- Afterstrike -

Mission 60: Into the Void

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 3 days later
[DeathStar] Location: Mexico Camp
* DeathStar watches the news
[Cold-Snap] I'll never get that dirt out of my helmet
* Dominator is watching the news as well
* Slash whacks the dent out of his armor
[DeathStar] Newscater: CorSecand EarthGov have been launching major assults against the Blackhole, all failing.
* Wiendigo sits upside down on a slanted rock
* Garland sits on air, 20 feet above the ground, keeping lookout
* Slasher comes walking in and his chest area is covered in medical tape
[Dominator] ...!
* Cold-Snap is standing at a facet, washing out his helmet
[Blackjack] And of course, CorSec and Earthgov try their damnedest, but of course can't do a damn thing.
-Garland- Thanks for the file. [meso1.mid - 43562 bytes(0.04 megs)] ::[[«·NE][GEN·ACiDMAX·»]]::
[Slasher] Man my ribs aint ever gonna get better
[Slash] Perfect..
[DeathStar] NC: They are supposedly using the pieces from Eden to make a new weapon to fire against it, but this probably will not work.  Already the moon has been moving towards it.
[Wiendigo] I tell them to collapse the damn thing, but noooooooo, no one will listen to the psychopathic killer...
[Slash] hehe
[Slash] Which one?
[Dominator] Damn... if they can't stop about it, how can we?
* Slasher looks at Slash
[Cold-Snap] YOU CAN'T
* Blackjack laughs at Slash, thinking about how right he is
[Cold-Snap] WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!
* Garland lands next to dom, kind of startling him
[DeathStar] NC: The Earth has moved 10 inches already.  By tomorrow that will have 10 times moved that, and next week we will all be dead.
[Wiendigo] Create another blackhole inside of it.
[Dominator] Shut up, Cold-Snap!
* Slasher smacks him
* Slash whacks CS
* Blackjack draws his hand back to hit CS
[DeathStar] ..
[Cold-Snap] ouch!
* Blackjack swings it forward at whacks him
[Cheryl] Actually...
* Dominator flips aorund, but sees Garland, and turns back
* DeathStar cuts TV off
[Cold-Snap] hey!
[Cold-Snap] It's true. . .
[Slasher] SHUTTUP
[Slash] NRP: UPloaded the cover, members.tripod.com/~tawrpg/cover.jpg
[Cold-Snap] What do you suggest Slasher?
* Dominator glances at Death Star
* DeathStar goes to the shuttle that X1 repaired from last mission
[Slasher] Letting DS think it out
[Cheryl] Theorictically, you can do it CS...
* Slash looks at DS
[DeathStar] Up, up, and away perhaps?
[Cold-Snap] How?
[Slasher] Yeah why not..
[Cheryl] Practically... That's a different story...
[Slash] NRP: Special thanks go to UO for it..
[Blackjack] Cliche way of putting it, DS...
[Garland] NRP: :)
* DeathStar suddenly a whole bunch of ships are launched nearby them
[DeathStar] ---What the?
* Slasher follows DS holding his side with his left arm
[Slash] ?
[Dominator] What?!
* DeathStar sees Maverick symbols on them
* DeathStar they head for the blackhole
[Slash] Mavericks...
[Wiendigo] Anyone have Azuls number?
[Slash] I hope they get sucked in..
[Blackjack] Well, the Mavs are going to try their lucks...
[Slasher] Looks like thery beat us to it
* DeathStar leaps into the shuttle
* Dominator dashes following Death Star
[Cold-Snap] Well, it's good to see them die FIRST
* Slasher limps in
* Slash warps into hte shuttle
* DeathStar powers up and watches the ships on the holovid
* Cold-Snap looks at the shuttle
* Blackjack shrugs and steps into the shuttle
[Cold-Snap] *sigh*
* DeathStar they open fire on the blockhole, all attempts failing
* Cold-Snap steps into the shuttle
[Garland] If they stop the black hole, do we need to do anything?
[Cold-Snap] Energy won't do anything to a Blackhole
* Ariel climbs into the shuttle
* DeathStar the blackhole grows larger and englufs the ships
[Cheryl] Maybe...
[Slash] ...
* Dominator watches the screen intently
[DeathStar] Whatthe?!
* Garland jumps in
[DeathStar] ....
* DeathStar shakes head sadly
[Cheryl] But with enough matter?
[Dominator] What! No...
[Slasher] Poetic Justice
[Blackjack] Scratch a few Mavs...
[Wiendigo] In we get ahold of Azuls, and his power...
[Wiendigo] If
[Cold-Snap] More matter=more gravity
* DeathStar lifts off the ground and flies into space.
[Dominator] Eden did this...
[Cold-Snap] It's just gettting stronger. . . HEY!
* DeathStar suddenly there is a loud roaring behind them
[Slash] ...
* Dominator turns to Death Star, 1"Where are we headed?"
[Cold-Snap] We're not going towards taht thing, are we???
[Slash] What in the hell?
[Dominator] What now?!
[DeathStar] Not...
[Slasher] Whats that noise??
* Slash turns
* DeathStar the shuttle is rammed and goes dead, stilling moving forward
[Blackjack] Just great.
[DeathStar] What the!?  We're going even faster.
[Dominator] Eh?
[Slasher] Ahh crap
[Dominator] ...!
* DeathStar holovid turns into Cran
[Cheryl] Like you said earlier CS, no-one has ever been close enough to a black hole to find out
[Blackjack] Probably because we're being PULLED INTO THE HOLE, DS...
[Slasher] Basterd
[Dominator] CRAN?!
[Garland] ......?
* Wiendigo pops out onto the shuttle from the shadows
[DeathStar] Cran: Greetings Hunter.  you are stuck to our new super weapon, "Void" which will launch into the Blackjack hole and destory it from the inside
[Slash] Cran..
[Blackjack] And look, it's President CorSec himself.
[Slash] Perfect..
[Wiendigo] Leave ME behind???
[Slash] Lets kill him
[DeathStar] NRP: Typo
[Blackjack] NRP: Huh? Blackjack hole?
[Wiendigo] What the?
[Slash] and shut him up..
[Dominator] NRP: LOL
[Blackjack] NRP: LOL
[Dominator] We're what?!
[Slasher] So we get to go for a ride
[Blackjack] NRP: I'm insulted... *LOL*
[DeathStar] Cran: Uh...anyways....you will die
* Garland raises borw
[Cold-Snap] "Void: will be destroyed from the inside you moron
* Slasher mocks Cran
[Slash] Shut up cran..
* DeathStar Cran flickers off
[Cold-Snap] Cran, you're a moron
[DeathStar] ....Well, you have fun talking to him?
[Blackjack] Seems like ol' Cran's at a loss for words...
[Cheryl] Oh, and CS... this is the other theory...
[Dominator] Cran...!
* DeathStar watches as the blackhole gets bigger in frotn of them
[Slash] lets mock Cran!
[Slasher] So were going inside then??
[Ariel] Baka ne...
* Wiendigo lights a cigar
[Slash] oh goody.. we can get sucked in...
[Garland] ....*remains silent*
[Cold-Snap] We have nothing that won't be ripped apart from the inside
* DeathStar looks behind them out the window and sees a sleek platform with Eden's weapon cannon on it
[Cold-Snap] RNP: WHO'S BAKA???
[Dominator] There has to be someway to get out
[Wiendigo] See you all in Hell...
[Slash] ..
[Slash] Too late.. 
[Slash] been there.. done that..
* DeathStar they are within the Blackhole now
* Dominator looks at the platform next to them
* Slasher takes a lead pipe and cracks CS in the head so hard he's knocked out
[Slasher] Sorry
[Slash] NRP: *feels netsplit coming on*
[Blackjack] CS, you're worse than WIen and shutting up
[DeathStar] You know, they say Blackholes are only links to other parts of the world..
[Garland] If earth falls.... I may not be able to see my wife again....
[Blackjack] NRP: and = about
[Cheryl] Certinely dark...
[Wiendigo] Yeah, IF yuo survie the rise...
[Wiendigo] ride
[Blackjack] That's what they say... I've never believed it.
* Dominator looks at Death Star, 1"Perhaps... I suppose we're going to find out the hard way..."
[Blackjack] But it looks like we're about to find out...
[Slash] well... im in it for the rush..
[Slasher] Well were gonna find out
* DeathStar they are thrust into the blackhole
* Slash eyes grow cold
[Cheryl] There are do many theories...
[Slash] Lets see what this sucker can do
* Wiendigo slides into the shadows
* DeathStar the shuttle and platform begin to rattle
* Cold-Snap gets up
[DeathStar] OUF ! OW!
[DeathStar] OF!
[Ariel] I have a feeling we are going to find out for sure...
* DeathStar hits head
[Dominator] ...!
[Wiendigo] SUCKERS!
* Slasher takes out a laptop and starts taking notes
* DeathStar the shuttle begins to crush in
* Blackjack says farewell to as many people as he can in a matter of seconds
[Cheryl] NRP: do = too
* Cold-Snap smashes his fist into Slasher's face
[Garland] every one brace the shuttle!
* Slash treis to create a warp field out
[DeathStar] AACCCCK.
* Slasher phases away and the fist misses
* Cheryl prays
[Dominator] ARGH!
* DeathStar warpfield vanishes into blackhole
* Blackjack finishes with, 1"Goodbye, Foxfire, and Mirri..."
* Slasher continues typing
[Cold-Snap] crap
* Garland looks at Cheryl
* Slash sighs,and braces himself against the shuttle
* DeathStar everyone thing is dark now
* Slasher looks at cheryl
[Garland] That's the best thing to do....
* Dominator says some words under his breath
* Blackjack looks up and braces himself against the shuttle
* Cold-Snap sits down against a wall
[Slash] ... good by... Blade...
* Slash eyes close sadly
[DeathStar] Goodbye...Iceheart
[Cold-Snap] I should've stayed onteh ground
[Slasher] So...is it over yet
* Wiendigo comes out on Earth
* DeathStar the shuttle is totally crushed to bits and they find themselves on the platform
[Garland] I am ashamed I didn't think of it....
* Wiendigo finishes his cigar
[Dominator] Gooodbye, Earth... future...
[DeathStar] ACK!!
[Slash] whoa..
[Slasher] What the
[Ariel] !
[Dominator] ARGH...!
[Cold-Snap] hmm
[Slash] that was cool
* DeathStar finds there is oxygen in here for some reason
[Blackjack] Huh? Azuls?
[Slash] lets do it again..
* Slasher lands on a platform
[Cold-Snap] ok, obviously not a REAL blackhole, unless I know nothing about astro-physics
* DeathStar grips platform as they fly into the blackhole, blacklightning hitting the platform
* Dominator clings, disoriented to the platform, and looks around
[Wiendigo] Well, they're dead, time for me to live like a king!
[Slasher] CS SHUTTUP
* Wiendigo starts looting the base
[Garland] God... dont let me die this day! I'm going to finish that which I was destined to do.
[Slash] whoa.. nice lightning..
* Cheryl holds on for dear life
* DeathStar platform goes spinning madly
[Slasher] Cool special effects
* Slash grabs hold
[DeathStar SOUND]
[Dominator] Wow...
* Slash not getting sick
* DeathStar the platform is ripped into two
[Slasher] Ahh
* Cold-Snap plants his hammer in the floor
[Ariel] Ahhhhh!  Dejaaaaa vuuuuu!
[Dominator] I KNOW!
* Garland clenches fist
* Slash pulls his up, and attempts to control it
* Slasher fles over to where Cheryl is
*** Void (death_star@dial52.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - DeathStar,Void (F7 for details)
* Wiendigo starts ransacking DS' room
* Blackjack jams his katana in the platform and tries to hold his ground
* Void a black shadow forms in front of them, of some sort of alien
[Cold-Snap] Not him again
[Cheryl] I don't want to die!
[DeathStar] Ehh?
* DeathStar looks at him as the platform is spinning
[Dominator] What the?!
* Slash arms all weapons
* Slasher sits up
[Blackjack] We're all dead! It's all over!!!
[Void] FAfda!
* Void drains their lifes
[Void] lives
[Garland] I have to see my beloved again! I refuse to die!
[DeathStar] ARHH!
[Cheryl] Soon Ebon...
* Slash fights it
[Dominator] ARGH!
* DeathStar grips chest as he collaspes
* Slasher starts to wealon
[Slash] Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhh......
* Garland raised hands into the air and calls upon his hidden power, forming a pure enegy ball, "HOLY KIAMA!!", Garland then fires it at Void. (495 AP)
* Slash grips chest
* Void the energy flies into the blackhole
* Slash fires a plasma shot at the shadows
[Blackjack] FOXFIRE!!!! FREEWIND!!! NO!!! *collapses, gripping his katana tightly*
* Void plasma goes into the black hole
[Void] Ha ha ha ha ha ha
* Slasher fights it off
[Cold-Snap] oof
* Garland grabs chest
* Void blasts them all with the blackhole, crushing them (100 AP per second)
[Dominator] WHO?! *tries to get a good look as they spin madly*
[DeathStar] ARG!
* DeathStar slashes at Void
[Dominator] ARGH!
[Slasher] Argh
* Void goes through DS and kicks him into the platform, which is shattering
* Cold-Snap puts up his ice shield
* Slasher collapses
* Slash falls over, life draining, and being crushed
[Cheryl] Ahhhhh!
* DeathStar the weapon on the platform hums to life
* Cold-Snap fires plasma wildly in Voids general direction
* Dominator rapidly heals himself with SC, and uses Force Shield, though it can't help much
[Ariel] I...will...not...admit...DEFEAT!
* Void stops the attack
[DeathStar] ARG1
[Blackjack] NNNN... urgh... Mirri... Chris... Charlie... Andrew... Daniel... *falls unconscious*
* DeathStar pants hard
* Slash fights the crushing force with uncanny strenght
* Dominator is close to loosing conconiosu
* Void adjusts his lanquage
[Slash] It takes.. more then that to die..
* Cold-Snap continues firing, not hitting very offten
* Slasher gets up and starts fighting Voids attacks
[Void] I don't know how you get hearrrr but you willlll dieeee.
* Void blasts them all again as the platform rattles
[Slash] ..
[Dominator] GAGH!
* Slash screams once
[Slasher] We...didnt...want to come..
* Cold-Snap takes it on the shield
[DeathStar] What IS that?!
* Wiendigo starts picking Dom's room apart
* Slash Cries out 1"HELL FIRE ENHANCEMENT!"a circle of flame, coming from the pits of hell, appears around slash, and firey lines trace themselves around him, burning lines into his armor, and turning its color to a blood red. 1"Lets burn..."
[Garland] Ni'Narena..... I wont fail you....
[Dominator] NRP: 100,000AP dealt so far
* Void the flames vanish into the void
* Cheryl focuses all of her power to keep herself and Ariel from being crushed...
* Cold-Snap fires more plasma at Void
* Void the blackhole begins to flatten all
* Void the plasma swirls away
* Garland falls down to knee
[Slasher] STOP!!!
[Slasher] Let us go
[Void] Pathetic...I would have expected a better challenge...
* Dominator spits out battery fluid and his body is being crushed
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at Void
[DeathStar SOUND]
* Slash slowly is being crushed
* DeathStar the platform shatters and they float in space by the weapon
[DeathStar] WHAT?!
[Slasher] Yeah..well...im not ..fully repaired
* Blackjack , unconscious, is being crushed slowly
[Garland] Void..... no..... please....
[Dominator] AHHH!
* DeathStar spins madly, armor growing flatter
* Cold-Snap fires at the weapon
* Slasher floats there
[Slash] Screw you...
* Cold-Snap fires plasma at the weapon
* Slasher floats towards the weapon
* Slash compresses
* Slash eyes close, and flicker darker
* Garland is fighting to stay awake
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at the weapon
* DeathStar rolls into the barrell of the cannon and crushing stops
[Dominator] ......!
[DeathStar] Sheww.
[Ariel] !
[DeathStar] IN HERE!
[Cheryl] ...
* Cold-Snap heads to the barrell
* Slasher follows DS
* Void Garland's leg is crushed to bits
* Slash attempts to float to the barrel
* Blackjack 's eye opens
* Cold-Snap climbs in
* Wiendigo starts ransacking everyone else's room
* Dominator flies into the barrel with his last strength, grabbing BK
* Slash hauls BJ with him
[Blackjack] Urrgh...
[Garland] AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Cold-Snap immediately blacks out
* Void begins to flicker with dark light
* Cheryl pulss herself to the cannon
* Dominator lands and hits the floor, almost dead
* Slasher starts breathing heavily
[Blackjack] Th... thanks, Slash...
* Ariel heads to the cannon as best as she can
[Void] You are in the center of the Blackhole, feel proud...you're halfway through
* Slash is KO'd once he reaches it, and slowly floats in
* Garland passes out
[Cold-Snap] can anyone heal me?
[DeathStar] So...honored..
[Wiendigo] Decent haul..nothing noteworthy, but it'll do...
* DeathStar passes out
* Dominator uses Sliver Crystal on himself more
* Wiendigo starts walking from the base
* Void begins to crush the weapon
[Cheryl] Half way through . . . ?
* Garland never made it to the barrel
[Slasher] Why is it that this thing aint affected
* Dominator heals Cold-Snap, though he's running out of energy
[Blackjack] H... honored... How about telling us... who you are?
* Cold-Snap heads to the bottom of the barrel
* Slasher looks at the weapon from the inside
* Void up ahead a dark orb of energy floats in the air, light sucking towards it
[Cold-Snap] can we destroy it from in here?
* Blackjack draws his rifle with what energy he has left, and tries to heal everyone, but energy runs short (140 LP to all)
[Slasher] Attack that thing maybe??
* Slash looks at the orb
[Slash] perfect..
[Dominator] Wasn't this thing supposed to destroy the blackhole?
[Cheryl] !
* DeathStar wakes up to the sound of the weapon turning on
[DeathStar] Uh oh..
[Slash] uh oh...
[Slasher] Uh oh...
* Cold-Snap leaps out of the barrel
[Blackjack] Uh oh...
[Slash] i really dont like that sound..
* Garland wakes up and floats for the barrel, but passes out halfway
[Blackjack] NRP: Echo... echo... echo...
[Dominator] Uh... uh oh
* Cheryl heads out to get Garland
* Cold-Snap fires plasma at Void
* DeathStar the weapon lights up
* DeathStar leaps out
* Cold-Snap crawls back in
[Dominator] ....!!!!!
* Cold-Snap leaps back ot
* Slash jumps out
* Void watches it go to the orb
* Blackjack scrambles up and follows DS out
[Cold-Snap] NRP: weee
* Slasher leaps put of the barrel and goes to the end of the weapon and aims it at the orb
* Wiendigo tosses a beer bottle behind him while walking through the desert
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at Void
* Void the weapon fires at the orb and destroys it, stopping the crushing
[Slasher] OOHhh god
[Dominator] Good....
* DeathStar floats as the entire place begins to shake madly
* Slasher feels the pressure gone
* Cold-Snap pulls up his shield
* Slash stretches
* Slasher aims the weapon at Void
[Slash] thats better
[Ariel] What a relief
[Dominator] Uh...!!!
* Cold-Snap ducks behind the weapon
* Cold-Snap fires at Void from behind the weapon
[Slasher] You should of let us go
* Void begins to fade away
* Garland wakes up
[Slasher] Now to get up
[Blackjack] Well, we're gonna die anyway, so it doesn't really matter...
[Cheryl] You okay?
[Void] OUF!
* Void vanishes
*** Void is now known as GM
[Garland] Damn...... m-my leg...
[Ariel] ...
[Dominator] ....
* Slasher looks around
[Ariel] How are we getting out of here?
[Blackjack] Ok, now that he's gone... Let's concentrate on a way outta here...
* DeathStar passes in and out as the place begins to destroy itself
[DeathStar SOUND]
* Slash presses his hands to Garlands leg, attempting to see whats wrong
* Dominator is struggling to stay conconcious
[Cold-Snap] My circuitry's gonna need work
* DeathStar suddenly the place begins to rip itself in shred and pulsing energy hits them
[Dominator] NRP: You guys should be almost dead...
* Slash armor slowly heals
[DeathStar] ARG!!!
[Slasher] AHhhh
* DeathStar his thrown back
[Blackjack] NRP: We are.
[Dominator] ARRGGGGHHHH!
[Garland] NRP: It's just completely smashed thats all
[Cold-Snap] oof
* Slasher passes out
[Blackjack] AAAAARRRGGHH!!!!
* Cold-Snap gets back in the barrel
* GM the entire place begins to spin madly
* Slash flys into a wall, knocked out, armor slowly healing
* GM the weapon shatters
[DeathStar] Wall?
* Blackjack starts getting dizzy finally
* DeathStar spins and spins in total darkness
* Cold-Snap falls out
* Cheryl gets blasted...
* Dominator is now fading in and out of conconiousness
[Slash] NRP: somethign solid..
* Blackjack manages to stay awake by going into crinos form
[Blackjack] Urgh...
* Cold-Snap holds on
* Cheryl cringes and disappears
* GM suddenly like a farbic being torn, the black begins to rip and white appears
* Garland comes to full consiousness
* Blackjack howls solemnly
*** Cheryl (Terangrel@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has left #taw
* DeathStar points at an exit
[DeathStar] LOOK!! LIGHT!
* DeathStar heads for it
[Dominator] L-light!
* Slash wakes up slowly
* Slasher goes to the exit
* Cold-Snap runs for it
[Blackjack] We're out!
* Dominator flies toward it
* Blackjack follows DS
* Ariel heads to the light
* DeathStar floats towards it
[Cold-Snap] Are we in space?
[Garland] The light is the salvation of all!
*** GM is now known as Void
* Slash runs toward it, slowly, carrying Garland
* Void appears beside them
[Cold-Snap] NRP: can we breathe?
* Void blasts them all
[Ariel] NRP: If Light's there, shouldn't we go the other way?
[Void] NRP: So far
[Slasher] Ahh
[Slash] ARRGHH
[Cold-Snap] oof
[Dominator] ARGH! *that almost kills him*
[Void] NRP: Heh
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (500AP)
* Garland gets up off of slash and limps
* Cold-Snap puts up his ice shield
* Slasher passes out
[Void] OUF!!!
* Void sparks
* Slash drops Garland, passing out
[DeathStar SOUND]
* Garland picks slash up
* Cold-Snap fires a smoke grenade and hides in the smoke
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt again using EC (1,000AP)
* Void is torn to shreds by the light
* Garland hops on one leg
* Blackjack flies into a blind rage and launches himself at Void, katana flying (1430 AP)
[Ariel] !
*** Void is now known as BlackHole
[Dominator] .....!
* Cold-Snap sucks in air
* Slash before he does, sending 2 tenticles flying at Void, 250 AP
* BlackHole begins to collaspe
[DeathStar] Darkness...can't live within light..
* DeathStar dives through the light
[Cold-Snap] crap
* Slasher floats there koed
* Ariel follows close behind DS
* Cold-Snap rushes to the light
* Slash floats there, KO'd
* DeathStar lands in a shuttle
[DeathStar] OUF
[Dominator] .... light....
* Wiendigo stops in his tracks
*** BlackHole is now known as Azuls
* Blackjack leaps after DS, grabbing Slash and Slasher
[Garland] As Evil and Good collide, they can never mix, DeathStar!
* Cold-Snap pulls Slasher with him
* Azuls turns behind him
* Dominator lands int he shuttle too
[Azuls] Bravo..
* Slash wakes up
[Cold-Snap] I got the jerk Dominator
* Blackjack sets Slash down
[Ariel] ...
[Wiendigo] I suddenly feel something....nah, I don't.
[Slash] i want a large pizza..
* Slasher starts breathing heavely
* Wiendigo continues on
* Cold-Snap puts down Slasher
* Blackjack comes out of crinos
* DeathStar the void collaspes and explodes, throwing the shuttle at Earth faster than it can handle
[Slasher] Heh..I'm hungry
[Dominator] A-azuls..
* Slash eyes blaze
[Ariel] We've done the impossible...
[Blackjack] THAT was too close... We should be dead right now...
[Blackjack] And we may be yet...
[Slash] ...... 
[Dominator] Here goes again....
* Garland flies-limps to sits down
[Azuls] OF FU---*voice is lost at the shuttle begins to rip itself in half*
* Cold-Snap puts up his ice shield and feels it's coolness
[Slash] MOVE YOUR FAT ASS!!*kicks the shuttle*
* Slasher collapses
[Garland] S-s-shit.....!
[Blackjack] Nooo...! *voice fades*
[Azuls] *crashes into the Earth's atmopshere and shatters to bits over Mexico*
* Cold-Snap fires ice at the hull
* Wiendigo stops again
[Slash] NRP: Gotta go, adios *salutes*
[Wiendigo] What the hell was that?
* Azuls collaspes towards the ground and lands
[Dominator] ARRRRRGH!
[Azuls] OUF!
[Ariel] Ahhhhh!
* DeathStar hits the ground
* Slash falls KO'd from the blast
*** Slash has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] NNOO!!!
[DeathStar] ARGHHH!
[Dominator] NRP: I have to go soon too
[Wiendigo] Eh, oh well...
* Cold-Snap uses his ice shield to direct himself towards water
* Garland lands and makes a loud sound as if hitting two rocks together
* Slasher flies into the ground and lies there surrounded by his own blood
* Wiendigo keeps walkinh with all of their junk
* Blackjack hits the ground hard, knocking him out. A sickening snap is hear from the crash site.
* Azuls the blackhole vanishes from the sky, and written in the air from the shuttles the Maverick Hunters with the s streaking into Earth
* Dominator is laying on the ground, hurt
* Ariel hits the ground and is thrown anoth 10 meters before stopping
* Cold-Snap splashes into a small body of water, hitting bottom and taking damage
* Azuls points at their base 100 meters away and vanishes
*** Azuls has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Cold-Snap struggles onto shore
[Dominator] Maverick Hunters...
* Blackjack slowly comes around
[DeathStar] O-Our call sign...heh heh
* Garland gets up, obviously near death
* DeathStar passes out
[Cold-Snap] . . . That went rather well
* Ariel struggles to pull herself off the ground.
* Slasher lies there barely alive
* Cold-Snap pulls a lame leg
[Blackjack] Ow... *looks up* Whoa...
* Garland 's living armor heals for himself Hp
* Dominator struggles to his feet
[Cold-Snap] oh shit, I'm gonna have to get a new leg
* Blackjack tries to stand, but falls over
[DeathStar] Hey, maybe tomorrow Reploids will be loved again...
[Dominator] Perhaps...
[Garland] huh?
[Cold-Snap] Nah
[Dominator] ...We can only hope...
[Garland] NRP: WRONG SCRIPT (looks at slash)
[Blackjack] Damn it... I need to recharge my rifle, looks like my... leg's broken.
[Cold-Snap] They'll just blame you for the Black hole in the first place
[DeathStar] I mean, did CORSEC go and do that...nooo, they don't have the balls..the HUNTERS save the day...and don't even GET paid...damned liberals
[Slasher] NRP:Man im half ass dead right now
[DeathStar] Session Ends

April 10, 1999