Part Six: Upon Extinction

Log Incomplete!!!
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 Day Later (Heyyy, a whole day finally)
[DeathStar] Location: Washington D.C.
*** DeathStar has left IRC
*** DeathStar is now known as Iceheart
* Seraphna` is on Dakota's shoulder
* Baberlus sits in a chair
* Iceheart sits on the bed at their motel
[Seraphna`] Is DS gonna be ok Dak?
* Dominator sits on the bed
[Iceheart] The execution is in an hour
[Dakota] not a clue...
[Dominator] It's now or never to rescue him...
* Iceheart looks at the map and guide to the event, frowning with disgust
[Dakota] yeah we better go
[Baberlus] I say.... we go save his ass
[Iceheart] They're selling hotdogs at his EXECUTION?!  ...Humans...
[Dakota] .....
[Iceheart] Well, I'm ready..
* Dominator shakes his head, standing
[Dakota] let's do it
* Darien^ cloaks and decloaks and looks over everyone's shoulders
[Dominator] No, Iceheart.
* Iceheart stops
[Iceheart] What?
[Seraphna`] Dak] strange i still sence Kaiser's scent on you
[Baberlus] The way I figure it, they'll have to postpone it due to a ruckuss outside.... heheh....
[Dakota] should i fly around or stay with you guys?
[Dominator] It's going to be very dangerous. This... this is something I'd feel better is you stayed out of...
[Darien^] What can I do? I wanna do something!
-] [Darien^] PING
* Iceheart frowns
[Iceheart] Fine, Captain....See you later..
[Iceheart] *Grabs coat and walks out the motel to the shuttle*
[Dominator] I'm sorry, Ice.
*** Iceheart is now known as GM
* Baberlus looks at darien, starts to say something, but stops himself
* Dominator shakes his head
[Dakota] IH?
[Dominator] Let's go.
[Dakota] ....
[Dakota] yeah
* Darien^ runs to the shuttle and jumps in the pilot seat
[GM] IH:  You're going on foot guys
[Seraphna`] Dak] are we going on foot Dak?
* GM IH points to their huge overcoats to wear
[Dakota] Yes sera we are now hush
* Darien^ sadly walks out of the shuttle
[Baberlus] Aye.... this isnt worth the gil reward... *laughs, but everyone stares at him*
* Dominator lowers his eyes.  1"Too bad all the troops are back at the REBEL base." 
[Darien^] Which way?
[Seraphna`] ok...
* Dakota grabs an overcoat and puts it on
* Dominator takes an overcoat and slips into it
[Dakota] hop in the pocket sera
* Seraphna` feels lonely without Ariel
* Seraphna` hops in Dak's pocket
[Dominator] Where else? We're headed for the execution site.
[Dakota] are we all ready?
* GM the exeuction is two blocks away, and a huge crowd can be seen from there
* Darien^ puts on a overcoat and lets the oversided thing hag down around his seven-year old body
* GM music can be heard playing there too
* Dominator breathes deeply
[Dominator] Let's go.
* Dominator walks towards the site
* Baberlus cocks gun
[Baberlus] Sure thing
* Dakota follows Dom
* Cold-Snap is in the crowd
* Darien^ follows everyone, leaving the coat behind
* Baberlus walks quickly
* GM they arrive at the back of the huge crowd and Leader Cran can be seen giving a speech against Reploids
* Seraphna` peeks out at the scene
* Dominator clenches a fist
* Darien^ whispers  1"Mean guy"
*** GM is now known as Cran
* Baberlus looks at cran
* Dominator glares at Cran
* Dakota looks up at cran evily
[Cran] And now.  That I'm finished.  I will bring out the Reploid RESPONICPLE for this whole thing against the Reploids...X-Commander Death Star..
* Seraphna` remembers Cran for something else...
* Cran walks off the stage
*** Cran is now known as Death
*** Death is now known as DeahtStar
*** DeathStar is on IRC
*** DeahtStar is now known as DeathStar
* Darien^ cloaks and begins working his way through the crowd
* DeathStar is shoved, bounded heavily by chains, onto the center stage and bolted down
* Dominator stares forward
[Seraphna`] [Dakota hears the memories again, they fade as Cran leaves]
[DeathStar] Cran: These chains cannot be broken by any Reploid...
* DeathStar alarms go off
* DeathStar weakly looks up
* DeathStar suddenly Darien is uncloaked
* Dominator hisses,  1"Act like nothing is unusual!" 
* DeathStar guards begin to head for his location and the alarms stop
* Darien^ tries to see through the crowd
[Dominator] *under his breath* Damn it...
* Dakota says to him self "aw great"
* DeathStar guards are 5 feet from him
* Darien^ tries to get in closer
* DeathStar Cran slams his head into the platform
[DeathStar] OUF!
[DeathStar] Bast..*stops at seeing children watching and curses to himself*
[Dakota] .....
* Dominator shakes his head, undecided whether to keep their covers or try to help Darien
[Baberlus] .....All we need now is a maveirck uprising, and we can call this a party
* DeathStar guards are 2 feet from Darien
* Seraphna` tries to hold back her rage
* Darien^ keeps working his way forward through people's legs
* DeathStar a beer bottle smashes into his head
* DeathStar someone grabs DArien and throws him to the back of the crowd
[Darien^] Hey!
[Dakota] (softly)grrrr...
[Dominator] *softly* ...welcome back, kid...
* Darien^ starts working his way forward again
[DeathStar] Cran:  Alright, it's time to get this on the road.  We all know about this, we'll slowly drain his life away
[Darien^] I wanna see
* Baberlus grips gun
* DeathStar roars in pain as he lights up from the chains
[DeathStar] ARRRGHHHHH!!!
* Seraphna` is starting to think "We aren't all reploids..."
* Dakota is getting impatient
*** Baberlus sets mode: +v Netryx
* Dominator hisses to Dakota.  1"NOW..." 
* Seraphna` holds back her raging anger
[DeathStar] ROARRRRRRR!!!
* DeathStar collaspes
* Baberlus pulls out gun
* Darien^ sneaks up through the crowd again
* Dominator disappears into the crowd
* Seraphna` prepares Mindshield around Dak and herself
* DeathStar suddenly all the HUNTERS are zapped to the back of the crowd
[Baberlus] *is at the brink of loosing is, wait, just did*
*** SuperRobotGuard (death_star@ has joined #taw
* Dominator shakes his head
* Baberlus gets up
[Dakota] ungh!
* Dominator mutters,  1"Something tells me our cover was blown a while ago..." 
[Baberlus] Damn it! Reploids arent ALL BAD!
* Dakota shakes it off
* DeathStar watches, the draining stopping
[DeathStar] Cran: Now watch as his FRIENDS die...
* Dominator mutters,  1"Yep..." 
* Seraphna` makes shield stronger
* Dakota rips off the Coat
* Dominator throws his overcoat off
[Seraphna`] NO!
[Baberlus] HEY! I ain't his friend! If someone kills him, it'll be ME and only me, and I dont plan on letting anybody beat me to the punch!
* Darien^ dodges into the crowd
*** Netryx is now known as Unknown-in-black
* Seraphna` hops to Dak's shoulder
* Baberlus runs into the ground
[Seraphna`] almost forgot me Dak
[Dominator] Hey Cran! Just how do you plan on killing us, huh!? I don't see anything that would stand a chance of it!
[Dakota] sorry
* Baberlus jumps on peoples shoulders and heads
* Seraphna` recreates shield
[DeathStar] Cran: You'll see...
[Dakota] don't jynx us Dom!
* DeathStar crowd watches
* Dakota is looking around
* Baberlus heads for the stage
[Baberlus] Heyyyyyyyy CRAN!
* Baberlus aims gun
* Dominator runs around the crown, disappearing into the shadows near the area
* Seraphna` tries to scense enemies
[Dominator] NRP: Crowd
* Baberlus falls as he pulls the trigger, missing by a mile
* Seraphna` sences something
* Darien^ is wandering through the crowd, having gotten lost amoung the feet
[DeathStar] OH FUDGE!
[DeathStar] PAUSE
[DeathStar] I just realised something
[Dakota] huh?
[DeathStar] The Robot GUARD can't talk...-_-
[Dominator] eh?
[DeathStar] No wonder you keep ignoring it
*** Dominator sets mode: +v SuperRobotGuard
[DeathStar] *smacks Baberlus*
[Baberlus] LOL
[Unknown-in-black] ]D
[Baberlus] Not my fault!
[DeathStar] Reverse back to the beginning when the Guard just appeared...
[Dakota] oy
[Dominator] Yes, your fault.
[DeathStar] UNPAUSE
* SuperRobotGuard traps them all within a shield
[Dakota] Huh??
[Dominator] Hey!
[Darien^] Hey!  I want out!
[SuperRobotGuard] Terminate Hunters
* Seraphna` sends message to Darien "Stay away"
[Dominator] Well... what else can we do? GET HIM!
[Dakota] Dang...
[Baberlus] craaaapness
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt
* SuperRobotGuard punches Dom into shield
[Seraphna`] Darien] Be careful!
[Dominator] AAAACK!
* Dominator falls, but releases the charged blast at SRG (320 AP)
* Darien^ glares at SRG's-Feet and an explosion ripples across SRG's-Feet (285 AP)
* SuperRobotGuard uppercuts Seraphna
[SuperRobotGuard] OUF!
* Seraphna` attacks with Psionic-Blast (190 AP)
[Seraphna`] oof
[Dominator] See, we don't go down that easily!
* Baberlus shoots the gaurd
* SuperRobotGuard grows larger
[SuperRobotGuard] Terminate...
[Baberlus] Oh, just die!
* Baberlus slashes it with sword
* Darien^ runs around behind the guard
[Dakota] aw man
[Seraphna`] Kaiser!
* SuperRobotGuard fires a blast and looks up, locating another Reploid and Unknown-in-black appears in the shield
[Dakota] !
[Dominator] Terminate? Somebody teach this thing layman's English!
[Dakota] heh heh...
* DeathStar struggles and stands, panting
* Dakota is surrounded by a black sphere of energy.... it eventually dissipates revealing a golden version of Dakota
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at SRG (ap 460)
* Dominator lets a weak Thunder Bolt fly at SRG (300 AP)
* SuperRobotGuard punches newcommer
* Darien^ grabs at the SRG's feet and holds on
* SuperRobotGuard throws him into Dom
* Darien^ drains SRG of its life energy (50 AP/10 seconds)
* Dominator is nailed by the newcomer, and flies backwards, stopping just before hitting the shield
* Seraphna` fires timestopper momentarily freezing SRG
[Dominator] OOW!
* SuperRobotGuard punches Darien
* Baberlus slashes guard
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at SRG (ap 440)
* Darien^ falls off
* SuperRobotGuard slashes Baberlus
* Dominator gets up, drops back, and fires a level 1 Thunder Bolt at SRG (300 AP)
* SuperRobotGuard locks onto more metal figures in crowd and brings in Cold-Snap
[SuperRobotGuard] OUF!
[Baberlus] OW DAMN YOU!
[SuperRobotGuard] Damage: Minium
[Seraphna`] NRP: SRG is frozen for one minute during timestopper
* Baberlus shoots it a good bit with 4 clips
* SuperRobotGuard uses shield to stop timestopper
[Dominator] Damage, Minimum!? We'll see about that...
* Darien^ shield and Xvash appear in his hands
* Darien^ slashes b1 with his Xvash (320 AP + 10 AP poison)
* Darien^ slashes SRG with his Xvash (320 AP + 10 AP poison)
* Darien^ uses his psi power to increase damage (+95 AP)
-] [Darien^] PING
[SuperRobotGuard] ARGH
* Dominator charges Thunder Bolt
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at SRG (ap 230)
[Cold-Snap] um
* SuperRobotGuard punches cold-snap into the others
* Unknown-in-black launches 4 concussion discs at SRG. 2 from each gun
* Unknown-in-black dives back
* Dominator leaps to the side
* Dominator activates Ebony Crystal, and releases the charged blast at SRG (640 AP)
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at SRG (ap 460)
* SuperRobotGuard fires a wild blast and it goes through the shield and hits the metal building looming over them and the crowd, rocking it
[Dominator] Damage: minimum THAT.
* Seraphna` attacks with Dali-Beam, G-Crush throwing SRG to ground (150 AP)
* SuperRobotGuard repairs itself
* Baberlus runs at it and blasts/slashes it 3 times
* Unknown-in-black fires at SrG with the machine gun part of both CD-X's
[SuperRobotGuard] GAH!!!
[Dakota] DIE YOU!
[Dominator] Uh... that building is about to go...
* SuperRobotGuard grabs Darien and drains his life
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at SRG (ap 460)
* DeathStar looks at the building and begins to struggle
[DeathStar] Cran: Give it up DS...
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts SRg (ap 480)
[DeathStar] Cran: No Reploid could break those chains..
* Cold-Snap Pulls out his force hammer
* Darien^ When he touches Darien^, Level 3 Nanos invade SRG body and begin to deconstruct him (500 AP / 10 seconds)
* Seraphna` uses Psi-throw to make SRG let go of Darien
* SuperRobotGuard his arm goes flying off of him and begins to pumble Darien
* Darien^ When he touches Darien^, Nanos invade SRG body and begin to deconstruct him (125 AP / 10 seconds)
* Darien^ jumps back away from the SRG
-] [Darien^] PING
* SuperRobotGuard other arm hits on Dom
* Cold-Snap uses a force swing on the SRG
[SuperRobotGuard] GARH!
[Dominator] Hey! Watch where you swing those things!!! OWW!!!
* Unknown-in-black Draws his katana off of the place on his back
* SuperRobotGuard sparks a little
* Unknown-in-black holds the sword in front of himself, electricity shoots from his eyes behind his shades into the sword which he then points at SRG unleashing a lightning bolt toward him/her
* DeathStar begins to flicker some and then roars in anger
* Dominator activates Azure Crystal, and launches himself at SRG, slashing with Rune Sword at high speeds (900 AP)
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts SRG (ap 480)
* DeathStar shatters the chains and leaps into the air, crashing hard from being beat up and drained
[DeathStar] Cran: Uh oh..
[Dakota] ! DS!
* Baberlus shoots it in the head and slashes the head
* DeathStar crowd begins to run, being trapped by the shield caused by the robot
* Dominator is distracted by DS
[SuperRobotGuard] OUF!
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at the SRG, temporarily freezing it
* SuperRobotGuard grawbs Do
* Seraphna` uses flame (Inferno) meltin SRG's only fist (250 AP)
[Dominator] DS! ...HEY!!! PUT ME DOWN!
-] [Darien^] PING
* Unknown-in-black attacks SRG with a quick Vertical-Slash with his Kitana
* Darien^ attacks SRG with a energy blast (280 AP)
* DeathStar activates jetpack, panting, and activates Polaris and grabs the building and begins to propell it back, but only succeeds in stopping it
* Unknown-in-black leaps back
* SuperRobotGuard rams Dom into the ground
[Dakota] DANG ROBOT!
* Dakota fires 3 quick blasts from his armcannon at SRG (ap 380)
* SuperRobotGuard explodes
* Cold-Snap charges up his arm cannon and fires at SRG
* Seraphna` forces SRG to let go of Dom with Psi-Throw
* Dominator stands slowly
[Dominator] Good work, guys
[Baberlus] Hey Robo dohickey! *blasts the head of it*
[Seraphna`] oops
* Darien^ uses his helm shield to protect the crowd
* DeathStar crows escapes while the shield stays up
* Unknown-in-black backs away from the group
*** SuperRobotGuard is now known as GM
[Dominator] Now, to get rid of this shield.
[Baberlus] Oh, its head..... heh
* Unknown-in-black puts the guns he is using back in there place
[DeathStar] Cran: I see you're still holding the building know if you drop it, then it will land on the shield and cause a disruption that will kill your friends
* Unknown-in-black puts the kitana away
* Cold-Snap holsters his hammer
[DeathStar] Oh...go to hell...*building begins to fall back downward
[Dakota] Get this shield down and i can help DS!
* Darien^ begins grabing bits and pieces of the guard
*** GM is now known as Cran
* Baberlus yawns
* Dominator starts to panic, and lets a Thunder Bolt fly at the shield
* Cran the shield begins to zap all of them
* Darien^ then moves to the shield and begins draining it
[Dominator] AAAAHHHH!!!
[Dakota] AAH!
* DeathStar keeps struggling and keeps losing more ground
[Unknown-in-black] ..............
[Unknown-in-black] ungh...
* Dominator struggles to fight off the shock
[Cold-Snap] Why did that damn guard have to pull me into this?
* Unknown-in-black Draws his katana off of the place on his back
* Unknown-in-black holds the sword in front of himself, electricity shoots from his eyes behind his shades into the sword which he then points at shield unleashing a lightning bolt toward him/her
* Cran blasts DS
[Baberlus] Ugh.........*stays up*
[DeathStar] OFU1
-] [Darien^] PING
* Darien^ keeps trying to drain the shield
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts shield (ap 480)
* Cran blasts DS again and he loses more ground
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at the shield
[Dominator] ...hitting it isn't really doing anything!
[Cran] I don't know HOW you did it, but you're going to die..
[Dakota] DS HOLD ON!
* Unknown-in-black looks over the shield
[DeathStar]*jetpack sparks and he lands on his feet, the building hitting the shield and hurting all inside
* Cran charges his body suit blaster to Level 7.
[Cran] Time, to die..
[Dominator] AAAAHH!
*** Seraphna` has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[Dakota] CRAP!
[Unknown-in-black] ungh..
* DeathStar struggles to keep it from going any further
-] [Darien^] PING
* Cran aims
* Dominator barely stays conscious
*** Azuls (death_star@ has joined #taw
* Cold-Snap fires 3 rapid fire plasma shots at the shield
[Dominator] Death... Star!!!
* Baberlus falls down
* Darien^ keeps draining the shield
* Cold-Snap pulls out his force hammer and slams it into the shield
*** Dominator sets mode: +v Azuls
* Azuls blasts Cran
* Darien^ keeps draining
* Darien^ drains shield of its life energy (50 AP/10 seconds)
-] [DeathStar] PING
[DeathStar] Cran last told me less than a hundred Reploids were still operational.  We're extinct, folks.  We're dead.  We're over..
[DeathStar] Session Ends
April 6, 1999