Mission 67: Doom is Here

[DeathStar] Time Chart: A few hours later....
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room, MHHQ
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
* Garland walks in on crutches
* Seraphna` is on Ariel's Shoulder
* Dominator is sitting, looking fatigued
* Garland sits down and winces in pain
* Ariel atches monitors, a worried look on her face
* Slash sits in his chair
[GM] Newscaster: After Doom amazingly defeated the Hunters, he began to head for the next closet city, Shiab.  Can ANYONE stop this creature?
[Cold-Snap] No
[Dominator] Doom...
[Slash] ..
[Slash] Doom... who is this?
* Cold-Snap walks to the bar
[Regulus] ]:D
* Regulus jumps in
* Garland gets up and grabs shoulder
[Regulus] Hello.
[Ariel] ???
[Dominator] Hey
[Garland] I ugh will.
[Regulus] Hi
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Did GM DIE?
[Regulus] NRP: Yeah.
[Garland] We have to stop this thing.
[GM] NRP: Uh yes...
[Regulus] NRP: Regulus is now here.
[Slash] ...
[Ariel] Any ideas?
[Slash] Tell me who this "Doom" is...
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Why do WE have to stop it?
[Cold-Snap] Xevil
[Slash] I have been busy..
*** Wiendigo ( has joined #taw
[Cold-Snap] Doom is Xevil
[Dominator] Well... We have to defeat Doom BUT we need to find other way then just attacking him..
[Cold-Snap] Why do WE have to stop it?
[Dominator] Doom is the monster form of Xevil
[Cold-Snap] Why do WE have to stop it?
[Slash] ...
[Cold-Snap] Why do WE have to stop it?
[Ariel] How about trapping him?
[Cold-Snap] NRP: What the hell?
[Dominator] Cold-Snap, we're the Maverick Hunters... EarthGov can't, so we need to try a least
* Garland tho weakened, punches CS
[Garland] Because it's the right thing to do.
* Wiendigo slips in from the shadows
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Sorry, keyboard being odd
* Dominator rubs his temple, then suddenly stops and thinks
[Wiendigo] NRP: Sorry, I was multiplaying with Monty
[Cold-Snap] Can we just blow the hell out of it with a really big nuke?
[Dominator] Remember how Xevil changed into Doom? THat's not an ordinary Tsivrixsh ability I bet...
[Dominator] Cold-Snap, lets not take the planet with him, okay?
[Regulus] ...
[Garland] Cold-Snap, what is it with you and nukes?
* Slasher` walks out of the room scratching his arm
[Cold-Snap] Whaddya mean Garland?
[Ariel] Scorched earth isn't an option
[Dominator] We knocked him into the purple energy... That's what changed him I'll bet...
[Regulus] Tsivrixsh destroyed a base I had. They're going to die IN MY HANDS.
[Garland] ....nothing.
[Slash] NRP: I gotta go, Visiting hours over in about 20 minutes.. gotta visit gramps...
[Cold-Snap] Sacrifice some of the earth to save the rest!
[Wiendigo] Screw part of it, sacrifice all of it
[Dominator] Cold-Snap... THat's only a last result.
[Regulus] ...
* Regulus looks at Wiendigo
[Cold-Snap] Last after what?  He destroys 4 more cities?
* Slasher` before leaving the room a ball of Living metal flies out of his arm and wraps around CS's mouth (unblockable and can't get rid off)
[Regulus] Hey we ARE included in "all".
[Dominator] I say we go back to the base where we fought the normal Xevil... I want a closer look at the energy that chanmged him.
[Cold-Snap] mmmmf mmmmff
[Wiendigo] And your point?
* Regulus looks at Slasher
* Dominator stands up
[Regulus] Hm!
[Seraphna`] Let'
* Cheryl walks in
[Dominator] Well, its could give us some more options
[Cold-Snap] mmmmf!
[Garland] .....*sits back in "his" chair, wich originally belonged to UO, unbeknownst to Garland*
[Dominator] Head to the shuttle everyone...
[Regulus] ok.
* Cold-Snap runs after Slasher` and begins pushing him
[Dominator] suttle=Avenger
[Cheryl] You think we can reverse it?
[Seraphna`] Let's GO!
[Seraphna`] This is hopeless
* Regulus heads to the shuttle
* Dominator heasd from Avenger
* Slasher` cloaks
* Regulus enters it
*** Slasher` (blarg@ has left #taw
[Garland] Oh... and I just sat down...
* Dominator sits at the pilot seat
* Garland teleports to a seat in the Avenger
[Ariel] Come'on Sera
* Cold-Snap breaks the metal
* Wiendigo gets in
[Seraphna`] okies
* Cheryl gets in the avenger
* Cold-Snap heads to the shuttle
* Garland holds shoulder
* Wiendigo takes co-pilot
* Dominator starts the engine
[Dominator] You know how to fly, Wiendigo?
* Ariel gets in the shuttle with Seraphna
[Garland] Damn.... Hyper really takes it out of ya... (last session)
[Wiendigo] No, jsut wanna bug the hell out of you.
* Wiendigo smirks
* Dominator opens the docking bay door and takes off
[Cold-Snap] ANyone gonna man the weapons?
[Dominator] Oh, I see...
[Cheryl] I'll do it!
[Regulus] ...
* Cheryl takes the seat for the weapon controls
* Wiendigo lights up a cigar again
[Ariel] Just alittle eager?
[Dominator] What's the vote? Do I hyperspace there and risk destroying the shuttle, but get there in 3 seconds, or fly normal and get there in 5 minutes?
[Dominator] shuttle=Avenger
[Ariel] Fly normal
[Ariel] 5 min won't hurt much
[Garland] NRP: Dom, we get the idea
[Regulus] yeah.
[Wiendigo] Say we fly to a planet with naked native women and start all over again.
[Dominator] NRP: Heheh
[Cheryl] o_O?
[Regulus] ...
* Dominator sighs at Wiendigo and ignores him
[Dominator] NRP: Next session Wiendigo
[Dominator] 3 minutes left...
[GM] NRP: Must bring DS back then....
* Cheryl sees if the weapons can lock on people inside the shuttle
[Wiendigo] NRP: THAT I can do! (=)
[Regulus] @_@
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Where is DS anyway?
* Garland stares off into space (literally)
[Cheryl] NRP: He's already there
[Wiendigo] NRP: Well, he's with a Reploid lady, so....
[Seraphna`] Are we ready?
* Dominator is thinking as they fly toward Earth, which is getting larger by the moment
[Cold-Snap] Anyone seen DeathStar recently?  I mean shouldn't he be helping or something?
[Dominator] Less then 2 minutes and we're there now.
[Dominator] He's on vacation, CS.
[Cheryl] Hey, give him a break
[Regulus] NRP: Lag lag lag lag!!!
[Cold-Snap] . . . sorry, I thought a threat to EARTH would pre-empt a vacation
* Dominator watches Earth get bigger and bigger and appears to be thinking
* Cold-Snap looks out a window
*** Regulus has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Ariel] Why not?  We face that every day
[Ariel] Or close enough.
[Cold-Snap] Earth's destruction?
[Seraphna`] I'm scared...
* Ariel nods
*** Regulus ( has joined #TAW
[Cold-Snap] Really?  I thought it was more our own that we faced daily
[Dominator] ... I think contact with DS was lost but I'm sure he did that on purpose...
* Seraphna` shakes with fear...
[Regulus] NRP: LAG
[Garland] .... *takes some medication the medbots gave him*
[Regulus] ...
[Wiendigo] Yep, that prvoes my theory....
[Ariel] Hey, Sera, don't worry.  This part should be easy
[Regulus] Theory?
[Regulus] Which one? Tell me. I love to hear stuff like that.
[Seraphna`] Garland, are you suree you can fight?
* Dominator arrives at Earth,a nd flies the Avenger into the atmopshere toward the Wastelands
[Cold-Snap] NRP I give you my theme:
[Garland] Seraphna, it's my duty.
[Cold-Snap SOUND]
* Cold-Snap ! [All Files]
[Wiendigo] Shut up, you snot nosed little punk.
* GM the radio turns onto the classics and Jeff Foxworthy begins to play
[GM] "IF you're a redneck...."
* Wiendigo blasts the radio
[Cold-Snap] NRP lol
[Dominator] We're almost ready... What the?! Oh... just the raidio...
[Seraphna`] I'm gonna try my new form later...
[Regulus] ...
[Wiendigo] GAH!
* Garland raises brow, as he doesn't get the jokes
[Dominator] You know, Wiendigo, there IS an "off" button
* Regulus raises eyebrow as he doesn't gets too.
[Wiendigo] Oh...oh well...
* Regulus looks at the radio
[Regulus] Tsk tsk.
* Dominator flies toward the ruins of the base they fought Xevil at
* GM they arrive the ruins of the base
[Ariel] Garland... Make sure you don't over do it
* Regulus looks at the ruint
* Dominator lands the shuttle next to them
[Regulus] NRP: ruins
* Seraphna` flies over to Garland
[Garland] *snaps at Ariel* I'm fine!
[Dominator] Everyone out... *grabs a scanner from the ship*
* Dominator walks out and moves toward the part they fought Xevil at
[Regulus] o.O?
* Garland cracks knuckles
* Wiendigo hops out with his cannon ready
[Garland] Rematch time.
* Cold-Snap gets out
[Regulus] ...
* Garland jumps out
* GM some purple gel can be seen on the ground
* Cold-Snap begins charging and prepares an ice shield
[Dominator] ... Uh... DOom isn't here, you guys
* Ariel and Cheryl get out.
[Regulus] I'll find out who Doom is.
[Cold-Snap] oh go oh god oh god oh god
[Dominator] Hmm... *scans the gel*
* Regulus looks at the purple gel
* Wiendigo touches it and rubs it between his fingers
[Cold-Snap] HE'S XEVIL!!!!   DOOM IS XEVIL!!!!!
[Regulus] EW! Gross!
[Dominator] Wait, Regulus
[GM] Scanner: ET substance.
* Dominator puts some of it in a container
[Ariel] Wow... It's good
[Garland] Like we didnt know that.
[Regulus] ...
[GM] Scanner: Atoms move very quickly, giving it power.  It also makes the substance very unstable.
[Dominator] Interesting... *continues the scan*
[Dominator] Unstable? Hmm... This is most likely what happened to Xevil...
[Cheryl] You were saying Ariel?
[Ariel] -_-
[Wiendigo] Whoa...6*wipes it off on Garland*
[Garland] Wouldn't that make it hot?
[Regulus] 1_1 So THAT'S Xevil's source power?
[Dominator] Not Xevil'
[Dominator] s, but Doom's
* Garland glances at Wien, not caring
[GM] NRP: See if your brains can solve how to beat Doom
[Regulus] ];p Xevil = Doom
[GM] NRP: *leans back, incase this takes awhile*
[Regulus] ...
* Dominator scans for anything else of use
* GM nothing else is found
[Cheryl] No Garland, not if it had a unusually low friction factor
[Regulus] "We gotta use the snake's poison to beat the snake." Phaedos used to say that.
[Dominator] Well, that's are clue... Back to the HQ now. *goes back into the ship*
[Wiendigo] If it makes the substance unstable...
[Cold-Snap] What's the opposite of purple?
[Garland] Wien: Tu'Kelth hen kin'puluh kahn.
[Dominator] Right, Wiendigo, there has to be some way to explote that
[Cold-Snap] Sounds silly to me
[Wiendigo] Then isn't Doom a walking time bomb then?
[Cold-Snap] Then we have a building sized bomb!
* Dominator glances at Garland, 1"We've got as much information on that language as we do on Tsivrixsh..."
[Dominator] Everyone in.
[Seraphna`] Garland] I'm here if you need me
[Cheryl] I say freeze him
[Cold-Snap] So, we explode him in a deserted area?
* Wiendigo hops back in
[Cold-Snap] So do I
[Garland] .....? You know Cheire?
* Cold-Snap get in the shuttle
[GM] NRP: Waht?!  Someone got it?!
[Dominator] No, we have absolutely no information on Tsivrixsh or Cheire.
[Dominator] NRP: Uh... I took a sample
* Regulus thinks CS is right!
[GM] NRP: No, no, the solution.  One of them said it
[Seraphna`] Yes we do
[Garland] Oh... sorry I misunderstood.
[Cold-Snap] NRP: We freeze him?
[Wiendigo] NRP: 6*raises his hand*
[Cheryl] Do we have any way to freeze someone that big?
* Garland teleports back in
[Arono] NRP:i think its the snake thing..
[Regulus] NRP: No we make it explode in a deserted area!
[Regulus] NRP: :p CS SAID the snake thing
[Seraphna`] ...Garland, tell me when your gonna do that!
[Dominator] Explode him in a desert area... Maybe making him push his power full force...
[Regulus] NRP: The purple gel will make Doom explode.
[Wiendigo] How much tiem do we HAVE then?
[Cheryl] If we freeze him, the atoms slow, and he'll lose his power
[Garland] Oh... sorry.
[Regulus] ...
[Cold-Snap] Let's run some tests on the get
[Cold-Snap] NRP Get=gel
[GM] NRP: oo, the voice said it again!
[Cold-Snap] See what makes it go boom
[Seraphna`] S'ok, it just freeaks me out....
[Wiendigo] NRP: He's unstable as it is, he's a walking time bomb, jsut gotta get him some where where he can explode harmlessly
* Dominator glances at Cheryl, 1"There might be something to that..."
* Cheryl is the resisdant science freak
* Garland scratches Sera's ear
[Cold-Snap] So, explode, or freeze?
[Dominator] But how would we freeze him?
* Seraphna` purrs at the attention
[Cheryl] I'm sure it'll work.  I was right about the blackhole wasn't I?
[Regulus] Yeah.
[Cold-Snap] Either way, we need to test the gel
[Wiendigo] Combination, perhaps?
[Dominator] Well, explode would be too dangerous, we could loose other members.
[Cheryl] Alot of liquid nitrogen?
* Cheryl shrugs
[Cold-Snap] It wasn't even a real Blackhole
[Dominator] ... Try using the computer to figure something out, Cheryl.
[Cheryl] It worked the same way CS
[Cold-Snap] humph
[Garland] Liquid O3 may work (O-Zone).
[Cold-Snap] Blackholes can't be collapsed
[GM] NRP: *is proud his members, mainly Cheryl, outthought him again.  HEy, wait, that's bad...
[Dominator] CS, you're not helping...
[Seraphna`] they already aree collapsed
[Regulus] ...
[Cold-Snap] yea yea
[Regulus] Oh well ppl can be wrong sometimes. *_*
[Cheryl] NRP: I'm glad I took chem last semester _
[Dominator] So... Suggestions on how to freeze him?
[Cold-Snap] Question: Won't he just unfreeze?
*** GM is now known as Azuls
* Azuls holds chest as he teleports in
[Cold-Snap] We move him up north!
* Wiendigo smokes his cigar
[Cold-Snap] or south!
[Ariel] Azuls?
[Azuls] You take him far north as you can
[Dominator] Eh? Azuls! You're alive?
* Regulus senses Azuls
[Cold-Snap] Too either the artic or the antartic
* Azuls points at CS
[Azuls] Listen to him
* Cold-Snap bows
[Azuls] There, you will hit him with your biggest damn ice gun you got
[Ariel] How do we get him there though?
[Dominator] North... that's perfect...
* Azuls is obviously pist
[Regulus] ...
[Ariel] I doubt he's coming willingly...
[Dominator] ... *checks computer to see what they've got in the way of ice guns*
[Cold-Snap] so we lure him there
[Cold-Snap] How do we lure him?
[Ariel] Do we have bait?
[Cold-Snap] food?
[Dominator] ... That's the only problem. 
[Cold-Snap] Us?
[Seraphna`] This will never work!
[Garland] ..... Um...
[Ariel] Us might work
[Azuls] .....
[Cold-Snap] We injure him and get him to follow
[Azuls] I got it
* Cheryl shudders
[Dominator] He's not after us, he wants to destroy towns..
[Azuls] What is Doom doing?
[Dominator] Yes, Azuls?
[Wiendigo] Fire at him, get him pissed, he'll follow.
[Dominator] Attacking city after city
[Azuls] Right
[Cold-Snap] I said We injure him and get him to follow
[Dominator] So...?
[Azuls] Make him think there are people up there, tons, and he'll go up there
[Cold-Snap] Shoot an eye out, then run to the north
[Garland] Hologram?
[Azuls] He wants to slaughter and slaughter to his heart's content.  
[Wiendigo] Manipulate the Northern Lights? 
[Dominator] Hmmm...
* Azuls points at Garland
[Azuls] Right!
[Ariel] Fake newsreport...
[Azuls] GAHH!
* Azuls grabs chest
[Regulus] ...
[Cold-Snap] Doom listens to the news?
[Cheryl] ...boradcasted on a blimb?
[Dominator] Azuls? Do you need help?
[Azuls] I'm afraid I won't be of any use...but you Hunters got it...
[Ariel] That'll get himn started...
* Azuls teleports quickly
* Garland looks at azuls
*** Azuls is now known as GM
[Wiendigo] He might be able to pick up radio signals
[Dominator] ...! He left before I could heal him...
[Regulus] :D
[Garland] Well....
[Dominator] He's right though. We create a fake newsreport.
[Seraphna`] I still say this is hopeless....
[Cheryl] I'm sure we could borrow a blimb...
[Cold-Snap] Lets head to a city and find a news station
* Cold-Snap enters the shuttle
[Garland] Do we have anything for such a task, on parnel that'd be an easy task, but we arent on Parnel..
[Dominator] Lets say that 40% of the Earth's population is heading for "North City"
[Regulus] ...
[Ariel] That'd work.
[Regulus] ok.
[Seraphna`] .....
[Garland] I mean for the Hologram
[Dominator] That would draw him in real quick.
[Regulus] Doom loves big stuff. including himself.
[Ariel] We only need to get him there...
[Dominator] So, how do we broadcast this report...?
[Cold-Snap] Isn't Doom smarter than that?
[Ariel] He doesn't need to see a city...
[Dominator] Right, then after he looses power, attack.
[Wiendigo] Providing he's DUMB enough to fall for it!
[Dominator] His rage clouds his mind
[Regulus] NRP: BRB
[Ariel] Except for the model we use on TV
[Cold-Snap] I mean, he used to be Xevil!  Wouldn't he see through it?
[Dominator] It seems his intellect has been diminished though... Would Xevil just want to destroy things?
[Cheryl] By the time he gets there, he'll be too far north anyways
[Cold-Snap] Can't we talk about it on the ride to the station?
[Cold-Snap] We're wasting time!
[Wiendigo] No one's mind gets clouded enough to forget the North Pole's pretty damn deserted...
[Garland] ..... an old proverb; you can never be strong and smart
[Ariel] Yeah, let's go
[Regulus] Alright.
[Garland] you must choose, I think Doom would fall for it
* Cold-Snap straps into the shuttle
[Dominator] He doesn't know it though... Its our best option.
[Wiendigo] And the runt proves he can't be either
[Regulus] Garland, WE are.
[Cold-Snap] It's our best chance currently
[Cheryl] Do we have much choice?
* Regulus enters the shuttle
[Regulus] no.
[Ariel] Exactly.
[Cold-Snap] We could shoot at him again and let him KO us.
* Dominator guns the engine, 1"Strap in, we're headed for 'Maximum News Inc.' "
* Ariel and cheryl get on board
[Garland] Wisdom comes with maturity, we arent 'smart' just wise.
* Dominator takes off and flies to the east
[Cold-Snap] Can you flip the radio to the news?
[Cold-Snap] Computer Set radio to news
[Garland] One such example is wiendigo, dim as a jiakare.
[Dominator] Wiendigo blew the radio up so...
[Wiendigo] And you're barely even wise...
* Dominator goes full speed
[Cold-Snap] Oh damnb
[Cold-Snap] We don't know where Doom is now then
[Wiendigo] It was a F***ing redneck! I had to damnit!
[Cold-Snap] Moron
[Wiendigo] Follow the mass devestation...
[Cold-Snap] "can't be strong and smart"
[Dominator] 2 minutes, 20 seconds and counting...
[Regulus] Now I agree. :(
* GM comm. crackles
[Ariel] We gotta get this shuttle fixed up
* Dominator grabs teh comm
[Dominator] Yeah?
[GM] EarthGov Officer: All units, Doom has reached another city.  All units, head there now to stop him....wait, he's here..AHHHH~~~~~...
[Dominator] Damn... We have to hurry. 1 minute and we're to Maximum News though
[Garland] ...
[Dominator] THen we can give the report for Doom to see...
* GM the radio mysterously comes on again
[GM] "If you're a redneck...."
[Regulus] O_o?
* Regulus turns it off
[Dominator] Eh? *turns it off*
* GM it keeps talking
[Arono] nrp:its "youm might be a redneck"
[Dominator] ... Uh... *shrugs*
[Cold-Snap] GReat.  So, more death
[Seraphna`] Ok, I'm being of no use
[Regulus] ...I dunno why but I think this has something to do with our mission.
* Regulus walks to Sera
[Seraphna`] Does anyone have something for me to do
* GM the arrive
[Regulus] We need EVERYONE. If one of us is gone how can we win?
* Regulus smiles to Sera then looks thru a window
[Cold-Snap] Who ARE you anyway?
* Wiendigo sighs at the absurdity of it all ,and slides into the shadows
* Dominator flies toward the offices of Maximum News and radios them, 1"This is the Maverick Hunters. We're docking immiedatly."
[Garland] You may be a redneck if... you confuce kin'puluh for a kin'dani jiakare *everyone just stares at him* I guess I'm not good at humor...
[Seraphna`] No, I don't mean that!
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (is like sooooo outta here!)
[GM] Man: Say WHAT?
[Regulus] -_-;
[Cheryl] Sera, want to take the weapon systems instead of me?
[Dominator] I'll explain later... We need to "borrow" your news service for a very important matter
[GM] Man: B-Borrw?!
[Ariel] It's a matter of global security
[Garland] ..... if you want to save earth, let us borrow it.
[Dominator] It won't take long. Allow us to dock now..
[GM] Man: Go A-A-Ahead.
[Regulus] It's a matter of getting doomed or not.
* Dominator docks the ship
*** Seraphna ( has joined #TAW
[Seraphna] NRP: What did I miss
* Dominator opens the door and gets out
[Dominator] NRP: We're docked at Maximum News Inc.
[Cold-Snap] NRP; not much
[Ariel] NRP: Not much
* Cold-Snap gets out
* Regulus gets out
* Garland jumps out
[Cold-Snap] Hello?
* Seraphna is surrounded by a strange light, out from the light comes a human. 16 years old with long, blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. Wearing jeans and t-shirt she look everything like the girl, and a hint of thee dragon remains...
* GM a man comes walking up to them
[Cold-Snap] We need to use the cameras!
[Dominator] Let me do the talking...
[GM] Man: Like what are you DOING here?!
[Seraphna] There this will help...
* Regulus walks to the man
[Cold-Snap] We're here to stop Doom
[Dominator] Well, does "Doom" ring a bell?
[Regulus] Wanna get doomed?
[GM] Man: Of course.  He's like the hottest news ticket EVER.
* Cold-Snap pushes past
* GM grabs CS
*** Seraphna` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Cold-Snap pulls free
[Dominator] Right, and we're going to broadcast something about him.
[Regulus] We have something HOT about Doom!
[Cold-Snap] Do you want to die?
* GM turns to Regulus
[GM] Man: Really?
[Dominator] CS, wait...
[Cold-Snap] Because if we don't do this, Doom WILL get to you
[Regulus] Yeah.
[Dominator] Yes, very important. I'm sure the ratings would be good, but we can just go...
* Garland is in his extreemly angry mood
* GM takes Regulus by the shoulder and leads him off into his office
[Regulus] ;)
* Seraphna walks over to Garland
* Dominator follows them
* Regulus follows the man
[Seraphna] NRP: that's a new one, walking
[Seraphna] Calm down Garland
* GM ignores Dom and the others
[Garland] NRP: walks?
[Regulus] NRP: ]:P
[Cold-Snap] Where's the studio anyway?
[Dominator] Hold up guys.
* Dominator said to everyone but Regulous
[Seraphna] NRP: I'm in human form..
[Garland] NRP: oh yeah
* Garland looks at Sera
[Regulus] NRP: That's Regulus
* Dominator says quietly, 1"Okay, while he distracts him, we'll sneek into the broadcasting room."
* Dominator goes toward the room
* Cold-Snap moves afte Dom
[Cold-Snap] Who's gonna do the broadcast?
* Garland walks up next to Dom
[Ariel] Hmm...
[Dominator] Uh...
[GM] Man: Hey, who are you?  *looks up at them entering*
[Cold-Snap] And How're we gonna convince them its a legitimate story
[Ariel] Sera, you wanted something to do?
[Cold-Snap] We're the new news team
* Seraphna looks pleadingly at Garland
[Garland] Fine damn time for DS to leave us for vacation.
[Dominator] WHo did you THINK we were?
[GM] Man: 'Bout time.  Here, take over...
* GM man walks off
* Garland looks at sera
[Dominator] Thanks
[Garland] What?
* Seraphna turns from Garlan,
[Regulus] Ok.
[Seraphna] Sure
[Cold-Snap] Whoo-hooo
[Cheryl] I got the camera
[Cold-Snap] I'm the man!
[Cold-Snap] I got weather man!
* GM first man is still talking to Regulus
[Dominator] Okay, lets see. Someone set the cameras up...
[Dominator] Okay, quiet down CS...
[Regulus] n_n
[Dominator] I'll give the report I suppose.,...
* Seraphna looks back at him...
* Ariel sits down in front of a computer, and pulls up some good city pics to broadcast
* Garland brushes a bang of spikey brown hair out of his eyes
* Seraphna follows Ariel
* Dominator motions for the others to get the cameras and lights ready
* Dominator sets his visible weapons down, off screen
[Seraphna] Need help?
[Dominator] Hmm?
[Dominator] NRP: n/m that
[Ariel] Yeah, we need this done QUICK
[Dominator] REady to broadcast?
* Regulus keeps talking to the first man
[Cold-Snap] Let's go!
[GM] Man: What?!  Really?
* Seraphna sits down next to her
* Cheryl aims the camera
[Regulus] Yeah!
* Dominator gets on stage
[Regulus] _
[GM] Man: No waayyyy.....I would pay BIG money for that
[Dominator] Uh.. Make sure you give me a countodnw..
* Seraphna s hands fly across the keyboard
[Regulus] O_O
[Seraphna] Done!
[Ariel] Okay, I think this one will be good with some editing...
[Ariel] ?
* Garland runs around backstage
[Ariel] Done ALREADY?
[Regulus] Well...
[Cold-Snap] I'm director!
[Seraphna] Yes...
[Garland] Eh....? Director?
[Cold-Snap] We begin in 10!
[Cold-Snap] Are we ready? 8
[GM] Man: What's that noise?  *looks at the Broadcasting room*
[Seraphna] I told you I was good...
[Ariel] I'm impressed
[Regulus] Hm...
[Cold-Snap] 5
[Dominator] Hurry, start the countodwn.
[Cold-Snap] 4
[Cold-Snap] 3
[Cold-Snap] 2
[Dominator] SOmeone distract the man.
[Cold-Snap] 1
[Cold-Snap] 0
[Seraphna] Thank you....
[Dominator] Ahem... This is John... uh... Johnson reporting live.
* Cold-Snap runs back to the man
[Regulus] Hm, I didn't finished yet, mister.
[Cold-Snap] hi, how ya doing
[GM] Man: oh, really?
* Ariel prepares to pop the pictures up
[Garland] John Johnson...?
[Cold-Snap] How things going Regulus?
* Seraphna looks sarcastic
[Seraphna] They're on a timer
[Dominator] Doom, the menacing.. ujh.. manice has terrorized Earth. *cues pictures*
[Regulus] NRP: Can't talk to me or the mister may find out!!!
[Seraphna] Ariel
[Ariel] ...
[Regulus] Yeah.
[Ariel] I can stand people being one step ahead of me...
[GM] Man: Who are you?
* Seraphna now looks slightly hurt
[Regulus] Me?
[Seraphna] Sorry...
[Dominator] In terror, almost 40% of the Earth's population has fled to North City for safety.
[Regulus] Regulus Red Bird.
[GM] Man: Him.
* Garland walks up to Sera
[Regulus] Me.
[Regulus] ?
[Cold-Snap] Me/
[Garland] Hey Sera.
[Ariel] But, you're atleast 10 steps ahead...
[Cold-Snap] I'm me
[GM] Man: Yes, YOU
[Seraphna] Um, yes Garland?
[Cold-Snap] I'm, his friend
[Regulus] Yes?
[Cold-Snap] I got the pictures
[Dominator] Its recommended that you to flee to North City, at these co-ordinaces... *cues the broadcasting of the co-ordinaces alot*
[Cold-Snap] You want the pictures, right?
[Regulus] NRP: o_o What happens if the ppl REALLY goes to North City?
[Garland] Uh... why did you turn into a human, anyway?
[Dominator] NRP: Uh... *shrugs*
* Seraphna brushes some hair from her face...
[Seraphna] I thought I could help better...
[Regulus] NRP: ]:P Usually ppl believes *a lot* on TV.
[Dominator] Final;ly a place safe from Doom...
[Regulus] NRP: ]:P Including Doom.
[Garland] Hrm
[Dominator] This is John Johnson, signing off.. We now return you to our... uh... regularly scheduled program..
* Dominator makes motion for the broadcasting to stop*
[Regulus] NRP: Are y'all done?
[Seraphna] Dom always wanted to do that
[Garland] ....
* Cheryl cuts the transmition
* Cold-Snap fakes a phone call
[Regulus] NRP: ok.
[Dominator] I did?!
[Garland] Dom: John Johnson?
[Cold-Snap] Oh wait, someone else wants the pictures
[Dominator] It was the best I could think of...
[Cold-Snap] They're willing to pay 7 billion, can YOu match that?
[Regulus] NRP: Johnson & Johnson? :P
* GM the TV switches to Doom standing in front of a bunch of Televisions
[Dominator] Now, we have to get Regulus and get to "North City".
* Garland walks off
[Seraphna] NRP: brb
[Regulus] hm...
* Cold-Snap walks back to the shuttle
[Regulus] And that's all, mister.
[Dominator] Yes, he fell for it... THat outta deter real people from going there...
[GM] Doom: North City?  *bounds that way in huge jumps, the camera man following him*
* Dominator heads to Avenger
* Garland teleports to "his" seat
[Cold-Snap] Question:  How do we convince people that "NOrth City" isn't a safe haven???
[Seraphna] back
* Dominator goes up the ramp and takes the pilot seat
[Cold-Snap] Won't people flee to the city?
[Dominator] CS, I think that Doom just saying all that has done just that
[Cold-Snap] or at least the pole?
[Regulus] o_O Oh! Almost forgot! I gotta go, forgot about work. I can't get late. Bye, Mister.
[GM] Man: WHAT?1
[Cold-Snap] I suppose
[Regulus] ...
[Regulus] I already said all I had about Doom!
[Ariel] Any anyways, I don't see any flights to North city around _
[Cold-Snap] REgulus!!!  HE DOESN'T WANT THE PICTURES!!!
[Cold-Snap] C'MON!
* Dominator guns the engine
[Regulus] n_n Gotta go! Bye! See ya!
* GM throws in a "Session Ends to miss with them"
* Regulus walks away
[Cold-Snap] NRP: /me is messed up
* Dominator checks to see if the dokcing bay is open and gets readyto go
* Cold-Snap straps in
* GM it begins to close
* Seraphna straps in
[Cold-Snap] dammit, can't listen to the radio
* Regulus runs to the place where everyone is
* Dominator hits the ignition and flies out
[Garland] ....
[Seraphna] NRP: There's another new one!
[GM] "You might be a redneck if..."
* Cheryl and Ariel get in.
* Dominator whoever wasn't strapped in gets thrown forward
[Regulus] @_@ Took a while but I escaped.
[Seraphna] Who is that!
[Cold-Snap] Sera, have I told you that you're very pretty as a human
[Regulus] me?
[Cheryl] Whaa!
* Dominator sets course for "North City" and flies around, going there at full speed
[Seraphna] um, no....
* Cheryl flies foward into a seat
* Regulus enters the ship
* Garland glances at sera
[Cold-Snap] Just wondering.  B-
* GM a tape recorder slides out from under Wien's seat with DS taped to it
[Cheryl] Owwie...
* GM the Redneck is comnig from it
* Garland reads a book with no visible title
[Regulus] 8
* Dominator glances at the recorder
[Regulus] o_O