- Afterstrike -

Mission 61: Plain of Nightmares

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 Weeks Later
* Garland NRP: Smacks DS and Slash "MY JOB!"
[Slash] NRP: Echo ...echo.... cho.... ho.... o...
[DeathStar] Location: Mexico Camp
[DeathStar] GM's Note: The equipment Wiendigo stole has been recovered
* Garland floats a few feet above the ground
* Blackjack stands, looking around
* DeathStar leans against the wall, puffing on his cigar, watching the TV
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Wien stole some crap?
* Slash polishes his weapons
* Cold-Snap snores
[DeathStar] NRP: Last Session, yes.
* Garland turns away from the group and speaks softly into a wrist comm
[DeathStar] Okay, if you guys are wondering, I got the other half of the unit out scouting the area.
* Blackjack sits in a chair, flinging his new trench coat over the back of the chair
[Cold-Snap] *SNORE*
[Blackjack] Nice to know, DS.
* Slash sits down
[Blackjack] I wondered where everyone was.
[DeathStar] Dominator should be able to handle them.  I gladly gave him Wiendigo to watch over.  *smirks* If I had it my way, the son-of-a-@@$#$ would be dead.
* Blackjack smirks
[Blackjack] Same here, DS...
* Garland shoots a look at DS
* Slash smirks
[DeathStar] We're going to check out some disturbances.  Come on, we're going out on foot since we have no more shuttles left.  Due to that Eden/Black Hole thing
[Garland] It's not a... persons place to judge someone. That right belongs to God.
[GenjiMan] ...
[Cold-Snap] *SNORE*
[Slash] Oy...
* Slash wakes up CS, and gets up
[Ariel] Oh, THAT was fun...
* DeathStar flips off the tube talking about EarthGov eradicating Reploids everywhere
[Cold-Snap] huh?
[Blackjack] Damn... *mutters something about cheap*
[Cold-Snap] What are we doing?
[Slash] Come on, we got somewhere to go..
[GenjiMan] Hmph.
* DeathStar heads out, grabbing a backpack with supplies
* Slash flips up his autocannons
* Blackjack stands and walks towards the door, but trips on his coat
* DeathStar puts the backpack on and continues
[Blackjack] YEOW! *slams into the floor*
* Cold-Snap grabs his hammer
* Cheryl snickers.
[GenjiMan] Earth Gov was looking for me and too... I'm a reploids scientist.
* DeathStar turns to BJ
* Garland says something and puts away the comm and sips some water from his canteen, following DS
[DeathStar] Grace, BJ, grace...
* Slash snickers at BJ
* Blackjack mutters something profane as he stands
* GenjiMan puts on his beam gloves
[DeathStar] NRP:  Slash has completed it...I think
[Slash] NRP: thought i gave em to you alredy DS
* Cold-Snap rubs his eyes
* DeathStar walks across the Mexican dessert
[Blackjack] Hey, it was a gift from Foxfire, I didn't just want to, um, throw it in the closet.
* GenjiMan follows DS
* Slash follows DS out
* Cold-Snap hums "IT's the end of the world as we know it"
* Blackjack jogs after Slash
[Slash] Quit humming that annoying tune...
* Cold-Snap stumbles after all
* DeathStar resists urge to strangle Cold Snap and his "hope"
* Garland sighs as he thinks
* GenjiMan looks at CS
[Cold-Snap] SOrry
[Blackjack] Hey CS, don't get so pessimistic on us.
[DeathStar] Anyyyway, anyone got any interesting stories to tell us as we....walk?
[GenjiMan] =/
[Cold-Snap] WEll. . .
* Ariel is slightly preoccupied.
[Slash] Yes.....
[Cold-Snap] I was walking throught he park one day
* DeathStar climbs a hill
[Cold-Snap] Just wandering on my merry way
* DeathStar grinds teeth
[Garland] If it's of any concern, I could talk about Parnel.
[DeathStar] You can stop that, Cold Snap...
[Cold-Snap] eep
* Cold-Snap shuts up
* Slash smirks watching DS\
* GenjiMan takes in the energy blade he stole somewhere
[DeathStar] If you wish, Garland..
[Cheryl] What are we doing out here anyways?
* DeathStar lsides down the hill
[Blackjack] Why not, Garland.
[DeathStar] As I said, checking out a disturbance.
[GenjiMan] Heheheh. I'm already skilledwith Swords, I think this good treasure can be used now.
* Blackjack trips over his coat again and ends up rolling down the hill
[Slash] Lets hear it
[Garland] The first thing you'd notice is the air.
[Cheryl] Oh, sorry, I wasn't really paying attention earlier...
[Cold-Snap] NRP: I see no bio
* GenjiMan follows DS
[Garland] I did an analysis on it, it has about 80% oxygen in the air.
[DeathStar] NRP: It not be p!
* DeathStar walks over BJ
[Cold-Snap] Wow
* Slash eyebrow raises
[Cold-Snap] One match and BOOM
* Garland looks at CS
[Blackjack] Ouch...
[Slash] thats a high concentration..
* GenjiMan looks at BJ
* Blackjack stands, dusting himself off.  1"No kidding..." 
* Slash helps BJ up
[Garland] That's Hydrogen.
[Slash] cant have you falling..
[GenjiMan] ....
[Cold-Snap] hmm?
* DeathStar pulls out scanner from the dirty backpack and scans the area
[Cheryl] Oxygen burns, it doesn't explode...
[Blackjack] Thanks, Slash...
* Slash snickers
[Slash] anytime bud
[Cold-Snap] Ahh, but I'm somewhat flamable, and I go boom
[GenjiMan] ..
[Cheryl] -_-
* Slash wonders how flamable CS actually is
[Blackjack] Think I'll shed this thing if we have to fight.
[Garland] Well... I supose the next thing would be that there's not nearly as much dust in the sky, you can see space, even during the day.
* DeathStar scans the hill nearby
[GenjiMan] Weird. You're named "Cold" and actually you're very HOT.
[DeathStar] Hey, looks like we got something. ... That disturbance is right ahead...
[Cold-Snap] You're not so bad yourself
[GenjiMan] hm.
* Garland looks at DS
[Blackjack] That didn't take long.
[Garland] I'll speak of Parnel later, something up DS?
* DeathStar puts up the scanner and walks over to the hill
[Slash] Whats up
[GenjiMan] I'd ask the same thing, Garland... :)
[DeathStar] Looks like it.  But if you feel like continuing, feel free to.
[Blackjack] I think he found something, Garland.
* Garland walks next to DS
* Slash heads to DS
* Cheryl walks over.
* GenjiMan follows DS
* DeathStar walks over to the hill
[Cheryl] What is it?
* Blackjack jogs to DS
* Cold-Snap skips over
[DeathStar] Jeeze, back off some, is this "Follow the Leader" day?
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar explores the hill but finds no reason for the disturbances
* Blackjack smirks, saying,  1"Uh, yeah, it is, DS!" 
* Cheryl tries to see the scanner
[Garland] Oh.. as you wish. Most of the plants are blue on Parnel, quiet serine, really.
[Cold-Snap] Sorry princess, er Death Star
* DeathStar grinds teeth
* Blackjack glares at CS
* GenjiMan looks at CS
* Cold-Snap smiles good-naturedly
* Garland all of a sudden appears infront of CS
[Blackjack] Watch it... if you value having all your body parts intact...
* Slash looks at CS
* DeathStar hill begins to shake
[DeathStar] What the--?
[Cheryl] Maybe they shouuld call you "Death WISH"
[Slash] What in the hell?@!
*** Anomaly (death_star@ has joined #taw
[Garland] ..... I dont like disrespect to commanding officers.
[Blackjack] Yeow! *loses his footing*
* Anomaly is a dark cloud
* Cold-Snap starts slipping
[GenjiMan] ......
* Anomaly explodes out of the hill and swarms around DS
* Garland flys up 20 feet to get a good look
[DeathStar] ACK!!
[Blackjack] Commander!
* DeathStar grabs throat
* Cold-Snap 's smile fades
* GenjiMan keeps shaking too
* Cheryl goes flying backwards
* Anomaly vanishes as it swarms around DS
* Slash points at the cloud
*** Anomaly is now known as GM
[Slash] what in the hell is .. AHHH
* DeathStar collaspes to the ground
[Blackjack] Death Star!
* Blackjack runs to his side
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has joined #TAW
[GenjiMan] @_@ Wow. That's bad but a good rythim.
[Slash] DS!!
* Slash warps to his side
[Cold-Snap] That was odd
[Garland] I should have seen this comming.... I dropped my guard... *curses to himself*
[GenjiMan] NRP: In session
* Cold-Snap begins to climb
* DeathStar shows no signs of reviving
[GenjiMan] I DO seen this coming. That's why I kept standing.
[Cold-Snap] NRP: SIGMA'S BACK!!!!  AGGHH!!!
* Ariel climbs on from a dune of sand.
[Blackjack] Damn it! What happened!?
*** Sigma was kicked by DeathStar (Sorry. Session )
[Garland] DeathStar!
[Cold-Snap] Really, what happened?
[Ariel] *Cough cough*  What was that?
* Garland teleports to DS's side
*** GM is now known as Azuls
[Blackjack] If I knew, CS, I'd tell you.
* GenjiMan looks at DS, worried
* Azuls walks out from behind a nearby hill
* GenjiMan looks at Azulsa
* Slash attempts to help DS with his armor
[Azuls] It's a spirit demon....
* Blackjack 's attention is drawn away by Azuls
[Cheryl] ?
* Garland nudges DS
[Cheryl] ...
[Slash] ?
[Cold-Snap] huh?
[Blackjack] Doesn't THAT beat all...
[Slash] tell me how you get rid of the damn thign
[Garland] *hears "Demon"* WHAT!?
* DeathStar fainly glows black
[Blackjack] What next in this crazy world...
[Cheryl] You're good at poping up at the right moment...
[GenjiMan] Spirit demon...
[GenjiMan] hm.
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has joined #TAW
[Azuls] Get rid of it?  That's next to impossible.....you would have to enter his mind and defeat it there.
[Garland] [To Azuls] Demon......?
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has left #TAW
[Cold-Snap] So, a demon we fight this time?
[Blackjack] How do you propose we enter his mind, Azuls...
[Azuls] I believe it was engineered by CorSec
[GenjiMan] ...
[Blackjack] There's no other way...
[Slash] CorSec...
[Azuls] A Psionic could, if you got one....
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has joined #TAW
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has left #TAW
* Blackjack 's eyes flare at the mention of CorSec
* Slash eyes begin glowing a firey red
[GenjiMan] We HAVE one.
[GenjiMan] Me!
[DeathStar] NRP: Going to get that asshole
[Ariel] So CorSec is making demons now?
[Garland] It is my sworn duty to defeat the warriours of Darkn----- manufactured??? but how???
[Slash] NRP: BRB, kiling that jerk...
[GenjiMan] NRP: Right, BJ? o.O
[Blackjack] NRP: Right.
[Azuls] How strong are you, GM?
[GenjiMan] ...
[GenjiMan] Level 1.
[Blackjack] Anything's possible with CorSec, Garland.
[Cold-Snap] Regular demon, manufactured demon, extra crispy demon, WHO CARES???  When do we kill it?
[Azuls] You need a Level 2 or higher..
[GenjiMan] Oh great...
* Blackjack looks around
* DeathStar condention worsens
[Blackjack] We got anybody with that?
[Ariel] ...
[Garland] It's my sworn duty to defeat any and all things unholy.
[Cold-Snap] Hmm, anyone got any med skills?
[Azuls] I, with the help of GM, could link you guys up..
[Ariel] Where's Sera when you need her...
[Slash] ....
* Azuls throws GM a ball of light
[Blackjack] I don't think that'd help, CS.
[Cold-Snap] DeathStar is STILL out cold, ain't he?
[Slash] NRP: there chewed him out...
[Blackjack] Wha...?
* GenjiMan takes it
[GenjiMan] Hm.
[Azuls] You got about 30 minutes before that runs out.  It'll increase your Psi Level
[GenjiMan] ok.
[GenjiMan] NRP: o.O It will?
[Garland] Azuls, what ever it is, I insist that I go in as well... as my duty.
[Blackjack] So we have 30 minutes...
[GenjiMan] NRP: To LVL 2?
[Azuls] Good luck.  I will guard your bodies incase anyone attacks....
[Slash] well, lets get a move on..
[DeathStar] NRP: 3.
[Cheryl] Wow, the amazing Azuls strikes again
* Slash closes eyes
[GenjiMan] NRP: O_O
* Azuls rolls eyes at Cheryl
[GenjiMan] NRP: Me, LVL 3?!?!?!
[Azuls] Get moving
[Blackjack] Let's get going. I won't let CorSec kill anyone else... Especially Death Star...
[GenjiMan] NRP: Thanks!
[GenjiMan] NRP: :D
[Slash] Move it damnit!
[Blackjack] Hurry up, Genji! Time is short!
[Cold-Snap] So what do we do with DS?
* GenjiMan uses the ball of light
[Slash] we have 30 minutes, and time is AGAINST US
* Azuls waits for GM to take them all, except him, into DS's mind
[Cold-Snap] What's going on?
[Garland] .....
* GenjiMan tries to enter DS' mind
[Cold-Snap] I hate not understanding
[GenjiMan] -_- ...
* DeathStar they all appear in a dark cavern
*** Azuls is now known as GM
[Blackjack] Whoa...
[Slash] Whoa
*** DeathStar has left IRC
*** DeathStar is now known as GM2
[Cheryl] Ooh, cozy
[GenjiMan] HAH!
* GM2 a thick fog covers the area
[Slash] now that was cool...
[GenjiMan] It WORKED!!!
[Cold-Snap] Where are we?
[Blackjack] Wiendigo would love this place...
[Cold-Snap] What happened?
[Ariel] This is wierd...
* Blackjack looks around
[Garland] ...... All too familiar for a dark mind.
[Cheryl] Ah, it's nothing new
* GM the entire place shakes for a minute before stopping
[Blackjack] Ack! *holds his footing*
* Slash looks around the cavern
[GenjiMan] We entered DS' mind...
* GM an exit to the cavern is a few feet ahead
* Slash stays standing
[Blackjack] Let's go. I'm in charge while we're here.
[Cold-Snap] Oh, DS' mind.  I see.
[Ariel] Yes sir!
* Garland looks around
* Blackjack jogs for the exit to the cavern
* Slash locks the location of the exit in his mind
* Ariel follows quickly behind BJ
* Cold-Snap walks after BJ, shaking his head
* Slash walks to the exit
* GenjiMan follows Slash
* Cheryl follows calmly.
* GM when they step through the cavern they appear in a building, on a high floor
* Blackjack slows up, waiting on everyone, noticing that he seems a little too anxious
* GM the room has been damaged and is really the old MH from the days of X and Zero
* Slash looks around
[Blackjack] Ok... I thought DS's mind was screwy from the outside...
*** GM is now known as Zero
*** DeathStar is on IRC
*** GM2 is now known as DeathStar
[Cheryl] Geez, this is worse than...
[GenjiMan] oh.
* Slash remembers this place
* GenjiMan looks around
[Zero] You are NOTHING compared to me!!
[Slash] my god...
* Blackjack looks around at the unfamiliar surroundings
* Garland looks at Zero
* Zero blasts Death Star in the chest and sends him skidding across the floor
* GenjiMan looks at Zero
[DeathStar] ARGH!!
* DeathStar hits the wall
* Blackjack hears the voice and nearly flies into a rage
[Slash] Zero?
[GenjiMan] Hmph.
[Blackjack] Hold back...
[Ariel] ?
[Slash] ZERO
[Zero] First you, then X....what a pity, a fool like  YOU trying to attack me
[Slash] He cant hear us...
[GenjiMan] You can't talk to 'em, Slash. These are all memories of DS.
* Zero fires at DS again and sends him through a hole in the wall, causing him to vanish into the rain
[DeathStar] ARG!
[Blackjack] Right. Which is why I say hold back, we couldn't do anything.
* DeathStar nick GM
*** DeathStar has left IRC
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
[Zero] HA ha ha ha ha ha ha
[GenjiMan] ...
[Cheryl] ...
[Blackjack] So  this  is how it started...
* Zero vanishes
*** Zero is now known as GM2
[Garland] Demons...... it is my duty as a priest to destroy unholy entities, yet..... I do not understand this..
[Slash] weird...
[Blackjack] Let's keep moving...
[GenjiMan] yeah...
* Blackjack looks around
* Slash looks around for an ecit
* GM the entire building collaspes around them
[Slash] exit
[Slash] AHHHH
[Blackjack] YEOW!
[GenjiMan] O_O WHOA!
[Ariel] Ahhh!
* Garland takes the hit silently
* GM when the building finishes, it vanishes into a lab
*** GM is now known as Ma
[Blackjack] Ok... where are we  now !?
*** Ma is now known as Man
*** Cold-Snap has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[Cheryl] Either that has been haunting DS for a long time... or he's just messed in the head.
* Slash looks around
* Man a man, looking exactly like DS, walks by them and stops, glancing at them
[Blackjack] I think it's the former, Cheryl
[Man] Who are you?
[Slash] now this is definatly weird..
[Blackjack] Um... Jared Carter, sir. Blackjack...
* Man squints eyes
[Cheryl] Oh, hi.  We're just visiting.
[Man] Do I know you?
[GenjiMan] Doctor Phaedos.
[Slash] im Slash Sir...
[Garland] Garland Hianule...
[Blackjack] Um... you may... I'm not really sure...
[Man] No, no I don't know any of you...why are you here?
[GenjiMan] o_O Oh great DS loss his memories.
* Man brushes his hair back like DS
[Blackjack] Uh... *silence*
[Man] Whose DS?
[GenjiMan] You.
[Cheryl] Would you believe... hunting down a demon?
[Blackjack] I have a question, sir... Are you creating a Reploid that will be named Death Star...?
[GenjiMan] We're here to clean up your little and confused head, too.
[Garland] DeathStar... Commander of the Maverick Hunters...
* Garland 's eyes shoot to Cheryl
[Man] Yes...I am creating a Reploid...how do you know this?!
[Slash] Uhh...
* Cheryl giggles.
[Blackjack] Um, lucky guess?
[GenjiMan] Yeah.
* Garland looks at his almost healed leg (was crushed last session)
[Slash] Excuse me sir.. what happens to be your name?
[Cheryl] [Quietly] No, I didn't think you would believe that...
* Blackjack glances at Slash, then back at the man
* GenjiMan looks up
[Man] Me?  Michael McCormick
*** Man is now known as McCormick
[GenjiMan] Sounds familiar.
[Blackjack] McCormick, eh...
[McCormick] I will ask you to leave now..
[Slash] Humm...
[GenjiMan] ...
[Ariel] ...
*** Cold-Snap (Lactose@1Cust138.tnt1.charleston.sc.da.uu.net) has joined #TAW
[GenjiMan] I'm afraid we can't *yet* mister.
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Damn cable modem
* Garland winces as he  walks  on the leg, thinking it's healed.
[Blackjack] Thank you, sir. We'll take our leave... *hissing* Come on, Genji...
* McCormick turns and vanishes with the rest of the lab
[Cold-Snap] NRP: What'd I miss?
*** McCormick is now known as GM
[Blackjack] Or not...
[Garland] Mr. McCormic, I'm af----- man...
* Slash watches
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slash] Man....
[Blackjack] What next...
[GenjiMan] ...
[Slash] i hate the Astrial plain..
[Blackjack] I thought his mind was screwed up... I didn't know the half of it...
*** GM is now known as Anamoly
[Cold-Snap] Honestly, what next?
[GenjiMan] WHOA!
* Anamoly whirls by them and heads into a bright light
* Garland looks at demon
*** Anamoly is now known as GM
* GenjiMan senses a monster coming
[Blackjack] That way!
* Slash watches it fly by
* Garland looks at errr.... anamoly
[Slash] FOLLOW IT!!
[Blackjack] Let's get it!
* Slash runs after it
* Blackjack runs after it
* Cold-Snap runs after it
* GenjiMan senses the monster running away...
* GenjiMan runs after it too.
[Garland] That must be the demon! *flies after it*
* GM when they hit a light, they are transported to a building floor, collaspes (Mission 3)
* Ariel doesn't want to be left behind so she follow
*** DeathStar is on IRC
*** GM is now known as DeathStar
[GenjiMan] ????
[Blackjack] Where do I remember this place from...
* GenjiMan looks around
[Ariel] There has to be a better way to do this...
*** GM2 is now known as Crucifixtion
[Garland] Where is this place..?
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Slash looks around
* Crucifixtion roars in pain as UO's spirit crashes through his chest
[Blackjack] Wait... we were here just after I joined the Hunters!
* Slash eyes grow wide
[Crucifixtion] GAH!!!
[Blackjack] Crux and UO...
* Garland 's eyes widen
* GenjiMan looks at it
* Crucifixtion runs hands ovee twisted, scarred metal
[DeathStar] NOO!!
* Crucifixtion points wickedly at Death Start
[Blackjack] I remember this... we all would have died if not for Ultra Omega...
[Cold-Snap] Great, more stuff I don't get
[Slash] his final sacrifice...
[Crucifixtion] You  failed  him, DS.....just like you fail everyone ELSE
[Garland] F-f-f-f-faaaaaaaaa.......*screams* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has joined #TAW
*** Sigma (MavriSigma@CMBRB106-12.splitrock.net) has left #TAW
[GenjiMan] -_-
[Slash] NRP: thats it.. hes dead now
[DeathStar] N-No...I didn't mean too...
[Blackjack] Garland... now you know the truth... of why your father died...
[Blackjack] He died by sacrificing himself... to save our lives...
[Crucifixtion] Heh heh heh....failed them all, didn't you DS?  Failed everyone you come in contact with...
[Slash] ....
* Crucifixtion forms into the Anomaly
*** Crucifixtion is now known as Anomaly
[GenjiMan] o.O
* Anomaly begins to drain DS's life
[Blackjack] YOU!!!
[DeathStar] GACKKK!
[GenjiMan] O_O
* Slash looks at the anomaly
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Blackjack unsheathes his dagger
* GenjiMan draws sword
[Slash] Lets rumble....
* GenjiMan draws psiconic sword too
* Garland wipes tears from his face, "No.... it...it's a lie... *forces all emotion out of his face* Lets get that... Demon!"
[Blackjack] Hey Anomaly! Get one of us!
* Cold-Snap whips out his hammer and forms a shield
* Anomaly laughs coldly
* Slash lunges at the anomaly
* Blackjack throws his dagger at Anomaly, trying to draw his attention
[Garland] Demon! I Challenge you!
[Cold-Snap] How the hell do you fight an anomoly?
[Blackjack] GET HIM!
* Anomaly Slash goes through him, as well as the dagger
*** Anomaly has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)) )
* Ariel creates her energy blades
* Ariel looks down at her baldes
[Slash] PAUSE
[GenjiMan] NRP: o.O????????
[Blackjack] Pfft. *snickers*
* Slash wonders who regged Anomaly
*** Anomaly (death_star@ has joined #taw
[Blackjack] HEY!
[Ariel] I have a feeling that these won't work either...
* Garland draws the Gospel Sword and looks at Anomaly tentativly
[Anomaly] You have no power here....
[Blackjack] Great, we're fighting a ghost.
* Slash rolls
[Slash] Frick... DIE DAMN YOU
* Slash dives again
[Anomaly] ...As long as HE doesn't know you exist, you will never defeat me...
* DeathStar collaspes to his knees
* Garland activates holy prowess, and armour appears
[Blackjack] Death Star! Listen to us!
[Cheryl] ...
[GenjiMan] ...
* Anomaly throws BJ into GM
[Cold-Snap] That was dumb
* Cheryl walks over to Genji...
* Slash walks to DS
[Blackjack] ACK!
[Cold-Snap] Tell us the secret to beating you?
* Garland looks at BJ.
* GenjiMan gets hit
[Cheryl] Hey, Genji, I got an idea...
[Slash] DS, do you know who i am..
[Anomaly] Like you can reach him..
* Anomaly blasts CS (100 AP)
[GenjiMan] Hey!
* Blackjack bounces off and rolls to his feet, miraculously not getting tangled in his coat
[GenjiMan] That's right...
*** Retrieving #taw info...
* Slash slaps him
* DeathStar eyes are dazed and he looks past Slash
* Cold-Snap blocks with his shield
* Cold-Snap flies back
[DeathStar] IW!
[Cheryl] [Whispers] Try to use your psionics to get DS to remember something... more recent 
[Cold-Snap] ugh
* DeathStar looks at slash
[DeathStar] Who the hell are you?!
[Garland] That.. illusion... was that what happened to my father.... DeathStar.... Liked my father?
[Slash] DS!! Snap out of it
* Blackjack runs to DS and Slash
* Anomaly blasts BJ and Slash
[Slash] I am Slash, one of your friends
[Anomaly] Back off...
[Anomaly] This one is MINE!
[Blackjack] Come on DS! You know us! It's me, Blackjack! AAGH!!!
* Garland looks at DS
[DeathStar] Blackjack....?
* Slash falls to knees
* GenjiMan stays next to DS and then tries to make psiconic link to him.
* Slash gets back up gritting teeth
[Slash] You know us..
* DeathStar shakes head and images fill the area of past events of DS's life, all failures
* Blackjack is knocked a short distance away, but gets back up and walks over to DS
[Slash] We are your friends...
* DeathStar one flashes past of BJ
[Ariel] Geez, this is great...
[Blackjack] DS... we're your friends... listen to us!
[Garland] *looks at DS* DeathStar...
* DeathStar steps away
[DeathStar] BACK OFF!!/
* Cold-Snap runs to DeathStar, holding his shield toward Anomaly
[Blackjack] N... no!
[GenjiMan] Stop that DS...
* DeathStar blasts them all back
[GenjiMan] @_@
* Cold-Snap is caught full on
* Anomaly his bond with DS continues to kill DS
[Cold-Snap] oof
* Slash flys into BJ
[Ariel] Come on DS, you're not going to CorSec WIN are you?
[Blackjack] Ack!
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] C-CorSec?  I-I work for CorSec....
* Blackjack is nailed head on by Slash and flies back
[DeathStar] Don't I?!
[GenjiMan] No!
[GenjiMan] you don't!
* DeathStar grabs his head
[Cold-Snap] DeathStar you BOJO!!!  We're trying to save you!!!
* Garland walks twards DS
* DeathStar glances at Garland
[DeathStar] U-UO?
[Ariel] ...
* Slash looks at Garland, then at DS
* Garland looks at DS
[Garland] I.... I.....
[Blackjack] Great.... he thinks he's still with CorSec!
[GenjiMan] ...
* Cold-Snap puts both DeathStar and Anomaly both in front of him and holds up his shield
[Ariel] You hate CorSec, remember?
* DeathStar the area changes to the station's medlab, with BJ, SK, and Slash dieing
[Blackjack] And that Garland's UO... *quietly* Easy mistake to make...
[Slash] ......
* Blackjack sees the image
* Garland looks sadly at DS
[GenjiMan] DS...
[Blackjack] N... no... DS, ignore all of this! We're all still alive!
[Garland] I-It's not your fault.... That.....
* Slash recalls that day, and the rage fuels him
* DeathStar a light flashes and Ace appears
*** Falken (Falken@ppp195.usr198.pioneeris.net) has joined #taw
* AceHunter appears in DS's mind and looks around,  1"Heya chaps, rather drap isn't it?"
[GenjiMan] ...
[Falken] Hello
* DeathStar steps back
[DeathStar] BACK!
[Blackjack] Pfft. Thanks again, Azuls...
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar watches SK begin to die
* Garland looks down
* Slash wonders who AceHunter is
[Falken] am i ever  gonn get  registered?
[Falken] i been waiting for abot 2 weeks
[GenjiMan] NRP: o.O Who's SK?
* Blackjack is at a distance from DS, yelling at him
[GenjiMan] ..
* Anomaly zaps DS
[AceHunter] NRP: My old character before Darien
[Blackjack] Death Star! This is not a failure! Think of Darien!
[DeathStar] GARGH!
* DeathStar collaspes
[GenjiMan] DS... try to remember... you helped us... everyone...
[Blackjack] Ok, THAT'S it!
* Garland runs to DS's side
[Garland] DS!
[GenjiMan] -_-
[DeathStar] U-UO...you're dead....DEAD
[GenjiMan] ...
*** Slash has quit IRC (Leaving )
[Blackjack] Garland! Talk some sense into him...
* Anomaly begins to kill the shadow images of BJ and Slash too
[DeathStar] No!  I failed them all
[GenjiMan] ...
* Anomaly changes the scene to Cran telling him all the Reploid
[Falken] NRP: anybody here in uthority of the RPG....
[Anomaly] s deaths were his fault
[Garland] No... DeathStar, It wasnt your fault... I am not........ *can't bring himself to say it*
[GenjiMan] no... it was not...
[Blackjack] NO!
[DeathStar] GAH!!
* DeathStar blasts uselessly at the Anomaly
[DeathStar] LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
[Ariel] DS's fault?  Now that's funny...
[GenjiMan] ...
* GenjiMan looks at DS
[Garland] DeathStar, they weren't your fault... you and Dominator didn't fail me.
[Blackjack] *quietly* He's coming back... partially, but still...
* GenjiMan tries to make psiconic link to him once again
* DeathStar suddenly all the Hunters begin to fade as the 30 minute limit has been hit
[GenjiMan] ...
[Cold-Snap] Dammit DeathStar!  What the hell's the matter with you!!??  Your brain is hella screwed!
[Blackjack] Uh oh... NOW OR NEVER!
[Garland] YOU RAISED ME!
[Cheryl] DS, without you, the reploid would likely be all destroyed already...
* Anomaly lands and walks towards DS
[Anomaly] You tried, fools, now it's my turn...
[GenjiMan] DS come on, only you can save us!!!
[Cheryl] No!
[GenjiMan] you CAN!!!
[Cold-Snap] NRP: You know, I have Psionics 2, but I never get to use it. . .
[DeathStar] M-Me?
[Blackjack] Death Star! WIthout you... DAMN IT! WE"RE SCREWED WITHOUT YOU! COME ON! LISTEN TO US!!!
* AceHunter walks up to DS as he begins to fade and puts his hand on DS's shoulder,  1"Hey chap! Perk up! You can beat the thing!"
[GenjiMan] YEAH YOU!!!
* Cheryl throws herself between DS and the anomaly
* Anomaly bangs into Cheryl
[Anomaly] What the?!  How is this possible?!
[Anomaly] I should go THROUGH you!
* DeathStar watches Anomaly in dismay
[Cheryl] ?
* Blackjack sees it, and mutters a silent,  1"Yes... We've done it..." 
[Cold-Snap] Great
[Anomaly] Hah!  Time to end this...
[Blackjack] No...  he's  done it.
* Cold-Snap fires plasma
* Blackjack opens fire on Anomaly
[Anomaly SOUND]
* Anomaly blats BJ (200 AP)
[Anomaly] ARG!
[Blackjack] GAAGH!
* Anomaly steps back, link with DS weakening
* AceHunter activates he force shield
* Cold-Snap raises his shield
* Blackjack grits his teeth, and activates a Splash Shield
* Cold-Snap fires an ice beam at Anomaly
[Garland] For the hearts of my friends! *looks at anomoly*
[DeathStar] Garland!?  BJ?!  CS?!  What are you guys doing here?
[Cold-Snap] Can we just kill it?
[GenjiMan] :d
[Garland] GET OUT OF HIS MIND!!!!!!
[Anomaly] ARHGH!
[GenjiMan] :D!
* Anomaly begins to flicker
[Blackjack] We'll explain later! Help us kill this bastard!
[GenjiMan] Thank you, DS....
* AceHunter Fires a VRP at the Anomaly
* Cold-Snap swings at Anomaly with his hammer
* DeathStar charges his sabre and leaps at Anomaly and double slashes (870 AP)
[Ariel] For the survival of the maverick hunters!
* GenjiMan slashes Anomaly