Part Four: To Hell and Back

[Iceheart] Time Chart: 1 hour
[Iceheart] Location: Outside of Hell
* Dominator looks grim as he surveys the prison
[Wiendigo] Home sweet, f-ing home...
* Seraphna` still crying wipes the last tears away
[Slash] ...
[Slash] Nice place you got here Wien..
* Iceheart looks at the base through her nightvision goggles, looking at the huge, towering, hellish building
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Ariel] Well named place...
* Wiendigo spits towards the prison
[Iceheart] Nice off them to place it on an island...on the edge of a cliff..
[Dakota] Yeah... all it needs is a burning sky above it
* Slash looks with his visor
* Dominator uses his own nightvision goggles looking over the dark prison, 1"We're going in THERE..."
[Cheryl] Might be a nice place to raid, but I wouldn't want to live here.
[Wiendigo] Surrounded by shark infested waters...
* Seraphna` struggles to let out a laugh
[Slash] Plus a senic view...
* Wiendigo glares at Cheryl
[Iceheart] Anyone for icecream?  *stries to break the ice*
[Dominator] I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't kidding, Cheryl...
* Iceheart listens to screams coming from inside
[Slash] ...
[GenjiMan] ...
[Dakota] Man....that is nasty in there
[Seraphna`] We gotta get them out!
[Slash] Just what i always wanted to hear..
* Dominator glances at Iceheart, then hears the scream, the ice breaker killed, 1"What was that...?"
[Wiendigo] Must be shower night...
[Seraphna`] This is like some Alkatraz!
* Dominator looks over at Wiendigo
[Iceheart] Anyone want to go in....?
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Slash] Lets get this over with..
[Dominator] We HAVE too. *crackles knuckles*
* Iceheart brushes her hair back nervously
[Seraphna`] Did we leave Darien in the ship?
* Ariel glows with a firey aura.
[Wiendigo] Heh, YOU spend 17 years here and not understand...
* Iceheart nods
* Dominator nods
[Iceheart] Better he stayed in the ship
* Wiendigo phases towards the prison
* Slash flips up his autocannons
* Iceheart runs towards the prison
* Dominator looks at the base trying to find the best way in
* Slash attempts to create a warp to the prison
* Iceheart once they pass a certain point their weapons die down immediately
[Dominator] That's the signal to go, guys. *follows her and catches up*
[Slash] ...
* Slash follows Iceheart
[Slash] This is perfect..
[Iceheart] Grrr...damn field...
[Wiendigo] Shit, forgot about that!
* Dominator glances at Rune Sword, 1"Hopefully it won't be effected."
* Wiendigo slams into the ground face first
* Slash flips up his lockdown cannon
* Ariel walks up
[Ariel] Just great...
[Dominator] Wiendigo?!
* Iceheart stops by Wiendigo
[Iceheart] Wiendigo, what a man, if he can't crash, no one can..
[Slash] I wonder what this field is made by...
* Slash fires a EM pulse at teh prison
* Dakota runs with the group
[Dominator] Shh... Everyone.
* Wiendigo coldly glares at IH
* Cheryl stands right outside the field
* Iceheart EM pusle is stopped
* Slash suprised
[Slash] Whoa..
[GenjiMan] o_O
[Dominator] If you or I had been here before... I doubt we'd ever want to come back..
* Dominator motions for them to continue
* Iceheart follows Dom
[Cheryl] Um... what about me?  Would it be safe? . . .
[Wiendigo] Look for a sewer grating, it's our best way in
* Slash looks down
* Iceheart looses her balance and falls over the edge of the cliff
[Iceheart] EEEEE!!
* Slash catches her
* Dominator glances at Iceheart 1"To the sewer grate?", then grabs her hand
[Slash] Cant have you falling..
[Iceheart] My...
[GenjiMan] -_x
[Dakota] Whoa?
[Dakota] you okay IH?
[Dominator] To the sewer grate it is... *recalls where is was from his surveyment*
[Wiendigo] Just as uncoorindinated as the boot licker...
[Iceheart] Giffy..
* Seraphna` looks at ariel
[Ariel] Never know if you don't try... Come on Cheryl...
* Dominator glances at Wiendigo, since he hasn't fallen yet
* Ariel catches up with everyone else.
[Dakota] want me to fly around and look for a grate?
[Dominator] Everyone, slow done a bit so you won't fall.
* Slash looks around
* Iceheart continues on
[Dominator] Its over that way, Dakota. *points*
[Wiendigo] Can't fly, the static field cancels out powers
[Slash] its gotta be around here somewhere..
[Dakota] okay
* Dominator continues on
* Slash follows Dom
* Cheryl reluctantly crosses the field and breathes a sigh of relief before catching up.
* Dakota kicks on his jets and starts lookin for the grate
* Wiendigo flips and dances on the cliff's edge
* Iceheart Dakota immediately crashes
* GenjiMan follows Dom
[Dakota] Whoa!
[Dominator] Careful, Dakota..
* Iceheart finds the grate, shielded by lazer beams and other weaponary
* Dakota grabs the cliff
[Slash] Holy moly..
* Dakota climbs back up
[Dakota] what the???
* Dominator looks the grate over, 1"Oh... great..."
[Wiendigo] Anyone have a mirror?
* Slash looks at the grate
* Dakota just tries starting his jets without taking off
[Ariel] ?
* Slash pulls out his cape, spilling a few razors into his palm
[Slash] NRP: AKF
* Iceheart they shut off
[Wiendigo] Those'll do
[Dominator] A mirror?
* Wiendigo grabs the razors and pitches them at the lazers
* Iceheart they are blasted in mid air and a guard appears before them
* Dakota just tries starting his jets without taking off again
[Iceheart] Guard: Freeze, scum...
[Dakota] I can't figure this out
[Seraphna`] I haven't gotten a chance to use my flame... yet...
[Wiendigo] The reflecting surface should reflect the lasers back at the source, and short them out...
[Wiendigo] Or not...
* Dominator draws Rune Sword, 1"No."
[Iceheart] Guard: *motions behind him and ten guards appear, weapons on them all*
* Dakota draws his Saber
[Iceheart] Uh oh...
[Dominator] Attack!
[Dakota] aw crap
* Slash looks around
* Iceheart guards all fire and stun Dom and Dakota
* Dominator swipes at Guard with Rune Sword (300AP)
[Dakota] ungh
* Iceheart ducks the blasts
* Seraphna` makes shield around Ariel and Herself
[Dominator] Gagh... *staggers back a bit*
* Slash jumps and blocks some of the shots with his cape
[Iceheart] Jee..
* Wiendigo backflips over the guards and stabs some in their backs
[Slash] ..
* Ariel is surronded by a firey aura.
* Iceheart Slash is blasted anyways and is stunned
* Iceheart Wiendigo is blasted too
* Ariel 's eyes glow red
[Slash] *THUD*
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
* Iceheart dives backwards and vanishes into the darkness of the cliff
* Seraphna` looks at ariel
*** Iceheart is now known as Guards
* Dominator forces himself to recover and lunges forward slashing (300AP each)
[Guards] I would ask you to surrender now...
* Guards blasts Dom again
* Slash slowly wakes up
* Dakota attacks the guards
* Guards blasts Slash
* Guards blasts Dakota
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at Guard (ap 230)
* Dominator abosrbs it with Rune Sword
* Guards everyone stuns the group, all stunned
[Wiendigo] Screw you, human
* Slash falls Over KO'd again....
[Dominator] Everyone... We'd better back off.. Damn, we've lost Iceblade
* Dakota backs up
* Seraphna` attacks with an inferno (220 AP)
[Dominator] ARGH! *holds chest*
[Guards] NRP: All of you guys are stunned
* Ariel falls, turning back to normal.
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at group-of-guards (ap 220)
[Guards] NRP: *sighs loudly*
* Dakota coollapses
* Seraphna` rubbs head from inpact
[Guards] I gave you a warning...*kicks Wiendigo*
[Dominator] NRP: Okay, you're weapons do NOT work, save non-beamsabre swords. Basically, metal ones. Plus you're stunned
* Guards teleports the entire group inside Hell
[GenjiMan] NRP: o.O What about Light damage?
* Dominator manages to glance darkly at the guard before being teleported
* Wiendigo moans...1"Won't....go...back...."
* Guards dumps them in the waiting room, swordless/sabreless
[GenjiMan] @_@
[Guards] You guys can wait in here..
* Guards they walk off
*** Guards is now known as GM
* Seraphna` strugles to get on all fours
[Dominator] D-damn... Iceheart fell... Now we're HERE...
[GenjiMan] NRP: Well, I still have my Genji Beams.
* Dakota shakes his head "no not here PLEASE!"
* Wiendigo starts tearing at the walls with his bare hands
* Dominator shakes head and recovers
[Slash] ... Perfect..
* GM waters hits them all
* Dakota falls to his knees
[GenjiMan] -_-
[Dakota] I hate this place
[Dominator] Gagh.. water
* Seraphna` tries Psionics to see # of guards nearby
* GM water turns off, leaving them a little stunned, and rats crawl over their feet
* GM Psi is stopped
* Dominator cast a glance at Wiendigo, 1"Wiendigo, if we're going to escape I need you all to remain composed. Wiendigo, I need you're knowledge of the prison"
[Wiendigo] LET ME OUT, DAMN YOU!
* Dominator staggers back a bit and kicks the rats off
[Dominator] Wienidgo... what's going on with this water?
* Slash steps on the rats
*** GM is now known as Warden
* Warden walks in and watches them all, the lights going out in the room
* Dakota Shakes the bars "NOT AGAIN!!!!!"
[Warden] Nice to have you back, Wiendigo..
* Dominator casts his glare over at the Warden
[Wiendigo] I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!
[Seraphna`] There are plenty of guards out there.
*** DarienAway has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Slash glares at the warden
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Slash] Let us out
* Warden glances at the others
[Warden] I don't recognise any of you, though
[Dominator] You're the warden here?
[Warden] Of course.  Been here my entire life
[Slash] No kidding
* Wiendigo shoots a fiery stare at the warden
* Warden folds arms and leans back agaisnt the door
[Dominator] I'm Dominator a "true EarthGovian", quote from Hodges. So, let me out.
* Wiendigo growls fiercely and dives at him
* Dakota falls to his knee's "not again......."
[Wiendigo] BASTARD!
[Warden] So, it was nice of you to surrender here instead of making us track y--*Weindigo is zapped*
[GenjiMan] I'm Genji Man. I already were and bad guy...
[Dominator] Wiendigo, WAIT! You know that won't do any good!
* Wiendigo hits the ground
* Wiendigo alys unconcious
* Dominator glares at the Warden
[Slash] ... You will pay if you dont release us...
[Warden] Anyway, you'll all be transferred to the lower cells with the rest of the prisoners where you will all DIE.
* Seraphna` shivers
* Warden walks off and the group is all zapped, instant KO
*** Warden is now known as GM
[Dominator] You bastard... ARGH!
* Dakota collapses
[GM] Time Chart: Sometime later
* Dominator collaspes
[GenjiMan] -_-
[GM] Location: Two to a cell in the lower levels of hell
* Wiendigo sits solemly in a corner brooding
[Seraphna`] Unnngh
[Dakota] huh?
[GenjiMan] ...................
[Dakota] sera?
* GenjiMan gets up slowly
[GenjiMan] O.o
[GenjiMan] Hm...
[Seraphna`] I think i'll be okay...
* Dominator sits up, casting a glance at Wiendigo in the corner of his cell
[Dakota] Come here Sera...
* Slash gets up, and looks around
[Seraphna`] I feel like i'm in....
* Ariel sits in a corner, staring at the ceiling...
[Slash] Not another cell...
* Dominator stands and looks out of the bars at the others
* Seraphna` goes to Dak
[Dominator] Wiendigo... We're in the lower levels?
* GM human criminals can be heard hooting madly at the Reploids within the halls, their voices echoing through the darkness
[Dakota] I never got a chance to meet you
* Wiendigo doesn't acknowledge anyone else's presence
* Seraphna` relectantly looks at Ariel, alone...
[GenjiMan] ........
[Seraphna`] I feel like i'm in....
[Dakota] Yeah we all do
* GenjiMan looks around
[Seraphna`] oh, wai i am in Hell
[GenjiMan] We're dead...
* Dominator looks back at Wiendigo, 1"Wiendigo, I asked you a QUESTION!"
* GM suddenly the lower levels of Hell rocks and the power goes off completely
[GenjiMan] -_- And we're GHOSTS.
* Slash attempts to punch the door
[Dominator] What the hell...?!
[GM] Guard: Warning!  Mavericks causing a jailbreak!
* Wiendigo still doesn't answer
[Slash] ...
* Ariel stiff softly at the mention of ghosts
[Dakota] ???
* GM the doors are instantly opened, all over hell
[Dakota] !
[Cheryl] !!!
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Dakota] WHOA!
[Dakota] Sera hop on my shoulder 
*** GM is now known as Spycarith
[Dominator] Wiendigo... this is our chance to escape. Everyone, lets go!
* Ariel jumps to her feet
* Spycarith leaps down in front of their cells, hissing
* Seraphna` jumps to Dak's shoulder
* Dakota runs out the door
* Wiendigo still sits there
[Spycarith] Ooooo, look, new flesh..
[Dakota] Hold on
* Spycarith slashes Dakota
[Dominator] Wiendigo?!
* Slash slams the door open
[Dakota] urk
[Slash] Wiendigo?
* Dakota staggers back
[Slash] wha...
* Spycarith hisses
[Spycarith] Wiendigo
[Spycarith] ?1
[Ariel] That the?!
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Spycarith] That bastard's here?!
* Dominator starts out of his cell, then look at Spycarith
[Dominator] Who are you?
* Spycarith runs into the cell and stabs Dom on the way in
* Seraphna` leaps in surprizes
* Spycarith longue metalic tongue hangs out as he gazes at Wiendigo
* Seraphna` groans in pain
* Dominator draws Rune Sword to manages to block (I have it... right?)
[Spycarith] Man, have I waited a long time for this...
* Slash hits Spycarith with a haymaker
[Spycarith] (No)
* Dakota picks up Sera
[Dakota] Hold on 
[Spycarith] Damn brooder!
[Seraphna`] *to Dak* it hurts
* Wiendigo still doesn't acknowledge anyone
[Slash] Lets see you take on the entire hunters...
[Dakota] I know
* Spycarith guts Wiendigo
* Dominator staggers back from the attack, then glares at Spycarith
[Spycarith] You foolssss have no weaponsss.
* Wiendigo sin't phased
* Ariel sees if she can heal Seraphna
* Spycarith raises Wiendigo and slashes his stomach wide open
[Spycarith] Never liked your attitude, pal..
* Seraphna` groans
[Dakota] What hurts Sera?
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Wiendigo suddenly grabs Spy's throat
[Spycarith] GACCK1
[Seraphna`] everything
[Wiendigo] Die
* Wiendigo breaks his neck
* Spycarith collaspes
* GenjiMan draws his sword
* Dominator eyes widen as he watches Wiendigo
[Cheryl] !!
[Dakota] We need to get Sera out of here
*** Spycarith is now known as GM
[Dominator] NRP: No weapons guys
* Dominator grabs Spycarith's knife
[Slash] NRP: i still have my armor, cape and PPC's
* Seraphna` feels so tired...
* Wiendigo starts walking out without anyone else
[Dominator] NRP: Yeah, remember the damping field though...
[Dominator] Wiendigo...?!
* GM the power remains off, the dripping sounds of water nearby
* Dominator exits the cell and turns tot the others
* GM prisoners move all around and soon the halls are empty
* Slash follows Dom
[Dominator] Water...
[Ariel] I'll help you Seraphna... Don't worry
[Dakota] We both will Ariel
[Slash] uhh.. does this place need pumps to keep from being flooded
[Slash] ?
[Seraphna`] urr...
* GM suddenly a huge wave of water comes running down the hall in the direction Wiendigo went
[Cheryl] Water?  The sewer must be close *shudder*
[Dominator] Whoa!
[GenjiMan] #_#
[Slash] ACK
[Dakota] What the?
* GM the water wave hits them all
[Seraphna`] The firee...
* Dominator dashes where Wiendigo left
[Ariel] Ah!
[Dakota] What Sera?
* Wiendigo isn't with the water
* Slash gets swept back
[Dominator] Slash!
[Seraphna`] I'm burning......   ..... ..
* Dominator grabs Slash's hand, struggling to remain standing himself
* Cheryl climbs out of the water
* GM the waves carry them through the lower levels of hell and then dorps them down a few levels
[Dominator] Everyone... RUN! 
* GM the water reaches the ceiling now
* Dakota holds onto Sera
* Slash jams two tenticles into the walls
[Dominator] This isn't good... *glances around for Wiendigo*
* Slash hopes they hold
* GM Slash is ripped off of the wlal
* GM so is everyone else
* Dominator spits water out
* Cheryl is hit by a wave and washed down
* GM they land in an empty room
* Slash coughs water
* GM water is pouring in from above, filling the room
[Slash] I hate water...
[Dominator] Oof... *lands, coughign water up*
[Ariel] This is just great...
[Slash] SWIM...
* Seraphna` unconcicously sends message with her mind to Dak, some of which is of a past she never knew
[Dominator] Not again! *looks for exits, etc.*
* GM the room is sealed
[Dakota] ? What the?
* Dominator looks up
* Slash looks up seeing??
* Dakota tries to fly
* GM the water hits the tallest person's knees
* GM dakota crashes
[Cheryl] This is going to be fun...
[Seraphna`] urk
*** GM is now known as Armageddeon
[GenjiMan] p.p
[Slash] Uh oh...
[Dominator] This is filling way to fast...
* Armageddeon a huge Reploid lands before them
[Dominator] Who are you?!
[Armageddeon] Heh heh.  You look like nice prey to feast on...
* Slash glares at Armageddon
[Dakota] Aw man now what?
* Armageddeon punches Dom in the gut (stun, 400 AP)
[Slash] Shut up...
* GenjiMan draws his sword
[Armageddeon] GM: You have no sword
* Dominator staggers back, badly wounded, battery fluid dripping intot eh water
* Slash fires his PPC's at Armageddon
* Armageddeon punches GM in the head and almost detaches it
* GenjiMan looks at his.... AIR?
* Slash flips around the room
* Armageddeon knocks them back at Salsh
[GenjiMan] AAAAH
[GenjiMan] @_@
* Dakota stays back from Armageddon
[GenjiMan] ](
* Slash spins once, sending thousands of Poisoned razors at Armageddon
[Dakota] good lord help us
* Armageddeon is at waist level now
* Armageddeon eats them
[Seraphna`] "We'll send her to earth, the safest thing for her..." say a strange voice in Dak's head
* Dominator launches himself at Armageddon, despite his wounds, and slashes with the knife he stole
[Armageddeon] Oooo, yummu.
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Armageddon and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on Armageddon [200 AP]
[Slash] My god...
[Slash] He ate my Razors..
* Armageddeon eats it, growing larger
* Dominator stabs into his kneck
[Dakota] i wish i could put down Sera
* Armageddeon bites Dom's neck
* Ariel glares at Armageddon, her eyes glowing red.
* Armageddeon punches Ariel into the wall
[Dominator] Gargh... *staggers back again*
[Cheryl] Here, I'll take her Dak
* Armageddeon battery fluid drips from his teeth as he grins
[GenjiMan] O_o
[GenjiMan] WHOA...
[Dakota] Hold on Sera
* Slash punches Armageddon
* Wiendigo drops out of nowhere and bites into Armageddon's jugular
* Dominator punches Armageddon
[Armageddeon] GAHHH!!!
* Dakota hands Sera to Cheryl
* Armageddeon throws Wiendigo into a wall
* Slash while Armageddon is distracted hits him with a haymaker
* Wiendigo bounces off and jams his fingers into Arm's eyes
[Slash] GO DOWN!!
[Armageddeon] GAGJ!!
* Armageddeon hits theground
[Armageddeon] MY EYES!!!
* Armageddeon water is at their necks now
[Seraphna`] "The Armegeddeon beast will kill us all, all of Lunar will die!" another strange voice screams in Dak's head
* Slash kicks him in the head
* Dominator kicks Armageddeon
* Wiendigo stomps on his throat
[Armageddeon] GAAH!
* Armageddeon head snaps off
*** Armageddeon is now known as GM
* Wiendigo turns and aims for the wall
* Slash pants
[Ariel] Nice timing...
* Wiendigo blasts several charged shots at the wall
* Ariel rubs her head.
* GM hits their heads
* Dominator coughs up battery fluid, holding his stomach wound
* GM thewall explodes and water pours out
[GenjiMan] @_@
* Dakota walks over to Cheryl
[Dakota] Sera?
[Dominator] G-good... work
[Cheryl] Do you know what's wrong with her?
[Seraphna`] "Back to Earth, but the waste..." Dak hears Sera voice in his mind
[Slash] ......
* Wiendigo walks out the hole
* Dominator follows Wiendigo
* Seraphna` groans unconciously
*** Baberlus ( has joined #taw
*** GM is now known as Tiutan
* Cheryl pats Seraphna gently
* Tiutan punches Wien in the gut
* Dakota slowly takes Sera from Cheryl
[Tiutan] Heyyyyy, looks whose back.  The RUNT
* Wiendigo barely notices
[Dakota] Hold on Sera
[GenjiMan] .................
* Ariel charges through the hole
* Dominator glances at Tiutan
* Tiutan uppercuts Wien's head so hard it cracks
[Ariel] Come one you guys!
* Wiendigo flips to his feet and growls
[Dominator] Not again...
* Cheryl dashes to catch up with everyone.
[Slash] NRP: friend just came over, ADIOS
[Dakota] Cheryl you help Ariel I'll watch Sera
* Wiendigo grabs T's head and starts tearing at it
[Dominator] NRP: *waves good-bye*
*** Slash has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Tiutan grabs Wien's hand and crushes it
[Cheryl] No another one...
[Tiutan] You never were my match..
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
* Tiutan knees him in the chest
* Tiutan throws him head first into the wall
* Cheryl drop kicks Tiutan in the back of the head.
* Wiendigo eyes flair
* Dominator doesn't interfere with the fight, leaning against the wall, his wound starting to subside a bit
[Tiutan] RAH!
* Tiutan punches Cheryl
*** Slash ( has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
[Tiutan] FOOL!
* Tiutan screms in anger
* Wiendigo lashes out his Dark Tendrils and throws them down T's throat
* Tiutan grabs Cheryl by the head
* Cheryl stumbles backwards.
[Seraphna`] "You are illegally out of the waste, I see you have been off Earth for some time, back you go...." another voice, The EarthGov official who disbanded them 
[Tiutan] ACK!!
* Baberlus gets thrown in by a guard, KOed
* Dakota keeps Sera out of the Battle
* Wiendigo starts tearing T apart from the inside
[Tiutan] GACCK!!
* Tiutan collaspes
[Dominator] Baberlus..?
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Wiendigo] I pitty the fool...
[Slash] Huh?
* Cheryl pulls herself off the ground.
* Tiutan collaspes, dead
* Seraphna` unconsiously asks "Who am I?"
[Dominator] How the hell is Wiendigo so strong with his bare hands...
*** Tiutan is now known as GM
[Dominator] NRP: Be back in a fe
* GM the lights remain off and the sounds of water end
* Dominator is now away - BRB - Pager on - Messages logged - [iČ]
*** X1_ ( has joined #taw
* GM everythign remains quiet
* Baberlus comes to
* Wiendigo walks off again
*** X1_ is now known as _
*** Dominator ( has left #taw
*** GM is now known as Iceheart
*** _ is now known as Dominator
* Iceheart leaps down into the puddles of water
[Baberlus] Oy...
[Iceheart] I found a way out.
[Dakota] Hold on Sera
[Slash] You did?
* Iceheart nods
[Iceheart] Hey, I never got caught, unlike you guys
* Iceheart points up and leaps up, grabbing the edge of the floor and pulling herself out of sight
[GenjiMan] NRP: BRB
[Dominator] Alright folks, let's get this show on the road
*** GenjiMan has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Baberlus gets up
[Dakota] And hurry
[Seraphna`] "We need you on the hunters, your skills.... will return to you in time, you will be vital, " This voice comes from a man, he sounds like a EarthGov officer Dak met once
* Iceheart wiats for them
* Dominator walks up next to IH
*** GenjiMan (hirozaki@ has joined #TAW
* Ariel leaps up through the hole, landing on the floor near IceHeart
* Iceheart points out a ladder, almost about to fall apart
[Iceheart] We gotta climb that.
* Iceheart leaps up halfway and grabs on and climbs up to the next level
[Baberlus] Did anyone catch the lisence plate on that truck? *rubs back of head*
[Dakota] What are you sending me Sera... *Dak thinks*
[Dominator] Guess this place was never strict on building saftey codes...
* Ariel follow IceHeary
* Dominator follows
* Iceheart looks around the next floor, and notices some guards up ahead
* Dakota follows IH the best he can will carrying Sera
[Cheryl] Dak, can you make it up there with Seraphna?
[Dakota] yeah...
* Iceheart hides in the shadows while watching
* Cheryl follows behind Dak with ease.
[Slash] You can say that again, Dom.
* Wiendigo bounds out and tears up the guards
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Iceheart] ...Wiendigo!?
* GenjiMan follows IH
[Ariel] ...
[Dominator] How does he keep getting ahead of us?
[Ariel] Worse than Kilgore...
[Iceheart] I might add that all the Reploids imprisoned here has escape...
* Wiendigo spits on the corpses
[Iceheart] Except the deadly ones...I believe they're hunting each other...and us.
[Seraphna`] "We will need to change her memory banks, but i'm afraid the secret that Death Star needs can't be erased......." another voice, scary, it's EarthGov's president
[Wiendigo] Not anymore...
* Baberlus glances at Wien
[Dakota] Isn't that a happy thought
* Wiendigo tosses down some bloddied trinkets
[Iceheart] I'm going to go scout ahead.  We can't go out the exact same way I came..later.
* Iceheart vanishes
[Dominator] Talk about overkill, Wien...
*** Iceheart is now known as GM
[GenjiMan] ...
[Wiendigo] I want the warden.
[Slash] Wien, you really shouldn't do that sort of stuff.
* GM sounds of screeching laughter can be heard, so cold and evil it even gets to Wiendigo.
* Wiendigo shoots a muderous glance at Slash
[Seraphna`] "I think it will be fun... to adventure" Sera's voice says
* Ariel shudders.
[Wiendigo] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! 6*runs off after the voice*
* Baberlus is startled by the laughing
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Slash] There he goes again....
* GM the laughing continues
[Dominator] I tihnk we'd better follow him team...
[Seraphna`] "I'll call you Serapna, after..... him....." Ariels voice pops into Dak's head
[Dakota] ? what the?
[Ariel] Let's keep moving
* Dominator starts after Wien
[GenjiMan] ???
* Ariel follows Dominator
* Dakota keeps walking
[Dominator] Move it people, before he starts taking this palce apart
[Seraphna`] "I won't kill innocents!" DS's voice now
* GM the laughing grows eviler
* Cheryl follows close behind Dak, watching Seraphna
* Baberlus pulls out guns, but gun arent there, so he's dissapointed
* Wiendigo keeps chasing it
[Dakota] ! What the hell?
*** GM is now known as Shriek
* Shriek appears before Wiendigo
* Wiendigo bum rushes Shriek
[Seraphna`] "The only reason i won't fight you is for the sake of that dragon..." Sky's voice
* Wiendigo keeps running by
* Shriek slams him into the ground
[GenjiMan] #_#
[Dakota] SL?
* Dominator stops at Shriek
[Slash] Ergh...
* Wiendigo bounces back up
* Shriek throws a sound blast into Dom and sends him into the wall
[Dominator] OOF!
* Shriek punches Wiendigo down again
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Apr 03 15:19:49 1999

Session Start: Sat Apr 03 15:19:56 1999
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[Dominator] That was...short...
[Ariel] NRP: That's a different way to kill a villian
[Dominator] DS???
[DS] NRP: Hold on
[Seraphna`] "Listen kid, we all die, it's just the Goverment won't let you die, i'm sure Dom knows that too..." the sounds of a soldiers voice
[GenjiMan] o.O
*** DS is now known as Shriek
* Shriek laughs evilly
*** Slash sets mode: +o Shriek
* GenjiMan closes his eyes
* Dominator takes out Rune Sword and slashes Shriek
[Shriek] Dom: You no longer have RS
* Shriek shrieks again
[Dominator] NRP: Sorry, forgot
* Shriek slashes Dom's throat
* Slash kicks Shriek
* Shriek goes for Dom's eyes
[Dominator] HURK!
[Shriek] ARGH1
* Shriek punches Slash's thraot
* Wiendigo tackles Shriek and starts in on him
* Dakota protects Sera
* Shriek throws Wiendigo off
* Wiendigo jumps bakc on shriek
[Shriek] I've killed over 1,000 expect to BEAT me?!
* Baberlus punches shriek
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Sheik and fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 on Sheik [190 AP]
[Baberlus] Sure, why not?
* Shriek guts Wien with his claws
[Wiendigo] I've killed more...
* Shriek dodges it
[Seraphna`] "That dragon will realise her elemental calling abilities too soon, make sure she dosen't," the President again
* Wiendigo roundhouses Shriek
* Ariel springs into the air and comes down hard on Shriek's head.
* Shriek blovks it
* GenjiMan fires 3 11,1GENJI BEAMS10,0 on Shieker [240 AP]
* Shriek stabs Wiendigo in the eye
* Dominator tackles Shrieks knees
[Shriek] OUF!
[GenjiMan] ...
* Shriek stabs Dom in the back
[Dakota] Cheryl
* GenjiMan takes Shiek 's arm and slams Shiek onto the ground, then fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 at Shiek [210 AP]
* Wiendigo 's visor blocks it
[Cheryl] What?
[Dakota] Hold Sera
* Shriek screams loudly and the room begins to shock
[Shriek] shake
[Cheryl] Right
* Shriek throws Dom into Cheryl
* Cheryl takes Sera from Dak
[Dakota] SERA!
* Dominator grabs a rock and stuffs it down Shriek's throat
[Dakota] YOU SOB!@
[Seraphna`] Now the memories flood into Cheryl
[Shriek] GACK!