Mission 49: Party Time

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 days later
[DeathStar] Location: The Control Room
* Slasher walks in
* Ariel sits at the comm... eerily quite...
* DeathStar is in a particalar good mood, but is quickly loosing it
* Justin-the-II plays street fighter 27 on his laptop
* Slasher finishes his schematics
[DeathStar] -_-  Where IS everyone...?
[Slasher] Finaly...Combo System II is done
[Cheryl] Quite around here...
* Darien is painting the wall again
* Justin-the-II selects guile and comence to woopin all in his way
* Slasher sets it in his chest
[DeathStar] The one day I plan on doing something nic----DARIEN!!! We already got a NICE Control Room thanks to you..
* Darien paints a smily face in one corner
* DeathStar leans back in chair
* Darien puts the paint away
[DeathStar] Gee, people, get anymore lively and I'll just float into heaven..
* Slasher closes Justins Laptop
* Justin-the-II just kicked chun-lis @--
[Slasher] Sorry no time for fun and games
[Justin-the-II] wha?
[Justin-the-II] Darn it....
[DeathStar] Alright, I wanted some of the others here, but you rookies could use this too..
* DeathStar gets up and walks out of the room. "Follow me."
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Slasher follows behind him
* GenjiMan follows DS
* Cheryl starts to follow and then stops...
[Cheryl] Hey... wait a sec...
[Slasher] What
* DeathStar stops in front of the Dining Hall
[Justin-the-II] Were are we goin?
* Darien follows DS in the exact same type of walk
* DeathStar turns
* Cheryl turns around and sees Ariel still sitting there
* Slasher enters the dinig room
[Cheryl] Come on!
* DeathStar glances at Darien
* Slasher starts drooling
* Cheryl drags Ariel with her.
[Slasher] Ahahah food
* DeathStar they enter and the room is a party
[Slasher] The best way to my stomach is with food
[Ariel] ...
[Slasher] PARTY
* DeathStar a band sits in the corner ready to play and food is scattered around on the tables
[Justin-the-II] YAY!
* Darien grabs a bunch of balloons
[Cheryl] Hey, this looks nice _
[DeathStar] Yeah, I threw a dancing party for you guys...
* Justin-the-II runs to the refreciment table
* Slasher heads over to the bamd
* Slasher looks for the DJ
* Justin-the-II gets 4 hotdogs
[Slasher] DS wheres the DJ
* Ariel sits down.
* Darien ties the balloons to his hand and walks over to the food
* DeathStar points in the corner booth
* DeathStar the music plays loudly
* Justin-the-II gets some notchos
[Cheryl] Hey, this looks really nice...
* Slasher runs over there and takes over
* Cheryl hopes there isn't a catch.
* Slasher plays some hard rock
* Justin-the-II taste some cake
*** X1 (pentawedge@rc-56.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
[Slasher] I wonder
* DeathStar dances to himself
[Justin-the-II] Ooooooooohhh....this is good cake!
* Slasher gets up and asks Cheryl to Dance
* Justin-the-II gets a big plate
[X1] Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee'ssssssss the master party animal himself!
[Cheryl] -_-;
[Slasher] Ahh come on
* DeathStar smiles at X1
[Cheryl] Okay, sure Slasher
[Slasher] Woohoo
*** Iceheart (death_star@dial45.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Iceheart walks in
* Justin-the-II gets a extra large cup of punch and sets down
* Slasher starts dancing with her
[GenjiMan] Hi
* Darien eats a piece of cake with the usual messyness of a 7-year old
[X1] C'mon, who's up for some LIMBO?!
* DeathStar walks over to Iceheart and begins to dance
* Justin-the-II starts scarfin down
* Iceheart smiles at DS
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Slasher] LIMBO
* GenjiMan looks around
* Cheryl isn't the best dancer, but is learning quickly
[Justin-the-II] *munch*chomp*smack*
* DeathStar points at X1's limbo thing in the corner
[Justin-the-II] *chomp*chomp*
[Slasher] Cheryl lets limbo
* Slasher drags her over to the limbo bar
[DeathStar] NRP: *Wishes he had some dance music*
* Ariel just sits there Silently.
[Iceheart] Lets limbo.
* Slasher wishes he did to
[DeathStar] Not aye, Iceheart.  *Smiles* 
[Justin-the-II] *munch*chomp*scarf*
[Iceheart] Alright, lets just dance.
* X1 pulls out his custom sound system
[X1] Prepare to be deaf...
[DeathStar] X1, the band's already playing!
* Slasher goes over to the limbo bar with Cheryl and starts to limbo
* X1 turns it on full blast, practically shaking the base to its very foundation
[DeathStar] What did I hire them for if y---GAHHH
* Slasher falls down
[Slasher] You made me lose
* Cheryl stumbles
* Justin-the-II has some ear plugs
* GenjiMan smiles
[Cheryl] Y...yi...yikes!
[X1] Hey, I KNOW music chief, let the maetsro work!
* DeathStar aims blaster at the system and blows it up
* Ariel doesn't move.
[Slasher] I was about to win to
[Iceheart] *pouts*
* Slasher noticesthe limbo bar is busted
[Justin-the-II] *smack*CHOMP*
[Slasher] hmm
[X1] Well, that was uncivilized....
* DeathStar glances at Justin while dancing...
[Justin-the-II] Did yall here somthin?
* Slasher goes back to dancing with Cheryl
* DeathStar waves X1 over to him
[Slasher] How could we hear anything with your consant smackign
* X1 sighs and pulls out his inflatable date
[DeathStar] Yo, X1, over here
[Cheryl] o_O?
* X1 dances over to DS and Iceheart
* Darien keeps pigging out at the table
[Justin-the-II] *chomp*chomp*munch
* Slasher starst laughing at X1
[Justin-the-II] *BURP!*
[DeathStar] X1, meet Iceheart.
[Justin-the-II] Oooops...
* GenjiMan looks at Ariel
* Ariel gets a drink.
[GenjiMan] o_o
[Iceheart] Hello X1.  DS has told me alot of you.
[X1] Madame, an honor. And a Godsend if you can keep him underwraps!
* Iceheart giggles
* Justin-the-II dumps his plate
* DeathStar growls softly with a grin on his face
* Slasher starts to twirl Cheryl around
* Iceheart continues dancing
[X1] Guess you've got someone else to give you baths now, eh chief?
* DeathStar looks around for Darien
* Cheryl stumbles an trips...
[Cheryl] Oops _;
* X1 laughs and dances quickly away
*** Justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving )
* Slasher helps her up
* Darien is still eating
[DeathStar] ....*stares blankly at X1* HEY!
[Cheryl] I guess I'm not the most graceful... _;
[Slasher] Dotn worrty
*** Justin-the-II (jj@207-17-228-7.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar points over at the games in the corner, including arcade and ping pong
[Slasher] ARCADE
* Iceheart almost trips
* DeathStar catches her and spins her around to the music
[Justin-the-II] yay!
[Slasher] Come on Cheryl lets go play Arcade games
[Justin-the-II] arcade!
* Darien sees the videogames and runs over
[Cheryl] If there's any left
[Slasher] heh
[Iceheart] *whispers* How much did this cost you?
* Justin-the-II runs over to the one that says mortalcombat
* Darien begins playing Aranoid
* Slasher runs over ther
* Justin-the-II slips a querter in
[DeathStar] Alot of my money.  I'm almost tapped out doing this, but they needed it.  Too bad Slash, Dom, and BJ aren't here..
[Slasher] Hurry up Cheryl theres a shooting gam
* X1 accidentally pops his date.  1"MARGRET!"
[Cheryl] Okay...
* Justin-the-II chooses squarpion
* Slasher sees Gauntlet Legends
[Iceheart] -_- Bravo...
* Darien is wasting through the game
[Justin-the-II] YAHH!
[Slasher] A classic
* Cheryl can't seem to find it...
* DeathStar shrugs.
[Cheryl] Alot of games here...
* Slasher goes over there and pops in his quaters
[Justin-the-II] who wants to play me at mk 12?
[DeathStar] I'm broke now, what can I say?
* Slasher waves him down
[Cheryl] Ah!  There it is...
[Slasher] her
[DeathStar] MK 12 is like 4 decades old..
* X1 weeps as he drags his date off the floor
* DeathStar stops dancing and drinks some punch
[Justin-the-II] i dont care...
* Ariel gets another drink.
* DeathStar spits out a real spike
[DeathStar] X1!!!!
* Iceheart laughs
* Darien gets blasted and walks away from the game
* Slasher enters the Pojo the chicken code and fights as a chicken
* GenjiMan looks at one of the games
[Cheryl] ???
[Slasher] Hey Cheryl whats up with Ariel
[X1] Last time I thumb wrestle that jerk down at the mall...
* DeathStar walks over to Ariel
[Cheryl] She's a little depressed... still...
[DeathStar] Still sad over....?
* Ariel nods.
[Slasher] Why
* Justin-the-II gets beat at sonias stage
* GenjiMan walks to Ariel
[DeathStar] There there.  *pats her on the shoulder*  It'll get better.
[Slasher] what happened
[Justin-the-II] Darn!
[GenjiMan] ....
[Ariel] That's easy for you to say...
* DeathStar walks over to the huge 10 foot cake
* Ariel finishes her second drink.
* Slasher sees smells the cake
[DeathStar] X1...did you do this?
[Slasher] Foood
* Iceheart walks over to DS
* GenjiMan looks at the cake
[Slasher] hmm....im hungry
* Justin-the-II runs over to the cake
[Slasher] Cheryl you hungry
[Justin-the-II] yum...
[DeathStar] Uh oh...
[Cheryl] Not really...
* DeathStar watches the Hunters advancing
* Cheryl loses
[Cheryl] Arg!
[Slasher] you thirsty
* Justin-the-II stiks his finger in to taste the icing
* X1 blinks
* Justin-the-II tastes
* Slasher walks away from the arcade and towards the cake
[DeathStar] Almost nothing could ruin this...
[Cheryl] Not particularly actually...
* DeathStar leans against a wall
[Slasher] k ill be back
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
* Slasher slashes up the cake
[Slasher] There we go
[Justin-the-II] ??
* Slasher finishes
[Slasher] Ahh all cut up
* Iceheart walks over to DS and kisses him on the cheek and forces him out to the dance floor
[GenjiMan] o.O
[DeathStar] Accckkk
[Slasher] WOH
[Slasher] DS gonna get some
[Justin-the-II] why on earth did he slash it to peices?
[Slasher] I cut it up
*** Wiendigo is on IRC
* GenjiMan takes a piece of the cake and eats it
* Justin-the-II looks at the remains of the cake
[GenjiMan] Hm...
* Slasher pulls out a couple of slices
[Justin-the-II] oh well....
[GenjiMan] It's still good.
* DeathStar taps X1 on the shoulder
* Slasher walks over to Ariel
* Justin-the-II gets a handfull
[Slasher] Want one
* Justin-the-II eats it
[Ariel] Thanks...
*** Wiendigo has left IRC
* Slasher hands her a plate with some cake
[X1] Aye mon capitan?
[DeathStar] Hey, where's the stripper?
[Cheryl] Come on!  Lighten up Ariel!
* Iceheart whacks DS
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Slasher] What happened to you 
[DeathStar] Ow!!  It was a joke!!
[Cheryl] o_O??
[Iceheart] Humph.
[X1] Stripper?....OH MY GOD, THE CAKE! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
* DeathStar stops and looks at the cake
* X1 passes out
[GenjiMan] O.o
[Slasher] Ooop and i cut it too
[DeathStar] Oh no..dear me no..
* Slasher walks over to the cake
* GenjiMan takes other piece
* Ariel eats slowly.
[GenjiMan] Hm... Very good!
* Slasher looks carefully at the cake
* DeathStar gets the pale shade of color
[Slasher] Umm...
* Justin-the-II gets a plate of cake
[Cheryl] Alas, it was a nice cake Horatio...
* Slasher drops his cake
* Justin-the-II lays it down ontop of X1
[DeathStar] Slasher killed a stripper..
* Slasher spreads the cake looking
* Justin-the-II runs back to the arcade
* GenjiMan takes OTHER piece of the cake
[Iceheart] I'm sure X1 was kidding...
[DeathStar] That's what YOU think..
[Slasher] You dont know X1
[Justin-the-II] oh cool!look!Heres a game called nukeular reaction!
* Slasher carefully moves the cake apart
* Justin-the-II slips in a quarter
* DeathStar nothing is in the ckae
[Slasher] Whew
[Iceheart] I see..
* Justin-the-II picks a pistol up off the ground
[Cheryl] Hey, here's thermo-nuclear warfare... I'm not touching that one...
*** a_shadow (phantom@rc-56.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
* Justin-the-II shoots a badguy
[DeathStar] ....*leans against a wall
* Slasher lets out a sign off relief
* a_shadow glides across the floor unnoticed
* Justin-the-II runs and jumps into the watter
* Justin-the-II swims to the other side
* Ariel has finished her cake and orders another drink...
[GenjiMan] ....
* DeathStar walks back out onto the dance floor
* a_shadow starts towards DS
* Justin-the-II gets up and picks up a bazzoka
[DeathStar] Hmm..*Stops*
* DeathStar looks around
* GenjiMan looks at a shadow
[DeathStar] Nah..
* DeathStar continues on
[GenjiMan] DS...
* Slasher goes over to Ariel and looks at her drink
* Iceheart dances to herself
[GenjiMan] Your shadow.
* Justin-the-II blows 2 badguys heads off
[Slasher] What is this
* a_shadow stops right at DS' feet
* Cheryl grabs a light gun for one of the arcade games and starts shooting.
* DeathStar stops
* Slasher sees Iceheart dancing alone
[DeathStar] My what?
* Justin-the-II has a small army runin g at him
* DeathStar cocks head at GM
* Slasher goes over to her and dances with her
[GenjiMan] Yeah.
* Justin-the-II blasts half of em
[Iceheart] Heh, Slasher, the "Lady's Man", eh?
[GenjiMan] Your shadow is trying to kill you.
* a_shadow envelops DS
[Slasher] Yep
[Justin-the-II] Man!out of ammo!
* Slasher stops
[DeathStar] What the--?
[Slasher] What the
[GenjiMan] YEAH
* Justin-the-II switches to pistol
[a_shadow] Surprise...
* Slasher runs towards DS
[Iceheart] DS?
[Justin-the-II] ??
[DeathStar] No..you're...you're..
*** Wiendigo is on IRC
*** a_shadow is now known as Wiendigo
* Slasher stops
[DeathStar] DEAD
* GenjiMan slashes DS' shadow
[GenjiMan] ]_[
* Justin-the-II turns around to see what it is
[Slasher] What in gods name
* Justin-the-II 's game person dies
* Ariel doesn't even notice.
* Justin-the-II wallks out
[DeathStar] I watched the firewall from the shuttle's crash engluf you and then the shuttle crash into you..
* DeathStar steps back
* GenjiMan looks at the guy
[Wiendigo] Tsk, tsk, tsk, always amking an ass out of yourself, aren't you Death Star?
[Iceheart] ...DS?
[Justin-the-II] whats goin on?
[Cheryl] Hey, who's that?
* DeathStar eyes narrow
* X1 sits up
* Cheryl loses another life.
[Slasher] Its Wiendigo
[DeathStar] Maybe I should just make it true...
[X1] What the hell? Wiendigo! 
[Cheryl] Arg, no!  Zuit!
* X1 passes out again
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
[Iceheart] What's a Wiendigo?
[Cheryl] Oh, sorry, not you guys...
[Slasher] Dont ask...
* DeathStar teleports back five feet
* DeathStar twirls sabre
[Slasher] Hes from Hells Prison
* Wiendigo takes out his katana and feels its blade
* GenjiMan draws his sword
[DeathStar] And where have you been hiding yourself the past month?
[Wiendigo] A thought occurs to me...
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Slasher] Now now...Wiendigo why'ld ya go and ruin this party
[Wiendigo] I could quite easily kill you know...
[DeathStar] ...That I should arrest you?
* DeathStar snores
[DeathStar] Uh huh
[Slasher] DS dont underestimate him
[DeathStar] Don't underestimate me either, Slasher
[Wiendigo] But, in light of certain events *glances sinfully at Iceheart*...
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar growls and hunches forward some
* Slasher notices his glare
* GenjiMan looks at Iceheart
[DeathStar] If..you..dare
* Iceheart glares back
* Slasher runs over to protect Iceheart
* Cheryl struggles to see what's going on as she plays her game.
[GenjiMan] NRP: AWAY!!!!
* DeathStar notes the band has left
[GenjiMan] This has nothing to do with me.
* GenjiMan teleports away]
[Slasher] Iceheart becareful hes pure evil
*** GenjiMan is now known as Genji--AWAY
[DeathStar] Some Hunter...
[Wiendigo] What? Kill her? Perish the thought, you ass. I knew once what you had, I wouldn't wish what hapened to me upon my worst enemy, namely you...
[DeathStar] Me?  Your worst enemy?  I'm honored
* Justin-the-II wounders wen the action is gonna start
[Iceheart] ...Death Star...
* Cheryl beats the game and goes over to see what the fuss is.
[Iceheart] ...Look, just walk away
* Slasher activates his Combo System
[Iceheart] You can always recall Hell to pick him up...
[Slasher] Not that easy Ice
[Wiendigo] Seeing as that I'm technically "dead", and that thereby clears me from my responisbilities elsewhere...
[DeathStar] Responisbilities my ass.
* Wiendigo walks right up to DS' face
[Ariel] Great...
* DeathStar crosses arms and holds his ground
* Justin-the-II srugs and walks out to his room
*** Justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Slasher] Poetic Justice
* Ariel reaches for another drink
[Iceheart] ...DS...*said warningly*
[Wiendigo] I'm rejoining the Hunter under my own power, and there's not a damned thing you can do about it
* Slasher grabs Ariels drink and tastes it
* DeathStar staggers back
[Ariel] Hey
[DeathStar] No----!
* Wiendigo smirks
[Wiendigo] Figured that would get your attention
[Cheryl] Wha?  What's going on here?
[Slasher] Oohh now that was below the belt
* DeathStar glances at Wiendigo
* Wiendigo glides out to the dance floor and laughs
[DeathStar] Now this, Wiendigo, that you're going to go down.  Very soon.  Only a worldwide crisis will stop my crusade to see you dead
[DeathStar] Know
[DeathStar]  Party's over, FOLKS 
* DeathStar walks off
[Slasher] AHH MAN
* Iceheart shrugs
[Wiendigo] Petty theats from a petty man...
[Iceheart] Just like men...
* Slasher stands there bored
* Darien goes and finds the statis device again
[Slasher] Ahh mam
[Slasher] man
* Ariel takes her drink from Slash and finishes it off in a single gulp
* Iceheart grabs the last slice of cake and follows DS
[Slasher] What are you drinkning Ariel
* Wiendigo grabs some punch and dumps it down his own face
[Slasher] Pathetic
[Cheryl] Hey!  That's enough for you Ariel!
* Cheryl drags Ariel back out of the room.
[Slasher] Ariel your drunk
* Wiendigo glances at the newer Hunters
* Slasher walks to his room
* Darien puts the statis device under his arm, walks back and grabs the ice cream canister, and puts it under his other arm
[Cheryl] When are you going to snap out of this?
* Genji--AWAY suddenly reappears
[Wiendigo] New blood... 0*sniffs the air* 1 Can't wait to see how you perform...
*** Genji--AWAY is now known as GenjiMan
[GenjiMan] =)
* Darien begins spooning ice cream into his mouth
[GenjiMan] So you're Wiendigo...
* GenjiMan draws his sword
* Slasher goes over to Darien and eats some ice cream too
[Wiendigo] No, I'm gone. 
[Slasher] Genji back off
* Wiendigo laughs and fades from view
*** Wiendigo has left IRC
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Darien] Mine
* GenjiMan takes back the sword
[Slasher] Share
[GenjiMan] =p
[Darien] NO!
[Iceheart] "Alert, Alert, All Hunters report to Command Room"
* Slasher takes the ice cream and runs off
[Slasher] HAHAHA
[DeathStar] Session Ends