Part Five: The Fall of Hell

[GM] Time Chart: 1 minute later...
[GM] Location: The Abandoned Levels of Hell
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Who are you?
* Seraphna` is still half-concious
* Darien readies his shield
[Wiendigo] Raganork...
* Slash looks around
[Dominator] Eh? *looks at Wiendigo*
* Kaiser-Vanguard has to protect Sera
[Ariel] ?
* GM the darkness shifts some
* Dominator holds his chest, wincing
[Seraphna`] ......he....a....nd.......A.....rrm.....eegg...eddd.....on
* Ariel and Cheryl fall back with Kaiser
[Wiendigo] A prisoner so utterly vile and evil, the warden had him sealed away down in the lower levels
[Dominator] That's just... great...
* Darien runs to Seraphna and heals her (100 LP)
[Kaiser-Vanguard] easy child save your stregnth
*** GM is now known as Raganork
[Dominator] Are you a match for him like you were the others?
* Raganork a huge Reploid steps forth, evil enough to make Vile look like a girlscout
[Wiendigo] His was told a horror story to any and all new inmates, to rattle them
* Dominator looks at the reploid and edges back
[Raganork] Welcome....Hunters
* Raganork laughs evilly
[Dominator] Back off, Raganork! We aren't your enemies!
[Baberlus] NRP: I thought the term was Ragnarok? It's netherland I know, it was a norse god.
[Raganork] I'm told as a legend?  I'm very much real...
[Wiendigo] Though, no one ever SAW him, nor believed in him
[Seraphna`] "These two are from the strange alien race, we'll send this little one to Earth, back there, with the info on how to beat Ragnork" an old man's voice
[Ariel] NRP: War of the gods actually (I think)
* Raganork a huge tail swishes back and forth
[GenjiMan] o.o
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Well he is very much real 
[Raganork] As much as I like guest, I like killing...better.
* Dominator narrows eyes
*** Raganork is now known as Ragnarok
[Baberlus] NRP: *snicker*
* Dominator activates his Battle Fury Mode, and his body his surrounded by electricity; his attacks are now increased by ??AP and any enemy who hits him with a close-range attack looses ??AP
[Slash] .... hmrph
[Kaiser-Vanguard] huh?
* Ragnarok phases into the darkness and appears behind Baberlus and chomps on his neck
* Darien touches Seraphna and does a reconstruct on him (+100 HP)
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Easy child
[Seraphna` SOUND]
[Baberlus] AGH!!!!!!
* Dominator flips around
* Ragnarok twirls him about by the neck
[Ragnarok] Tasty metal...
* Baberlus grabs neck
* Ragnarok throws Baberlus away
* Ragnarok sees Darien
[Baberlus] gack.......
[Ragnarok] Flesshhhh.
* Darien cloaks
* Wiendigo grabs onto Rag's arm
* Seraphna` begins to glow
[Cheryl] Ready?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] ??
* Ragnarok phases to Darien and still bites on him, even cloaked
* Dominator blasts Thunder Bolt at Ragnarok
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Sera?
[Ariel] Let's rock.
* Ragnarok begins to tear into him
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Seraphna`] I must.........stop him.........
* Wiendigo claws at Rag's arm
* Darien runs over behind Dominator and heals him (100 LP)
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Kaiser-Vanguard] No. Save your Stregnth Sera
* Ragnarok holds onto DArien
[Seraphna`] he..... killed.........m....o......t......h.....e....r
[Kaiser-Vanguard] !
[Dominator] Darien!
* Ragnarok throws his head back
* Ragnarok rips flesh off
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Oh my good lord
* Darien stretches as grows. It becomes covered with black armor. Wings sprout out of his back. And his hands and feet turn into claws. His mouth streatches into a beak. He has morphed into a bird-like reploid.
*** Darien is now known as DarkPhoenix
* Dominator continues blasting madly
* Ariel is surrounded by an aura of fire
* Cheryl is surrounded by an aura of fire
* Ragnarok rams DP into the ground
* Kaiser-Vanguard is enraged
* DarkPhoenix two level 3 glowing balls appear in DarkPhoenix's hands and blasts towards Ragnarok. When they hits, it creates a distortion wave, distorting Ragnarok (920 AP)
* Ragnarok throws his tail, with spikes on the end, through Wiendigo's chest
[Kaiser-Vanguard] DRAGON SLAYER! You damn dragon slayer....
* Slash runs at Ragnarok and kicks him
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Ragnarok, and fires a large energy blast at Ragnarok. [230 AP]
* Ragnarok absorbs it
[Seraphna`] sky above turn blue, and green
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt and Enhacment
* Ragnarok grabs Slash and rips his arm off
[Ariel] Baka!
[Dominator] Wiendigo!
* Ragnarok beats Slash with his arm
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Sera what are you doing?
* Ariel charge Ragnarok
* Ariel charges her energy blade with ion particles at stabs Ragnarok. [STUN]
[Seraphna` SOUND]
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (320AP)
[Ragnarok] ARGH!!!
* Ragnarok stumbles back
* Wiendigo slashes at Rag with dArk Tendrils
* Cheryl flips behind Ragnarok
* DarkPhoenix glares at Ragnarok and an explosion ripples across Ragnarok (215 AP)
* Cheryl stabs Ragnarok from behind. [240 AP]
* Seraphna` glows harder
* Dominator presses the momentary advantage by madly blasting
* Ragnarok grabs the DT and snaps them
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Sera?
* DarkPhoenix punches the floor with tremendous power and a wave of Psi Energy sweeps outward (205 AP all)
[Seraphna`] i'm.......weakening .......him
* Ragnarok phases
[Cheryl] Now?
* Kaiser-Vanguard channels some of his own power into Sera
[Wiendigo] DAMNIT!
[Ariel] Go!
* Ragnarok appears behind DP and smashes him so hard his whole body jolts
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Let me help you
[Dominator] Where? *looks madly aorund*
* Wiendigo jumps onto Rag's back
* Ariel slashes Ragnarok with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
* Cheryl slashes Ragnarok with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
* Kaiser-Vanguard concentrates
[Seraphna`] AtTaCk!
[DarkPhoenix] Ahhh!
* Ragnarok grabs Wiendigo and snaps his arm and throws him off
[Ragnarok] Don't resist me...
* Wiendigo slams into the wall
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* DarkPhoenix decloaks
* Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Ariel] Ha!
* Baberlus lays on the floor, back turned to the hunters, holding neck
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Ragnarok and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on Ragnarok [200 AP]
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Ragnarok, and fires a large energy blast at Ragnarok. [230 AP]
* Ragnarok absorbs it
* Kaiser-Vanguard breathes in heavily and realses a giant amount of fire energy at Ragnarok (230 ap)
* Ragnarok absorns it
[Dominator] Damn...
* Cheryl charges her energy blade with ion particles at stabs
[Cheryl] /ion Ragnarok
* Ragnarok absorbs it
[Cheryl] ...
* Ragnarok absorbs it
[Ragnarok] Ha ha ha ha
[Seraphna`] "An elementalist can weaken him and stop his draining abilities..." a voice
[Kaiser-Vanguard] .....
* Seraphna` glows brighter
* Cheryl falls back
* DarkPhoenix does a telepatic scan (Level 3) of Ragnarok
* Slash puches Rag
[Ragnarok] HP: 50,000
* Wiendigo takes out his Energon Katana and charges it
[Ragnarok] Weak: Nothing
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (300AP)
[Ariel] ...
* DarkPhoenix glares at Ragnarok and an explosion ripples across Ragnarok (215 AP)
[Ragnarok] Special: Absorbs Energy/Light Weapons
[Ragnarok] ARGH!
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Seraphna` SOUND]
* Wiendigo stabs Rag in the leg
[GenjiMan] LIGHT weapons!
[GenjiMan] -_-
* Ragnarok rams Wiendigo into the ground
* Ariel gets fed up and punches Ragnarok in the face.
* Ragnarok pulls him back up
* Ragnarok rams him again
[Wiendigo] WHOLMPH!
* Seraphna` begins to levitate
* Baberlus wraps cloth around his neck and gets up, clothing stained silver
[Kaiser-Vanguard] whoa!
* Dominator charges and punches Ragnarok with electriciy
[Baberlus] Oh.. your gonna DIE!
[Seraphna`] 2 inches from Kaisers arms
* DarkPhoenix points his staff at Ragnarok firing Ice (200 AP)
* Wiendigo is barely conscious now
* GenjiMan thinks "Ragnarok is IMMUNE to me."
[Ragnarok] ARH
* Ragnarok rams GM
[Ragnarok] HA HA HAH A!!
[Ragnarok] This is my domain!!
* Dominator kicks Ragnarok in the chest
* Kaiser-Vanguard watches Sera "what are you doing?"
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Ragkanor and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on Ragkanor [200 AP]
* Ragnarok slashes tail on the roof and buries them all
* Seraphna` is immune to elemantal burst
* Baberlus runs at Rag and kicks and punches mercilly
[GenjiMan] ]D
[Ragnarok] ARGHH
* DarkPhoenix suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into b1 (240 AP)
* Wiendigo melts into the shadows
* DarkPhoenix touches b1 and Nanos invade him starting desconstruction (95 AP / 10 seconds)
* DarkPhoenix drains b1 of its life energy (50 AP/10 seconds)
* Ragnarok phases
* Ragnarok appears behind DP
* Dominator blasts rubble off
* GenjiMan jumps around
* Seraphna` drains Ragnork of his power
[Ragnarok] Should I tell you your nanos is worthless?
* Ragnarok rams DP
* Kaiser-Vanguard breathes in heavily and realses a giant amount of fire energy at Ragnarok (230 ap)
* Ragnarok Seraphna fails miseribly
* DarkPhoenix spins and attacks DP with his Xvash
* Ragnarok absorbs it
* Cheryl lands a flying kick in the back of Ragnarok's head.
* Dominator jumps forwrad, stabbing the stolen dagger into Ragnarok's left eye
* Ragnarok rams Xvash into the ground
* Wiendigo drops out of the shadows, on top of Rag and slashes him with his Dark Sai
[Ragnarok] ARGH!!1
* Ragnarok reers back
[Ragnarok] You hurt me...
* Dominator jumps back, blasting with Thunder Bolt
[Wiendigo] Damn straight
[Seraphna`] you wil.......die....Lunar killer.............Death Blade!
* Ragnarok grabs Wiendigo and slams him like a doll into the ground
* Ragnarok phases away
[Dominator] Wiendigo!
[Baberlus] Heh.. yeah, pain, aint it a bitch?
* DarkPhoenix grabs his Xvash
* Wiendigo rolls
* Wiendigo bounces up and slashes at Rag again
* Ragnarok the darkness is so dark now they can't see anything, Rag is gone
* DarkPhoenix slashes Ragnarok with his Xvash (250 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DarkPhoenix uses his psi power to increase damage (+95 AP)
[Wiendigo] So are paybacks
* Slash wishes he had his warp blades
[Ragnarok] NRP: I'm goneeee...
* Ariel stands back to back with Cheryl, waiting for Rag to reappear...
* DarkPhoenix a ball forms in his hands lighting the area
[Wiendigo] Bad enough he steals my phasing bit...
* Seraphna` glows brighter but stops levitating
* Dominator blasts with charged Thunder Bolt (500AP total)
* Kaiser-Vanguard catches Sera
[Ariel] Where is he...?
* DarkPhoenix begins healing himself
[Dominator] Where..?!
[Cheryl] Are you complaining?
[Wiendigo] Gone, and probably won't show up again until we let our guard down
[GenjiMan] ...
* Seraphna` glows bright
* Slash looks around
* Ragnarok appears behind Kasier and eats Sera in one bite
[Dominator] How do we get out of here...? He's back!
[Ariel] Seraphna!
[Kaiser-Vanguard] !
[Ragnarok] *gulps it down*
[Kaiser-Vanguard] SERA
[Kaiser-Vanguard] !
[Kaiser-Vanguard] !
[Ragnarok] Tasty..
[Dominator] SERAPHNA!
* Baberlus tightens his bandages
* Ragnarok rams Kasier into the ground
[Dominator] NO!
* Kaiser-Vanguard lugnes at Ragnarok attacking with all of his claws. (240 ap)
[Baberlus] Huh?
[GenjiMan] ,,,
* Ragnarok blocks KV because he rammed him
* Ariel charges Ragnarok in furry
* GenjiMan looks at Raknagok (NO TYPO!)
* DarkPhoenix slashes Ragnarok with his Xvash (250 AP + 10 AP poison)
* DarkPhoenix uses his psi power to increase damage (+95 AP)
* Ragnarok hits Ariel with his tail
[GenjiMan] _
* Wiendigo stabs Rag in the thraot with dArk Sai
* Ragnarok is immune to PSi
* Seraphna` the brightness can be seen from within Ragnork
* Ragnarok grabs the DArk sai out and snaps it
[GenjiMan] ....
* Kaiser-Vanguard blasts Ragnarok from the ground 230 ap)
* Cheryl leaps towards Ragnarok and kicks him.
* Dominator runs up and punches and uppercuts R, with electricity surging from his fists
[Ragnarok] ARGH
* Ragnarok grabs Dom
* Baberlus rushes Rag
[Wiendigo] By the forge makers, it CANNOT be BROKEN!
[Dominator] Gagh!
* Ragnarok bites down on his shoulder
* Seraphna` preforms G-Bomb from within ragnork
[Dominator] YARGGH!
[GenjiMan] ... -_-
* Dominator kicks Ragnarok in the chest
* Wiendigo glars at Rag
* Ragnarok blocks it
* Ragnarok snaps down on Dom's leg
[Baberlus] Just die!!!
[GenjiMan] #_#
* Ragnarok tears it
[Seraphna`] "Help me Kaiser"
* DarkPhoenix points his level 3 staff at Rag firing Ice (800 AP)
[Kaiser-Vanguard] HOW????
[Dominator] ARGH!
[GenjiMan] .........................................
* Cheryl and Ariel both land flying kicks on Ragnarok's head at the same time.
[Ragnarok] ARGH
[Cheryl] Ha!
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt at Ragnarok's face
[Seraphna`] "i'm alive..."
* Wiendigo takes out his Energon Katana
* Baberlus keeps laying on punches and kicks on rag
[GenjiMan] NRP: How huge is Ragnarok?
* Ragnarok laughs evilly
* Wiendigo spins it and jumps
* Kaiser-Vanguard falls to his knees
[Ragnarok] NRP: 15 feet tall
* Wiendigo stabs Rag in the face
[GenjiMan] NRP: Very huge?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] how can i help you
[GenjiMan] NRP: Ok
* Ragnarok rams tail into GM
* Dominator fires again trying to get out of his grip
* Ragnarok hits Wein with his fist
* Ragnarok chews
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Ragnarok's-Tail and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on Ragnarok's-Tail [200 AP]
* Slash kicks rag
[Ragnarok] ARGH!!
* Ragnarok tail explodes
[Seraphna`] "he can be beaten with his own strenght and Lust for power......"
* Wiendigo bounces off the wall and bakc at Rag's head
[Kaiser-Vanguard] ?
* DarkPhoenix points his level 3 staff at Rag firing Gravity (800 AP)
[Ragnarok] ARGHH
* Kaiser-Vanguard breathes in heavily and realses a giant amount of fire energy at Ragnarok (230 ap)
* Ragnarok begins to spark
[Slash] Take out his teeth!
[Ragnarok] My legacy...will never end...remember this...
* Wiendigo slashes Rag's face
* DarkPhoenix backs off to charge again
* Ragnarok explodes
[Dominator] Gack... *flips around and kciks Ragnarok's jaw*
*** Ragnarok is now known as GM
* Wiendigo stabs him in the top of the head
[Baberlus] Sure it will!
[GenjiMan] O.o
* Dominator is knocked back into the wall, and slumps down
[Ariel] Seraphna!
* Kaiser-Vanguard looks for Sera
* GenjiMan looks around
[Wiendigo] 'Bout damn time
[Slash] He's.. dead?
* DarkPhoenix helps KV look for Sera
* Seraphna` flies out from explosion and hit's Kaiser
[Kaiser-Vanguard] ouf
[Baberlus] Wien, got a cigar? I think they took mine
[Seraphna`] ooof!
[GenjiMan] Din't think so, Slash.
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Hey...
* Ariel runs over.
[Kaiser-Vanguard] You're alive!
* DarkPhoenix runs over to Sera and heals her (100 LP)
* Seraphna` is hurt, real bad
[Ariel] Are you alright Sera?
* GM the abandonded levels begin to collaspe
[GenjiMan] -__-
[Wiendigo] Fresh out of cigars, and even if I didn, I wouldn't let you have one
* DarkPhoenix a glowing ball appeares and fades into DarkPhoenix. He floats into the air.
* Ariel lays her hands on Sera, trying to heal her.
[Kaiser-Vanguard] How do we get out?
[Wiendigo] Shit!
[GenjiMan] cool.
[GenjiMan] -_-
* Dominator barely manages to get up and knocks a boulder out of the way
[Baberlus] Hey, I gave you one earlier. (a few sessions ago)
[Wiendigo] Teleport, phase, whatever you've got, USE IT!
* DarkPhoenix begins flying upward through the hole they came down through
[Dominator] D-damn... get... out
[Seraphna`] I can vaugly remember what i did....
[GenjiMan] ...
* Kaiser-Vanguard flies out holding Sera
* GM the roof begins to fall down on them
[Seraphna`] What did i do.....?
[Dominator] T-teleport... to shuttle... can we?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] I'll tell you later
[GM] NRP no
[Cheryl] Later Sera... Let's get out of here first...
[Slash] We need to get out of here!
[Wiendigo] Doesn't have to be to the shuttle, jsut out of HERE!
* DarkPhoenix flies upward as fast as he can
* Dominator shakes head, spitting out battery acid
* Kaiser-Vanguard is following DP
* Ariel searches frantically for an exit.
[Baberlus] Wien's right, HAUL ASS!
* GM DP arrives at the lower levels, which is safe
[Wiendigo] Follow the mutant!
* GenjiMan smiles
* Wiendigo runs after DP
* Dominator teleports up to follow DP
[Kaiser-Vanguard] MOVE DP!
* Baberlus follows
* Wiendigo phases
* GenjiMan climbs up the walls after DP
* GM the abandonded levels collaspe
* Seraphna` begins to glow again, any tiredness Kaiser had is gone
[GenjiMan] NRP: Speed LVL3
* Kaiser-Vanguard continues out of hell
* Slash catches up
[Kaiser-Vanguard] ?
* Cheryl and Ariel dash straight up onto a ledge then jump up between ledges
[Kaiser-Vanguard] wow
* Dominator dashes, though he moves slower than normal
[Baberlus] like a bat outa hell!
[GenjiMan] =p
[Seraphna`] ....close.....babs
[GenjiMan] We ARE in hell, Baberlus
* Cheryl jumps, does a flip in mid air and lands in the lower levels.
[Baberlus] ... obvoisly you people have no humor.
* Dominator continues running
* GM Hell is eerily quiet, for once, though the Warden is still in his office. He has now put up the field around Hell again
* Slash runs next to dom
* Cheryl stumbles.
[GenjiMan] =p
* Dominator starts to follow behind Slash, but keeps going
*** GM is now known as Iceheart
* GenjiMan follows Dom
* Iceheart lands beside the others
[Dominator] Iceheart..
* Seraphna` thinks if she can only remember she can.....
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Hello IH
[Iceheart] Man, what are you guys doing back down here?
[Wiendigo] We need to get to the warden.
[Seraphna`] [break barrie]
[Wiendigo] So I can rip out his inards...
[Baberlus] I just want OUT of this place.
[Iceheart] ...I know a quick way to him
[Dominator] Have t-to.. escape
[Iceheart] Lets go
[Dominator] Do it..
* Iceheart runs off to the left and past cells
* GenjiMan follows IH
* Kaiser-Vanguard follows IH
* Dominator follows Iceheart
* Wiendigo follows IH the closest
* Ariel and Cheryl follow
* Seraphna` senses live repliods still around
* Iceheart turns and goes right and then up
* Wiendigo follows
* Iceheart then heads left and to the right and points to his office
* Kaiser-Vanguard follows IH
* Ariel watches over Seraphna, worry showing on her face.
[Iceheart] He's in there.  The exit is through his office.
* DarkPhoenix follows
[Seraphna`] there are friends, nearby.....
[Iceheart] I'm going to head there now
[Wiendigo] He's MINE!
* Wiendigo dashes to it
* Dominator swings around the corner, in the back
* Iceheart runs towards the office and vanishes
[Baberlus] Ooo..... Wien, sic him!
*** Iceheart is now known as GM
[Slash] Oy...
[GenjiMan] OY too
*** GM is now known as Warden
* DarkPhoenix follows slowly behind Windbag
* Warden grabs a powerful plasma gun and whirls it on Wiendigo as he comes at him
* Dominator moves to follow Iceheart
* Wiendigo stops and smirks
[Warden] Y-You!?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] me rips the door off as he enters the warden's office
[Wiendigo] Is that a plasma gun, or are you jsut happy to see me?
[Warden] I-It can't be...
[Dominator] Kill him... Wiendigo... then lets get... out of here
* Wiendigo aims his arm cannon at the warden
[Warden] I should have killed your sorry carcass along time ago!
* Warden fires (500 aP)
* Dominator stops at the corner, panting
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Kill him Wien
* Wiendigo dodges
* DarkPhoenix enters the room and dives left
* Warden fires two more shots
* Kaiser-Vanguard breathes in heavily and realses a giant amount of fire energy at Warden (230 ap)
[Warden] DIE DIE DIE!!!
* Wiendigo fires at the warden
[Warden] OUF!!!
[Slash] Arent carcasses already dead? *watcches the battle*
[Wiendigo] After YOU!
* Warden dies by Wien
*** Warden is now known as GM
[Seraphna`] Where are we......?
* Dominator clutches his shoulder, applying force to stop the battery fluid from bleedin through; watching the Warden's death
* DarkPhoenix grabs the warden's gun
* Wiendigo grabs the carcass, and tosses it out the nearest window
[Kaiser-Vanguard] That's for any Dragon that was in this prison
* Cheryl came in late and took the Warden's blast.
* Dominator goes out the exit Iceheart left through
*** GM is now known as Iceheart
* Slash tightens bandages on neck
* Iceheart appears by the exit
[Iceheart] Lets go guys...eww.
[Dominator] C'mon..
[Wiendigo] It's over.
* DarkPhoenix moves to the Warden's computer and deactivates the field
[Seraphna`] Where....
* Kaiser-Vanguard follows IH
* Iceheart runs through the halls of hells when suddenly the entire prison begins to shake
[Kaiser-Vanguard] We're still in hell
[Iceheart] What the---?
[Slash] NRP: Bab was suposed to do that
[Dominator] .. Eh?
* Cheryl pulls herself to her feet with Ariel's help
* Iceheart the walls begin to split
[Kaiser-Vanguard] !
* Wiendigo phases out of the prison
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Iceheart] Looks like this place is going to hell in a handbasket..
[Cheryl] Owww... that's going to leave a mark...
* Seraphna` looks around confused
* Iceheart dives through the main door and outside
* Kaiser-Vanguard flies for an exit still holding Sera
[Baberlus] Lets free the remaining prisoners... hehe
* Dominator jumps trough the door, following IH
* DarkPhoenix takes to the air and flies through the door at high speed
* Ariel helps Cheryl out
* Wiendigo wtaches with a smug grin as the place falls apart
* Iceheart watches the lower levels collaspe and then the base tilt over and crash into the sea
[GenjiMan] nrp: brb
[Seraphna`] When did we get out of the cell?
* Kaiser-Vanguard lands near IceHeart
* Iceheart pants
* Dominator watches Hell collaspe
[Iceheart] Man, we freed alot of Reploids, physcos, and murders...well done..
[Cheryl] You've been out of it for a while mon ami.
[Kaiser-Vanguard] a long tme ago you were hurt from the stun blast
* DarkPhoenix pockets the gun he took from the Warden
[Wiendigo] That's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen...
[Baberlus] Welp, Hell's gonna freeze over
[Dominator] I... know..
* Iceheart hell sinks below into the sea
[Seraphna`] Oh, the blast......
[Iceheart] Lets go, I learned where Death Star is...
[Dominator] Good...
[Seraphna`] I remember two creatures
[Wiendigo] Talk about a long hard road outta Hell.
* Iceheart walks towards the shuttle
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Will you be okay Sera?
* Dominator staggers toward the shuttle
* DarkPhoenix runs to the shuttle
* Wiendigo backflips into th shuttle
* Kaiser-Vanguard flies to the shuttle
[Seraphna`] I can't remeber their names.....
* Iceheart steps into the shuttle
[Seraphna`] Okay.....
[Baberlus] I dont travel much, Wien, so I wont talk about that
[Kaiser-Vanguard] do not worry about it
[Iceheart] Lets stop by our "base" so we can set everything up...
* Dominator sits down, and starts the landing sequence, 1"Who.. wants to fly?"
* Baberlus climbs in
[Seraphna`] I don't know.....
* Ariel sits down in the shuttle
* Wiendigo takes out a ciagar and lights it up, puff it with glee
[Seraphna`] Is Ariel okay.......
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Do you know me Sera?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] yes
[Seraphna`] Dak......
* Iceheart sits down, eyes growing distance
* GenjiMan is in the shuttle
[Seraphna`] is that you....
* Dominator flies the shuttle up
[Kaiser-Vanguard] well *looks at himself* not entirely
* Dominator swings around to get a 360 degree, final view of the remains of Hell
[Seraphna`] You looked like someone i knew......
* Ariel looks somewhat worn and tired.
[GenjiMan] #_#
[Seraphna`] i think......
[Iceheart] Well, that was easy.  Don't you agree?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] You may have....
[Slash] Do we need to see that place anymore?
[Kaiser-Vanguard] Yes IH it was
[Wiendigo] No prison could ever hold me, not even that place...
* Dominator sets course for the base, hits the auto-pilot, and walks back to the med-area of the shuttle
* Baberlus removes the silver-stained bandage
[Cheryl] Well, I'm getting some rest...
[Iceheart] Session Ends

To Be Concluded...

April 3rd, 1999