Part Three: Breakout

[Iceheart] Time Chart: A Few Hours Later
[Iceheart] Location: Doomsday Prison, in the "courtyard"
[Iceheart] GM'S note: Hunted Part 3
[Iceheart] NRP: You guys can mengle right now, since you're in the courtyard
* Slash stands staring defiantly at the walls
* Hirozaki looks around
[Hirozaki] Hi.
* Sky_Lynx looks around
[Darien] I don't like this place
* Seraphna` is on Ariel's shoulder
* Iceheart comes walking away from a bunch of guards, looking shaken and bruised
[Hirozaki] Me either.
[Sky_Lynx] stupid base
[Ariel] Well, we're alive atleast... for now...
[Seraphna`] What are they gonna do to us
* Slash turns to Ariel
[Slash] ... not for long...
* Wiendigo works out alone near a corner
* Iceheart wipes away a tear and sits down on a bench and covers her head
* Hirozaki looks at Slash
[Hirozaki] o_O
* Slash wishes his armor could do more then heal
[Hirozaki] ?
[Hirozaki] Your ARMOR?
[Hirozaki] ?????
[Wiendigo] NRP: Sorry, having problems with Zipped files right now
* Ariel holds her head in pain for a moment.
[Slash] Yes thats right 
* Darien sits on one of the benches and swings his feet
[Slash] My ARMOR
[Darien] I'm bored
* Seraphna` is still hurt... bad...
* Ariel says quietly "And you're not helping either..."
* Slash armor slowly shifts, but does nothing
[Darien] Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored
* Iceheart sniffles
[Sky_Lynx] Does any of you need my help?
[Ariel] Who are you?
[Sky_Lynx] Sky_lynx 
[Slash] Iceheart... we will get DS back... i promise...
[Sky_Lynx] Independent hunter miss...
* Seraphna` grins ruffily and slashes Darien's back
* Ariel sits down.
[Ariel] Doesn't ring a bell...
* Sky_Lynx walks over to Ariel
[Sky_Lynx] it shouldn't 
[Seraphna`] now your in pain pain pain pain pain...
[Sky_Lynx] i don't work with many ppl
[Darien] Hey
[Iceheart] NRP: capalise the first letter of your sentence.
* Darien Nanos reconstruct the damage
[Sky_Lynx] So what is your name miss?
[Ariel] Not surprised.
* Seraphna` looks at sky_lynks from Ariel's shoulder
* Iceheart stands up and brushes back her hair
[Iceheart] I say we bust this joint...
[Sky_Lynx] Hi fellow dragon
[Darien] At least those still work
[Slash] What do they want to do with us... becides kill us i mean..
[Ariel] I'm Ariel...
[Hirozaki] Well, I'm Hirozaki.
[Ariel] This is Seraphna
[Sky_Lynx] Nice to meet you Ariel
* Ariel winces in pain...
[Sky_Lynx] ?
* Hirozaki thinks about someone
* Slash looks at Hirozaki
* Iceheart eyes narrow and she walks over to Wiendigo, still a little shaken
[Ariel] And I wish they had some pain killers here...
* Slash shakes his hand
[Sky_Lynx] You okay?
* Wiendigo starts doing martial arts type stuff
[Hirozaki] o.O
* Hirozaki thinks about Dr.Phaedos, his creator
[Ariel] Yeah... I'll be fine...
* Seraphna` looks at Ariel
[Sky_Lynx] What is wrong?
* Darien moves away from Seraphna and sits in a corner
[Seraphna`] it's her friend...
[Ariel] [Whispers] And better when this stupid collar is gone...
* Slash heads to another part of the yard
[Darien] Bored bored bored bored bored bored...
[Seraphna`] no, never mind...
[Hirozaki] Hey, any of you know someone called GenjiMan?
* Iceheart some guarsd walk over to Darien and whisper to one another why a kid is in a Reploid Prison
[Sky_Lynx] I didnt think you could talk little one...where you from?
[Seraphna`] I've heard of him!
[Hirozaki] O.o
[Hirozaki] WHERE IS HE NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[Seraphna`] I don't know...
[Sky_Lynx] That's hard neither do I
[Hirozaki] O.o
[Hirozaki] ........
* Slash walks over to Darien
[Seraphna`] Ariel thinks Lunar....
[Sky_Lynx] I know it's not Earth though
[Darien] Bored bored bored bored bored... I am Bored!
[Iceheart] [ far are you willing to risk your life to get out of here?]
[Hirozaki] Heh. Old Phaedos didn't changed...
[Sky_Lynx] Ariel] Who's the guy that is so bored?
* Slash sits down
[Seraphna`] that's our alien friend
[Ariel] Oh, that's Darien.  The kid never sits still.
[Seraphna`] well, me you and him have that in common
[Darien] Bored
* Hirozaki walks to Darien
[Wiendigo] [There hasn't been a prison built that could hold me, this palce is easier than Hell to escape from, the security and construction's shotty}
[Hirozaki] :)
* Slash smiles sadly
* Sky_Lynx rolls his eyes.. " I know ppl like that"
[Darien] Hello
* Hirozaki smiles to Darien
* Seraphna` is wondering when...
[Iceheart] [That's good.  I don't the others have it in them to do a breakout operation.  I know a little bit of your time in Hell.  I'm willing to do anything to get out of this hellhole.  So, that's why I'm here...]
[Sky_Lynx] If it wasn't for this darn collar.....
[Seraphna`] oh, i hate this collar, i feel more like a cat than a dragon
* Slash remembers the collar, and probes it with little peices of his armor
[Sky_Lynx] I can trans into a Shuttle... I would get you all out of here
[Iceheart] NRP: Note Slasher and Baberlus are somewhere in the Prison still
[Wiendigo] [There's no challenge here, we can escape at any time. 'Course, then there'd be no flair to it...]
[Seraphna`] how do we get the collars off?
* Ariel whispers to no-one. "1I can't stand being locked up like this!" "1You're not helping anything you know..."
* Darien walks over to one of the guards and holds out his hand 1"Hello!"
[Sky_Lynx] I have tried a lot of things.. nothing works
[Iceheart] [Flair is something I could care for.  Just watching the expression on the guards' faces will be enough for me when we break down their little idea that this place is unescapable]
* Slash watches Darien
* Seraphna` looks at Ariel with a sad, shameful expression...
[Iceheart] [I mean, care less for]
* Sky_Lynx blinks
[Iceheart] Guard: Uhhh...
[Darien] My name's Darien, what's yours?
[Sky_Lynx] What is she talkin about *points at Iceheart*
[Wiendigo] [Cement walls, do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.] 
* Ariel shakes her head.
[Ariel] I can't hear from here...
[Iceheart] [Poetic too, are you?]
[Seraphna`] She wants out of hers.
*** Hirozaki has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Sky_Lynx] I can make out pieces of it
[Darien] What's your name?
* Seraphna` has Enhanced Sences
[Iceheart] Guard: Fred....uh, why is a 7 year old kid in here?
[Wiendigo] [An artist as well, you should see my work *evil smirk*]
*** Dominator_Spectator ( has joined #taw
* Ariel has good hearing, but isn't an eavsdropper.
[Sky_Lynx] Ah let them talk
[Iceheart] [I think I'll take a raincheck on that one...]
* Sky_Lynx looks at Darien
[Sky_Lynx] Who might you be]
[Seraphna`] *to Ariel* could we use Darien to get out of here
[Sky_Lynx] ?
* Slash finally gets pissed off at his containment, and punches the wall, sending cracks spiderwebbing
[Darien] 'cause the guys are my friends
* Ariel nods.
* Iceheart Slash is zapped
* Slash falls to knees
[Iceheart] Guard: Ah....
[Ariel] [Whispers] I think that's thier idea.
[Wiendigo] [Alright Frosty, what's the plan?]
[Sky_Lynx] darien] Who might you be?
* Slash slowly gets back up, defiantly
[Darien] Do you guys have anything to do, I'm bored.
[Darien] ?
* Iceheart leans against the wall and throws back her hair, looking around coldly, a bruise on her cheek, which is recent
* Sky_Lynx stands up
[Iceheart] [Well, Escapee, I'm here to hear your ideas...]
[Ariel] [Whispers] How much do you know about these collars... I have an idea...
[Sky_Lynx] *shakes darien* You deaf alien i asked who are you?
[Darien] Not an alien
* Ariel smacks Lynx upside the head
* Slash pulls SL's hand off of Darien
[Ariel] Hey, leave the kid alone
[Slash] Careful...
[Sky_Lynx] Hey...
* Seraphna` jumps over to Darien and trys to look playful
[Sky_Lynx] Watch yourself miss I am not Harmless
* Darien glares at Seraphna
[Wiendigo] [There's always tearing these guards open with our bare hands, that's always fun...]
* Slash glares at SL 1"Neither am i"
* Ariel eyes narrow.
[Ariel] You are the one who better be careful.
* Darien then turns back to the guard 1"So, have anything fun to do?"
* Sky_Lynx glares at Ariel "give me a reason to tear you apart"
[Iceheart] [As much as I like roughhousing as the next girl, I would just hate to get my hands dirty...Try again.]
* Seraphna` smiles and nudges Darien
[Iceheart] Guard: This is a PRISON, kid..
* Wiendigo glances towards Darien
[Sky_Lynx] The only reason i Don
[Darien] Yes, but I'm bored!
[Iceheart] Guard: Go pick up rocks them...
[Iceheart] then
[Sky_Lynx] The only reason i Don't hurt you is for that Dragon's Sake
[Wiendigo] Think we've got ourselves a winner...
* Seraphna` tries to get dariens attention
[Ariel] You would regret even trying.
* Slash watches intently
[Iceheart] [What are you talking about?]
* Darien looks sad and walks over to the rocks, ignored Seraphna
[Sky_Lynx] ......
[Sky_Lynx] Careful miss...
* Seraphna` follows, still trying...
* Sky_Lynx walks toward the Guards
[Wiendigo] [We use the kid, they wouldn't suspect a runt like him to pull anything.]
[Sky_Lynx] So when are we supposed to die?
[Iceheart] [Good idea.]  Hey, DARIEN, come over here..
* Darien sits down in the rock pile and begins juggling
* Darien stands up and walks over to Iceheard, still juggling
* Seraphna` hops onto Darien's shoulder
* Slash snickers, and armor begins shifting a little faster then usual
[Sky_Lynx] Stupid guard.
* Darien dropps the rock and falls
[Iceheart] Guard: ...
[Darien] Hey!!!
* Sky_Lynx walks back toward Iceheart
* Iceheart glares icely at SL
* Seraphna` holds on for dear life
[Sky_Lynx] Any Ideas?
* Ariel walks over to slash.
[Seraphna`] are you okay Darien
[Sky_Lynx] I Know what you were talkin about
[Iceheart] Perhaps, 'boy'.  But none of your business..
[Ariel] [Whispers] How much do you know about these collars...?
* Wiendigo walks in front of SL
[Sky_Lynx] Hey i am as much of a prisoner as you i can help
[Slash] [Whispers] all too much.......
[Darien] NO!!!
* Iceheart glances at Darien
[Iceheart] You okay, kid?
* Darien pushes Seraphna off and picks up his rocks
[Wiendigo] This is HUNTER business, get the hell out of here before I kick your ass
* Seraphna` ries to calm darien down
* Darien begins juggling again and walks up to Iceheard
* Iceheart watches some guards heading towards them due to SL's yelling
[Darien] What?
[Ariel] [Whisper] About thier shock tactics... do you know how strong it can go?
[Iceheart] Um, Wiendigo...
* Slash glares at SL
* Wiendigo stands closer to SL and gets in his face
* Sky_Lynx looks at the guards
[Slash] I dont think so
[Sky_Lynx] aw crap
[Sky_Lynx] Don't mess BOY
* Iceheart guards circle SL and Wien
[Wiendigo] Think you best keep your mouth shut, before I shut it for you
[Iceheart] Guard: Hey, why don't we watch these to punch it out?  Yeah, GO ON REPLOIDS
[Slash] [whisper] You DONT want to know...
* Seraphna` tries Darien's shoulder again
[Sky_Lynx] Ah your not  worth my time
* Iceheart stands next to Darien
* Sky_Lynx walks off
* Wiendigo glances back to IH and grins
[Iceheart] I think we got a bit of trouble
* Iceheart poitns at the guards stopping SL
[Iceheart] You idiots are in a circle...
[Sky_Lynx] ?
* Darien pushes Seraphna off
[Sky_Lynx] what the heck do you want?
[Darien] Go away
[Seraphna`] I'm sorry Darien...
* Iceheart the guards shove SL into Wiendigo
[Iceheart] Guard: Fight Reploid scum
[Ariel] [Whisper] I have an idea... if it become nessisary... I don't like it though...
* Wiendigo runs and tackles SL and starts beating on him
[Sky_Lynx] You shove that Dragon again and i shove you into the wall Darien
[Sky_Lynx] ?
* Iceheart walks off with Darien
* Seraphna` walks off with a sad look...
[Sky_Lynx] You can't tell me what to do you stupid Human
[Slash] [whispers] Id its what i think it is, DONT.. those shocks can kill you.. or sorse..
[Iceheart] Hey, they got most of the guards distracted
* Darien starts juggling again
[Darien] Now what did you want?
* Wiendigo kicks SL in the jaw
[Sky_Lynx] ?!
[Wiendigo] Don't EVER walk away from me son!
[Sky_Lynx] ....
* Seraphna` hops to Ariel's shoulder
[Iceheart] Might not need you now.  We'll just have to break out now..
[Slash] ..
* Iceheart notes only 3 guards paying attention
[Wiendigo] No...
[Ariel] [Whispers] That's what I don't like about it...
* Slash moves closer to Wien
* Seraphna` is still sad...
* Wiendigo grabs SL and slams him into the wall
[Sky_Lynx] urk
[Wiendigo] I think THAT hurt!
[Sky_Lynx] !
[Iceheart] Guards: Fight!! Fight!
[Sky_Lynx] Damn 
* Ariel ruffles Seraphna a bit
[Ariel] Hey, Cheer up
* Sky_Lynx slams Wien Back
* Iceheart looks at the high wall of stone keeping them in
[Iceheart] Yo, GUYS, over here!
[Ariel] It's not that bad...
* Seraphna` trys to suck it up
[Wiendigo] C'mon you pissant, hit me with some REAL heat!
[Seraphna`] Heat...
* Sky_Lynx throws Wein in the air catches him And slams him into the ground
* Darien tosses a rock at the wall
[Slash] Ariel... something is up...
* Wiendigo bounces into a crouch and horse kicks SL
* Iceheart touches collar and gets shocked
[Iceheart] EEK!
[Seraphna`] i thought the collars stopped fighting
[Sky_Lynx] ungh
* Ariel looks over...
[Iceheart] Guards: Fight!! Fight!
[Sky_Lynx] SOB
* Wiendigo clothslines SL
* Sky_Lynx grabs Wien's arm and bites it
[Slash] Collars stop weapons, not fists..
[Iceheart] ....Darien, anyway you can take that wall down?
[Wiendigo] I'm the meanest sonuvabitch as they come!
* Seraphna` dosen't know who to cheer for...
* Slash laughs
[Sky_Lynx] takes arm and slams wein into the wall again
[Darien] How, I can't use my abilities
* Seraphna` rushes over to Darien again
[Iceheart] ....I would try to throw you over, but...
* Wiendigo takes SL and rams his face into the wall, and rubs it in there a few times
* Darien begins juggling with three rocks
[Darien] But what?
[Iceheart] Oh, hell, why not
* Wiendigo bites Sl's neck
* Seraphna` looks up, pleadingly at Darien
* Sky_Lynx backs off
* Ariel heads over to Iceheart
* Iceheart grabs Darien, twirls around and around
* Iceheart hikes him into the air at the wall
[Darien] Wheee!
* Wiendigo grabs SL and starts in on him again
[Sky_Lynx] This is why i don't work with hunters... they always fight each other
* Iceheart watches Darien go
[Wiendigo] We're not through here, punk!
*** Hirozaki (hirozaki@ has joined #TAW
* Sky_Lynx throws Wein off
* Wiendigo jumps bakc on him
[Hirozaki] NRP: What did I miss?
[Iceheart] NRP: A fight
* Sky_Lynx sweeps then roundhoueses Wein while he is in the air
* Wiendigo puts SL in a headlock
* Iceheart watches Darien go over the wall
[Sky_Lynx] Stay down!
* Darien lands in a bush
* Sky_Lynx stomps Wien
* Wiendigo kicks SL's face from the ground
[Sky_Lynx] Stupid
* Wiendigo catches Sl's foot and throws him away
[Ariel] [Whispers to Iceheart] You wouldn't happen to know how to disipate the shock from these collars a bit would you?
* Seraphna` hops back to Ariels shoulder
[Iceheart] Well, at least we got someone find the remaining Hunters to break us out.
* Sky_Lynx gets up
* Wiendigo knees SL
* Sky_Lynx punches Wein in the gut
[Iceheart] Not a clue
[Iceheart] Sorry.
* Slash muscles ripple a little
* Sky_Lynx punches Wein in the face
* Darien once outside, he tries to take the collar off
* Wiendigo grabs Sl's fist
* Iceheart Darien is only mildly shocked now
[Wiendigo] Tsk, tsk, tsk, sloppy
* Wiendigo breaks his fist
* Sky_Lynx takes the arm and twists
[Ariel] If we can, we can get someone here on the inside...
* Seraphna` watches him with Psionics
* Darien begins running as far as he can from the base, staying within tree cover
[Seraphna`] he'll make it
* Slash looks
[Iceheart] We still need to find Slasher and Baberlus.  I also think DOM..*spits the name out* is in here somewhere...
* Wiendigo takes off his coat and wraps it arounbd SL's throat, stranggling him
* Sky_Lynx winks at Iceheart
[Slash] Slasher... 
[Hirozaki] O.o
* Sky_Lynx throws Wien into a guard
[Iceheart] Guard: hey!
* Wiendigo spins and punches the guard
* Iceheart all the guards leap on Wiendigo and he is shocked
[Wiendigo] DON'T get in my way!
* Seraphna` looks on excitedly
* Ariel winces slightly.
[Iceheart] WIENDIGO!!!
* Wiendigo tries fighting them
* Slash follows up, and starts picking them up and throwing them into walls
* Darien once out of sight of the base, tries to take the collar off again
* Iceheart Wiendigo is quickly overpowered
* Iceheart Darien takes the collar off
[Ariel] I think Cheryl is dying to get some action too...
* Sky_Lynx tackles another Guard and flies back
[Darien] Yay
[Slash] Lets see you take me on..
* Iceheart SL is also zapped down
* Slash wades in and throws them around like wet tolls
* Seraphna` nods to Ariel
[Sky_Lynx] ungh
* Wiendigo tries going berserker
* Iceheart Slash is also zapped down
* Sky_Lynx gets up
* Darien activates his Psionics and contacts Slasher and Baberlus telepathically
[Slash] ARRGHHH]..
[Sky_Lynx] stupid Guard!
* Slash continues fighting but weakly
[Iceheart] Slasher: Darien?
[Seraphna`] You okay Sky!
[Iceheart] Baberlus: Kid?
[Sky_Lynx] ow man taht hurt
* Iceheart slash is overpowered
* Slash falls to knees, and then flat on face
[Sky_Lynx] fine
[Iceheart] Man, those mucho idiots...
* Wiendigo keeps trying to beat the tar out of the guards
* Sky_Lynx stays back from the guards
* Iceheart wiendigo is overpowered
[Darien] Darien: Yep, the guys are all trapped in a prison near me
*** Dominator_Spectator is now known as Dominator
* Sky_Lynx grabs the collar
* Dominator is seen at the edge of the yard, walking toward the Hunters
[Iceheart] Slasher: We're in the prison too.  But haven't been allowed out yet
* Wiendigo bakcflips away from the guards weakly
* Slash slowly gets up to face Dom
* Iceheart turns to Dominator
[Iceheart] The traitor..
[Slash] Traitorus scum...
* Sky_Lynx lets go
[Sky_Lynx] .....
* Wiendigo rests on one knee, smirking at the guards
[Dominator] I'm no traitor.
* Sky_Lynx snarls at Dom
* Hirozaki looks at Dom
* Iceheart walks over to dom
* Iceheart slaps him across the face
[Hirozaki] hm... hi whoever you are.
* Seraphna` tries to breeach Dom's mind
[Seraphna`] i'll find the truth
* Slash slowly gets up, and wlaks over to Dom
[Wiendigo] You people really have no concept of "setup", do you?
[Iceheart] Because of you, DS is now in the hands of CorSec...
* Sky_Lynx walks over to Seraphna
[Iceheart] Guards: Huh?
* Dominator takes the hit, then looks back at her, grimly
[Slash] Do You have ANY idea what they will do to him?
* Darien sends his information to Slasher and Baberlus
* Seraphna` stops, his will is too strong
[Iceheart] ...
* Wiendigo stands between IH and Dom
[Dominator] Death Star is in CorSec because they wanted him. If they wanted to have us, they ccould too.
[Iceheart] Grrr, Wiendigo, you got a REAL problem about doing this....
[Seraphna`] Are you alright Sky
[Hirozaki] ...
[Wiendigo] The boot licker'll take it, because he can
* Darien begins heading back for the prison
* Dominator looks at Wiendigo
[Wiendigo] That's not our main concern, you peons
[Sky_Lynx] Dom] You are such an inferior unit you know
* Hirozaki walks around
* Iceheart turns back and glares at one of the gaurds
[Seraphna`] Dom] how could you...
[Sky_Lynx] But unfortunetly I don't have any time to worry about you for now
[Wiendigo] Our main concern is ocming up with an alterior plan in case the runt can't get us out of here
[Slash] Dom... why..
* Ariel is almost ready to give Sky a reason to fight...
[Dominator] Look, I didn't betray you, everyone. Why don't you see that?
[Iceheart] Wiendigo...I got Darien outside...he'll be heading back to break us out.
[Wiendigo] THEN we get Death Star
[Wiendigo] And if he fails, IceCube?
* Slash looks at Dom
[Iceheart] Then, we do it your way.
* Darien gets back near the prison cloaked
[Slash] ... i see...
[Dominator] Hodges wants to make you think I betrayed you. He lied to you. Dominator the "loyal EarthGovian" s as much a captive as you are here...
[Wiendigo] They set up Dominator, so we would turn against him
[Ariel] If only Cheryl could get here...
* Ariel frowns.
[Wiendigo] United we stand, divided we fall
[Slash] ...
[Wiendigo] And they've done one hell of a job dividing us
[Slash] Depends on how United we are..
* Dominator raises eyebrow, 1"That's... right... Wiendigo."
[Sky_Lynx] Even if some of us are not OFFICAL hunters
[Dominator] None of are now.
[Iceheart] ...Since when did WIENDIGO say stuff like this...?
[Slash] Who knows..
[Dominator] That's much I'M wondering...
[Hirozaki] O_o
* Darien stares at on corner of the base and concentrates using his Psi charged to level 3 to blast it (1140 AP)
* Iceheart the wall in the corner explodes
[Iceheart] What the--?
* Hirozaki looks at the wall
* Slash watches as brick flys inward
[Sky_Lynx] !
[Ariel] What the?!
[Wiendigo] Since I know when it's going to take more then a single person to get my ass out of this place
* Iceheart turns to the wall
* Sky_Lynx runs for the corner
[Slash] Attaboy...
* Dominator looks over, 1"What the?!"
[Hirozaki] ?!?!?!?!?!
* Ariel ducks a rock
* Hirozaki runs to the corner
* Iceheart dozens of guards head for them
[Wiendigo] Well, so much for Plan B...
* Iceheart screams as her collar begins to shock her, along with everyone else
[Slash] may i suggest RUNNING?!
[Hirozaki] n_n
[Iceheart] GAHHH
* Iceheart collaspes
* Sky_Lynx dives out the corner and rips off the collar
[Hirozaki] O_O
[Hirozaki] AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
[Dominator] Iceheart! Slash!
* Iceheart SL is shocked still
* Wiendigo starts running as best as he can
* Slash falls over, totally drained
[Dominator] Hirozaki!
*** Seraphna` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Ariel falls, pretending to be koed.
* Sky_Lynx is still atempting to rip the collar off
* Darien invisible stands in the hole
* Slash collar slowly forces the armor to receede from the aera, burning a hole in his neck armor
* Iceheart lays there, not moving
[Hirozaki] o.O
[Hirozaki] @_@
[Wiendigo] Won't....give....
* Iceheart guards rush at them, while slasher and Baberlus sneak out
* Dominator rushes by his friends; he doesn't have a collar, but knows no way to help them
* Wiendigo stumbles towards the hole
* Darien telepathically reprograms Iceheart's collar
* Iceheart a guard grabs Slash and Iceheart and run back towards the bsae
* Dominator dashes up and punches a guard, then throws him intot he rest of the squad
* Slash smoke rises
* Iceheart Dom is zapped by their weapons
* Wiendigo slowly climbs out the hole
[Dominator] Gagh! *staggers back, chest smoking*
* Darien telepathically reprograms Slash's collar
* Sky_Lynx is still strugling with the collar outside the wall
* Iceheart SL breaks it off after taking a great deal of damage
* Dominator grabs a rock and throws it at the guards carrying the Hunters
* Ariel is surronded by a slowly increasing white aura... testing the collars responsiveness.
[Sky_Lynx] ungh....
* Wiendigo moves away from the base as best as he can
* Slash smoke rises from his neck, but armor begins flowing back healing
* Iceheart the guards drop the two
* Sky_Lynx attemps to change into his shuttle form
* Hirozaki looks around
* Wiendigo lets out his claws and starts clawing the collar
* Darien reprograms Wiendigo's Collar
* Iceheart stands up and kicks a guard in the nuts and runs off
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt, but it fires a weak shot do to CorSec somehow
* Wiendigo drops to his knees
* Hirozaki walks to Darien
* Iceheart flips into the base
* Darien now he understands the collars, deactivates the rest of them
* Slash slowly gets up, and throws a haymaker punch at his guard
[Wiendigo] 'me glares back at the prison
* Iceheart enters the lower levels
* Dominator runs toward Iceheart and the others
[Wiendigo] Someone's gonna get a Wiendigo Special...
[Ariel] Now or never...
* Slash heads back to the cortyard
* Iceheart grabs some things and and puts them all in a bag and heads back to the surface and runs through the courtyard
* Slash while running, flips up his autocannons, and his scyths power up
* Dominator sees Iceheart pass him, then turns around to follow her and starts running
[Slash] Lets rumble..
* Wiendigo starts running bakc towarsd the base
* Hirozaki follows Iceheart
* Iceheart leaves the base with the bag
* Darien decloaks next to Iceheart 1"Did you get my bracelets?"
* Slash follows Iceheart
*** Overdrive_Omega ( has joined #taw
* Iceheart throws them at Darien
* Wiendigo leaps back in and starts tearing up the guards
[Hirozaki] NRP: In session.
*** Overdrive_Omega is now known as Sky_lynx
* Dominator runs out of the base, cloly following Iceheart
* Sky_lynx atemps to change into his shuttle form
*** Sky_Lynx has quit IRC (
* Darien puts them on
* Dominator fires weak Thunder Bolt several times at the guards
* Iceheart watches guards attack at them
* Slash fires plasma shots at the guards following them
* Ariel tries to make it out of the base
* Iceheart SL is blasted far away from the group and into a canyon nearby
* Slash hits them with wave after wave of weaponry
[Dominator] So, Icheart... What's the plan?! *ducks and uppercuts one, then trhows him and stays in the run*
* Darien shield appears on Darien's arm
[Iceheart] Me?!  I'm not the leader!
[Hirozaki] o.O
* Slash one sneaks up, and punches me in the back of hte head
*** Seraphna` ( has joined #TAW
[Dominator] Who is then?!
* Iceheart ducks a blast
[Iceheart] YOU are CAPTAIN
[Hirozaki] o.O
* Slash falls down to knees and gets pouced on by teh Humans
* Wiendigo slides into the shadows and reapears with the group
[Dominator] Yes, BUT you guys made the plan without me!
[Hirozaki] O_o
[Ariel] I'm not sure which is worse... the head aches or the shocks...
* Dominator fires at the cannon
[Iceheart] So SUE me.
* Iceheart watches the guards advancing, firing madly
* Ariel forces the field to stablize
* Slash the humans suddenly fly upward from the pile on top of Slash
* Wiendigo sits and kicks his feet up, taking out a cigar
* Slash eyes blaze
[Dominator] Shit.. *dives down to avoid being hit*
[Hirozaki] O_IO
* Slash rushes to Iceheart
* Darien throws a rock at one of the guards
* Iceheart throws dom his rune sword
*** Sky_lynx is now known as Dakota
[Dominator] I say we get the hell out of here, if we can alive...
* Iceheart throws Wiendigo his blades
* Darien glares at rock and an explosion ripples across rock (215 AP)
* Dominator catches it, 1"How did you get this?!"
[Seraphna`] NRP: Do we have the collars off?
[Iceheart] From tehe base
* Dakota flies overhead in the shuttle "ANYONE NEED A RIDE"
[Wiendigo] Hallej-fricking-lejla!
[Iceheart] NRP: Yes
* Ariel is surronded by a white aura, which disappears, revieling Cheryl
[Iceheart] DAKOTA!
[Slash] Iceheart you got my Ion cannon and blades?
* Dakota lands the shuttle
* Dominator stabs Rune Sword forward into Guards (300AP)
* Wiendigo starts in on the guards
* Iceheart leaps into the shuttle
* Slash jumps into the shuttle
[Dakota] C'mon ppl!
*** Cheryl ( has joined #taw
* Seraphna` powers a shield around Ariel and herself
* Hirozaki runs to the shuttle
* Dominator swipes at Guards with Rune Sword (300AP)
[Dakota] MOVE!!!
* Wiendigo phases into the shuttle, still shooting at the guards
[Iceheart] Sergeant...sheww...thank goodness you're still alive..
[Seraphna`] NRP: Run! Cheryl
* Iceheart sits down
[Hirozaki] [Doctor] Hello ppl. Did you missed me?
* Dominator uses Crimson crystal and speeds into the shuttke,
* Dakota is slowly moving the shuttle forward
[Hirozaki] [Doctor] It's me, GENJI.
* Darien tosses the rest of his rocks at the guards
*** Hirozaki is now known as GenjiMan
[Seraphna`] Genji!
* Darien runs into the shuttle
* Iceheart glances at Doctor on the shuttle
* Dominator glances at Iceheart, 1"Can you fly, or shouold I?"
* Ariel and Cheryl dash to the Shuttle
* Slash eyebrows crease in intence concentration and suddenly his warp blades appear in his hand
[Iceheart] A doctor?
[GenjiMan] Yeah.
[Iceheart] You.
[GenjiMan] Me.
[Slash] MOVE IT!!
[Cheryl] Free at last...
[Seraphna`] He's in the ship
* Darien jumps into the copilot seet
* Dominator jumps into the pilot seat and starts the flight sequence, 1"Is everyone onboard?"
[GenjiMan] You Iceheart, me Tarzan :p
* Dakota launches the ship into space with a tremendout amount of gravity shock
[Iceheart] @_@.  Lets just get out of here..
[Dominator] Somebody, man the weapons consol and cover our escape.
[Iceheart] Head to this location, Dom..
* Iceheart enters a location for Dom
* Slash hits the weapons
* Seraphna` holds on to Ariel for dear life
* Dominator imputs it and blasts off
* Iceheart guards fire on the shuttle
[Dakota] Where to DOM?
[Dakota] !
* Slash blasts the guarts
[Dakota] Dom?
[Dominator] Yeah?
* Dakota gets up