and fires
* DeathStar the shuttle explodes
[Blackjack] All too easy. Let's go home.
[Dakota] Wow that was easy
[Slasher^] That was easy
[Justin'the'II] nrp:witch?
* Slasher^ yawns
[GenjiMan] ...
[Dakota] how big is it?
* DeathStar lands the shuttle beside the wreckage
[Dakota SOUND]
* Slasher^ phases outside
* GenjiMan walks off the shuttle
* DeathStar steps outside
[Justin'the'II] oh...theres more to this....
* Dakota flies outside
* Justin'the'II gets out
* Blackjack steps out the the shuttle
* DeathStar beside them another shuttle lands
* Slasher^ walks towards the other shuttle
[DeathStar] '''Eh?
[Blackjack] Huh?
[Dakota] ? what the?
* DeathStar turns to face the other shuttle
[Justin'the'II] huh?
[Blackjack] Backup...
* GenjiMan looks at the other shuttle
* Blackjack turns
* Slasher^ enters the other shuttle
* Justin'the'II looks at it
* Dakota looks at the shuttle
[DeathStar] No, that isn't a Maverick ship..
[Justin'the'II] weres slasher going?
[Blackjack] That's Slasher... doing stupid things.
[Blackjack] As usual.
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Slasher^ comes walking out
[Blackjack] Maverick or not, what're they doing here?
* Dakota plays [PKtheme.mid] ' 43k ' [i]
*** X'aid (death_star@dial24.planters.net) has joined #taw ' 2 Clones ' DeathStar,X'aid (F7 for details)
[Slasher^] Couldnt find anything
* X'aid steps out, holding something in his hands
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Blackjack] NRP: Knock it off with the music, Dak
[Blackjack] Who're you?
[Dakota] !
* Slasher^ takes off his shirt and lays down to get a tan
* Dakota charges At X'aid
[X'aid] Oh, look who I found...Dakota *Waves a chip at him* Lookee what I got of YOURS
[Dakota] YOU SOB!
[DeathStar] Uh, you know each other?
* Dakota draws his saber
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow
[Blackjack] Apparently so, DS...
* Slasher^ ignores the two
[Justin'the'II] huh?
* X'aid sabre forms in his hands
* DeathStar sits back
[Justin'the'II] what are you doing dak!?!
* Figure_in_shadows appears in shadows, distoring them slightly
[X'aid] Aye, and Vanguard was working on this for you when he died
* X'aid waves the chip
* Dakota stops
[Dakota] huh?
[GenjiMan] ...
* X'aid snaps fingures and troops form around him and attack the others
[Dakota] !
[DeathStar] YIKES!
[Blackjack] Hey!
* Justin'the'II draws sabre
* DeathStar grabs sabre
* Blackjack rips his rifle out
* Figure_in_shadows the slight humm of something charging fills the air
* GenjiMan draws sword
* Justin'the'II takes out his fathers beam sabre,the yanks out his Z'19 and twerls it in his fingers .1 lets rock!
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at X'aid (ap 190)
* Slasher^ lays down
[Dakota] JERK !
* X'aid ducks
[X'aid] HA!
* Justin'the'II charges at X'aid
* X'aid slashes at Dakota
* GenjiMan quickly slashes X'aid 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [150 AP]
* Blackjack opens fire on the robots (930 AP total)
* Slasher^ takes in the sun
* Dakota gives a roundhouse kick to X'aid (ap 150)
* DeathStar stabs a troop
[DeathStar] Troopers MARCH
* Justin'the'II jumps flips and slashes at X(200)(
* DeathStar is punches down
* Figure_in_shadows a concussion blast rips through the robots, 250 AP
[Slasher^] Hey quiet over there
* X'aid the roops stop JT2
* Dakota punches X'aid (ap 140)
[X'aid] ARG!
[X'aid] OUF!
[Justin'the'II] huh?
* Blackjack marches forwards, mocking DS, and impales a troop on his katana
* X'aid punches Dakota back
* Slasher^ goes back to taning
[Dakota] ack
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at X'aid and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on X'aid [130 AP]
* Dakota uses his jets to deliver a strong flying kick to X'aod (ap 200)
* X'aid the troopers stop GM
* X'aid ducks it
* Blackjack notices something nearby (enhanced senses)
* X'aid uppercuts Dakota
[GenjiMan] @_@
* Figure_in_shadows shadows distort even more
[Blackjack] Huh?
[Dakota] urk
[Slasher^] What the..
* Justin'the'II slashes the roops in haf
[DeathStar] Grrr
* Slasher^ gets up
* DeathStar is tackled by 5 troops
* Dakota gets up and charges xaid again
* GenjiMan slashes troops
[Slasher^] DO you mind..Im trying to tan
* Blackjack stops attacking, watching the shadows
* Dakota changes his saber to fire and attacks X'aid (ap 200 Fire)
* X'aid slashes Dakota
* Figure_in_shadows fires another L3 concussion burst at the troops on DS 250 AP
* Justin'the'II jumps and spin slashes at X9200)
* X'aid jumps back
* Justin'the'II jumps and spin slashes at X(200)
* Slasher^ looks at the Shadows
[DeathStar] What the'''?
[Slasher^] Slash???
* Dakota gives a roundhouse kick to X'aid (ap 150)
* DeathStar jumps to his feet
* GenjiMan fires 3 11,1GENJI BEAMS10,0 on X'aid [140 AP]
* Slasher^ walks over to the shadow
* Blackjack recognizes the burst, and quickly turns and fires at the crowd (620 total)
* X'aid Jt2 is stopped by more troops
* Figure_in_shadows whips off his cloak, and appears, gauntlets glistening in the sunlight
* X'aid blocks it
* Justin'the'II jams a sabre into one
*** Figure_in_shadows is now known as Slash^
[Slasher^] SLASH
[Blackjack] Welcome back, Lieutenant!
* Slasher^ hugs Slash
[Slash^] need some help?
* X'aid blasts Daktoa back
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at X'aid (ap 180)
[GenjiMan] =D Slash!
[DeathStar] SLASH!
[Dakota] ouf
[Blackjack] Yeah, it would be nice...
* Justin'the'II jumps over the troops
* DeathStar leaps near him
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Dakota] jerk!
* Slash^ flips up his autocannons
[X'aid] Awww.
* Slash^ flips and arms his lockdown cannon
[Slash^] lets rumble
* X'aid blasts Dakota again
* Slasher^ pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
[Dakota] argh
* DeathStar stabs a trooper
* Slasher^ slashes at X'aid
* Justin'the'II spin slashs at X(200)
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts X'aid (ap 200)
* Slash^ lunges at the troops, cape whipping behind him
* GenjiMan takes X'aid 's arm and slams X'aid onto the ground, then fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 at X'aid [130 AP]
* Blackjack impales one of the troops on his katana
* Dakota yells something into his communicator. a few seconds later something can be seen on the horizon, as it get's closer you can make out the barrel of a cannon... It's Montana,...Dakota's tank, and brother. Dakota quickly hops inside, buckles up and gets ready to go
* X'aid again Jt2 is stopped by troops
* Dakota starts to charge Montana's cannon energy flows into it slowly then an enormous bolt of energy is shot at sending Montana back a few feet from the kick back (160 DP)
* X'aid GM is stopped by troops
* Justin'the'II the troops are behind jt2
[X'aid] ARGHH!
[GenjiMan] @_@
*** [ION] Unknown command
* X'aid chip flies out of his hands and lands near DS
* Slasher^ slashes at several troopers
* GenjiMan fires beams on the troops
[Dakota] [MONT] HI X'AID!
[DeathStar] What the''?
* Blackjack yells over the noise of the battle, 1"Slash! Let's hit the Ion Splash!"
* Justin'the'II side kicks X
* Dakota swings Montana's cannon around locking on to X'aid and fires (120 DP)
* DeathStar grabs chip
[Dakota] ?
* Slasher^ wonders how that tank can get onto this island
* X'aid some troopers go at DS
* Dakota hops out
* Slash^ fires a Ion blast in the air and then fires a charged gauntlet blast at X'aid (210 AP)
* GenjiMan quickly slashes X'aid 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [150 AP]
[Dakota] DS HERE!
* Blackjack leaps high into the air above X'aid and strikes the energy with his katana, absorbing it. He then falls straight for X'aid's head and strikes him hard, causing a small explosion (460 AP)
* DeathStar is tackled as he throws it at Dakota
[DeathStar] CATCH!
* X'aid blocks BJ
* Justin'the'II jams his sabre at x(200)
* Slasher^ slashes at the troops on DS
* Dakota uses the jets to catch it
* Blackjack flips back
* X'aid throws him into JT2
* Justin'the'II ducks
* Slash^ follows his blast, lunging at X'aid 250 APx2 blades
[Dakota] let's see what this does
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at X'aid and fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 on X'aid [120 AP]
* X'aid blasts JT2 (350 aP)
* Dakota installs the chip
* Justin'the'II slashes 4 times(800)
* X'aid blasts GM back
* Blackjack snarls, curling into a ball
* Blackjack chants, 1"Ancient curse of lycanthropy, fill me with the power of the lupine! Crinos Shift!" Blackjack's body is surrounded with a dull white light. His body gradually reshapes, with a snout growing from his face, a tail sprouting from his lower back, and fur growing from his body. When the change is complete, a fully changed werewolf is standing in Blackjack's place.
* GenjiMan gets hit
* Justin'the'II rolls over under the blast
* X'aid Jt2 is KOEd
* Blackjack slashes wildly at the guards
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at X'aid and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on X'aid [130 AP]
[Justin'the'II] nrp:NOT!!!
* Dakota Suddenly is enveloped inside a large Black Sphere of energy
[GenjiMan] JT2!
* Slasher^ walks over to Justins knocked out body
[X'aid] NRP:  Too, couldn't dodge
* Slash^ calls to Blackjack 1"Mix me up a fastball special!"
[Slasher^] Poor lad
* Slash^ pops his psi scyths out and prepares to be thrown at the enemy
* DeathStar stands up
* GenjiMan looks at Slasher
* Blackjack calls back, 1"One fastball special, comin' right up!"
* Blackjack runs over to Slash, picks him up, and throws him at X'aid. 1"I suggest you fold! The odds are against you!"
* Slasher^ picks him up and carries him into the shuttle
* Slash^ flys at X'aid with his scyths extended. He plunges them deep into X'aid gutting him, slash backflips off and deactivates his scyths and his warp blades appear in his hand
[GenjiMan] _
* X'aid throws another blast like the one at J2 into BJ
[Slash^] NRP: 500 AP
* Blackjack tries to dive out of the way
* Dakota THE sphere around Dakota disappears And a Golden Version of zero Appears
[Dakota] !
[Dakota] WHOA!
[Dakota] COOL!
[Dakota] hey x'aid hi!
* GenjiMan takes X'aid 's arm and slams X'aid onto the ground, then fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 at X'aid [130 AP]
[DeathStar] ...Eh, Zero wannabes..
* Slasher^ comes out with a shaver in his hand
[Blackjack] (enhanced speed x2)
[X'aid] Dakota...
* Slasher^ laughs at Dakota
* X'aid BJ is hit in the leg
* Slash^ stops for a moment to look at Dakota
[Slash^] ...
[Blackjack] OW!
* Justin'the'II slowly raises head
[Slasher^] pathetic
[Slash^] sigh...
* Blackjack rolls to one knee
[Slash^] BJ!
[Justin'the'II] oh...man...
[X'aid] HA HA HAH A HA
* Dakota kicks x'aid (300 AP)
* Blackjack fires from this position, gritting his teeth (310 AP)
[Slasher^] Moron
* X'aid attempts a block
* Justin'the'II gets up
* GenjiMan quickly slashes X'aid 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [150 AP]
* Slash^ helps BJ up
[Slash^] ...
[X'aid] GAH!
* Justin'the'II picks up sabre
[Slash^] thats it im pissed off now...
* X'aid holds his shoulder
[X'aid] Fools
* Slash^ fires all long range weapons at X'aid 920 AP
[Blackjack] Thanks, Slash... *kneels, gripping his foot*
* DeathStar ruhes at X'aid
* Dakota charges his armcannon and fires at X'aid (400 AP)
[X'aid] OUF!
* Slasher^ phases behind Xaid and shoves his ion blade through him
* X'aid smashes into the shuttle
[X'aid] LEt the games begin!
* Justin'the'II spin salshes X'aid(200)
[Dakota] DIE XAID!
[Slash^] Lets not and say we did
* Blackjack leaps at X'aid in a wild fury, slashing his katana at an inhuman rate (760 AP)
* X'aid blade forms in handand he stabs it through Dakota
* Dakota charges his armcannon and fires at X'aid (400 AP)
[Dakota] ARgh...
* X'aid smacks BJ with his long arm
* Dakota collapses
[DeathStar] DAKOTA!
[Dakota] ungh....
* GenjiMan quickly slashes X'aid 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [150 AP]
* Blackjack flies a small distance back
* DeathStar rolls over and slashes at X'aid
[X'aid] Where's my TROOPS?!
* Slash^ warps to Xaid, and begins slashing madly, with uncanny speed 1000 AP
* X'aid phases
* Blackjack rolls to his feet, his leg in pain, and looks at Dakota. 1"Dakota!"
* X'aid appears beside Slash and punches
* Slash^ catches fist
* Dakota Suddenly Huge wings rip out of Dakota's Back
* X'aid kicks Slash
[Dakota] AAAAA!
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Slasher^ phases infront of Xaid and shoves his ion blade through his left lef
* Slash^ grunts in pain, but begins crushing the fist
[X'aid] ARGH!!
* X'aid phases
* GenjiMan looks at Dakota surprised
* X'aid appears bext to GM
* X'aid punches him in the back of the head
* Dakota is enveloped by the energy again
* Blackjack growls angrily. His fur, snout, and tail are pulled into his body, and his human features restore themselves. 1"The power of lycanthropy will prevail!"
[DeathStar] Grrr.r
[Slasher^] Never seen him phase before heh
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at X'aid and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on X'aid [130 AP]
* Dakota can be heard yelling inside
* Blackjack opens fire on X'aid (310 AP)
* DeathStar grabs sabre and slashes X'aid
[Slash^] ..
* GenjiMan quickly slashes X'aid 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [150 AP]
[X'aid] OUF!
[Blackjack] Dakota!
[Dakota] ..........
* Slasher^ laughs at X'aid
* X'aid rolls back, hurt
* GenjiMan takes X'aid 's arm and slams X'aid onto the ground, then fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 at X'aid [130 AP]
* Slash^ flys at X'aid with his blades out, grinning ferally
[Slasher^] X'lax
[X'aid] OUF!
[X'aid] ...
[Justin'the'II] side kicks X
* Justin'the'II side kicks X
* X'aid grabs his shoulder in pain
* Slasher^ moons X'aid
* X'aid fires KO blast into Slasher, hitting him in the head
* Blackjack leaps at X'aid, thrusting his katana forward (320 AP)
* Slasher^ ducks
* X'aid prepares another oen
* Justin'the'II slashes at x's shoulder(200)
[Slasher^] Missed
[X'aid] NRP: Can't DODGWE
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at X'aid and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on X'aid [130 AP]
* Slasher^ dances
* Dakota energy sphere disappears once again revealing A Powerful Looking Dragon Staring Right At X'aid (who has seen the kaiser in bof3)
[Slasher^] NRP:Can to
* Slash^ begins ripping X'aid apart madly after seeing that X'aid hit his brother
* X'aid laughs at Slasher
[X'aid] NRP: Not
[Slasher^] NRP:can
[DeathStar] PAUSE
[Slash^] NRP: GM's ruling?
[Blackjack] NRP: Don't argue with the GM, Slasher!
[Dakota] what?
[Slasher^] NRP:hmf
[DeathStar] I am the GM, don't think you cannot argue with me
[Slash^] remind me to smack him...
[Slasher^] UNPAUSE
[DeathStar] That's one of the rules of the game
* Slasher^ falls down
[Slash^] A FEW TIMES
[Slash^] ...
* Justin'the'II shoots X(180)
* Dakota charges Xaid
[X'aid] GAH!
[GenjiMan] NRP: next time FIGHT, Slasher
*** Dakota is now known as Kaiser'Vanguard
* X'aid punches JT2
[Justin'the'II] oouf!
* X'aid turns to Dakota
[Slasher^] NRP:I did just alittle
[X'aid] What is this?!
* GenjiMan slashes X'aid [150 AP]
* Slasher^ body starts to glow
* DeathStar aims at X'aid
[GenjiMan] NRP: THAT's the problem, Slasher
* Justin'the'II sprays x(180 a hit)
* Blackjack switches to Myollnir Crash, and rapidly fires three at X'aid (660 AP)
* Kaiser'Vanguard pounces on X'aid and starts to try to tear him apart
* Slash^ pulls his cape around himself closly, concentrating
[X'aid] NOO!! GAHH!!!
* Slasher^ gets up
* Blackjack slings his rifle over his shoulder
[Slasher^] Ahh....
* Kaiser'Vanguard looks at dS who seems to be aiming at him
[Kaiser'Vanguard] ???
[Blackjack] Looks like this battle's wrapped up..
[DeathStar] ???
[Kaiser'Vanguard] grrrrrrrr....
* Slash^ shimmers from view
[DeathStar] Dakota..
* DeathStar steps back
* Kaiser'Vanguard flies at ds and throws him into slash
[Blackjack] HEY!
* Slasher^ sits down
[DeathStar] WAHT THE?!
* Kaiser'Vanguard goes back to X'aid
* Blackjack knocks Slash out of the way
[Slash^] NRP: im cloaked..
[Justin'the'II] ????????????????????
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slasher^] Hey no one touches my bro
* X'aid rams into Dakota
[Kaiser'Vanguard] !
* X'aid stabs him in the chest
* Slasher^ tackles Kaiser
[X'aid] DIE!
* Justin'the'II side kicks X
* Blackjack suddenly notices Slash wasn't there, and is nailed by DS
[X'aid] GARH!
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Blackjack] OW!
[DeathStar] Thanks, Captain..
* DeathStar rubs head
* Justin'the'II slashes at the back of X's head(death attempt)
* Slash^ decloaks beside DS
* Kaiser'Vanguard Takes in a deep Breath And realeases a giant beam of fire energy at X'aid
[Slash^] oops..
[Blackjack] You're... urgh... welcome...
* X'aid ducks
* Slash^ helps them both up
* Kaiser'Vanguard pounces on him again
* X'aid roars in pain as he is hit
* X'aid begins to flicker
* GenjiMan slashes X'aid [150 AP]
* Slasher^ phases above Xaid and flies down on him slamming him into the ground
* Justin'the'II slams thhe sabre into x's back
[Justin'the'II] ha!
[Slash^] Lets see y ou take on the onslaught of Slash
* Slasher^ back flips off
* X'aid fires blast into Dakota
* Kaiser'Vanguard starts to tear xaid apart
[X'aid] DIE!
* Justin'the'II twists
* Slash^ Cries out 1"HELL FLAME ENHANCEMENT!"a circle of flame, coming from the pits of hell, appears around slash, and firey lines trace themselves around him, burning lines into his armor, and turning its color to a blood red. 1"Lets burn..."
* X'aid begins to die
[Justin'the'II] you die!
* Slasher^ stares at Slash
* Kaiser'Vanguard Takes in a deep Breath And realeases a giant beam of fire energy at X'aid (180 AP)
* GenjiMan looks at X'aid
[Slasher^] Heh COOL
* Justin'the'II twists the sabre in x's back
[X'aid] Nooo...I will...get revenge...I swear it...
* X'aid dies
* Blackjack chants, 1"Ancient curse of lycanthropy, share with me the ultimate power of the lupine! Lupus Shift!" Blackjack's body is surrounded with a dull white light. His body gradually reshapes, growing smaller, arms changing into legs, and sharp teeth growing in the snout that has grown on his face. When the light fades, a silver and black wolf is standing on the ground, snarling.
*** X'aid has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] NRP: Ignore that
[Kaiser'Vanguard] hrmmm
* Kaiser'Vanguard is breathing heavily
[Kaiser'Vanguard] ungh...
* Slash^ armor begins burning, and is still blood red
[DeathStar] I hate it when they die with that comment....
* Justin'the'II takes the sabre out of his back
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slasher^] Who is this character
* Kaiser'Vanguard staggers a bit and falls over
[Justin'the'II] no need to thank me dak....
[Blackjack] ... a benefit of being a Reploid, you can be rebuilt...
[Kaiser'Vanguard] urgh...
* Slasher^ looks at Kaiser
* Kaiser'Vanguard slowly reverts back to Dakota
* DeathStar glances at the former Dakota
* Slash^ draws
* Slasher^ walks over to him
*** Kaiser'Vanguard is now known as Dakota
* Justin'the'II chops the head off the dead bodie
[Slasher^] Woo
[Dakota] ungh....
[Slasher^] Justin hey....calm down...
* Slash^ draws his cape around himself closly concentrating again
[Justin'the'II] let that be a lessten to you....
[Dakota] wha???
[Blackjack] Justin, he's DEAD!
[DeathStar] Slash...
* DeathStar turns to him
[Slasher^] Justin ya didnt even kil lhim
* Dakota blacks out
[Blackjack] Slash?
[DeathStar] Now where have you been these past three weeks?
[Dakota] ungh
[Blackjack] What're you doin'?
* Slash^ begins shimmering from view
* Slasher^ walks ove rto slash
[Slasher^] hey come back here
* Blackjack dives at Slash, knocking him out of his concentration
[Blackjack] Not this time.
* Slasher^ punches Slash in the gut
* Slash^ falls suprised, the cape billowing open
* Justin'the'II puts back his sabre
[Slasher^] Thats for not being there when i returned
[Slash^] ..
* DeathStar watches, arms crossed
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] i killed you...
* GenjiMan puts back his sword
* Justin'the'II steps on the head
[Slasher^] And your staying
[Slasher^] You wish
[Slash^] ..
* Blackjack stands and walks a small distance away from Slash, watching the two
* Slash^ falls to knees, holding head
[Slasher^] That was a fake
[Slash^] ...
[Slash^] i killed you.. and liked it...
[Slasher^] At least i hope it was...heh
* Dakota starts to wake up
* GenjiMan walks away
[Slasher^] No u didnt
[Dakota] wha....slash?
* Slasher^ puts hand out to Slash
* Justin'the'II walks over to dak
[Justin'the'II] you ok?
[Dakota] have a major headache what happened?
[Slasher^] Slash....i would never attack you. I could never win
* DeathStar remains quiet
* Slash^ gets up
[Slash^] ...
[Justin'the'II] um....X died
[Dakota] !
[Dakota] how?
* Justin'the'II points at head
[Justin'the'II] like that
[Blackjack] Uh, you killed him, Dak.
[Slasher^] I gave DS a sample of my blood...
[Dakota] good lord...
[GenjiMan] ...
* Slash^ turns to Dakota
[Slash^] ...
[Dakota] what the heck happened to me]
[Dakota] ?
[Slasher^] Then later he broke my Combo System
* Dakota stands up and brushes himself off
* DeathStar smirks
[Blackjack] Your guess is as good as mine, Dakota...
* Slasher^ walks over to DS
* Slash^ turns to DS
[DeathStar] Well, you shouldn't have gotten your arm blown off by Vile
[Slash^] i want my blade back
[Slasher^] Thought that was funny huh
[Slasher^] Shut up
* Slasher^ smacks him
* DeathStar throws blade at Slash
* DeathStar blocks the smack
* Slash^ catches it, and stoes it
[Dakota] i remember changing into, that first form then X stabbed me
[DeathStar] Jee, everyone gives me their weapons and then gets pissed..
[Dakota] then i don't remember anything
[Slasher^] Ya overloaded the dang thing
[Justin'the'II] nrp:how mutch longer will this take?
[DeathStar] NRP: *shrugs*
* Slash^ draws cloak around himself while no one is watching
* Slasher^ looks at Right arm
[Dakota] let's see first i did this....
* DeathStar turns to face Slash
* GenjiMan just disappeared
[Justin'the'II] nrp:i hafta go but i need to finish this!
[DeathStar] Well, Slash...
* Blackjack hears something, like a warp forming
[Slasher^] Man i cant even fell the dang thing
* Blackjack turns
[DeathStar] ..Slash!
[Blackjack] SLash, don't you ever learn!?
[Slash^] ....
[Slasher^] Slash dont even think about it
[Slash^] think about what?
[Slasher^] Leaving
[DeathStar] You annoying person...get a new line
[Slasher^] I will come over there and beat you like a red headed step child
* Slasher^ turns around
* Slasher^ faces Slash
[Dakota] Dakota Suddenly is enveloped inside a large Black Sphere of energy
* Slasher^ ignores Dakota
* DeathStar glaces at Dakota
[DeathStar] Stop talking in 3rd person...
* Dakota the energy disappears to reveal a golden version of DAKOTA!
[Dakota] then what happened?
[DeathStar] ...'_' That again..
* Slash^ glares at Slasher, with a gaze that could melt steel
[Slasher^] ooooh shiny
[GenjiMan] '_'
[Slasher^] That doesnt work anymore
[Justin'the'II] nrp:dangit!i hafta go
*** Justin'the'II has quit IRC (Leaving)
[GenjiMan] =,=
* DeathStar watches the wind pick up slowly
* DeathStar heads for the shuttle
* Slash^ cape flys back in the wind
[Dakota] ah i'll figure it out later
[Slasher^] Slash...if your gonna go...go
* Slash^ looks like a superhero
* Blackjack shakes his head
* Dakota walks back with ds
* Slash^ walks to DS
[Dakota] X'aid's dead.....wow
* Slash^ catches his arm
* DeathStar stops
[Slash^] DS...
[Blackjack] I'll say to you what I said to Garland. It's your choice, Slash.
* GenjiMan is ALREADY in the shuttle
[DeathStar] ...I wake up and you're gone
[Slasher^] My right arms dead
* DeathStar turns
[Slash^] im coming with you
* Blackjack passes DS, headed for the shuttle
[GenjiMan] Hi, ppl. I was here waiting.
[Slasher^] Finaly
* Slasher^ runs and leaps on Slash knocking him over
[DeathStar] Are you, Slash?  And what happens when you decide to run off again?
* Slash^ pushes Slasher off
[Slash^] i wont
[Slasher^] Dont you love me
[Slash^] .... i... i needed time to think...
* Dakota realizing no one cares sit's down in the shuttle
[Slasher^] I'd smack you but i dont have a good arm