* Dominator chuckles a bit, 1"Just like DS..."
* Seraphna is not used to this, not even sitting
[Ariel] Are you okay Sera?
* GM the recorder keeps rambling on
* Garland puts the book away
* Cold-Snap turns off the recorder
[Dominator] I'm never going to get those lyrics out of my head, no matter how hard I try...
[Cold-Snap] Anyone listening to that?
[Dominator] 2 minutes and we're there.
[Seraphna] Um, yeah, if you can explain why my blood feels like it's boiling!
* Cold-Snap picks up the recorder and pops in a "Brittany SPears" tape
[Cold-Snap] Baby baby!
[Regulus] E_E
[Garland] The wonders of being warm-blooded, Sera.
* Cheryl giggles.
* GM Doom can be seen upahead
* Dominator sighs, and checks the computer
* GM he slides out on some ice and slides around
[Ariel] Did you know you're blushing too Sera?
*** GM is now known as Doom
[Regulus] o,o
[Doom] AHHHH!!!
[Dominator] All right everyone, its time for action. Doom took the bait. *is careful not to let Doom see them*
* Cold-Snap readies his ice canon
[Seraphna] um I uh.....
* Doom hits a snow bank and keeps going
[Cold-Snap] NO HEAT!!!
[Regulus] I'm completely cold.
[Regulus] ALL my weapons are.
[Ariel] That's my style
* Ariel 's eyes seem to embody ice itself.
[Dominator] All right, raise your hand if you have an ice weapon
[Garland] Uh... cold... cold.... that leaves me out of the fight, unless I use the gospel only
* Doom spins around and crashes through some ice and sinks below it
[Garland] maybe one of my attacks....
* Cold-Snap raises his hand
* Dominator raises his own hand a moment
[Cheryl] I'm out of it...unless...
* Regulus looks at Doom
* Seraphna get's her quarterstaff ready
[Dominator] He's fallen... We should attack him...
[Regulus] ...first he is our horror now he's pathetic.
[Cheryl] Can you give weapons an elemental charge Sera?
* Garland raises hand half-way unsure
* Doom leaps back out, a little slower than usual
[Seraphna] yes!
* Dominator flies the ship over the ice
* Regulus charges Ice Shot
* Cheryl holds her hand up and a sword materializes in her grasp.
* Garland draws the gospel
* Doom sees the Avenger and roars in anger
[Dominator] Lets tail him and watch him get weaker, guys
[Cheryl] I could use something on the frosty side over here
[Dominator] Or not...
[Seraphna] (All weapons now have an Ice elemental charge)
[Cold-Snap] can we fire ice from way up here?   OR would that just anger him?
[Garland] Hrm.....
[Regulus] ...
* Doom hits the Avenger and all it's controls go dead again
* Dominator opens the windows a bit, for the members to shoot out off
[Cold-Snap] Will the charge affect their warming abilities?
[Doom] Heh heh heh....
[Dominator] Damn!
* Regulus fires an 1,11Ice Beam10,0 on Doom , doing Ice damage [250 AP]
* Doom the Avenger hits the ice, hard, but remains in once piece
* Dominator blasts the ice DOom's standing on as he looses ship control
[Doom] aRRHH
* Cold-Snap fires his ice beam at Doom
* Doom shakes it off
[Cheryl] Alright!  Thanks Sera
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  You stole my ice beam DAMN YOU!!!!
* Dominator fires Thunder Bolt Ice Enhancement
[Regulus] NRP: o.O Didn't even knew about YOUR ice beam.
[Regulus] NRP: :D We could make a combo.
[Doom] ARGH
[Dominator] NRP: Shhh
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  Why you think Cold-Snap?
[Dominator] Fire ice weapons
* Doom throws it off
* Cold-Snap continues firing
* Seraphna casts Ice3 on the beast (AP 350)
* Doom blasts at the Hunters
* Garland has no ice attack
* Seraphna casts Ice3 on the beast (AP 350)
* Doom rushes at them
[Ariel] NRP: I gotta ice beam too ;)
* Regulus makes crystals of ice fall over Doom [250 AP]
[Doom] DIE!!!!!
* Dominator dives forward to dodge
* Doom keeps runninga nd and running
[Garland] Uh....
* Seraphna casts Ice3 on the beast (AP 350)
* Doom rams into Dom (5000 AP)
* Seraphna casts Ice3 on the beast (AP 350)
* Dominator jumps out of the crashed Avenger
[Garland] *looks around*
[Doom] OUF!
* Ariel incases Dooms feet in ice
[Dominator] YARGH!
* Doom crashes to the ground
[Garland] I'm a fighter, not an elementaist...
* Dominator uses SC on himself twice
* Cold-Snap leaps out and takes cover behind Avenger
* Doom begins to shimmer
[Doom] NOOOO!!!
* Cold-Snap fires more ice at Doom
[Dominator] You got him!
[Regulus] STOP!
* Ariel and Cheryl get out
* Doom collaspes as he shimmers away from few
*** Doom is now known as Xevil
[Regulus] Now let's RUN! HE'LL EXPLODE!!!!!!!
* Xevil appears there, shivering
[Cold-Snap] Uh
[Cheryl] He won't explode...
[Dominator] He's Xevil once more.
[Xevil] Y-Y-You....
* Cold-Snap fires ice at Xevil
[Regulus] o_O oh.
[Dominator] You failed, Xevil.
* Cold-Snap ducks behind the shuttle
[Cheryl] That's backward Regulus!
* Xevil reflects Ice
[Regulus] U-U-Us...
* Cold-Snap forms a shield
* Cold-Snap takes it on the shield and absorbs it
* Dominator activates Spectral Shield
* Regulus makes MindShield LVL2
* Cold-Snap fires more ice
[Xevil] I'll leave now.  This victory is yuors
* Xevil walks off
[Garland] ....hmph
* Seraphna rushes past doom with enhanced speed, clubbing him four times on the head (650 AP - SLAM)
[Xevil] ARGH!
* Xevil hits the ice
[Dominator] Let him go
[Dominator] ...
[Cold-Snap] NO!!!  KILL HIM!!!
* Cold-Snap fires more ice at Xevil
* Xevil stands up and quickens pace as he runs
[Dominator] He's still dangerous to us...
[Seraphna] Stop him!
[Seraphna] Running?
[Garland] If he repents, I will allow him to live.
[Cold-Snap] Exactly
* Garland runs after him
[Cold-Snap] He'll come back to kill us
[Dominator] Where can he go from here...
* Cold-Snap continues firing
[Dominator] ...Garland...
[Regulus] hm.
* Xevil fires a blasr into CS (5000 aP)
* Garland runs at him with Gospel drawn
* Seraphna follows Garland
* Regulus looks at CS
* Cold-Snap falls
[Dominator] Cold-SNap!
[Regulus] T_T We TOLD you.
* Xevil a ship flies over head and beams him up
[Xevil] LATAER!
*** Xevil is now known as GM
* Ariel tries to encase Xevil's feet in ice
[Cold-Snap] NRP: healing QUICK!!!!
* GM ship flies away
[Dominator] You'll pay, don't doubt that for a moment Xevil
* Dominator heals CS with Silver Crystal (+1000HP)
* Cheryl shakes her head.
[Dominator] ... *glances back to the Avenger*
* Cold-Snap stands
[Cheryl] You gotta stop doing that CS...
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Did I gain the 5000 as well?
* Cheryl gently touches Cold_Snap, and a soft white light surronds them both, healing Cold_Snap. [300 LP]
* Regulus goes back to the Avenger
[Cold-Snap] NRP;  Or am I living dead?
[Cold-Snap] Thank you
[Dominator] Head to the shuttle...
* Cold-Snap walks to the avenger
[GM] NRP: Yes you did
[Regulus] I'm already there.
* Seraphna walks beside Garland
* Garland looks a Sera
* Cold-Snap gets in
* Seraphna looks back
* Dominator shakes head, grinning, 1"I thought there was no possible way we could pull this off... But we did... Wait till I see DS's face when he hears about this."
[Dominator] Session Ends