- Afterstrike -

Legends Reborn Part 2

Mission 63: Zero Tolerance

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: Mega City
* Seraphna` is on garland's shoulder
* Garland scratches sera's ear
* DeathStar pulls trenchcoat around his neck some more
* Dominator is silent and thinking
* Blackjack glances at DS
[DeathStar] So, how do I look?  Barely noticeable?  Please say barely noticeable...
* DK_Ariel pulls her barret down over her face.
*** DK_Ariel is now known as Ariel
* GenjiMan looks at DS
[Seraphna`] you stand out like a sore thumb
[Cold-Snap] NRP Back
[Garland] Seriously DeathStar? Very conspicuous.
[Blackjack] If you count a heavily-armored reploid in a trentchcoat as noticable, then yes
[Cheryl] You're doing good DS
[DeathStar] Thanks
* DeathStar shoves Dom into a deserted building
[Dominator] ...!
[DeathStar] Put the costume I gave you on...
[Dominator] But...
[GenjiMan] n_n
* Dominator glances at the constume
* DeathStar turns to the others in coats
[DeathStar] We're waiting Dom..
[Dominator] ... A CLOWN suit!
[Ariel] Gotta love that present from ebon.
* Cold-Snap begins laughing
[DeathStar] Oh hush and put it on...
* Blackjack stifles laughter
* AceHunter is using his projector to look entirely different than who he is
[Dominator] ... You'd BETTER have a good reason for this...
* Garland is wearing civilian cloves, keepinf his gi and other personal items in a backpack of sorts, looking (almost) like a human civilian
* Cheryl giggles
[DeathStar] I do, I do.  I'll explain on the way
* Garland just glares
* Dominator reluctantly gets into the suit, muttering about DS, and casts a glance at Cheryl and the laughing ones
[DeathStar] I'm not the leader for nothing
* Seraphna` seems noticable on Garlan's shoulder
[Dominator] All right, all right, I'm in it...
[DeathStar] Polly want a cracker?
* Ariel and Cheryl have "morphed" into human form.
* Cold-Snap is wearing his light armor beneath a pair of kahkis and a denim work shirt
* DeathStar points at Seraphana
[DeathStar] Be a good bird.
* Garland looks at sera
[GenjiMan] ...
[Seraphna`] okies
[Blackjack] ....
[Seraphna`] or a cat
* GenjiMan took off his genji thingies and now looks like a doctor.
[Seraphna`] i look moree like a cat, don't i
[Garland] Uh.....
[Cold-Snap] NRP: What is genji?
* DeathStar hands Dom a cart full of balloons and cotton candy
[DeathStar] Lets go folks
[Cheryl] Maybe we should hide those wings though...
* DeathStar heads out from the alley into the streets
* Ariel flips a coin.
* Dominator glances at the cart, 1"Just greeat..."
[Ariel] Winged cats aren't too common...
[GenjiMan] =)
[Blackjack] A clown and some guys in trentchcoats, DS?
* Cold-Snap begins to hum the Meow Mix theme song
* Blackjack follows DS
[GenjiMan] NRP: Genji is ME
[Garland] I'm not wearing a trenchcoat
* Dominator pushes the chart and follows DS, not happily
[Seraphna`] funny CS
[DeathStar] Dom, stay 25 feet to the side from us
[Cold-Snap] NRP: What are Genji items?
[DeathStar] We'll keep in contact by comm.
[Cold-Snap] Sorry, couldn't resist
[Dominator] As you say... *stops moving to let them out distance him a bit,m then starts up slowly*
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Grow up Garland.  Trench coats have nothing to do with it.
* Ariel walks along, hands in her jacket (not trench coat) pockets.
[Garland] NRP: oh shut up
* DeathStar heads through Mega City, despising it
[DeathStar] The Final Battle grounds of Mega Man and Bass.....the place X was found
* Garland looks around in semi-awe
[GenjiMan] ...
* Ariel shrugs.
[Seraphna`] i'm gonna have to learn to morph one day...
* Blackjack looks them over
* DeathStar stops at a huge building
[Ariel] Yeah, I guess it's a nice place...
[DeathStar] Cran Offices....this is where that bug works...
* Dominator glances around, behind the hunters, then stops since they stopped
* Cold-Snap sings 1It's got a few oo's and aw's, and it takes a little pause, just before I sing. . .
* Ariel got some bubblegum somewhere's and is chewing it
[GenjiMan] ...
[Blackjack] Cran... Running CorSec isn't enough for the... *cuts off*
*** Begger (shadezader@ts009d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - AceHunter,Begger (F7 for details)
* DeathStar sighs as his "X-Hunters"
* Garland walks up to DS
* DeathStar watches kids run over to Dominator
[Cold-Snap] NRP: When am I gonna reveal my Psych powers?
[DeathStar] NRP:..
[GenjiMan] ...
* Begger walks up 1"Excuse me, do any of you have some change?"
* Dominator glances at the kids and tries to act happily
[DeathStar] Sorry, I don't.
[Cold-Snap] Sure!
[Garland] Uh yes.....
* Cold-Snap give Begger a nickel
* Ariel blows a bubble which bursts loudly.
* Garland hands the beggar an odd piece of metal
[Blackjack] I don't either...
* DeathStar sets up some cameras on the tree to watch Cran Offices
[Cold-Snap] If you want more, you'll have to dance
[Blackjack] Spying, eh, DS?
[Begger] Thanks 6 his eyes flicker green as he turns away
[DeathStar] Aye.
[Cold-Snap] HEY!
[Cheryl] ?
[Cold-Snap] That was a neat trick!  How'd you do that?
* Seraphna` nudges Garland's head
[GenjiMan] .....
[Cheryl] Did I see what I thought I saw...
* DeathStar stops and looks at begger
[DeathStar] Where did I see that before....?
[Begger] Do what?
* Garland looks at Sera
* Dominator gives the kids balloons and waves at them as they leave, fuming inwardly at DS
[Garland] What?
* Cold-Snap pokes the begger in the forehead
[Begger] Hey
* Ariel blows another bubble.
[Cold-Snap] cmon, I gave you a nickel
[Seraphna`] Garland] (his eyes)
[Ariel] A wierd city dis is... a wierd city...
* Blackjack glances at CS
[Cold-Snap] I'll give more!
* Cold-Snap give begger a 20
[Garland] What about them?.... hey wait......
* DeathStar some older kids go over to Dom and leave at him
[Cold-Snap] Do it again!
* AceHunter snands in the back of the group
[DeathStar] leave = laugh
* Cheryl shakes her head at the accident ariel has adopted
[GenjiMan] ...
* DeathStar finishes putting up spy cameras and decides against entering Cran Offices
* Begger takes the twenty, sighs, and his eyes flicker green again
* Dominator ignores the kids and moves away
[Seraphna`] Garland] He ain't human
* GenjiMan looks at Ariel
* Cold-Snap claps his hands and jumps up and down
* Garland walks up to the beggar
* DeathStar glances at the Begger
[GenjiMan] ...
[Cold-Snap] That is so awesome!
[DeathStar] Do I know you?
* Blackjack sees the begger in the corner of his eyes and looks over at him, 1"... That's funny..."
[Begger] Don't thinks so
[Garland] Seraphna.. you dont think?
* Ariel looks over at Genji
[GenjiMan] !_!
[DeathStar] ....
[Ariel] What'cha looking at?
* DeathStar frowns, confused, and begins to move away from Cran Offices
[Seraphna`] Gar] I do
* Cold-Snap claps the begger on the back HARD
[GenjiMan] ...
[GenjiMan] this city brings me memories.
[GenjiMan] Even if I never lived here.
* GenjiMan mumbles something about some city called "Tamnawa"
* Blackjack turns back and follows DS, keeping an eye on the begger
[GenjiMan] -_-
[Ariel] No place like da big city, eh?
[Begger] Hey!
[Garland] BEGGAR] Excuse me...
* DeathStar stops
[DeathStar] Yes?
[GenjiMan] ...
* Dominator over comm to DS, 1"DS... Where are we headed?"
* Begger backs away frm Cold-Snap
[Cold-Snap] What?
[GenjiMan] This place reminds me a very small city I lived! How weird, huh?
* Cold-Snap sniffs his shirt
* Seraphna` looks at the office, shaking in fear
[DeathStar] Dom...hold on....you got some kids coming up behind you...hey, watch out, they're stealing your hair!
[Cold-Snap] Do I smell?
* Garland pets Sera
* DeathStar eyes track the begger
* Begger begins walking away
* Cold-Snap approaches Begger. 1Ask some of these people for more. They're LOADED.
* Dominator swipes the hair back and flips the cart around, knocking the older kids over without younger ones seeing
[Garland] Uh.... Sir, my friend and I think there's something familiar about you.. *walks afte rthe beggar*
* Blackjack is still watching hte begger carefully
* Cold-Snap runs up to annoy the Begger some more
* GenjiMan walks to BJ
[Blackjack] Should Garland be following him... And CS?
[Cold-Snap] I'll give you a 100 if you do a monkey dance!
* Ariel leans against a wall, chewing bubblegum.
* GenjiMan looks at CS
[Blackjack] CS...
[GenjiMan] You are already doing it.
[DeathStar] We gotta go guys
[DeathStar] Our time table is up
* DeathStar heads back for the alley
* Begger begins walking away faster
* Cold-Snap sticks his tongue out at GenjiMan
[Blackjack] CS! Get a grip!
[Garland] CS, leave the poor man alone... I guess he's not someone we know.
* GenjiMan looks at CS
* AceHunter follows DS
[Cold-Snap] Humph
[GenjiMan] WEIRDO
[Seraphna`] his eye's.....
* Dominator over comm, 1"Go where? Out of here I hope..."
[Cold-Snap] Well, If I'm gonna give him money, he should EARN it
* GenjiMan walks after DS
[DeathStar] Dom, head for the alley
* Blackjack follows DS
[Cold-Snap] I consider it a dollar well spent
[Garland] I know... Seraphna.. I know.... a person I was wrong to hate at one time.
* Dominator mutters, 1"Whatever you say fearlous leader... A clown heading to an alley... Great disguise"
[Seraphna`] but... he...
* Ariel slowly gets off the wall and follows the rest
* DeathStar enters alley and heads out through into the sewerducts that led them into the city
* Cold-Snap honks Dominator's nose
[Garland] I know....
[GenjiMan] ...
* Blackjack follows DS, 1"Where to?"
* Cold-Snap giggles like a little girl
[Dominator] NRP: CS, I'm 25 feet behind you
* GenjiMan follows BJ
[DeathStar] Just a follow me..
*** Begger has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Dominator goes through the sewer and wonders if he can ditch the cart now
[Ariel] If dere's one thing I hate about the city, it's da sewers
[Cold-Snap] NRP, I fell back to do it!
* Garland walks twards DS
* DeathStar enters the duct
* AceHunter follows DS
[DeathStar] You can all get out of your...costumes.  *throws coat on the ground*
[AceHunter] The things I do for money
[Dominator] Thank god!
* GenjiMan puts on Genji armor
[Ariel] Aw, but I'm just getting into my part
* AceHunter deactivates his illusion
* Dominator throws the costume off and casts the cart away, dashing to the others
[Cheryl] How are you holding up "kitty"?
* DeathStar exits the sewers and enters the Avenger
* Garland looks at his odd, but civilian clothes
* Cold-Snap pulls on his hood
* Blackjack takes off his coat and grins a bit watching Dominator
[Seraphna`] i'm okay
[Garland] Costume.....?
[Seraphna`] scared, but ok
[GenjiMan] -_-
[Dominator] DS... I saw little point for having me be a clown.
* DeathStar powers it up
[Garland] Seraphna, don't be scared, I'm not.
[Cheryl] Hey, look at it this way, nothing has happened to us yet
* Dominator enters and sits at the weapons consol
[Cold-Snap] Hey Seraphna`, do you have a kitty's aversion to water?
[DeathStar] Oh, there was a BIG point to it, Dominator
* Cold-Snap grins
[GenjiMan] ...
[Dominator] And that was what?
[DeathStar] To entertain me
* Blackjack takes a seat in the Avenger, close to the weapons
* DeathStar flies off
[GenjiMan] You're right Cheryl. YET.
[Ariel] Eh, there's nottin to be worried about... er, everything's alright Sera
* Dominator growls
* AceHunter finds a seat and sits down
[Blackjack] Cheer up, Dominator... He could have picked worse... Well, maybe not, but... at least he got it out of his system...
* Ariel plops down in a chair.
* Cold-Snap straps in
[Seraphna`] (muttering) i hate water!
[Ariel] I gotta do stuff like this more often.  It was fun
* DeathStar flies over hand when he picks up a conversation in CorSEc
[Cold-Snap] I'll remember that
* Dominator casts a dark glance at Ariel
* Blackjack eyes narrow and he listens intently to the conversation
[Cold-Snap] I think I'm liking DeathStar more and more
* Garland sits down
[DeathStar] "Hey, hey!  The Freedom Task Force is striking our bases in the North Sector.  Back up needed"
* Dominator listens as well
[Cheryl] [Whispers to Sera] And what about Dom clowning around?
[DeathStar] "Sorry, no backup can be spared at this moment due to the war."
[Seraphna`] hehehe
* DeathStar heads for the North Sector
[GenjiMan] ...
[DeathStar] Lets see if we can catch our dead friends
* Dominator glances suspiciously at Cheryl and Sera, themn looks back
* Garland stands up when he hears about the possibility of battle
[GenjiMan] NRP: LAG
[Dominator] We're going after them then?
[GenjiMan] !_!
[DeathStar] Nah, I'm just heading there for fun
* Cold-Snap sings 1When Johnny comes marching home again, hurah, hurah!
[Blackjack] Garland... Uh... Shouldn't you stay strapped in while we fly?
* Garland reaches to his back for his sword, not finding it
[DeathStar] What IS his problem?!  *glances at CS*
* Dominator mutters something inaudible
[Garland] Oh yeah...
[Blackjack] Don't ask me...
* Cold-Snap smiles inanely at DeathStar
* AceHunter shifts in his seat waiting to get back into action
* DeathStar arrives over the North Sector and sees a battle going on. He lands nearby
[Cold-Snap] I can't take being nervous before battle.
* Garland grips it at his waist, he moved it for Sera's safty from being cut.
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield and charges his plasma canon
[DeathStar] Lets go team!
* GenjiMan walks away
[Ariel] Having fun Sera?
[Garland] Jared.... I almost never sit....
* DeathStar exits the Avenger through the side door
* Seraphna` preepares an elemental move
* Dominator sets out of the shuttle, glancing at DS, 1"Lets..."
[GenjiMan] Hmph. See you later, guys... and gals.
* Cold-Snap hops out of the shuttle
* GenjiMan disappears
* Blackjack walks out and surveys the base
[Seraphna`] fun... yeah
[GenjiMan] NRP: Gotta go
[Cold-Snap] Whoa!
* Ariel hops out, followed closely by Cheryl
* DeathStar watches the base shake
[Cold-Snap] GenjiMan's deserting!!!
[Dominator] NRP: See you
[GenjiMan] NRP: Bye ;)
[DeathStar] Hey, they could be inside
*** GenjiMan has quit IRC (*disappears*)
[Ariel] Better get ready for trouble...
* DeathStar runs inside the base
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of cobalt flames.
* Ariel is engulfed by the flames, appearing only as an inversed silhouette of blue light. The flames then burn away to reveil Ariel standing there defiently, wearing her winged Azure armor.
* Cold-Snap runs after
*** Ariel is now known as DK_Ariel
* Cheryl nods to Ariel
[Blackjack] DS, it eplxoded real quick last time... We could get caught in it... *follows DS anyway*
[Cheryl] Right
[Garland] ...... *runs after DS, matching his speed
* Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
* Cheryl is engulfed by the flames, which burn away reveiling her crimson winged armor.
[DeathStar] I know, but still....
* Dominator runs to the base, 1"Blackjack does have a point..."
* DeathStar glances around the ruins of the hall
*** Cheryl is now known as DK_Cheryl
* AceHunter secures Avenger and follows the others
*** Fury (death_star@ has joined #taw - 2 Clones - DeathStar,Fury (F7 for details)
[Seraphna`] (Garland's blade burst's into fire)
[Fury] You HUNTERS dare attack our base?!
* DK_Ariel and Cheryl go after the rest
[DeathStar] Him again?
* DeathStar draws saber
* Garland quickly pulls it out
* Cold-Snap points the shield in Fury's direction
[Seraphna`] oops
[Seraphna`] too soon
* Dominator draws Rune Sword
* DK_Ariel holds her hand up and a sword materializes in her grasp.
[Garland] You could have warned me, I would have drawn it! Hahah!
* DK_Cheryl holds her hand up and a sword materializes in her grasp.
* Cold-Snap points his plasma canon at Fury and fires
* Cold-Snap pulls out his hammer
* Garland draws the Gospel Sword and looks at tentativly
* Blackjack takes out his katana
[Dominator] Do we attack, dS?
* Fury fires a blast that freezes all of their legs
[Fury] HAH!
[DeathStar] YES!
[Dominator] !!!
* DK_Ariel 's eyes seem to embody ice itself.
* DeathStar tries to lunge but can't
[DeathStar] GARH!!
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (580AP)
[DK_Ariel] Ice?  Ha!
* Cold-Snap fires plasma at Fury
[Fury] ARGH!
* Cold-Snap fires his ice beam rigth back at Fury
[Garland] Sera.. off for a sec...
[Fury] Beware my fury.....
* Seraphna` attacks with bolt (250AP)
[Blackjack] HEY! *fires off a blast from his Sniper Rifle at Fury*
* Fury fires an attack that half-stuns everyone (undodgable)
* Seraphna` leaps to Ariel's shoulder
* Garland bursts into flames and armour appears.
[DeathStar] OUF!
* DeathStar breaks free of the ice
[DeathStar] YOU WILL PAY!!!
[Garland] NRP: Melts ice?
* Cold-Snap falls over
[DK_Cheryl] Yeow!
* DeathStar slashes at Fury
[DeathStar] NRP: Aye
* Dominator breaks free
[Fury] ....
* Cold-Snap absorbs some ice into his shield
* AceHunter is immune to stun
* Fury grabs DS
* DK_Cheryl melts the ice around her feet
* Garland runs at fury
* DK_Cheryl 's eyes burn with an internal flame.
* Fury smashes him into the wall by the neck
[DeathStar] GRAAAAB!
[Garland] You will pay for your sins!
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Fury [400 AP]
* Cold-Snap charges Fury and swings his hammer at Fury
* DeathStar slides down
* Fury blocks hammer
[Garland] DeathStar!
* Fury uppercuts CS
* AceHunter blast Fury with a level 5 VRP shot
* Dominator takes Majestic Shield out and chatrges Fury (680AP)
* Seraphna` glow's with a erie light
* Garland slashes fury
* Fury blocks it
[Cold-Snap] Oof
* Fury blocks it
[DK_Ariel] Let's go Sera
* Fury blocks it
* DK_Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
[Fury] ENERGISE ATTACK!!!  *glows*
* Cold-Snap pulls up his shield
* Garland jumps back and kiams fury
* DeathStar stands up
* AceHunter dives for cover
* Cold-Snap ducks behind it
[DeathStar] I've had enough of this.
* Blackjack flips forward and fires Myllonir Crash at Fury (420AP)
* Seraphna` drains furies attack
* DK_Cheryl leaps up into the air
* Fury gains HP from the kiama
* DK_Ariel is surronded by an aura of cobalt flames.
* Fury gaims 420 AP
[Garland] THE HELL!?!?
[Blackjack] EH?!
* DK_Ariel throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Fury [380 AP]
* Fury gains 380
[Dominator] Wait everyone!
* AceHunter readies a High Explosive grenade
[DK_Ariel] ...
[Dominator] Ciese your attacks!
[Fury] Ahhh, fully healed....thanks
[Seraphna`] STOP!
* Fury stops glowing
[Blackjack] How are you...?
[Fury] Why should I tell?
* Fury base rocks some more and ceiling falls down on him
[Seraphna`] I can stop his energy absorb!
[Fury] AHHH NOO!!!!!
*** Fury is now known as GM
[Dominator] ...! Wow!
* DeathStar sees a teleporter light underneath the rocks
[DeathStar] He escaped....
* DK_Cheryl falls to the ground laughing
* DeathStar base rocks some more
[Cold-Snap] So what else is new?
[Seraphna`] darn!
[Blackjack] CorSec trash...
[DK_Cheryl] I... I can't believe he did that!
[Cold-Snap] could someone give me a hand?  I'm pretty hurt
[DeathStar] Lets get out of here...NOW
[Blackjack] Uh.. DS... need I repeat my earlier comment?
* Garland helps CS up
* DK_Cheryl is on the ground still laughing
* GM the base begins to crumble
* Dominator uses Crimson Crystal and dashes for the door
* DeathStar grabs Cheryl
* Seraphna` goes to Garland's shoulder
[DeathStar] LETS GO!
[Garland] Cheryl..?
* DeathStar dives outside the base as it snaps in two
[DK_Cheryl] Al... alright
* Blackjack barely dodges a rock, and dashes out
* Cold-Snap stumbles after everyone
* Garland smiles as Seraphna lands
[DeathStar] HURRY!!!
* DK_Cheryl wipes a tear from her cheek
* DeathStar watches the base collaspe
[Seraphna`] Chrly, i'll help
* Cold-Snap 's left arm is shattered by a rock
* Dominator is out already
[Cold-Snap] GAAAAGH!!!
[DeathStar] Oh no--!!
* Seraphna` numbs all of Cheryl's pain
[DeathStar] Not all got out!!!
* DK_Ariel makes it out, but cheryl's foot get's stuck
* Blackjack trips and his leg gets caught, 1"Damn!"
[DK_Cheryl] Ah!
[DeathStar] Grarland..Seraphana!
* AceHunter holds a force shield above his head
[Garland] DeathStar!
* Dominator dashes back in and grabs Blackjack and takeshim out
* DeathStar digs through the rubble
[Seraphna`] urr...
[DeathStar] WHERE ARE YOU!?
* Cold-Snap holds his stump
[Dominator] NRP: er...
[DK_Ariel] You fool...
* DK_Ariel charges up, her hands glowing like on fire.
* DK_Ariel points her arm in the direction of rock, and fires a large energy blast at rock. [320 AP]
[Seraphna`] my head....
* Dominator digs as well
* DeathStar finds them
[DeathStar] HERE THEY ARE!
* DeathStar pulls out Seraphana
* Blackjack rubs his ankle, then moves over to where DS is
[Seraphna`] uuhhhhgggg.....
[DK_Cheryl] Owwie, that stings...
* Garland throws some rocks off of him
*** GM is now known as X
[X] Need some help?
* Cold-Snap passes out
[Seraphna`] it hurts....
* DK_Cheryl struggles to stand...
* Garland holds shoulder
[Blackjack] ... X...
[Dominator] ... X... 
[Dominator] Yes...
* X stands there, arms folded, as if he was there the entire time, unnoticed
[DeathStar] You--?
* DK_Cheryl 's leg gives out on her...
* DeathStar looks at him
[Seraphna`] X.....
* AceHunter breaks out of the rubble with his force weapon
* Garland runs to Cheryl
* Blackjack hand moves toward his rifle
* Garland helps her up
[X] We scanned some CorSec heading this way....I advise you to leave, now.  Good luck "Hunters"
[DK_Ariel] What'cha doing here... Oops, why are you here?
* X vanishes into the ground
*** X is now known as GM
* AceHunter dusts off his suit
[AceHunter] Weird
*** GM is now known as Azuls
* Azuls lands on the ground behind them
[Blackjack] ... Azuls?!
[Azuls] DAMN!  TOO LATE!
* Seraphna` is hurt, bad
[DeathStar] Now another mystery figure?!
[Dominator] What? Wht do you mean Azluls?
* DeathStar turns back around
[DK_Cheryl] Sera!
[Garland] Seraphna!!!!!
[Azuls] I MUST talk to X....
[Dominator] Why?
* DK_Cheryl gently touches Seraphna, and a soft white light surronds them both, healing Seraphna. [300 LP]
[Azuls] I got to know if he is really Mega Man X.
* Garland uses Healing Magic on Sera (+180 LP)
[DeathStar] Mega Man X?  
* Seraphna` get's up
* AceHunter walks over to Azuls 1"You still need to give me your calling card"
[Blackjack] And how will you figure that out?
[DeathStar] Hardly
[Azuls] I will, one day, Ace.
[Seraphna`] I'm okay
[DK_Cheryl] You'll be okay Sera...
* Azuls straightens up
[Azuls] I just need to talk to him...the real X would know stuff, right
[DeathStar] ....Right?
* Seraphna` has a hard time staying up
[Azuls] And he was lying.  CorSec isn't heading this way.  I think he was trying to throw you off his trail.
* Dominator is mentally wondering about Azuls
* DK_Cheryl is still trying to balance mainly on one leg...
* Garland holds Sera in his arms
[Seraphna`] X... he must know me....
* Azuls glances at Dominator
[Azuls] What?
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar sighs, tired
* Garland holds both Sera and Cheryl
[Blackjack] Lying... Working with Zero of all people...
[DeathStar] So, Hunters, what shall we do?  Follow him?
[Azuls] I know I am.
* Azuls dives into the tunnel
*** Azuls is now known as GM
[Garland] NRP: each on one arm, helping Cheryl stand
[DK_Ariel] Then we should go after them, right?
[Dominator] What will that accomplish DS?
[Seraphna`] yes...
[DeathStar] .....I don't like this.  Dominator...., what do you think?
[Blackjack] They seem to be avoiding us...
* DK_Ariel looks over to Garland
[Seraphna`] i need... i need to talk to him....
* Garland glances at Ariel
[DK_Ariel] Want me to take Sera off your hands?
[Dominator] Well, DS... It could be a trap, set up by CorSec... Would the real X take pains to avoid us?
[Seraphna`] i need to know, he must know...
[Blackjack] I second what Dominator says... Even if they are the real, we have Zero to worry about...
[DeathStar] They aren't working for CorSec. And if X had something imporant to protect from Mavericks or CorSec, yes, he would.
[Garland] Ok.
[Dominator] What do you mean?
[DeathStar] I'm going.  Those who want to follow, do so.  Those who don't, follow Dom back to the Mountain.  G'luck
[DK_Cheryl] If they did survive, they would likely have something to hide...
* DeathStar steps into the tunnel
[Seraphna`] X knows me!
[Dominator] ... You ordering me back to base then?
[DK_Ariel] Ali-oop!
* DK_Ariel leaps down.
[Garland] Sera?
[DeathStar] No, if you want to come, come
* Blackjack glances at DS, then at Dominator, torn between decisions
* AceHunter follows DS into the tunnel
* DeathStar eyes adjust to the dark tunnel and he proceeds on
[Dominator] ... I'll come... There's nothing else to do...
* Dominator follows them
[Seraphna`] He Must!
[Garland] Uh... what do I do with these two?
* Blackjack dashes to catch up, having made up his mind
[DK_Cheryl] ...
* Garland hasn't jumped down yet
[DeathStar] Eh, bag 'em.
[DK_Cheryl] Garland... I'm going too
* DeathStar is no out of hearing
[Seraphna`] ...but i'm too weak... too sleepy
[Seraphna`] who, i am... i mean...
[DeathStar] now
[Garland] Ok.. but what about Sera?
* DK_Cheryl tries to walk toward the hole, but stumbles...
[DK_Cheryl] Ah, this is stupid...
[Blackjack] Now...?
* Garland catches her
* DeathStar sees an underground base tank riding away
[DeathStar] Now THAT'S FREAKY....
[DK_Cheryl] I'll see you guys later then...
* Dominator looks athe tank over
[Seraphna`] i need to come...
* DK_Cheryl disappears in a flash of white light
*** DK_Cheryl is now known as ______
[Dominator] ... CorSec's...?
[Seraphna`] i must....
[Garland] Ok... I hope you get out of this alive, Seraphna
* Garland jumps down
[DeathStar] No...
[Seraphna`] Garland?
[Blackjack] Whose then?
* DK_Ariel steps back, to avoid be stepped on.
[Garland] Yes?
* Cold-Snap 's eyes fling open. As he sits up, he exclaims, 1"They left me!!!"
[DK_Ariel] Yikes!  I ws just about to go see if you two were coming...
* DeathStar jumps on the tank's side
[Seraphna`] X must know who i am...
[Garland] Heh... Seraphna insisted on comming.... so... but she's really weak.
* DeathStar grabs saber and a cuts a hole in it and enters the large thing
* Cold-Snap shakily stands up
[Seraphna`] Dakota does... but...
* Dominator follows DS's example
* DeathStar looks around the brightly lit hallway
* Cold-Snap sits on a pile of rubble left overfrom the explosion.
* Garland walks up behind deathstar
* Blackjack is following
* DeathStar begins to move through the moving base
*** GM is now known as Azuls
[Cold-Snap] They forgot all about me.  I can't believe it!
* Azuls stands before them, arms folded, looking at the door
[Blackjack] Azuls...
[DeathStar] You, again.
[Seraphna`] Garland?
* DK_Ariel holds her Dragon sword ready and follows, but stays near Garland and Seraphna
[Garland] Yes, Seraphna?
[Azuls] ....I can't figure out the password to open this blasted door....
[DeathStar] The great Azuls can't DO something?!  Noooo way  *sarcastic*
[Dominator] ... Can anyone hack into it?
* Blackjack grins at DS
* Azuls frowns at DS
* Azuls pulls down his sunglasses some
[Seraphna`] We need to find X, Mega Man knows, me... i hope....
[DK_Ariel] I might be able to crack it... but if they have security hooked up
[Azuls] Don't test me, Commander......
[Azuls] I plan on finding Mega Man in here.  And Zero.  
[Garland] Ok, Seraphna.
[Seraphna`] i could....
* Cold-Snap sits on the rubble and stares at his stump. 1"I'll need a new limb, but at least I can close this. . ."
[DK_Ariel] That could get us all blown away if I mess up...
[DeathStar] "Mega Man"?
[Dominator] For what purpose I wonder, Azuls?
[Seraphna`] break the code
* Azuls frowns as he pushes up the glasses
[Blackjack] ... Mega Man?
[Seraphna`] X
[Azuls] Figure of speech.  That IS his name, sin't it?
[Seraphna`] it was...
[Blackjack] Oh, just echoing DS...
[Seraphna`] the code is an old one....
* Azuls turns back to the door
[Seraphna`] i know it, the code...
[DK_Ariel] ?
* DeathStar blasts the door down
[DeathStar] No time for codes
[Dominator] Not neccesary now DS
[Dominator] DS=S
[Seraphna`] oohhh.
[DK_Ariel] How do you know Sera?... Never mind...
* Azuls curses
[Garland] not much use of knowing... Seraphna.
[Azuls] GREAT DS...set off the alarms!!!!
* Blackjack walks trhough the door then glances back
* Azuls dashes on
[Dominator] ... Oh great...
[Seraphna`] Me, HE uses the same code...
* Dominator dashes in and starts off after DS
* DeathStar steps through the door and glances around
[Dominator] DS=Azuls
* DeathStar takes off
[Cold-Snap] I wonder where they went.  At least I know they didn't leave, I can see the shuttle!  At least nobody's yelling me, for a change.
[Dominator] NRP: Is DS going a different way?
* Azuls stops when he comes to a fork in the roard
* Blackjack follows DS
* DeathStar steps up behind Azuls
* Dominator stop behind Azuils as well
[DeathStar] Where to NOW, Mr. Know-It0
[DeathStar] All?
[Dominator] DS... Azuls is an ally...
[Azuls] ....I'm going right.
* Garland keeps pace with Azuls
* DK_Ariel follows behind Garland.
[Garland] which way?
[DeathStar] Then I'll go left.