Mission 69: False Beliefs

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: MHHQ
*** DeathStar is now known as Log
[Blackjack] NRP: Shut up, CS.
* Dominator is sitting in the command chair, casually tapping the computer consule
* Garland looks blankly into the computer screen as he types
[Wiendigo] You imbeselces are lucky enough to have actually succeded on that asinine excusrion...
* Cold-Snap sleeps
* Slash looks around the room
* Blackjack stretches
* Ariel is still getting used to her new view on the world.
* Garland glances at Wien
* Slash sits down
[Dominator] Well, at least things are calm once, right?
[Blackjack] Yeah, Dom.
* Ariel hops up by the computer Garland is using.
[Garland] .....the eye of a hurricane, Dominator.
[Ariel] What'cha doing?
[Wiendigo] Yes, and how long will THAT last?
[AceHunter] Not for long, feller
* Cold-Snap wakes up
[Dominator] GM: The comm. starts beeping.
[Blackjack] Huh? Hey Dom, get that...
[Garland] Ariel: I'm typing the report from the mission the other day.
* Dominator answers it, 1"We've got a priority 1 message... great..."
[Slash] Just perfect..
[Slash] Read it out..
[Blackjack] Hrm. Just when we're having a break.
[Ariel] Oh fun...
[Blackjack] Oh well. Let's hear it.
[Wiendigo] Screw it, tell them we died.
* Cold-Snap wanders over to the group
[Dominator] EarthGov Officer: *appears on screen* Captain Dominator?
* Blackjack walks up next to Dominator
[Dominator] Yes...?
[Dominator] Officer: Ah, Captain Blackjack as well. You Hunters are needed on an urgent mission.
* Slash walks up Behind BJ
[Blackjack] Hrm...
[Wiendigo] When the hell AREN'T we?
[Slash] Whats up?
* Cold-Snap just stays back
[Blackjack] Wien has a point...
* Ariel looks over from her perch on a monitor
[Cold-Snap] Wien has a point???
[Dominator] What's the mission?
[Dominator] Twenty minutes ago, the national embassy was stormed by rogue mavericks and Mavericks. They have taking all the officials there hostage... includiong... the vice-president...
[Blackjack] I know, that's a first.
[Slash] Is there ever a month that we are not needed?
[Dominator] (offical said  that)
[Blackjack] Hmm... hostage situation, eh?
* Garland stands up, and walks next to Dom
[Ariel] Hey, would they keep us around if they didn't need us guys?
[Wiendigo] Just let 'em fry...
[Cold-Snap] Security is so worthless
[Cold-Snap] Why don't they just put us on guard duty?
[Slash] No SWAT teams?
[Dominator] Officer: Yes... The mavericks, lead by somone called "Liberator" have said they will execute all the hostages slowly in retribuation...
* Slash recalls his old days with Force Works
* Ariel hops down, and walks over to everyone else, limping alittle.
[Slash] .....
[Dominator] Liberator... Him again...
[Slash] Methinks its time for a little Lock n Load...
[Blackjack] I knew that name sounded familiar...
[Ariel] ?
[Dominator] Officer: You're ordered to meet up with the EarthGov officers outside at these co-ordinances... *gives them the co-ordinences*.
[Cold-Snap] Another "or" or "er" person.  He's gonna try to kill us, isn't he?
[Dominator] Officer: *image flickers off*
[Blackjack] You should have expected that when you joined up, Cold Snap.
[Blackjack] Your life is on the line every day here.
[Dominator] Yes... Liberator is a crafty maverick... and an old enemy of mine... He hasn't showed up for awhile though... (last Misison 19, I think)
* Slash smirks
[Cold-Snap] Yeah
[Dominator] Well, here we go... *dashes to the Avenger*
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[Blackjack] Let's go, Hunters.
* Garland heads for the shuttle "I know we're going there anyway"
[Cold-Snap] I would prefer to fight the weaker mavs though
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[Slash] Well, Stuff the philosiphy.. lets go kick his butt..
* Blackjack jogs after Dom
* Cold-Snap heads to the shuttle
* Slash warps to the shuttle
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[Cold-Snap] NRP: Pause?
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* Blackjack gets in the shuttle, muttering, 1"Cheater," at Slash
[Slash] Funky...
* Dominator enters the Avenger and sits at the pilot seat
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[Wiendigo] PAUSE
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blackjack
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
[Garland] EL PAUSE!
[Garland] EL....UNPAUSE
[Dominator] PAUSE
[Slash] NRP: Very funky..
[Dominator] Er... ??
[Blackjack] UNPAUSE
[Blackjack] NRP: Everyone's back.
* Dominator starts the engine up
[Slash] AHHH
[Dominator] ... Everyone in?
[Blackjack] Yeah. Let's go...
[Cold-Snap] Anyone gonna man the weapons?
[Blackjack] Knew I was forgetting something...
[Slash] NRP: im gonna get knocked out... my pass is not being accepted..
* Blackjack sits at the weapons console
* Dominator opens the docking bay and flies out
[Blackjack] NRP: So use Slash
[Dominator] NRP: Or Slash_
[Dominator] Now... hyperspace or fly normal...
[Blackjack] Your call.
* Slash sits in his chair
[Cold-Snap] Any danger?
[Blackjack] You're the one flying this thing... I'm only doing the weapons.
[Dominator] I'd say this qualifies as an emergency... Hang on!
* Slash straps himself in
* Blackjack hangs on
* Dominator hits the hyperspace button and the ship flies forward extremely fast
[Slash] Punch it
[Dominator] 3... 2... 1! *comes out of hyperspace*
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  wouldn't it be funny if we all died in hyperspace?  NOt fighting some "Doom" type of person?
[Blackjack] Ah... that's always god for a rush. *laughs*
* Dominator sees the Earth close ahead, and flies toward the co-ordinance given
[Blackjack] NRP: Good
[Dominator] NRP: THe only danger is flying to far and knocked into Earth's atmosphere or who knows what...
[Cold-Snap SOUND]
[Slash] Ok, Dom is this a hit n run mission?
[Cold-Snap] Or do we go in?
[Cold-Snap] Or do we spy?
* Dominator a large building can be seen below, and several EarthGov vehicles surround it, as well as jets hovering around it
[Slash] Or are we gonna save them, and go up face to face..
[Blackjack] I thought it was a rescue mission myself.
[Dominator] I don't know what the mission is... We have to meet up with the EarthGov forces first
[Cold-Snap] Stealth?  Intrigue?
[Dominator] That's all they told us...
[Slash] Alright..
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[Blackjack] Anybody here other than me good at infiltration? Just gathering information, just in case.
[Cold-Snap] I am.
* Dominator sets down outside the EarthGov vehicles
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[Blackjack] We'll see.
[Dominator] PAUSE
[Slash] FRICK
[Cold-Snap] FRACK
[Slash] Espernet is acting up...
[Cheryl] LoL
[Blackjack] Damned netsplit...
[Dominator] What the heck is a netsplit anyway?
[Cheryl] I'm on both sides right now _
[Cold-Snap] heheh
* Blackjack smirks
[Cold-Snap] When the servers get disconnected
[Slash] Thats it..
[Dominator] ...
[Cold-Snap] brb
[Slash] Im gonna drop offline.. big storm coming..
[Cheryl] Being on two servers at once is wierd...
[Dominator] Stupid netsplits are messing up my session... See ya SLash
[Blackjack] Later, Slash.
[Cheryl] Later slash
* Dominator taps fingures impatiently
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[Dominator] UNPAUSE
[Blackjack] Ok, UNPAUSE
[Slash] Im not leaving till the storm hits..
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Blackjack
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Slash
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Log
[Garland] unpause
[Ariel] NRP: Finally
* Dominator opens the door and walks out of Avenger
[Wiendigo] NRP:6 *waves*
* Blackjack walks out after Dom
*** Cheryl is now known as ______
[Cold-Snap] NRP: did anyone else answer BJ's question?
* Wiendigo climbs into the shuttle
*** Officer (ryan_cross@ttyD3f.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
[Ariel] NRP: What'd we miss
[Garland] NRP: BRB
* Cold-Snap walks out
[Cold-Snap] NRP: pause
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
* Officer comes jogging up from the EarthGov vehicles to them
[Slash] Hello Sir.....
[Wiendigo] NRP: Errr, out rather...
* Ariel walks out and looks up at the officer
[Blackjack] Hello, sir. Care to explain why we're here?
[Ariel] Hiya
[Officer] Greetings, Hunters. I'll report that you've here to my CO, he'll explain... Be back...
[Dominator] ... All right...
* Officer jogs off
* Blackjack mutters something about well-informed people
[Dominator] Yeah really...
* Slash overhears BJ and snickers
*** Officer is now known as Spade
[Cold-Snap] Great, at least he ran up to tell us that he'll tell someone we're here
* Spade comes walking up to the Hunters, smoking a cigar
[Slash] ..
[Dominator] Spade?!
[Ariel] !
[Slash] Spade....
[Cold-Snap] Some sort of garden utensil???
* Wiendigo slides out his Dark Sai
[Log] NRP: SPADE!!
[Blackjack] You again. Go freakin' figure.
[Spade] Greetings Dominator... Hunters... What's the surprise? I do work for EarthGov you know.,
[Garland] NRP: back
* Blackjack sighs
[Dominator] Wiendigo don't attack... Its... true that he does...
[Ariel] Nice to see you too...
[Dominator] WHat do you want with us?
[Blackjack] Oh well... maybe YOU can explain our purpose in all this.
[Wiendigo] NRP: Shit, BRB guys
* Garland looks through Spade
[Cold-Snap] Hi, do they hate you?
[Spade] I'm in charge of this operation, Hunters.
[Slash] .....
[Blackjack] Hm. Mind telling us ABOUT the operation?
* Ariel leaps up, and batts the back of CS's head.
[Garland] NRP: lookign through as in, looking at the area behind them, but in their direction
* Spade blows out smoke, 1"Seems your reploid buddies have decided to kill some of our officials."
[Cold-Snap] oof
[Slash] If you get in the way... I cant be held responsible for my actions...
* Cold-Snap glares at Ariel
[Spade] No demands even... Really, terrorists aren't what they used to be these days.
* Ariel sits down, and looks innocent
[Slash] ....
[Slash] No demands...
[Dominator] ... Get to the point, Spade.
* Garland remains silent
[Blackjack] Once again, the heartless Mavericks screw up life for all Reploids.
[Spade] That's right. They're just going to kill the officials, including the vice-president. I'm here so that doesn't happen.
[Cold-Snap] No reason?
[Cold-Snap] Why bother with the capture?  Why not bomb the place?
[Dominator] They are angry about the recent killings I suppose... *sighs*..
[Blackjack] Because our purpose is to save the hostages, CS.
[Slash] Then lets go in with small Sting teams...
[Cold-Snap] I mean why did THEY bother capturing
[Garland] Spade, why keep them hostage, if they have no intention of lettign them go?
[Ariel] Small?  I'm small!
[Spade] To slowly and painfully execute each hostage, Cold-Snap.
* Ariel shudders.
[Slash] ...
[Cold-Snap] Oh, how'd you know my name???
* Slash raises an eyebrow
* Spade grins, 1"I have ways."
*** Wiendigo has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Cold-Snap shudders
[Blackjack] Hmm... maybe I could go in and sneak up on them or something... I didn't train in spying all those years for nothing...
[Dominator] ... So, we can go in to save them?"
* Ariel batts CS again, and then hides behind Garland.
* Garland half grins
[AceHunter] You're probably in the files they have on each hunter, Cold-Snap
[Cold-Snap] ARIEL!  Where'd you go?
* Garland lets out a light laugh
[Spade] You need to go in and save the vice-president. The other officials if possible, but he's priority. You have 1 hour, and then we destroy the building.
[Slash] Dom, we should get a few experts at Stealth and send em in..
* Blackjack notes that everyone ignored his idea
[Slash] BJ and I are good..
[Ariel] [Whispers to Garland] Being small does have it's advantagues...
[Dominator] We could, but.,..
* Slash pulls his cape out
[Slash] I got a way in...
[Ariel] I'm good!
* Blackjack nods
* Garland looks at ariel
[Spade] There's no time for anything fancy, Hunters. They've already started killing officials.
[Slash] ...
[Blackjack] Which is why we need to get in, now. Stealth is important...
* Spade voice shows no apparent concern for the officials
[Slash] Then what are we waiting for...
[Slash] either move in NOW, or sit back and watch them die..
[Garland] .....I say we bust in, and shoot anything that moves....with the exception of the officials.
[Dominator] Right.... I say we all head in and try and free them. And stop the mavericks.
[Ariel] I think I could trick them... Ahem.  Meo... meow?  Meow.
* Cold-Snap begins to sing 1Oh gloom, oh death and destruction!
[Blackjack] Oh, GOOD idea, Ariel.
[Cold-Snap] What about the wings?
[Spade] Remember, Hunters, get the vice-president out. You've only got 1 hour... Go now...
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
[Cold-Snap] Normal cats have wings?
* Spade walks off and says something to an officer, who goes off
*** Spade is now known as GM
[Blackjack] Right... let's move it, Hunters.
[Slash] Im going in blasting..
[Blackjack] I'll take the stealth way in...
[Dominator] Right... I say we go in stealthly though.
* Slash pulls his cape over him, concentrating
* Slash fades from view
* Dominator calls out to an officer who's working at a computer station
[Slash] Got that covered..
* Garland grips sword, which now has grip marks from where Garland had held it so tightly
[Dominator] Officer: What?
[Ariel] They won't hear me coming
* Slash laughs
[AceHunter] How about this?
[Cold-Snap] So we're going in then?
[Slash] If they hear me coming, that wont matter..
[Dominator] Locate a possible entrance for us to enter...
[Blackjack] I've had my training... I'm not worried.
[Blackjack] Slash, you go that way. *points* I'll go this way.
*** Wiendigo (wiendigo@rc-71.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
* AceHunter suddenly looks like a normal human without his armor
[Slash] Right
[Cold-Snap] NRP: naked?
[Dominator] Officer: ... All right... *types on his panel* There's one over there. *points and goes back to work*
* Slash a small distortion walks off heading the way BJ pointed
* Dominator mutters, "Friendly, aren't they?"
[Wiendigo] NRP: Naked?
[AceHunter] NRP: Not
* Blackjack runs in the direction opposite the way he pointed. He quickly disappears into the shadows.
* Dominator follows Blackjack
[Dominator] We should stay together...
[AceHunter] NRP: Normal clothes instead of armor
* Ariel runs after BJ...
* Ariel trips...
[Blackjack] Yeah, we should... even if it does increase our chances of being seen...
* Cold-Snap picks up Ariel and runs after BJ
* Ariel rolls into a wall...
* Cold-Snap stops
* Ariel rubs her head
[Slash] Comm] Dominator, there is a better chance of finding them if we split up..
[Dominator] Yes, but we can deal with the maverick better inside...
* Wiendigo slips out of the shadows
[Ariel] Owwie...
[Blackjack] *hissing* Somebody go after Slash! If we go in too large a group, then they'll find us more easily!
[Dominator] All right, Slash... But, stay in contact.
[Ariel] [Comm] Divide and conquer?
[Garland] ....
[Cold-Snap] Can someone give me orders?
* Slash laughs softly
[Wiendigo] How about, "Shut the hell up!"?
[Slash] Comm] Pick 2 people
[Blackjack] Garland, Ariel, come with me.
* Dominator they've been going downhill and he finds a wall at the sub-basement of the area, that's been opened by the EG forces
[Cold-Snap] Wien, I would never take orders from a freak like you
* Garland teleports beside BJ
[AceHunter] Who do I go with?
[Slash] Comm] Dom, Ace with me
* Ariel hops down and follows BJ
[Blackjack] Comm] Shouldn't Dom lead a group, Slash?
[Slash] Comm] if he feels like it..
[Dominator] I
[Dominator] 'll lead it...
[Blackjack] Comm] Just thinking about rank and experience.
[Wiendigo] You will once I kick your ass
[Slash] Comm] alright, Ace your with me
* Dominator found the grate they found been Slash
* Slash warps the warps Ace to his location
* Wiendigo hangs around by himself
* AceHunter begins following the distortion, vanishing as he walks
[Blackjack] NRP: Are we inside?
[Cold-Snap] Ha
* Ariel is quiet as a mous... er, cat.
[Dominator] GM: Blackjack finds an entrance
* Cold-Snap stays outside as he wasn't told to do anything
* Slash heads into the buildings back looking for an entrence
* Dominator enters the base and motions for the hunters with him to follow
* Dominator found an entrance
* Cold-Snap follows Dominator
* Blackjack walks into the base, motioning for Ariel and Garland to follow
* Slash looks at the grate
* Garland follows
* Ariel follows BJ in
[Slash] *whispers* Ace, take it out, i got our backs
* Wiendigo grudgingly follows
[Blackjack] *quietly* Reminds me of my days in CorSec... *shudders*
* Dominator fires at the grate
[Wiendigo] Damn jackaninnys...
* Slash turns, and arms his cannons
* Ariel jumps up of BJ's sholder
* AceHunter fires a force beam and cuts the bars
[Ariel] [Whispers] Me too
* Blackjack comes to a crossroads in the halls and peers around it quietly
* Dominator the entrance is opened and he starts in
[Ariel] (NRP: AFK A MIN
[Blackjack] *quietly* We're clear... let's go.
* Slash motions Ace in
[Dominator] GM: BJ sees a strangely empty hall and a reception desk.
[Wiendigo] *quietly* Screw you...
[Cold-Snap] [whisper] so, would it be ok to fire on any mavs we see?
[Garland] I still think we should go in, and just get it over with...
[Blackjack] We need to find them first, Garland...
* Wiendigo takes out his Energon Katana.
* Dominator starts with Slash's group, down a long and small tunell, which they must crawl through
* Slash crawls through after Ace, eventually hitting another grate, leading to a storage room
[Garland] We would, if we didn't snoop around like this.
[Blackjack] Hey, I'm just trying to keep us from being found.
* AceHunter cuts through the grate and steps out quietly
[Blackjack] Better we find them than they find us, eh?
[Dominator] GM: BJ's team sees something behing the desk
* Slash steps out also
* Cold-Snap doggedly fires DOm
[Blackjack] Hmm... what's this?
* Garland nods BJ off
* Dominator looks aroudn the storage room and steps out, 1"Hmm..."
* Slash quickly destroys the lock on the door, giving them easy access
* Blackjack picks up what he sees
* Wiendigo slides his katana along the desktop
[Cold-Snap] [whisper] Why can't you do everyone a favor and die Wien?
* AceHunter looks around the storage room he's in
[Garland] ..
[Dominator] GM: BJ's team sees a dead female human, chair toppled over, a pool of blood around her
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield and charges his canon
[Blackjack] NRP: ACK! Ignore that I picked it up!
[Slash] NRP: *LOL*
* Blackjack recoils
* Ariel sudders slightly.
[Cold-Snap] NRP:  HA!
* Garland looks at the woman.
[Dominator] Nothing much of use in here... There's a door. *opens it and sees a staircase*
[Blackjack] One of the personnel...
[Slash] Go ahead Dom... you the leader..
[Blackjack] We're on the right track...
[Cold-Snap] oo, stairs.  Love to climb
[Dominator] GM: Its eerily quiet for both teams.
[Garland] ....... May their souls burn in hell..... *has a twitch in his eye he's so angry*
[Wiendigo] Shame, she was a looker.
* Dominator starts up the stairs
* Blackjack looks around (NRP: Possible directions?)
* Cold-Snap begins to walk up the stairs
* Slash looks around, and climbs the stairs
* Ariel keeps her eyes and ears peeled for trouble.
[AceHunter] Whick way Slash?
[Dominator] GM: The maverick symbol was crudely carved into the body. There are three halls
[Slash] Up the stairs..
* AceHunter follows Slash
[Blackjack] You call it, Garland...
[Blackjack] Left, straight, or right...
[Wiendigo] Eeny, meeny, miny...
* Dominator passes a door, but keeps going up
[Garland] .......right
[Cold-Snap] So, where are these mavs?
[AceHunter] Where would be the best place to keep a lot of people?
* Slash stops at the top of the stairs
[Blackjack] Ok. Let's go... and remember, stay quiet...
[Slash] Top floor.. usually conference rooms..
[Ariel] Shhhh...
* Blackjack slowly walks down the right hallway
[Dominator] NRP: They've still going, Slash...
[Wiendigo] HA!
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Who's in what group???
[Blackjack] NRP: I've got Wien, Ariel, and Garland.
[Dominator] NRP: The building is pretty big
[Slash] NRP: stopped at second level
* Wiendigo follows, phased.
[Dominator] GM: BJ's team occasionally passes doors, with signs in various languages.
[Dominator] GM: Dom's/Slash's team hears footsteps coming downt he stairs above them
[Slash] Well Ace, which way?
[Dominator] ... Eh?
[Cold-Snap] [whisper] why can't these officials ever hier decent security
[Cold-Snap] wha?
[Blackjack] Wish I knew these languages...
* Slash quickly stops, freezing
[Dominator] GM: English is one of them...
* Garland knows a few of them
* Ariel tries to read some of the signs
* Blackjack stops in front of the one in English
*** GM is now known as Maverick
* AceHunter keeps moving, still invisible
* Maverick is walking down the stairs, gun at side
[Blackjack] NRP: What's it read, Dom?
* Slash slowly turns around cloaked, arming his cannons
*** Maverick is now known as Maverick
* Slash moves slowly
* Wiendigo carves into the floor, bored
[Dominator] NRP: Just stuff like "Security to the French Ambassidor". Secrety rooms so far
* Dominator hides in ambush for the maverick
* Blackjack motions for everyone to stop, and drops to the floor, peering under the door
* Cold-Snap listens to the steps. 1Step. Step
* AceHunter fires a small, invisible force beam accross the stairs at neck height
* Maverick comes down to where Dom's team is
[Wiendigo] When the hell are we gonna tear some throats open?...
* Ariel falls off BJ's shoulder and looks under the door too
[Blackjack] As soon as we find some to tear open, Wien...
* Cold-Snap fires his charged shot at Maverick
[Blackjack] Now be quiet...
[Wiendigo] Fat chance
[Maverick] ARGH! *fum,bles for his balster*
[Garland] *oddly agrees with Wien* Yeah, when are we?
* Dominator lets loose a powerful blast from Thunder Bolt; its green circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (580AP)
[Cold-Snap] oops, should I have used quiet force?
[Slash] *whispers* Ace.. the other team could be in trouble.... check *listens to the fight sounds*
* Maverick dies and falls odwnthe stairs
[Slash] FRICK
[Cold-Snap] Um, guess not
[Slash] Comm] you guys ok?
[Ariel] Uh oh
[Cold-Snap] Should we have killed him quietly?
[Blackjack] NRP: Hey Dom, me and Ariel are looking under the door. Anything of importance?
[Dominator] GM: BJ sees no one in the room from what he can make of it
[Blackjack] Damn it... let's keep going.
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Slash, you're with us, aint ya?
[Maverick] Comm] Blackjack?
* Wiendigo suddenly kicks open the door and leaps in
[Maverick] (Dom said that!)
*** Maverick is now known as GM
* AceHunter shuts down his beam and continues up the stairs
[Slash] NRP: nopers, im with my own group with Ace
* Wiendigo holds his katana ready
* Slash moves up the stairs following Ace
[Dominator] NRP: Eh? Where are you?
[Blackjack] Comm] We're fine, Dom. Except... we found a dead body with the Maverick insignia carved into her...
[Dominator] NRP: I'm at the stairs to Slash...
* Garland draws sword
[Slash] NRP: Moving up the second set of stairs, you are one level below me..
[Dominator] Comm] ...! Keep going...
* Ariel shudders again
[Blackjack] Comm] You got it.
* Dominator starts up the second set of stairs
* Cold-Snap moves after Dom
* Slash stopps
[Blackjack] Let's keep moving... we've GOT to find something.
[Slash] Ace.. lets wait up for the rest of em..
* Dominator sees Slash and AH and catches up to them
* Blackjack keeps walking, motioning for everyone to follow
* Cold-Snap keeps going until he meets with Slash's group
* Wiendigo pohases and moves ahead of the group
* Ariel tries to keep up, but falls behind a bit
* AceHunter notices the others at the bottom 1"Agreed"
[Dominator] GM: Blackjack's team reaches the end of a hall, at an elevator
* Slash pauses waiting for all to rejoin them
[Blackjack] No choice...
[Dominator] Lets keep going everyone... The stairs end up there. *points above them*
[Wiendigo] I smell an ambush...
[Cold-Snap] NRP: crap, storm.  Oh well
[Ariel] Looks like a trap...
[Blackjack] So do I... but we don't really have a choice, unless you see some stairs.
[Slash] Oh goody..
* Cold-Snap moves to the end
[Slash] Lead on..
* Wiendigo phases through the elevator and flies up the shaft slightly
* Slash continues up the stairs
* Ariel catches up.
* Garland has kept pace
[Ariel] We could take the ladder?
* Dominator continues as well, they'll reach the top in about 3 minutes
* AceHunter begins charging his VRP as he walks
[Blackjack] *hisses* Wien! See anything?
[Dominator] GM: Wiendigo passes one floor
* Cold-Snap charges his canon
[Wiendigo] NRP: Do I?
[Dominator] NRP: Nothing, besides a really lnog elevator shaft
[Garland] NRP: I have to go soon.
[Slash] *whispers as they near the last floor* Ok, we gotta be quite..
[Wiendigo] Nothing...
[Slash] NRP: Quiet..
[Dominator] Right...
[Blackjack] Let's go then. Top floor would probably be the best bet...
[Wiendigo] But I saw we make some noise!
[Ariel] !
[Cold-Snap] [whisper] be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits . . .
[Blackjack] I was afraid of that...
* Dominator carefully opens the door and sees three mavericks in the room
[Blackjack] Anybody see any stairs?
* Wiendigo takes out his katana again
[Ariel] They'll probally kill them all right away then...
[Slash] *whispers* Dom, ill take them out..
* Wiendigo starts to cut the elevator cable
[Ariel] Don't all elevator shafts have ladders BJ?
[Dominator] I'll help too... They've well armed...
* Slash sneaks up on them, Cloaked
[Dominator] GM: There's no stairs where they are, plus no ladder on it, since its so tall
*** GM is now known as Mavericks
[Blackjack] No choice, I guess... dammit...
* Slash Stabs on in the back, decloaking spinning sending thousands of poisoned razors at the other two
* Cold-Snap looks at AceHunter. 1Should we help?
* Wiendigo cuts the cable
[Mavericks] YARGH!
[Cold-Snap] I mean, they didn't say to come
* Mavericks the others dive out of the way
[Slash] Guess WHO!!
* Mavericks they start blasting madly at Slash (900AP)
* Slash dives out of the way
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (600AP)
* Blackjack opens the elevator only to see the elevator go plummeting past
[Ariel] I guess we've gotta head back...
[Blackjack] Unless you wanna... climb the rope...
[Ariel] I can fly up, but the rest of you...
[Wiendigo] Just climb up the friggin' sides
* Slash fires L3 concussion burst at the Mavs
* Cold-Snap peeks his head in. 1You guys finish off tavs?
[Cold-Snap] NRP: mavs
[Garland] Ariel, I can fly, too.
* AceHunter decloaks and fires off a level5 VRP blast at one of the mavs
* Mavericks one is damaged, the other jumps forward and slashes Slash (700AP)
* Mavericks one dies
[Slash] ARrghh
* Dominator stabs Rune Sword forward into Maverick (580AP)
[Ariel] What about BJ though?
* Blackjack shifts into crinos form and leaps at the rope, grabbing it
* Cold-Snap fires his charged shot at one of the mavs
* Wiendigo hears the elevator car faintly crash far below
* Mavericks all die
[Blackjack] I'll take this way.
*** Mavericks is now known as GM
* Slash grits his teeth, and slashes at one of them
[Wiendigo] That should get their attention
* Slash armor slowly closes over the wound
[AceHunter] Where are the officials
[AceHunter] ?
[Blackjack] You have any other suggestions, Wien?
[Cold-Snap] We should've left one alive
[Slash] ..
[Cold-Snap] We could've gathered info
* Cold-Snap shrugs
[Wiendigo] Make as much damn noise as we can
[Dominator] We beat them, now we'll g-... *stops as he sees the body off an official, held on the while by a blade through the chest*
[Slash] ......
* Ariel jumps and flys at about head level.
[Dominator] NRP: BJ's guys are climbing the shaft?
* Slash eyes blaze
* Blackjack starts climbing the rope
[Ariel] Well, let's get going
[Dominator] ...! Those.... *cuts off*
* Garland flies up
* Cold-Snap eyes the corpse
* Ariel flies ahead up the shaft
[Blackjack] This is going to take a while...
[Wiendigo] NRP: Eyyyeeeaaah, I kinda cut the elevator cable
* Dominator storms psat the body and starts down a hall
[Blackjack] NRP: At the very top?