- Afterstrike -

Legends Reborn Part 1

Mission 62: The X-Factor

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 week later
[DeathStar] Location: Mexican Camp, Briefing Room
* Seraphna` is on Ariel's shoulder
* DeathStar sits at the head of the round table
* Garland looks around, coldy at the members
* Slash is sitting back in his chair
* GenjiMan looks at Garland
* Blackjack stretches. His long coat is gone, replaced with a waist-length jacket.
* Dominator is sitting as well
[GenjiMan] _@
* Justin-the-II looks around
* Cheryl sits quietly, waiting.
* Seraphna` looks worriedly at Ariel
* GenjiMan looks at Justin making funny faces
[DeathStar] I call you all, the Hunters I could manage to gather that is.
[GenjiMan] 8,8
* Justin-the-II pulls up a chair and sitsdown
[DeathStar] These days keeping in touch with our group is getting harder and I can't call all of you in as fast as I like.  Due to what's happened recently and all
* Dominator looks attentively at DS and listens
[GenjiMan] ...
[Blackjack] No kidding, DS.
[DeathStar] Over the past few weeks we have managed to recapture a shuttle, though.  (Off Mission)
* Slash mutters "All too often.."
* Dominator narrows eyes at "what's happened recently"
[Blackjack] Thankfully for that, at least...
[Garland] ....... *listens*
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[Ariel] [quietly]That's good news atleast
[DeathStar] Now, recently, CorSec has been tightening it's grip on the Reploids.  I've been tracking more and more of their troops in this general area.
* Seraphna` seems a little comforted
[Dominator] What do we do about it?
* Justin-the-II doesnt pay much atention and bites his finger nails
* Blackjack slams his fist into the table
[DeathStar] As you know, our "race" is below 100 living.  We're basically extinct, as I've stressed before.
[Slash] ... We going hunting?
[Blackjack] Damn it, why won't CorSec leave well enough alone!?
[GenjiMan] ...
* Dominator clentches fist and grips teeth
[Cheryl] Are we going to have to relocate again?
* Seraphna` goes to Garland's shoulder
[DeathStar] Probably.  I've had X1 moving supplies for us.
* Slash pulls out one wicked looking warp blade
* Garland looks at Seraphna, surprized
*** SenatorKyle (death_star@ has joined #taw
[Dominator] When are we going to take CorSec out?
[Pyre] Hopefully it'll be better than this dump.
[GenjiMan] ...
* SenatorKyle sits at the table; he has grown a beard since "Hunted"
[Dominator] Obliterate them. Like they've done to reploids.
[Slash] No Quarter
[Seraphna`] you look lonely Garland...
[Slash] No Prisoners
* GenjiMan senses someone coming (Psi LVL 3)
[DeathStar] Take CorSec out?!  Hah.  Taking out their Europian Base almost killed us ALL
[Slash] No CorSec
[Pyre] NRP: Okay, the third is messing me up =P
* Dominator shakes head, muttering, "What am I saying... I can't abondon my dream..."
[SenatorKyle] Take out CorSec?  Hardly a good idea.
* Dominator looks up at Kyle, "...?"
* Slash looks up
* Seraphna` lands on Garlands shoulder
* DeathStar nods thoughtfully at Kyle
[Dominator] I know... I know... I'm just mad as hell at them.
[Ariel] Well, we have to do SOMETHING
* Garland scratches behind seraphna's ear
[Garland] Thanks...
[Blackjack] There's no way possible to take on CorSec. DS and myself know their power all too well...
* Seraphna` turns her head at the strangers voice
[DeathStar] He's right.  In our present condition, we'd be dead
[Justin-the-II] why dont we just NUKE corsec?!
* Slash eyes close
[Slash] With what
[DeathStar] Oh, Justin, think....THINK
[Ariel] ...
[Blackjack] Justin, you think we have a nuke with us?
[Dominator] Oh shut up, Justin...
* Seraphna` purrs at the attention from garland
[Ariel] Not nukes... don't mention nukes...
* SenatorKyle shakes head sadly
* Garland smiles slightly
[AceHunter] Hey fellers, I have an idea, why don't you get repliod put on the endangered species list?
* Ariel shakes her head.
[DeathStar] Next order of business----
[Blackjack] We're so damn poor it's a miracle we can keep going.
*** Man (death_star@ has joined #taw
* Dominator aims question at Kyle, "What would you have us do?"
* Man busts into the room
* Slash whirls around, flipping off his chair facing the Man
[Man] Hunters!!
* Blackjack flies out of his chair, knocking it over
[Cheryl] ?
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] Yes Mr. Edwards?
* Dominator raises and holds hilt of sword, "Who are you?"
[Blackjack] Who are you?
* Ariel spins around.
* Seraphna` hides behind garlands neck in surprise
[DeathStar] The people who are allowing us to hide with them
* Garland laughs a little
[Blackjack] Oh...
* Justin-the-II jumps on the table and aims gun at the man
* Ariel relaxes.
* Dominator sits down
[Garland] that tickles, Seraphna1
[Ariel] !
[DeathStar] What?!
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[Dominator] CorSec?!
* Blackjack reaches back and picks up his chair, and immediately drops it
* Slash muscles tense visably
[SenatorKyle] Oh perfect!
* Man takes off
[Blackjack] CorSec!? Damn it, we gotta move...
*** Man has quit IRC (Leaving)
* DeathStar hits the alarm
[GenjiMan] I don't think so.
[DeathStar] Grab what you can, and move!
* Justin-the-II tries to shoot him
[Blackjack] What say we all take my suggestion?
[AceHunter] We got a fast way out of here?
[Justin-the-II] DANG!
* SenatorKyle runs hand through hair
[Cheryl] Le guerre?  C'est ici.
[SenatorKyle] I'm getting too old for this..
*** DDPIsthe is now known as XPac86
* Dominator glances at Kyle
* Blackjack runs towards where Foxfire stays in the base
* Seraphna` hangs on to Garland's shoulder
[Blackjack] Be right with ya!
[Garland] I don't plan on dieing... I have a wife to go home to!
* DeathStar calls Iceheart and tells her not to return here
[Garland] Hold on Seraphna!
* Dominator jumps up and grabs some various impoirtant gear
* Garland runs
* DeathStar leaves the building and watches ships fly by
* Justin-the-II jumps off the table
* Ariel dashes out of the room to grab what little stuff she has.
[GenjiMan] o_O
* DeathStar enters shuttle and powers it up
[GenjiMan] NRP: I'm LAGGED
* Slash jumps out and warps to his room, reappearing in the shuttle with a pack of stuff a moment later
* Justin-the-II gets into the shutle
* AceHunter jumps into the shuttle
* DeathStar flips controls
* Dominator gathers his other weapons, then dashes into the shuttle and jumps into his seat at the weapons consol
[Seraphna`] Garland] you'll get home
[GenjiMan] NRP: Lagged
* Cheryl sticks with Seraphna and Garland.
[Dominator] NRP: We get the picture, GenjiMan.
* SenatorKyle frowns and heads into another building to get some more supplies
*** Foxfire (speedblade@user127.pcnow.net) has joined #TAW
* Justin-the-II sets down in a chair
* DeathStar lifts off the ground
* Garland smiles for the first time in a while, a full smile
[Dominator] DS, do we have time for another supply load? ... Guess not!
* Ariel leaps into the shuttle with a duffle bag
* Blackjack bursts out with Foxfire, all of their weapons and some various other items with them
* Dominator stuffs the supplies he brought into storage area
[Blackjack] Urgh.. sorry we took so long.
[Dominator] Eh?!
[Foxfire] Thanks for waiting...
[Cheryl] Better late than never
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* DeathStar powers up weapons to Dom
[DeathStar] Lets get going
* Dominator grins since DS was already lifting the shuttle up
* Justin-the-II looks around for who said that
[Slash] NRP: whoops finger slipped..
* Dominator scans to see what ships are around them, "Permission to fire if neccessary, I take it.?
* Garland sits in a chair
[Blackjack] What's the matter, Justin, hearing voices again? *smirks*
[DeathStar] Right
[Justin-the-II] again?!
* DeathStar flies from the base
[Slash] DS, where to this time?
[DeathStar] At least we know they won't kill the humans....
[Justin-the-II] wen did i here voices before?
[Ariel] He has rookie paranoia symdrome.
[DeathStar] I'm heading to a mountain.  We keep plan from there
[Slash] I hear mountains of canada are nice this time of year..
* Dominator will lock on the first CorSec ship that gets in range
[Blackjack] Don't worry about it, Justin. Can't you take a joke?
[Dominator] Good... A plan is good...
* Seraphna` curls up on Garland's shoulder
* Garland looks at seraphna happily
* DeathStar turns on monitor to watch the base from it's cameras inside as he lands at a mountain a few minutes later
*** SenatorKyle is now known as GM
[Slash] NRP: Oh yea, forgive me if i disappear often.. Internet call waiting kinda sucks... but needed to have it
* GenjiMan keeps quiet.
* Dominator watches the camera showing
* GM CorSec agents enter the room and fire away on the humans, killing them
[DeathStar] Omigod...
[Blackjack] So much for not killing humans, DS...
* Justin-the-II looks around
[Slash] ....
* Seraphna` smiles, feeling an attachment to Garland
[Foxfire] That... CorSec...
[DeathStar] CorSec has gone over the line!!
[Cheryl] They've all gone insane!
[Slash] The innocints....
[Justin-the-II] HUH?!
[Dominator] Damn them! Have they no morals the unscrupulous bastards!
[Blackjack] They've gone too far now!
[Ariel] Bastards...
* GM CorSec then blows up cameras
* Justin-the-II flips the agents off
* Slash eyes blaze with a firey power
[Garland] ...
* Dominator says bitterly, "Standard procedures no doubt."
[AceHunter] Did we get that on tape?
* Ariel 's eyes seem to embody ice itself.
* Seraphna` tries to ignore it all...
[DeathStar] .....*slams fist on the controls* Damn....I endangered them....
[DeathStar] No, no we didn't.
* Justin-the-II spins his 19
* Seraphna` (a tear escapes her eye)
[Slash] .......... *clenches fist, and the sound of armor cracking is heard*
* Cheryl comforts Seraphna
* Garland draws sword
[DeathStar] So...where to now, guys?  Wait for the others to regroup here?  Or..
[GenjiMan] .........
[Slash] ..
* Dominator glances at Garland
[GenjiMan] oh great...
[Garland] this is terrible....
* Blackjack unstraps his rifle from his shoulder
[Dominator] Or what?
[Seraphna`] (mumbling) why?
[DeathStar] Or go after CorSec.
[Slash] Lets take this batch of jerks out..
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Ariel] Let's fry the bastards.
* Slash eyes blaze
[Justin-the-II] KILL CORSEC!
[Dominator] I thought that was too dangerous.
[Blackjack] Let's stop CorSec... I won't let any more die from the likes of them...
[DeathStar] Hell with danger.
* DeathStar takes off
[Garland] .....
* Slash warps ahead, then jogs after DS
* Dominator takes off following DS
* DeathStar scans for the nearest CorSec base and sees one built in the middle of a city
[Seraphna`] we must... we must stop this insanity
* Justin-the-II fallows
[Garland] Seraphna.. you may want to change shoulders..... I think it is time to fight.
[DeathStar] (Shuttle guys)
[Blackjack] Danger? Hah! I don't care about danger. So what if the odds are great? People like me LIVE for great odds!
* Garland runs
[Seraphna`] I stay with you Garland
* DeathStar flies towards the city a
[Ariel] BJ, I think it's time we make our own odds.  Against CorSec.
[Dominator] Death Star... this could be a mistake...
[Slash] ....
* DeathStar watches the news
* AceHunter paces arount the door of the shuttle
* Garland nods to Sera
[DeathStar] So, this whole thing has been a mistake...
[Slash] There is a time for action... and a time for nonaction.. 
* Seraphna` powers a mindshield (LVL3) around herself and Garland
* Blackjack 's eyebrows narrow
[Slash] This is a time for action
* Blackjack nods at Slash
[Dominator] I'll warn you now... I won't become the enemy I hate...
* Garland glances at Sera and smiles again
[GM] Today another attack on CorSec and EarthGov happened by the Reploid group known as Freedom Task Force
[DeathStar] Freedom Task Force?  *SnortS* Corny name.
* Slash raises metallic eyebrow at the news
[Garland] huh?
[Blackjack] Hmm... we're not alone in our fight against the CorSeccian bastards...
[GenjiMan] o_o
[GenjiMan] ...
[Seraphna`] good...
* Foxfire glances at Blackjack
[Dominator] Yeah really, DS...
[Foxfire] Enough language today, bro?
[GM] We have eyereports on some startling news on whose leading the group, howecer.
* Slash turns to the TV
* Blackjack ignores Foxfire, his attention on the TV
* Cheryl listens intently.
[Foxfire] Hmph.
[Dominator] Fools will get themselves killed and simotanously give CorSec propaganda to spout out... Just like will we...
[GenjiMan] _O Sounds odd. Sounds like trouble.
* Justin-the-II stares at the TV
[GM] It seems the infamous X and Zero are leading the group, apparently back from the dead after 70 years.
[DeathStar] What?!
* Slash reels back in shock
[Dominator] What?!
[Ariel] !!!
[Garland] !?
[Foxfire] WHAT!? X and Zero!?
[Justin-the-II] HUH?!
[Blackjack] Impossible! They're dead!
[Slash] ... What are they doing around here?!!!
[Seraphna`] (whispering) now i can get those jerks, CorSec will pay for Lunar
[Cheryl] How...?  That can't be...
* DeathStar stops the shuttle and causes it to hover in the air
[Seraphna`] wha.. huh...
[Seraphna`] X!!!!
[AceHunter] ...hmmm... can anyone say Twilight Zone?
[Seraphna`] and ZERO!!!!!!!
[DeathStar] Everyone, calm down!
[Garland] X.... Zero....?
[GenjiMan] O_O
[DeathStar] I SAID SHUT UP!!!
[Blackjack] Twilight Zone? What the hell are you talking about, Ace?
[Cheryl] [Whispers to Seraphna] We'll get them.
[GenjiMan] X and Zero, WHOA
[Dominator] No kidding Justin... Some of the best officers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting...
* DeathStar sighs
* Slash eyes open wide in fear at the name Zero
[Seraphna`] DS, weren't you at thier funeral?
[DeathStar] I hve no control...
[Dominator] Quiet!!!
[Justin-the-II] you met ZERO?!
[GenjiMan] ...the first time I'll know 'em.
[GenjiMan] Never knew who's X and Zero.
[GenjiMan] Roman 10 and Zero. Hmph, numbers are commanders now!
[Blackjack] Anything's possible in this screwed up world... werewolves, dragons, resurrected Reploids...
* DeathStar taps finguers on controls
[Seraphna`] I think i reemember him, somehow...
[Dominator] Justin, didn't you know I served back then.. And I was... *narrows eyes* DS, said to be quiet everyone
* Ariel nods understandingly to Seraphna.
[Seraphna`] NRP: him+them
*** Tonkatsu (the_god_of@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has joined #TAW
[Garland] ......*eyes show only anger*
*** Tonkatsu (the_god_of@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has left #TAW
[Dominator] Go ahead DS.
[Seraphna`] (HIM=THEM)
[DeathStar] Oh, I can finally go on now?
[Dominator] I think so.
[Blackjack] Yes, DS... We're listening.
[DeathStar] Really guys, that outburst back there was just plain pathetic...
[Dominator] ...
[Justin-the-II] want us to do better?
[Slash] What do you want to do...
[Foxfire] Yeah, Jared. *pops him upside the head, being a typical sibling*
[Ariel] [Whispers very quietly to herself] Why do I feel like... like... like I've met them before...?
[DeathStar] Now, how can you POSSIBLY believe that X and Zero are alive?!
[Blackjack] Hey!
* Foxfire laughs
[Seraphna`] didn't Zero....
* AceHunter shakes his head and goes back to pacing
[Dominator] We can't. They're dead.
[Seraphna`] make the wasteland.....
[Slash] Yes... Dead....
[Dominator] This is some kind of trick.. Probably be CorSec itself...
[Blackjack] Like I said, anything's possible, Dom...
* Garland is his usual quiet self
[Justin-the-II] hay zero came back before...
* DeathStar looks at the news flashing their last attack.
[Cheryl] Well... there is the possiblity that...
* Cheryl pauses.
[DeathStar] Lets go investigate.  Lets see how "real" this claim is.
[Cheryl] I'll stop now.
* Slash grins
[Slash] Lead the way DS
[Justin-the-II] i get to meet zero too?!
[GenjiMan] ...
[Justin-the-II] yay!!!
[Dominator] Right. *nods at DS* We have any idea where they are?
[Dominator] Quiet, Justin...
* Slash whacks Justin upside the head
[Blackjack] If they're the real thing... Zero won't be ali... *stops*
* Ariel looks puzzled and confused...
* Justin-the-II hits the floor as hes whaked
*** Cold-Snap (the_god_of@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] There last attack was on an outpost just outside....the...the Wastelands...
* Dominator glances at Blackjack
[Justin-the-II] OUF!
* Seraphna` , now confused, looks to Garland for help
* DeathStar turns the shuttle around
[DeathStar] Lets get going.
[Dominator] Wastelands... The last place I want to go.
[Cold-Snap] NRP Are you in the shuttle?
* Slash sits down, and straps in
[DeathStar] NRP: Yep
* Justin-the-II gets up
* DeathStar prepares to take off
[DeathStar] Everyone ready?
* Blackjack glances briefly at Dom, and straps into a seat. Foxfire does the same.
[Slash] Lets kick it
[Garland] Uh.... *scratches sera's ear*
[Cold-Snap] WAIT WAIT!
[Seraphna`] uh...
* Dominator nods silently
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* Cold-Snap enters the shuttle
* Seraphna` feels better
[GenjiMan] ....
* DeathStar glances at Cold-Snap
* Cold-Snap pants
[Slash] Nice of you to Join us
[Seraphna`] nice jump...
[Blackjack] Welcome, rookie.
[Ariel] [Whispers to herself] Did I actually meet them... Was I there... ?  Or was it a dream... It can't be real... can it...?
[Garland] NRP: LAAAG!
[Blackjack] I mean, Cold Snap.
[DeathStar] Thought you would be dead, seeing as CorSec attacked the camp
[Cold-Snap] I, I followed the beacon after the camp was destroyed
* AceHunter paces inside the shuttle and readies his weapons, begining charging
* Justin-the-II gets up on 2 feet and scratches his head
* DeathStar takes off
* Dominator arms weapons, in case
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Great explanation, but what's going on?
* Ariel is lost in thought.
* Slash gauntlets have a crackling field of energy around them, at full charge
* Garland still has kinship drawn
[DeathStar] X and Zero alive....
[Justin-the-II] huh?!WHA?!*flies backwards into wall*
* DeathStar shakes head
[Justin-the-II] AAAAHHHH!OUF!!
[Justin-the-II] i hate this wall...
[Cold-Snap] What?  THE Zero?
[Dominator] Justin! Strap in!
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 10 minutes later
* Blackjack stares out the window. He takes off his eyepatch, and a lone tear falls from that eye.
[Slash] NRP: THIEF!! Running wall gag is my gag!!
* DeathStar lands at the destroyed ruins of the Outpost
[Dominator] We don't know, Justin... They are most likely fakes
[Seraphna`] Garland, here....
* DeathStar steps out of the shuttle
* Garland has no idea who Zero is
[GenjiMan] ...
* GenjiMan follows DS
* Slash warps out
* Blackjack replaces his eyepatch and walks off after DS
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[Seraphna`] (Garland's blade bursts into flame)
* Dominator stands up and steps out, grimly surving his old "home"
[Ariel] [Whispers]  I don't understand... what happened back then...
* DeathStar kicks a piece of rubble and looks around
* Foxfire shakes her head and steps off after Blackjack
[Garland] What Seraphna? *sees blade* GAH!
[DeathStar] So close to Alien Nation...a little unnerving
* Cold-Snap begins charging his plasma canon
* Ariel heads out
* AceHunter follows, his eyes looking for anyone still hanging around
[Slash] Lets rock this joint
[Seraphna`] We can fight together
[GenjiMan] o_O
* Justin-the-II crawls out of the shttle
* DeathStar scans the base
[DeathStar] Deserted...
[Dominator] ... Alien Nations... Divided we fall...
* Slash cocks his railgun, loaded and ready to go
* Cheryl stays close to Seraphna and Garland.
* Cold-Snap begins to whistle
* DeathStar scans the walls and studies the blaster marks on it
[Justin-the-II] alians?!*draws 19*
[Dominator] Did you expect them to stick around, DS?
* Blackjack and Foxfire unstrap their rifles, cocking them.
* Ariel forms a ball of energy in her hand. "Let's rock thier world."
[DeathStar] My....it matches X's and Zero's alright...a few others too.
[Dominator] Justin! The Alien Nations not the aliens!
* Justin-the-II gets up
[Seraphna`] A competent swordsman, and an Elementalist Dragon
* Cheryl holds her hand up and a sword materializes in her grasp.
[Dominator] ... Still... Their signitures could be faked...
[DeathStar] Hard to fake, but you're right.
[Garland] Faked?
[Blackjack] *smirks* Like, energy forgery?
* Slash looks at teh plasma burns, as he heads by
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of cobalt flames.
* Ariel is engulfed by the flames, appearing only as an inversed silhouette of blue light. The flames then burn away to reveil Ariel standing there defiently, wearing her winged Azure armor.
* Slash shudders as he remembers what that plasma did to him
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield
[Dominator] CorSec has many resources....
* DeathStar suddenly the ground begins to rumble
* Foxfire lightly whacks BJ
*** Ariel is now known as DK_Ariel
[Seraphna`] any phycic could fake them
[Justin-the-II] wen can i get zero's autograph?!
[Dominator] Or perhaps these reploids do...
[DeathStar] What the---?!
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar falls down
* Foxfire wobbles and loses her footing
[Dominator] Justin just... DS?!
* DK_Ariel smacks Justin.
[Blackjack] Wha...!?
* Cold-Snap falls over
* DeathStar suddenly hundreds of EarthGov/CorSec ships fly by toward Alien Nation
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[DeathStar] GAH!
* Dominator looses footing too, "EH?!"
[DeathStar] What is this?!
[Slash] Holy Crap
* Blackjack tries to run, but falls over, seeing the ships
[Cold-Snap] Oh, company
[Blackjack] Trap!
* Justin-the-II falls to the ground
[Seraphna`] a trap!!!!!
[Dominator] I'd like to know that!
* DeathStar the ships vanish from sight
[Blackjack] And we took the bait!
[DK_Ariel] ...
[Dominator] No, they are flying toward the Alien Nations everyone!
[Justin-the-II] CRAP!
[Blackjack] Hmm... or not...
* Slash dives and rolls, with plasma cannons coming online
* Seraphna` clings to Garland
* DeathStar watches them go into Alien Nation
[Cold-Snap] OOOO, Twilight-Zoneesque
[DK_Ariel] Now where are they off to...
[Dominator] They are... attacking...?
* DeathStar one of them turns around and heads back for them
[GenjiMan] @_@
[DeathStar] W-Who cares!!! MOVE IT!!
[Slash] ...
[Slash] MOVE NOW!!
[Garland] ....... damnit.
* Cold-Snap begins to run
[Blackjack] Attacking Alien Nation? I thought they were sided with the T...
* DeathStar the ship fires and knocks everyone out
* Slash runs as fast as he can
* Justin-the-II runs
[DeathStar] ARGH1
[AceHunter] Roger that
[Blackjack] AAAGH!
[Foxfire] NO!!!
* Garland runs
[Cold-Snap] ug
* Slash falls KO'd without a struggle
[Dominator] Uh... *dahes toward the shuttle, then collapses after the blast*
* GM the ship lands
*** GM is now known as Pilots
* AceHunter is immune to being KO's
* Blackjack and Foxfire collapse
* Pilots steps out
* DK_Ariel fights it, but eventually passes out.
[Pilots] Lookee what we found..
* AceHunter fires a force blast at one of the pilots
* Dominator mutters, "Darkness..."
* Pilots the pilot dies
* Justin-the-II trips and slams into the shuttle
* Cold-Snap turns my shield toward them while remaining on the ground
* Seraphna` is blocking with mid-shield
* DeathStar stands back up
[Justin-the-II] OW!!
* Dominator then falls unconcious
[GenjiMan] .....
* DeathStar slashes one pilot to the ground
* GenjiMan runs too
*** Pilots is now known as GM
* DK_Ariel sits up.
* Dominator gets back up, "Hold you'
[DK_Ariel] Well, that was fun.
[Dominator] re fi-... Guess not!"
[Garland] Ugh...
* DeathStar looks at the state of the art of ship they captured
* Slash gets up, and all 4 plasma cannons come online fully
* Blackjack and Foxfire stand slowly
[DeathStar] MY my...a beaut....her name is Avenger..
* Justin-the-II gets up and rubs his chin
[Blackjack] Um, and how did you know that, DS?
* DeathStar rubs hand on the hull
* Cheryl whistles.
* Slash slides all weapons out, looking like a small tank on legs
* DeathStar points at name on the side
[Cold-Snap] The name on the hull?
[Blackjack] Oh. Good way to find out...
[Cheryl] I wanna take that for a test drive.
* Blackjack slaps his forehead
[Blackjack] Duh, Jared...
* Dominator mutters bitterly, "Had to kill them I suppose..."
[Slash] Way to go..
* Cold-Snap whistles "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah"
* AceHunter checks the Avenger over for traps
* DeathStar steps into the Avenger
[DeathStar] I scanned it, Ace.  Clean
* Slash jumps up, and in
* Justin-the-II looks around
[Cold-Snap] Great killing those weak humans
[Justin-the-II] weres zero?
* DeathStar sits in the pilot's seat and powers up the huge ship
[AceHunter] That was too easy
* Garland makes sure Sera is ok then steps into the avenger
* Blackjack and Foxfire cautiously step onto the shuttle
* Cold-Snap straps in
* Slash heads to the weapon console
[Blackjack] NRP: Uh, Avenger
* Slash eyes slowly grow
* DK_Ariel GLARES at Justin.
* Dominator goes in and sits at its version of the weapons consol.
[DeathStar] Lets go
* Justin-the-II jumps in
[Dominator] NRP: Er... was Slash?
* AceHunter follows inside "What are we going to do with the old shuttle?"
[Seraphna`] Garland?
* DeathStar reads the orders that where issued to the Avenger
[DeathStar] What's this?!
[Blackjack] When we do find Zero... *clenches a fist*
* Cold-Snap continues to whistle "As time goes by"
[DeathStar] Leave it
* DK_Ariel drops herself down in one of the seats.
* Dominator looks over at DS,
[Slash] Wow, this sucker is loaded... state of the art plasma cannons.... Ion concussion bursts..
[Dominator] What?
[Garland] Somethinf isn't right here.... too.. coincidental.
[Slash] *whistles*
[Justin-the-II] oh thats right zero turned bad guy...
* Foxfire looks over DS's shoulder
* Cheryl sits down in the comm seat.
[Foxfire] What's up, Commander?
[DeathStar] IT seems World War IV started today.  Earth vs. Alien Nation.  Seems ol' AN is attacking it's neighbors and everyone is fighting it.
[Seraphna`] but...
* Dominator sits at the other weapon consol seat then
* DeathStar shakes head, amazed
* Blackjack looks up
* Slash turns to DS
[Cold-Snap] Technically, not a WORLD war
[Blackjack] How did I see that coming... *sighs*
[DeathStar] Things keep getting worse and worse and worse....
* DK_Ariel accidently pokes Garland with her wing.
[Garland] Ow!
[DK_Ariel] Oops, sorry _
[Slash] This is just perfect..
[Dominator] I'm sure I don't have to repeat my divided comment... I hate being powerless to do anything but detract from the situation
[Justin-the-II] ZERO!yah!go zero!go go go go zero!
* DeathStar takes off
[Seraphna`] you akay garlad
* DK_Ariel carefully fold her wings behind her.
[Garland] Yeah....
[Blackjack] Justin! Zero is a Maverick!
[DK_Ariel] I'm still not used to these things...
[DeathStar] So, what do we do?!
[GenjiMan] NRP: AWAY.
* Slash chuckles
[Cold-Snap] It's the END of the World, as we know it; and I feel fine. . .
[Justin-the-II] hay she said he was fighting badguys!
[Slash] Well, we have 2 choices...
[Garland] Umm... Seraphna get off for a moment
[DeathStar] Try to track Freedom?  Go after a CorSec base?  Or see what's up in Alien Nation?
[Dominator] I can't think of anything, DS... Like I said, we're powerless...
* Blackjack goes silent, waiting for someone else to take the initiative for once
[Slash] One- take a base...
* Seraphna` hops to ariels shoulder
[Slash] Two- See whats up..
[Justin-the-II] i vote 1
[DK_Ariel] Welcome back Sera
[GenjiMan] NRP: I'm just watching.
[Slash] or... Three...- Go in and attempt to kick their asses.. probably dying in the process..
[Seraphna`] hi
[Dominator] Freedom... CorSec... Alien Nation... *thinks*
[Cold-Snap] So, who exactly are the bad guys?
[Cheryl] I wanna find out what this is with "Zero"
* Garland activates holy prowess and bursts into flames, when the flames clear, Garland's UO like armour appears
[Blackjack] We wouldn't stand much of a chance trying to take a base... Scratch that one...
[Seraphna`] Ariel] Garland is nice... 
[Garland] Ok, Seraphna.
[DK_Ariel] Yeah, he seems okay
* Seraphna` hops back to Garland's
* Sound request: can't find 'mm1guts.mid'
[Cold-Snap SOUND]
[Foxfire] WHat exactly is Freedom, anyway, DS?
[DeathStar] Better decide boys and girls.
* Justin-the-II looks at sera
[Seraphna`] he is... i think
[Cheryl] Ooh, nice armor Garland.
[DeathStar] The Freedom Task Force.
[Slash] Bring em on....
[DeathStar] Beats ME what it is.
[Foxfire] Oh yeah, them...
[Justin-the-II] i thought you said he fought badguys!
* Garland smiles at sera/ariel/cheryl
[Dominator] Okay, vote in an orderly fasion
[Cold-Snap] So, who exactly are the bad guys??
[Garland] It's the family trademark.
[DeathStar] The news said only it was a rebel Reploid group
[Cold-Snap] Who's trying to kill US?
[Foxfire] All in favor of tracking the FTF?
[DeathStar] Everyone?
[Slash] .... Everyone
[DeathStar] I am
[Cold-Snap] ok, we kill them all then
[Justin-the-II] huh?
[Seraphna`] i ain't arguing
[Slash] Im up for Tracking..
[DK_Ariel] I'm with Cheryl this time.  There's something going on with Freedom.  I need to know the truth about Zero.
[Blackjack] Let's go after them.
[Dominator] I vote we head for the Freedom group... We'll only endanger ourselves by going to the Alien Nations and going after a CorSec base is pointless