Mission 68: Smashing Pumpkins

GM's Note: I must say that I'm proud to announce that I had nothing, 100% nothing, except to log it, with this session. It was GMed, monitored, and run by our Garland. I must say that I'm proud of him. So, you better damn well read how good he did below or I'll kill you all!!! (You do know Garland you're going to get called on now when ever I don't want to do a session and you, along with everyone else, rant Session!)
[GM] TimeChart: 1 day later
[GM] Location: Control Room/ Space Station
* #taw is being logged
* Seraphna is still human
* Garland is typing on the computer
* Dominator types on the computer, then stops, 1"There, did the report... I'm taking the rest of the day off."
* Cold-Snap is on the room KIDDING!
[Seraphna] Garland?
[Cold-Snap] NRP room=roof
[Garland] Yeah?
[Cold-Snap] NRP: there a pool up here?
[Seraphna] How's the leg?
* Garland moves it
[Garland] It's ok.
[Seraphna] Good....
* Seraphna sits down next to him
* Dominator turns the TV on and watches it absently
* Cheryl is playing games on the computer
* Cold-Snap is at the excercise room
* Cold-Snap sits in the Sauna
[GM] Reporter: News flash! The Mavericks are attacking antartica!
[Seraphna] Yawn
[GM] I at appears they are attacking a colony that took refuge there to avoid Doom!
[Ariel] !
* Cold-Snap is completly naked beneath a towel
[Ariel] Why would anyone go there...
* Garland looks at the TV
[Dominator] ...
[Cold-Snap] NRP: DUH!
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  I TOLD YOU SO!
[GM] At this moment they are breaching the security of the colony!
* Cold-Snap adds more water to the coals
[Ariel] Let's go guys!
[GM] This is Jenny Johnson signing off! Oh no!! *SSSSTAAATIC*
* Cold-Snap idly wanders outside
* Ariel walks over to the comm.
* Cold-Snap is walking to his quarters
[Dominator] All right, Garland, you're in charge of the Hunters. Ariel is second in commmand. Take them and go save the colony.
* Seraphna follows Ariel
[Garland] Yessir.
[Ariel] [COMM] All right Hunters, we got a case in anartica.  Prepare to move out.
[Dominator] Its not too dangerous from the looks, and it'll give you a chance to hone your commanding skills.
* Garland runs for the Avenger
[Cold-Snap] CRUD!
[Garland] Commanding Skills?
[Dominator] If you really need help, call base. See you all
* Cold-Snap runs to his room and grabs his armor
[Garland] R-right.....
[Dominator] Yes. You never know when you'll need 'em
* Cold-Snap runs to the avenger with his armor in his hand
[Seraphna] missing something Ariel?
* Garland sits in the piolot seat
[Garland] Who's co-pioloting?
* Dominator types on the computer, monitering the situation a bit, seemingly deep in thought
* Cold-Snap stands in the back, trying to put on his armor without losing the towel
[Ariel] ?
[Cold-Snap] dammit
[Ariel] What do you mean Sera?
[Seraphna] no ignition for the ship?
* Garland lifts the shuttle off the ground
[Seraphna] ookkk!
[Seraphna] maybe there is
[Garland] yeah, there is.
[Ariel] Garland, I take it that you're flying
* Garland closes the Avengers door
[Log] NRP: And so their adventure begins...for the first time, GARLAND, leading the way
[Garland] Yeah.
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  I'm FRIGHTENED!!!  HOLD ME LOG!!!!!
[Dominator] NRP: Yeah, with Dominator back at base, and monitereing how well they do. *grins*
* Garland hits the hyper-drive
* Cold-Snap falls over
[Garland] Shoulda sat down..
* Cold-Snap grabs his armor and just pulls it on haphazardly
[Cold-Snap] I'm TRYING to change here!
* Garland pulls out of hyper drive
* Cold-Snap gets to the Weapons station
* Garland the avenger coasts into earths gravity
* Ariel sits confortably in the co-pilots chair
[Seraphna] NRP: Ariel look at private message
[Ariel] This chair is some comfortable...
* Cold-Snap fires off one laser
[Cold-Snap] oops, heh-eh
[Ariel] NRP: GM, private message ;)
* Garland lands on the snow, 1 mile from the colony
* Cold-Snap opens the door
[Seraphna] NRP: Ariel! PM
* Dominator is now away - Good luck Hunters - [i]
* Garland jumps out
* Cold-Snap gets out and charges his canon
[Garland] Let's go...
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield
[Cold-Snap SOUND]
[Garland] Dang.... it's cold.
[Cold-Snap] Eh.
[Seraphna] (Shivers) cold
* Seraphna is surrounded by an erie light, when it dies down, Sera is a dragon again...
* Garland starts running
* Ariel gets out
* Cold-Snap runs after him
[Ariel] It's not so bad here
[Cold-Snap] c'mon!
[Ariel] NRP: GM, PM
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Where's Cheryl?
* Seraphna pearches on Ariel's shoulder
[Ariel] NRP: She isn't here...
* GM they arive at the colony, the mavs are attacking on the other side
[Cold-Snap] Are we just charging in?
[Ariel] Hey Sera, tired of being human?
[Cold-Snap] Do we simply attack?
[Garland] I.... guess so.
[Seraphna] too cold...
[Cold-Snap] Great Leader
[Ariel] Ah, okay
[Ariel] Let's rock thier world guys.
* Cold-Snap apporaches the mavs
[Garland] What else could we do, Cold-Snap?
[Seraphna] Isn't anyone here a strategist
[Seraphna] Wait!
[Cold-Snap] Get a plan
* Cold-Snap stops
[Cold-Snap] What?
[Seraphna] Send a man in ahead to spy out the enemy
[Seraphna] Find out what they have and where!
[Seraphna] Duh!
* Cold-Snap pulls up his ice shield
[Ariel] Maybe Cheryl should go...
[Cold-Snap] You're small Sera
[Cold-Snap] Cheryl?  She have ice-colored armor?
[Seraphna] I knew that and I'm only three years old...
[Seraphna] I could
* Ariel is surronded by an aura of white light which disipates and Cheryl is there
[Garland] Seraphna, you go, your small and less conspicuous
[Seraphna] but i'll need help
[Cold-Snap] But she's too bright a color!
[Ariel] ...
[Seraphna] I'm an animal
* Cold-Snap gives Cheryl his shield. It's colored like the snow.
[Seraphna] they won't take me as a threat
[Garland] Cheryl, you go with her, Cold-Snap, you be queit.
[Ariel] Actually... I can go Sera
[Seraphna] I'd like Ariel with me...
[Seraphna] but how...
[Ariel] I will
[Garland] the rest of us flank them on the other side, when Sera and Ariel come back.
[Cold-Snap] You are brigth Red!
[Cold-Snap] oh well
[Ariel] But... like this... they'll see me
[Seraphna] I'm an nimal...
[Cold-Snap] Do you want my shield?
[Garland] I thought I said Shut up CS.
[Seraphna] Like that?
[Cold-Snap] It's lightly colored
* Ariel is surronded by a bright blue aura
[Seraphna] No
[Cold-Snap] ok
[Seraphna] Huh?
[Seraphna] Ariel?
[Cold-Snap] Be careful
* Cold-Snap sits on the snow
[Garland] Ariel?
* Ariel transform into a dragon like Seraphna
* Garland jumps back at this
[Garland] What???
[Seraphna] Ok, now I know I'm a trademark!
[Ariel] Alright, let's go
[Cold-Snap] How odd.
* Seraphna flies out
[Seraphna] Let's split up
[Seraphna] Meet at the town center
[Ariel] Right... I'll go right 
[Seraphna] I guess that's me left
* Cold-Snap charges his plasma canon
[Garland] ... and we wait here for your return, if they see you, we'll come.
* Ariel flys(Sorta) to the right and heads to the town center, scouting the mavs as she goes
* GM they see a force of about 60 mavericks
* Ariel gulps
* Seraphna thinks "Now she'll see the hardness of being me"
* GM there is one larger maverick
[Seraphna] Gulp
* Ariel peeks out from over a large bank of snow
* GM one of the gaurds spots Ariel
* Seraphna looks out from an Alley
*** GM is now known as Mavericks
* Ariel ducks
* Mavericks 10 mavs head for where ariel was
* Ariel gets an idea
* Ariel dives into a snow bank
[Cold-Snap] Do you think they're ok Garland?
* Ariel pops her head out only
[Garland] I hope so..
* Ariel meows innocently as the mavs come close
* Ariel hopes the fall for it
* Mavericks pull out swords
* Seraphna continues to head to the center of town, in an old crate
[Mavericks] KILL THE ANIMAL!
[Ariel] Meow...?
[Garland] Did you guys hear something?
* Ariel runs as they come closer
* Mavericks chase her
[Cold-Snap] Did you?
* Ariel is covered in snow
[Seraphna] Into the crate!
* Seraphna is also covered in snow
* Mavericks keep running thinking that the kept running and meet the hunters
[Garland] ATTACK!!!
[Seraphna] *Cameoflague*
* Cold-Snap fires his charged shot at the lead Mav
[Cold-Snap] There are too many!
* Garland draws gospel and slashes a mav in half
[Seraphna] Ariel, into the crate
[Ariel] !
[Garland] I only count 10!
* Ariel climbs into the crate
[Seraphna] You can't help
* Cold-Snap starts firing plasma at the mavericks
[Cold-Snap] THERE'll be more!
[Cold-Snap] Bakup!
* Cheryl throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Mavericks [380 AP]
* Mavericks attack CS
[Seraphna] All we got are Claws and Teeth
* Cold-Snap pulls out his hammer
* Cold-Snap tries to defend with his shield
* Mavericks 4 go after Cheryl
* Cold-Snap swings at various mavs with his hammer
[Ariel] Actually, I should help out... not like this though
* Garland kicks one mav
* Cheryl 's eyes burn with an internal flame.
* Cold-Snap charges while swinging
* Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
* Cheryl is engulfed by the flames, which burn away reveiling her crimson winged armor.
[Seraphna] Dang! That didn't work, are you okay Ariel...
*** Cheryl is now known as DK_Ariel
* Mavericks 5 are left
* DK_Ariel takes her sword in both hands and slashes Mavericks [400 AP]
* Cold-Snap begins fires his charged shot at one
* Cold-Snap swings at another
* Garland kicks one, causing it to explode
[Ariel] NRP Oops
* Mavericks all are dead
*** DK_Ariel is now known as DK_Cheryl
*** Mavericks is now known as GM
[Cold-Snap] The ones in the town probably heard!
[Seraphna] Come on Ariel
[Cold-Snap] We should hide!!!!
[Seraphna] No wait!
[Garland] How many are there?
[Seraphna]  Back in the crate arile
[Seraphna] It's safer
[Cold-Snap] How'd I know?
* Seraphna calls over
[Ariel] They got the mavs anyways
[Seraphna] 60!
[Cold-Snap] I just know they wouldn't attack with just 10!
[Garland] Damn!
* Seraphna shuts up when here voice is heard
[Ariel] [Comm] There's 50 more...
[Cold-Snap] [comm]  Are they heading our way?
[Ariel] [comm] Those 10 were just after me _
[Seraphna] You still have taht with you! 
[Cold-Snap] [comm] can you see the rest?
[Ariel] [Comm] Just a sec... yeah, most of them are in the town center
[Cold-Snap] [comm] did they hear the fight?
[Garland] [comm] Let's take'em out, Ariel Seraphna, regroup in the center
* Seraphna takes com
[Ariel] [Comm] Right
[Cold-Snap] All at once?
[Cold-Snap] Are you suicidal???
[Garland] C'mon hunters, let's get to the reandevus point
[Seraphna] What is this Ariel!
[Ariel] Let's go Sera.  We're done on Recon
[Garland] there are 50 left, we took 10 out easy.
[Ariel] NRP: Comm is built in
[Cold-Snap] [[Comm]] can you lure out a couple at a time?  Are they in small groups?
[Seraphna] Ariel, why did you bring it
[Cold-Snap] Nonetheless, 5 against 50??
* Ariel thinks for a second...
[Garland] I think they'd get suspicious as the first 10 didn't come back
[Ariel] Do you think we could lure a couple of the mavs over at a time?
[Seraphna] Wait
[Garland] That's a better plan....but they would notice.
[Seraphna] Are they in a group... like a camp
* Cold-Snap heads to the reandevus point
* Garland reaches the reandevus
[Cold-Snap] Why do you listen to Ariel, but not me?
[Seraphna] Ariel... we got a problem
[Ariel] ?
[Garland] Because you like Nukes too much, now be quiet.
[Ariel] What?
* Ariel looks.
[Seraphna] I can't use my powers
[Seraphna] To cold to concentrate the energies
[Ariel] ...
* GM 40 mavs start to look for the other 10, suspicious
[Ariel] What would be a problem
[Ariel] !
[Ariel] [COMM] Got mavs coming your way!
[Seraphna] I can't fight....
[Garland] Oooooohh Crap.
[Cold-Snap] Aw crap
[Ariel] [COMM] 30... no 40!
* Cold-Snap charges up
[Cold-Snap] Let's hide
[Cold-Snap] Take them from behind!
[Ariel] Let's go!
[Cold-Snap] [[Comm]] do you know if the people are safe?
[Seraphna] We could.... give them small scratches, nothing more
[Seraphna] Ariel!
[Ariel] I'll go then...
[Seraphna] How do you expect to fight
[Ariel]  You look for the humans
[Seraphna] Come with me
[Garland] They'er probably in side
[Seraphna] Trust me
[Ariel] I'll just turn back and blast'em from behind
*** GM is now known as mavericks
* mavericks spot the hunters
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Which ones?
[Seraphna] You can't, unless you change back
[Ariel] Exactly, it's no big deal
* mavericks send a birage of blasts them
[Ariel] Find those people
[Seraphna] then do it...

[Cold-Snap] NRP: AT WHO?
* Ariel runs out towards the mavs
* Cold-Snap brings up his shield
* Seraphna starts to go
[mavericks] NRP: who else the hunters
* Cold-Snap runs behind a snow bank
[Cold-Snap] NRP: us, or Ariel?
* Ariel jumps up into the air
[Seraphna] NRP: You
* Garland Kiamas mavs.
[Garland] Attack!
* Ariel glows slightly, but nothing happens and she lands in the snow, confused...
* Cold-Snap fires his shot at the big mav
[Ariel] What the...?
* Seraphna comes to her
* Cold-Snap begins rapidly firing at the mavericks
[Seraphna] What is wrong
[Ariel] ...
[Ariel] I got a problem here...
[Garland] What is it?
* Cold-Snap holds his shield up to cover the portion of his body that's not behind the snow bank
* Garland slashes any mavs he can
[Seraphna] ooo, just come with me, we'll figuree it out later
[Cold-Snap] [[Comm]] We could use some helP!!!
[Ariel] [COMM] Um, guys... I'm stuck...
* mavericks 30 left
[Garland] [comm] WHAT!?
[Seraphna] Ariel, we gotta get out of her
* Cold-Snap fires ice and plasma together, hoping to slow them down
[Ariel] [Comm] I can't turn back...
* Cold-Snap fires ice while charging plasma and fireing at the big mav
* Ariel looks over at the mavs...
[Ariel] I think you're right...
[Seraphna] We reeally need to, otherwise were Kentucky Fired Dragon
* Garland IS attacking
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Mavs [400 AP]
* Cold-Snap continues to shot
[Garland] I AM COLD-SNAP!!
[Log] NRP: *L*
[Ariel] Lead on then
[Cold-Snap] NRP: no you're not!
* DK_Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
[Cold-Snap] NRP I AM COLD-SNAP!!
* mavericks the big mav isnt't ehre
* Seraphna heads into the town
* DK_Cheryl throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Mavericks [380 AP]
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  then 61 mavs
* Ariel follows Sera into the town
[Seraphna] I think I can still scan...
* Cold-Snap continures firing ice while charging plasma
* mavericks 20 mavs left
* Seraphna tries to scan for the humans
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Mavericks [400 AP]
* mavericks most are attacking CS
* Cold-Snap brings out his hammer and swings at the mavericks
[Cold-Snap] ack!
[Cold-Snap] I'm getting beaten here!
* Ariel looks around for humans
* Cold-Snap starts smashing heads
* mavericks 7 of them goto Cheryl
* DK_Cheryl jumps back
* Cold-Snap fires charged plasma at one of the mavs
* mavericks they knock cheryl to the ground
* DK_Cheryl throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Mavericks [380 AP]
[DK_Cheryl] Ooff!
* Cold-Snap then swings his hammer hard at a mav's gut
* Garland slashes a mav
* Cold-Snap runs to DK_Cheryl
* mavericks 13 left
* Cold-Snap starts firing at the 7
* Seraphna begins to use her enhanced sences
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes MAvericks [400 AP]
* Cold-Snap swings his hammer at the mavs holding DK_Cheryl
* Garland Kiamas 3-of-them.
[Seraphna] Ariel, in this building, over here
* Ariel looks around the camp for the humans
* Ariel turns
* mavericks all are dead
* Cold-Snap fires another charged shot at a mav
* Seraphna goes to a door
[Seraphna] How do we open it...
* Ariel heads over
[Cold-Snap] [[COMM]] Are there any left in the town??
* Ariel looks up at the door...
* Seraphna looks up at the thing
* Ariel jumps up and tries to turn the nob
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]] hello?
*** mavericks is now known as GM
[Seraphna] 10
[Seraphna] [[Comm]]10
[Garland] The others shouldn' be too much trouble..
* Cold-Snap heads to the town
[Ariel] [[COMM]] There's a big one here too
* Cold-Snap heads further into town
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]] He look tough?
[GM] Let's gettem....
* Cold-Snap can see the town center
[Ariel] [[COMM]]  He looks like a challenge
[Garland] Let's Get'em
[Seraphna] um, Ariel, i remeber what I'm smelling now...
[Ariel] ?
[Ariel] What is it?
[Seraphna] It's the stench of death
[Garland] Cheryl and CS flank on the right the rest of you flank left
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]] where exactly are they?
* Cold-Snap moves to the right
[Seraphna] the... the... human are DEAD!!!
[Ariel] !!
[Garland] WHAT!]
[Ariel] No...
[Seraphna] The people who live here are dead...
[Garland] Damn it!
[Cold-Snap] It's too damned quiet
[Ariel] [COMM] I'm going to look for more survivers
[Garland] Go forth and kick ass hunters!
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  Gar, you can't hear them. Not talking over comms
[DK_Cheryl] Let's go guys
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]]  SURVIVORS???
[Garland] NRP: SHUT UP CS.
[Seraphna] [[COMM]] Watch out for the big one.
[DK_Cheryl] Come on CS
* Garland motions for the hunters to run tward the mav camp
* Cold-Snap runs toward the camp, charging
* DK_Cheryl starts heading right
* Cold-Snap veers right
* Garland heads leaft
* Seraphna then looks at Ariel...
[Garland] NRP: left even
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]] you gonna give us a countdown to attack Gar?
[Seraphna] You seem to fit your new body.
* Ariel sighs...
[Garland] [com] yeah, on the count of 3
[Ariel] I'm still trying to get used to it...
[Garland] [comm] 3!
* Cold-Snap attacks
[Seraphna] oops... did I say new....
* Garland breaks out in a fury on the mavs
* Cold-Snap fires off his charged shot and brings out his hammer
[Ariel] I... I'm just praying I'm not stuck this way...
[Seraphna] Hmmm....
* Cold-Snap begins firing on the mave
* DK_Cheryl fires a blast at a mav from behind cover
* GM the big maverick gets up and looks at the attacking hunters
[Seraphna] It's not a bad life...
[DK_Cheryl] [COMM] Engaging the enemy
[GM] You no defeat GigaCrush!
* Cold-Snap fires at all the small mavs
* Cold-Snap gulps
[Ariel] Let's go find those survivors...
*** GM is now known as Gigacrush
[Cold-Snap] Giga, gigacrush?
* Cold-Snap charges his canon
[Gigacrush] I crush you!
[Seraphna] If there aree any...
* Ariel starts looking for survivors again
* Garland attacks the smaller mavs first
* DK_Cheryl throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Gigacrush [380 AP]
* Cold-Snap brings up his shield and backs up, looking fro Cheryl and Garland
* Seraphna uses enhanced sences to locate living
[Seraphna] Over here!
* Cold-Snap fires on remaining small mavs
* Gigacrush grabs Cheryl
[Cold-Snap] NO!
[Gigacrush] I crush you now!
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Giga [400 AP]
* Cold-Snap charges Gigacrush and brings down his hammer
[DK_Cheryl] I don't think so
* Gigacrush slams Cheryl into the ground
[Garland] Cheryl!
* Cold-Snap fires at Gigacrush with plasma and ice
* Seraphna peers into a hole uder a house, a woman and a girl are under it in a hiding spot
* DK_Cheryl stops a fott above the ground, refusing to hit it
* Garland blasts a mav and kiama's gigacrush
* Cold-Snap shoots at Gigacrush's hands
[Seraphna] Ariel!
[Seraphna] Over here
* Ariel walks over
[Ariel] Find someone?
[Seraphna] Look...
* Gigacrush jumps into the air and falls on CS
[Seraphna] Hello
[Gigacrush] I crush!
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Giga [400 AP]
* Cold-Snap takes it on the shield, but is still crushed
[Garland] ........ Odd fellow.....
* Seraphna is shocked that the two say nothing...
[Seraphna] Think they're confused
* Ariel judges the size of the hole...
* Cold-Snap fires around his shield, which is supporting the big mav
* Garland slashes gigacrush
[Ariel] I think they're in shock...
* DK_Cheryl flies backwards
* DK_Cheryl is surronded by an aura of scarlet flames.
[Seraphna] Don't worry, we're Hunters
* Gigacrush gets up and runs into Cheryl
* Cold-Snap continues firing at Gigacrush's ffet and crotch
* DK_Cheryl throws her arms out Kamehameha style, launching a beam of energy at Giga [380 AP]
* Garland fires a Kiama at Giga
[Seraphna] We're here to help...
[Cold-Snap] GET HIM OFF ME!!!!
* Gigacrush steps out of the way of the kiama
* Cold-Snap gets up quickly and runs back
[Ariel] It's alright, you can come out now
* Gigacrush the blast is a mound of ice and blows it up
* Cold-Snap turns and begins firing at Gigacrush
* Seraphna they don't come out
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Giga [400 AP]
* Gigacrush runs at CS and falls on him
[Gigacrush] CRUSH!
[Ariel] That's it... I'm going in
[Seraphna] Come on
* Cold-Snap again uses his shield
[Cold-Snap] DAMN YOU!!!  GET OFF!!!!
* Seraphna follows her in
* Cold-Snap fires around his shield
* Garland slashes Giga
[Cold-Snap] Would someone get him offa me?
* Gigacrush falls backward on Garland
* DK_Cheryl takes her sword in both hands and slashes Giga [400 AP]
[Seraphna] [WOMAN] Stay away you monsters!
* Cold-Snap get up quickly
[Garland] OW DAMN!
[Ariel] Monsters?
[Arono] *as the ice blows a HUGE block of ice can be seen inside is a man that apperes to  be running with a lizerd like dragon pirched on his shoulder*
* Ariel sits up.
[Seraphna] We aren't monsters...
* Cold-Snap fires on Gigacrush some more
[Gigacrush] Man: Get away!!
* Cold-Snap runs at Gigacrush, leaps, and brings his hammer down on Gigacrush's head
[Seraphna] [GIRL] GO AWAY!
* Garland puches CS with is huge fist
[Garland] BAD!
[Cold-Snap] OOF
* DK_Cheryl stabs Giga with her energy blades which are overflowing with power. [400 AP]
[Cold-Snap] GARLAND????
* Seraphna meows once
* Ariel frowns
[Garland] NRP: thats's giga
* Cold-Snap fires from pointblank range at Gigacrush
[Seraphna] *The girl calms down*
* Ariel tries to look cute.
* Gigacrush knocks chery; out
* Cold-Snap backs up
[Seraphna] [GIRL] It's just some kitties!
* Garland slashes giga
* Cold-Snap holds his shield in front while shooting at Gigacrush
*** AronoX (Swordsman@207-17-229-64.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
[Cold-Snap] WIll you just die???
* DK_Cheryl falls to the ground, but doesn't disappear
*** AronoX is now known as Arono
* Gigacrush steps on CS
[Seraphna] *Me hugs Ariel extremely tight...*
[Cold-Snap] AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!    MY LEG!!!!!!
[Garland] I think we need Dom....
* Ariel resists gasping for breath
[Cold-Snap] Garland!!!
* Arono is inside the ice in susepended animation in what looks like running from something
[Seraphna] *The girl let's Arile go*
* Cold-Snap fires at Gigacrush from his position on the snow
[Garland] [COMM] Dominator! I think we need you to meet our...friend here!
* Cold-Snap fires at Gigacrush's head
* Ariel takes a big breath... for a cat
[Seraphna] See the flaws of being hopelessly cute!
[Gigacrush] Ow....
[Ariel] Yeah...
* Cold-Snap fires ice directly into Giga's eyes
[Cold-Snap] GET OFF!!!!  GET OFF!!!!!
* Gigacrush slams into the building that Sera and Ariel are in
* Cold-Snap gets up slowly
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* Cold-Snap limps after Gigacrush, continuing to fire
[Dominator] [COMM] Re~~~~~~~~aga~~~
* Seraphna leads the small group out just in time
* Gigacrush gets up and runs clumsily into garland
[Garland] OUF!
[Seraphna] that was close
* Cold-Snap fires ice at Gigacrush's head
[Cold-Snap] Will you stop it???
* DK_Cheryl is just about out when the building rolls over her foot
* Cold-Snap fires more charged shots at Gigacrush's head
[DK_Cheryl] NRP: Dammit
[Seraphna] hmmm.... scary, so far, I'm not Injured
* Ariel is just about out when the building rolls over her foot
[Ariel] ...
[Ariel] OUCH!
* Gigacrush runs into cheryl
[Dominator] [COMM] Rog~~, on ~~~way!
* DK_Cheryl is out cold
* Seraphna comes over
[DK_Cheryl] NRP: No pun intended
* Cold-Snap leaps into the air and swings his hammer with all his might on Gigacrush's head
* Gigacrush sees Sera and runs at her
[Seraphna] Oh no! It's broken!
[Cold-Snap] Sera!  FLY HIGH!!!
[Ariel] I noticed...
* Cold-Snap fires more at Gigacrush
[Ariel] Jump!
* Gigacrush jumps and falls on Sera
* Seraphna flies, help Ariel in the sky
* Cold-Snap starts running while firing
* Ariel tries to jump with one foot, put is okay once she starts flying
[Seraphna] Ur... 
[Ariel] It's good thing I had flying lessons before
[Seraphna] that was too close
* Cold-Snap slams Gigacrush's head again with his hammer
* Cold-Snap tries to ram Gigacrush with his shield
* Garland sparks
[Seraphna] Try it with real wings
[Cold-Snap] DIE!  DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!
* Cold-Snap shoots at Gigacrush's torso
* Seraphna watches as the two humans run for the shuttle
* Gigacrush sparks more
* Cold-Snap brings his hammer down on Gigacrush's head again
[Ariel] Do you want to look for more, or let the others do it?
[Gigacrush] Speaker: Repair sequence, activated
* Cold-Snap continues doing it, as if he were driving a railroad spike
* Cold-Snap fires with one hand while swinging the hammer
* Dominator is back from - Good luck Hunters - Gone 46mins 46secs - [i]
[Garland] I'm trying to get Dominator here!
* Dominator his shuttle appears overhead
[Ariel] [COMM] Which I could help...
[Seraphna] Let's look for more...
* Ariel winces
* Gigacrush runs and falls on Garland, with CS still on him
* Cold-Snap keeps trying to launch Gigacrush's head like a golf ball
* Dominator it lands close to the fight scene and Dominator uns out
[Ariel] I really got to have this foot looken after...
[Garland] Get it off get it off!
* Seraphna follow me..
[Dominator] What's going on?!
* Gigacrush sees Dom
[Gigacrush] Gigacrush CRUS YOU!
* Gigacrush runs at Dom
* Seraphna lands near a junk pile
[Log] NRP: *Safe lands on Gigacrush*
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (580AP)
* Cold-Snap grasps Gigacrush while firing
[Gigacrush] NRP: OW DAT HURT!
* Ariel follows Sera, and lands... painfully...
* Dominator runs toward GIgacrush
* Dominator dashes forward at an amazing speed with Crimson Crystal and uses Ebony Crystal to double his attack power, then stabs forward into Gigacrush with Rune Sword and electricutes them through the sword using his Battle Fury Mode, he uses Purple Crystal to launch a telepathic copy of the attacks at the same time (2000APP + 2000AP)
* Cold-Snap is also socked by thunder
* Cold-Snap flies off
[Garland] Every one! hurt him as much as you can before the repair!
* Garland goes into a slash frenzy
[Dominator] All right!
* Seraphna uses cloth and a stick to make a makeshift cast
* Cold-Snap starts hitting Gigacrush with is hammer AGAIN!!!!
* Dominator rapidly slashes with Rune Sword
[Seraphna] There, this should help
* Gigacrush starts to spark
[Ariel] Thanks
* Cold-Snap swings with one hand while charging and firing with the other
* Garland kiama's giga several times
* Gigacrush blows up
*** Gigacrush is now known as GM
* DK_Cheryl gets up slowly, realises she's in the snow, then jumps to her feet
* Cold-Snap sits down, panting
[Seraphna] Ariel, I'm afraid that, even if we find a way to change you back, you can't
[Garland] ...... *eyes wide open*
[Ariel] ...
* Arono is incased in ice at the edge of town yah know
[Ariel] What do you mean I can't?
[Cold-Snap] [[Comm]] Where the hell are the rest of you?
[Garland] What... was...... that........
[Cold-Snap] [[Comm]] Cheryl, Ariel, Sera?
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD52.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  Arono?  Whaddya mean?
[Seraphna] The broken bone will follow, and the way it is broken, you won't walk again if you change back before it's healed
* Garland looks at the block of ice he blew open
[DK_Cheryl] [[COMM]] I'm okay... just a little disorientated
[Arono] NRP:im frozen in a block of ice!
[Garland] Hey what's that?
[Cold-Snap] What's what?
[Ariel] ...
* Ariel nods slowly
* Arono is inside the remanes of ice
[Seraphna] [[COMM]] We're here
[Ariel] I understand...
[Cold-Snap] It looks like
* Garland runs up to the ice block
[Dominator] ..
[Cold-Snap] Grab it, we'll take it back and study it where it's WARM
[DK_Cheryl] [COMM] Meet you guys at the shuttle
[Garland] Let's get this back to HQ, should we Dominator?
* Arono seems to have ben running from something
[Seraphna] [[COMM]] Ariel's got a broken leg...
* DK_Cheryl heads back to the shuttle and waits
[DK_Cheryl] [[COMM]] What?!
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]] can you get her back alone?
* Dominator heals Ariel with SC (+1000HP)
[Seraphna] I think so...
[Ariel] [COM] I can still fly
* Garland drags the ice block to the shuttle
[Seraphna] *The bone won't heal*
* Cold-Snap enters teh shuttle and lies down
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Cold-Snap] [[Comm]] whaddyamean WON'T HEAL???
* Garland pushes it on
[Ariel] NRP: Since when are you a GM Sera ;)
[Seraphna] She in transmigrified state
[GM] NRP yeah Sera?
[Seraphna] Healing dosen't work normally
[Dominator] We're got to get out of here soon...
[Cold-Snap] [[comm]] so, we'll put a cast on it at HQ