Mission 7: Dealt


[DeathStar] GM: Location at Hunter HQ, the station orbiting Jupiter
[Slasher] Hey Slash
[Slash^] what slasher..
* DeathStar sits down in the command chair, a pissed look on his face
[Slasher] nothing just saying hi
[Slasher] someone looks pissy
* Blackjack stares out of a window, lost in thought
[Slash^] DS what the heck is wrong..
[LightningStrike] Yo, DS something wrong ??
[Slasher] must be his time of the month
[DeathStar] Yeah, our last mission was a FAILURE...GOT IT?
* LightningStrike Kicks slasher in the rear
* DeathStar throws keyboard at Slasher
* Slasher goes over to BJ and looks out the window with him
[Slasher] ouch
[LightningStrike] We made it out alive didn't we ??
[Slash^] .... he doesnt learn to keep his mouth shut..
[DeathStar] ....*glances at LS with a look that could melt*  Yeah, we DID
[Slasher] Sorry i left i had some business that was well i had to do this
[DeathStar] Wiendigo and Dominator and Garland are all currently busy right now, so I can't lecture them on the MISTAKE we made a few days ago
[LightningStrike] Would you considered it more of a success had we died and still lost the chip ??
* Blackjack turns around. "LS, don't mess with DS when he's like this..."
* Slash^ backs away
[DeathStar] CorSec now has a powerful CHIP that they can install into their Ultimate Weapon!
[DeathStar] Now I don't know if any of YOU IDIOTs will be able SLEEP well tonight, but I SURE as HELL won't!
[Slash^] and destroy everything they feel like....
* Slasher walks around kinda bored
* DeathStar alarms go off
[Slasher] What the
[Blackjack] Huh!? What now...
* DeathStar turns chair around and hits a button on the keyboard, a ship appearing on the screen
[Slash^] Hey, i was there too DS dont you damn well forget that
[Slash^] What in the .....
[LightningStrike] Excellant a chance to get some anger out 
[DeathStar] ....That's a CorSecpeople
[Slasher] is that Corsec
[LightningStrike] Hmmm
[Slash^] Crap, not again...
[DeathStar] Ship
* Slasher has a sudden flashback
[DeathStar] .....No, wait...hold on
* LightningStrike walks over to weapons controlls 
[DeathStar] ...They have....clearance with EarthGov....no weapons powered up..
[LightningStrike] Dang
[Blackjack] I wonder what they want...
[Slash^] uh oh....
[LightningStrike] Err I mean good 
[DeathStar] ....
[Slasher] DS...I don't like..this...that ship has some connection with me i think
[DeathStar] I'm heading down to the Hanger to greet them.  *takes off toward the Hanger
* Slasher goes after him
[Blackjack] I'm going with DS. I'm curious...
[Slash^] i will be right back..
* Blackjack sprints down the hallway towards the hangar
[LightningStrike] I'll stay on the bridge and keep watch.
[Slash^] i hate Corsec, i will have nothing to do with them
* DeathStar arrives as the ship stops
*** Slash^ has quit IRC (creates a warp field and disappears)
* DeathStar the door opens
* Slasher appears when the door open
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar reaches slowly for sabres
* Slasher pulls out one of his ion hilts
* Blackjack arrives at the hangar as they step out
* DeathStar looks for people to come out
[Slasher] they should of come out by now
* Slasher cloaks so he can get a closer look
* LightningStrike scanning ship
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* Daniel steps out, a sly grin on his face
[Blackjack] Daniel!?
* Slasher tries to remember that name
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[DeathStar] Who are these clowns?
* Slasher tries to remeber all the names
* Chris comes out
* Andrew jumps out
[Blackjack] Some... of my old friends...
* Slasher uncloaks
[Daniel] Tim!!!
[Slasher] You know these 3 BJ
[Chris] Yo Tim~
[Andrew] How ya doing Tim?
[Blackjack] Hey Chris, Andrew.
*** Andrew has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
* Slasher keeps his ion blades out just in case
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[Lamnon] Remember me, Andrew Lamnon?
[Daniel] Been a long time, Tim!
[Blackjack] Yeah, I remember you, Drew! What are you three doing here?
* Daniel steps forward toward Blackjack
[Daniel] We're here to talk to you.
[Chris] Yeah, you
* Lamnon nods
* DeathStar grabs comm.
* LightningStrike Listening on comm channel 
[DeathStar] LS, it's safe.  Come on down here
* Slasher puts away his weapons
[DeathStar] But first *whispering*  scan the area and their ship
[Slasher] These guys from Corsec or what
* LightningStrike On comm ]] K I'll be there in a sec 
[Blackjack] Yes. They're my best friends.
* Chris looks at Slasher. Yeah, we are. Do I know you?
[DeathStar] What are you doing here?
* LightningStrike Lightning bolts down the hall and appears next to DS in about all of a second
[Lamnon] Like WE said, we're hear to talk to Tim
[Slasher] Not that i know...but i feel like i know you
[DeathStar] LS, are they clean?
[DeathStar] I thought Blackjack's real name was Jared
* LightningStrike scanning records
[Blackjack] It is. My middle name's Timothy, everybody used to call me that, if they didn't call me Blackjack.
[LightningStrike] Wait a second
[Daniel] Yeah...
* Slasher sits down
[LightningStrike] there clean 
[Lamnon] JARED...why did you leave CorSec man?  We miss you
[Chris] Yeah.  You're still welcome you know
* Slasher whispers to DS 1"Are they like Scientists are whaat"
[Blackjack] Sorry, guys. I've had time to think, and I've decided that CorSec's methods are wrong.
[DeathStar] No.  Soilders.
[Slasher] oh
* LightningStrike gives one of them I hate corsec looks at the 3 of em and can't help but make a spark or to in his hands
[DeathStar] Listen guys.  I'm going to throw you into the cooler
[Daniel] You can't TOUCH us, pal.
[Slasher] Says who
* Slasher cloaks
* Daniel grabs a paper. "EarthGov says we can be here as long as we don't have weapons with us
* Slasher uncloaks
* Chris grins cooly
[LightningStrike] Ds there right, unfortunaitly
* Slasher grabs the paper amd reads ot
[Lamnon] Such rude people, Tim.  Why are you hanging out with people like this?
[Slasher] Damnt they are right
[DeathStar] Damn...
[DeathStar] DAMM
[DeathStar] This is CRAP
* Daniel stands to full height and looks into DS's eyes. "Oh, yeah?"
[LightningStrike] I have followed those same regs before, course that was when I was supposed to be conceling a wep !
[LightningStrike] I want em searched 
[DeathStar] .....*glances at a scanner*  No weapons on them or the ship.
* DeathStar growls and turns away, leaving them all
* Blackjack shakes his head. 1"I want to get rid of the Mavericks and the Aliens, but the Hunters are actually helping the cause. CorSec wants to destroy the Hunters. I don't think that is doing us... I mean you any good. It'll destroy you in the end..."
* Slasher cloaks
* LightningStrike zaps next to DS and says "They might be carrying chemicall and non-detectable weps"
[Chris] Listen, Tim.  Come back with us to CorSec.  The Leader sent us, you know.  He wants you to dicuss the potiential the Hunters are shown so we can work at a deal with them.  So that CorSec and the Hunters can work together in piece
[Slasher] NRP: Who pinged me
[DeathStar] Possible...that's why I'm not letting them out of my SIGHT
[Blackjack] President CorSec wants peace with the Hunters?
* DeathStar turns a corner and steps in front of a view screen of them, which is constantly scanning them
[Daniel] That's right Timbo.  And you can make it happen
* Slasher uncloaks next DS
[DeathStar] I don't like them....I really don't like them....they...they got something up their sleeve
[Blackjack] I... this... I don't know... Damn!
[DeathStar] Blackjack wouldn't fall for this GARBAGE...
* LightningStrike Zaps next to BJ after hearing that on the com system.
* Slasher whispers to him1"Should i go into there ship and check it
[DeathStar] Yes.  Make it so
[Lamnon] You know they are watching us, Tim
* Slasher cloaks and enters the ship undetected
[LightningStrike] Yo BJ, how manny times did you have to kill a non-maveric reploid in CorSec ??
[Chris] See?  This Hunter proves it.  They don't trust you BJ.  WE do.  You need to help them
[Blackjack] I... need some time alone to think... I'll be in my quarters, if anyone needs me...
* Blackjack slowly walks away
[Chris] Sure BJ...we'll see you when you get back
* DeathStar teleports next to Chis
* LightningStrike Walks up to chris "I was asking him how manny times you forced him to go against his beliefs little man !!!"
* Slasher appears next to DS1"Sorry i couldn't find a bloody thing
[DeathStar] I should personally KILL you..
[Daniel] Back of Reploid....
[Slasher] DS stop its not worth it
[Lamnon] You can get your CO titled ripped off if you lay a hand on us
[Slasher] If anything let me kill them that way you stay in charge
* DeathStar balls hands into fist. "GOD I WISH WIENDIGO WAS HERE TO KILL YOU."
* Chris smirks. "Wiendigo. Hell Prisoner 102346
[Lamnon] Surprised he hasn't killed you all yet.
[LightningStrike] I can kill you, your programing made it so Corcrap scum !!!
[DeathStar] ....
[Slasher] Lightning stop
* LightningStrike Steps away
[Daniel] DON'T try it LS...come on guys, lets go to the bar on here
* Daniel the three leave
[Slasher] By killing them you'll be as bad as Corsex
*** Daniel has quit IRC (Leaving)
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[Slasher] I don't like this
* DeathStar lets a dry smirk appear on his face
[LightningStrike] I thought I was arogant.
* LightningStrike Refering to CorSec scumbags that left
* DeathStar marches towards BJ's quarters
[Slasher] Why can't i remember there names
[Slasher] I guess it me and you Light
[Slasher] What should we do
* DeathStar raps on the door. "Jared?"
[LightningStrike] Hmmm, I say we go down there and get em angery enough to get arested :)
* Slasher stares at the shop
[Slasher] no
* Blackjack 's voice is heard from inside. 1"It's unlocked..."
* DeathStar steps in and closes the door behind him. "How are you?"
[Slasher] I say lets check the ship get what we can and get out of there
* Slasher leaves and enters the ship
[LightningStrike] I can't cloak though.
[Slasher] i ain't cloaking
* LightningStrike Heads to the ship 
* LightningStrike stops by a computer terminal and reprograms a part of it before leaving with a print out.
[DeathStar] PAUSE
[DeathStar] BRB
[DeathStar] UNPAUSE
[Slasher] Light you check their database for aynthign useful ill check there rooms
* Slasher checks out Andys room first
* DeathStar suddenly the ships alarms go off and the ship locks them in
* LightningStrike hands slasher a copy of the paper he made
[LightningStrike] It's a little warent I cooked up :)
[Slasher] crap
[LightningStrike] We aint locked in for long 
[Slasher] should i cloak
* DeathStar Hunter Seceruity enters
[Slasher] uhh hi
[DeathStar] MHS:  You two, get out.  *unlocks the ship*
[DeathStar] MHS:  Due to EarthGov's orders, you two have a warning.  Try it again and you'll end up in the cells on here
* DeathStar appears behind MHS
[Slasher] ok
* LightningStrike Holds up warent
[LightningStrike] Ahem
[DeathStar] Get the hell out of here, NOW
* DeathStar the MHS looks confused and they leave
* LightningStrike Zaps out
[Slasher] thanks DS
[LightningStrike] NRP: Oh thought you ment us :P
[DeathStar] You TWO are so....wonderful!  *smirks*
* LightningStrike Zaps back in 
[Slasher] all i found were a bunch off Dirty Magazines
* Blackjack appears behind DeathStar
[DeathStar] .....Oh well.
* DeathStar glances around
[Blackjack] Typical of those three...
[DeathStar] I'm heading down to the bar
[LightningStrike] Well I got us a warent, it would take 4 years to track where I got it from but we can search here :)
[Slasher] and a some letters but nothing importat
* DeathStar walks off
[Slasher] keep an eye on them DS
[Blackjack] I think I'll go to the bar too... Maybe a few drinks'll cheer me up...
* DeathStar enters bar
* Slasher goes back to searching the database
* LightningStrike Heads to the Bar/tavern.
[LightningStrike] C'mon Slasher
[LightningStrike] If they find us in here there lible to have assasins come after us, and I trust me I was one we don't need that
[Slasher] No u go ahead
[Slasher] so was i
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* Slasher cloak
[LightningStrike] And you know what they will do to you so lets go.
* DeathStar sits down far far the three men in the bar
[LightningStrike] Ok stay cloaked though !! 
* Daniel takes a sip of the beer
[Chris] Gahhh....bad beer.  Earth's is better
[Lamnon] Aye.
* Blackjack walks into the bar, sitting at a stool near a wall, unnoticed by his "friends"
* Slasher tries to hack into the database
* LightningStrike Sits right next to the 3 and says "So you want him back eh"
* DeathStar stands up and walks by, slapping a listening device on Chris' back as he sits somewhere else
[Chris] You...Hello...what was it, Lightning Fake?
* Lamnon laughs
* Daniel rolls his eyes
[Slasher] Damn nothing
* DeathStar listens in
* Slasher places a tracking device were they won't find it
[LightningStrike] You really think he can go back to your life ??
* Slasher comes running into the bar
* Blackjack listens carefully, sipping on his beer
[LightningStrike] He doesn't like death like you, he doesn't like the taste of it.
* Slasher catches his breath
[Daniel] As I said, Lightning, we're changing.  We are going to make a pact with the Hunters.  We only want the Mavs dead
[Chris] Death?
[Chris] I want no "death"
[Lamnon] Neither do I.  What CorSec did was in the past
[LightningStrike] Hm, why do I doubt that, remember I was the exterminator.
* Blackjack sighs, mumbling to himself
* Slasher walks over to the 3 and sits down
* Slasher grabs a Brandy on the rocks
[Daniel] I feel sorry for you two guys, you and Lightining Fake.  But we are here to make a pact if Tim will agree
* DeathStar sips some beer, even though Reploids can't get drunk
[Slasher] Huh what are you talking about
* DeathStar listens carefully
* Slasher scratches at where his tatoo is
[Lamnon] We want peace.  Whatever CorSec did to you is in the past
[Slasher] I hate this damn thing 
[LightningStrike] Seems to me, you should be more polite to reploids, give em a wider berth, god knows we gave you one heck fo a wide berth.
[Lamnon] ....The past is hard to forget I see
[Chris] Too true
* DeathStar glass shatters from somewhere in the room, where DS is sititng
* Slasher rolls up sleeve to reveal a tatoo from corsec with some numbers on it
[Daniel] Someone must have split a glass..
[Lamnon] Aye
[LightningStrike] Just tell the president of CS that I still remember all the dead, even if he doesn't.
* Blackjack glances briefly at DS, then turns his attention back to his beer
* DeathStar flicks hand, the beer flying off of it. He broke it with his hands
* LightningStrike walks over to BJ
[Daniel] I am truly sorry.  But...
* Slasher asks the 3 what the tatoo stands for
[Chris] We do not know
* LightningStrike sits next to BJ
[Slasher] Your from corsec you should know
[Lamnon] Excuse us.  We're going to go back upstairs and talk to Tim.  Good bye
* Blackjack hisses sharply, 1"Don't draw any attention to me, LS... I'm still thinking..."
* Lamnon the three leave
*** Lamnon has quit IRC (Leaving)
[LightningStrike] How you handeling this budy ??
*** Chris has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Daniel has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] It's about to... drive me out of my mind...
* Slasher goes over to DS
* DeathStar stands up, hand to ear as he listens, and teleports off
[Slasher] damn had to talk to him
[DeathStar] [Chris] They just don't understand, eh?
* Slasher goes over to BJ
[DeathStar] [Daniel] The past is hard to forget.  What can I say?
[Slasher] Hey BJ do u know what this tatoo means...
[DeathStar] [Lamnon]  Lets hope Tim isn't lost in the past also...
* Blackjack shrugs. 1"I have no clue..."
[LightningStrike] I know the feeling, that drink wont help, oh it will for a little while, reploids use a form of program chip for that, but just like alchaholl, you gotta face your fears.
[Slasher] damn noone does... but i know it has something to do with my past
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* Daniel appears behind Blacjack.
[LightningStrike] Remember BJ, you need a friend to help you, whatever happens, we will be here for you.
[Daniel] Ithought I saw you here..
[Blackjack] Yeah, I'm here. What do you want...?
[Daniel] Why are you hiding from us?  The others are heading up to your room...Well, to find it
* Slasher nods to Daniel and leaves
* Daniel sits down in front of Daniel
[Daniel] I mean BK
[LightningStrike] (you mean BJ :P)
[Daniel] Will you come back to CorSec?  You don't have to stay if you don't want to.  Just give it a try.  Talk to the President, check it over
* Slasher walks down the hallways lost
[Blackjack] I'm sorry, Danny. I just... don't know what to think...
* DeathStar appears in front of Slasher, hand to ear
[Slasher] hheey... ds
[Daniel] We've knowneach other for a long time.  You can trust us
[LightningStrike] Hmm, a very short time ago CorSec was trying to kill ya (Albert that is).
* DeathStar glances at Slasher
* Slasher grabs his head
[Daniel] albert was out of control in rage
* LightningStrike Stands Toe to Toe with Daniel 
[Daniel] The President tried to have him stopped
[Slasher] I keep getting these headaches
[LightningStrike] Trust, ha
* Blackjack shakes his head. 1"Maybe I should..."
[DeathStar] I'm sorry
[Slasher] its not your fault DS its Corsec and whatever they did to me
[Daniel] We would never do anything to hurt you...or your friends
[LightningStrike] Ha
* LightningStrike Turns to black jack
* DeathStar nods. "These two are just TALKING. I think they know I got a bug on them...playing me for a fool."
[Blackjack] If it would help us win the war... maybe I would be better off... but...
[Slasher] Maybe
[LightningStrike] You know they told me I would just be helping keep mavs off the street. 
* Daniel glances irritably at LS. 1"Even rude friends."
[LightningStrike] I was forced to kill children.
* Blackjack bites his lower lip, a tear forming in his eye
[Daniel] That was in the past, Lightning Fake...Let go of it
* LightningStrike Turns back to Daniel
[LightningStrike] Leave, he needs time !
[Slasher] DS if you want... i can cloak and check on them that way they won't think that way....
[Daniel] Then you leave him too.  You aren't helping him any Reploid!
[Slasher] I can also keep an eye on them
[DeathStar] No...
[Slasher] ok
* Slasher scratches should again
[DeathStar] The key is to catch them in the act with evidence.  Your word means nothing to EarthGov
[LightningStrike] Alright, I wont do anything to hurt him. I don't hurt people anymore niether does he.
* LightningStrike walks over to DS and Slasher 
[Daniel] Talk to you later, Timbo.  *leaves*
*** Daniel has quit IRC (Leaving)
[DeathStar] ...
[DeathStar] WHAT?!
* Slasher looks up at Ds
[LightningStrike] I'd rather have him thiking it out than having that creep talk to him.
[DeathStar] They...WOULDN'T....COULDN'T...
[Slasher] what
* Blackjack places his head on the table, sobbing. 1"This... is almost more than I can take! I tried to leave my past behind, and here they are, trying to bring it back on me..."
[LightningStrike] What, a virus or something ??
[DeathStar] They can stay on the station as long as they want...we can't get rid of them
* LightningStrike see's BJ 
[DeathStar] Right now they are going to their rooms for the night
[Slasher] I remember
[Slasher] ok
* LightningStrike walks back over 
[DeathStar] .....We'll....have to finish this later.  I got Mission planing to do.  There's nothing we can DO.  *leaves*
[Blackjack] I'm going to my room... Everyone, stay out! I need time alone...
* Blackjack storms out of the bar
* Slasher gets up amd stumbles down the halls
[LightningStrike] BJ wait !!
* Blackjack turns. 1"What!?"
* DeathStar appears and grabs LS. "Stop."
* LightningStrike Shoves DS
[DeathStar] Better to let him get it out of his system.  I got some missions coming in from EarthGov.  We just gotta keep him with us.  
[LightningStrike] You can't run from your past.
[DeathStar] I don't plan on it
[LightningStrike] Only embrace it and learn from it.
[DeathStar] And neither will Jared
[DeathStar] Our past will catch us no matter one
[DeathStar] what
[LightningStrike] Ok
* Slasher collapses somewhere in the base
* LightningStrike leaves also toward his room
* Blackjack turns and runs to his room
[DeathStar] .............
[DeathStar] This...*leans against a wall* Is all falling apart...

Back in his room, Blackjack slammed his fist into a pillow in frustration."WHAT NOW!?" he yelled in frustration. "Damn! Why me? Why couldn't it have been Danny or something!" Blackjack collapsed into his pillow, sobbing wildly. "Why... why does this all have to rest on my shoulders..." Blackjack's thoughts travelled to his past, about the time when he joined CorSec as a spy along with his best friend, Chris Weaver. "Why did I have to join CorSec... things would be a hell of a lot simpler right now if I hadn't..." Blackjack cried until he finally fell asleep.

"Chris, are you ok?" Blackjack asked his friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Chris responded. "I can't believe we got caught! Let's get out of here!"

"My thoughts exactly! Let's go!" Blackjack responded, and the two spies sprinted away from the scene.

"President CorSec won't believe this one, Tim!" Chris said over the noise of enemy fire.

"Yeah! Who'd have thought that his best spies would end up... AGH!" Blackjack screamed as a plasma shot tore into his shoulder.

"JARED!" Chris screamed.

"I'm fine," Blackjack said, clutching his shoulder. "Albert should be around here somewhere..."

"He said he'd be right here! Where is he!?" Chris yelled.

"DAMN IT, ALBERT!" Blackjack screamed. "You'll pay for this!"

"I've gotta get you out of here, Tim..." Chris said quietly. "I'm your best friend, and will be forever. I'll never let you down, don't you forget that!"

"Thanks Chris..."

Blackjack sat bolt upright in his bed. He ran his hand through his hair, and noticed he had broken into a cold sweat. "I'd forgotten about that..." Blackjack said, obviously remembering that had really happened. "Chris... Damn it, this makes things even worse! I feel like I owe him..." Blackjack slammed his fist into the pillow again. "And the Hunters are depending on me to make the right decision...Damn! I hate having this responsibility!" Blackjack fell to his pillow, quickly falling asleep.