- Afterstrike -

Mission 57: Crucfixtion Plays His Hands

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: Outside a Maverick HQ
* Slasher sits behind a rock waiting
[Wiendigo] NRP: Who's logging?
* DeathStar leans against a rock
[Netryx] NRP: i am
[Blackjack] NRP: Me, who else...
* Blackjack leans aside a tree
[Slasher] What we here for again DS
* Wiendigo smokes hi cigar
[DeathStar] So, you're saying Crucifixtion OFFERED you guys help...
[Slasher] yea
[Blackjack] Hard to believe, isn't it...
* Netryx walks up from behind the group
[Slasher] He even gave us a shuttle...
[Wiendigo] Something's not right with that picture...
[GenjiMan] ....
[DeathStar] And it was DOMINATOR'S crazy idea to come here....and now Dominator is busy...
[Netryx] Am i late for the party?
[Slasher] Yep
[Blackjack] Figures.
[Wiendigo] Yes, now go home.
[DeathStar] Yes, yes you are.  We had it five hours ago.
* AceHunter walks up, 1"Scuce me chaps, is there a fellow by the name 'o Death Star here?
* Netryx rolls his eyes
[Slasher] Nope
[Netryx] What ever...
* Blackjack looks at the newcomer
[DeathStar] That would be be now....
[Blackjack] No. Nobody here by that name.
[Wiendigo] What the?
* Blackjack smirks
[DeathStar] What is with the jokes!?
* Slasher pulls out his ion sword and uses it as a toothpick
[Blackjack] Sorry, DS, just trying to lighten the mood...
[Slasher] Were just *flicks out a piece of apple
[Wiendigo] Humor in the face of death and elimination, best way to relieve tention
[Slasher] Much better
* Slasher puts the blade away
[AceHunter] You sure? He said ta meet him here.
[DeathStar] I'm here..
[Blackjack] Right there. *points*
[Wiendigo] Not that I have any tention though...
* Slasher gets up and stretches behind a rock
* AceHunter hold out his hand, 1"The name's Hunter, Murphy Hunter... but my friends call me Ace. My enemies... well, they're dead."
[DeathStar] Wiendigo...you do have a way with word....
* DeathStar shakes his hand
[GenjiMan] ......................
[Blackjack] Nice intro...
* Wiendigo snorts
[Slasher] Ooh...cool entrance line
[Wiendigo] I'll just bet...
[DeathStar] Nice to meet you, Enemieless Hunter...though I'm sure you'll make some new ones...
* GenjiMan looks at Ace
* Wiendigo holds out his hand
[GenjiMan] _ Welcome.
* AceHunter grins at that comment
[Wiendigo] Hi, I'm your new enemy, prepare to die
[DeathStar] I would shake Wiendigo's hands....
* Wiendigo pops out his claws
[DeathStar] n't
[Wiendigo] Shake it, and lose it
[Slasher] So what we gonna do ds
* Blackjack mumbles something
[AceHunter] Sorry chap, I wouldn't suggest being my enemy
[DeathStar] See what I mean?  We just potty trained him...
* DeathStar points at the base
[Slasher] Heh...English too
[DeathStar] Shall we like go knock on the door?
[Slasher] Yeah
* Slasher 's body slowly fades away till it is cloaked.
[AceHunter] So, what's the story?
[Blackjack] Great, we have an Englishman on the team now. THIS will be interesting.
* Wiendigo rubs his cigar out on DS' shoulder as he wlaks by
* Slasher walks towards the door cloaked
[Blackjack] Where do you get all those cigars from Wien...
[DeathStar] How pathetic Wiendigo...
* Netryx watches Slasher
[DeathStar] He steals them from his mother probably..
[Netryx] (the door that is)
* Slasher rings the Doorbell and runs back to the group
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slasher] Ding dong ditch
[DeathStar] Slasher....*groans*
* DeathStar watches the door open and a Reploid look around
[Wiendigo] Secret stash, some place you'll never find them
[Blackjack] What's up with all the humor in the air from the rookies....
[AceHunter] Whatcha chaps up to?
[Slasher] Heh
[DeathStar] Um, looking for supplies....since ours was stolen..
* Slasher recloaks and heads for the door again
* DeathStar strolls calmly towards the door
* GenjiMan looks at the door
* DeathStar waves to the Reploid
* Slasher stays cloaked next to DS
* Netryx follows DS
[DeathStar] Hello?  May we come in?
* Blackjack walks close behind DS
* Wiendigo phases through the base's wall
* AceHunter readies his force weapon
* Slasher uncloaks
* DeathStar sees Reploid ignore him
[Slasher] Boo
[DeathStar] We can?  How nice!  *shoves his head into the wall and continues on in*
* Slasher phases into the base
* Blackjack walks in behind DS
* AceHunter follows DS
* Netryx walks in
[Blackjack] No opposition. How nice.
* GenjiMan follows everyone
* Wiendigo stabs the REploid in the head
[Netryx] It won't last
[Wiendigo] Please, don't get up.
[Slasher] Wien...
* DeathStar continues on down the halls and looks both ways as he enters a large room
* Netryx Draws his CD-X's from their holsters on the outside of his legs and loads them
[Slasher] KEwl...lets raid there fridges
*** Crucifixtion (death_star@dial52.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher runs off looking for the kitchen
* Crucifixtion appears in the air
[Blackjack] Slasher...
* GenjiMan looks around
[GenjiMan] Hm...
[Blackjack] Crux!
* Slasher runs into Crux
[Slasher] Oof
* Netryx looks at crux
[AceHunter] Who's the ugly feller?
* GenjiMan looks at Crux
[Crucifixtion] I must say, when I offered you guys help, I never expected you to kill my guard...
[Wiendigo] This is no surprise...
* DeathStar twirls sabre
[Slasher] Crux wheres the kitchen
[GenjiMan] Hi there, Crux.
[Wiendigo] Eh, you give a little, you take a little
* Crucifixtion glares at Slasher
[Crucifixtion] Why don't YOU shut up?
[Blackjack] Here we go with the teamup again...
[Slasher] Come on im a hungry growing Cyborg
[Slasher] Fine
* Slasher turns around and walks back to the group
* Crucifixtion lands on the ground and looks over at them
[Crucifixtion] And why are you here?
[GenjiMan] _
[Wiendigo] To kill your sorry ass
[Blackjack] Wien, shut up for five minutes.
[Crucifixtion] Charming.  Shall I rip it off of me and hand it to you?
[Slasher] Thought we'ld stop bye say Hi and steal some documents and what not
* DeathStar says nothing
* DeathStar nods at BJ
[DeathStar] He's the diplomat, talk to him.
[Wiendigo] Yeah, and you'll stones willl do nicely. Oh WAIT, you don't HAVE any stones....
[Blackjack] What!? Hey!
[Crucifixtion] I grow tired of this...I really do think you have no chance of survival, you pathetic bunch of idiots..
* Slasher mumbles "I could've been the diplomat if i watned to
* AceHunter yawns, stands back and begins polishing his armor
[Crucifixtion] IT's amazing you even defeated Sigma and Vile...
[GenjiMan] _
[Crucifixtion] I would now ask you to leave...
* Netryx mumbles something
[Blackjack] We defeated Sigma and Vile because we're a decent team when the need arises to be one...
[DeathStar] ...And if we refuse?
[Crucifixtion] I'll kill you all.
[Slasher] Thats alright Crux were gonna stay awhile and crash your lil' party
[Wiendigo] Alright, we refuse.
[Netryx] ........
[AceHunter] Death?  Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt
[DeathStar] Charming...we actually expect to BEAT him?
[Blackjack] Uh... DS... actually... no.
[Wiendigo] No, I jsut want to see you all die.
[Crucifixtion SOUND]
[Slasher] Yeah...Im a lil high right now...the adrenaline rush you no
* Crucifixtion phases behind Wiendigo and grabs him
* Crucifixtion hold him up in the air
[Crucifixtion] Look at the might Wiendigo
* Wiendigo phases out
[Slasher] !Crucifixation crux.mid
[Crucifixtion] NRP: Can't
[Wiendigo] Look at this!
* Crucifixtion slams Wiendigo into the ground
[Crucifixtion] Look at the mighty Wiendigo FALL
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Wiendigo hpases THROUGH the ground
[Crucifixtion] NRP: Can;t
* GenjiMan draws his sword
[Wiendigo] OOF!
* AceHunter turns to DS, 1"What's the plan, ol' fellow?"
* Slasher tries to phase behind Crux
[DeathStar] Kill him, what else.
[Blackjack] Fall? You know, you just helped us, Crux.
* DeathStar slashes Crucfixtion with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush Crucfixtion to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
[GenjiMan] -_-
[AceHunter] Roger that
* Wiendigo uses his Dark Tendrils and grabs Crux's legs
* Crucifixtion rams DS in the ground and stops his attack
* GenjiMan quickly slashes Crux 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [210 AP]
* AceHunter begins charging his VRP
* Crucifixtion blows them up
* Netryx jumps back
* Blackjack keeps his distance, draws his rifle and rapid fires at Crux (930 AP)
* Crucifixtion begins to channel energy and slows down time around him, slowing everyone to a crawl
* Slasher sits on a table waiting to see if hes needed
* Wiendigo fires at Crux
* Netryx launches 4 concussion discs at Crux. 2 from each gun
* Crucifixtion then begins to move at the speed of light and blasts everyone (300 AP)
[Slasher] Ahh
[DeathStar] OUF1
[Netryx] ungh
* Wiendigo absorbs it
[Blackjack] AAARGGHH!
* DeathStar smashes to the ground
[DeathStar] NRP: Unabsorbable
* AceHunter seem unaffected by the slowdown
* Slasher flies through the table
* Blackjack 's rifle is knocked from his hands
[Crucifixtion] Hump..
* Crucifixtion rams AH in the gut
* Wiendigo slips into the shadows
* GenjiMan fires 3 11,1GENJI BEAMS10,0 on Crux [240 AP]
[Crucifixtion] Don't remember you, but I'll enjoy kicking your ass too
[AceHunter] Hey chap, that hurts
* Crucifixtion fires his own counter beam
* Slasher gets up
* Crucifixtion phases behind Slasher
[Slasher] Now Im pissed
* Crucifixtion smashes his head into the ground
* Slasher phases behind Slash
[Slasher] Crux
[Slasher] Boo
* DeathStar begins to pick up speed
* Slasher shoves his hands forwards concentrating. An area 2 ft in front of the hand starts to waver. Soon energy gathers there.1"ELEMENTAL SURGE" Slasher releases its energy towards Crux causing everything in its path to explode(All Elements)
* Blackjack dives for his rifle, picks it up, and fires, though not as quickly as normal (620 AP)
* Crucifixtion blasts Slsaher into wall (Stun)
[Slasher] oof
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Crux and fires a 11,1GENJI ELETRIC BEAM10,0 on Crux [200 AP]
* Slasher slumps down
* Crucifixtion begins to channel his energies
* AceHunter lets off a level 4 blast from his VRP at Crux
[Blackjack] Damn it, Dominator!!! Where are you when I need ya...
* AceHunter fires a stream of force bullets at Crux
* Wiendigo bounces out of the shadows and throws his Dark Sai at Crux
* Crucifixtion fires a huge blast at everyone and slams them into the wall
[GenjiMan] #_#
[Netryx] ouf!
* Slasher flies through a wall
[GenjiMan] I can do that too.
[DeathStar] GAH!
[Blackjack] ARGH!
[Wiendigo] Ow.
* GenjiMan gets hit
* Wiendigo absorbs the kintetic blow and shrugs it off
* Slasher lies outside the base k'oed
* Crucifixtion closes fist and suddenly Wiendigo, Death Star, and slasher loose 200 HP
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
* GenjiMan counters with Triple beam [240 AP]
[DeathStar SOUND]
* Slasher lays there almost dead
* Crucifixtion fires a huge blast into GM
[Crucifixtion] TAKE THAT!
[Wiendigo] What...the hell ....was that?....
* AceHunter tosses a shrapnel bomb at Crux
* Blackjack drops to one knee, firing (620 AP) 1"No you don't..."
[GenjiMan] @_@
[GenjiMan] ]D
[DeathStar] We're...not going to win...we should surrender...
* Wiendigo smacks DS
[GenjiMan] You're good when firing beams, Crux.
* Crucifixtion fires another blast and blows BJ's gun uo
[Wiendigo] God you're a moron
* Slasher gets up on one knee
[DeathStar] Says you!
[Blackjack] HEY!
[Slasher] Basterd
* DeathStar begins to pick up speed and rams Crux into the wall
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI" Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Crux (Earth Elem)
* DeathStar begins top pile drive him
* Sound request: can't find 'fullshot.wav'
* GenjiMan concentrates his energy, points at Crux and fires a 11,1GENJI BEAM10,0 on Crux [190 AP]
* Crucifixtion phases
* Wiendigo follows DS and starts stabbing Crux
[Wiendigo] DAMNIT!
* Crucifixtion appears behind Wiendigo
* Crucifixtion stabs him into DS
[Wiendigo] RAGH!
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow a sky blue.11"FUKEI" Slasher releases the energy out of his left hand and it forms 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball that explode at Crux with incredible speed (wind elem)
* Wiendigo phases away
* AceHunter using amazing strength, he rips a chunk from the wall and throws it at Crux
* DeathStar pants
* Crucifixtion punches the wall and shatters it
*** Justin-the-II (jj@207-17-229-43.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
[Crucifixtion] I would suggest, bretheren, that you now leave...
* Netryx Draws his katana off of the place on his back
[Justin-the-II] nrp:can i get in?
* Netryx holds the sword in front of himself, electricity shoots from his eyes behind his shades into the sword which he then points at Crux unleashing a lightning bolt toward him/her
* Slasher stumbles towards Crux with an Ion Blade in his left hand
* Wiendigo unphases and starts blasting at the celing and floor around cRux
* DeathStar fires a huge beam into Crux
[DeathStar] NRP: nope
* AceHunter looks at DS
[Slasher] Crux you will...pay
* Blackjack fans five cards in his hands, but stops before throwing them
[DeathStar] ...Retreat...NOW
* Crucifixtion phases
[AceHunter] So, chap, what do you say?
* Netryx runs out the door
[Blackjack] But...!
* Crucifixtion grabs Wiendigo and blows his arm up
[Wiendigo] SCREW YOU!
[Crucifixtion] That makes your right arm useless..
* Slasher listens to DS and runs out the hole in the wall he made
* Crucifixtion kicks him into the wall
* DeathStar runs out of the base
* Wiendigo slides into the shadows before he hits the wall
* AceHunter begins backing out the door, keeping his charging weapon facing Crux
* Blackjack runs after DS
[Wiendigo] Not anymore
* Blackjack picks up the remains of his rifle first
* Slasher appears in the forest lyieing down
* Crucifixtion fires a huge blast at AH (100 AP)
* Netryx dives behind a tree
* Wiendigo slides uot next to DS
* Slasher starts breathing heavely
[Netryx] Boy......he's.........tough......
[AceHunter] Hey, chap, I was leavin'
[Justin-the-II] nrp:i wanna fight!!!
* DeathStar grabs his arm as he pants
* Blackjack slows down, holding his shoulder where he rammed into the wall
[DeathStar] NRP: Don't make me kick ya...
[Wiendigo] Okay, leaving it good.
* Netryx peaks around the tree and fires 4 Concussion Discs at Crux
[DeathStar] We came for HELP, NOT a battle...
* AceHunter exits the base, still charging his VRP
* Crucifixtion stops them in mid air
[Blackjack] DS is right...
[Crucifixtion] Help!?  HA!
* GenjiMan follows DS and exits the base
* Slasher crawls towards DS...
[Netryx] Dang....
[Slasher] Ahh....
[Wiendigo] He attacked US if you don't recall!
* Blackjack mutters, 1"I hope I can fix this thing..."
* Slasher faints
[DeathStar] You provoked him!
* Netryx holds the sword in front of himself, electricity shoots from his eyes behind his shades into the sword which he then points at Cfux unleashing a lightning bolt toward him/her
* Crucifixtion phases
[Blackjack] Netryx! Hold your fire.
* Crucifixtion grabs Netryx
[Crucifixtion] Good BYE, fool!
[AceHunter] Than why'd you bring him along? 6 points at Wiendigo
[Netryx] !
* Crucifixtion huge beam of light surronds Netryx
[Wiendigo] I provoke you, but I don't see you hauling off anf trying to kill me! Well, not lately anyway!
* Blackjack throws a card at Crux's wrist
* Netryx pulls out a small device with a point on it, he rams it into Crux 's neck and tries to digitize into him
* Crucifixtion drops Net, his life almost totally drained
[Crucifixtion] OUF!
* Wiendigo throws his Dark Sai at Crux
* Crucifixtion stops it in mid air
* Netryx recovers
[Crucifixtion] You honestly think you can beat me!?
[Netryx] (or not)
[Blackjack] No.
* Wiendigo commands it to return
* DeathStar scans Crux
[Wiendigo] Yes
[Crucifixtion] HP: 75,000
* Slasher has a big gash in his side
[DeathStar] Uh, guys, I honestly think we should stop this before it gets out of hand...
* Netryx limps back to the group
[Blackjack] BUt if you keep hitting us, we'll keep hitting you. Even if we CAN'T win.
[Slasher] I...could...use a lil...help
* Netryx puts the guns he is using back in there place
* Netryx puts the kitana away
* Wiendigo thinks
* Crucifixtion steps outside, arms folded
[Crucifixtion] And what is it that you want?
[Wiendigo] We don't HAVE to hit him....
* Slasher puts back against a rock
* Blackjack stands unarmed
* Netryx throws BJ a CD-X
[Slasher] Someone care to help me
* DeathStar holds onto his sabre
* AceHunter is trying to recover from his massive injuries
* Blackjack returns it
[Wiendigo] "Use an emeny's strenth agaisnt him"...
[DeathStar] Be right there in a moment..
[Blackjack] I have the weapons to hit him. I just won't hit him.
[Netryx] ..
[Justin-the-II] nrp:cant i teleport in like always?
* Netryx puts the guns he is using back in there place
[Blackjack] We wouldn't be able to win...
[DeathStar] NRP: NO
[AceHunter] Best not to make the enemy in the first place
* Slasher loses consioucness
[DeathStar] Ho ho ho, who taught you THAT one?
[Wiendigo] No, but we could take a large hunk out of him in the process
[Crucifixtion] Wiendigo, try shutting up.  *claps hands and Wien is KOed*
[Blackjack] And bloodthirst Wien says something ELSE that makes no sense.
[AceHunter] Do you have something against living, feller?
[Wiendigo] ...
[Crucifixtion] Now, Captain Blackjack, care to tell me what you invaded my base, killed my guard, and then provoked me?
* AceHunter comments to DS, 1"That guy has a suisidal streak, doesn't he?
[DeathStar] Aye, he does at that..
[Blackjack] We invaded the base for help. Wien killed the guard because he's bloodthirsty, we only knocked him out. Wien provoked you because he's Wien.
* DeathStar uses HP rain on himself
[Crucifixtion] .....
* Slasher body slumps down more
[Blackjack] Am I right, DS?
[DeathStar] As ever.
[Slasher] NRP: You forgot about my ding dong ditch
* GenjiMan agrees with BJ
[Crucifixtion] I offered an alliance between the Mavericks and the Hunters awhile back, and even THEN I was attacked.
[Netryx] maybe one of you should helpe him *points at slasher*
[DeathStar] Someone help Slasher///
[Crucifixtion] You are here because your supplies are out, am I correct?
* AceHunter goes over to Slasher and begins transfering life into Slasher
[Blackjack] It's a little hard to just suddenly go up and trust, team up with, someone who you've spent so many years fighting against, Crux...
* GenjiMan fires a 8,1bomb10 that heals Slasher with heat! _ [+200 LP]
[Blackjack] Yes, you're correct.
* Slasher slowly awakens
[Slasher] Man....Did anyone get the number of that bust that hit me
[GenjiMan] ...
[Crucifixtion] Bah....this base has was already being evacuated...you may have whatever is left inside.  Good BYE, Hunters...may you die painlessly by the humans...
* Wiendigo starts to stir
* AceHunter begins recharging himself again
* Crucifixtion turns and walks off
[AceHunter] Hey, I resemble that remark
*** Crucifixtion is now known as GM
* Blackjack falls into silence
* Slasher gets up holding his head and walks towards the base
[Slasher] He said we can have it
* DeathStar glares at the retreating Crucifixtion
* Wiendigo slowly gets up
* Netryx walks up to the door of the base
[AceHunter] That's a nice feller... ugly, but nice
[Wiendigo] Damn frickin' arse...
[DeathStar] Well, we got ourselves a base...a little damaged...but still...
[Blackjack] This is probably coming from me to much lately, but... there's no way possible that we can come out on top...
* Slasher walks throught the base looking for supplies
[Netryx] a base is a base
* GenjiMan looks around
* DeathStar calls Dom and then goes into the base
* Blackjack shakes his head and follows DS in silence
[DeathStar] We never did find out why Crucifixtion is doing what he is doing, either..
* AceHunter folows DS into the base
[Blackjack] I don't think he'll tell too easily, either.
* DeathStar powers up the remaining computers in the somewhat barren base
[Slasher] Maybe they stole our supplies to get us to koin them
[DeathStar] .....That could be it....I thought some of this stuff looked familiar..
* Wiendigo takes out a bottle of beers and drinks it
[Blackjack] Well, we still don't have that many supplies. But we do have a base, at least...
[Slasher] And thanks to wiendigo the plan back fired
[DeathStar] Then that means...
* DeathStar looks up at the others
[DeathStar] ...They're going to come back here and hit us hard...
[Slasher] Wien what happened to your right arm
*** GM is now known as NorthStar
[Slasher] ohh crap
[Blackjack] Whoops...
* NorthStar explodes through the wall and aims at the Hunters
[Slasher] Ahh shit
[GenjiMan] o.O
[Wiendigo] It healed when I melted into the shadows
[DeathStar] You!?
[GenjiMan] The clones again.
[Blackjack] Oh great, it's the ripoff again.
[Wiendigo] Who's that jackass?
* Netryx dives out of the room
* Slasher dives behind a desk
[NorthStar] I'm no clone.
* AceHunter fires a level five blast from his VRP
[GenjiMan] _
* NorthStar fires a huge blast into AH's blast and cancels it
* NorthStar aims at DS
* NorthStar fires
* DeathStar ducks
[Wiendigo] More like a boring JACKASS
[GenjiMan] Yeah but that's how I'll call you, ok?
* Slasher gets up..and looks at the two fighting
* AceHunter fires a stream of force bullets at NorthStar
* NorthStar fires a huge blast into GM that explodes 5 times (300 AP)
* Blackjack reaches for his rifle and starts fiddling with it
[NorthStar] GAH!
[Slasher] Might as well let them fight it out
* NorthStar steps back
* NorthStar channels his energies
[Wiendigo] Maybe he'll kill the boot licker, we could only be so lucky
* AceHunter generates a force shield
* NorthStar fires at Wiendigo
* DeathStar fires at NS
* Wiendigo sidesteps it
* NorthStar phases
* NorthStar appears outside
* GenjiMan is hit
* Blackjack stops fiddling, looks victorious, and looks up in time to see NS disappear
[NorthStar] I don't have time for this....I'll bring in someone more pathetic to kill you
* NorthStar vanishes
[GenjiMan] -_-
* Netryx Draws his CD-X's from their holsters on the outside of his legs and loads them
[Blackjack] Who, Digo? He's already dead, remember?
*** NorthStar is now known as RoboGuard
[Wiendigo] More pathetic than him? That's a laught
* Blackjack smirks
* RoboGuard explodes through the wall and punches Wiendigo
* AceHunter tosses a explosive bomb at Robo
* Wiendigo absorbs the kinetic blow
* Netryx launches 4 concussion discs at RG. 2 from each gun
* GenjiMan fires a 8,1bomb10 that heals himself with heat! _ [+200 LP]
[Slasher] Great a robot gurad
* RoboGuard then begins to crush him
* Wiendigo takes out his blades, ready for action
[Blackjack] Er, ok. They get more and more creative with thes things, don't they...
* RoboGuard uses Wiendigo to take the hits
* Wiendigo stabs RG's arms
* Slasher aims at RG
* DeathStar slashes at RG
* Wiendigo absorbs the blasts
* Netryx puts the guns he is using back in there place
[Slasher] Hmm...lil' to the right
* Netryx Draws his katana off of the place on his back
[Slasher] Perfect
* RoboGuard keeps crushing Wiendigo and theb drainks his life (100 HP per second)
[Wiendigo] RAGH!
* Slasher 's legs begin to glow a holy white. 0"KOKEI" Slasher kicks RG 8 times going faster each kick. After the 8th kick Slasher brings his left leg back and Holy Lightning blasts into it. Slasher brings it over his/her head and ontop of RG going through him/her. (Light Elem)
* Wiendigo phases out
* GenjiMan quickly slashes RG 11,1GENJI SLASH!10,0 [210 AP]
[RoboGuard] +300 HP before he escaped
* Blackjack starts to fire, but doesn't want to hit Wien (NRP: Believe it or not), and grabs his katana and goes after RG
[RoboGuard] ARGH!!
* Netryx charges at RG and jumps slashing at RG's arm
* DeathStar slashes RoboGuard with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush RoboGuard to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
* Wiendigo slides into the shadows
* Slasher walks up in front of RG
* RoboGuard sparks
[Slasher] Hey
* Blackjack X-slashes RG, then thrusts his katana forwards (940 AP)
* RoboGuard collapses on Slasher
* Netryx launches 4 concussion discs at RG. 2 from each gun
* RoboGuard explodes
[Slasher] ahh
*** RoboGuard has quit IRC (Leaving)
[DeathStar] SLASHER!
* Slasher gets blown a floor down
[DeathStar] No way he could'
[Wiendigo] That has to hurt, I hope anyway.
[DeathStar] ve survived..
[Netryx] That had to hurt....
* Blackjack spins his katana and replaces it, grabbing his rifle and setting it to curative
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar looks down the hole, silent
[Blackjack] Maybe I should check on him... or his corpse...
[Wiendigo] Good idea
* Slasher DS hears some moaning
* Wiendigo pushes BJ down the hole
[Blackjack] Hey!
[DeathStar] WIENDIGO!
* Blackjack crashes into the ground below
[Wiendigo] He was hesitating...
* DeathStar stabs Wiendigo through the chest
* Netryx wants to hit Wein but dosen't
[GenjiMan] _
* Wiendigo phases before he can
[AceHunter] Well that was simple... these fellers still need to learn quite a bit about fighting
[DeathStar] That's for your hesitating
* Slasher feels BJ land on him
[DeathStar] NRP: Too fast
* AceHunter begins charging
* Blackjack ignores what's going on above and looks around for Slasher
[Slasher] be..low...you...Bj..
* Wiendigo phases into the shadows
* Netryx jumps down and lands beside BJ
[Blackjack] Uh, oh...
[DeathStar] Thought so, Wiendigo...
* Wiendigo smacks DS before he does though
* DeathStar ducks
* Blackjack rolls off of Slasher
* Slasher blacks out
* Wiendigo hits him low while Ds ducks
* GenjiMan jumps down the hole and lands near BJ
* Blackjack hits Slasher with Curative Ray (320 LP)
* Netryx picks up slasher
* DeathStar fires a blast into the hit
[Blackjack] Anybody left to come join this little party...?
[GenjiMan] _
[DeathStar] Bastard
* GenjiMan whacks Wien
[Wiendigo] Thank you
[Netryx] now how do we get back up?
* Slasher lays in Nets arms k'oed
[Blackjack] Like this.
* Wiendigo is in the shadows, and can't be hit now
* Blackjack leaps up, grabs the hole in the upper floor, and launches himself out
[GenjiMan] ...
[Netryx] uh... but i have Slasher here...
[AceHunter] How come that chap isn't dead already?
* Blackjack leans back down
[Netryx] okay 
[Blackjack] Uh... throw me Slasher, I guess...
[DeathStar] Which chap?
[Blackjack] DS, hold my feet or something...
* DeathStar believes he hears a ticking sound
* AceHunter points at Wiendigo
* DeathStar grabs BJ's feet
* GenjiMan looks at the dead Slasher
[DeathStar] Because he's too stubborn to die
* Netryx jumps and hands BJ slasher
* Blackjack leans further into the hole and grabs Slasher
[Blackjack] Ok, DS... pull me up
[AceHunter] That's really too bad
* DeathStar pulls BJ up
* Netryx leaps up beside DS
* AceHunter looks down the hole
* Blackjack lays Slasher on the floor and stands up
* Wiendigo pops out of the shadows
[GenjiMan] -_-
* DeathStar steps away from the hole
* Blackjack hears the ticking faintly (enhanced senses)
[DeathStar] Just incase you get any ideas, Wiendigo...
[Blackjack] What's that?
[DeathStar] What's what?
[Netryx] ?
* GenjiMan exits the hole
[Blackjack] I'm hearing a ticking...
[DeathStar] -----?  
[Wiendigo] Sounds like ticking (enhanced senses as well)
[Wiendigo] Bomb?
[Blackjack] Uh oh...
[DeathStar] Go Wiendigo..
[Blackjack] Somebody get Slasher, and let's get the hell out of here...
* DeathStar notes all the exits are sealed
* Netryx pics up slasher
[Blackjack] Or not...
[DeathStar] This ISN'T good..
[Blackjack] Damn it!
* Slasher wakes up but cant move his lower body
[Netryx] he's awake
[Slasher] What hit me...
[Wiendigo] Well, that was convientient
* Blackjack runs to the nearest door and beats on it
[Blackjack] Thick...
* DeathStar BJ is blasted back
[Blackjack] OW!
[Wiendigo] Like Ds' head...
[DeathStar] And dangerous...
[Blackjack] Armed...
[GenjiMan] 0,o
* AceHunter tries to use his enhanced stregth to rip out a door
[Wiendigo] UNlike Ds' head...
[DeathStar] Computer: 5
[Netryx] !
[DeathStar] Computer: 4
[GenjiMan] ?
[DeathStar] Computer: 3
* Slasher tries to move his lover body but nothing happens
[Netryx] A computer WHERE??!
* Blackjack leaps at a door, katana extended
[DeathStar] Computer: 2
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] Computer: 1
* Wiendigo phases
* Blackjack shoulder rams a door
[Wiendigo] Ta ta!
* Netryx looks for the computer
[GenjiMan] Now a explosion... GREAT.
[DeathStar] Wiendigo is forced out of phasing
[Wiendigo] ACK!
* AceHunter activates his shield
* Slasher closes his eyes
* DeathStar the entire base explodes
* Wiendigo slides into the shadows
* Wiendigo ..pulling everoyne with him
* DeathStar the blast is so large it levels miles of territory and levels the ground for milesdown
[DeathStar] NRP: Too late
[GenjiMan] o.O

Can the Hunters survive?! (Do Lambs go "Baa"?) And What is the Fate of HODGES?! Find out in the next exciting chapter of AFTERSTRIKE! (Just had to do that, sorry)