- Afterstrike -

Mission 59: Ashes of Eden

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 30 minutes later
[DeathStar] Location: Mexico Camp
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Ms_Macdonald!
* Justin-the-II tries to pound out the dents in his armor with a hamer
* Slash shimmers into view
*** Garland (Lobo@ip82.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
[Justin-the-II] c'mon....this stuff is hard to find...
* DeathStar glances at Slash
* Cold-Snap meditates
[DeathStar] And where have YOU been?
[Slash] Been scouting.
[Garland] someone with a deep voice was sounding stipid in that room
[Dominator] And you found...?
* Wiendigo downs some beer
[DeathStar] Bah...you scout while we die..
[Slash] and attempting to track down... him....
[Garland] NRP: we in session?
* Justin-the-II pounds and and clanks can be hurd from a far distance
[Garland] NRP; daaaaamn
* Dominator glances at Slash
[Cold-Snap] Who's him?
* DeathStar finishes repairs on the shuttle
[Cold-Snap] Come to think of it, who're you?
* Garland keeps quiet and looks around
* Slash glances at the newone
[Slash] I am Slash...
* DeathStar finishes
[Slash] Who might you be
[Cold-Snap] Cold Snap
[Dominator] That shuttle is about all we have left... *sighs*
* Justin-the-II stops and looks at it
[Cold-Snap] So who's he?
[Ariel] Can you try to keep it down Justin!
[DeathStar] I don't know why you two want to argue, but while you do, Eden is above our head ready to kill us
[Wiendigo] Just wait until we lose THAT...
* Slash turns to dom, and mutters  1"sorry... i wasnt here..." 
[Justin-the-II] well.........atleast it isnt smashed....
* Dominator looks at Slash,  1"That's all right, but stay here now."
* Justin-the-II picks it up and puts it on
* DeathStar steps in and powers it up
[Dominator] Yeah, so are we going after it?
[Cold-Snap] Imminent doom, so what else is new?
[Slash] NRP: DS did i level up at least once?
[DeathStar] Since we don't have a spaceship to attack Eden, we just board it
* Slash gets in
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
[Slash] lets rock that joint..
[Cold-Snap] NRP: isn't Justin-the-II dead?
* Garland turns to the hunters
* Wiendigo phases in
[Garland] Then what?
[Slash] NRP: have to send you my newest weapon..
[DeathStar] NRP: TO GARLAND!
[Garland] Even if we win, what are our goals?
[Justin-the-II] nrp:evry one else came back cs
[DeathStar] Goal 1: Eat more food
* Dominator looks at Garland then at DS
* Slash looks at Garland
* DeathStar finishes powering up
[Wiendigo] Kill everyoen we possibly can...
* Slash is suprised
[Slash] wha... What are you doing back?!
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Dominator strides toward the shuttle and gets in
* DeathStar starts shuttle
* Justin-the-II hops in
[DeathStar SOUND]
* Cold-Snap hops into the shuttle
* Justin-the-II sets down
* Dominator sits at the weapons consule, as usually
* Garland jumps in
* DeathStar lifts off the ground
* Ariel gets in and sits down with out saying a word
* Garland [as usual] doesnt sit
* DeathStar the shuttle sparks
[DeathStar] ACK!
* Slash sits down
* DeathStar keeps going higher
[Wiendigo] AW F***!
[Slash] Garland... what are you doing back here?
[Dominator] Uh... Is this thing stable DS?
[Justin-the-II] ?
* Garland glances at Slash
* DeathStar looks at Eden hovering up in the sky, looming over Earth
[Ariel] Are you sure you know what you're doing?
[DeathStar] No, no I'm not sure
* DeathStar keeps going higher as more sparks shower them
[Wiendigo] If this piece of shit falls apart, i'm flying ymself there!
[Justin-the-II] !
[Dominator] Its going to have to go up against alot more then this when we fly to Eden!
[Justin-the-II] ds stop this thing!
* Cold-Snap looks at Eden, that shield was connected to the building, not Eden, right?
* Slash stands up, and attempts to work on the sparks
* DeathStar flies into space
[Cold-Snap] That shield was connected to the building, not Eden, right?
[DeathStar] NRP: Right, but there would be a shield around it now
[Garland] Even if we win... *stops himself*
* Slash 's armor slowly shifts, small tenticles and blades forming and disappearing around his body.
* Wiendigo uses a spark to light a cigar
* Dominator glances at Garland
* DeathStar flies at Eden when suddenly it opens fires on them
[Cold-Snap] OOOO, freaky armor Slash
[Dominator] Shit... Evasive action!
* Slash eyes look weird, like out for blood
[Slash] FRICK
* DeathStar can't move out of the way and is blasted, the shuttle shaking
[Justin-the-II] ?
* Slash grabs his seat, and attempts to hold on
* Dominator activates the weapons systems and raises the shields
[Slash] ..
* DeathStar weapons short out
* Cold-Snap buckles his seat belt
[Slash] Just perfect..
* Justin-the-II hugs his seat
* Dominator jumps back as his panel sparks,  1"Damn!"
* Wiendigo undoes his seatbelt
* DeathStar flies towards Eden, dodging more blasts
[Cold-Snap] Oh, just crash into it, we just might take out the shield
* Slash whips out his plasma cannons, and ion cannon
[Slash] thats it...
[Dominator] NRP: Shields working?
[Slash] im pissed off..
[DeathStar] NRP: Yep
[Wiendigo] Well, this ship is sinking, and I'm grabing the only life line
* DeathStar passes the shields and keeps going
[Dominator] At least the shields are up... Can you get us in, DS?
* Slash looks for a space suit
* Garland is wearing his gi
* DeathStar points out a spot and aims for it
* Wiendigo phases
* DeathStar lands on the hull of the satlite, away from the turrents
* Cold-Snap puts on his helmet
* Slash sighs, and armor encases his head, forming a airtight armor helmet
* DeathStar suddenly the shuttle sparks more
[DeathStar] Uh oh...
* Garland stretches, "Lets do it."
[Dominator] This is  not  good...
* Justin-the-II grabs a oxigine mask
* DeathStar runs towards the exit
* Wiendigo flies out slowly
[Slash] lets break in to this sucker..
[Ariel] Time to bail!
* Dominator hits the door open and dashes out
* Slash attempts to warp out, and cut a hole in the Sattilites Hull
* Ariel leaps out the door
* DeathStar the shuttle explodes in a huge ball of fire and takes out the hull
* Cold-Snap rushes out of the shuttle
* Garland grabs an oxygen mask, then jumps out
[DeathStar] ARGH!!!
[Slash] DS!
* Justin-the-II jumps out
* Dominator is knocked forward from the blast
* Cold-Snap holds his breath and struggles agains the pressure
* DeathStar falls inside the satlite
[Dominator] NRP: Justin, looks like you lost alot of HP...
[Garland] NRP: we're in space right?
[DeathStar] NRP: Aye
* Dominator falls in the sattelite as well
[Justin-the-II] nrp:huh?
* Cold-Snap pulls himself through the broken hull of the sattelite
[Garland] NRP: as in not inside the place yet, and not in the shuttle?
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Dominator] NRP: The shuttle blew up on you
[Slash] .. somethign is not right..
* Dominator lands and gets up
[Justin-the-II] nrp:uh....no?
* Wiendigo phases and scouts ahead
* Slash flips up his autocannons
* DeathStar stands up and enters another room in the satilite that doesn't have oxygen gone in it
* Cold-Snap charges his arm cannon
[DeathStar] At least this thing is small..
* Slash flips and arms his lockdown cannon
* Slash rolls his cape out, and it flows down falling into place
[Ariel] Let's make them welcome
* Cold-Snap follows Deathstar
* Garland flys tward the others, holding breath
[Slash] ..
* Ariel 's eyes seem to embody ice itself.
[Slash] i dont like this place one bit,,
* Dominator follows Death Star
* Justin-the-II fallows
* Slash follows DS
* DeathStar suddenly the satilite begins to spin around and around, throwing the Hunters around
[Dominator] Where to now? We'll need to steal a shuttle...
* Ariel follows dom following DS
* Garland lands next to Dom
[Justin-the-II] wah?
* Slash jams his blade into a wall, trying to hold him steady
[Cold-Snap] I. . . love. . . centrifical. . . force
[Dominator] Wow! What the?! *flies into Garland*
* Justin-the-II hist 2 walls
* Justin-the-II hits the ground
[DeathStar] I -- I --- I ---- Don't like this!
* Justin-the-II hits the ceiling
[Slash] it... takes... a bit more tehn that.. to get me...
* Justin-the-II hits the hits a corner
[Garland] ..
* Dominator hits the ground and takes Rune Sword out and lodges it into the ground
[Justin-the-II] aaaaaaaahhh!
* DeathStar the spinning stops
* Slash slowly moves ahead, jamming his blades into the wall and crawling up
[Ariel] This.... is... NOT... my...idea...of...fun... !
* Slash flys ahead
*** Fury (death_star@dial52.planters.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - DeathStar,Fury (F7 for details)
* Dominator takes Rune Sword out
* Cold-Snap falls over
* Justin-the-II slams into the ground
* Fury walks in, a smug looking human that is rather young
[Cold-Snap] NRP: session
* Slash hits a wall
[Dominator] ...! *turns to Fury*
* Garland is keeping himself still
[Justin-the-II] ......
[DeathStar] Who are you!?
* Slash gets up, and looks at the new guy
* Slash warps to DS
[Cold-Snap] Lemme guess, you wanna kill us
* Justin-the-II looks at fury
[Slash] oh goody.. just what we need...
[Fury] Fury.  I work for CorSec.  You kill my "boss", Hodges...
[Slash] another weenie...
* Dominator holds Rune Sword
[DeathStar] Grrrr.
* Ariel glares icily at Fury
* Slash grins ferally
[Dominator] You'd better back of then, Fury.
[Slash] lets rumble
* Garland draws the Gospel Sword and looks at Fury tentativly
[Fury] I can't let you destroy Eden, you know....
* Slash eyes begin glowing faintly
* Justin-the-II gets up
[Fury] I wouldn't attack me
[Cold-Snap] Wait, if you work for Hodges, you'd be weaker, right?
[Fury] IT would only prove useless.
[Slash] no, because if you would it would prove your stupidity
* Cold-Snap continues charging
[Fury] No, I'm stronger.  I was just taking my time in rising in power.
[Dominator] Really, Fury?
* Cold-Snap prepares an Ice shield
[Fury] Attack me and find out...
* Ariel glows, surronded by a white Aura
* Slash laughs  1
* Dominator glances at DS
*** Cheryl (Terangrel@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw -  2 Clones  - Ariel,Cheryl (F7 for details)
[Slash] alright.. you asked forf it
[DeathStar] I don't like the looks of this..
* Slash fires all long range weapons at Fury 920 AP
* Fury raises hands and they all go flying back at slash
[Dominator] Slash!
[Slash] ?!
* Cold-Snap fires a smoke grenade and hides in the smoke
* Justin-the-II looks at fury
[DeathStar] SLASH!!
[Justin-the-II] cool
* Slash ducks, but gets hit by one of his concussion blasts, and flys into a wall
[Justin-the-II] could you teach me that?
* Slash falls over almost KO'd
[Ariel] Fool...
[Fury] If you joined CorSec, Justin.
* Cold-Snap fires his charged shot at Fury
[Dominator] Shut up Justin...
* Fury raises hands, flickering, and CS's blast hits him
* Garland raised hands into the air and calls upon his hidden power, forming a pure enegy ball,  "HOLY KIAMA!!" , Garland then fires it at Fury. (495 AP)
* Fury raises hands and flickers and the blast hits Garland
* Cold-Snap hides behind his iceshield
[Justin-the-II] ahh...
[DeathStar] ....
* Slash groans and gets back up
* DeathStar doesn't attack
[Slash] this is gonna hurt come morning..
* DeathStar runs at Fury instead
[Garland] NRP: reflected my attack?
[Fury] NRP: yes
[Justin-the-II] im not oggan fight him.......he would only do the same thing!hes no fun!
* Fury raises hands and flickers and DS is repelled back
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Justin-the-II] gonna
* Garland activated holy prowess and the blast is absorbed
* Cold-Snap follows DeathStar's lead and swings his hammer at Fury
* Slash flings 3 tenticles or armor at Fury
* Cheryl disappears in the confusion
[Fury] In less than twenty minutes the cleansing of all Reploids will begin.  You have failed...
* Garland 's armour appears
[Dominator] You...!
* Justin-the-II walks behi8nd fury
* Cold-Snap fires a smoke grenade and hides in the smoke
* Fury repells Justin back
[Dominator] Justin, wait!
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at Fury
[Slash] ..
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* DeathStar looks around
[Slash] thats it..
[Ariel] What's your game?
[Garland] Not if there are those to protect the good! *runs at fury* YHAAAAA!!!!!
[Slash] if you cant shoot at HIM, shoot at something ELSR
* Fury raises hands in the air and flickers, ????, and it goes flying back at CS
[Dominator] Garland...!
* Garland slashes fury
* Slash fires at hte floor beneath Fury
* Justin-the-II stabs with sabre(240)
[Ariel] !
* Fury Garland is repelled with Justin
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Fury repells every kind of attack
* Cold-Snap uses his ice shield to add the damage to his life
[Justin-the-II] ....
* Garland stops himself, and backs off
* Slash stops, panting
[DeathStar] It's useless guys...*spots something*
[Slash] ... there has to be a way..
[Cold-Snap] what if we blast the wall and let space suck him out?
[DeathStar] Dom...attack him...
* Garland looks at Fury
[Dominator] With...?
[Slash] then we get sucked out also..
[DeathStar] We'll go too.
[Cheryl] ?
[Cold-Snap] We hold on?
[DeathStar] Your weakest attack
[Dominator] ... All right...
* Cold-Snap blows air at Fury
[Garland] I wouldn't mind sparing with you, if you weren't evil of course.
*** Slasher (blah@ has joined #taw
* Slash arms his gauntlets and begins charging, soon a crackling field of energy can be seen around the gauntlets
* Dominator fires a small blast of ice at Fury with Thunder Bolt Enhancement (300AP)
* Fury raises hand and flickers, and so does the wall behind him, though it's the light probably casting off of him, and he replles the attack at Dominator
* Justin-the-II punhes fury
* Fury knees Justin and throws him back
[DeathStar] ...
* Dominator absorbs it with Rune Sword
* Dominator glances at Death Star
* Justin-the-II hits the wall
* DeathStar shrugs
[Justin-the-II] ouf!
* Slash lunges at Fury
* Cold-Snap fires ice in front of Fury's feet
* Justin-the-II get up
* Slash with blades out
* Fury repells Slash, and the wall flickers too
[Cold-Snap] Can he handle all of us at once?
* Slash lunges at the wall
[Ariel] . o O ( What are you planning DeathStar... )
[Justin-the-II] looks at fury
[Fury] Yes, I can...
* Justin-the-II looks at fury
[Garland] Obviously a terrible fighter, hiding behind protective abilities.
* DeathStar shakes head
[DeathStar] I probably saw nothing
[Dominator] ...! *glances at the wall*
* Slash fires all weapons at the wall
[Fury] What--?  NO!!
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Fury repells the attacks at Slash
[Slash] Lets see you punk... ARRGH
[Garland] Hrm....
* Slash ducks
[Cold-Snap] the wall?
* Garland raised hands into the air and calls upon his hidden power, forming a pure enegy ball,  "HOLY KIAMA!!" , Garland then fires it at the. (495 AP)
* DeathStar dashes at the wall
* Cold-Snap fires a single plasma ball at the wall
* Slash gets hit again, and flys back, armor smoldering
* Dominator dashes and follows DS, Rune Sword raised
[Garland] NRP: the wall
[Fury] NOO!!!
* Cold-Snap pulls up his shield
* Slash eyes glow bright red
* DeathStar slashes wall
* Cheryl charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of cobalt flames.
[Fury] Grr
[Justin-the-II] ?
* Slash warps to the wall, and hacks at it with everything he has
* Fury blasts at thenm
* Ariel slashes Wall with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
* Dominator rapidly slashes the wall with Rune Sword (500AP)
* DeathStar watches wall crumble
* Cold-Snap tries to distract Fury by swinging his hammer at him
* Dominator redirects the blast at the wall
* Justin-the-II shoots the wall
* Garland slashes the wall
[Cheryl] Now what's behind door number one...
* Dominator continues slashing the wall
[Fury] .....
* Slash slashes the wall 890 AP
* Cold-Snap fires plasma at the wall while fireing ice at Fury
* DeathStar wall is gone
* DeathStar blasts at Fury
* Slash stops
[Fury] OOUF!
* Fury hits the wall
* Slash turns to Fury
[Slash] Lets rumble
* Wiendigo leaps out of no where and stabs Fury in the back
[Cold-Snap] The wall was reflecting the shots???
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (500AP)
* Justin-the-II slashes the wall 5 (1000)
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Fury, and fires a large energy blast at Fury. [230 AP]
[Fury] NO!!!  *teleports*
*** Fury is now known as GM
[Dominator] Coward!
[Slash] Damnit..
[Slash] i want a peice of him..
[Garland] ......*sheiths sword*
[Cold-Snap] Well, what's behind the wall?
* DeathStar spots a shuttle heading their way
[Cheryl] What a fool
*** Blackjack (speedblade@user078.pcnow.net) has joined #TAW
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blackjack
* Dominator looks at the shuttle
* Justin-the-II spins his sabre
* DeathStar watches shuttle land
* Cold-Snap looks through wall
* Blackjack leaps out
* Slasher walks out
* Slash turns around
[Slasher] So what we miss
[DeathStar] Eh---?
[Dominator] A shuttle... One of ours... Blackjack!
[Slash] Slasher!
[Cheryl] We've got company
[Blackjack] Sorry we're late...
[Slash] good to see you...
[Slash] Blackjack..
[Garland] .... Nice of you to join us.
[Dominator] You brought a shuttle with you too... That's good...
[Slasher] We took a wrong turn at the moon
[Blackjack] Same, Slash.
[Wiendigo] THIS one better not blow up, or crash, or anytihng...
[DeathStar] Computer: Beginning Programming in 10 minutes
[Ariel] Hey BJ
[DeathStar] It looks like Fury stalled us long enough...
[Cheryl] !
[Dominator] Begin what?!
[Cold-Snap] You could have been handy ya know
[Cheryl] Can we shut it down?
* Slash walks up to BJ, and shakes his hand
[Slasher] What no "Hi Slasher"
[Wiendigo] Death, destruction, and mayhem
[DeathStar] I--don't know
[Cold-Snap] We should probably kill the satallite. . .
[Blackjack] Uh, begin?
[Dominator] ...!
* DeathStar heads into the next room
* Cold-Snap walks through the destroyed portion of the wall
* Dominator runs and follows Death Star
[Slasher] So..Lets get down to business
* Cheryl looks for a computer terminal
[Slash] ...
* Blackjack runs after DS
* Wiendigo takes out his blades, ready for action
* Slasher follows after Dom
* Slash follows BJ
* Justin-the-II looks around then fallows ds
[Garland] To keep innocent people from death, lets blow this thing.
[DeathStar] This is a medium size satalite, but only a few rooms can be fit on here...so only a small crew of 5 of 6 could fit on here
* Cold-Snap charges his cannon
* Wiendigo walks around cautiously
[Slash] ..
[Dominator] So...?
* Slash looks around for a computer console
[Wiendigo] So where ARE they?...
* Slasher counts heads
[Blackjack] Why's that important, DS?
[DeathStar] ...So, if you could only guard your strongest weapon with 5 people, wouldn't you use your strongest people?
[Slasher] Well we've got way more
[Dominator] ... Yes...
* DeathStar stops as the room locks itself in
[Blackjack] ...good point...
[Slash] ..
*** GM is now known as AlbertClone
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* AlbertClone teleports in and twirls a sabre
* Dominator stops
[Slasher] Ya had to jynx it
[Slash] Perfect..
[Wiendigo] Yeah, but how strong are THEY?
[Cold-Snap] I would arm the weapon, and put people withknowhow on board
[Dominator] Albert?!
[DeathStar] Hey, my job...
[DeathStar] Albert?!
[Slash] ALBERT?!
[Justin-the-II] ?
* AlbertClone smirks evilly
[Garland] Albert!?
[Cold-Snap] Al-who?
[Blackjack] Well well, it's the bastard CorSeccian again... Wait, we killed you!
* AlbertClone dives at them
[Justin-the-II] alburt?whos he?
[Justin-the-II] ert
[Cold-Snap] That guy who saved us the other day?
* AlbertClone slashes BJ across the chest
* Slash ducks, and slashes at his chest
[AlbertClone] ARGH!
[Wiendigo] No, we killed Hodges, THIS guy lived...
* AlbertClone blasts Slash (100 AP)
[Blackjack] NRP: Whoops, wrong person
[Slasher] Albert didnt you save us
* Garland doesnt know what to make of this
[Dominator] The old COrSec vice-president... but we captured him... (Missions 4-something)
* DeathStar slashes Albert with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush Albert to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
* Justin-the-II slashes 5 times (1000)
* Cheryl slashes AlbertClone with her energy daggers. [240 AP]
* Slash falls to the floor KO'd
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Albert, and fires a large energy blast at Albert. [230 AP]
* Dominator teleports behind Albert
[AlbertClone] ARGH!
* AlbertClone sparks
[Cold-Snap] Obviously no longer a good guy
* Dominator dashes forward at an amazing speed with Crimson Crystal and uses Ebony Crystal to double his attack power, then stabs forward into AlbertClone with Rune Sword and electricutes them through the sword using his Battle Fury Mode, he uses Purple Crystal to launch a telepathic copy of the attacks at the same time (2000APP + 2000AP)
* Wiendigo slashes AC eith his Energon Katana
* Slasher stands there confused
[Blackjack] No you don't...
* Slash slowly wakes up..
* Cold-Snap fires plasma at Albert
[AlbertClone] ZZZz...programming in jeopardy...
[Slash] urrghh/..
* AlbertClone explodes
[Dominator] Eh?
* Cold-Snap forms an Ice Shield
[Slash] thats gonna hurt..
*** AlbertClone is now known as GM
[Garland] He's not albert!
* Dominator jumps back
[Blackjack] No,  you're  in jeopardy.
* Justin-the-II jumps back
[GM] Computer: 7 minutes until programming begins
[Dominator] That was  not  Albert...
[Wiendigo] One down...
[DeathStar] Hm...
[Slasher] Hmm....
* Blackjack stops froms firing only because of the explosion
[Slash] ..
[Slash] thats it..
[Cold-Snap] That was one of their "Strongest guys?"
* DeathStar doors unlock
[Cheryl] Where's that computer?
* DeathStar enters the next room
[Dominator] I'm worried about what "programming" is...
* Slasher heads throught the door
[Slash] BJ, can you plant some of those remote mines?
[Blackjack] I think I might know, DS...
*** GM is now known as HodgesClone
* Justin-the-II fallows ds
[Blackjack] Yeah, sure, Slash
* HodgesClone teleports in
[Wiendigo] Wiping out all of Reploid kind, genius...
* Dominator runs into the next room
[Justin-the-II] ..
* DeathStar doors lock
[Slash] blow this sucker, pardon the expression, sky high..
[Slash] Hodges..
[Justin-the-II] can we kill yah again?
[Dominator] Oh great... a Hodges-look-alike...
[Slasher] Hey looks Like I get to kill Hodges again
[Blackjack] Ok, now YOU'RE the bastard we killed.
[Slash] perfect..
* HodgesClone stabs Slash
[Garland] H-Hodges....
[Cold-Snap] Didn't we kill you?
* HodgesClone rams Garland into the groudn
[Blackjack] Why is everyone hitting Slash!?
* Cold-Snap pulls up his shield
* Justin-the-II slashes hodges 5 times (1000)
* Dominator uses his Thunder Bolt Enhancement to fire off a large blast of fire at HodgesClone (500AP, heat type)
[Garland] OUF!!!!
* DeathStar uppercuts him
* Wiendigo wraps his Dark Tendrils around HB
* Slash winces, as the blades slide from his hands, almost dead
[Cheryl] Hey Hodges...
* HodgesClone rams Wiendigo into the ground
* Blackjack whacks Hodges with his staff twice (680 AP)
* Ariel stabs Hodges from behind. [280 AP]
* Slasher tries using his right arm but it doesnt move
* Cold-Snap fires an icebeam at Hodges
[Wiendigo] ARGH!
[HodgesClone] GACK!! *goes eletricial and zaps inside Wiendigo*
* Justin-the-II slashes hodges 4 times (800)
* Dominator dashes toward HOdges and uppercuts him with Rune Sword + Ebony Crystal (1,000AP)
* Wiendigo absorbs the kinetic energy
* Garland gets up
* Cold-Snap fires his charged shot at HodgesClone
* HodgesClone begins to attack Wien's insides
[Slash] I... will... fight...
[DeathStar] ....Wien?!
* Wiendigo phases
* Justin-the-II upercuts hodges (200)
* Dominator starts rapidly slashing with Rune Sword + EC, using Crimson Crystal to move 3 times as fast as normal (1,000AP x 3)
[Cold-Snap] hmm
[Blackjack] Wien?
* HodgesClone comes out
* Garland SuperKiamas Hodges.
[Garland] Your not Hodges either!
[HodgesClone] OUF!
* Cold-Snap charges another shot
[Blackjack] NOW! HIT HIM!
* Slasher pulls out his Ion blade
[HodgesClone] ZZzzz.....programming low...
* Cold-Snap fires it at Hodges
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (520AP)
* Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
* Blackjack rapid fires at Hodges (640 AP)
[Wiendigo] Nice try lamer.
* DeathStar fires his cannon madly
* Slash attempts to stop the Batteryfluid running out of him
* Wiendigo stabs HB
* Cold-Snap slams HodgesClone with his hammer
* HodgesClone explodes
* Slasher rans towards Hodges
*** HodgesClone is now known as GM
[Slasher] Hey....
[Dominator] Lets hurry...
* DeathStar listens to door unlock
[Justin-the-II] hah!
* Slash is on the floor
[Blackjack] One more down, on with the war...
[Slasher] No fair i didnt get to attack
* Cold-Snap charges another shot
[Wiendigo] Two down...
* Slash slowly dying
[Dominator] Slash...!
[Blackjack] What kind of gauntlet is this...
* Slash winces
[Cold-Snap] someone wanna heal Slash?
* Dominator quickly heals Slash with Silver Crystal (+300HP)
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* DeathStar dives into the next room, part of the engine room, but not the main core
* Slasher heads through the door
* Blackjack turns to Slash
* Blackjack raises his rifle at him
* Justin-the-II fallows ds
[Slasher] I'm ready this time
* Cold-Snap runs after DeathStar
* Wiendigo phases in
* Slash wounds close, and he gets up slowly
* Dominator turns and dashes intot he next room
* Cheryl follows
* Blackjack lets a Curative Blast fly (360 LP)
[Slash] thats it.. im REALLY PISSED
[Dominator] Hurry Slash, we have no time!
* Slash follows DS
[Slasher] Come on..This time I'm ready
* GM the wall shifts
* Slash charges all weapons
[DeathStar] What is that---?
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of cobalt flames.
* Slasher holds up his Ion blade in his left hand
* Dominator looks at the wall
[Wiendigo] Shit...
* GM wall keeps shifting and forms into a mutant beast
* Blackjack stops next to DS
* Wiendigo activates his Shadow Shield
[Justin-the-II] ?
[Blackjack] Whoops...
*** GM is now known as MutantBeast
[Garland] No... this station.. is alive!?
* Ariel 's eyes narrow
* Slash fires all long range weapons at MutantBeast 920 AP
[Dominator] Great...
[Slasher] Hey...she looks like Wiens Mother
* MutantBeast has 5 parts to kill on this, each 5,000 HP
[Blackjack] Here's their strong guy...
[Wiendigo] Part of it anyway
[Ariel] Shi ne...
* DeathStar slashes the arm
* DeathStar charges his sabre and leaps at arm and double slashes (870 AP)
* Slasher slashes at its head
* Cold-Snap fires a charged shot at MutantBeast's left arm
* Slash works on hte head, slashign and firing at the same time 1050 AP
* Ariel slashes Head with her energy daggers. [260 AP]
[Wiendigo] No, it looks like YOUR mother
* DeathStar slashes arm with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush arm to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
[MutantBeast] ARG!
* Cold-Snap slams his arm with his hammer
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Head, and fires a large energy blast at Head. [250 AP]
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt + EC rapidly at one part (1,000AP each)
* MutantBeast hits everyone (200 AP)
* Garland raised hands into the air and calls upon his hidden power, forming a pure enegy ball,  "HOLY KIAMA!!" , Garland then fires it at the_middle. (495 AP)
[MutantBeast] gAH!!
* Wiendigo rams the beast with his Shadow Shield
* Justin-the-II upercuts mutant (200)
* MutantBeast arm explodes
* Ariel flips backwards
* Slash flys back, but rushes at teh beast for more attacking
[Cold-Snap] Ooooh
* Blackjack launches at the beast's other arm, and performs an X-slash follows by another two hitter (880 AP)
* Ariel points her arm in the direction of Head, and fires a large energy blast at Head. [250 AP]
* MutantBeast steps back
* Garland stabs the middle
* Justin-the-II slashes mutant (200)
* Cheryl slashes Head with her energy daggers. [260 AP]
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield
* Slasher sits back useless right now (broken rib, and useless right arm)
* DeathStar instantly begins to blink madly as he reroutes all the damage through his old Limit Breakers and restores all of his HP and brings his HP to 1,400 for five minutes. Becoming a living inferno of destruction he fires it at Midbody and watches the blast engulf them in a huge light, dealing  5,550 AP  and stunning them for a minute.
* Dominator dashes forward at amazing speeds with Crimson Crystal, then activates Ebony Crystal to double his next attack's AP, he then slashes three times in the time a normal person can only slash once at Mutant Beast the attack is mentally hammered at him at the same time using Purple Crystal (3000AP total + 3000AP telepathic)
* Slasher puts away his Ion Blade