Mission 5: Rapids

* Dominator walks in and stands next to DS
[Dominator] So, what's the emergancy this time?
* Garland looks around, follows closly behind Dom
[DeathStar] GM: They are located on the station
* DeathStar glances at Dominator. "None so far."
[DeathStar] I called you all here for something else
[Blackjack] What?
[Wiendigo] It better be something damned important *phases in*
* Garland looks at DeathStar. "What is it Mr. Star?"
[DeathStar] One of you is being promoted.
* Garland goes and tries to get a coke but the machine eats the coin
[Blackjack] Yeah?
* Garland kicks the machine
[Dominator] Garland, stop that!
[DeathStar] Blackjack *turns to him*.  For your outstanding efforts you are being promoted too Sergeant
[Dominator] Garland, stop that!
[Blackjack] Whoa... I mean, uh, thank you, sir.
[Garland] B-but, it ate my coin!!
* Dominator flips him another coin
[DeathStar] Wiendigo.  Also, you have shown...outstanding....efforts but so far your...proceedures are unacceptable.  So, I cannot promote you
* Garland smiles
* Wiendigo sneers. "Of course the human would get promoted over one of us."
[Dominator] Wiendigo, button it
[Wiendigo] Make me soldier boy
* Garland looks at weindigo. "What do you mean Mr. Weindigo?"
* Wiendigo glares at the kid
* DeathStar sighs and the computer beeps. He goes over to it
* DeathStar reads it, face tightening up
[Blackjack] What's up, DS?
* Garland goes and watches TV
[Dominator] What is it?
[DeathStar] Remember that chip Albert stole a week ago?
[Dominator] Yeah?
[Blackjack] Yeah, I remember it.
[Garland] Who's Albert?
[DeathStar] Well, it looks like we found his unit.  They were caught up in a flood in a city.  It seems the place is raining so hard the city's flooding.  
[Dominator] An evil man we fought our last mission
[Garland] oh..... *continues watching TV*
[DeathStar] And here's another twist.  A Maverick unit is also entering the city....I would guess they are after Albert and his chip.  *grins*  Hope they blow that CorSec's ass off
[DeathStar] We have our orders to go down there and get the chip.  Capturing Albert and destroying the Maverick unit
[Blackjack] Hopefully so.  I just hope no one I know is in that group...
[Dominator] Underwater?
[DeathStar] We'll have some boats postion nearby by the 17th Unit
[Dominator] That's a switch. We're not that adept at fighting underwater...
[DeathStar] They'll stand by as reinforcements incase we can't handle it
* Garland walks to the group
[Wiendigo] You could use a bath Domiantor.
[DeathStar] We four need to head to the Hanger Bay immediately
* Dominator glares at Wiendigo
[Wiendigo] Aye aye Captain Ahab.
[Blackjack] Right. Let's go.
* Wiendigo phases out
* DeathStar heads down toward the shuttle
* Blackjack jogs to the shuttle
[Dominator] Anchors away Garland, we're shoving off
[Garland] Mr. Weindigo, will you be my friend? Pleeeaz?
* Dominator follows BJ
* DeathStar stops
[Garland] Oh.... ok *follows dominator*
[DeathStar] Garland shouldn't come with us
[Dominator] Would you rather leave him here with X1?
[Garland] Mr. Star, why not? I wanna go!!!
[DeathStar] .......True...
[Blackjack] He has a point, Death Star.
* DeathStar stepsinto the shuttle. C'mon on guys
* Blackjack climbs into the shuttle
* Garland jumps in
* Dominator climbs in
[Blackjack] Let's get this show on the road...
* DeathStar sits down and starts the shuttle.
[DeathStar] I hope we leave Wien behind...
[Wiendigo] About damn time.
* DeathStar closes the shuttle's door and takes off
* Wiendigo flicks DS' head. "Guess you ain't that lucky."
[DeathStar] I'll kill you one day, Wien, I swear it
[Wiendigo] Better keep your reserve tanks filled up, you'll need them
[Garland] Mr. Star, why would you kill Mr. Weindigo?
[DeathStar] EST.....4 minutes
* Dominator snickers
* Blackjack ignores them, and looks out of the side of the shuttle
* DeathStar glances at Garland and bites his tongue
[Garland] What did he do?
[DeathStar] Why would Mr. Rogers do what he did either...
[Garland] who?
* Blackjack snickers
[DeathStar] .....
* Dominator covers Garland's ears. "Don't bring THAT up here!"
[Garland] Mr. Wiendigo seems nice, no kill!
[DeathStar] C'mon, it's a known fact that the 20th Century idiot went nuts.
[Dominator] I don't care, don't bring it up!
[DeathStar] EST....1 more minute.  *they enter the Earth's atmosphere
[Wiendigo] All a bunch of pathetic push-overs...
* DeathStar they suddenly fly into a huge amount of dark clouds and the shuttle begins to rumble as pounding rain hits it
[Blackjack] Great, a thunderstorm.
[DeathStar] Guess we're at the storm....
[Garland] huh? what you say Mr. Wiendigo?
[Blackjack] I think we're in the right place.
* DeathStar watches lightning flash by the shuttle and booming thunder follows
[Dominator] Man, haven't seen anything this thick since the Rexwar mission.
[DeathStar] We can't stay up here much longer.  We need to land this shuttle...and keep it in one PIECE for once too
* Wiendigo glares at Garland
[Blackjack] The sooner we get out of these storm clouds, the better.
* DeathStar does a barrell roll out of a lightning bolt and brings it closer, the blinding rain covering up all visiblity out the windows
* Garland walks up to Wiendigo "Will you be my friend?"
[DeathStar] I can't see....damnit
[Wiendigo] Kid, don't make me tear you apart...
[Garland] D-amm-mn it? what that?
[Wiendigo] Land towards the northeast
* DeathStar heads for the northeast
[Dominator] Garland, sit down and fasten your belt!
* Garland sits down
* DeathStar shuttle rocks some
[Blackjack] Whoa!
[DeathStar] Now where too, Wiendigo?
* Blackjack grips the arm of his seat tightly
* DeathStar lightning bolt flashes in front of the shuttle
[Wiendigo] I can't scan any farther, the static from the storm's messing up my sonar
[DeathStar] Dam----darn.
[Blackjack] Forget northeast! Go DOWN!!!
[DeathStar] I AM
[Dominator] Time for a little blind faith...
* DeathStar suddenly there's a loud splash and the shuttle stops, turning itself off
[Dominator] Nice water landing
[Garland] what kind of word is d-am-mn?
[Blackjack] I, uh, think we found the ground...
* DeathStar glances out the window and sees water halfway up the window, and the pouring rain thumping the other half of it
[Dominator] One that you shouldn't repeat Garland.
[Garland] ok Mr. Dominator
* Wiendigo phases out of the shuttle into the water
* DeathStar stands up and glances at the radar, but it's totally screwed up
[DeathStar] Alright...we're going in blind
[Blackjack] What now...?
[Dominator] Man, never the first to wait to die, huh?
* DeathStar opens the hatch on the roof and climbs out, shielding his eyes from the rain
[Blackjack] I hope we have scuba tanks for me and Garland...
[DeathStar] No such luck, Blackjack
[Blackjack] I was afraid of that...
[Dominator] Do we have any rafts?
[Garland] i ho;d breath long time! 2 minuts last I chacked!
* DeathStar scans the area. "Okay....I think we need to head that direction for the boats that the 17th Unit left
[Dominator] Garland, you'd better stay behind this time
[DeathStar] It'll probably be a five minute trip.
[Garland] me go too!!
* Dominator sees Wiendigo already heading int that direction
[Blackjack] Here's that blind faith bit again...
* DeathStar dives into the water
[Dominator] Garland, STAY HERE.
* Blackjack shrugs, and leaps into the water
* DeathStar begins to swim that way, the water forcing him back some but he continues
[DeathStar] Blackjack, stay here too
[Garland] 6*sniffle*
[DeathStar] Garland....needs someone to stay here
[Blackjack] Whatever you say, DS.
* Dominator dives into the water
* Blackjack climbs back into the shuttle
* DeathStar turns to where he thinks Dominator is. "Can you see anything?"
[Dominator] We'll be back as soon as we can, if you have any problems, radio us
[Dominator] Barely.
[Blackjack] Right. Good luck.
[DeathStar] Aye.  We'll just have to continue in that direction...plus the water level is growing higher
[Dominator] Fire off short blasts, they should give us some light
[DeathStar] We're in a city...hit a powerline and BOOM
* DeathStar pauses
[Dominator] Good point...
[Dominator] What?
[DeathStar] Water hits any live powerlines.....
[Dominator] Uh oh....
[DeathStar] Lets just hurry..
* DeathStar continues forward
[Dominator] Wiendigo better know what he's getting himself into
* DeathStar glances around, seeing that everyone cleared out
* Dominator follows
[Garland] Mr. Blackjack wanna spar?
[DeathStar] Wiendigo can handle himself...
[Blackjack] Not particularly...
[Dominator] That's not what I'm afraid of
* DeathStar sees a building and climbs up on top of it, out of the water, glancing around
* Dominator pulls himself up
[DeathStar] I see the boats!
[Dominator] Now what?
[DeathStar] We just head on over there...
* Garland pratices a kata
* DeathStar steps into the water and is attacked by a Water Type Maverick
[DeathStar] WHAT THE!?
[Dominator] Race ya *backflips in*
* DeathStar is dragged underwater
[Dominator] Death sTar!
* DeathStar the rain continues to pour and all is silent
* Dominator dives under and blasts at the Maverick
* DeathStar dodges the blast and the Maverick is hit, exploding
* DeathStar comes back up to the surface.
* Dominator surfaces. "That was close."
[DeathStar] Too bad we're too heavy to float...
* Garland holds out hands, a gathers ki into a glowing ball, pulls out a book and uses it as light
[Dominator] Least we can swim
[DeathStar] To a degree..
* DeathStar continues foward
* DeathStar reaches the boat and pulls himself in. "Get in the other one"
[Dominator] Point taken, but at least we don't need air
* Dominator climbs in
* DeathStar starts the powerboat and takes off for Garland and Blackjack
* Dominator follows
* DeathStar they arrive a few minutes latere
[Dominator] Pretty quiet....
[DeathStar] Too quiet.  Get in you two
[Blackjack] About time.
* Blackjack leaps into DeathStar's boat
[DeathStar] Next time we'll let YOU go.
* Garland jumps in."YAY I GET TO GO!"
[Dominator] C'mon Garland
[Blackjack] Something must have happened.
* DeathStar starts the powerboat around the city, glancing around, the rain growing harder and blinding them all
[Garland] What we gonna do?
[Dominator] Hopefully take out the Maverick forces here
[DeathStar] I think we should find some building that's above water and see if we can get a clear transmission off in there
[Garland] We're gonna h-h-hurt them????
* Blackjack shields his eyes. 1"Even my enhanced senses aren't helping in this downpour..."
[Dominator] Yes Garland, we have to
[Garland] O-ookay......
* DeathStar glances around for a building
[Blackjack] That's what we do.  We're not called Maverick Hunters for nothing...
[Dominator] Where the hell is Wiendigo?
* DeathStar suddenly there's a tree, almost gone, in front of them and Death Star's boat rams into it, flipping over
[DeathStar] GAH1
* Garland smells the air
[Blackjack] No!!!
* DeathStar sinks underwater
* Wiendigo surfaces with Death Star
* Blackjack floats to the surface
[Garland] HEY!!!
* Garland jumps in the water
[Dominator] Garland!
* DeathStar glances at Wiendigo. "Perfect timing...as always."
[Blackjack] Scratch one boat...
* Garland floats up
[Garland] I like to swim!
[Wiendigo] Just remember this when it comes time for promotions
[Blackjack] A benefit of being human. We float.
* DeathStar climbs into Dom's boat and spits out some water
[Wiendigo] Benifit of being a Reploid, we don't need air
* Blackjack swims over to Dom's boat and climbs in
[DeathStar] We all need to go at a slower pace.  There is going to be more underwater obsticals.
[Blackjack] Good point, Wien...
[Dominator] Hope we don't hit any powerlines
* Garland goes under
[DeathStar] Where's Garland at?
[Dominator] Garland, get back up here@
* DeathStar glances around in the pouring rain
[DeathStar] That kid can get himself hurt!
* Garland swims up really fast, and jumps out of the water and into the boat
[Garland] fun!
* DeathStar glances at Garland dryly (pun inteaded)
[Dominator] Garland, stay where I can see you from now on
[DeathStar] Lets go Dom...
[Blackjack] Creative, and dangerous, way to get in the boat, Garland.
[Garland] is that a good thing?
* Dominator stears the boat away from the submerged tree
* Wiendigo dives under again
[Blackjack] I'm just trying to keep you out of trouble, kid.
[DeathStar] .......The water level has increased...
[Garland] look! Mr. Wiendigo can swim!
[Dominator] Gears, you'd think that guy was part fish...
[Dominator] We need to find a building and fast...
[DeathStar] ....Nice small town here....you thin---*suddenly the boat lurches and throws them all underwater, the boat slowly sinking
[Blackjack] YEOW!!!
* DeathStar glances underwater and sees they hit a statue underwater
[Dominator] Garland! Death Star! Blackjack!
* Blackjack splashes into the water
[DeathStar] NOT GOOD
[Blackjack] I'm ok...
* Garland swims around
[Blackjack] But the boat isn't.
[Garland] WEEE!!!
* DeathStar above them on a buildinga group of Maverick laugh at them
[Dominator] Guess we swim from here...
* DeathStar they hold up an electric ball
[DeathStar] DAMN!
[Dominator] SCATTER!
[Garland] Hi People on building!
[Blackjack] RUN! ... uh, SWIM!!!
[Dominator] GARLAND! MOVE IT!
[Garland] What?
* DeathStar grabs the side of the building and tries to find footing to pull himself out
[Garland] Why?
* Wiendigo bursts out of the water and tackles the Mavs
* Garland swims off
[Dominator] Uh, BECAUSE!
* DeathStar pulls out one of his feet and pulls himself out
* Garland swims onto the building
* Wiendigo slashes into them
* Blackjack swims at an incredible rate, taking shelter on a nearby ledge
* DeathStar Mavericks throw the balkl into the water as Wiendigo does so
[Garland] are they bad men?
[Dominator] Yes!
* DeathStar it hits the water and sends electric pulses shooting through the water
* Blackjack yells over, 1"YES!"
* Garland climbs the building
[DeathStar] DOM!  
* Dominator is on the building. "Don't worry, i'm safe."
[Garland] Mr Dominator!?
[Garland] Oh he ok!
* DeathStar the water stops being electricfied a few minutes later
* Garland climbs the rest of the way up
[DeathStar] ......Darnit to heck
* Wiendigo spits on the Mav bodies
* DeathStar flips onto the roof
[Blackjack] What now? No telling what the Mavericks have planned...
* Blackjack climbs onto the roof
[DeathStar] Wiendigo...is there a building nearby high enough above the water level we can get in?
[Garland] bad men..? why they try to hurt!?
[[Wiendigo] I thougt I saw one a few meters west, but it might have residents already
[[Dominator] Because they have nothing better to do Garland.
[DeathStar] At least it can't get any worse....*suddenly a boat flies by and the Mavericks throw a bomb on the roof
[Blackjack] SCATTER!
[DeathStar] ....NO!
[Garland] that bad!
[Wiendigo] Maybe you should keep your mouth shut, Death Star!
* DeathStar dives into the water
* Garland jumps off
* Blackjack dives out of the way, and off of the building
* Wiendigo backflips into the water
* DeathStar roof explodes
* Dominator dives into the water
* DeathStar Dom is hit 200 AP
* Garland trys to swimm after the mavs
[Dominator] AHHHH!
* Dominator sinks
[DeathStar] DOM!
[Garland] MR DOM!
* DeathStar dives under
[Blackjack] DOM!
* Garland swims down FAST
* DeathStar resurfaces
[DeathStar] ....
* Garland is WAY down
[Blackjack] Damn...
[Dominator] NRP: Somebody GRAB me!
* DeathStar grabs onto a log and pulls himself onto it
[DeathStar] Kid....get him kid...
* Garland 's been under a minute
[Wiendigo] How the hell is the kid doing that?
[DeathStar] ....Why don't you ask him?
* Garland 's under for 2 min
[DeathStar] He said he could only hold his breath for two miutes..
[Wiendigo] Because, I don't care for him
[Blackjack] He said he could stay under two minutes earlier...
[DeathStar] I'm going after them
[Blackjack] I'm going to go look for him.
* Garland comes up after 3 min
[Wiendigo] Stay, I'l lgo, I can go down farther
* Wiendigo dives
[DeathStar] Garland?  Where's Dom?
* Garland gasps for air, raises hand, dom is being pulled
* Dominator is now surfacing
* Wiendigo comes up
* DeathStar helps Garland
* Garland gasps for 1 breath, then stops
[Blackjack] Everybody ok?
* Dominator coughs out water. "Thanks Garland."
* Blackjack draws his rifle. "Time to test this thing..."
[DeathStar] Okay...Wiendigo.....lead us to that building...the water level is still increasing
[Wiendigo] Try to keep up
* DeathStar rain grows harder
* Blackjack aims his rifle at Dominator
* Wiendigo swims towards the building
* DeathStar dives after Wiendigo
* Dominator goes back in carefully
* Blackjack fires Cure Shot at Dom (75 LP)
* Blackjack swims after the group
[Dominator] Thanks BJ
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo. "Impressive work."
* Wiendigo stops at the building
[Blackjack] Anytime, Dom.
[Wiendigo] As always
* Garland lays down
* DeathStar stops and glances at it. It's three stories. 1 story is only remaining above the water
* Wiendigo scans up the side of the building
[Blackjack] At least part of it is above water...
[Wiendigo] Nobody home
* DeathStar kicks in the window and leaps inside
[Dominator] Yeah, but not for long...
[Garland] Ooooo!
* Dominator follows in
* Garland jumps in too
[Wiendigo] 'me climbs in
* Blackjack leaps through the window
[Wiendigo] Home crappy home...
[DeathStar] .....Those Mavericks that threw the bomb are probably following us
[Garland] Mr. Wiendigo, you never answered me, will you be my friend?
[DeathStar] We all should prepare them a nice party...
[Dominator] Then wouldn't they be gathering on the roof?
[Wiendigo] No
* Blackjack cocks his rifle. "Let's get ready..."
[DeathStar] True.  Weindigo...Blackjack.  Go to the roof.  Prepare sniper spots
[Garland] *sniffle* Ookay....
* Wiendigo phases up to the roof
[Blackjack] Right.
* Wiendigo lays down and aims his blaster out
* Blackjack walks for the roof
[DeathStar] Dominator...Garland.  Go to the back of the building, on this floor, and prepare spots
[DeathStar] back there
* Blackjack aims his laser, ready for firing
[Garland] ok!
[Dominator] Alright, c'mon Gar
* Garland runs of with Dom
* DeathStar positions himself where they first came in, lookingaround
* Dominator heads towards the back
* Dominator sets up
* DeathStar three boats appear nearby, towards the left
* DeathStar two more appear in the back
* Blackjack motions to Wiendigo
[Wiendigo] Are those the Mavs?
[Garland] Mr. Dominator, why Mr. Wiendigo not want to be my friend?
* Dominator gets ready
* DeathStar another three appear to the right. And two in front
[Blackjack] *quietly* Damn...
* DeathStar aims
[Dominator] Because he's a jerk Gar, now get down, the bad men are coming
* Blackjack aims his rifle
* DeathStar cannon appears and he aims
[Wiendigo] They're really pulling out the flanks on this one
* Garland gets down "Bad men make me mad.
* DeathStar all of them appear at once
[Wiendigo] Shit!
[DeathStar] I mean, all of them take off at them at ocne
[[Wiendigo] That's better
* DeathStar they open fire on the building. The building has 2000 BP. Protect it at all costs
* DeathStar the building takes 200 AP
* Wiendigo blasts back
* Garland draws kinship sword
* Dominator fires off Rune Sword blasts
* DeathStar fires cannon at one of the boats
* Blackjack fires sniper shots at the boats he can shoot at (240 AP)
* DeathStar two more boats fire. 400 AP
[Garland] I dont wanna hurt anybody... do I have to?
* DeathStar one boat begins to sink
[Dominator] Garland, do what you tihnk you have to do
* DeathStar fires at that one boat and blows it up
[Garland] O-okay
* Dominator fires off more shots
* Blackjack continues firing (130 AP)
* DeathStar the building is shaking
* DeathStar BJ's boat explodes
* Garland sheathes sword
* Garland stands up
* Blackjack 's aim is thrown off temporarily
* Wiendigo blasts charged Energon Katana shots at the Mavs
Mavericks] Fires another blast - 400 AP
[DeathStar] Building has 1000 BP left
* DeathStar Wien destroys the boat
[Wiendigo] This place won't hold out for long!
[Garland] Kiaaaaaaaamaaaaaa!!!!!!!! *blasts a boat*
[Dominator] Damn, kid's got a nice shot...
* Blackjack regains his aim and releases many shots at the nearest boat (335 AP)
* DeathStar Dom's boat explodes
* DeathStar boats at the back are clear
[Wiendigo] To Davey Jones' locker with you!
* DeathStar that boats explodes. Right side clear
[Garland] Kiama!*blasts a boat* AGAIN! *blasts a boat*
[Dominator] Garland, let's help DS and the tohers
* Wiendigo blasts the boats
* DeathStar fires at another bloat, exploding it.
* Garland speeds off to DS
[Garland] Kiama! *fires*
[Dominator] SAME BACK HERE!
[Blackjack] NRP: How many are left?
* DeathStar they attack. 400 AP done
* DeathStar three. To the left
* DeathStar heads to the left and fires off another cannon shot (100 AP)
* Wiendigo fires arm cannon shots at them
[Garland] Shoun!!! *fires*
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt
* DeathStar they fire another blast. 400 AP done
* Blackjack lets loose plasma shots (130 AP)
[DeathStar] Building has 200 BP left
[Blackjack] Dom! Good idea! Electrify the water!
* DeathStar continues firing and blows another boat up. Another boat epxlodes
[DeathStar] One more left
* Dominator aims for the water and blasts
* Garland Kiama's the water
[Garland] that electric?
* Wiendigo fires into the water
* DeathStar that last boat explodes
[Garland] or fire? I dont know
* DeathStar the building is crumbling some. The water level has reached Dom, DS, and Garland's feet
[DeathStar] Good job everyone
[Garland] Ohhhhhh WATER!
* Garland jumps in
[Wiendigo] This building's not going to last much longer even without the Mavs... 
[Blackjack] I noticed that.
[DeathStar] It'll give me time.
[Dominator] Wien's got a point, we should keep moving
* DeathStar begins to scan the comm. waves for messages between the Mavericks
[Wiendigo] Anything?
[DeathStar] Give me a little while.  I need to be out of the rain for this to work
[DeathStar] Nothing...yet.
* Garland draws kinship sword
* Garland practices
[DeathStar] Getting something..
* DeathStar turns it up for everyone to hear
[Dominator] As long as it isn't country *smirks*
[DeathStar] Albert: Typhoon?  You there?
* Blackjack snickers
[DeathStar] Typhoon: Yes, Commander Albert?
* Garland jumps into the water, like he's stabbing it, climbs out, and repeats
[Wiendigo] I don't like the sound of this, anyone with teh anme of "TYphoon"...
* Blackjack hisses, "Knock it off Garland."
[DeathStar] Albert:  We are picking up Maverick and Hunter activity in Sector-9.  There are tons of Maverick activity in Sector-10, heading for Sector-9.  We need to pull out while the two battle it out
[Garland] Typhooone? isnt that a tpye of rainfall?
[DeathStar] Typhoon: Yes sir.  Where do you wish me to lead the men too?
[Dominator] DS, can you trace the signal?
[DeathStar] Albert:  Meet me in Sector-11.
[Garland] oooo
* DeathStar the comm. suddenly crackles and goes dead
[DeathStar] No, I can't.
* DeathStar stands up
[Dominator] Extreme strom with gale-force winds and heavy winds, I wouldn't doubt this guy is behind the storm.
[DeathStar] Typhoon is the code name for a robot made by CorSec.  It's like Mega Man and Proto Man were
[Blackjack] I remember that now... They were working on Typhoon before I deserted CorSec...
[DeathStar] It can only obey CorSec.....We need to destroy Typhoon and cut off Albert
[Dominator] Great, lovely, whoop de doo.
[DeathStar] .....What worries me is that Albert said there was a bunch of Maverick activity heading this way..
[Garland] Me know history! *hold up the book he was reading earlier* my daddy gave me book! MegaMan good guy!
* DeathStar glances out the window and sees a huge boat and on it is a bunch of Mavericks
[Wiendigo] What if we lead them towards Albert's men? Let them handle each other like last time
[DeathStar] ....No time.
[Wiendigo] Shit.
* Blackjack hears the boats (enhanced senses)
[DeathStar] This building can't stand up to another pounding. The water level's to OUR FEET
[Blackjack] We need to get out of here...
[DeathStar] .....
[Wiendigo] Last one out is a drowned duck
* Wiendigo dives into the water
* Garland jumps into the water
* DeathStar boat launches a missile at the building, destroying it
[DeathStar] ARGH
[[Blackjack] Let's head under.
[DeathStar] Dom, DS, and Blackjack take 100 AP damage
* Dominator dives
* Garland looks at the boat
[Blackjack] They won't find us there
[Garland] Bad men?
[Dominator] ARGH!
[Blackjack] AGH!!!
[DeathStar] ARFh
[Dominator] Y-Yes
* DeathStar is thrown in the water
* Blackjack dives into the water
[Garland] Hrm.... *swims down*
[Wiendigo] Anyone have any type of grenades? We can sink them in a flash
* Garland swims up really fast again, jumps 10-5 feet out of the water
* DeathStar fires his cannon at the boat
[Garland] KIAMA!!!!!!!!!!! *blasts the boat*
[Blackjack] Yep.
[Dominator] Garland! Stay out of the line of fire!
* Blackjack fingers a remote mine
* DeathStar boat reflects the attack
[Garland] AH!
[Wiendigo] Attach it to the bottom of the boat
[DeathStar] FORCE FIELD!
* Garland watches the Kiama go off away from the boat
[Wiendigo] DAMNIT!
[Blackjack] Be right back.
[DeathStar] ....
[Garland] that weird..
* Blackjack dives
[DeathStar] .....
* DeathStar glances around
[DeathStar] Another boat approaching from the east..
[Dominator] Mavs too?
[DeathStar] ...Yes.
* Blackjack resurfaces. "Damn... the forcefield is under them too..."
[Garland] *suddenly mature* A force feild that reflects Ki? Hrm.........
[Dominator] Can we make them ram each other?
[DeathStar] ......
[DeathStar] Could work
[Dominator] looks at Garland. "You okay?"
[Garland] Y-yeah.... me fine!
[Wiendigo] Like to see you pull this off
[DeathStar] ....I can do it
[DeathStar] WATCH
* DeathStar dives into the water
[Blackjack] We need to do something, and do it fast.
[Garland] O-oh! Idea!
* DeathStar boats approach
[Dominator] Let DS  handle it Gar
[Garland] maybe there an external power source?
[Garland] ooookay.....
* DeathStar leaps up onto the force field of the one boat, relfecting off, but keeps doing a bouncing motion off of it. "HEY, FREAKS! COME AND GET ME!"
[Garland] dont call me gar!
[Wiendigo] Is he trying to imitate a dolphin or something?
* DeathStar fires a cannon shot right into the force field and dives into the water
[Dominator] With DS, you can never tell...
* DeathStar the boat turns course and follows DS.
* Blackjack snickers
* DeathStar the boats can't see each other through the rain
[Garland] *to Wiendigo* You mean he's NOT a fish? *snicker*
* DeathStar leaps out of the water and fires another shot, leading the boat right in the path of the other one, which is firing at Wien and them
[Wiendigo] DIVE!
* Wiendigo goes under
* Dominator submerges
* DeathStar suddenly the two boats see each other, 5 feet apart. He leaps off one boat's force field into the other's and dives underwater
* Garland sits there staring
[DeathStar] as the two force fields touch, blowing the two boats up
* Blackjack takes a deep breath, then dives underwater
* Dominator grabs Garland's foot and pulls him under
[Garland] Ah----*glurble*
* DeathStar blast makes a whirlpool where DS was and shoots the water out at Wien and them, destroying the building they were orginally in
* Wiendigo comes back up
[Wiendigo] Whirlpool!
* Garland fidgets trying to get free of Dom's hand
* Dominator comes back up with Garland
* DeathStar the whirlpool fades away
[Dominator] Ah, nuts and bolts!
[Dominator] Wheew.
* Garland swims away from Dom
* DeathStar only thing heard is the pounding rain on the water
[Wiendigo] Which way towarsd Albert?
* DeathStar sounds of boats can be heard far off towards the North, towards Sector-11
[Wiendigo] I'm there! *dives underwater and heads off*
* Garland holds breath and goes under
* Garland comes back up for air
* DeathStar is still missing
[Dominator] Death Star? Where are you?
[Dominator] Garland, we've got to find Death Star
* Garland hold breatg goes back under, swims the way Wiendigo did
[Dominator] Blackjack, we need to find DS
* DeathStar jumps out of the water somewhere near where Wien was
[Dominator] Nevermind...
* Garland tries to catch up with wien
* DeathStar floats there and then sinks again
* Dominator dives towards DS and grabs him
* Dominator pulls him to the surface
* DeathStar the force field blast ripped a gash down his back and water is splashing inside him
[DeathStar] Go-t to co-ntinue..
[Blackjack] Get him somewhere dry...
* Dominator holds him out of the water
* Garland 's 2 minute limit is reached, heads up, is 20 feet under
[Dominator] I'd love to do that, IF we can find somwhere
[DeathStar] ...*glances around*  Just...h.ead for Al-bert.
* Garland is exhausted
[DeathStar] I'll take one of his boats..
* DeathStar dives away from Dom and continues on
* DeathStar all humans are growing tired from swimming constantly
[Dominator] Darn fool and his stubbornness
* Garland gets near the area around DS, cant swinm anymore