- Afterstrike -

Mission 56: When Right is Wrong

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: Somewhere in Mexico, Outside
* Seraphna` is on Darien's shoulder
* DeathStar stands with arms folded, looking out over the desert, frowning since CorSec blew up their old base (Last Session)
* Garland is reading a book with no visible title, floating 3 feet above the ground
[Wiendigo] This place is sure el shitso...
* Dominator is deep in thought
* Blackjack shakes his head, still confused over everything
[Darien] Hello Drago!
* DeathStar looks at a few buildings nearby, where their equipment is
[DeathStar] I think we should take over a base...but then that would cause everyone to attack it...
* Seraphna` smiles at Drien
* Dominator comes out of thought and looks at them as well
* Garland glances at Darien
[Garland] Hey, Kid.
[Wiendigo] And when did you come up with THAT brillant deduction?
[DeathStar] And we don't have enough supplies to rebuild a new base, unless we're going to run our operations on the alien ship...
[Dominator] We need a base of operations, so...
* Blackjack looks up
* Seraphna` looks at DS in surprize
[Garland] Sorry about that thing a month ago or so.
[Seraphna`] the ship?
[DeathStar] We stole a ship from the T awhile back (War)
[DeathStar] Darien hid it for us when we our HQ blew up.
[Blackjack] At least for that... nice job, Darien.
[Dominator] How big is it?
[Darien] Yep, I hid it good!
[DeathStar] Not too big.  That's why I'm looking at that as a last resort
[Wiendigo] Great, space truckin' with a bunch of yahoos...
[Dominator] Are you saying we should capture an enemy base then?
[DeathStar] Plus there's the scraps from our old HQ, floating around in space...
[Seraphna`] Drien] Where
* Garland practices a flying kata with the Gospel
[Darien] Not tellin'!
* Dominator looks at DS, 1"So..."
* DeathStar walks inside one of the buildings and pulls out his computer gear and begins to listen in on EarthGov
[DeathStar] So I'll think on it later..
* Wiendigo takes out his Dark Sai and spears a desert lizard with it
[Dominator] I see...
* Blackjack begins thinking
[DeathStar] ....You know one thing I'm wondering?
[Dominator] What...?
[Wiendigo] Here lizard liazrd liazrd...
[DeathStar] What is Crucifixtion and the rest of the Mavericks doing...
* Seraphna` looks to Darien "What are we gonna do"
[Garland] So.... the Hunters are a fallen orginization.... Hmm.... I dont care, I'm still a Hunter.
[Dominator] Whatever they are, it can't be good...
[Darien] Have fun
[Blackjack] That's right... I'd forgotten about the Mavericks with everything else that's going on...
* Garland pats his MH insignia on the shoulder of his "new" armour.
* DeathStar doesn't wear an MH insignia anymore
* DeathStar stands up
[DeathStar] This is interesting..
[Wiendigo] They're probably gearing up for a retaliation against US and the world...
* Dominator glances at DS, 1"What is?"
[Seraphna`] So DS, wht do we call ourselves now?
* Blackjack looks at his shirt, and realizes that it still has the CorSec insignia on it
[DeathStar] A group of "Mavericks" are attacking a space sport to steal some EarthGov vessels
[Blackjack] Great... either I leave it, or walk around with a hole in my shirt...
[DeathStar] The X-Hunters...
* Wiendigo has no insignia and likes it that way
[Dominator] Keep it on BJ... Might help in a deception sometime..
* Blackjack shrugs
[DeathStar] Alright, lets move to our shuttle.  I want to see what this revolt is all about...
[Dominator] Vessels, huh? Why would they want those...
* DeathStar leaps into the shuttle and powers it up
[Dominator] All right, but we'll have enemies on two sides...
* Wiendigo phases into the shuttle
[DeathStar] What else, Dominator?  Escape Earth
* Darien flier appears in front of him
[Blackjack] Let's go...
* Dominator goes in and sits down at the weapons consule
* Seraphna` stays on Dariens's shoulder
*** DragonManX (jj@207-17-229-55.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar finishes powering it up
* Blackjack sits behind Dominator
[DragonManX] session?
[DeathStar] NRP: Session
[Seraphna`] NRP: SESSION
[Garland] I'm a hunter plain and simple. *flies into the shuttle*
[Darien] Drago, it only fits one
[DragonManX] nrp:any way i can join?
* DeathStar finishes powering up
[DeathStar] NRP: We're at HQ
*** DragonManX is now known as Justin-the-II
* Darien shoves Seraphna off his shoulder and jumps in the flier
* DeathStar finishes powering up and lifts the shuttle off the ground
*** Darien is now known as DarienFlier
* Seraphna` tries to hop on
* Garland (as usual) doesnt sit down.
* DarienFlier hovers in the air behind the shuttle
[Seraphna`] I'm smll enough
* Blackjack removes his patch and shoves it in his pocket, deciding to go without anything covering his scar this time
[DeathStar] Well, at least all the Hunters made it to Mexico...amazingly
* Justin-the-II walks in
[Dominator] Yeah...
*** Cold-Snap (Lactose@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has joined #TAW
[Blackjack] It's a miracle, with CorSec hitting that mercilessly...
[Wiendigo] And the tequila wasn't half bad...
* DeathStar flies a little higher in the shuttle
[DeathStar] OH, it's COLD SNAP..
[Cold-Snap] NRP: This same session?
[DeathStar] NRP: No
[Dominator] Cold-Snap...
[DeathStar] Get on the shuttle, Coldy..
* Justin-the-II gets on
[Cold-Snap] C'mon, I can help
[Blackjack] Who's he?
* DeathStar begins to fly off
[DeathStar] Another renegade, like the rest of us..
[Dominator] A rookie... He talked big about fihgting, but frooze last mission...
* Seraphna` stys on Drien's shoulder
* DarienFlier follows with Seraphna inside
[Seraphna`] i'm coming with you
* Garland glances at DS
[Blackjack] Pfft. Sounds like most of our rookies.
* DeathStar enters the EarthGov's spacesport into the cordnets and takes off, Cold Snap getting on
[Cold-Snap] You need everyone you can get
[Garland] A renagade... I doubt I'm classified as that
[Wiendigo] Sounds like msot of our vetrens as well...
* Dominator glances at Wiendigo
[DeathStar] Don't talk about yourself like that Wiendigo, ruin your image.
* DeathStar heads for the space sport silently
[Seraphna`] Darien] Let's just be careful
* Dominator taps his fingures on the consule, thinking
* Justin-the-II twirls his 19 boredly
* DeathStar is getting closer
[Blackjack] Hunters... I need to say something before we do this...
[DeathStar] At least we're not being shut down out of the air...*looks at BJ*
[Blackjack] NRP: X-Hunters
[DeathStar] shot
* Dominator looks at Blackjack, who's sitting behind him, "What?"
* DarienFlier cloaks
* Garland turns to BJ
* DeathStar turns back to flying
[Blackjack] Remember my lycanthropian ability? Passed down through my family?
* Justin-the-II looks at bj
[Wiendigo] Yeah, so?
[Cold-Snap] nrp: when someone has the time, can someone update me on last mission
* DeathStar ducks a bird
[Cold-Snap] Like Werewolfism?
[Dominator] Yes...
[Blackjack] That was a lame coverup... I was... experimented on by CorSec... Which is probably how they brainwashed me...
[DeathStar] Computer: 2 Minutes Until Arrival
[DeathStar] Och.
[Blackjack] Foxfire got the same treatment...
[Dominator] I see...
[Wiendigo] What? Were you two spayed and neutered?
[Blackjack] As did Redwolf... *sobs at the memory*
[Dominator] So...
[DeathStar] .....
* DeathStar doesn't turn from flying
[Blackjack] Don't be surprised if we go back to CorSec...
[DeathStar] I won't.
[Blackjack] I hate to say it, but the possibility is very real.
* DeathStar arrives in the distance of the spacesport and sees fires going on and fighting
[Seraphna`] why dom
[Dominator] I know..... There must be something you can do...
[Garland] I'll know not to hurt you coldbloodedly when/if you do.
* DeathStar goes in for a landing
[Blackjack] If there is, we have no idea WHAT it is, Dom...
* Dominator glances at the fighting, 1"Large abttle..."
[Seraphna`] why dom, why?
[DeathStar] NRP: capalise the first letter...
[Dominator] What, Seraphna?
[Dominator] Where are we landing at, DS?
[Seraphna`] Whay would you go back to them....
[Wiendigo] NRP: CapiTalize....there's a "T" in there
* DeathStar lands right next to the fence
[Dominator] Not me, Blackjack and Foxfire...
* DeathStar leaps out of the shuttle and over the fence
[Dominator] I was never a member of CorSec.
[Seraphna`] oh...
* DeathStar lands and looks at a bunch of humans firing on the Reploids
* Justin-the-II gets out
* Dominator dashes and follows DS
[Justin-the-II] hmm...
* Blackjack shakes something off
[DeathStar] ....They're almost HELPLESS...
[Blackjack] Let's go...
[Dominator] ... Who do we aid?
* Cold-Snap whispers to self, "Hope we don't have to kill humans"
* DarienFlier jumps out of the flier and it vanishes
* Justin-the-II climbs the fence
[DeathStar] The Reploids...
* Wiendigo takes out his blades, ready for action
* DeathStar dashes at the humans roaring
* Justin-the-II hops over the top
[Blackjack] Huh? But these Reploids are Mavericks!
* Cold-Snap climbs the fence and pulls out his hammer
* DeathStar slashes a human
* Dominator draws Rune Sword
* DeathStar hits another with his fist
* Blackjack stands, stunned
[Cold-Snap] Wait! they're Mavericks??
[Garland] I know how you feel to be fooled by CorSec, Jared. I would know.... *looks down as he remembers hyper*
[Dominator] Death Star... they are mavericls...
[DeathStar] We're ALL Mavericks...
* Justin-the-II doesnt know what to do
* Wiendigo slash
[DeathStar] What does the term MAVERICK mean anymore?!
[Cold-Snap] I thougth we killed MAvericks
* DeathStar slashes another one and aids some Reploids
* DarienFlier lands on the side of the ground
[Dominator] It doesn't matter! I won't ally with them! They're goals are not ours.
* Wiendigo raises hand
* DeathStar twenty humans fire on them
[Garland] I cannot be a Maverick.
[Cold-Snap] Those who would kill humans for the sake of killing
* Dominator redirects it with Force Shield
[Wiendigo] It means ME! 
* Justin-the-II isnt gonna fight in this battle!
* DarienFlier looks confusedly at the groups
[Cold-Snap] They are mavericks
*** DarienFlier is now known as Darien
* Blackjack refuses to attack
* DeathStar slashes a human and blasts five more with his cannon
* Justin-the-II puts away his wepon and watches
[Cold-Snap] I won't freeze again!
* Dominator also does not attack
* Blackjack walks to Dom and whispers something
* Wiendigo jumps at the humans and starts slashing them up
* Cold-Snap blasts a human with his plasma cannon
[DeathStar] Those Reploids are nearly defenseless....if you cold hearted bastards won't help, then you can go to HELL.
[Justin-the-II] i refuse to fight againts my own kind......
* Garland wont hit humans
* Darien eyes begin flickering green
* Seraphna` on Darien's shoulder is eqully confused
* DeathStar rams one's into the ground
* Cold-Snap smashes another human with his force hammer
[Justin-the-II] nrp:atleast not now
* DeathStar joins CS
[Garland] People, listen to me!
[Wiendigo] Humans first, then brethren.
[Seraphna`] Darien, keep your cool
[Dominator] You wanted me to be one of Crucifxtion's lackies?
* DeathStar the humans blast the Hunters
[Blackjack] Those Reploids are Mavericks, DS! What the Hu... *stops*
* Cold-Snap fires his ice beam at the humans
[Garland] Whay did the reploids do to you!?
* Blackjack dives to the floor
[Garland] whay - what
[DeathStar] Humans: Get them all!!!
* Darien attacks reploid with a energy blast (280 AP)
* DeathStar uppercuts another one and sees ten more joining the twenty
* DeathStar the reploids attack Darien
* Cold-Snap attacks another human with his hammer
* Justin-the-II leans against the fence and watches
[Dominator] Damn... *blocks humans attacking him, and tries to KO them*
[Justin-the-II] oh what the heck!?
* DeathStar finishes off another human and leaps beside DArien
* Blackjack still refuses to attack
* Justin-the-II stabs one
[DeathStar] You do that again, and I'll kill you
* Cold-Snap hits a group of 3 with the ice beam, then rapidily fires plasma at them
* Darien draws his staff and begins hammering away at the Reploids
* Justin-the-II spin slashes one
* Justin-the-II uper cuts one
* DeathStar lands next to Wiendigo
* Seraphna` hngs on makeing a shield around darien nd herself
* DeathStar grabs him and throws him into the middle of the humans
* Justin-the-II cuts one's head off
[DeathStar] ALLYUP!
* DeathStar keeps attacking the humans
* Blackjack , incredibly confused, reaches for his staff
* Wiendigo spin slashes them all
* Dominator knocks more humans back, trying to get out of the fighting area
* Darien attacks reploid with a ice staff (180 AP)
* Cold-Snap crushes a human with his hammer
* Seraphna` uses timestopper on humans
* DeathStar Wiendigo finishes off the last of the hunans and the Reploids stop fighting
* DeathStar blasts Darien
* Justin-the-II takes out his 19 and calmy blast 2 runing at him
* Garland walks infront of some humans and tries to stop them with words
* DeathStar the reploids pant and look over at them
[Wiendigo] Pleeeeeeeaaaaseeeeeeeee say we can kil them too....
* Darien falls to the ground
* Blackjack lets his staff clang to the ground
* Cold-Snap charges at another human firing plasma
[DeathStar] Leave THEM alone..
[Dominator] NRP: Humans are dead now...
[Blackjack] *quietly* What the hell are we doing...
[Seraphna`] Drien] are you okay?
* Dominator is silent
[DeathStar] Reploid Leader: I thank you for your help..
[Dominator] *whispers to Blackjack* Lets what I want to know...
[Dominator] lets=thats
* Darien gets to his feet and readies his shield
* Blackjack nods
*** Slasher (blarg@ has joined #taw
[DeathStar] RL: We are not Mavericks, but simply want to get off of Earth...thus we came here to steal a shuttle..
* Wiendigo spins his sword in anticipation
* Justin-the-II shrugs
[Justin-the-II] all in a days work!
[Dominator] Not mavericks...
* Seraphna` maintins shield around herself and Drien
* Dominator calls out, 1"Where will you go?"
* Slasher phases in
[Blackjack] Not Mavericks...?
* Darien puts away his staff
[DeathStar] RL: What does it matter?
* DeathStar is glaring at Darien
[Wiendigo] There's that echo again...
* Darien but keeps out his shield
* Cold-Snap continues to grip his hammer
* DeathStar the reploids enter the shuttles
[Garland] I do not blame you, Humans are panicky I learned that when I was home.
[Dominator] I don't know anymore... As long as you're not allied with Crucifixtion....
[Seraphna`] Darien, cool your jets
[Darien] ..but, but
* Seraphna` is still on Darien's shoulder
[DeathStar] ....I hope you're all proud...bastards...
[Seraphna`] no use killing yourself
* Darien sits down by the fence and pets Seraphna
* DeathStar glares at each Hunter that didn't help
* Garland looks at DS ans then points at Darien
* DeathStar turns and walks off
[Wiendigo] I'm always proud of my handy work
* Dominator looks back at Death Star
* Cold-Snap continues to stare at the humans, gripping his hammer
[Blackjack] Hey, I thought they were Maverick, DS... Which we might as well be after killing those humans.
[Slasher] So what did i miss
[Wiendigo] Anyone up for mutiny? C'mon, I know you all are...
* DeathStar the reploids take off in the shuttles
* Seraphna` purrs at Darien's attention
* DeathStar keeps walking off
* Darien keeps petting Seraphna
[Garland] Wien, shut up.
* Seraphna` keeps purring
[Wiendigo] Feh, like that'll happen
* Garland catches up with DS
* Blackjack looks at his CorSec insignia
[Garland] Hey...DS?
[DeathStar] Next time, consider the term MAVERICK closely...for we are too Mavericks..
* DeathStar teleports off
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
[Cold-Snap] Shit, I'm a murderer
[Slasher] Ummm....What HAPPENED
[Blackjack] *quietly, only Dom hears* You don't know how tempting it is... Damn, what am I thinking!?
* Dominator mutters to himself, 1"There's nothing left to do, but blindly fight... The chances of peace between reploids and humans are gone..."
[Slasher] I fall alseep and next thing i know
[Wiendigo] I was a Maverick way before you morons, get used to it
[Garland] I killed no humans
[Dominator] *quietly to Blackjack* What are you thinking?
*** GM is now known as Crucifixtion
[Seraphna`] I'm glad you listened Darien 
* Crucifixtion teleports in
* Crucifixtion lands on the ground
[Wiendigo] Well, if he ain't a shit for sore eyes....
[Dominator] Crucifixtion!!
[Slasher] Finally some action
[Seraphna`] i didn't want to kill them.... 
[Crucifixtion] Welcome, bretheren...
[Blackjack] *quietly* CorSec, Dom. I won't say any more. CorSec.
[Justin-the-II] go to hell crux!
* Garland 's UO type armour appears
* Darien jumps up at Crux's appearence
* Blackjack looks up at Crux
[Crucifixtion] Shut up human...I'm not here to fight.
*** Garland is now known as UltraOmega
[Slasher] Ahhh shucks
[Blackjack] Well, haven't seen YOU in a while. Why'd you decide to make an appearence?
[Wiendigo] In a pig's eye...
* UltraOmega draws the Gospel Sword and looks at tentativly
[Dominator] *to BJ* We'll talk about this later...
[Justin-the-II] what are you here to do?be dumb?
[Crucifixtion] Because I'm here to get the remaining shuttles for my bretheren...
[Dominator] What are you here for then?
* Wiendigo takes out his blades, ready for action
[Cold-Snap] (quietly to self) Dammit, I shouldn't have helped him murder
[Blackjack] Taunting the enemies, bad idea #1, Justin...
* Slasher walks up behind Justin
[Slasher] Shuttup
[Justin-the-II] get to stepin now!
[Justin-the-II] no..
[Justin-the-II] i du wanna
* Seraphna` dosen't pay attention, purring at the attention
* Darien attacks Crux with a energy blast (280 AP)
* Crucifixtion blinks at UO
[Slasher] Bj let him get killed no one cares
[Wiendigo] You?...That's a load of SHIT!
[Crucifixtion] Hmmm...it's true, the dead neverstays dead...
* Dominator doesn't take ihs eyes of Crucifixtion
[Crucifixtion] I'm not here to fight
[Dominator] Wait, Darien. I don't want to start a fight.
* Slasher ignores Crux and sits down
[Crucifixtion] I think we should work together, Hunters....if we don't, our kind has no chance of survival...
* Seraphna` leaps to Darien's shoulder
[UltraOmega] ...... You murderer.... Crux.
* Darien attacks Crux with a energy blast (280 AP)
[Darien] NO!!!
* Crucifixtion blocks it easily
[Seraphna`] Please keep cool
[Dominator] That's an order Darien.
* Cold-Snap turns around and looks at the newcomer
[Wiendigo] You only care about your own survival, saving anyone else has never been your priority
[Crucifixtion] I come here to offer you a chance at salvation of our kind and you attack!?
* Justin-the-II takes out eb
[Darien] But, but...
[Slasher] speaks oh Ugly Crux
* UltraOmega walks infront of crux
[Crucifixtion] Maybe your Commander was right...
[Dominator] Crucifixtion, you and I both know that you want Earth only for reploids. You'll massacre the humans as soon as you get a chance.
* UltraOmega readies sword
[Crucifixtion] You are cold hearted bastards...
[Wiendigo] No, he wants it for himself, and no one else
[Crucifixtion] If that's necessary for our kind to survive, yes, I will see every human dead.
[Blackjack] No. We still care about humankind. And we all know you don't.
* Justin-the-II fire on cruz and drains his energy
[Justin-the-II] shut up....
* Crucifixtion blocks Justin
[Dominator] You'll become as evil as the humans that are your enemies. As long as that is your goal, I cannot join with you...
[Seraphna`] EarthGov and CorSec made us this way
* Slasher grabs Justin and throws him down
[Crucifixtion] Then you can die out......
* UltraOmega stares hatefully at Crux
* Darien eyes glow green
* Justin-the-II punches slasher
[Wiendigo] Right after you, Crux
[Justin-the-II] stop it!
[Crucifixtion] But I guareentee, if there's a chance not to kill all the humans, I wouldtake it.
* Slasher grabs the fist and starts to break it
[Dominator] Earth is divided, Crucifixtion. SOoner or later the TSivrixsh Empire will come back to conquer us.
[Crucifixtion] But I see no chance of that.
* Wiendigo throws a Shadow Shiels around Justin, stopping him
[Slasher] No matter how much i want you to die...knock it off
[Dominator] No chance...
* Justin-the-II yanks it away nad kicks slasher
[Crucifixtion] I know that Dominator....and if we worked together, we could prevent that.  I work for the T Empire and I hate it.
* Seraphna` tries to hide from Cruc behind Darien's neck
[UltraOmega] You asshole.......
* Slasher grabs the foot and spins him around
* Blackjack simply remains quiet and in thought
[Slasher] Fool
[Wiendigo] Now THAT'S Shit!
* Slasher walks off
[Dominator] Crucifixtion, what exactly would you have us do? Join the mavericks?
[Crucifixtion] Only if the 'Mavericks' and the 'Hunters' join can we .... survive..
[Crucifixtion] No, no it isn't Wiendigo...
* Justin-the-II spin kicks with other foot
[Cold-Snap] I'm NOT joining with Mavericks!
* Darien suddenly begins staring emptily into the air
* Slasher watches as Justin kicks air for no reason
[Justin-the-II] would you stop slasher?
[Crucifixtion] Those who wish to see the Reploids survive, may join me...
* UltraOmega has a vein comming out of his forehead he's so pissed
[Crucifixtion] Dominator, together we can save Earth...
[Slasher] Crux...buzz off
* Seraphna` thinks "We are already gone Mav...." Darien hears this
[UltraOmega] MURDERER!!!!!!
* UltraOmega runs at Crux
[Dominator] Join the mavericks then?...
* Slasher sits down writing on his labtop
* Crucifixtion freezes UO in place
[Crucifixtion] I could have easily killed him, but I didn't....but if you want to try to kill me, I have no reason more to stay here...
* Justin-the-II walks around crux
[UltraOmega] K....ksssh.... YOU $%#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Slasher] Crux watch out
[Crucifixtion] I see him, Slasher, thanks
* Crucifixtion freezes Justin
[UltraOmega] YOU KILLED MY FATHER!!!!!!!!
[Crucifixtion] He killed himself!!!
* Crucifixtion turns to UO
* Justin-the-II jumps out of the way
[Crucifixtion] You didn't know I knew that, did you?!
[Crucifixtion] NRP: can't dodge
[Dominator] ....
[Slasher] Eh...its all your gonna get from me..Im sick off Justin andway
* Justin-the-II looks at slasher
* Blackjack sighs dejectedly
[Crucifixtion] He used his life energy on ME
* UltraOmega is struggling to run at crux
* Crucifixtion shows the scars on his stomach
[Justin-the-II] wtf are you doin?!
[Seraphna`] THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!
* Slasher ignores Justins look and types with his left hand
* Darien begins a low humming
* UltraOmega 's eyes widen
[Wiendigo] Salsher, Justin, STOW IT!
* Crucifixtion walks towards the shuttles
[Dominator] Everyone, quiet.
[Crucifixtion] Your father committed suicide kid, remember that...
* Darien attacks Crux with a level 3 energy blast (1120 AP)
* Crucifixtion blocks it and redirects it at Darien
[Crucifixtion] You force retaliation, little kid..
* Darien reflects it back with his shield
* Crucifixtion keeps on walking and blocks it again
* UltraOmega is sturggling to move
[UltraOmega] I'll KILL YOU LIAR!!!!
[Crucifixtion] When I leave, you may move again....
* Slasher walks over to UO
* Justin-the-II breaks out of being still and shoots crux and drains his energy
[Wiendigo] Let him go, we're in no condition to fight him.
[Slasher] Want me to left you out
* Darien suddenly speeds up into a blur, ramming into Crux (270 AP)
* Crucifixtion enters the shuttles
* Crucifixtion blocks Darien
[Blackjack] *quietly* Do you trust him, Dom?
* Crucifixtion rams him into the ground (500 AP)
[Crucifixtion] Back off
* Justin-the-II crux is dieng yah know!
[Crucifixtion] I am much strongr tahn I was....
[Slasher] Hunters back OFF
* Seraphna` rubs head from impact
* Crucifixtion finishes and sends the shuttles to his base
[Blackjack] Stop attacking. We're in no condition to fight.
[Slasher] Sera come sit on my shoulder
* Darien touches the shuttle and begins working with the systems through the nanos
[Dominator] *looks to Blackjack* I don't think we can... But, that's not the question... Would it work be in our best interest to join th emavericks for awhile?
* UltraOmega isnt listening, he's still trying to get at crux
[Seraphna`] Darien, be careful
* Crucifixtion destroys nanons
* Darien hangs on to the shuttle
* Wiendigo grabs Darien's shoulder
[Crucifixtion] That's it
* Blackjack sighs
[Wiendigo] Kid, back off!
* Crucifixtion blasts Darien and sends him flying a mile away
* Seraphna` goes to Slasher's shoulder
[Dominator] Everyone, don't attack him. I don't wnat you getting killed!
[Crucifixtion] I gave you 8 tries....
* UltraOmega sees this and becomes even more enraged
[Wiendigo] Someone mind grabbing the kid before he's pizza?
[Crucifixtion] Now I will leave...*stops beside Wiendigo*
[Dominator] Darien...!
[UltraOmega] #$%&$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Slasher pulls out a cracker and holds it infront of Sera
[Justin-the-II] thats right!
[Dominator] Slasher, get Darien.
[Crucifixtion] You should join me, Wiendigo...you are just what we want to win this...
[Justin-the-II] cs is so right!
* Dominator looks back at Blackjack
* Seraphna` takes the cracker with glee
[Wiendigo] Screw off, Shitifixtion
[Crucifixtion] But I know you won't...
[Slasher] Ahh man
* Crucifixtion keeps walking
[Blackjack] After that little event, I'm not sure, Dominator. He's liable to attack any of us the first time we do something that doesn't please him. We don't need that kind of Reploid on the team... But... who other than him has the information? And the power?
* Slasher gets up, puts away his laptop and walks off to where Darien crashed
[Crucifixtion] I asked you to join your Reploid bretheren, you refused....you know how this will END?!
* Justin-the-II keeps draining cruxes energy!
[Seraphna`] mmmm.... Let Crux go..... mmmm......
[Cold-Snap] We all die, right?
* Wiendigo smirks at Crux
[Crucifixtion] It will end with you killing every damn Reploid but yourselves on this planet because no one follows your path
[Wiendigo] Yeah, it'll end with your head above my mantle
[Cold-Snap] IT's better than y our bath maverick
* Slasher reaches where Darien crashed and searches for him
* Dominator is taken aback by Crucifixtion saying that
[Crucifixtion] If it wasn't for DS, those Reploids earlier would have been killed by YOU
* Seraphna` looks p in middle of chewing piece of cracker
[Dominator] ... *grits teeth* ...
[Crucifixtion] Remember that...
* Crucifixtion vanishes
*** Crucifixtion is now known as GM
* Blackjack clenches his fists
[Slasher] DARIEN!!!!
* UltraOmega falls to knees
[Blackjack] He's... right Dom...
[Cold-Snap] hmph
[Justin-the-II] if we join wount us humans die?
[Seraphna`] Is Dariein okay?
[Wiendigo] Lets gather our forces you nimrods, we've got a hell of a lot of work to do.
* Dominator looks back at Blackjack, 1"I... know..."
* Slasher looks everywhere for Darien
* Cold-Snap sits down and cradles his head in his hands
* Darien is walking away from the shuttleport along a side road
* UltraOmega breaths heavily
[Slasher] Comm]Dom..no luck cant find Da...wait i see him
* Seraphna` search's for him with her mind
* Slasher phases over to him
* UltraOmega 's armour dissapears
[Blackjack] Damn it... If I didn't have any sense of justice, I'd go back to CorSec...
[Slasher] Darien where you goin
*** UltraOmega is now known as Garland
* Darien his eyes are glowing green and he keeps walking silently
* Garland walks to dom, still looking pissed
* GM EarthGov forces can be seen in the distance
* Slasher speeds up in front of Darien causing him to stop
* Wiendigo walks back to BJ and Dom
[Garland] Tell me he lied.... please....
[Dominator] Lets get out of here and NOW
[Slasher] Darien..come on EarthGovs coming
[Blackjack] Great, it's EarthGov... What say we make our exit?

* Darien just walks around Slasher
* Cold-Snap stands
* Slasher grabs Dariens shoulder
[Blackjack] Any other shuttles left?
[Slasher] Darien come on
[Seraphna`] Darien stay here!
* Dominator glances at Garland, 1"I'm sorry, Garland... He died to save those of us who were there... Remember that..."
[Wiendigo] Rally up morons, we're moving out!
* GM they are getting closer
[Dominator] Ours...
* Darien throws Slasher off using his Psi enhanced strength
* Garland turns away
* Blackjack looks around and finds a shuttle
[Blackjack] Shall we take our leave? Or shall we die?
[Slasher] Comm] Dom...i cant get him to talk
* Dominator runs to the Hunters' shuttle
[Justin-the-II] ....
[Dominator] Garland! Get back here!
* GM they open fire and blows up the Hunters' shuttle
* Darien keeps walking and cloaks
* Seraphna` flies to Darien's sholder,
* Slasher sighs
* Garland runs up with the hunters
* Dominator turns around and runs to BJ's shuttle
[Blackjack] Great. NICE job of hesitating, guys.
[Wiendigo] Well, that's jsut great...
[Slasher] Sera come on lets get back
[Dominator] Lets move, now, now!
*** GM is now known as Crucifixtion