Mission 48: Forgotten Friends/Forgotten Enemies

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room
* Slash^ walks in, cape floating behind him
* DeathStar snores in his chair
* Ariel sits at the com station
* GenjiMan looks at everyone
* Blackjack is asleep in his chair, as usual
* Ariel sighs.
[Ariel] Quite day...
* Slash^ stores his cape, and sits down at a computer terminal
[Slash^] slow..
* Baberlus walks in and sits in cross's old chair, unknowingly
* GenjiMan yells at BJ
* Blackjack snores
[DeathStar] Zzzzzzz
* /sound: unable to play 'alarm1.wav'
* Blackjack snores despite GM's antics
* Slash^ begins pulling up the files on Force works, and its leaders
[DeathStar] sound alarm1.wav
* DeathStar alarms go off
[Slash^ SOUND]
* DeathStar leaps out of his chair
* /sound: insufficient parameters
*** Sound requests ON
* Blackjack snores
* DeathStar turns to master computer
* Slash^ pokes BJ and wakes him up
* Baberlus ignores the alarms
[DeathStar] Unknown Person: Warning ~~~~...Need assistance
* Blackjack opens an eye, looks at Slash, and reluctantly gets up
[Blackjack] I'm up... I'm up...
[Slash^] ..
[Ariel] I guess I spoke too soon...
[Slash^] DS... where....
[DeathStar] Unknown Person: Attac~~~~s hitting REBEL ba~~~~
* Slash^ rolls his cape out, and it flows down falling into place
* DeathStar leans back in his chair
[Blackjack] Who's that guy?
[DeathStar] But I thought REBEL split up the second Hodges and Garland hit it...(Mission 39)
[Ariel] Tracing signal now
* GenjiMan looks at the guy
[Blackjack] No telling, DS
[Baberlus] Hrm.
[Blackjack] I thought they had, too...
[Ariel] There are still factions around clinging to it
[DeathStar] I would call in Iceheart, but .... no.
[Slash^] sometimes they just disappear like water...
[Blackjack] You know REBEL, though. They NEVER give up.
[DeathStar] Heh.  I made REBEL, I should know.
[Blackjack] Sometimes fortunately, sometimes NOT.
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] Ariel, got a trace?
[Slash^] you aint kidding...
* Blackjack recalls his days in CorSec, when his goal was to take out REBEL
*** GenjiMan is now known as Genji-AWay
* DeathStar recalls when his goal was to take out CorSec
[Genji-AWay] NRP: Away
[Genji-AWay] NRP: Don't think I'm back.
* Slash^ recalls when his goal was to kill everything that he was paid to kill
[Ariel] Yep.  Southren wastelands.  Getting the exact coords now
[DeathStar] ....In Alien Nation?
* DeathStar groans
[Baberlus] NRP BRB!
* Blackjack stretches, putting his shades on
[Ariel] It's on the border...
[DeathStar] Still, the whole AREA past the Wastelands is Alien Nation
* DeathStar brings up a map of the huge land mass of Alien Nation
[Blackjack] Another problem in Alien Nation. Great.
[Slash^] ...
[Ariel] We'll have to be careful on this one I then... really careful...
* Slash^ was away and doesnt know what happened there
[DeathStar] To go in there could be .... death
[Slash^] ..
[Slash^] i welcome death
* Blackjack shrugs
* DeathStar gets up
[Blackjack] The possibilty of death is half of being a Hunter.
[DeathStar] Lets go
* DeathStar teleports to the shuttle
* Blackjack curses teleportation and runs to the shuttle
[Slash^] and living death is part of being a hunter
* Slash^ warps to the shuttle
* Ariel feeds the coords to the shuttle then heads to the shuttle
[DeathStar] [Hitting Alien Nation is like asking for suicide.  I've been spending days picking targets out of it to hit...now we're walking in BLIND]
* DeathStar powers up the shuttle
[Baberlus] NRP: That means I successfully DELETED it with no damage
* DeathStar lifts off the hanger floor
* Blackjack reaches the shuttle just before takeoff and manages to get in
[Blackjack] You... trying to leave me... DS!?
[DeathStar] Why not Captain?
* Slash^ looks back
[DeathStar] This is a simple enter/save mission...
[Blackjack] So? You know I've gotta be a part of it.
* DeathStar notes everyone is on and takes off
* Blackjack sits at the weapons console, noting Dom's absence again
* Slash^ looks at BJ thinking
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere
* Ariel monitors for further transmitions, but doesn't pickup anything
* DeathStar locks onto the base being attacked and heads for it
* Baberlus is silent
[DeathStar] Something strange looking about that base...hrm..oh well.
[Blackjack] Somethin' tells me I get to use these again... *motions to the weapons console*
* Slash^ arms all weapons
* Slash^ 's armor slowly shifts, small tenticles and blades forming and disappearing around his body.
* DeathStar lands just outside the base
[DeathStar] Slash, stop doing that...
[Slash^] ..
[Slash^] i dont trust anything anymore... after.... slasher...
* DeathStar twirls a locket around and around, given to him by Iceheart
* Blackjack disregards his earlier comment and gets off the shuttle
* DeathStar pockets it and steps off the shuttle
[Baberlus] DS, got a girl friend?
* Ariel heads out
* DeathStar glances at Baberlus
[DeathStar] None of your beeswax.
* Baberlus mocks DS
[Baberlus] Ooooooh..... he's growing up!
* Blackjack glares at Baberlus
[DeathStar] Much older than you are, Bounty Hunter..
[Baberlus] I CANT turn ya in now.... I can sepertate people.
* DeathStar raises to his full height, glaring at Baberlus
* Slash^ laughs at that statement
[Ariel] Are we going to stand around all day or save that base?  Come on!
* Ariel starts off toward the base
[Baberlus] cant i mean
[Blackjack] I'm with Ariel
[Slash^] lets get a move on then..
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Blackjack jogs after Ariel
* DeathStar follows BJ and Ariel
* Blackjack unstraps his rifle from his shoulder
* Slash^ follows BJ, closing his cape around him, and shimmering from view
* DeathStar whistles as he walks along
* Blackjack slows to a walk
[Baberlus] You would be surprized DeathStar, you can never be sure about a person's age... oh did I say that aloud?
* Ariel brushes some sand off a hidden control panel and opens the door
[Ariel] Hmmm... that was easy to find...
* Slash^ watches Ariel
[DeathStar] Too easy.
* DeathStar steps in
[Baberlus] Easy is good.
* Slash^ steps in
[DeathStar] Easy is death
[Blackjack] Nice, Ariel... You're right, DS... way too easy.
[Ariel] No wonder they found this base
* DeathStar glances awt Baberlus
* Ariel heads in
[DeathStar] You haven't learned back, have you?
[DeathStar] much
[Baberlus] Easy is to easy to say death to.
* Blackjack thinks about a failed mission from his CorSec days, and rubs his shoulder, thinking about an injury
* Slash^ watches each of their habits
* Ariel walks into a large open room and stops...
[DeathStar] It's easy to be a cocky asshole..
[Ariel] Wait a sec... Something is right here...
* DeathStar turns and continues on
* Blackjack shakes his head, getting the thought out of his mind, and walks after DS
[DeathStar] Right?  *laughs*
* Slash^ stops behind Ariel
[Slash^] .. thats something new..
* Blackjack stops behind Slash
[Slash^] something being right...
[Baberlus] Let's just say, I'm not like may family at all, or the inlaws... whoo.. dont get me started on that
[DeathStar] We won't, trust us
*** Cyborg (Terangrel@CDR6'108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw ' 2 Clones ' Ariel,Cyborg (F7 for details)
* DeathStar begins to pull into the lead
* Slash^ attempts to shut out Baberlus's ineccecent chatter
* Cyborg activates a force field around the hunter
* Blackjack shivers
[Blackjack] Huh?
* Cyborg steps out of the shadows
[Slash^] wha..
[DeathStar] What the?!
[Baberlus] I'm glad, but you know what happened at a family reunion once I''''' *looks at the Cyborg*
*** CorSecOfficer (death_star@dial1.planters.net) has joined #taw ' 2 Clones ' CorSecOfficer,DeathStar (F7 for details)
[Blackjack] Great. Trapped already.
* CorSecOfficer steps out
*** CloakedMan (Ragnarok@CDR6'108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw ' 3 Clones ' Ariel,Cyborg,CloakedMan (F7 for details)
[Cyborg] Welcome to my parlor Hunters
[Slash^] oh joy..
[Blackjack] Figures.
* Slash^ is still cloaked
* CorSecOfficer puffs on a cigar
[Baberlus] Parlor? Got any beer?
[Blackjack] I'm starting to wish you HAD left me, DS...
* DeathStar growls
[Slash^] ..
[DeathStar] "Easy enter/save mission" I said..
[DeathStar] Who are you?
* Slash^ voice from nowhere in perticular 1"what do you want CorSec.."
[Cyborg] Don't worry, you won't be staying long
[DeathStar] And whatever happened to cheesepuffs?
[Cyborg] My friend here has taken some interest in you
* Blackjack looks at DS
* CorSecOfficer glances at DS
* Ariel looks shocked
* Slash^ looks at DS
[DeathStar] ...Trying to lighten the moment..
[Ariel] Kilgore!?
[Baberlus] I'm only with these guys for the kicks, I'm bored, so I joined these guys, any battle, no hard feelin's k, Mr. CorSec'fuy?
* Blackjack shakes his head, and looks back at the cyborg and CorSec officer
[DeathStar] Friend?
[Ariel] About as close as the black plague
* CorSecOfficer looks at Baberlus
[Blackjack] I take it you know him, Ariel...
*** Cyborg is now known as Kilgore
* Slash^ decloaks next to BJ
[DeathStar] Oooo, the rose has thorns..
* Blackjack jumps, seeing Slash next to him
[Kilgore] I was hoping you would be here Ariel
[Slash^] ...
[Baberlus] NRP: Kil''''' why does that first syllabe sound SOOO familiar?
[Blackjack] Don't scare me like that, Slash...
[Slash^] looks like a battle...
[Slash^] sorry..
[Kilgore] Now I will finally have my revenge!
* CorSecOfficer nods at Kilgore
* Ariel gulps.
[CorSecOfficer] Don't let revenge get in the way of the mission
[Blackjack] Why is it revenge that motivates so many?
* Slash^ grits his teeth
[DeathStar] Because revenge is a powerful weapon, Blackjack..
[Blackjack] Revenge ruined my life, DS...
[DeathStar] ..IT can BREAK some, like Kilgore there, or drive others..
[DeathStar] Like me.
[Blackjack] Revenge is the whole reason I joined CorSec in the first place.
[Slash^] ..
[Kilgore] You can have the rest.  Killing that one is all I want out of this
[Baberlus] I beleive it's an honor deal, thats what I was taught in school.
[Slash^] Revenge.....
[CorSecOfficer] And you can.  Just don't blow it.
[Slash^] revenge is what fules me
[Blackjack] Revenge is the only reason I'm here right now.
[Slash^] drives me to kill
[Slash^] and kill again
[Baberlus] I dont keep grudges.
[Slash^] and like it
[DeathStar] Dang, I guess I better get a new fuel if you two are such revenge hogs..
* Blackjack looks at Slash
* Slash^ glares at DS
[Kilgore] Then shall we discuse the details without thier obnoxious chatter?
[Baberlus] I like Spam? what a wonderful invention hu''''we made.
[DeathStar] Look, Kilhore, let us out, why don't you?
* Slash^ whispers 1"he died.....
[CorSecOfficer] I agree...
* Blackjack nods slowly
[Kilgore] You will get out in good time... But to where?
* Kilgore laughs
[Slash^] ..
[DeathStar] Kilhore...don't leave the party..
[Slash^] cmere and say that... to my SCYTHS!
* Kilgore leads the CorSec Officer into an ajoining room.
[CloakedMan] . . .
* CorSecOfficer nods as he leaves, puffing on cigar
[Slash^] NRP: is shield made of energy?
* Baberlus smacks DS upside the head 1"That wasn't a nice thing to say
[Ariel] Were doomed...
* DeathStar blocks Baberlus
[DeathStar] You ever...touch me again...I will kill you, got it?
[Baberlus] Um... so?
* Blackjack takes the opportunity to whack the forcefield with his staff
[Slash^] NRP: helloooo?
* DeathStar turns back to the way they left
[DeathStar] And I wanted to ask him for a cigar too..
[Baberlus] oh you too?
[Ariel] We've got to find a way out of here
* Baberlus walks beside DS
[DeathStar] Reallyyyyyy, Ariel..
* Slash^ twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
* DeathStar punches shield
* CloakedMan watches the group silently.
* Blackjack fishes in his pocket, draws out a cigarette, and lights it
[DeathStar] LET...US....OUT!!
* DeathStar begins to piledrive the shield
* Slash^ jams one into the shield, attempting to drain it and channel it into his weapons/armor
* Baberlus pulls out a cigar
[CloakedMan] That's useless you know
* DeathStar stops
* Baberlus put it upto the sheild setting it affire
* Slash^ stops also
[DeathStar] ....So, the air talks now...
* Blackjack starts to hit the field, but stops
*** CloakedMan is now known as Man_wearing_a_cloak
* Man_wearing_a_cloak walks out of the shadows
* Slash^ looks at him
[DeathStar] Hello Man who likes to cloak..
* Baberlus nods to the cloaked man
* Blackjack looks at the newcomer, taking a final drag from his cigarette before tossing it on the floor, crushing it
[Slash^] who are you.. answer quick.. my blades dont like being kept waiting
* DeathStar thinks BJ's secret identity is Spade
* Slash^ holds out his blades, which are glowing a wicked blue
[Man_wearing_a_cloak] I am . . . a ghost.  Lost to time.
[Baberlus] Patience is a good trait, my good Slash
* Slash^ glares at Baberlus
[Man_wearing_a_cloak] There is only one way out of that force field.
[DeathStar] Ghost....I've heard of a lot, but ghosts?
[Slash^] i dont have time for patience
* Baberlus puffs his cigar
[Blackjack] Great, so now we have a GHOST in front of us.
[DeathStar] Slash, heel boy..
[Slash^] Shall i call the ghostbusters?
[DeathStar] Who are they?
[Baberlus] I dont find it odd, I mean, your a were'wolf.
[Blackjack] Good point, Baberlus...
[Baberlus] 20th Century Movie DS]
[Man_wearing_a_cloak] ...
[DeathStar] So sue me if I don't keep taps on the classics...
[Ariel] Please!  Get us out of here!
[Baberlus] So Ghost boy? you know the exit?
[Slash^] if so, show the way..
[Man_wearing_a_cloak] I will Angel... In a moment.
[Ariel] ...
[Ariel] Angel . . . ?
[DeathStar] Angel?
[Slash^] ?
[Blackjack] Who's Angel?
* Slash^ stops and slowly lowers his blades
* Ariel looks somewhat shocked
[Baberlus] Ooooo.... I always knew I was special.
[DeathStar] While the lovely Ariel might look like an angel, don't be fooled...
* DeathStar whacks Baberlus
* Blackjack slings his rifle over his shoulder
[Baberlus] Oww...
[Ariel] Can it be . . . no . . .
* Slash^ stoes his blades, but keeps his Scyths out
[Ariel] He died years ago . . .
[DeathStar] Death has no meaning these days.  It use to be the dead stayed dead.
[Baberlus] Old boy friend Ariel?
[Slash^] especially in... Slash brothers case..
[Man_wearing_a_cloak] Or those who you think dead who never died at all.
[DeathStar] You killed a clone, Slash.
[Baberlus] Heh, Death is but a door, that doesnt mean there's not a window out of the place.
[Ariel] ... EbonClaw?
[Blackjack] Yep, she knows him.
[DeathStar] Baberlus...that actually made sense..
[Man_wearing_a_cloak] So you do remember Angel
* Man_wearing_a_cloak takes off hid hood
[DeathStar] I told you.  Where's my dollar?
*** Man_wearing_a_cloak is now known as EbonClaw
[Slash^] i may have killed a clone, but do you recall how I died?
[Baberlus] heyup... I do have my moments, DS.
[DeathStar] No, I don't.  Care to run it by me Slash? *tries not to reveal he knows about Slash's past to a degree*
* EbonClaw takes a remote from out of a cloak pocket
[Slash^] ..
[Slash^] no i would rather not
[DeathStar] I didn't think so
* DeathStar turns to EbonClaw
[EbonClaw] We have to act quickly, they will know as soon as the field is down.
[DeathStar] Now, would the phantom lets us out?
* Slash^ thinks a moment
[Blackjack] So what do we do? Leave? Or do what we came to do?
[Slash^] later... i will reveal..
[Slash^] all...
[DeathStar] I don't think anyone was ever here, BJ
* EbonClaw nods.
[Blackjack] You're probably right.
[EbonClaw] It was a trap set by Kilgore
* EbonClaw shakes his head.
[EbonClaw] He's a fool, blinded by revenge
[DeathStar] I like being right.  Say it again./
* Slash^ a shimmering warp field appears around him, becomign stronger
[DeathStar] Why does he want revenge on Ariel?
* Blackjack makes a mental note to make DS's life miserable later
[Ariel] Um, his sister died when she was on a mission with me...
[Baberlus] Hrm..
[Ariel] But it wasn't my fault!  CorSec did it!
* DeathStar glances at Ariel
[Slash^] ...
[DeathStar] I believe you.
[Slash^] uhh.. lets get out of here..
[DeathStar] Agreed.
[EbonClaw] I have one request of you first.
[Slash^] i would rather not know what they plan to do with us..
[Slash^] what
[DeathStar] Damn.
[Blackjack] What say we, uh, get the hell outta here!?
[EbonClaw] Take me with you.  REBEL has fallen apart and I have no where left to go.
* DeathStar eyes narrow
[DeathStar] Another rookie?!
[Blackjack] Hrm... another rookie...
[EbonClaw] I am no rookie...
[Slash^] ... rookies...
[DeathStar] So you say.  Fine, come along..
[EbonClaw] Then prepare yourselves.
[DeathStar] [Doesn't mean I'll keep the deal, but still....]
[Blackjack] Whatever you say, EC. Now, this place is making me nervous... Let's move!
* EbonClaw pressess a button on the remote and the force field falls
* DeathStar begins to head for the exit
* Slash^ rushes out of the forcefield
* Blackjack runs for the exit
* Kilgore comes running out
* Slash^ warps to the exit
[Kilgore] You!
* CorSecOfficer steps out
[Slash^] MOVE MOVE
* Kilgore seals the exits
* Baberlus looks at Kilgore
[Blackjack] We've been seen! GO!
[Kilgore] No so fast hunters!
* Slash^ stops
* DeathStar stops
[Slash^] ..
* Blackjack slams into the door
[Slash^] thats it...
[DeathStar] I hate it when they do that.
[Blackjack] ...ow.
[CorSecOfficer] Get them1!!
* Slash^ 's armor slowly shifts, small tenticles and blades forming and disappearing around his body.
[Blackjack] Yeah!? You and what army!?
* Slash^ flips up his autocannons
* Slash^ flips and arms his lockdown cannon
* Slash^ arms his gauntlets and begins charging, soon a crackling field of energy can be seen around the gauntlets
* Slash^ 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Slash^ twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
* Slash^ rolls his cape out, and it flows down falling into place
[Slash^] lets rumble
[Baberlus] yes...? oh my cigar? *chunks it at Kilgore*
* DeathStar sabre appears in his hand
* Blackjack unstraps his rifle from around his shoulder
* EbonClaw dives at Kilgore but gets slammed into a wall
[Blackjack] You want some? Let's go!
[DeathStar] Lets end this.
* Blackjack leaps at the CSOfficer
* Kilgore charges at Ariel
* CorSecOfficer steps into the shadows
[Kilgore] I have you now!
* CorSecOfficer vanishes
* Baberlus pulls out a blaster (model unknown)
* Blackjack aims at Kilgore, and opens fire
[Baberlus] Hey kilgore!
[Blackjack] You don't have ANYONE
* DeathStar rushes at Kilgore
* Ariel jumps back but is trapped by an energy shield
[Ariel] What?
* Slash^ fires long range weapons at Kilgore
* Kilgore lunges at ariel
* DeathStar slashes at him
* Ariel leaps to the side
[Ariel] This is not good...
* Slash^ rushes at Kilgore, tackling him in mid air
[Baberlus] Hey Kilgore!
[Slash^] BACK OFF
* Blackjack looks for an opening
*** CorSecOfficer is now known as Two_Guards
* Blackjack sees one and fires at Kilgore (310 AP)
* Two_Guards walk in
* Two_Guards blasts DS and BJ in the back
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Blackjack] ARGH!
* Slash^ fires L3 concussion bolt at Guards, 250 APx2(twin gauntlets)
* Baberlus shoots him with blaster
* DeathStar crashes to the ground
[Slash^] DS!!
* Slash^ warps to him
[Baberlus] fine DONT listen to me!
* Blackjack falls over forwards
* Two_Guards the two split up
* Ariel slashes Kilgore with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
* Slash^ eyes blaze a bright red
* DeathStar stands up
[DeathStar] That's..It...
* Kilgore steps back, avoiding the blow
* DeathStar charges one guard and slashes an X on him
* Baberlus draws sword infront of a guard
* Blackjack flips to his feet, uneasily
[Ariel] I need help here...
* Two_Guards one guard blasts him in the head as the other sneaks up
* Slash^ rushes at the guards, and begins hacking away madly 500 AP(two blades)
* Kilgore punches Ariel, sending her flying into the shield
[Ariel] Owww...
* DeathStar leaps at Kilgore
* Blackjack uneasily aims his rifle at one of the guards, and fires (310, aim compromised)
[Baberlus] ow...
[DeathStar] Help is on the way....
[Ariel] Alright, you asked for it!
* Two_Guards both guards jump BJ
* Baberlus slashes a guard
* Ariel is surrounded by a flash of light
* Slash^ warps to BJ's help
*** Cheryl (Terangrel@CDR6'108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw ' 4 Clones ' Ariel,Cheryl,EbonClaw,Kilgore (F7 for details)
[Slash^] NRP: aid..
[Ariel] Alright, double team him
[Kilgore] What?  How'd you get in here
* Two_Guards blasts DS in the head
[DeathStar] GAH!
* Slash^ fires some concussion bolts at the guards to blow them off of BJ
* DeathStar crashes to the ground
[Slash^] DS!!!
* Two_Guards both guards split up
[Ariel] Now!
* Ariel slashes Kilgore with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
* Cheryl slashes Kilgore with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
[Kilgore] Arrgg...
* DeathStar stands up and guts a gaurd
* Blackjack flips to his feet, slashing an x'pattern into one of the guards four times (900 AP)
* Baberlus runs to DS
[Cheryl] Level 2!
[Ariel] Right!
* Two_Guards one guard attacks Baberlus as the other attacks Slash
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Slash^ fires his plasma cannons at Kilgore, and sprays the room with plasma fire, 250 AP all(except allies)
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Kilgore, and fires a large energy blast at Kilgore. [230 AP]
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Kilgore, and fires a large energy blast at Kilgore. [230 AP]
[Baberlus] dont die! but when you do, can I turn you into corsec, while yer dead? *blasts a guard*
* Kilgore falls back
* Two_Guards both guards form into one
*** Two_Guards is now known as Mega_Guard
[Kilgore] How...how could you have become so powerful...
[DeathStar] How can they do that...?
[Blackjack] Ok... fusion...
[Slash^] oh perfect..
* Mega_Guard grins
* Mega_Guard blasts Slash into a wall (300 AP)
[Kilgore] I need more . . . power...
* Blackjack does a back handspring, lands on one knee, aims, and fires (310 AP)
[Slash^] GAHHHH
* Mega_Guard slashes DS across the chest (200 AP)
* Slash^ Slams into a wall hard
[DeathStar] SLAS'!!! GAGHH
* Mega_Guard blasts BJ back (50 AP)
[Kilgore] Power enough to fuel my revenge!
* Kilgore falls to the ground
* Kilgore starts to shake
* Slash^ lands, and gets up, wiping battery fluid off his chest
[Mega_Guard] Give it up, Hunters...
* Blackjack takes the hit
* Slash^ glares at Mega Guard
* Kilgore starts growing
[Slash^] I dont think so
[Blackjack] Give it up? With that pathetic attack!?
[Ariel] Um...
* DeathStar spares a bglance at Ariel and Kilgore
* Blackjack ignores Kilgore and concentrates his attack on MG (620 AP)
* Slash^ warps around them madly, slashing with each warp 500 AP each warp
* Mega_Guard suddenly BJ is covered in goo
[Cheryl] This is NOT good..
* Kilgore is mutating...
[Blackjack] Huh!?
[Baberlus] Oooooo.....
[Mega_Guard] Yes, I do..you're frozen now.
* Mega_Guard laughs evilly
* Blackjack is frozen in place
[DeathStar] BJ!~
[Baberlus] pissit..
[Slash^] Lets*warps* see*warps* you*warps* keep*warps* up*warps*with*warps* me!!!
* DeathStar slashes MG
* Mega_Guard warps
* Mega_Guard appears next to Slash and punches him
* Slash^ stops slashing
* Slash^ falls to his knees
* Mega_Guard warps above Slash and hits him on the head
* Mega_Guard warps to his side and knees him
* Kilgore grows bigger and the force field 4explodes!
[Ariel] Ahhhhhhhhhh!
[Baberlus] Runn?
[DeathStar] That sounded bad...
* Slash^ falls to the floor, battery fluid running freely
[EbonClaw] How dare you!
* DeathStar fires a blast at BJ, freeing him
* Slash^ gets up, and armor begins healing him
[Slash^] Bad idea..
* Blackjack flies backwards
* EbonClaw charges at Kilgore with his beam claws
[Mega_Guard] Heh heh heh
[Baberlus] I dare a lot of things, but I'm mad now.
* Blackjack rolls to his feet
[Blackjack] Thanks, DS!
[Kilgore] Heh, fool.
* DeathStar turns to MG in time to get hit into a wall
[DeathStar] OFU!
* Blackjack aims at MG and lets out a barrage of plasma (930 AP)
* Kilgore backhands EbonClaw into a wall
* Slash^ fires L3 concussion bolt at Mega_guard, 250 AP
[Mega_Guard] Never spare time to help a friend..
[Mega_Guard] GAH!
* Mega_Guard holds his chest
[EbonClaw] Angel . . .
* Slash^ calls to Blackjack 1"Mix me up a fastball special!"
* Slash^ pops his psi scyths out and prepares to be thrown at the enemy
[Cheryl] No!
* Blackjack calls back, 1"One fastball special, comin' right up!"
* Blackjack runs over to Slash, picks him up, and throws him at Mega_Guard. 1"I suggest you fold! The odds are against you!"
* Baberlus pulls out gis gun
[Ariel] EbonClaw!
* Mega_Guard warps
* Slash^ flys at Megaguard with his scyths extended. He plunges them deep into Megaguard gutting him, slash backflips off and deactivates his scyths and his warp blades appear in his hand
* Baberlus aims at megaguard
* Ariel charges Kilgore
* Mega_Guard appears behind the two and slashes at them, seeing they are too slow
* Slash^ misses
* Cheryl jumps behind and stabs Kilgore
* Slash^ is still flying in the air
[Baberlus] eat this #$%^&*. *shoots*
* DeathStar stands up
* Kilgore swings wildly
[Slash^] uh oh..
* Blackjack flies forwards, injured
[Mega_Guard] OUF!
* Slash^ slams into DS
[DeathStar] OFU!
* DeathStar hits the ground again
* Ariel slashes Kilgore with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
[Slash^] Ow...
[Kilgore] Ha!
[Mega_Guard] ...
* Mega_Guard advances on BJ
* Kilgore grabs Ariel
[Cheryl] Drop her!
* Slash^ gets up, and warps to BJ
* Cheryl stabs Kilgore from behind. [240 AP]
[Mega_Guard] Good...bye...
* Baberlus stands there picking on MG and K as he sees fit with bullets
* Mega_Guard raises hand
[Slash^] Back off big tall and ugly.
[Ariel] Help over here!
* Mega_Guard fires
* Slash^ grabs BJ by the sholder and warps him away
* Kilgore punches Cheryl
* DeathStar stands yp
* Cheryl goes flying into a pipe
[DeathStar] WHO WANTS TO HIT ME NOW!?!!?!?
[Ariel] Baka!
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Kilgore, and fires a large energy blast at Kilgore. [230 AP]
* DeathStar yells so loud his voice echos, stopping MG in his tracks
*** Dakota (Av1central@gc'digital123.pathway.net) has joined #taw
[Blackjack] Thanks, Slash...
[Mega_Guard] What thE?
[Baberlus] *loads new clip* Leave the lady alone. *shoots kilgore*
[Kilgore] Puny mortals...
* Mega_Guard turns to get hit by a powerful blast by DS
[Mega_Guard] OUFFFF!!!
* Kilgore steps backwards
* Mega_Guard smashes into a wall
[Blackjack] We'll see whose PUNY
[Kilgore] Ha ha ha ha ha
* Mega_Guard collaspes
* Slash^ looks at DS
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Slash^] nice shot..
* DeathStar wipes hands off and goes to look for the CorSec officer
* Slash^ awed voice
[Ariel] How dare you do that to my friend!
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Kilgore, and fires a large energy blast at Kilgore. [230 AP]
* Slash^ remembers Ariel
*** Justin'the'II (jj@207'17'229'60.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* Blackjack chants, 1"Ancient curse of lycanthropy, fill me with the power of the lupine! Crinos Shift!" Blackjack's body is surrounded with a dull white light. His body gradually reshapes, with a snout growing from his face, a tail sprouting from his lower back, and fur growing from his body. When the change is complete, a fully changed werewolf is standing in Blackjack's place.
* Baberlus isnt even walking around, he's just shooting
* Mega_Guard struggles to get up
* Slash^ warps to Kilgore
* Slash^ screams 1"DARK ARMOR ENHANCEMENT!!" armor begins to flow, and shift changing into something new. a dark green glow appears around him, and all weapons are affected. 1"Bring on your worst nightmare"
[Mega_Guard] Elp!  Help!! Elp!!
* Kilgore deflects the energy blast
* Slash^ smirks
[Justin'the'II] nrp:any way i can join?
[DeathStar] NRP: No
* Blackjack launches himself at Mega Guard, slashing an X into his chest (620 x2 = 1240 AP)
* Kilgore punches slash
[Mega_Guard] NOO!!!
* Blackjack thrusts his katana forwards for the killing blow
* Mega_Guard explodes
* Slash^ flys back, but warps behind Kilgore, and slashes once 580 AP
*** Mega_Guard is now known as CorSecOfficer
* DeathStar walks up to the CorSec officer
[DeathStar] Hello...*Grabs his cigar pack*
[Kilgore] Fool!  I don't die so easily!
[DeathStar] Goodbye..
* DeathStar raises blaster
[Slash^] Neither do i
[CorSecOfficer] NO!!
* Blackjack snarls, and turns to Kilgore
* Kilgore grabs Slash and begins to crush him
* CorSecOfficer vanishes into a teleporter machine
* Slash^ sees ds, and warps to him
*** CorSecOfficer has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Baberlus] *shoots the Officer* Shit he dissapeared
[DeathStar] Heh, coward...*grabs a cigar, lights it, and begins to puff it*
[Slash^] ...
* DeathStar walks towards Kilgore
* Kilgore looks for a new target
[Slash^] Cigars are bad for you..