- Afterstrike -

Mission 55: Reunion

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: REBEL Base (X-Hunters HQ)
[Justin-the-II] nrp:ping me
[DeathStar] NRP: PING yourself...
* DeathStar has arms crossed as he looks at the viewscreen
* Dominator glances at DS then at the viewscreen
* DeathStar viewscreen runs through Reploids being killed, captured, and beaten by EarthGov
* Justin-the-II leans against the wall watching evrybody
* Dominator clentches fist
[DeathStar] BTW, Justin, you should thank Azuls for saving you.  You were to out of it to know.
[Justin-the-II] were is azuls?
[Wiendigo] That reminds me of my youth, ahhhh, those were the days....
[DeathStar] Azuls?  Beats me.
* Cold-Snap sits in a corner, lost in thought
[DeathStar] NRP: Remember the rule, first letter must be...
* Dominator is looking angrily at the screen
[Dominator] NRP: *snickers*
* DeathStar waves hand over the the control board and turns it off
[DeathStar] As we all can see, we're screwed.  All Reploids are screwed.
* Dominator says it with a bit of an edge,  1"Yes, I think we can."
* Justin-the-II looks at the screen then shakes his head in dismay
* Wiendigo smells his cigar and lights it
[DeathStar] *sighs* Normally I would launch a major assualt against CorSec and kill them all, but we have no weapons...
[Wiendigo] Chaos, bloodshed, death, desctruction, God I love this place!
[DeathStar] Wiendigo, do us all a favor, and shut the hell up.  No one cares to hear what you got to say.
[Dominator] And even if we attack CorSec, we hurt ourselves... Earth is totally divided and ripe for the Tsivrixsh to conquer us...
[Justin-the-II] nrp:i dont evan have my dad's?!?!
[DeathStar] NRP: We got are old weaponary
[Wiendigo] My, aren't we Mr. Snide today? What's biting you, you git? Oh, THAT'S right! You've damned us all to extinction!
[DeathStar] Man, Dominator, show us the sunshine of things....
[Justin-the-II] NRP:What would be counted as old?
* DeathStar glares at Wiendigo
[DeathStar] I damned us all to having a chance!!
[DeathStar] You think CorSec would have let Reploids LIVE much longer?!
[Dominator] Sorry, Death Star... Once if I find the sunshine, you'll be the first to know...
* Wiendigo snorts.  1"Like there's a bloody difference?"
[DeathStar] And why are YOU here, Mr. Blood and Guts?!  What's YOUR point in being here?!
[DeathStar] Why don't YOU go out and die like your bretheren?!
[Wiendigo] To piss the hell out of you.
[Dominator] CorSec would have gotten around to this sooner or later... That's the worst part... Had we given in to EarthGov, the same thing would have happened..
[DeathStar] Only hearing your name pisses me off.  So you can STILL leave..
* Wiendigo stands up and cracks his knuckles
[Wiendigo] I think I will, and go on a rampant murder spree for the hell of ti
[DeathStar] Go for it....you won't get far...
[Cold-Snap] YEAH, are we going to kill someone soon, or what?  The only reason I'm still here is to have some fun, but the only action I've seen was that little robot guard!
[Wiendigo] Anyone care to join me? No? Good, you're all little pissants anyway.
[DeathStar] Every HUNTER to the shuttle..
* DeathStar turns and walks off
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Do I count as a hunter?
* Dominator looks at Cold-Snap,  1"Just what the HELL are you talking about?! You fool... The hunters don't exist to kill things. We exist to make a difference."
[DeathStar] NRP: You can follow
[Wiendigo] And I thought MY sex life was bad...
* Justin-the-II shrugs and fallows
* DeathStar stops
* DeathStar looks at Wiendigo
[Cold-Snap] I'm here to fight, if that makes a difference, BONUS
[DeathStar] What a ignorant thing for an ignorant Reploid to say, since Reploids can't have sex.
* DeathStar jumps into the shuttle
[Dominator] If it matters to you, COld-Snap, a hunter called Ultra Omega said the exact same thing. And now, he's dead.
[Wiendigo] Boy, you haven't tested your equipment, have ya?
[NPC] NRP: Thats one for the funnies, the sex thing
* Dominator turns and walks into the shuttle after Death Star
* Wiendigo bounds onto the shuttle
* DeathStar glares at Wien
[Wiendigo] RPG: It's a revenge thing
* Cold-Snap walks to the shuttle
[DeathStar] I thought you were going to go off and kill..
[Dominator] Where are you going anyway DS?
[Wiendigo] Eh, I'll kill as soon as we land.
* DeathStar takes off
* Justin-the-II gets in and looks for his seat
* Dominator sits at the weapons consol, having no idea where their going...
[DeathStar] To hit a CorSec installment to gain weaponary and technology
* Cold-Snap takes a seat
* Justin-the-II sets down and props his feet up
[Wiendigo] As long as I get to gut someone, I'm happy.
* DeathStar flies over the Wastelands, frowning because they are in 'Alien Naton'
[DeathStar] Go gut Baberlus...I'm sure he's around the world SOMEWHERE..
[Dominator] I see. Death Star, we cannot tolerate "loners" who want only to fight... The only reason Wiendigo is still alive is because he's sadistic and powerful... COld-Snap will be dead in weeks, or kill us all, if he keeps that attitude....
[Wiendigo] How 'bout I gut you, that way I don't have to work for it.
* Dominator turns looking sadly at the Wastelands
[DeathStar] We're already dead, Dominator.
[Wiendigo] Dead and LOVING IT!
* DeathStar leaves the Wastelands and flies over to England
[Dominator] Perhaps...
[Cold-Snap] HEY!  I love to fight, true, but I'm loyal!
* Wiendigo takes out a bottle of beer and starts to down it
[Dominator] Good, COld-Snap. Good... I don't want to see you dead too...
*** Retrieving #taw info...
* Wiendigo smirks.  1"I'm not."
[DeathStar] 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...
* Dominator looks at England
* Wiendigo spits some beer on the back of DS' head
* DeathStar lands 30 feet from the CorSec installment and flips Wiendigo off
[DeathStar] Okay, they know we're here...lets rock..
[Cold-Snap] wahoo
* Dominator looks at Wiendigo and mutters,  1"Damned puerile behavor..."
* Wiendigo takes out his blades
* DeathStar taps Dom on the shoulder
[DeathStar] Dom..
* Dominator starts charging up and looks at DS
[Dominator] Yeah?
[Wiendigo] Hey, my mother was puerile!
[DeathStar] Make sure to get Wiendigo into their line of fire.  We need to take him out if we're going to survive..
* Dominator tries to determine from the tone of DS's voice whether he was serious or not
* Justin-the-II twirls his 19 on his finger boredly
[DeathStar] As for Cold Snap, watch him.  If he proves to turn like Wiendigo, do the same.
[DeathStar] And I'm DEADLY serious..
[Dominator] ... All right... I hope my guess on Cold Snap proves wrong....
[Wiendigo] Feh, you're barely even threatening
* DeathStar steps out of the shuttle
* DeathStar notes Wiendigo didn't hear them
* Cold-Snap fondles his hammer
* DeathStar sees CorSec guards heading their way
[Dominator] He's serious, and I don't blame him. *gets out and aims at the CorSec guards*
[Wiendigo] And I'll be SURE to walk behind you DS, every step of the way.
[DeathStar] Ho ho ho, the calvary's here...hit them hard.
* Wiendigo starts firing at them
* Dominator activates Ebony Crystal and fires Thunder Bolt at them all (600AP)
* DeathStar fires his cannon and rips one man in half
* DeathStar Dom kills 5 of them
[Wiendigo] Hiyo god-damn Silver
[Cold-Snap] uh. . .
* Wiendigo leaps into the fray and starts slicing them up
* DeathStar slashes one in half
* Dominator grabs one by the neck and stabs hi mthrough the middle with Rune Sword, then rips it out and slashes another
[DeathStar] We got ten more coming in..
[Wiendigo] Then that's ten more for my scorecard
* DeathStar charges his sabre to the max and slashes guards and follows it up with a cannon blast and hits then with Hellish Chaos (1930 AP)
* Dominator aims at them with Thunder Bolt and fires rapidly
* DeathStar rams one in the head
* Wiendigo takes his Energon Katana and slashes open a couple of their throats
* DeathStar finishes off the last one
* DeathStar nods at Cold Snap
[Dominator] That's done.
[DeathStar] Boy, you seem threatening like...just STANDING there..
* Justin-the-II gets out and looks around still twirling his 19
* Justin-the-II looks at the guards
* Justin-the-II gets on one knee and sprays them with 19 lazer fire
[Wiendigo] Boy, I'm glad HE'S here...
* Dominator looks at COld-Snap,  1"You frooze?"
[Cold-Snap] I, uh, I, I didn't want to waste my efforts on such measly faire
* DeathStar groans
[DeathStar] I wish someone would do me the honor of killing me, one day..
* DeathStar heads for the installment
[Dominator] Nothing is too little not to waste time on Cold-Snap... I had assumed that you were accustomed to battle, but...
[Wiendigo] Bah! The runt's not a killer, he's a freakin' humanitarian
[Wiendigo] Hey! I'll do it for free!
[Dominator] I don't consider myself a "killer" Wiendigo...
* Dominator follows Death Star
[Wiendigo] Not you dishit, the rookie
* DeathStar enters it and begins to grab equipment and place it on a hoverboard he brought
* Wiendigo backflips after them
* Cold-Snap hangs his head
[DeathStar] Lets strip this place..
[Dominator] Wiendigo, I mean that to be a soldier or a Hunter, you do not have to be a "killer"
* DeathStar doesn't bother to talk about what HE is
* Dominator starts taking other stuff, looking for the best stuff
[Wiendigo] Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, less sermon, more picking
[DeathStar] Cold Snap, stay in the shuttle...
[DeathStar] You're worthless..
* DeathStar glares at him hatefully
* Dominator glances at Death Star
[Cold-Snap] I'm, yessir
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Bye all
*** Cold-Snap has quit IRC (I suppose it time to hit the books. WHAM!!! Hmm, the addition of the axe made hitting the books fun!!! )
* DeathStar continues loading up
[Dominator] Some pretty good stuff here...
* Wiendigo starts looting the worthy stuff
[DeathStar] Aye....
* Dominator suddenly mutters,  1"Who would have thought we'd have to steal to survive..."
* DeathStar hears something coming at them
* Wiendigo raises his hand
* Dominator quickens his pace and puts more on the board
* Wiendigo readies himself
* DeathStar continues to pile the stuff on
*** Spydir (death_star@dial62.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - DeathStar,Spydir (F7 for details)
[Dominator] we might have company soon, DS... I hate to think of the propaganda we can give them to use if we have to fight...
* Spydir a huge spiderbot rams the wall down
[Wiendigo] What the friggin' hell?
[DeathStar] I'll give them proaganda..
* Wiendigo aims his arm cannon at the thing
* Dominator pushes all the stuff on a self onto his board, muttering  1"The hell with it..."
* Spydir spits webs all over Wien, capturing him instantly (can't escape)
[Wiendigo] WHAT THE?
[Dominator] What the?! Wiendigo!
[DeathStar] WIENDIGO!  Hey...thanks, he needed to be tied up....
* DeathStar slashes the boty
* Spydir rams DS into the wall with one of it's legs
* Spydir ties up Dominator to the wall
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (300AP)
* Wiendigo tries manuvering out of it
* Justin-the-II wips out his sabre as he cuts one in the neck
* Justin-the-II impales one and spin salshes another
* Spydir turns to Justin
[Spydir] ARHK!
* Spydir rams Justin back
* Dominator his thunder bolt blast frees him from the web instead of hitting Spydir
* Spydir ties Dom up again
* DeathStar stands up and shakes his head groggily
[Dominator] Dammit... *tries to get free*
[DeathStar] What the---?
* Spydir psits the stuff on Justin too
[DeathStar] Oh just great...
* Dominator tries electrecuting the webs
* DeathStar twirls sabre
* DeathStar slashes the bot
* Spydir hits DS into the wall again
[Wiendigo] Somebody get this shit offa me!
[DeathStar] OUF!
[UltraOmega]  6*appears out of nowhere*
* Wiendigo takes out his claws and start slashing at it
[DeathStar] UO....?
*** UltraOmega (Lobo@ip163.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - NPC,UltraOmega (F7 for details)
[Dominator] WHAT?!
[Dominator] You're... you're... dead!
* Spydir turns to UO
* Spydir fires the web at him
* UltraOmega runs in and slashes Spydir
* Justin-the-II twirls his sabre waiting for more
* Justin-the-II looks at cs
* Justin-the-II looks back at ds
[Justin-the-II] hay!wait for me!*fallows*
* Justin-the-II doesnt think ds should treet cs like that
* Justin-the-II looks around
[Justin-the-II] nrp:What are we doing?i am lost
* UltraOmega slashes the web as it comes near
* DeathStar slashes Dom free
[Wiendigo] Hey wait, I remember that guy....barely...
* Dominator jumps free, "Thanks, DS]"
* Dominator dashes forward at amazing speeds with Crimson Crystal, then activates Ebony Crystal to double his next attack's AP, he then slashes three times in the time a normal person can only slash once at Spydir the attack is mentally hammered at him at the same time using Purple Crystal (1800AP total + 1800AP telepathic)
* UltraOmega jumps up and goes in for a sword drive
* DeathStar slashes Wiendigo free
[Spydir] ARGH!!!
* Spydir hits UO with his legs
[Wiendigo] About damn time boot licker
* Spydir two legs grab him as three bash on him
[DeathStar] You're welcome...welcome to go to hell
* UltraOmega hits into the wall and gets back up
* DeathStar slashes Spydir with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush Spydir to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
* Wiendigo lets out his chainsaw and attacks the bot
* Dominator slashes at Spydir's head with RS + EC (600AP each)
[Spydir] Grrr....
* Spydir ties Dom, DS, and Wiendigo together in webbing
[Wiendigo] RAGH!
* UltraOmega blasts the spydir with a hand blast
[Dominator] HEY!
***  NetSplit -  Justin-the-II  - 1  user(s) - (dragonfire.esper.net // chocobo.esper.net)
[DeathStar] GAH!!
* Spydir snickers
[Wiendigo] What a revoltin' development...
[DeathStar] Awwww shut up..
[Wiendigo] Go to hell!
* UltraOmega looks at DS
[Dominator] We have to get out of this thing...
[Wiendigo] Wait...you can't, we destroyed it...
[DeathStar] That's an idea there..
* Dominator considers going into Battle Fury Mode, but realizes that would electricute DS and Wiendigo
* UltraOmega runs at spydirs and grabs one of it's legs
[Spydir] Grr
* Spydir hits UO with another leg
[Wiendigo] Somebody burn this damn tihng!
[Dominator] You think that's really Ultra Omega over there?
[DeathStar] You know, there was a time when dyin' meant something to the living...
* UltraOmega holds on and pulld out sword
[Wiendigo] Who cares? Get us out of this!
*** Justin-the-II (jj@207-17-228-138.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
[Justin-the-II] nrp:were are we now?
* Spydir keeps pounding UO
[DeathStar] JUSTIN!!! FREE US!!
* Dominator actives his physcic daggers and tries to cut the web
[Dominator] AND NOW!
* DeathStar it fails
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* UltraOmega stabs sword in, but gets knocked off
* Wiendigo tries to phase to get out
[Dominator] From the web you dolt!
* Justin-the-II wounders what is goin on
* Spydir pounds on UO
[Justin-the-II] oh!
* DeathStar begins to struggle to free himself
* Justin-the-II runs to the web and slashes it to peices with his sabre
* DeathStar  1"DRACO STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!!" 6 *flies into the air and suddenly becomes a living inferno as fire surronds his body, turning his armor to a bright red where his black is and his blue part to white. He lands on the ground, eyes completely firey.  1"Let's rock...."
* Dominator just free
* DeathStar burns the wbe
* UltraOmega raises hands and charges a glowing shere, it soon grows so bright the light is nearly blinding.
[DeathStar] Grrr...
* DeathStar rips free thanks to the burning web being slashed by Justin
* Wiendigo tackles the bot
* Dominator dashes forward at an amazing speed with Crimson Crystal and uses Ebony Crystal to double his attack power, then stabs forward into Spydir with Rune Sword and electricutes them through the sword using his Battle Fury Mode, he uses Purple Crystal to launch a telepathic copy of the attacks at the same time (1200APP + 1200AP)
* Spydir blocks it
* Wiendigo starts stabbing it
* Spydir grabs wiendigo and beats on him
* Justin-the-II slashes spydir (200 ap)
[Spydir] *Bang* *bang*
* UltraOmega keeps powering it
* Spydir webs Justin up
* Dominator flips around slashing at three times speed (900AP each)
* Wiendigo starts absorbing the kinetic energy and uses it to doule up his attack
* Justin-the-II uper cuts spydir (200 ap)
[UltraOmega] Grrrr....
* DeathStar slashes Justin free
* Wiendigo throws Spydir across the room
* UltraOmega screams and shoots the ball/beam at Spydir, causing massive holy damage.  "HIJIKAR!!!!!"  (240 AP, Holy Damage)
* Spydir webs up Wiendigo to the door
* Justin-the-II jumps out and slam slashes spydir (200 ap)
* Spydir is to big to be thrown
[Spydir] ARGHH!!
* Spydir sparks
* Dominator blasts Spydir in the face with Thunder Bolt
[Dominator] Since when can UO do THAT?
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir (200 ap)
[Spydir] GARRR
[DeathStar] He's been dead for six months, he might have picked some things up..
* Wiendigo starts going at the web with his chainsaw
* DeathStar slashes the bot
* Spydir collaspes to the ground, not moving
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir (200 ap)
* Dominator continues rapidly slashing with Crimson Crystal enhancing his speed
[UltraOmega] .....
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200 ap)
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200 ap)
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200 ap)
* DeathStar slashes Wien free
[Dominator] Blow this thing up then I'll say its dead...
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200 ap)
[DeathStar] You know, it's DEAD damnit..
* Wiendigo throws Justin out of the way and tries to rip its head off
* Justin-the-II cuts its head off(200 ap)
* UltraOmega looks at the Hunters, UO having a MH insignia on his shoulder
* Dominator sheaths Rune Sword,  1"We need to get out of here..."
* Spydir head can't be cut off
[Justin-the-II] there yah go...
* DeathStar glances at UO
* Dominator glances back at UO,  1"How are you here?"
[DeathStar] .....I thought you...were dead...
* Justin-the-II kicks it repidedly
* UltraOmega raises brow to DS
* Spydir one of it's arms lands on Justin's foot, crushing it slightly
[Justin-the-II] sory peice a scrap!
[Dominator] Justin, its dead... Load more weapons onto your hoverboard..
[Wiendigo] Eh, this'll have to do...
* DeathStar puts more supplies on the hoverboard
[Justin-the-II] aahh!
[UltraOmega] ...........?
[Dominator] Answer me.
* Justin-the-II moves his foot
* Wiendigo uses his Shadow Shred on it, and a ball of shadows starts ripping it apart from the inside
[UltraOmega] Me? Dead? What'er you talking about?
* Spydir is immune to it
* Justin-the-II grabs some wepons and puts on hoverboard
[Dominator] You died last year, Ultra Omega....
[Wiendigo] NRP: Ooo you're askin' for it bug....
[DeathStar] You know...Crucifixtion....(Mission 3)
* UltraOmega isn't running around now, so they can get a good look at his face, which is scared.
[DeathStar] ...Wait...it's..
[UltraOmega] Me.... UltraOmega..?
[Dominator] What... It's...
[DeathStar] It's.....
[Justin-the-II] ?
* DeathStar stops loading
[DeathStar] It's Garland
* Justin-the-II does it for ds
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Dominator stares at Garland,  1"Garland..."
[DeathStar] What brings YOU back to Earth.....?
* Justin-the-II looks at garland
* UltraOmega looks at Wien
* Wiendigo takes out his blades and is about ready to attack Garland
[DeathStar] Wait, Wien, he isn't with CorSec anymore..
[UltraOmega] I um... uh.. ergh...
[Dominator] You're back... I thought you had left... forever...
* Justin-the-II flashes his beamsabre "hello gar...remember this?"
*** UltraOmega is now known as Garland
[Wiendigo] I don't give a roborat's ass, I want his blood!
* Dominator glances at Wiendigo and says sharply,  1"He quit CorSec, but... he left for his homeplanet... To stay there... forever..."
* DeathStar finishes loading up the hoverboard and teleports it to the shuttle
[Garland] I had... orginally
* Dominator looks at Garland again,  1"... What changed your mind?"
[DeathStar] Well, I hate to ruin this..but CorSec is...going to come.  Can we go somewhere ELSE to talk?
* Justin-the-II is ready to kill garland
* Garland pulls out a canteen and drinks some water
[Justin-the-II] ?
[Dominator] That's a good idea. Lets get going...
[DeathStar] Lets talk on the shuttle and fly somewhere safe...
* DeathStar heads for the shuttle
[Foxfire] *heard faintly* What's going on!? Sounds like Spydir's having trouble... Hurry up, Jay!
[Garland] DeathStar is right, lets get out of here, then talk
* Dominator starts toward the shuttle motioning for Garland to follow
* DeathStar stops
*** Foxfire (speedblade@ has joined #TAW -  2 Clones  - Foxfire,NPC2 (F7 for details)
* Wiendigo glares at Garland, kicks Spydir and wlaks onto the shuttle
* Justin-the-II walks off to the shutle
[DeathStar] I recongnise that voice..
* Dominator glances back
[DeathStar] FOXFIRE!
* Garland heads for a different shuttle
* DeathStar turns around
[Foxfire] YOU!
[Dominator] Foxfire...!
*** NPC2 is now known as Blackjack
[Wiendigo] Great...the mutt....
* Dominator aims Thunder Bolt at Foxfire
[Justin-the-II] ?
[Wiendigo] And the brother mutt....
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[DeathStar] Garland!! Wait!
[Dominator] B-blackjack?!
* Garland turns and looks at DS
[Dominator] Garland, wait!
* Foxfire and Blackjack flip up their rifles
[Justin-the-II] why are we fighting ff?
[DeathStar] We got to stop them!!!  PLus I need to talk to you
[Garland] Yes?
[Dominator] Wha the hell are you doing Blackjack?
* DeathStar leaps at BJ
[Foxfire] Stupid enough to come here, eh? Time to die!
[Dominator] Just hold up for a second....
[DeathStar] PAYBACK TIME!!!
[Dominator] Death Star?!
* Blackjack easily sidesteps
* Justin-the-II looks at bj
* DeathStar teleports and slashes BJ
[Dominator] Death Star... what the hell is going on?!
[Blackjack] AARGH!
* Garland glares
[DeathStar] What do you think of that?!  *kicks BJ in the back of the head*
* Foxfire turns and fires at DS
[Justin-the-II] ohn well...
[Wiendigo] Eh, you gotta do what you gotta do
[DeathStar] BJ is a CorSec member..I told you at Washington D.C..
[Foxfire] Leave him alone, bastard!
* Wiendigo attacks Foxfire
* Justin-the-II jump and slashes at bj (200)
* DeathStar blocks with sabre
[Dominator] But, I can't believe that...
[Wiendigo] You leave him alone bitch!
* Justin-the-II stabs at bj (200)
* Dominator dashes toward the three anyway
[DeathStar] He is!!! Now lets take the bastard out!!!
* DeathStar slashes BJ
[Garland] What..... what's hapenning?
* Foxfire opens fire on whoever is hitting BJ
* Wiendigo jump kicks Foxfire
* Dominator blasts rapidly at Foxfire with Thunder Bolt using EC (600AP each)
[Dominator] Back off!
* DeathStar is blasted back
[DeathStar] OUF!
* Justin-the-II cuts at bj (200)
* Garland reaches for sword but reluctantly stops
* Foxfire ducks, grabs Wien's foot, and flips him
[Dominator] Death Star...!
* Foxfire takes one hit, but dodges the other
* DeathStar rolls and rams his head into the building
* Foxfire screams
[DeathStar] GAH!
* Wiendigo bounces up and rams his elbow into her gut
* Spydir eyes flicker
[Dominator] Wiendigo.. don't kill her...
* Garland looks at spydir
* Justin-the-II kicks bj then slashes (200)
* Foxfire grabs Wien's elbow and swings him into a wall
[Wiendigo] Gimmie a damn good reason...
* Spydir stands back up
* Spydir blasts Wien (300 aP)
* Dominator glances at the Spydir and Garland,  1"Uh.. handle that Garland..."
* Wiendigo absorbs it
[Spydir] NRPL Can't
[Garland] Ok..
* Justin-the-II looks ta spydir
* Spydir charges at them
* Dominator glances at Blackjack,  1"How could YOU betray us?!"
* Garland runs at spydir, and pulls out sword
[Wiendigo] NRP: Ooo you're gonna get it....
[Wiendigo] ARGH1
* Justin-the-II slashes spydir(200)
* Spydir rams Garland in the ground
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir(200)
* Spydir hits Justin back
* DeathStar vanishes
[Garland] You want more? Me and the Gospel Sword have been through a lo-----ARGH!
* Justin-the-II uper cuts spydir(200)
[Dominator] Don't kill Blackjack either...
[Justin-the-II] ouf!
* Spydir eyes glow evilly and he hits Justin and throws him into Garland
[Dominator] Kill the damned Spydir thing though... *blasts at thhe Spydir*
* Spydir reflects it at Dom
* Justin-the-II jumps at spydir and slashes(200)
* Blackjack looks up, smiling.  1"I think I'll let Spydir kill you. Meanwhile... We'll take our leave..." 
* Wiendigo jumps onto Spydir and rides on its back
* Garland catches justin as well as he can
* Spydir phases
* Dominator teleports behind Blackjack and stop him,  1"You're not going ANYWHERE."
* Spydir unphases and catches Wien
* Spydir begins to crush him
* Wiendigo phases out
* Garland does a quick hand motion, then blasts
* Blackjack turns, saying  1"What!?" 
[Garland] KIAMA!
[Wiendigo] No no no bug, I kill YOU
* Spydir suddenly one of it's arms explodes
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir
* DeathStar stands there on the building, his blaster raised
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir(200)
* Dominator is holding Rune Sword,  1"So its true that you betrayed us... I can't allow you to leave then... I can't belive you did, Blackjack.."
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200)
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200)
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200)
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200)
* Wiendigo attacks it with a psychic assult
[DeathStar] You play with the Hunters, you get swuashed...
*** NPC has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com )
* DeathStar blows another leg up
* Justin-the-II stabs spydir again(200)
* Wiendigo unphases and stabs its head
* Spydir webs Justin (captured(
* Justin-the-II uper cuts spydir(200)
[Spydir] GAH!!!
* Spydir begins to explode
* Wiendigo slices its face open
[Justin-the-II] HUH?!
* Garland runs at the head of spydir and slashes it's head
[Blackjack] Dominator, the Hunters are dead! I remembered my old reason for joining CorSec: to pay back you bastard Reploids for the death of my family and friends...
* Spydir explodes
*** Spydir has quit IRC (Leaving )
* Justin-the-II cant move!
* DeathStar frees Justin
* Wiendigo pockets a piece of its head
* DeathStar turns to Blackjack
[Blackjack] So get out of my way. It's over.
* Garland walks up to BJ
* Dominator grits his teeth,  1"You're WRONG about that."
[Wiendigo] NOW it's mine....
* Blackjack tries to shove past Dominator
* Garland grabs him
* Dominator knocks Rune Sword's hilt into Blackjack's head
* Wiendigo slides inot the shadows and out again, healed
[DeathStar] If you ask me, that isn't Blackjack talking there...
[Garland] BlackJa---no Jared.
[Blackjack] Wha...! Urgh...
* Blackjack collapses, held by Garland
* Justin-the-II blood runs down his face and he hold his shoulder still cought in web
[Garland] Look... I hated them too.
* DeathStar looks at Justin
* Justin-the-II calapses
* Foxfire is lying on the ground, bloody and unconscious
[DeathStar] I freed you
[Dominator] I know... We need to find out...
[Wiendigo] And we still hate you, so the feeling's mutual
[Justin-the-II] (he did?)
[Justin-the-II] nrp:oops!
[DeathStar] NRP: Yep
* Garland puts bj down
[Justin-the-II] nrp:i was cought 2 times
[DeathStar] .....*leans against the wall, quiet*
[Dominator] I can't understand why the real Blackjack would betray us...
[Wiendigo] NRP: And freed two times
[Dominator] Anyone have a scanner or something?
[DeathStar] I do.
[Justin-the-II] nrp:forget those then
[Dominator] Scan him to see if he's the real then...
[DeathStar] One of my newest toys..
* DeathStar scans the two
[Dominator] I'll have to get one of those sometimte...
[Garland] BlackJack... damnit, what the hell have I missed here?
[DeathStar] They're real...
* Justin-the-II walks over to the wall and leans on it with arms crosed
[DeathStar] ...Something else though...
[Dominator] What...?
[Wiendigo] Now THIS is a real  6toy...*lets  out his chainsaw and revs it*
[DeathStar] ...Something in their brains...
[Dominator] Brainwashed?
[Wiendigo] The lack of?
* DeathStar nods
[Dominator] I thought as much... Damn COoSec...
* Garland looks at his shuttle, and presses a button on his wrist "It may be a little longer."
* Dominator glanecs at Garland
* Justin-the-II wishes he could just beat the crap outa wein
* Wiendigo glares at Garland
[Dominator] Lets get back to base and quickly...
[DeathStar] NRP: No one's stopping you =)
[Dominator] And with Blackjack and Foxfire...
[Garland] B-base....?
[Dominator] Our new one at least...
[Wiendigo] I smell a traa-aaaaaapppp.....
[DeathStar] Temporary one..
[Justin-the-II] nrp:should i?i mean hes anoieng but....??
[Wiendigo] Until we get a condo in Miami.
[Dominator] Garland.. You going to follow us in your shuttle then?
[Wiendigo] Then we'll be settled in.
* DeathStar grabs Blackjack
[Garland] Before BlackJack had that episode, you said you had a question DS?
[DeathStar] I agree with Weindigo there...