Mission 65: Countdown to Doom

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 3 days later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room, MHHQ
* Seraphna` is on Ariel's shoulder
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Have I been initiated?
* DeathStar runs hand along his seat at the master computer
[DeathStar] NRP: Aye
[Seraphna`] We'ree home!!!
[DeathStar] Never thought I'd be here again..
[Ariel] It's nice to be back.
* Cold-Snap looks around
[Dominator] ... Yeah...
* DeathStar turns around
[DeathStar] Shame I got to leave so soon
* Wiendigo comes back from the bar with two bottles of beer in hand, while smoking a cigar
* Dominator glances at DS
[Cold-Snap] leave?
* Seraphna` almost falls off of Ariel's shoulder in joy
[Seraphna`] leave
[DeathStar] Dominator, I'm placing you in command of the Hunters in my absence.  Me and Iceheart just need some time to relax.  Go.  Have some fun.  
[Seraphna`] where?
* Cold-Snap sees the beer and runs to get one
[Seraphna`] Fun?...
[Ariel] Have a good time DS _
[Dominator] All right DS... So, we just go wherever then?
[Wiendigo] To "relax"? Yeah, I just bet...
[Seraphna`] Ariel, what is fun....???
[DeathStar] Yes, "Fun".  Is that such an ancient term?
* DeathStar frowns sadly and walks off
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
[Ariel] ...
[Dominator] So, where do you all want to go or what do you wabnt to do?
[Ariel] You really don't know... do you?
[AceHunter] So fellers, what's doing?
[Cold-Snap] Me?
[Seraphna`] No...
[Cold-Snap] I don't know?  Know what?
[Seraphna`] What is it?
[Wiendigo] Him and a drop dead gorgeous Reploid go off together. Yeah, they're goona do more then "fun"...
* GM master computer beeps
* Dominator goes to the computer and checks it
*** Justin-the-II ( has joined #taw
[Dominator] What could it want...
[GM] Warning: Alien Nation launching an attack on EarthGov forces.  All units head there at once,
[Seraphna`] Ariel? What is fun?
[Dominator] ... Alien Nations...
[Wiendigo] Whopdeshit...
[Justin-the-II] nrp:can i join?
[Ariel] Well... um... I hate having to explain things...
[Seraphna`] Aliens......
[Seraphna`] NRP: yes
[Justin-the-II] Nrp:how?
[Dominator] All right, that means us... Ready Hunters?
[Ariel] NRP: We're at HQ
[AceHunter] NRP: 
[Ariel] Let's go
[Seraphna`] Yes... 
[Ariel] ...
* Justin-the-II walks in
[Ariel] I'll try to explain later Sera...
[Justin-the-II] did i here somethin about aliens?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Just walk in
[Wiendigo] Yeah, sure, just damned ready a tthe drop of a hat...
[Dominator] Justin, we're scrambling to the Alien Nations.... Get to the shuttle everyone...
* Ariel tries to figure out how to explain "fun"
[Seraphna`] Ariel] I'll find out what fun is some other time....
* Dominator starts to the shuttle, motioning for the others to follow
* GM the Avenger awaits in the hanger
* Wiendigo walks slowly towards the shuttle
[Dominator] There goes our good time.
* Justin-the-II spins his 19 "im there!"gets in
* Ariel heads down to the shuttle bay and gets in the shuttle
* Dominator enters the Avenger and sits at the pilot seat
* AceHunter jumps aboard
* Cold-Snap eneters the Avenger
* Wiendigo throws back on his beer
* Cold-Snap sips his frosty brew
* Wiendigo gets in
[Cheryl] Well, it depends on your definition of fun Dom
*** Cheryl ( has joined #taw - 2 Clones - Ariel,Cheryl (F7 for details)
* Cheryl gets on the shuttle
[Justin-the-II] aliens.....oh...paybacks a (*&)&!
* Seraphna` starts to think about the plans she made for the new fighting wings...
[Dominator] Everyone aboard?
[Cheryl] I'm sure "Ariel" will find it fun...
* Dominator guns the engine and opens the docking bay doors
[Wiendigo] If not, leave anyway
* Ariel frowns.
[Dominator] Strap in... I'm getting us their as fast as possible.
[Seraphna`] What is this fun?
[Justin-the-II] we do get to kill aliens arnt we?
* Dominator flies out of the bay, then jumps into hyperspace toward the Earth
* Cold-Snap spills his beer all over Cheryl
* Justin-the-II buckles seat belt
[Cheryl] Something fun is something that you enjoy Sera
[Dominator] 3... 2... 1... *pulls out of hyperspace*
[Cold-Snap] Oh, I'm sorry!
* Cheryl jumps as the beer is spilled
[Seraphna`] Uh... ok...
[Cheryl] Ah!
* Cold-Snap cringes
[Cold-Snap] Maybe it won't stain?
[Seraphna`] You lost me Cheryl...
[Seraphna`] Was that fun....
* Cheryl sighs and trys to clean it off...
* Dominator flies toward the Alien Nation and radios the EarthGOv troops, 1"This is the MH Ship Avenger, reporting in."
[Justin-the-II] aliens,,,,......gatta hate em...
[GM] EarthGov: Welcome Hunters.  Nice to have you back.
[Dominator] Nice to be back. What's the situation?
[Cheryl] Um, something you like to do is generally fun Sera
* Wiendigo talks into the radio. 1"Go to hell, fleshbag!"
* Seraphna` tries to think of things she likes....
* Dominator pulls the comm. away from Wiendigo
* Justin-the-II flips wien off
[Dominator] Get to your seat, Wiendigo.
[GM] EarthGov: Well, their forces are moving into our terroitory.   Out of the Wastelands.  We got a lock on their base.  Somewhere in the thick jungle in the middle of the Wastelands.  Infact, at the spot X and Zero died.  Can you take it out?
[Seraphna`] I don't get much free time...
* Wiendigo grabs Justin and throws him towards the back of the shuttle
[GM] EarthGov: The hell!?
[Dominator] What?
* Justin-the-II reverses and throws wien
* Wiendigo reverses and slams Jusitn
[GM] EarthGov: Hey, who said that to me.  Come say it to my face pal!
[Dominator] Strap in and stop trying to kill yourself...
* Justin-the-II hits the ground hard
* Wiendigo goes bakc to the comm
[Justin-the-II] ooooooh.....DS can i kill him?
[Dominator] Okay, we're heading to the spot
[Wiendigo] Loved to, if you weren't so dmaned ugly!
[Cold-Snap] You couldn't Justin
* Seraphna` looks confused
* Dominator flies toward the location, arming weapons
[Dominator] ANyone want to man the weapons consol?
[GM] EarthGov: Your mother was a toaster!
[Ariel] Stop it now you two!
[Justin-the-II] haha!he dist you wien!
[Dominator] CoIgnore that officer...
[Wiendigo] Your mother was a whore!
[Seraphna`] I will!
[Seraphna`] I can do the weapons
[Dominator] Shut the hell up WIendigo. We're coming sir. *turns the comm off*
[GM] EarthGov: Why you little asshole.  I'm going to mangle your circuits!!
[Justin-the-II] ill help yah!
* Seraphna` goes to the weapons console...
* Wiendigo sits next to Dom. 1"You never let me have any fun."
* Justin-the-II was talkin to the earthgov
[Dominator] Seraphna, arm the weapons and prepare to attack once we arrive.
[GM] Computer: Arriving in 2 minutes
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield
* Seraphna` readies the weapons
[Dominator] Wiendigo... just man the secondary weapons or something
* GM a barren wastelands surronds them, and the temperature is hot, even in the Avenger
[Seraphna`] Weapons reeady.
* Justin-the-II spins his 19
* AceHunter grabs a parachute and sits down
[Dominator] I wonder which button turnst he air-conditioner on...
* Dominator glnaces at AceHunter
* GM a forest of trees can be seen ahead
[Ariel] This is boring...
[Justin-the-II] weres the aliens come in?
[Wiendigo] Bugger to you, soldier-boy.
[Ariel] Anything I can do Dom?
* Seraphna` s monitor blinks as the crosshairs on the visual turn on...
* Cheryl looks out the window
[Dominator] Just get ready for some action. The sensor station can be manned too
[Cheryl] Wow, like what they did with this place...
[Ariel] Right, I got it
[Wiendigo] I could get to enjoy this place...
[Justin-the-II] (whats a cadet?!)
* GM in the center of the forest is a base, right where the base X/Zero fought at
* AceHunter ignores Wiendigo
* Ariel sits down at the sensors
[Wiendigo] NRP: Remember the red-shirted guys from the original Star trek?
[Dominator] Get ready everyone. Ariel, full sensor sweep of the area.
* GM alarms go off
[Dominator] NRP: LOL
[Ariel] This place has changed alot since I was last here...
[Justin-the-II] nrp:no....
[GM] NRP: HA HA HA HA...the ones that DIED
* Ariel checks the sensors.
* GM the base fires on the Avenger
[Justin-the-II] nrp:that a promotion?
[Seraphna`] Right on schedule....
[Dominator] Arm weapons and fire on the base. *takes evasive action*
* Cold-Snap falls over
* Seraphna` aims at the bases weapons
[Dominator] Hang on! *goes into a barrel roll, then flies around the base*
* Seraphna` fires
* GM a shot hits the Avneger
* Ariel keeps an eye out for more surprises.
* Justin-the-II grips his seat
[Seraphna`] Darn!
* AceHunter yawns to equilize air preasure
[Cold-Snap] nrp: brb
[Dominator] All right, we're landing in a moment. Cover us Ariel!
* Wiendigo is merely tossed around
* Seraphna` readies weapon again
[Dominator] Ariel=Seraphna
[Ariel] Cover us?  What do you expect me to do?
[Wiendigo] Shoot them!
* GM the base locks their missiles on them
[Justin-the-II] nrp:is a cadet a promotion from an ensign?
[Dominator] We can't beat it from up here, we're infultrating it ourselves
* Dominator flies around outside the base and lands the ship
[GM] NRP: Yes, no sshhhh
* Wiendigo phases out and heads towards the base
[Dominator] Pile out.
[Seraphna`] Do I stay here and cover?
[Wiendigo] Lock and load!
* Dominator leaves the shi and starts for the base
* AceHunter leaps out of the Avenger, weapons at the ready
[Dominator] No, everyone come omn
* Justin-the-II gets up and cocks EB
* Wiendigo starts firing at the base
* Justin-the-II jumps out
* Seraphna` leaps to Ariel's shoulder.
* AceHunter cloaks and begins heading for the base
* GM the base hits Wiendigo in the leg, blasting a hole clean through it
[Dominator] Wiendigo... *sighs and arms weapons, moving towar dthe base, looking for a good entrance*
* Ariel materialises her sword and heads out
[Justin-the-II] this is gonna be fun...
* GM the entrance is right ahead of them
[Dominator] Wiendigo!!
[Justin-the-II] HUH?!
* Wiendigo drops
* Wiendigo slips inot the shadows
* Dominator has arrived close to the door
* Wiendigo comes back out, healed
[Dominator] Wiendigo, stay with us~
[Ariel] Ah, the original was better...
[Seraphna`] I set the weapons on automatic.
* Cheryl sneaks out with her energy blades activated
[Seraphna`] Nothing will touch the ship Dom...
* Ariel looks around
[Wiendigo] Bug off!
* Dominator enters the base
* GM birds chirp nearby
* Justin-the-II cocks his EB again
[Dominator] How's that Seraphna?
* AceHunter walks up to the entrance ducks and aims his force weapon at the door.
[Wiendigo] Birds? In this hot place?
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Back
* GM the air is nice and cool in the jungle
* GM the door is locked
* Justin-the-II walks toward the entrance
* Cold-Snap touches a tree
* Wiendigo firs at the door
[Dominator] Locked... Should we use the DS method and blow it to ashes?
[Justin-the-II] shal we blast a hole in it?
[Wiendigo] fires
[Cold-Snap] They're real
[Ariel] Can we cut it down instead?
* GM the door dents some
[Dominator] Guess so... *blasts Thunder Bolt at the door*
* GM door collaspes
[Seraphna`] If anything comes within twenty-five yards of the ship, they get fried 
[Cheryl] That'd be a little more discrete
* Justin-the-II uses his 19 and cuts a hole it the door
* Dominator enters the base and looks around
* GM the long hallway is dim
* Wiendigo hoves after Dom
[Dominator] Anyone have a light?
* Ariel heads in cautiously.
* Wiendigo fires a couple shots down it to illuminate it
[Dominator] Well, only one way to go. *starts down the hallway at a fast pace*
[Cold-Snap] NRP: CRAP, 2 RPG'S AT ONCE
* Justin-the-II takes out a granade incase he needs it
* GM the blasts are hit in mid air
* Ariel forms a ball of energy in her hand.
* Seraphna` places mindshield around Ariel and herself
* Wiendigo phases and heads down it
* Ariel and Cheryl head down the hall
[Wiendigo] SCATTER!
[Dominator] ..!
* Cold-Snap jumps
[Justin-the-II] huh?
* GM all is quiet
* Ariel goes left
* Cheryl goes right
* Cold-Snap begins to whistle
[Wiendigo] Something took down my shots
[Ariel] What is it?
* Cold-Snap goes rigth
* Justin-the-II goes streight
[GM] NRP: This is a HALLWAY
* Ariel stands against the wall
* Seraphna` is still on Ariel's shoulder
[Wiendigo] How the HELL sohuld I know???
* Dominator careful looks around as he goes
*** AceHunter has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Dominator] Watch your backs...
[Wiendigo] Someone scan.
* Cheryl looks down the hall
* Wiendigo takes out his katana
[GM] Voice: Dslexish
[Cheryl] I don't see anything...
[Dominator] Eh?
[Wiendigo] Wha?
[Justin-the-II] aliens?
* Seraphna` scans
*** AceHunter ( has joined #taw
[GM] Voice: Dslexish!
[Dominator] Anyone have any idea what the hell that means?
[Seraphna`] I wish darien was here
[Justin-the-II] there aniens right?
[Wiendigo] Or severely stoned humans...
[Seraphna`] Dinner?
[Cold-Snap] Dislexia?
[Justin-the-II] amneesia?
* GM lights go completely out
[Dominator] Shhh
[Cold-Snap] They want lexuses?
* Seraphna` scans
[Dominator] What the...
* GM the entrance seals itself off
* Wiendigo charges his katana
[Dominator] Trap...
* Justin-the-II twirls his 19
[Cold-Snap] Who did NOT see this coming?
* Ariel lets the ball of light disipate.
* Cold-Snap whips out a hammer
* GM ball is blasted
[Cheryl] Oh, THIS is original...
[Justin-the-II] well if i die ill die like my father.......fighting.....
* Seraphna` they'ree all over the place!
* Wiendigo fades into the shadows
* AceHunter stays cloaked
[Ariel] (NRP: Disipate = gone anyways...)
[Dominator] ... *looks around to see if they can go anywhere*
[Seraphna`] Justin, be careful!
* GM footsteps can be heard echoing through the halls
[Dominator] Get ready everyone...
[Justin-the-II] grrrr,,,
[Seraphna`] Guys, get ready!
* GM suddenly Justin rises in the air and his scream can be heard echoing through the hallway
* Wiendigo aims his cannon in that direction, waiting
[Dominator] Justin!
* GM blood can be heard splashign against the walls
* Seraphna` gegins to glow
* Cold-Snap fires at Justin's sides
[Wiendigo] SHIT!
* GM Justin drops
[Wiendigo] Is he dead? Please let him be dead...
[Justin-the-II] comein home dady...
* Ariel stands back to back with Cheryl, trying to find the opposition...
* Dominator runs toward where Justin fell
* Dominator charges THunder Bolt Enhancement
* AceHunter pulls a flare out of a pocket and tosses it into the center of the room
* Cold-Snap charges his canon
* Wiendigo keeps roving the area with his cannon
* GM a hand lands on Ariel's hair...Justin's hand
* Cold-Snap begins firing wildly down the hall
* Ariel screams
*** AronoX ( has joined #taw
[Wiendigo] Anyone have infrared vision?
* Dominator looks toward ARiel, 1"What?"
[Seraphna`] Ariel, something is touching me!!!
* Ariel jumps back, almost knocking over Cheryl
[Dominator] NRP: AH lit a flare
* Ariel picks up the hand, and her eyes go wide...
* Seraphna` breeath a small amount of fire
[Ariel] It's... it's...
[Dominator] ...!
[Seraphna`] Justin!!!!
* Cheryl forms her pheonix blade.
* Wiendigo takes the hand
* Dominator turns to Wiendigo
[Wiendigo] This'll do nicely
* Wiendigo pockets it
[Cheryl] ?
* Cold-Snap shoots his charged shot in the general direction of where the attack came from
[Wiendigo] What?
* GM all is quiet again
[Dominator] Wiendigo...!
[Dominator] Lets try to get out of here
* AceHunter looks around the room
[Wiendigo] WHAT?
[Seraphna`] We gotta get out
* Dominator turns back toward the entrance
[Cold-Snap] Let's move forward!
* GM some of Ariel's hair lands in Dominator's face
[Wiendigo] It's not going to do you any good...
[Cold-Snap] The entrance is blocked!
* Dominator pushes the hair away
*** Justin-the-II has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** AronoX is now known as Justin-the-II
[Cheryl] We gotta get out of here!
* AceHunter lights another flare
[Wiendigo] Well no shit...
* Cold-Snap starts moving down the hall
[GM] Voice: Dslexish!
[Cold-Snap] C'mon!
[Dominator] Let try and cut the entrance door open...
* Cold-Snap backs up
* Ariel backs up...
[Dominator] What does that mean?!
* Ariel gestures towards a wall
[Cold-Snap] Leave?
[GM] Another Voice: IT means "Halt" you dwit...
[Cold-Snap] Go forward?
*** GM is now known as Xevil
[Ariel] How about THAT way...
[Cheryl] ?
* Xevil appears before them
[Wiendigo] Has that EVER worked?
[Dominator] ... Halt? ... You!
[Wiendigo] How about THAT way? Through HIM?
* Xevil wipes blood away from him
[Seraphna`] Stop moving guys!
* Wiendigo aims his blaster at Xevil
* Ariel shakes her head in disbelief...
[Xevil] I liked playing with your human friend.  And I liked cutting some of Ariel's hair out
[Dominator] Hold your fire Wiendigo...
[Dominator] You...!
* Xevil waves the hair wickedly
* Cold-Snap charges his arm canon and forms a shield
* AceHunter fires a force beam at Xevil
[Wiendigo] I like this guy's style...
[Cold-Snap] You're a sick freak Xevil
[Dominator] Don't make us destroy you
[Xevil] I could have easily killed you all.  But I would rather take prisoners.
[Xevil] Why, thank you, Hunter.
* Wiendigo snorts
[Cold-Snap] No problem
[Wiendigo] Haven't I heard THAT one a million times...
[Dominator] You're in charge of the Alien Nation?
[Xevil] Destroy me?  Hah.  You can't even ESCAPE from this place.
[Cold-Snap] We will
[Xevil] Me?  I guess you could say that.  I was working in Quad 7, but you Hunters stumbled upon it.  So I was moved here.  Along with The Elder.
[Seraphna`] yeah, right, and now yell the truth
[Wiendigo] And THAT, my dear psycho, is bullshit.
[Dominator] Don't underestimate us... Vile and Sigma did
* AceHunter fires at Xevil again
[Dominator] The Elder?
[Xevil] Vile and Sigma were fools
[Xevil] OUF!
* Xevil steps back
[Xevil] You DARE attack me]!
[Seraphna`] Ariel] The ceiling
* Xevil fades away
*** Xevil is now known as GM
* Wiendigo lets uot his Shadow Claws
[Dominator] Uh... I said not to fire...
[Cold-Snap] Dammit AceHunter!!!!  HE'S GONNA KILL US NOW!!!!!
[Dominator] On your guards!
* GM the hallway begins to shake
[Ariel] Up?
[Cold-Snap] hmm
[Ariel] Why not...
[Wiendigo] I think it's Thanksgiving, 'cause I'm sure as hell gonna carve up some turkey today....
* GM the ceiling explodes in spikes and it starts coming down
* Wiendigo phases
[Seraphna`] Guys, the cieling
* Ariel jumps back
[Cold-Snap SOUND]
* Cold-Snap !
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of cobalt flames.
* AceHunter fires a force shield upward
* Dominator blasts thunder bolt rapidly at the spikes
* GM force field cuts out mid way
* Cold-Snap fires ice at the cieling
* Cheryl looks at the ceiling
* Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
* GM the ceiling keeps slowly going down
[GM] 10 seconds
[GM] NRP: HAllway, remember?
* Cold-Snap begins running
[GM] 9 seconds
* Cold-Snap runs faster
[GM] 8 seconds
[Ariel] The floor again?
[Dominator] Blast at the spikes!
[GM] 7 seconds
* Cold-Snap runs down the hall
[GM] 6 seconds
[GM] 5 seconds
* Dominator keeps blasting and runs down the hall
[GM] 4 seconds
* Cold-Snap runs
[Seraphna`] The hallway!
[GM] 3 seconds
[GM] CS is safe
[Cold-Snap] RUN!!!!
* Ariel runs
[GM] 2 seconds
* AceHunter runs
* Cold-Snap stops
[GM] 1 second
[Seraphna`] or... the floor
* Dominator uses CC to run 3 times speed
* Ariel sprints at fullspeed
[GM] Dom is safe
[GM] Ariel is safe
[GM] AH is safe
[Dominator] Hurry!
[GM] 0 second
* GM Wiendigo is impaled
* Cheryl was with Ariel
[Dominator] Wiendigo!
* Wiendigo phases through the floor next to the group
* Seraphna` is still on Ariel's shoulder
* Cold-Snap begins laughing
[Wiendigo] NRP: Phased
* Cold-Snap Laughs hysterically
[Dominator] This place is a death trap...
[Cold-Snap] That is so classic
[Seraphna`] Up or Down?
[Cold-Snap] U
[Ariel] I've gotta be more observant...
[Cold-Snap] up
* GM they are in a large room
* Dominator looks around
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Is it still dark?
* GM the room's only light is four torches scattered about it
* AceHunter readies some HE Grenades
* Cold-Snap charges
* /sound: no such file 'liar.mid'
[GM] Xevil: to my tune, Hunters.
[Ariel] Torches?  Someone is going retro...
[Dominator] What..?!
* Cold-Snap begins dancine
[Seraphna`] GLADLY!
* GM a harsh wind blows the torches out and red eyes can be seen staring at the Hunters
* Ariel steps back in a fighting stance
* Cold-Snap fireds at the eyes
[Dominator] ... What? Who?!
*** GM is now known as Beast
* AceHunter lights a flare and throws it at the eyes
[Wiendigo] Great....jsut f***ing great....
* Beast roars
* Cold-Snap fires rapidly right between its eyes
* Beast knocks flare away
* Wiendigo readies his claws
* Beast grabs CS
* Beast rips into his gut with his claws
[Cold-Snap] AAGGGH
* Cold-Snap bleeds a whole heck of a lot
[Dominator] Cold-Snap!
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (580AP)
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of azure flames, slightly illuminating the room
* Wiendigo leaps on B's bakc and starts tearing him up
* Seraphna` glows with an erie light as the sky above her turns to spirals of Green, Red, and Blue energy. Seraphna then fires a beam of holy, etheral light at the enemy, on contact, the spell *Luminaire is cast, hurting all in it's path. Sera's Elementalist Attacks are doubled for 30 minutes... (500AP)
* Beast begins to chew on him
[Beast] NRP: CAn't use your limit
* AceHunter fires a level 5 VRP blast at the Beast
[Beast] ARH!
* Beast drops CS
* Cheryl throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Beast [380 AP]
[Cheryl] Get back!
* Dominator dashes forward at amazing speeds with Crimson Crystal, then activates Ebony Crystal to double his next attack's AP, he then slashes three times in the time a normal person can only slash once at Beast the attack is mentally hammered at him at the same time using Purple Crystal (3000AP total + 3000AP telepathic)
* Wiendigo stabs the Beast's jaw
[Beast] ARHHH!!!!!
* Beast rams Wiendigo into the wall
* Cold-Snap falls clutching circutry that was contained in his gut
* Beast closes eyes and can't be seen
* Wiendigo absorbs the hit
[Dominator] Where?!
* AceHunter cloaks
* Wiendigo starts firing around the room
* Beast Dom rises in the air and his arm begins to get ripped off
[Wiendigo] ANYWHERE!
[Beast SOUND]
* Seraphna` casts Luminare (350 AP 2x = 700AP)
* Wiendigo leaps next to Dom and stabs the air
* AceHunter throws a flare into the air to light the room
[Beast] NRP: I said your limit didn't go through
[Dominator] ARGH! *teleports off*
* Ariel leaps into the air, still giving off an eiry blue light
[Beast] NRP: Teleporting jammed
* Beast eyes glare at Ariel
* Cold-Snap fires at beasts eyes from seated position
* Dominator stabs RS right behind him
* Seraphna` uses Dark Bomb (300AP 2x = 600AP)
[Beast] PAUSE
* Beast turns to Seraphna
Session Close: Sat Apr 24 13:08:31 1999

Session Start: Sat Apr 24 13:09:12 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
* Dominator rapidly stabs behind him, trying to hit the beast
* Beast rams tail into AH so hard it knocks him into the wall with a loud crunch
* Ariel is engulfed by the flames, appearing only as an inversed silhouette of blue light. The flames then burn away to reveil Ariel standing there defiently, wearing her winged Azure armor.
[Beast] ARGH!!!!!
[Ariel] I got a bad feeling about this...
* Seraphna` hides under rubble
* Dominator tries to get free
* Cold-Snap crawls back to the others, trailing circuitry and fluids
[Cheryl] Com'on!  Let's dance!
[Justin-the-II] nrp:we are dead!we all gonna die!!!!this is a word of wisdom from your former fellow hunter....
* Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
* Beast leaps on Cheryl
* Cheryl 's eyes burn with an internal flame.
[Dominator] Cheryl!
* Cheryl is engulfed by the flames, which burn away reveiling her crimson winged armor.
* AceHunter Beast becomes cursed with bad luck
* Cold-Snap lies on his back and shoots at beasts eyes
* Beast all its weight crushes Cheryl
[Beast] ATHH!
* Wiendigo leaps on the Beast and slashes
* Beast leaps off
* Cheryl stabs beast
[Beast] OUF!
* Beast dies
[Cold-Snap] Cheryl!
*** Beast is now known as GM
[Seraphna`] Cheryl!!!!
* Cold-Snap lies on the ground
* GM a wind blows and the torches relight
[Seraphna`] No!!
[Wiendigo] Anyone want a drumstick?
* AceHunter stands and holds his chest
* Cheryl struggles to get to her feet
[Dominator] ... I don't like this at all
* Seraphna` fients
* Cold-Snap stands clutching his gut
[GM] Xevil: The further you progress, the more Hunters you will loose.....
[Ariel] You've got to stop making a habit of this Cheryl...
[Dominator] Xevil, we just want to leave!
[Cold-Snap] Uh, anyone got the ability to repair/heal?
[Wiendigo] Somehow, I find that comforting...
* Cheryl stands weakly, clutching her shoulder...
* Seraphna` is still under rubble
[Ariel] Where's Sera?
[Ariel] I lost her during the fight...
* Ariel searches
* AceHunter finishes healing himself
[Justin-the-II] nrp:brb
*** Justin-the-II has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Dominator] .. I don't know.
*** Blackjack ( has joined #TAW
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blackjack
[GM] NRP: Session
* Dominator looks around for a way to continue
[Cheryl] I *cough* can heal...
* GM the wind blows harshly
[Seraphna`] urrr........
[GM] Xevil: Where are you going to do?  Left, right, or down?
[Dominator] Trapped in this Alien Nation base... Xevil... We have to get through
* Cold-Snap 's blood and circulatory fluids begins to coat the floor
[Ariel] !
* Wiendigo slips into the shadows
* Ariel hears Sera and digs her out of the rubble
* Dominator looks the choices over and tries to decide
[Dominator] Whihc would you recommend, Xevil?
[Seraphna`] hurts.....
[GM] NRP: Someone HELP CS..
* AceHunter sets some HE platique against the forward wall
* Dominator points Rune Sword at Cold-Snap and Silver Crystal starts to sign a white light; then dazzling silver energy engulfs him and begins to restore his life. Only moments later, the energy fades, but he is left feeling refreshed and has been healed (+180HP)
[Dominator] 180=400
[Ariel] Ther there... you'll be okay...
[Cold-Snap] Thank you
* Ariel gently touches Seraphna, and a soft white light surronds them both, healing Seraphna. [300 LP]
[Dominator] You're welcome...
[Dominator] Which way, Hunters
[Dominator] ?
[Cold-Snap] Up
* Seraphna` fall in and out of conciousness
[Cold-Snap] I have a good feeling about up
[Wiendigo] Through
* AceHunter tries to blow a hole in the forward wall
[Dominator] Wait, Ace Hunter
[Cheryl] I *cough*... don't know...
[Dominator] I say up. Lets try and get to the top.
* GM the forward wall leads to the crushed ceiling
[Dominator] ...
[Ariel] Up sounds good...
* Cold-Snap looks at his own blood. He begins to hurl.
[Ariel] What Sera?
[Wiendigo] Well, so much for that, I helped, you're on your own
[Dominator] Hunters....
* GM the wind blows again and the lights go out
* Dominator looks at what the up path looks like
[Dominator] ... Lets get going
* Seraphna` begins to glow out of control again, like when the team was in Hell
[Cheryl] Sorry... can't think straight...
[Cold-Snap] Shit, we need to move
[Wiendigo] Wait, where' the wind ocming from?
[Dominator] ... I'm not sure
[Cheryl] !
[GM] Xevil: Oooo, I'm picking a Hunter up outside....lets have some fun with it, shall we?
[Wiendigo] Follow it.
*** Justin-the-II ( has joined #taw
* GM a light appears in the middle of the room and Blackjack crashes to the ground
[Cheryl] Yeah... follow the wind...
[Dominator] What?!
[Ariel] !
[Dominator] Blackjack! *runs toward him*
[GM] Xevil: Another human, too.  I shall enjoy ripping it apart like Justin....
[Blackjack] Hey... sorry I took so long to get here...
[Wiendigo] The win'd obviously coming from somewhere, either it's being artificially genereated, or it's from outsdie
[Blackjack] Urgh... sounds gru... wait, Justin?
[Cold-Snap] Yea, maybe you could have been disemboweled too
* Dominator grabs Blackjack and pulls him toward the others
[Dominator] No time to explain Blackjack, but we're in grave danger...
* GM the room begins to rumble
[Blackjack] Hey!
* Cold-Snap begins heading up
[Wiendigo] Aren't we always?
[Dominator] Uh... Lets go!
[Blackjack] Uh, I think I can see that... Shall we move?
* Dominator starts going up
* Wiendigo heads after the wind
[Blackjack] What was that about Justin... *runs after Dom*
* AceHunter sets more flares to keep the area around him lit
* AceHunter follows Dominator
* Wiendigo keeps phased
[Dominator] Justin was... ripped apart by Xevil...
[Seraphna`] A voice in Ariel's head, "Linar must live, Linar, go, leave... hurry the Humans!!!!" 
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Wasn't AH's head torn off?