Mission 6: High up with Albert

[DeathStar] GM: Location neat convoy trucks on Earth
[Dominator] How you holding up Garland
[Dominator] ?
[Garland] I ok!
* DeathStar stands there, watching the trucks drive off
* DeathStar they are full of food
* DeathStar begins to snicker slightly
* Slash^ looks at the trucks
[Garland] Mr. Wiendigo, are you sure you wont be my friend?
[Wiendigo] This is the most discouraging mission I've ever 
   been on...
[Wiendigo] Bug off kid
[DeathStar] I put that Weapons Chip CorSec wants so bad on 
   those trucks.  They'll head back to the gov
[Garland] huh?
[Dominator] Watch it Wien
[Wiendigo] Make me, soldier boy
[Slash^] WHY?! we could have used the chip!
[Garland] bug...off? off bug? you need bug spray?
* Slash^ snickers at Wein
[DeathStar] EarthGov wanted it, got it?
[Dominator] Garland, let it go
* DeathStar sighs irraited
[DeathStar] Lets head back to the shuttle
[Slash^] alright, just saying we could have used it
[Wiendigo] About damn time.
[Slash^] good
* Wiendigo leaps over to the shuttle
[Dominator] C'mon Garland, we're headin' out
* Blackjack shakes his head, and walks to the shuttle
*** Albert (death_star@dial40.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Slash^ walks to the shuttle
* Dominator heads towards the shuttle
* Albert appears and blasts Garland
[Dominator] Damn it all!
[Garland] AH!!!!!!
[Slash^] GARLAND~
* Albert teleports and grabs the kid by the neck and 
[Dominator] GARLAND!
* Slash^ jumps in the way of the shot
[Slash^] NRP:......
* Albert appears in the air, far away from them, holding 
[Blackjack] NO!!!
* Dominator blasts Al with Rune Sword
* Blackjack looks in Albert's direction
[Dominator] Let him go!
* Garland fidgits trying to get free from albert
* Slash^ attack Albert with his warp blades
[Slash^] KLet him go!!!
* Albert vanishes
*** Albert has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Slash^] NOOOO
[Blackjack] Damn...
*** Garland (UO@ip160.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has 
left #taw
[Wiendigo] Well, that was liberating, for us I mean, from 
[DeathStar] DAMN
* DeathStar turns and blasts the truck with the weapon's 
  chip, destroying it's wheels
* Dominator grabs Wien and slams him into the side of the 
[Dominator] "Shut the hell up, NOW."
*** Garland (UO@ip160.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has 
joined #taw
* DeathStar goes to the truck, ignores scared human, and 
  grabs the chip, pocketing it
*** Garland is now known as Garland_kindnapped
[Wiendigo] I suggest you get your damn hands off of me 
   before I rip them off
[Slash^] this is a trap DS....
[Dominator] Make me...
[DeathStar] We're going to hike up that mountain now....I 
   can't teleport...There's a teleport blocktation up
* Slash^ glares at Wein  "Cool it
* Blackjack shakes his head. "Damn it, Wien! We have other 
  worries right now..."
[DeathStar] WHO cares, Slash...we got no other choice, now 
   DO we?
[DeathStar] Besides, I will KILL Albert, GOT it?
* Wiendigo slaps Dom's hands off and stares at Dom
[Slash^] good, i got his arms.
* Slash^ powers his blades up to full warp power
[Wiendigo] I suggest we find your little ward before he's 
   killed, or before I kill you
[DeathStar] ....Did you guys notice Garland look older?
[Dominator] Anytime jerk-off, I'm waiting for it
[Blackjack] I saw that too... Weird.
[Slash^] a little.... but then again i havent seen much of 
* DeathStar grabs Dom's shoulder. "We gotta hike up the 
  mountain and stop Albert."
* Dominator nods, "Right."
[Slash^] Im gonna kill albert, or at least whats left of 
  him after DS's done
[DeathStar] I...know how close you are.  Don't let your 
   emotions get in your way.
* DeathStar turns and heads towards the moutain base, a 
  mile away
[Dominator] Don't forget about me... I want to take Albert 
   down too.
* Dominator follows DS at a fast pace
* Slash^ follows DS closely
* Wiendigo hangs to the back of the group
* Blackjack jogs forward
* DeathStar wishes death on Wien as he climbs
[DeathStar] Slash...scout ahead
[Slash^] K you got it
[DeathStar] I want to make sure he has NO traps awaiting us
* Slash^ runs on ahead
* Dominator clenches fist
* DeathStar grabs Dom's shoulder. "We gotta hike up the mountain and stop Albert."
* Dominator nods, 1"Right."
[Slash^] Im gonna kill albert, or at least whats left of him after DS's done
[DeathStar] I...know how close you are.  Don't let your emotions get in your way.
* DeathStar turns and heads towards the moutain base, a mile away
[Dominator] Don't forget about me... I want to take Albert down too.
* Dominator follows DS at a fast pace
* Slash^ follows DS closely
* Wiendigo hangs to the back of the group
* Blackjack jogs forward
* DeathStar wishes death on Wien as he climbs
[DeathStar] Slash...scout ahead
[Slash^] K you got it
[DeathStar] I want to make sure he has NO traps awaiting us
* Slash^ runs on ahead
* Dominator clenches fist
*** Slash^ has quit IRC (keeps running till cant be seen)
* DeathStar stops at base of cliff and sees a piece of torn clothing from Garland hanging on the side of a bush
[DeathStar] ...... *begins to walk up the slope of the mountain
[Wiendigo] Great, Al's using him for child pornography, that's jsut what we need now...
* DeathStar steps on a landmind, throwing him back down
[DeathStar] DAMN
* Dominator narrows glaze when he saw it, and mutters something inaudable
* DeathStar holds side
* Blackjack glares hatefully at Wien. 1"Don't you ever shut up?"
[Dominator] DS! Dammit!
[Blackjack] Damn! You ok, DS?
* DeathStar pulls himself up. "Landminds..." *glances around* CorSec agents 60 yards up to the right, also, behind those...boulders....WATCH OUT!
* Wiendigo hovers above the mine field
* DeathStar ducks as the CorSec people push the boulders down
* Dominator mumbled responce to Wiendigo's comment a little back, 1"Shut the hell up Wiendigo..."
[Blackjack] Yow!
* DeathStar Wien suddenly stops hovering, due to some dampering field
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt to block the rocks and flips back
* Wiendigo slams into the ground hard
[Wiendigo] Olmph!
* Blackjack rapid fires at the boulders falling for him
* DeathStar dodges boulder and continues up, a dark expression on his face
[Dominator] CorSec bastards...!
* Wiendigo phases
* Dominator follows DS and starts gaining on him
* DeathStar BJ destroys them
* Blackjack continues scaling the wall
* DeathStar reaches CorSec agents and tackles them, cracking their heads together with a crunch
* Dominator slashes madly through the other agents with RuneSword
[DeathStar] .....The way up is going to get steeper now...
* Wiendigo lets out his Shadow Claws and scales the wall
[Dominator] Bring it on.
* DeathStar dives hands into the side and goes upward
* Dominator uses Enemy Ensnare to help him climb up at a fast pace
[Blackjack] Let's keep going, it's no good just to stand here
* Blackjack climbs the wall as quickly as possible
[Wiendigo] Gee, you think?
* DeathStar reaches a flatplane and stops there, gazing up
[Dominator] At least he does, Wiendigo
* Wiendigo flips over the edge onto the ledge
* Blackjack restrains the urge to grab his rifle and fire at Wien
* DeathStar loud cracking noice and the plane breaks off and starts falling
* Dominator looks around
[Wiendigo] Sorry Dominator, present company excepted...
* Blackjack reaches the top, and flips up
* DeathStar drives sabre into wall
[Dominator] Shit...
* Dominator uses Enemy Ensnare to hold himself up
* DeathStar continues up at a faster pace and reaches the top
* Wiendigo latches onto the cliffside again
* Blackjack looks around nervously
* Dominator is silently glaring
*** Albert (death_star@dial40.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Dominator reaches the top as soon as DS does
*** Garland_kindnapped is now known as Garland
[Wiendigo] What's the matter human, afraid?
[Dominator] Albert!!!
[Blackjack] I... almost sense something...
[Albert] Oh, I got MUCH more....
* Dominator draws Rune Sword
[DeathStar] YOU
[Blackjack] ALBERT!
[Albert] See this?
[Garland] lemme go Mr. Aelbeat!
[Dominator] Release Garland and I might spare your life.!
* Albert points a new weapon at Wien and DS and hits them, vanishing
*** Albert has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Blackjack starts to raise his rifle. 1"Let him go!"
* Wiendigo flings his katana up the cliffface at Albery
[Dominator] Garland, hang on! I'll save you, don't worry!
* DeathStar the blast knocks the two off the edge
*** Garland is now known as Garland_kidnapped
[Wiendigo] Oh shit
* Dominator uses Enemy Ensnare to grab DS
[Blackjack] Damn!
[DeathStar] ARFGH......this blast shuts down your systems...
[DeathStar] Can't move..
* DeathStar the two go over the edge and start falling
[Wiendigo] Go as limber....as you can....
[DeathStar] .....Here....goes.....nothing
* DeathStar starts pulling hand up to grab side, moving inches
* Dominator pulls DS back up with Enemy Ensnare
* DeathStar ensnare breaks contact
* Wiendigo slams into the ledges on his way down
[Dominator] ... Damn!
* DeathStar hits a ledge
[DeathStar] ARFH
* Dominator ensnare snaps back
[Blackjack] Great! What now!?
* DeathStar drives fist into wall and brings foot out to catch Dom
[DeathStar] I mean Wien
[Dominator] Can't get him at this angle...
* Wiendigo jacket snags a branch
* DeathStar they fell 70 yards down
[Dominator] NRP: I fell to?
[DeathStar] NRP: You didn't go
* Wiendigo begisn to rip
*** Slash^ (Eatmine@sktnsk01d05170162.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
* DeathStar they are on the mountain
* Slash^ stumbles in front of Deathstar
* DeathStar lets go and drops to Wien
[Wiendigo] *jacket begins to rip
[DeathStar] I'm going to hate myself for this
* DeathStar grabs Wien with last of energy
[Slash^] uhhhh you were right...
* Dominator looks aorund
* Slash^ is bleeding from many wounds
* Wiendigo is out like a light
[DeathStar] Can't....hold....on....*hands slip from the side of the cliff*
[Dominator] Slas...!
* Slash^ helps DS and wein up
[Blackjack] Slash! DS!!!
* Dominator tries to grab DS and/or Wien with the Ensnare
[DeathStar] Thanks....Slash...*ledge they are on cracks and they start falling*
* Slash^ strains with the weight
[Slash^] little ugh help here...
[Dominator] NRP: Where am I in perspective to everyone else?
* DeathStar grabs Wien again and drives hands into wall, cracking noices can be heard as he punchs into the cliff
* Dominator uses Ensnare to help support Slash
* Slash^ keeps hauling DS and wein off the cliff
[DeathStar] Slash....you idiot...you're falling too
[Slash^] oh well..... at.. least i tried *grunts with the effort
[Dominator] Blackjack, be alert. Albert could return any moment.
* Blackjack nods. 1"I'm watching..."
* DeathStar grip on Wien is losening
* Dominator tries catch anyone with minimul success
[Slash^] NRP: warp thingy still effective or am i able to use warp field?
[DeathStar] NRPLNo
* DeathStar he catches Slash, who is above DS and Wien
[Dominator] I'm trying! Try and grab onto my Ensnare
*** Slasher (dragonmast@ has joined #TAW
[Slash^] ugh..
* DeathStar systems slowly make him sleepy
* Dominator uses Rune Sword to scale down the cliff a bit, to get a better angle, then tries to grapple onto them
* DeathStar turns to Slasher, who climbs up the edge of the cliff
[Slash^] Grab them DOM!!
[DeathStar] Ensign...Slasher?
[Dominator] Stay up there Blackjack! Watch Albert
[Slasher] Sorry I was late Sir
[Dominator] I'm trying!
* Wiendigo is starting to slip out of his trenchcoat
[Slasher] whats happening
* DeathStar grabs Wien's hair
* Dominator tries to grapple Ensnare onto them again
[DeathStar] ...My...death....here, you're on that ledge, help me and Wien..
[Slash^] Little help brother.....
*** Albert (death_star@dial40.planters.net) has joined #taw
[Dominator] DS, Wien, Slasha are falling!
* Albert appears before Blackjack
*** Garland_kidnapped is now known as Garland_not_there
* Slasher looks down
* Slash^ strains with the effort of holding DS and wein up and is slipping
[Slasher] Oh boy
* Dominator turns up to see Albert, 1"Shit.."
[Slash^] Not that idiot again.....
* Slasher jumps down
* Albert grabs BJ and throws him to the center of the top of the cliff
[Dominator] Dammit Albert! I'm tired of these games!
[Albert] Traitor to CORSEC...
[Slash^] SHut up!
* Slasher shoves his blades into the mountain
[Dominator] And a hero to the world then, you-...
* DeathStar lets go
[Slash^] DS!!!!!!
[Dominator] NRP: Have I grappled onto anyone yet?
* DeathStar vanishes far below
* Slasher starts to claw his way up till hes next to Slash
[Dominator] DS!!!!
[DeathStar] NRP: Slash
* Dominator pulls Slash up
[Slash^] DS!!!!
*** Blackjack has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Wiendigo] NRP: I fell with DS, BTW
[Dominator] Where's Wiendigo...?
* Albert knees BJ and turns tothe others
* Slasher releases his blades and goes freefalling after DS amd Wien
* Dominator teleports up to Albert
* Slash^ fights Dom and tries to jump down to DS and wein
* DeathStar Slasher is grabbed by a jammer
[Dominator] Slash, we have no choose but to fight!
* DeathStar he is flung back to Slash
[Slash^] DAMNIT
* Albert appears above them and charges a ball of energy
* Slasher turns to Albert...
* Slash^ eyes glisten
[Albert] BJ...has been taken care of.  NOW YOU GUYS
[Slasher] ITs been awhile buddy
* Dominator teleports to dodge it, and fires charged Thunder Bolt (100AP)
* Dominator eyes glare
* Albert fires
* Slash^ turns to albert 1 "you feeling lucky punk?"
* Albert Slash is far below Albert
* Slash^ jumps and starts climbing to albert using his blades to cut a way into the cliff
*** LightningStrike (pirch@ has joined #TAW
* Dominator stares at Albert
[Dominator] Who the hell?
[Albert] .....Killing Death Start and Wiendigo wasn't as....fun as a I thought
[Dominator] Killing you might be Albert. My order holds. Release Garland
[DeathStar] GM:  LS climbs up the cliff by call from the Hunters when DS hit a distress signal
* Slash^ continues to climb by making hand and foot holds with his blades
[Slash^] YOU WILL DIE!!!
[Dominator] NRP: Strike's a hunter?
* Garland_not_there runs up behind Albert and *tries* to tackle him.
[DeathStar] NRP:  Yes, newbie
* Slasher follows along with Slash
*** Garland_not_there is now known as Garland
[Dominator] Garland... NO!
[Albert] WHAT THE?!
[Slash^] lets double team him bro
[Slasher] Lets
[Slash^] double blade move now!
* LightningStrike Turns into lightning bolt and flys down to get the ones at the bottom of the cliff back up
*** Hiro_AWAY is now known as Hirozaki
[Garland] LEAV'EM ALONE!!!!!!!
* Slash^ tosses his warp blades at Albert after securing his hand and foot holds
* Garland draws sword and used speed adrenaline
*** Hirozaki was kicked by DeathStar (DeathStar)
[Slash^] DIE!!!
* Dominator stands and concentrates, as golden energy slowly encompasses over his body. 1"Golden Prowess... times 3!" The energy engulfs his body momentarily, then it is entirely absorbed into his body. He flashes gold for a moment. Dominator slowly takes a few steps forward, then holds Rune Sword high. He points Rune Sword forward and a giant blast fires forward from his sword sas golden energy circles his body (300AP).
* Albert LS is stopped
* Dominator directed it at Albert
[Slash^] NRP: do my blades hit they are 40 ap apeice
* Garland Slashes wildly at Alberts back
[Albert] ..................
* LightningStrike Lands next to Ds and Wiendigo 
* Albert everyone but DS and Wein are on top
[LightningStrike] Hello guys, need a lift :)
[Albert] LS is nowhere near DS and Wein due to them being missing
[Garland] BAD MAN HURT MR. DEATHSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Albert] I DID, KID...HA HA HA HA
* Albert vanishes
* Dominator slashes with Rune Sword, while teleported 3 times as fast as normal (300AP, Dom hurt by 60)
[Garland] *slashes* AND MR. WIENDIGO!!!!!!
* Dominator cancel that attack then
* Dominator rushes to Garland
* Slash^ fires his ppc's at Albert at point blank range, right up close
* Garland runs around like an idiot looking for Albert
* Slash^ 50 AP
* Slasher fires his Disruptor Cannon at Albert
[Slash^] AHHHHHH
[Albert] "You fools....I may not have Garland as a thing to get you guys....but then....I have you on my Turf....you are STUCK here
[Dominator] Are you all right, Garland?
* Albert isn't there
[Slash^] .....\
[Dominator] Come out and fight, Albert. Now!
[Garland] ...........6*has a bitter expression*
* Dominator is angry and energy is swirling around him
* Slash^ eerie voice 1"come out come out wherever you are"
[Slasher] Albert you panzy you always had to hide
* Dominator charges all weapons
[Albert] "Maybe I'll blow the mountain up....Nah...I Got the entire thing surronded in a forcefield...you cannot escape me"
* Slash^ auto cannons flip up and he picks up his warp blades
* Slasher tries his Mind Dagger on Albert
[Albert] "Slasher?  Ha!  I remember you....
[Dominator] I don't give a damn how you set up your plan, Albert! Come out!
* Albert blocks easily
[Albert] "And Lightning Strike....HA"
[Dominator] NRP: Albert's in the open?
* LightningStrike Turns back into a lightning bolt and flys back up top
[Slasher] Only thing i remember is kicking your ass ever day in training
[LightningStrike] Someone say my name 
[Albert] NRP:  No
[Albert] I am CorSec's 2nd Man....you could never kick my ass...ha ha hah a
[LightningStrike] NRP: give me a sec to find my move list
* Garland readies Kinship Sword
* Albert rumbling starts and Albert explodes through the ground, armed in a super battle suit tank. "Time for this human to destroy you Hunters."
* Slasher uses Phase Shift and disapears
* Slash^ jumps back
* Albert begins to blast at Slash
[Slash^] YOU will DIE MORTAL
* Albert turns and hits LS, 100 AP
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt (300AP, Dom hurt by 60)
[Albert] HA
* Slash^ Screams as he is blowen back
* Dominator tries to grapple Albert with Enemy Ensnare
[Albert] ....You guys sure need some help.
* Slasher appears behind Albert adn shoves his Ion blades throught the Robots back
[Dominator] Slash...
* Slash^ gets back up and slashes at Albert with his warp blades 100 ap total
* Garland raises sword and it glows blue 1"Typhoon Wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
* Dominator slashes madly with Rune Sword (300AP)
* DeathStar leaps over the side of the cliff and tackles Albert, slashing 95 AP
[Slash^] DIE!!!
* Dominator grins
* Garland 60 AP
[DeathStar] MISS ME?
* Wiendigo drops onto Albert and lays into him
[Albert] ARGHH!!
* Slasher tries another Mind dagger and tries to carve out painfull memories
[Dominator] Good, your not dead DS. Care to kick Albert's ass with us?
[DeathStar] Sure thing...
* DeathStar blasts with Hell Cannon
* Slash^ fires his PPC's auto cannons and his warp blades at Albert all at once 200 AP
[LightningStrike] NRP: I'm trying to get NS to work so I can get my moves, k :)
[Wiendigo] Al, you never call, you never write, you never drop in, so we thought we would!
* Slasher grabs onto Albert so that he can't moce
* Garland jumps up 1"Cross Slash!!!!"6 slashes Albert
* Albert pants in pain and vanishes
[Slash^] DAMN
[DeathStar] ......That COWARD..
* Wiendigo drops to his feet
[Slash^] just as we were kicking his ass...
* Slasher falls to the ground
* DeathStar holds side
[Dominator] He feels our rath...
* LightningStrike Is charging up in all senses of the word 
* Garland lands and slashes the air tauntingly
[Slasher] my bum hurts
* DeathStar rumbling starts
* Dominator energy swirls around him, and he winces, but then recovers
* Wiendigo licks the blood off of his Shadow claws
* Slasher cloaks again
[Dominator] Damn... Prowess is draining my HP...
[Slash^] what the sam heck is that...
[Dominator] What's that?
* Garland sheiths Kinship Sword
[Slasher] What
* Albert the ground explodes into a wave, ramming forward towards the Hunters, to knock them off the edge
[DeathStar] Ohhhhh shit....not again
[Wiendigo] Scatter.
* Dominator blocks damage with Force Shield, but falls off
* Slash^ plants a warp blade in hte clif and grabs DS's hand
[Slash^] HANG ON
* Slasher phases through the waves
* DeathStar leaps over the ground wave
* LightningStrike jumps to side
* Dominator tries to use Ensnare to grapple onto something
* Garland jumps Striat up, and dissappears in a blur
* LightningStrike turns into a lightning bolt
* Wiendigo hovers arrogantly over the waves
[Garland] BAD MAN!!!!
* Albert hover stops again
* Garland thinks of a good attack
[Slash^] NRP: cancel my last move..
* Wiendigo yawns. "I thought you were toughing then this Al...
[Wiendigo] Shit!
[Slasher] Come on Albert lets finish some un settled business
* DeathStar the wave vanishes into the ground
* Wiendigo phases before he hits the ground
[DeathStar] .....
* Dominator teleports back to the ground
* Slash^ jams his blades into the ground to stop him from moving
* Slasher powers up Disruptor cannon
* Slash^ charges all weapons
* Wiendigo pops back up
[Dominator] I don't like fighting on his terms... But, so be it.
* Albert appears and grabs DS by the neck, hovering high the air, holding the strangling Hunter
[Albert] You got something I want...
[Dominator] Damn you Albert!
[LightningStrike] NRP: BRB scan disk is on my case now !!!
[DeathStar] GACCCKKKK...
*** LightningStrike has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* Wiendigo charges Energon Katana and blaster
* Slash^ fires everything at Albert that he can.... 200 AP
* Dominator teleports behind Albert and slashes his hands to try and free DS (300AP)
* Albert uses DS for a block, DS taking 200 AP worth of damage
* Albert swings around in time and DS takes the 300 AP
[Slasher] Put him down you coward lets go
[Slash^] NOooooooo!!
[Dominator] DAMN!
* Wiendigo blasts to Al's right
* DeathStar pants raggedly
* Albert brings DS in the way
* Slash^ grabs Alberts leg and pulls him down
[Albert] He's got....about 90 HP left...
* Albert kicks Slash off
* Wiendigo then dives to the left and blasts Al before he can turn back
* Slasher takes off all his weapons except his Ion Blades
* Slasher walks over to Albert
* Dominator heals DS with Silver Crystal twice (+600HP, Dom is hurt for 120HP)
* Garland decides and jumps stait up in a backward motion, aims carefully, 1"KIAAMAAAAA!!!!!!!"6 the blast pushes garland back a little too far and starts to fall off the side of the mountain 1"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"
[DeathStar] Damn....you *grabs Al and propells them both off the side of the cliff
* Dominator winces
* Slash^ plants a warp blade in his leg before he can kick
[Albert] ARGHH
[Slash^] DS!!!
* Slash^ jumps after them both
* Dominator uses the Crystal on himself
[Wiendigo] Oh, for the love of...*chases after and dives off*
* Slasher dives off
* Albert activates hover and brings him and DS up and throws DS into the ground
* Dominator grapples onto Garland with Ensnare
[Albert] Fools....diving off to their death by my shielding...
[Dominator] DS!
*** LightningStrike (pirch@ has joined #TAW
* Wiendigo grabs onto Al as they're going back up
[LightningStrike] NRP: Ok now I am back
[Garland] Tankee Mr. Dominator!
* Albert turns to LS. "The only one left
* LightningStrike still charging 
* Slasher grabs onto flasher and uses phase shift and they appear behind Albert
* Slash^ locks on and fires his auto cannons at Albert
[LightningStrike] Good bye
[DeathStar] YOU FORGOT ME!! *stabs Albert*
[Slasher] i mean Slasj
* LightningStrike does limit
* Dominator has pulled him up, 1"Welcome"
[Wiendigo] Hi Al, you're ignoring me again, I'm hurt
* Albert kicks Wien off
* Slash^ stops himself with blades and climbs back up
* Albert grabs DS and DS gets hit by uit
[LightningStrike] NRP: Give me a sec and I'll be more specific
* Garland has amazingly NOT been hit once this whole mission!
* Wiendigo grabs Al's necka nd starts to strangle him
[Albert] I'm still oging to use this as a shield
* Slasher uses his Slash attack
* Slash^ oil streams from wounds
[Slash^] STOP!
[Albert] AERR/
* Albert blasrts Wien witha 300 AP blast in the chest
[LightningStrike] NRP: Question wouldn't it hit both of you ??
* Slash^ catches slasher in mid slash
[Albert] It did
[Dominator] Wiendigo!
* Albert holds side in pain, the suit sparking some
* Wiendigo collapses to the ground in a heap
[LightningStrike] NRP: Then your unconcios :)
[Garland] NRP: Is Al on the ground of hovering?
[Slash^] Electronics...
* Albert blasts Garland 100 AP
* Wiendigo starts to spasam
[Albert] Stupid child
* Dominator takes the chance and uses Ensnare (-90HP per second)
[Slasher] Albert put him down and take me as a prisoner
* Albert ground
[Dominator] You son of bitch!!!
* Slash^ yells 1"DS, go limp!!"
* Albert breaks it and tugs on it, throws Dom off
* Slash^ fires Lockdown cannon at albert (freezes)
[Dominator] Argh!!
* DeathStar goes limp
* Dominator teleports back to the ground)
[Albert] ARGGHHH
[Slash^] NRP: that should lock his armor up
[Garland] ACK!!!! *falls down* (Me and my big /me.....)
[Slash^] KILL HIM NOW!!!
* Albert breaks the ice, in time to get tackled by DS, 95 AP dealt)
* Slasher tackles Albert
* Slash^ slashes at albert as slasher tackels him
* Albert drains Slasher's life
* LightningStrike Yells Lightning Bolt Flood
[Slasher] Ahhh....
[Albert] Oh damn...
* Wiendigo regains himself and tries to drag himself into the shadows...
* LightningStrike Sees albert being consumed by lightning bolts at 2ap per sec
[Slash^] uh oh.....
* Albert grabs DS again and thruts him in front of it, it locking on DS
* Dominator slashes with Rune Sword and activates Ebony Crystal to double the damage (600AP)
* Albert leaps free. "HA!!"
[DeathStar] ARGHHH
* Garland uses Speed Adrenalin, and slashes Al MANY times in the back, where he's not looking :)
[LightningStrike] NRP: Sorry the Bolts are comming from the sky :)
* Dominator had teleported behind A
[Albert] ALL OF YOU.....
* Slash^ fires more plasma at Albert
* Dominator winces again from the 60AP damage he delt to himself
* Slasher fires off sonic missles at Albert
[Albert] NRP:  DS is still caught, Albert is damping the entire area, he's got control of the skies
[Albert] aRGHHH
[Albert] ......
* Albert vanishes
* Dominator pants, scowling
* Garland jumps off of Al's shouldersbefore he dissapears, but falls on the ground as a failed slash
[LightningStrike] NRP: Yes but lighting works in a way that it would be able to form within the field if we can jump there is enough room for it to work I think
* Wiendigo manages to pull himself into some shadows and disappears
[Slash^] Where....
[Slasher] COme on albert stop picking on DS and come get me
[Dominator] Golden Prowess must be enough to kill him... It MUST....
[DeathStar] ...I ... second that....but I got the chip he wants
[Dominator] DS? What's your status? Did SC heal you enough?
* DeathStar tries to stop the lightning attacking him. LS!!!
[Slash^] you need my life force? if need be then i will give you some..
* LightningStrike charging up disc
[DeathStar] I'm fine....
[Dominator] Good.
* LightningStrike Stops lightning
* Albert laughter echos the area
* Wiendigo brusts out of the cliff. "WHERE THE HELL IS HE? I'M GOING TO TEAR HIM INSIDE OUT!"
* Slasher uses Mind Dagger on DS and heals him as much as he can
* Garland rips off the bandages from the last mission, they are slowing Garland down
[Dominator] I SECOND THAT, WIEN!
[Garland] *winces*
[LightningStrike] NRP: It was hurting him to though if he was holding you :) So I did hurt him some :)
* Slash^ Yells 1 "im first!"
* Albert grabs Garland and appears in the air
[Dominator] Garland..
[Albert] Back to where we started
[Dominator] What?!
* LightningStrike Has lightning bolts hit him
[LightningStrike] AGHHHHHHHHHHHH
* Albert garland takes the damage also
[Wiendigo] You son of a bitch sorry excuse for matter!
[Albert] OW
* LightningStrike It happens again
[Albert] OW
[Slasher] I feel so ashamed here i am a traitor to Corsec and Albert doesn't care about me
*** Blackjack (speedblade@max1-9.dial.accucomm.net) has joined #TAW
[LightningStrike] ARGHHHHHH
[Slash^] Blackjack!
* Albert looks at BJ who awakes
[Garland] *maturley* I've had enough of this you know Mr.
[Albert] You're awake!!
* Dominator charges RS
[Albert] OW!
[Blackjack] urgh...
* LightningStrike Runs over to albert and gabs ahold of him and has a lightning bolt strike him 
* Slasher head starts to pound a little
[Albert] You...may...hurt me...but the kid is getting it too
[Dominator] NRP: Does Albert have anyone still?
* Slash^ charges his plasma cannons
* Albert hit also gets Garland
[Dominator] Garland...! You bastard, Albert...
[DeathStar] LS!!! STOP IT NOW!!!1
[Albert] ARRGHHH
[Garland] AHH!HHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Albert tightens grip to point of breaking neck
[Slasher] Albert take me leave everyone else alone
* Dominator growls, 1"Stop it, LS!"
* LightningStrike Lets go jumps back and turns into a lightning bolt 
* DeathStar tackles LS and Ablert
[Slash^] STOP you FOOL!
[Blackjack] LS! Knock it off!
* Wiendigo grabs Al from behind and stabs him in the back
* DeathStar stabs Albert's hand
[LightningStrike] What ??
* Albert lets go of Garland
* Garland falls down
[Slasher] Albert if u take me will you leave everyone else alone
* Dominator teleports and grabs Garland, then teleports back with Garland
* Slash^ catches Garland
[Dominator] Garland...
[Blackjack] NOW kill him!
[Albert] ........
[Albert] No.  I want the chip.  DS, give me the chip and I'll let everyone GO
[Slash^] Slasher! you fool!
* Albert vanishes for DS to decide
* LightningStrike Does limit on albert from behind him 
[Dominator] The chip...
[Slash^] dont takehim on....
[Slasher] Don't worry i'll be ok
[LightningStrike] Dang I missed him !!!
[Slasher] If he takes me back I'll just escape
* Dominator winces again from being in Golden Prowess so long
* LightningStrike starts charging back up in all senses of the word 
[DeathStar] ........
* DeathStar reaches slowly for chip
* Garland grabs shoulders, clothes in shambles 1"YOU ARE A..........V...VERY BAD......MAN!"
* Dominator turns to DS, 1"DS...!"
[Dominator] Garland, are you hurt?
[Slash^] DS!..
[Slash^] do what you have to do
* Garland ignores everyone
* DeathStar grabs it
[Slasher] DS....
[Dominator] If we give in, he'll just get stronger...!
[Blackjack] DS...
* DeathStar pulls it out
[Blackjack] DS, no!
[LightningStrike] We are in a force field right
[DeathStar] Only way to let you guys go
* Wiendigo grabs DS's arm tightly
[Slasher] DS don't
[Blackjack] What do you think he'll do if he gets the chip?
* Garland stares at Al, lookint at every part of him
[LightningStrike] Ds I have an idea
[Blackjack] Attack us!
[DeathStar] ....We stay, we die
* DeathStar shrugs Wein off
[Wiendigo] You do it, and so help me, I'll slit your throat
[Slasher] DS your too week to give it to him let me do it
[Dominator] Its his decision. He's our leader. I don't like it, but he's our leader.
[Slash^] Bring it on
[DeathStar] Slasher...he'll kill anyone who gives it to him
* Slash^ coughs blood/batteryfluid mixture
[LightningStrike] DS STOP
[Dominator] Weindigo, STOP! Its his decision, god dammit...
[LightningStrike] I have an idea 
[DeathStar] What is it Strike?
[Slasher] IF i die he'll go with me
[Albert] "I'm listening..."
[LightningStrike] If I can reach the force field, it is electricity after all I can bend it !!
* Wiendigo takes out katana and holds it aimed at DS's throat. "WE go down as a team, that is what a team is about..."
[Garland] Hmmmmmmm......
* Garland continues staring at Albert
[Dominator] Wiendigo...
[DeathStar] LS...the force field...you can take it out...let the others escape
* LightningStrike Shoots off into a lightning bolt at the force field
* Slasher head starts to pound even more
[Slash^] what are you looking at Garland..
* Garland ignores Slash
* LightningStrike Takes down force field 
[LightningStrike] NRP: BRB
[DeathStar] Everyone, DOWN the mountain
[Blackjack] Who stays, and who goes...?
[Slasher] I could try to phase shift out and get away... I know him more than anyone else so i stand the best chance
* Slash^ looks the way Garland is
[LightningStrike] NRP: Pause for a sec k 
[DeathStar] I do, Slasher...I was one of their top men
[Dominator] Your not becoming a martry...
* Albert ground softly begins to rumble
[Wiendigo] Martyr
[Blackjack] Wha...?
[Slash^] oh crap........
[Dominator] martry=martyr
[Slasher] I don't know how but i was one of his colleagues
[DeathStar] I don't plan on it....GO
[Slash^] Hey dont forget about me...
[Dominator] Everyone, lets go! Its his decision.
[Slash^] I was just below you there DS...
* Dominator grabs Garland and motions for him to come
[DeathStar] Slasher...you go too.  He'll try to ambush you guys
[DeathStar] You can....stop him down there
* Garland backs up slowly still staring
[Slasher] Noo... im staying
* Dominator looks at DS
[Wiendigo] We, MY descision is to stay here and fight!
* Albert rumbling grows
[Slash^] Im staying here
[Slash^] there is NO way im leaving you DS
[Blackjack] What the hell is that!?
[LightningStrike] NRP: Back
[Dominator] Slasher, Wiendigo...
* DeathStar blasts Wien over the edge
* DeathStar blasts Slash
[DeathStar] GO, NBOW
[Dominator] Garland, lets go!
* LightningStrike Still controlling force field
[Blackjack] DS! You're crazy!
[DeathStar] Slasher, GO TOO. HE WILL ATTACK YOU
[Garland] Mr. Wiendigo's Staying, So am I! Mr. Wiendigo's my friend!
* Wiendigo looks stunned as he goes over....
* Albert rumbling grows
[Wiendigo] bas...tard...
[Dominator] Garland, Death Star is our leader. We must do what he says.
[DeathStar] Dom....get out with Garland NOW..
* Slash^ takes a blade and jams it into the cliff 1"IM NOT LEAVING!"
* LightningStrike Is focusing force field through his own body, but now he has changed it and is focusing it at Albert !!!!
[Dominator] All of you. Unless we obey orders, then we'll fall apart.
* Albert ground explodes, throwing whoever is up there back
* Wiendigo catches the cliffside and hurls himself back up
* Albert albert is not in sight
* Albert new force field appears nad stops wien
* Dominator uses Ensnare to hang on
* Slash^ climbs up because am still above the shield
[Wiendigo] Nice try Al, gonna take more then that to stop me
* LightningStrike Falls to ground exaughsted 
[Dominator] Dammit... Its too late now...
* Albert the force field runs down the mountain, knocking them all off
[Garland] Mr. Wiendigo, no matter what he says, Mr. Wiendigo is my friend!
[Dominator] Lighting Strike..
[LightningStrike] *Thud*
* Albert turns to Slasher. "You and me are the only ones up here now..."
* Wiendigo grabs the cliff
[Slash^] Noooooo
* LightningStrike Gets back up
[Albert] And...LS...
[Dominator] Garland...
* Wiendigo phases into the cliff
* Albert force field continues making him go donw
[Dominator] NRP: What's happening to DOM?
[Garland] ....
* LightningStrike inverting force field
[Albert] '/me phase blocks
* Slash^ grabs ahold of Wein 1"you go I go also, thats my bro up there"
[Albert] Dom's should be on the ground below
* LightningStrike is gaining to much power from force field 
[Wiendigo] Then gets us through there!
[Dominator] NRP; Garland?
* Albert LS is blasted in the backand he falls off the edge
[Albert] NRP: With Dom
* LightningStrike Truns into pure energy instead of just a lightning bolt (to much energy I'm hyper charging)
*** Slasher has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Dominator looks upward
[Wiendigo] TYPHOON WAVE! *aims the blasts at the force field
* DeathStar oulls chip out and waves it. "YOU WANT IT?"
* Slash^ grabs his blades and hacks a hole into the cliff
* Albert rumbling stops
* LightningStrike Is now a completely gold color
[LightningStrike] ALBERT
[LightningStrike] FACE ME NOW 
* Albert shield goes around top of the mountain, seperating Slasher and DS from everyone else, including LS
[Blackjack] LS, no. He's too powerful...
[Dominator] Lighting Strike! Leave it to DS
* Slash^ stops 1 what the heck..
[Blackjack] NO!
[Dominator] We have to follow his orders... I'm sorry.
* DeathStar waves it
[DeathStar] C'mon on...
* Albert appears
* Wiendigo stabs the force feild with his sai
* LightningStrike Lands next to DS
* Albert holds hand on, snickering evilly
* Garland sits there studying the fight
* Dominator moves to Garland
[DeathStar] GM: LS can not go through 
[DeathStar] GM:  Shield adaption to his powers
* Slash^ pulls wein away, 1"We have our orders! lets go! i dont like it anymore then you do"
[Dominator] Lighting Strike, if you won't obey DS's orders then obey mine.
[Dominator] You two, Wiendigo.
[Blackjack] I... can't leave... but we must. Let's go, we can't do anything else...
[DeathStar] YOU WANT IT *throws it at the side of the forcefield*
[Dominator] We have to trust Death Star.
[Albert] NOOOOO!!!
[Wiendigo] Screw it! I don't leave debts unpaid!
* Dominator eyes narrow
* Garland gets in a charging stance, readies an Kiama
[Dominator] Pay it later, damn you!
[Slash^] neither do i but there is NOTHING WE CAN DO
[Blackjack] Wien, shut the hell up! THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO!
* Albert dives after it, grabbing it and DS tackles him from behind, them both hitting the forcefield, it exploding and sending them out the other side
[Wiendigo] I'll pay it when I choose!
* Slash^ grabs Wein forcefully and pulls him away
* Wiendigo looks up
* Garland 's eyes track Al
* DeathStar both begin to fall at rate faster than anyone can see them
* Slash^ creates a warp field, shimmers out of exsistance and appears next to DS
[Dominator] Death Star...
* LightningStrike limits albert unfortunaitly hitting DS
[Slash^] need a lift??
[Dominator] SLASH!
* DeathStar damping is still up
[Albert] aRGGHHH
[Slash^] ARRGH
* Albert large explosion in the air
[Wiendigo] NRP: I have enhanced senses, wouldn't i be albe to?
* Albert a large crater is made in the ground
* LightningStrike Notes that he still has all that energy that he absorbed from the field 
* Dominator mutters, 2"Dammit... There's intentions are good, but they'll get themselves killed..."
[Blackjack] NO!!!
* Albert pulls himself out, chipless.
* LightningStrike Is sending his energy disc energy through DS to keep him alive if he can 
[Dominator] What?!
* Dominator overheard Albert
[Blackjack] DEAD!?!? NO!!!
* Wiendigo tackles Albert
[Albert] OUF
[Albert] It's time to end this
* Wiendigo holds blade to his throat
* Garland jumps down after albert
[Wiendigo] Yes...it is....
* Slash^ yells to albert 1 WHERE ID DS!!
* Blackjack finally loses it. 1"YOU'RE DEAD ASSHOLE!!!"
[Dominator] You want to die then Albert?
* Albert blasts Wein back
* Slash^ eyes glow
[Garland] Mr. Wiendigo! Hold him stiff for a sec!
* LightningStrike puts his hand on what is left of DS (Right over his battery)
* Wiendigo shoves blade harder agaisnt his skin, piercing it a little
* Dominator uses SC on himself to go up to full capacity
* LightningStrike Brings in his healing lightning to try and refill his energy 
* DeathStar pulls himself out.
[Slash^] ...... you shall be avenged my friend
* DeathStar laughs
* Garland gets infront of Al
[Blackjack] DS!
* Wiendigo absorbs
[DeathStar] ....Gah...gah...gah...you foolish....human
[Slash^] DS!!
* Dominator smiles, 1"He's not dead."
[Wiendigo] You will die human...
* DeathStar holds stomach in obvious pain, swaying
[Dominator] He's not human, he's a CorSec bastard.
* Garland charges a Limit Kiama
* Slash^ supports DS
* Albert blasts them all back
* LightningStrike is trying to slowely refill DSs energy without blowing his capacitors :)
* Dominator uses SC on DS (+300HP), which hurts Dom
* Garland strike the limit
* Wiendigo deflects with katana
[Slash^] DOM you idiot! your gonna kill yourself
* Dominator force shield redirects the blast back, but he flies back
* Wiendigo blats Al down
[DeathStar] ....
[Dominator] No... I'll live...
* DeathStar fires cannon at AL
* Garland hits AL with a Kiama as long as he can hold it going
[Albert] ARGGHHH
[Dominator] Must becom stronger.
* Wiendigo flings sai at Al
* Dominator stands and concentrates, as golden energy slowly encompasses over his body. 1"Golden Prowess... times 4!" The energy engulfs his body momentarily, then it is entirely absorbed into his body. He shimmers gold for several moment. Dominator slowly takes a few steps forward, then holds Rune Sword high. He points Rune Sword forward and a giant blast fires forward from his sword sas golden energy circles his body and his sword surges with energy (400AP).
* Albert suddenly a cage pops out the ground, trapping Albert
* Dominator uses Ebony Crystal and runs forward and slashes (800AP), 1"Die, damn you!"
[LightningStrike] Albert I got a surprise for you :)
[Blackjack] Ha! Caught by one of your own traps!
[DeathStar] STOP
* LightningStrike charging energy disc
[Slash^] STOP DOM!
* Slash^ catches Dom in mid slash
* Wiendigo glares at DS
[DeathStar] Or you'll blow the cage up
[Garland] Mr. Star??
[Wiendigo] What?
* Dominator stops
[Wiendigo] That's the POINT!
* Slash^ takes a bit of the slash before Dom stoped
[LightningStrike] I know a way to attack and not blow the cage :)
* DeathStar staggers over to the trapped Albert. "And free him."
* Garland charges another Kiama
[Dominator] Slash..
[Albert] Bas...I got plenty of energy to kill you...
[Wiendigo] All the more reason to, so we can kill him!
[Garland] but...
[DeathStar] WE CAN'T
[Wiendigo] WHY CAN'T WE?
[Slash^] ... this is insane
* DeathStar clams hands louds, getting everyone's attention before collasping
[Dominator] We can't... become the enemy.
[Dominator] DS...
[DeathStar] EarthGov wants him alive and they'll SHUT us down if he dies
[LightningStrike] He is right 
[Blackjack] We'll be branded Maverick if we kill him, Wien...
[LightningStrike] He so help me I can give him pain 
* Dominator winces and holds head, falls to knees and looses all Golden Prowess stages, returning to normal
[Slash^] no kidding, i have been down that road before...
[Blackjack] Or, you will. I'll be branded a murderer...
[Garland] Mavereeeick?????
[Dominator] THat's what the humans call a... bad r-reploid..
[Slash^] .....
[DeathStar] Albert....what is this all about...what is the chip for again?
[Garland] am I a reploids?
[Wiendigo] Maybe some of us have already BEEN branded, moron!
[Albert] T-The Ultimate Weapon....
[DeathStar] I know, but what IS it?
[Dominator] I'm not sure.. but I think you more of a human.
[Blackjack] No, Garland. You are a human, like me.
* Albert slumps in defeat
* Wiendigo storms off, shoving his way past everybody
[Albert] I can't tell you if I value my life
[Dominator] Ulimate Weapon?!
[Dominator] Talk, Albert!
* LightningStrike Discharges power so he doesn't electricute anyone near by 
[Slash^] he must be, my lockdown stopped him...
[Garland] Oh!
[Albert] ....He'll kill me
[Dominator] Who?
[Garland] then me not get branded!!!!
[Albert] The Leader of CorSEc
[Slash^] The leader....
[DeathStar] .......
[LightningStrike] Albert, you hate maverics right ??
[Garland] And friend Wiendigo not care if he maverick!
[Albert] Yes...Yes I do
[Dominator] We can kill or capture him first...
[LightningStrike] A maveric is a cold blooded killer right ??
[Albert] All you Reploids brought us was pain and death
[Albert] That....is correctr
[Dominator] No, Albert!
* Slash^ an evil glint appears in his eye 1 "we could torture him for a while..."
[LightningStrike] And waht are you !!!
* DeathStar scowls, anger surgign through him
[Dominator] CorSec mislead the humans and brought reploids pain and death.
[Dominator] Zero was the one who hurt the humans! Not us... none of us!
[LightningStrike] What are you that sent me on a mission of death !!!!
[Blackjack] Not the Hunters, Albert. The Mavericks! I realized that, and that's why I left CorSec...
[Albert] .,........You all bring death, sooner or later.  The best even fall
[Slash^] like you albert?
* Albert turns to BJ
[Slash^] even BJ realized that not all reploids are bad..
[Albert] How could you leave us?  We would gladly welcome you back.  Free me!
[Garland] Can Me speak to Mr. Albert?
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Albert] I bring death to REPLOIDS
[LightningStrike] Yes just like you, I was like you, remember Albert, but I changed, because I grew tired of all the death unlike you you filth !!
* Blackjack struggles with the thought
* DeathStar fist closes
[Garland] can me?
[Dominator] Why?
[LightningStrike] You forced me to kill hundreds !!
[Albert] CorSec wants to help Earth, not destroy it.  The Mavericks are our first target.  You Hunters were 2nd.
[Garland] I wanna!
* Slash^ struggles to keep from punching Albert
* Blackjack shakes his head. 1"Never. I came to my senses about the Reploids. It's a shame all of CorSec can't realize that..."
[LightningStrike] You forced me to kill people !!!!!!!
[Dominator] No, CorSec wants Earth for itself.
[Albert] .......It's a shame alright
[Dominator] You're even lied to humans.
[LightningStrike] YOU FORCED ME TO KILLLLL *Collapses crying*
[Albert] ....
* Garland walks up to Albert
[Albert] Take me to jail then...I'll pay for my crimes there
[Dominator] Lighting Strike.. you've joined us and repented.
[Garland] Mr. Albert, why all reploids bad?
[Dominator] You'll just be freed by CorSec...
[Slash^] Lightning, we all kill, unfortunatly it happens
[Slash^] people die
[Albert] They kill sun
*** PresidentCorSec (death_star@dial40.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Dominator turns
[LightningStrike] You can't pay for your crims, niether of us can !!! 
* PresidentCorSec appears, cloaked, face hidden
[Garland] But, you kill?
[LightningStrike] I can only try to help as much as I hurt !!!!
* Dominator turns and glares
* PresidentCorSec blasts DS
* Slash^ tenses, hand on his warp blades
[Albert] NOOOO
* Blackjack whirls around
[DeathStar] YOU!~!
* Slash^ jumps in front of the blast
[DeathStar] ARGAHHH
* Dominator is struggling to avoid attacking him
[Blackjack] PRESIDENT!
[Dominator] DS!
[DeathStar] I know who you are----!
* Slash^ pulls out his blades
* Garland is talking to Albert
* DeathStar chip flies from DS into the Leader's hands
[Slash^] you will die for that..
[Dominator] No...!
* PresidentCorSec causes chip to vanish
[Slash^] THE CHIP!
[LightningStrike] And it will never be enough when you are Told to to... to.... to kill children because there families hide reploid !!!!!
[Blackjack] DAMN!
[Garland] If you kill that make you bad, and you say reploids bad, then why cant bad people get along?
[PresidentCorSec] You....fools.  I should kill Albert, but the law can take care of him....good bye!
*** PresidentCorSec has quit IRC (Leaving)
[DeathStar] NOOOO!!!!!
* Slash^ looks around
[Blackjack] Damn!!!
[Dominator] No....
[Slash^] DAMNIT!!!
[Garland] damn?
[Albert] .......
* DeathStar calls in trucks to pick Albert up, wanting to kill him
[Dominator] Like I said before, a word you shouldn't repeat...
[Blackjack] Something people say when they are really mad, Garland...
* LightningStrike is still crying and mumbling something about children and families 
[Dominator] Only the weak give up... and unfortunetly... we're all weak when it comes down to it... No one should be able to handle all this... No one
[Garland] But, I only hurt you because you hurt my friends! No bad feelings Mr. Albert?
* Slash^ grumbles
* DeathStar Albert taken off, DS gives LS a sad look, and turns to head for the mile walk to the shuttle
* Dominator moves over to Lighting Strike and puts hand on his shoulder
[Albert] None, kid....
[Slash^] Garland, you should never repeat what some of us say when we get angry..
* Albert leaves in trucks
* Blackjack walks over to LS. 1"LS, all I can say is forget about all of the killing. I... I was in CorSec too, I share your feelings. But I've left that all behind and started anew..."
*** Albert has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Garland smiles
[Garland] He not a bad man really!
* DeathStar continues on, a dark mood on him
* Dominator looks at Garland
[Dominator] No of use really are... We allow ourselves to be mislead though. Some are too far down that path.. but... some aren't...
[Garland] He just god bad way of doing things!
* Slash^ looks at garland with one eyebrow raised
* LightningStrike Straightens back up and then starts the walk back to the shuttle
* Blackjack mumbles something, and clenches a fist
[Dominator] Lets go, Garland. I wish everyone thought like you do...
* Dominator walks back towards the shuttle in silence
* Slash^ walks to the shuttle thinking
* DeathStar as they continue, they come across destroyed trees, done by DS, who is nowhere in sight right now
* Garland walks closley next to Dom
* Blackjack walks back to the shuttle, oblivious to all around him
[Slash^] all will feel my wraith...
* LightningStrike Stops in his tracks and says "Do you suppose, one day we will ever not have to kill ??"
* Slash^ mumbled that quietly
[Dominator] We can only hope, LS... We can only hope.
[DeathStar] Session Ends