Mission 50!


Part One: The Beginning of the End

Featuring a story that will rock their world...

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 Hours Later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room of an Alien Base in Alien Nation, On Earth
[DeathStar] GM's Note: DS has led them there to take out a base the alien's where engineering.  They have just managed to defeat the Alien Boss here
*** Titish (death_star@dial45.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Titish hovers in the air, holding his side
* Slash holds his warpblades at the ready
[Baberlus] Looks like I came at the right time...
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblades which gleam with energy
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of flame.
* Wiendigo yawns
* Seraphna` looks at everyone
[Slasher] Time to die
* DeathStar twirls sabre
* Dominator is silently glancing around
* Titish crashes to the ground
* Baberlus holds up hands, but stops himself, and pulls out his gun
[Titish] How could you beat me???
[Slash] because.. we are better then you
[Wiendigo] Easy, you suck.
[Slasher] We're The Maverick Hunters, that's why!
* DeathStar glares at Wiendigo
* Seraphna` forms Psi-Shield
* Wiendigo smrisk at DS
[Titish] I...won't let you escape here...alive...trust me
[Ariel] Just die!
* Dominator narrows eyes
[Slash] ...
[Slasher] Shuttup
[Dominator] You're beaten.
* Titish fires an orb into the air
* Seraphna` is a little gittery
* Slasher stabs Titish one more time
* Titish dies
*** Titish is now known as GM
* Slash looks at the orb

* GM the orb begins to beep like a bomb
[Slash] uhh...
* Justin-the-II aim his 19 at titises body
[Slash] run?
[Slasher] Ahh crap
[DeathStar] Ohhh shit...
[Baberlus] Heh.... Because as long as bastards like you are in existance, there's always a stronger force
* Slasher starts running
[Cheryl] Not again!
* Justin-the-II fires evan though hes dead
[DeathStar] I suggest GET OUT OF HERE!!
* Slash a shimmering warp field appears around him
* Slash warps
* Daren activates his helm shield and begins running
[Slasher] Justin RUN 
* Cheryl bails.
* Seraphna` hops toariel's shoulder
* DeathStar warp goes odown
[Slash] IN NOW!!!
[Baberlus] You SUGGEST?!
* Justin-the-II runs
* Slasher phases away
* Wiendigo slips into the shadows
* Slash falls
* DeathStar runs
* Ariel runs as fast as possible
[Slash] OW OW OW
* Baberlus runs in
* GenjiMan runs
* Slash runs (armor)
* Slasher runs as fast as possible
* Dominator follows DS
[GM] :45
[Seraphna`] hurry ariel!
* Slasher follows DS
* DeathStar skids to a stop as the exit closes
* Baberlus sings almost
[Slasher] ahh crap
* Slash stops beside DS
[Ariel] I can't go any faster!
[Slash] frick...
* Dominator stops right behind Death Star, glancing at it
[DeathStar] I knew this was to easy...why'd I go to Alien Nation?!
* Justin-the-II stoips
* Slash jams his blades into the door
* DeathStar aims at the great and blasts a hole
* Slasher starts hacking at it
[Dominator] I don't know, why did you...?
* Daren suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into door (240 AP)
* Daren uses his psi power to increase damage (+95 AP)
* DeathStar dives into the sewer systems of the base
[Wiendigo] Because you're a moron
* Slash jumps through
* Slasher follows
* Dominator leaps through, following DS
[GM] :25
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Slasher land in the water
* Ariel jumps down
* Daren follows DS into the sewers
* DeathStar sludges through the sewers
* Justin-the-II runs fatser than normal
* Baberlus flips and catches up with DS
* Slasher gets up and starts running through]
* Daren flies above the muck
* Ariel follows DS
[GM] :9
* Slash follows DS closly
* DeathStar activates Jetpack and zooms ahead
* Seraphna` tries to give ariel more energy with here psicic transfer
* Slasher speeds through
* Dominator continues dashing
* Daren is flying as fast as he can
* Ariel sprints.
[GM] :4
* GenjiMan is following DS
* Dominator activites Crimson Crystal and dashes, following DS
[GM] :3
[GM] :2
* Baberlus presses a button and speeds ahead
* Justin-the-II runs faster than normal
[GM] :1
[GM] :0
* Slasher leaps
[Justin-the-II] ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
* Seraphna` is hanging on for her life
* GM the base explodes above them and a firewall falls them in the sewers
* DeathStar sees the exit up ahead
* Slasher runs towards it
* Slash looks back, and continues running
[Seraphna`] run Ariel, run!
* Justin-the-II runs too
[Baberlus] DONT LOOK BACK!!!
[Ariel] Not quite fast enough...
* Justin-the-II leapos on it and gets out
* Baberlus keeps running
* Daren hyperboosts toward the exit
* Dominator is going three times normal speed, pushing himself to his limit
* Slasher leaps through the exit
* Slash jumps up
* DeathStar flies out the hole and into the sandy air of the Wastelands
* Seraphna` gives her more energy
* Baberlus jumps out
* GM firewall follows them
* Ariel leaps, barely making it
* Slash lands on back
* Justin-the-II is out
* Dominator actives Azure Crystal and flies through the hole
* DeathStar turns Jetpack off and hits the sand
* Slasher land on the snd
* GM firewave explodes through the hole and shoots into the air
* Ariel grabs Seraphna and rolls with the fall
[Justin-the-II] i wish we could extermanaite there intire race....
[Baberlus] Well... I'm looking forward to never doign that again...
* Wiendigo oozes up from a shadow
* Seraphna` flies down slowly
* Slasher goes over to Ariel
[Ariel] Well... THAT was fun...
* DeathStar stands up
* Seraphna` is grabbed by ariel
[Slasher] Wheres Cheryl
* Justin-the-II looks at the gusher of fire
[Wiendigo] Well, wasn't that fun?
* Dominator slows to a stop and flies back to where the others are
[Seraphna`] you ok ariel
* DeathStar looks at the burning base
* Baberlus pulls out a cigar
[Dominator] Yeah, really, Wiendigo...
* DeathStar hits comm. and brings in the shuttle
[Ariel] Yeah, how about you?
[Slash] ..
* Slash eyes all of them
[Seraphna`] ok... i guess
* Wiendigo snatches the cigar
[Baberlus] Sure, uh... it's Wiendigo right?
* Wiendigo lights it up and smokes it
* Slasher gets up scratching his right arm
[Daren] That was to easy
* Baberlus pulls out another
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo [Soon Hell will pick you up...heh heh]
[Justin-the-II] ill kill those muther &$#&*$'s!
[Seraphna`] i'm out of energy though
[Baberlus] You coulda asked.
* DeathStar steps into the shuttle
* Daren shakes his alien head
[Justin-the-II] mother
* Wiendigo phases into the shuttle
* Slasher steps into the shuttle
* DeathStar sits at the pilot's seat
[DeathStar] Easy is good, if you get away alive.
[Slasher] I gotta wrap this thing
* Ariel climbs into the shuttle
* Seraphna` rides on Ariel's shoulder
* Justin-the-II looks at the remains then get in
* Baberlus sits in the shuttle, puffing the cigar lightly
* Slash warps into the shuttle
[Ariel] Couldn't have made it without your help Seraphna.  Thanks
[Wiendigo] This brings back memoories...13*grins evily at DS*
* Daren activates his flier and climbs inside
[Slasher] DS wheres the Medkit
* Slash glares at wein
* Dominator sits at the weapon seat
[Slash] NR{: ien..
[DeathStar] Grrr...Right shelf.
[Baberlus] Oh, DS hates you too I take it, by that look.
[Slasher] Thanks
* DeathStar flies away from Alien Nation
[Seraphna`] *yawns* your welcome ariel
* Wiendigo blows some smoke into Slash's face
[Cheryl] Well, if I'm not going to be need around here, I'm going to rest up.
* DeathStar notes Alien Fighters are tracking them as they fly away
* Daren follows DS in the flier
* Dominator taps the controls, and looks at the now veyr small burning base
* Slash 's armor slowly shifts, small tenticles and blades forming and disappearing around his body.
* Dominator glances at DS as his sensors say that too
[Justin-the-II] kill those aliens!
[Baberlus] Fighters? Hmm.
* Cheryl fades away into a white glow and disappears.
[Dominator] Arm weapons?
[Justin-the-II] kill em!
[Baberlus] Lets fry their asses.
* DeathStar flies over Alien Nation borders and they stop following them
[DeathStar] No.
[Slash] ..
* Slasher takes it out and wraps his right arm with gauze and bandage wrap(??)
[Justin-the-II] yes kill all aliens!
* Dominator nods
* DeathStar flies away from Earth
[Slasher] Justin SHUT UP
[Baberlus] ruin any fun I have then...
[Justin-the-II] why should i?
[DeathStar] Well, nice relaxing mission after a fun party...
[Seraphna`] please be quite justin...
[Dominator] Justin, quiet... We're not going to start a fight. Did you forget that alien ships are five times are strength?
* Slash looks at DS
[Slash] party?
[Daren] [comm] DS, that was weird... they didn't attack us
* DeathStar nods
[Dominator] Yeah, really, DS....
[DeathStar] Comm: Right.  They don't want to piss off EarthGov
[Ariel] You missed it Slash... then again, I was there and I missed it.
[Justin-the-II] i dont care.....i want them daed..........
* Slasher strap his right arm onto his chest
* Baberlus finishes his cigar
[Wiendigo] Who smells a trap? 6*raises his hand*
[Daren] [comm] Still...
[Slash] Humm..
[Dominator] And I'm sure, EarthGov, the generous and kind people they are, will give us some time off about now...
[Slasher] Well Its left handed for me for awhile
[Justin-the-II] They all havetoo die......*sniff*
[DeathStar] Hah
* DeathStar enters the hanger and powers down
* Slasher walks out
[DeathStar] Head to the Control Room for a debriefing
[Slasher] great
* Justin-the-II grits his teath
[Dominator] Justin, rushing in and getting yourself killed won't help get revenge. I understnad you situation, but be patient and eventually you'll be able to beat them in other ways.
[Baberlus] A bebriefing? That's unheard of....heh
* DeathStar enters the control room
* Slash gets out, and heads to the Control room
* Slasher walks towards the control room
[Ariel] Great... I hate debriefs... Cheryls has all the luck...
* Justin-the-II gets out
* Dominator follows DS
* Daren lands and the flier dissapears
* Ariel takes her time going to the control room.
* Baberlus sits in a chair
* DeathStar sits in his chair
* Slasher sits down
* Wiendigo heads off for the bar instead
* Justin-the-II enter controle room
* Daren walks over to the Control Room
* Slash shimmers into view next to DS
* Seraphna` thinks it's better than being back in that base]
* Dominator sits in his own chair
[Baberlus] I wasnt even here for the mission, I came at the last moment, why do I have to be here?
[Slasher] Ahh...I cant believe this happened to me
[DeathStar] Grr, as soon as I can get ahold of Hell, that bass' gone
[Slash] Shut up Slasher...
* Ariel sits down at the comm station, which has practically become her chair.
[Dominator] Right...
[DeathStar] Okay, the base we---*comm. on the computer beeps*
[Baberlus] You mean it Hell isnt part of Alien Nation already
* Seraphna` puts her head on top of ariels, looking at the scene
* Dominator glances at the com
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] Eh?  *hits the button and a high EarthGov Offical appears on the screen*
* Wiendigo phases through the floor with a beer in hand
[Slasher] Slash dont try me right now...I may have only one good arm but Ill smack you to the moons of Mars
*** GM is now known as EarthGov-Offical
[Wiendigo] Alright kiddies, what did I miss?
* Dominator looks at the official
[EarthGov-Offical] Greetings, Hunters...
[Dominator] Greetings.
* Slash looks at the official
* GenjiMan looks at the official too
[Wiendigo] Don't i know that guy?
[GenjiMan] hi.
[Slash] What do you want now?
* Slasher ignore the offical
[EarthGov-Offical] I have good news for you and bad news.  I'll start with the good news *combs hair back*
[Baberlus] You missed one hellova party Wien..
* Ariel looks over.
* Seraphna` salutes as best she could
* Justin-the-II looks at the official
* DeathStar frowns as he watches
[Dominator] Lets...
[Seraphna`] The good news?
[EarthGov-Offical] CorSec has rejoined EarthGov.  Isn't this great news?  The offical agreement was today.
[Wiendigo] It's always a party when I'm around
[Slasher] WHAT
[DeathStar] T-They what!?
* Slash reels back in shock
[Seraphna`] WHAT!!!
[Ariel] !!!
* Slasher slams his fist throught the table
[Baberlus] To EarthGovOfficial: Uh.. you know it's immpolite to grrom yourself infront of others?
[Wiendigo] Well, isn't that special...
[Justin-the-II] ???
[GenjiMan] WAAAAAH?!?!?!?!
* Dominator remains composed, unlike the others
* Dominator though inwardly he fumes
* DeathStar leans back
* Baberlus laughs a little
[EarthGov-Offical] The bad news, yet still GREAT news is...well, um..
* Slash remembers what CorSec did to him....
[Slasher] They better KEEP away from me.
* Seraphna` thinks this is all crazy!
[Justin-the-II] this isnt gonna hapen....
* Ariel starts talking to herself "1This doesn't sound good..." "1Tell me about it..."
[Dominator] Spit it out... sir...
* Slash rolls his cape out, and it flows down falling into place
* GenjiMan looks at Official
[EarthGov-Offical] You're disbanded.  All of you will live like rich people, of course, for the rest of your days.  The Station is now the properity of CorSec...
[Seraphna`] Sir... how...
* Wiendigo lights up a new cigar
[GenjiMan] ........
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] No....
[Justin-the-II] ???
[Seraphna`] wha????
[Wiendigo] About damn tIME!
[Slasher] Really...now isnt that nice
[Justin-the-II] wha????!!!
* Slash falls silent, armor quivering, and more blades are being formed
* Dominator mutters, 1"At least Spade isn't telling us-...", suddenly cries, 1"WHAT?!"
* Slasher rips his badge off
[Baberlus] I'm rich? Wooo hoo! Uh... DS, sorry, no point in turining you in now.
[DeathStar] I won't let you have it

* Ariel is silent.
[EarthGov-Offical] What is that Commander?
* Slash moves to DS's side
[Wiendigo] Finally get to live like a god-damn king!
[DeathStar] I said, I won't give it to you.  The station
[Dominator] Wait one second, sir. *very harsh on the "sir" part*
* Slasher mutters "Rebel"
[Slash] You heard the reploid
* Daren under breath 1"Well, at least Wiendigo isn't going to be joining the hunters"
* Seraphna` looks at ariel
* Dominator glances at DS and mutters, 1"Careful, DS..."
[EarthGov-Offical] What?!  Captain Dominator.....arrest Deawth Star.
[Seraphna`] No!
[Dominator] Excuse me, sir?
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Slasher stands infront of the com
* Wiendigo snorts. 1"Yeah, that'll ever happen..."
* Slash watches Dom
[EarthGov-Offical] Arrest the traitor, NOW
[Slasher] Were fading umm..can you repart that
* Daren begins tracing the comm call
* DeathStar shoves Slasher away
* Justin-the-II stands infront of ds
[Slash] ....
[DeathStar] YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!
[Slasher] Hmmm
* Seraphna` starts to preparee her mind....
[Baberlus] Will I get a bounty for arresting him?
[Dominator] FIRST, let me see the formal papers for our "disbantion". SIR.
[Baberlus] I mean that big Gil bounty?
[Dominator] Shut up Baberlus...
[Baberlus] oh, fine.
* EarthGov-Offical transfers them to the computer. All legal.
[Justin-the-II] no ones taken ds noweres!
* Wiendigo flicks some ashes
[Seraphna`] SIR... this can't be happening!
* Slasher works on a new badge
* Dominator mutters, 1"Shit..."
[Seraphna`] We can't just...
* Ariel whispers "1He won't let it go with out a fit." "1He won't let it go with one either..."
[Dominator] Why are we disbanned... We've all served EarthGOv... and are a great aid to it!
* Slash face becomes more and more serious, and pained
[Baberlus] If we're disbanded, Dominator need not take orders...
[EarthGov-Offical] Arrest DS, now
[Justin-the-II] no!
[Justin-the-II] dont do i9t dom
[Baberlus] I'm not arresting him.
* DeathStar glares at the screen
* Wiendigo cocks arm cannon
[Wiendigo] Anyone mind if I shut this jackass up?
[Seraphna`] dom! no!
[DeathStar] Wien, no..
[Slasher] Nope
* Dominator glances at DS, then at the EarthGov officer, then back at the official, 1"I'm sorry sir... But, I can't, I won't arrest him."
* Wiendigo sneers
[EarthGov-Offical] What?!
* Slash begins charging his gauntlets, and a faint crackling energy appears around them
[Justin-the-II] yah!
* Daren begins concentrating as a glowing ball appears in his hand
[EarthGov-Offical] Slash!!! Arrest him!
[Seraphna`] You heard him!
* Daren stretches as grows. It becomes covered with black armor. Wings sprout out of his back. And his hands and feet turn into claws. His mouth streatches into a beak. He has morphed into a bird-like reploid.
[Slash] Make me
[Justin-the-II] he aint arestin no one!
*** Daren is now known as DarkPhoenix
[GenjiMan] ....
* Baberlus laughs a little
[EarthGov-Offical] Justin, I'll make you Commander over your own unit at EarthGov...ARREST DS.  You can still fight the aliens
* Slash glares at the screen
[Justin-the-II] shut up yah panze A$$!
[Slasher] Whats with this he skips me and goes to Justin
[Slasher] That basterd
[Seraphna`] get a lif..... sir!
[Baberlus] How's the pay Mr. EarthGov?
[Wiendigo] Someone's become pathetic and desperate...
* DarkPhoenix suddenly hyperjumps into the official's room
[EarthGov-Offical] Good, Bounty Hunters
* Slasher pulls his pants down and moons hi
* DeathStar DP is stopped
[Baberlus] That's ma job.
* Slasher pulls them back up
* Slash glares at Baberlus
[DeathStar] As I said, you can't have the station
* Dominator looks at Baberlus and puts his hand on Rune Sword's hilt
[DarkPhoenix] Well, it was worth a try
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Slasher takes out a can o spray paint
[EarthGov-Offical] Then this is war, Commander...we'll be there soon to take the station back...be prepared!!!
* EarthGov-Offical vanishes
* Baberlus raises hand to Dom "Wait."
*** EarthGov-Offical is now known as GM
* Slash pulls his warp blades out, and they glow a wicked blue
* Seraphna` preparees her shield, just in case...
* Ariel is insulted that she was never asked... though it wouldn't make a difference.
[Baberlus] Bah, I bet it was too cheap anyway...
[Slasher] DS i go with the idea of Becoming the NEW REBEL
[Wiendigo] What? He didn't offer ME anytihng???
[Baberlus] Looks like I'm still here.
[DarkPhoenix] DS, what ships do we have besides the shuttles and the alien ship?
[Seraphna`] Ariel, we can't let them take it...
[Dominator] Dammit... This is not good....
[DeathStar] We're stuck with HIM now..*nods at wiendigo*
* Baberlus handa wien a cigar
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] None....NONE!!!
* DeathStar punches wall
[Baberlus] Here, take one, I'm pissed too
[Slasher] DS???
[Slash] ..
[DeathStar] ...The Lost Armada is still lost...
* Slash takes a Cigar from Baberlus
* GenjiMan looks at DS
[Wiendigo] Damn, there goes my plot to kill you all in your sleep...
* Slash lights it up
[Slasher] How bout we become REBEL
[Ariel] We won't let them win, don't worry Seraphna.
[Baberlus] I thought it was already lost...?
[Seraphna`] i second that
* Dominator glances at Death Star, 1"We can't fight our own planet..."
[DeathStar] Slasher...we're the Maverick Hunters....not REBEL.  We'll fight as the Hunters
[Slasher] Fine..
[DarkPhoenix] So, we only have one ship that can really defend the base?
* Wiendigo takes out his sword and shoves it into the middle of teh table
[DeathStar] I know we can't Dominator.  *computer begins to scream*
[Seraphna`] but the hunters mean **** now
[Baberlus] Sorry, Wien, but I was gonna take DS to CorSec, so... couldnt kill him
[Slash] I was created a hunter killer... and will die a hunter
[DeathStar] What the--?
* Dominator looks at Wiendigo, then at the computer
* DeathStar sees their files are being deleted by EarthGov
[Slasher] Great Company
[DeathStar] Oh shit!!
[GenjiMan] O_o
* Ariel races to cut EarthGov off
[Seraphna`] i'll stop it
[Justin-the-II] ??
* Slash sits down, and begins lockign them out (computer skills)
[Dominator] Stop that! *franticly types on the computer)
[Wiendigo] How's about, the REBEL Hunters, mates? *evil grin*
* Slasher starts to hack intot he comp
[Justin-the-II] shut it off!
[Justin-the-II] shut it off!
[Baberlus] Ooooo Sword in the Table.... wait, thought it was supposed to be a stone?
[Slash] Lets see how fast they are..
* DarkPhoenix begins backing up the files using his telepathic computer ability
* Seraphna` races to stop it
[GenjiMan] ....
* Ariel cuts the back ups off from the main system
[Dominator] Take us offline out of EarthGov's network...
[Slasher] Send a Virus throught htem
* Justin-the-II fiddles with his laptop
* Slash fingers fly across the board(enhaced agility)
* DeathStar the files are rapidly being deleted
[Justin-the-II] c'mon!!!!
[DeathStar] ....Good grief...
* Seraphna` uses telepathy too
[Justin-the-II] stop the deleeting!
* DeathStar watches
[Slash] Come on........
* Slash goes faster
* Ariel piggybacks a virus into thier system
[Dominator] Can't we somehow stop this...?
* Justin-the-II saves all datta on a disc
[Baberlus] I aint got nothin to lose, I'm already screwed.
* Slasher works with Slash
[Slash] COME ON!!
* DeathStar the computer files are now saved
[Seraphna`] we got it
[GenjiMan] =D
[DeathStar] Shew....
* DarkPhoenix is backing up the files to the alien ship
[Slasher] Good job Slash
[Slash] ...
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo
* Justin-the-II hands ds the disc
[Slash] nice job..
[Slash] just wait..
[DeathStar] The REBEL Hunters?  Heh
[Dominator] Take that disc out and save it and copy it...
[Slasher] I got the badges already
[Baberlus] No... I'm a MAVERICK Hunter.
* Seraphna` is saving the files in her own memory
[Ariel] I think they'll have a nice surprise _
[DeathStar] Wait....Oh no..
* Slasher shows DS a pic of one Rebel Hunters Badge
* Slash looks at DS
[Seraphna`] let;'s do it
[DeathStar] EarthGov still powers most of this stawtion
[Wiendigo] That, or I ahve a better name...
* Dominator is silent as he thinks over all that has just transpired...
[Slasher] Hmm...
[Slash] Frick..
* Slash warps to the generators
* DeathStar alarms go off
[Slasher] Slash try to hack into the mainframe
[DeathStar] Wait!
[Justin-the-II] uh ds....
[Dominator] ...!
[Justin-the-II] take the disc!
[Seraphna`] i will
[Baberlus] Hmmm.... why not use the classic one? not a new one, or the Rebel one, the X1-3 type
* DeathStar looks at the computer mainframe and sees a CorSec Armada heading theirway
[Slasher] Wow
* Slash warps back
[DeathStar] 17....
[DeathStar] 19..
[GenjiMan] ...
* Slash looks at teh ship
[DeathStar] 23 ships...
[Ariel] This is a problem...
* Seraphna` access mainframe
* Wiendigo looks out the port hole
[Dominator] CorSec... Those bastards... This is their fault I'll bet... We can't let them have this station.
* Slash whispers
[Slasher] This aint good
[Slash] we are dead...
[DeathStar] This is their station...
[Justin-the-II] ...
* DeathStar runs off
[Seraphna`] i might get full control....
* DarkPhoenix hyperjumps to the Alien Ship's bridge and warms it up
[Dominator] I know... but... but...
[DeathStar] I've started this, it's time I get busy
* DeathStar enters Hunter Tower
[Slasher] Not without us
[Wiendigo] Any asteroids nereby?
* Slasher phases next to DS
[Seraphna`] if i have some time
* Baberlus follows DS
* DeathStar watches the armada fire and blow the Hunter Tower's hanger up, stopping DP
[Dominator] Dammit, when Venerator helped build this thing I'm sure he didn't want CorSec to get it!
[Slasher] You aint leavin wit out me
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Slash warps to the main engineer bay
* Baberlus holds out hand to DS
[Dominator] Hunter Tower...!
[DeathStar] Venerator...lets pray he built this thing good...
[Baberlus] I'm with ya... from here on.
* DeathStar the Hunter Tower takes a direct hit by them along with other parts of the station
* Seraphna` jumps to ariels shoulder
[Wiendigo] Someone call the quack, let him fend 'em off
[Slasher] Crap
[Dominator] He did, Death Star, but we're not invencible...
* Slash warps back with a few peices, and a small generator of somesorts
* DeathStar brings shields up
[Dominator] Shields up....?
[DeathStar] Yes.
* DeathStar notes some of the humans at HT aren't firing
[Slasher] Does this thing got any defenses
[Justin-the-II] ohh....
[Seraphna`] *whispers* i have control of the mainframe
[Dominator] We're already traitors, if we fire... we're...
[Slash] DS, plug this into the weapon systems if we got any..
[Baberlus] DeathStar... let's kick ass.
* Justin-the-II sees a lazewr cannon on the wall
* Slash hands it to him
[Slasher] Justin dont
[Seraphna`] slash, i'll help
* DeathStar takes it and plugs it in
[Justin-the-II] why not?
[Wiendigo] Damned if we do, damned if we don't, move your ass, soldier boy!
* DeathStar the HQ takes another ship
[Dominator] Against are own people, Baberlus? We can undue all teh ground reploids have gained in decades, in minutes.
[Slasher] Not yet
[DeathStar] hit
* Slash the generator instantly powers the weapons up by 150%
[Seraphna`] we must
[Slash] its good for 8 maybe 9 shots..
* DeathStar the HQ rocks again
* DeathStar the lights go out
* Slasher leaps into a laser Canon Pod
[Dominator] Wait, Slash. Do not fire until Death Star orders it.
[Baberlus] We're dead anyway... I'm going to fight, I'm not a reploids
* DeathStar emergancty lights go on
[Slasher] Cuz i want to
* Seraphna` works on aiming the guns
* Slash sits down, and takes aim
[Slasher] DS Should i fire
[DeathStar] ....I can't...shoot the humans...
* Justin-the-II sets at the cannon and look out
[Slash] ....
[GenjiMan] =D
[Dominator] Well, then be a Hunter and follow Death Star's orders at least....
* Slash eyes blaze red
* DeathStar closes eyes and pounds the table
[Slasher] Then disable them
[Justin-the-II] ooh!
[Slash] but I can
[Ariel] Rerouteing power from non essential systems
* Wiendigo smacks DS in the head
[Baberlus] Well I CAN!
[Justin-the-II] cool
[DeathStar] DISABLE THEM!!!
[Slasher] Aim for their engines
[GenjiMan] I can too.
[GenjiMan] I'm human anyways =p
* Baberlus pulls out guns
[Justin-the-II] this is already locked on a ship!
[Seraphna`] affirmativbe
* Dominator clentches fist, 1"That will work..."
* Slash fires at engines, and weapoin systems (boosted weapons)
* Slasher charges up and aims at the engines of one ship
[Justin-the-II] fire?
[Wiendigo] Don't blubber on us now, you jackass!
* DeathStar HQ rocks again and Levels 3-6 are breached
[Baberlus] Me? I'm......uh... made of spam
* Slash aims with pinpoint accuracy
* Slash continues firing
[DeathStar SOUND]
[Justin-the-II] ds i have a lock on a ship fire?
[DeathStar] YES!
* GenjiMan fires beams on the engines
* Dominator thinks of the Hunters on those levels and swears
* Slasher moves onto the next ship and blasts its engines
[Ariel] Boost power to the shields!
* Justin-the-II fires rapidly
[Seraphna`] aims her guns on a larger ships engins
* DarkPhoenix is busy working on the alien ship trying to get if free
* DeathStar HQ rocks again and then the ships stop firing and leave firing range, safe
[Justin-the-II] damn you fucks!
* Seraphna` fires
[Slasher] What the
* Justin-the-II fires over and over
* Slash eyes narrow, and conntinues firing,
[DeathStar] They're out of range...
[Wiendigo] Someone mind EVACUATING the levels then?
* Slash stops
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] It's too late Wien
[Slasher] Justin stop
[Dominator] The emergency shields go up...
[DeathStar] They're all dead
* Baberlus pulls off hat, revealing spikey hair
* Slasher searches every where
* DeathStar points at life signs
[Dominator] Damn...
*** GM is now known as Cran
[Wiendigo] There are OTHER levels, dumbass
* Cran comm. crackles