Mission 70: False Beliefs

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: MHHQ
* Cold-Snap stands in the control room
* Ariel is sleeping on one of the monitors.
* Blackjack sighs, pacing
* Garland rubs head from the other day
* Dominator is sitting in the command chair
[Cold-Snap] That pacing really annoys me . . .
* Slasher` walks in
[Blackjack] Good.
* Blackjack continues pacing
* Regulus is making psi link to some flower
*** GM is now known as DeathStar
* Dominator drums fingures over panel, thinking
* DeathStar the door slides open and Death Star comes in, his armor destroyed, mangled, twisted everywhich way like a costume torn to shreds. He steps into the room
* AceHunter walks in pulling somebody behind him, 1"Look who I found wandering around the base, fellers!"
[Blackjack] DS!
[Dominator] Death Star, welcome b-... Are you all right?!
[Slasher`] DS
[Regulus] oh. hi.
* Slasher` runs over to him to help him
[Blackjack] Holy shit! What happened to YOU!?
* Ariel wakes up and yawns.
[Cold-Snap] Hey, you missed the big Doom fella
* DeathStar shrugs Slasher off and walked in and turns to Cold Snap
* Garland glances at DeathStar
[DeathStar] Like I guve a damn..
[Cold-Snap] But, is there someone bigger around?
[Slasher`] Woh
[Ariel] Hey D... *stops*
[Dominator] ....
* Cold-Snap backs up a bit
[Blackjack] WOuld you mind explaining yourself, Commander?
* DeathStar eyes flicker angerily and he continues up to the Master Computer where Dom is sitting
[DeathStar] No, I wouldn't...
* Dominator stands
[Blackjack] Then lets hear it.
* Slasher` goes over to a table and sits down and starts reading a book
* Ariel sits up and watches DS with a wierd expression on her face.
* Dominator glances at BJ
* Regulus looks at DS
[DeathStar] I mean, No, I wouldn't want to explain
[Blackjack] Hey, I can't help it if I'm concerned, Dominator.
[Garland] .....
* DeathStar sits down in his chair
[Dominator] I am too, but...
* Dominator moves over and sits in his own chair
* Slasher` notices that Ariels in a dragon form
[DeathStar] What the hell are you all looking at!?  Get back to whatever the hell you were doing
[Blackjack] But...
[Cold-Snap] Ok, Blackjack, about that pacing
[Dominator] ... As you say... *uneasily turns computer on*
* Garland sits in his chair, appearantly fidling with comm controls
[Ariel] How can I sleep with you yelling like that?
[Slasher`] Ariel, looking good
* Blackjack paces more just to annoy the hell out of CS
* AceHunter walks out again to patrol the base
[Ariel] Oh, hi slasher
* Slasher` goes back to reading
* Cold-Snap walks out and begins to wander the base
* Ariel wonders how everyone can instantlt reconize her as a dragon...
* Blackjack stops pacing and takes a seat
* Dominator goes over some reports and statistics
* DeathStar works on the Master Computer
* Garland stops typing for a sec, to drink coffee
* Blackjack shuffles a deck of cards absently
* Cold-Snap begins to whistle
* Slasher` puts his book away and works on morphing his hand to objects that he can remember
* Garland finishes and gets up
* Ariel lays down on the monitor again.
[Cold-Snap SOUND]
* Cold-Snap ! plays some funky song. HOO-AH!!!
[DeathStar] NRP: *blinks*
[Cold-Snap] NRP: sorry, wavget message
* Regulus looks at CS
[Dominator] NRP: Uh... Maybe you should let just DS start midis
* Ariel is trying to sleep
* Slasher` hand morphs into various objects
[Cold-Snap] NRP: I will
[Garland] ........if anyone needs me, I'll be in the training room.
* Dominator is still absently typing
[Slasher`] Cool
* DeathStar looks up
* Garland starts to walk off
[DeathStar] Training?
[DeathStar] That's a good idea...you guys need something better to do than just sitting around like deadmen...
* Blackjack stands
[Dominator] All right then...
[Slasher`] Garland
[Blackjack] Sounds good.
[Dominator] I gather you wouldn't like a report on what's, uh, happened recently?
* Garland look sat DS with a glint of something off.
* Slasher` gets up and follows Garland
[Ariel] Sorry... I'm tired... and hungry... I'm going to get some food.
* DeathStar ignores Garland
*** AronoX (Swordsman@207-17-228-178.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar hears master computer beep
* Blackjack slowly walks to the training room
* DeathStar reads message
* Blackjack stops, hearing the beep
* Dominator turns and moves over by DS
[Blackjack] What's that, DS?
* Garland teleports to the training room
* Ariel looks down at the monitor
* Slasher` hears the beep, turns his head, and walks right into a door
[Slasher`] Ouch
[DeathStar] That's your ugly-ass mother calling.  Now shut up so I can read..
[Blackjack] My mother's dead, remember...
* DeathStar reads message
[Regulus] _
* Slasher` makes a hiss sound
* AceHunter walks back in 1"I found someone sneaking around the base"
* DeathStar turns to AH
[DeathStar] Who?
* Blackjack looks at AH
[Blackjack] What?
* AceHunter steps sideways reaveling the person behind him
[Slasher`] Must be my Pizza
*** Beggar (shadezader@ts011d08.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
* Cold-Snap walks in 1Where?
* Garland starts lifting weights
[Beggar] Uh, anybody got some change?
[DeathStar] .....*blinks, not recognising the person*
[Dominator] Isn't that the begger from awhile back...?
*** AronoX is now known as Arono
[Cold-Snap] Hey!  It's the guy with the eyes!!!
[Blackjack] Who are you?
[Cold-Snap] I remember him!  Do the eye trick!!  I'll give you a twenty!
* Slasher` smacks CS
* Dominator gives a sharp look to CS
* Ariel walks up and batts CS
[Slasher`] Shut up
[Blackjack] CS...
* Arono walks in the controle room and looks around at the computers
* AceHunter takes the twenty, sighs, and flickers his eyes green
[Dominator] Hey, who are you we asked? *raises tone to Begger*
[Blackjack] NRP: It's Cold Snap, Justin's replacement!
[Cold-Snap] NRP: heh
[Beggar] takes the twenty, sighs, and flickers his eyes green
* DeathStar looks at the beggar closely
* Blackjack raises an eyebrow
[Cold-Snap] It's the beggar from the street.  With the eyes . . .
[Blackjack] CS was right... he knows this guy.
* Slasher` leaves and comes back with a ham sandwich
[Cold-Snap] NRP: ham sandwich?
* Slasher` gives half to the beggar and starts munching on the other
* Garland walk into the simulation area of the training room
[Arono] NRP:is there still a bar?or no?
[Dominator] ....
* Regulus is still making psi link to the flowers
[Slasher`] Just being nice ok
* Beggar begins stuffing it into his mouth and lets out a muffled, 1"Thanks"
[Regulus] hmph.
[Slasher`] So, why are you here
* Regulus shocks the flower's minds from inside and walks away
[AceHunter] I'll leave him with you and go back to patrol
* AceHunter walks out of the room
[Blackjack] *muttering* Sure, leave him with us...
* Ariel looks up at slasher.
[Dominator] What about DS's message?
[Ariel] Hey, could I have some of that?
[Blackjack] Yeah, what was that?
[Cold-Snap] Hmm, a beggar who can infaltrate our HQ . . .
[Slasher`] Sure
* DeathStar looks up, distracted
[DeathStar] Hm? Who? What?
* Slasher` hands whats rest to Ariek
* Arono cratches his head
[Blackjack] What was the message about, DS?
[Slasher`] NRP:Oops i mean Ariel
[Dominator] ... The message...
[Cold-Snap] Probably dangerous.  He could steal all of our food . . .
[DeathStar] Oh, some Maverick attack on a city...
[AceHunter] So, what doya guys do here?
[Arono] NRP:scratches
[Regulus] -_-
* Blackjack backhands ColdSnap
[Blackjack] Shut up.
* Ariel starts munching on the sandwich
[Slasher`] Wheres Cheryl, Ariel
[Cold-Snap] ow!  Stop hitting me!
[Dominator] Oh... No rush to scramble then, I suppose, they're just calling for calling I'd wager
* Garland teleports beside Dominator
[Blackjack] NRP: Check your IRC window, AH.
[Cold-Snap] You realize that a beggar could just sneak into our base?
*** AceHunter has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Cold-Snap] What kind of security is that?
* Ariel shrugs.
[DeathStar] You know, Dom, you're probably RIGHT
[Slasher`] CS, do you realize your getting on everyones nerves
[Dominator] What do we do with that begger? There's something... strange about him...
[Ariel] Don't know... She went off somewheres
[Regulus] ......
* DeathStar leans back as if there's no interest in him to go stop the Mavericks
[Beggar] Me, I'm 'armless
[Blackjack] How about some of us check that attack, and some stay here with this guy?
[Dominator] Put the begger in the brig or somewhere. Have security handle him, and lets go...
[Cold-Snap] Slasher`, you realize you're a real ass?
* Dominator glances at DS
[Slasher`] CS, yeah
* Dominator reads the message himself
* DeathStar meets Dom's eyes, glaring
* DeathStar message states what DS just told them
* Cold-Snap smiles
* Dominator was looking for the co-ordinace
* Dominator almost speaks, but decides better of it
[Garland] .........not much changed since before I joined CorSec.
[Slasher`] Well, we gonna go and get some action or do I have to beat CS for awhile
[DeathStar] Lets go gang...
[Ariel] CorSec?
* DeathStar gets up
[Garland] You all still dont get along, do you?
* Ariel shakes her head.
[Dominator] Ahem, I'm scrambling. Lets go... *goes to the Avenger*
* Arono looks around lestening to evryones conversations
[Blackjack] Let's take care of this attack. *yawns*
* DeathStar heads for the Avenger
* Blackjack walks after DOminator, almost looking bored
* Slasher` phases onto the Avenger
[Cold-Snap] Slasher, I'm not a misogenist
* Cold-Snap heads to the avenger
* Garland teleports to the Avenger
[Beggar] Mind if I tag 'long?
* DeathStar kept one fact from Dom, however
* Dominator starts to sit at the pilot seat, but then moves over at sits at the weapons for DS to sit at the pilot chaair
* Arono fallows evryone els
* Regulus follows Garland
* Slasher` sits down
* Ariel runs to keep up with everyone else
* DeathStar sits in the back, as if he's not interested in flying
* Blackjack starts to sit at the weapons console, remembers DS is back, and takes a window seat
* Slasher` grabs Beggar and brings him with
* Arono looks around at the inside
* Dominator glances at DS, and sits at the pilot seat, starting it up
[Arono] whats this contraption?
* Blackjack shrugs, taking the weapon console
[Slasher`] Hope you guys don't mind, I brought the Beggar with
[Garland] It's called a shuttle.
* Dominator flies out of the docking bay, toward Earth, silent
* Arono makes like evryone els and sets down
[Blackjack] What!? Slasher!
[Ariel] ...
[DeathStar] I don't mind..
[Dominator] You what?!
[Slasher`] Hey, I wasn't going to leave him alone in the base
[Blackjack] Great, now we have to protect him AND take out the Mavs...
* Ariel curls up on a seat.
[Beggar] If ya don' mind, da name's Dath
[Regulus] ...
[Dominator] Whatever... You're responcible for him. 
* DeathStar says, not even looking up, as he looks out the window
*** Beggar is now known as Dath
[Slasher`] I'll protect Dathg
[Cold-Snap] Leave him on the shuttle.  They never blow that up
[Cold-Snap] Dathg?
* Dominator flies toward Earth
[Blackjack] NRP: Typo, you idiot.
[Garland] ......
* Dominator engages the hyperdrive
* DeathStar grabs arm in pain, still looking like hell
[Blackjack] Maybe your coming wasn't such a good idea, DS...
[Slasher`] DS, you know you should get yourself checked out
[Dominator] 3... 2... 1... *disengages it, only a hair awy from Earth's atmosphere*
[DeathStar] Maybe you should tell that to someone who cares, BJ
* Dath notices DS 1"'ay ain't ya da guy who leads da stinking hunters?"
* Blackjack shakes his head
[DeathStar] I am.
* Blackjack looks at Dath and the sudden accent change
* Dominator flies toward the city
* Arono looks at dath
* Blackjack sighs
[Dath] 'though so
*** Wiendigo (wiendigo@rc-129.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
[Blackjack] This is going to be too easy... the Mavs are getting less and less creative.
[Dominator] Everyone ready?
* DeathStar leans back in his seat, looking out the window
* Dath eyes flicker green as he stares at DS
[DeathStar] I don't suppose I can say no.  No, I don't suppose..
[Arono] ready for what?
[Blackjack] Let's do it...
* DeathStar turns to the back corner
* Ariel looks up.
[Garland] ...... why are we meerly defenders, when we should take out the source of the problem]
[Dominator] GM: In the distance, a large island is seen, with buildings almost everywhere. Suddenly, a building explodes, and several follow
[DeathStar] Wiendigo, you might as well come out
[Ariel] Here already?
[Slasher`] Dath, why do I have this strange feeling I know you
[Blackjack] Ok, so much for the creativity... We need to hurry.
* Wiendigo slides out of the shadows, finishing a cigar
* DeathStar turns back to the window
[Cold-Snap] Were you with us the day Dom was a clown, Slasher`?
[Dath] 'cause ya don't
[Dominator] GM: Radar starts beeping, showing 3 maverick fighters approaching them
[Regulus] ---
[Slasher`] No
* Ariel giggles.
* Dominator glances at CS
[Blackjack] Whoops, my turn. *arms the weapons of the Avenger*
* Arono looks at radar
[Cold-Snap] heh
[Arono] whats that thing?
[Slasher`] She's giggling like a school girl
[Slasher`] Arono, you sure are a moron
[Dominator] Get ready Blackjack, I'll take evasive action. *dives down then flies behind one of the fighters giving BJ a clear shot*
[Cold-Snap] You missed a great disguise
* Arono looks at slasher
* Blackjack fires
[Arono] Moron?why i outa
[DeathStar] Try not to bump around so much..
[Slasher`] Outta what
[Arono] ..
*** MaverickFighters (ryan_cross@ttyD19.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
[Dath] Hey, uh, Death Star, right?
[Garland] DeathStar, in your state, it would be suicide for you to go hand to hand combat todday, you realize that?
[DeathStar] Right.
[Regulus] ...
* Wiendigo leans ignoring everyone else
* MaverickFighters onme is damaged, the other two fire and the Avenger rocks
* Blackjack keeps firing
[DeathStar] I realize that if you don't leave me alone, you're going to wish you knew the art of suicide better.
[Arono] woah!
[Dominator] I'm trying to shake them...
* Cold-Snap *Everyone ignores Wien
[Blackjack] Aargh!
* Arono grabs gis seat
[Arono] his
[DeathStar] Grrr
[Garland] What, so you could practice it?
[Blackjack] This thing's weapons aren't as powerful as I thought... *fires a spread of missiles*
[Dominator] They're arming proton torpedoes! *takes evasive manuevers*
[Blackjack] Damn! Move, Dom!
* MaverickFighters two explode, leaving only one
* Cold-Snap holds onto his seat
[Blackjack] One left...
[Slasher`] Get that last one
[Garland] By all means, DeathStar, tech me that art, oh wait, you can only teach it once, silly me.
* Ariel sleeps through it.
* DeathStar stands up and glares at Garland
* Blackjack fires a missile at the remaining one
* DeathStar grabs him and slams him against the wall of the ship
* Dominator flies around, going toward the bottom of the other, 1"Fire!"
* MaverickFighters explodes
[DeathStar] Listen you little asshole, leave me the hell alone, got it!?
*** MaverickFighters is now known as GM
* Arono wounders what happened
* Dominator glances back at Garland and DS
* Garland doesnt resist being thrown
* Slasher` 's mouth drops
[Blackjack] Hai, zenshou!
* DeathStar drops Garland and sits back down
* Cold-Snap screams at Ariel, 1OHMIGOD!!! A MOUSE!!!!
[Dominator] All right. I'm landing.
* Dath pulls a raggy picture from his pocket and looks at it
[Wiendigo] Ooo, the big, bad leader's got a backbone, I'm sure scared...
* Garland gets a half smile
* Slasher` smafcks CS
* Ariel doesn't notice CS
* Dominator flies down and lands outside the city, by a warf
* Slasher` phases outside
* Dath replaces it and looks out a window
* Dominator opens the door and charges weapons, walking out
* Arono gets up
[Blackjack] Let's get them before they can do anything else.
* DeathStar phases outside the ship
* Slasher` looks around and stretches his right arm
* Wiendigo backflips out
* Cold-Snap gets out
* Blackjack stands and exits the shuttle
* Ariel wakes up and stretches before heading out
* Dath stands up
[Slasher`] It feels good to have feeling in this baby again
[DeathStar] Alright people, lets go...
* Arono walks out
* Garland walks out, semi-arogantly.
[Regulus] ...
[Dath] Hey, ain't that dangerous?
* Slasher` pats his right arm
* Regulus exits the shuttle
[Blackjack] Hmm... which way, Dom?
* DeathStar heads towards the buildings
* Slasher` follows DS
* Dath peaks out the door of the shuttle
[Dominator] GM: The entrance to the city is in front of them. No damaged builings are on this side, as they are on the oppoisite side of the city where the mavericks are moving through. Explosions are heard, coming toward them
* Arono fallows
* Slasher` stops
[Blackjack] Let's meet 'em, then.
[Dominator] THat way. *points in the direction of the explosions*
* DeathStar continues on
[Slasher`] Dath Stay close to me
* Dominator starts toward the explosions
* Blackjack starts towards the city, jogging
* Slasher` waits for Dath
* Garland dashes ahead
* Wiendigo takes out his Energon Katana.
* Cold-Snap begins moving
* Dominator trying to catch up with DS
* DeathStar works his way through the city
* Regulus follows Dom
* Wiendigo strolls slowly along
* Arono fallows evryone els
* DeathStar stops near the explosions
[Dominator] NRP: Uh... DS, they pretty far in.,
* Dath follows, cowering behind everybody else
[DeathStar] NRP: So I'm trying to rush things, so sue me
[Dominator] GM: A mine explodes right next to DS, knocking him back
[Wiendigo] NRP: Hee hee
* Arono looks at datj
[DeathStar] GAH DANG TI!
* Slasher` stays in front of Dath to protect him
[Dominator] DS!
* DeathStar hits the ground
[Arono] huh?
[Blackjack] Death Star!
[Cold-Snap] You ok?
[Regulus] ...
* Wiendigo phases and moves on ahead
* DeathStar rolls to his feet and stands up
* Arono runs to ds
[Blackjack] Take it easy, Commander...
[Arono] what happened?!
* DeathStar continues on
* Dominator starts to dash toward DS, and a mine explodes by him, he barely abosrbs it with Force Shield
[Dominator] Argh!
[Wiendigo] Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy...
[Garland] A fool's way to rush in... *teleports ahead of them
* Regulus looks at the explosions
*** GM is now known as Maverick_Gunners
[Blackjack] Speed looks important here...
* Cold-Snap forms an ice shield and charges his canon
* Maverick_Gunners fire a cannon at the members from above
* Blackjack shifts into crinos form
* Slasher` stays in the back
* Garland flies up
* Arono looks around and grabs his sabre
* Wiendigo hits the Gunners with a psychic assult
[Blackjack] Oh, so he wants to party too eh...
[Cold-Snap] Oh great
* DeathStar keeps heading towards them
* Cold-Snap fires his shot at the Maverick_Gunners
* DeathStar blasts some of them back
* Blackjack leaps at one of the Gunners, katana flying (520 AP)
[Garland] A'llo chaps..... *looks at the gunners, and then Kiamas*
* Cold-Snap begins shooting a path throught he mine field
* Slasher` sees the gunners and runs towards them
* Dath pulls a small, gold colored ring out of his pocket and puts it on
* Arono puts back his sabre and loads his crossbow
* Ariel flies up at the gunners and claws one in the face.
* Slasher` 's hands begin to glow a sky blue.11"FUKEI" Slasher releases the energy out of his left hand and it forms 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball that explode at M.Gunner with incredible speed (wind elem/320AP)
* Arono fires at gunners
[DeathStar] ...
[Regulus] @_@
* DeathStar glances around
[Regulus] NRP: LAG!!!
* Cold-Snap begins heading through the field
* DeathStar vanishes from sight
* Blackjack flashes the claws in his hands and slashes rapidly with his bare hands (610 AP)
* Arono eyes dart from side to side
[Cold-Snap] Hey, our leader left again . . .
* Regulus fires an 1,11Ice Beam10,0 on Mavs , doing Ice damage [250 AP]
* Cold-Snap starts shooting at the gunners
[Arono] wered he go now?
[Wiendigo] Good, hated him anyway.
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
* DeathStar jerks CS out of the way ofa blast about to hit him
[Slasher`] PAUSE
[Blackjack] Grr...
[Regulus] -_-
[DeathStar] Go Dom!  Go Dom!
[Arono] pause?
[Blackjack] Yeah
[Slasher`] NRP: Dom's not here
[Arono] what for?
[Arono] oh
[Blackjack] No NRP necessary, Slasher
[Slasher`] OH sorry
*** Maverick_Gunners has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Wiendigo] Alright, who here has the full version of JK?
[Wiendigo] Jedi Knight, that is
[Ariel] I do
[Cold-Snap] as well you should be.  Using an NRP during a pause, THE NErVE!
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD12.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
[Garland] Wien: I do
[Slasher`] UNPAUSE
[Cold-Snap] Oh hey, you didn't leave
[Slasher`] UNPAUSE
[Wiendigo] NRP: If anyone wants to go rounds later, I jsut got the full version myself
* Arono loads another arrow
* DeathStar drops CS and leaps at a Maverick, destroying it
* Blackjack continues his rampage on the gunners, using only his claws
[Garland] NRP: after the session, I'm free
*** Retrieving #taw info...
* Slasher` watches as the chaos goes on
* Cold-Snap starts to shoot his ice beam at the mavs
* Garland keeps blasting them sparaticly
* Ariel continues to beat up the mav
* Arono fires over and over at the gnners
* Dath sneaks up behind the others, staying out of the firing arc of the Mavs
* Wiendigo unphases next to DS
* Blackjack drops to the ground and starts firing
* Regulus punches Mavs with 1,11Ice10,0 concentrated on his fists. [260 AP]
* Slasher` appears next to Dath
* Blackjack at the gunners
* DeathStar stabs another Maverick
[Wiendigo] Rough vacation there, Casanova?
* Ariel continues to beat up the mav
* Garland has an unrealistly mean look in his face
* DeathStar ignores Wiendigo as he slashes another's head off
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a MetalShield
[Wiendigo] Touchy
* Cold-Snap shoots at another mav
* Arono pulls out his sabre
* Slasher` holds it up to protect himself and Dath from gunfire
* Garland lands and kicks his foot through one of thewm
* Regulus makes crystals of ice fall over Mav [250 AP]
[Dath] 'ay, neat trick there!
* Wiendigo effortlessly fires at the gunners
[Slasher`] Thanks
* Cold-Snap leaps into the air and brings his hammer down on the skull of a mav
* Ariel flies back a bit
* Blackjack spreads his fire, hitting all of the gunners (320 AP apiece)
* DeathStar charges blaster and blows a hole into another one
* Arono strts slashin gunners left and right
* DeathStar notes there is no more left
* Garland rips one's arm off and beats it with it
* Dath eyes flick green and then start a steady glow
* Ariel charges a tiny ball of energy between her paws.
[DeathStar] You can stop now....
* Cold-Snap begins firing on the minefield again
* Arono stabs a gunner and spinslashes 2
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Cold-Snap] PAUSE
[Blackjack] PAUSE
[DeathStar] NRP: We're going to keep going
[Slasher`] PAUSE
[Arono] nrp:scratch that
[Garland] PAUSE
[Blackjack] NRP: Uh, ok...
[Slasher`] UNPAUSE
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD22.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Cold-Snap begins firing at the field, destroying mines
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
* Slasher` 's arm returns back to normal
[DeathStar] Lets move it gang
* Wiendigo hovers along, phased
[Slasher`] Dath, are you sure I don't know you
[Dominator] Right...
* Ariel fires a huge beam of energy at the laughing Mav
* DeathStar scans the area for the sign of the leader
[Blackjack] Keep on your toes, mines are everywhere...
* Cold-Snap walks through the path he's clearing
[Dath] 'sure
* Garland draws the gospel
* Slasher` catches up to DS while dragging Dath with him
* DeathStar continues on, obviously in pain, but ignores it
* Arono puts his sabre back
[Garland] Hah, an easily rectified problem. *flys above the ground*
* Blackjack fires Myollnir Crashes in front of him, disabling the mines and clearing a path
* Dominator catches up wtih DS, looking around
[Dath] 'ay watch da clothes.  These the only set I got!
* DeathStar sees the one tall building remaining in the area
[Slasher`] Sorry, I'll give you some new ones later
*** Liberator (ryan_cross@ttyD22.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher` stops
[Slasher`] Who the he...
* Blackjack stops near DS
* Liberator a bolt of red lightning slams thrugh DS's chest (instant KO, low HP)
* DeathStar turns towards Liberator
[DeathStar] ARGH!
[Dominator] Liberator!
[Blackjack] Liberator! Back for more eh?
[Slasher`] NOOOO
[Dominator] DS!
[Cold-Snap] ELEVATOR!
[Ariel] !
* Arono looks at DS
* DeathStar takes the energy of the blast and channels it
[Arono] my god!
* DeathStar reflects it off and hits Liberator with it
[Liberator] I will have revenge.
[DeathStar] I think you should try that one again...
[Slasher`] Revenge this
* Liberator gains life from his own blast
* Slasher` 's hands begin to glow a sky blue.11"FUKEI" Slasher releases the energy out of his left hand and it forms 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball that explode at Liberator with incredible speed (wind elem/320AP)
* Liberator narrows eyes and a crismon, circular shield appears around him
[Blackjack] Hmph. We'll see who wins when the cards have fallen, Liberator.
[Blackjack] Oh, great, that thing again.
* Garland uses holy prowess
[Cold-Snap] That was so CHEESEY BJ
* Dath green color of his eyes spreads to the rest of his body
* Arono grabs his crossbow and loads
[Dominator] You'll pay Liberator...
[Slasher`] What the
* Liberator raises his hands above his head and energy bolts fly into all the Hunters (1,000AP)
* Cold-Snap begins firing ice at Liberator
* Slasher` looks at Dath
* Blackjack punches CS and turns his attention back to Liberator in time to get hit
[Slasher`] Ag
* Wiendigo flaots out of the way
* DeathStar 1"GEMINI STAR ENHANCEMENT!!!!!!!"6 *flies into the air and suddenly flashes in a huge light beam and hovers there, his armor changing to a light blue where his black is and his blue parts to white. He lands on the ground, smirking evilly. 1"Time to double the pain..."
[Dominator] ARgh...
* Cold-Snap blocks with his shield
[Regulus] NRP: LAg.
[Arono] AHG!
* DeathStar all three DS's launch their cannons on Liberator
[Blackjack] NO!
* Ariel throws up a shield between herself and the blast, absorbing most of it
* Dath is behind Slasher and avoids damage
* Regulus fires an 1,11Ice Beam10,0 on Liberator , doing Ice damage [250 AP]
* Liberator suddenly disappears and the blasts slam nto buildings
* DeathStar all DS's turn and charge their fists
* Liberator appears behind the DSs and slashes all three
[Blackjack] Damn it! No long range attacks!
[Wiendigo] Well, that was pointless
* DeathStar one blocks
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (600AP)
* DeathStar all three begin to pumble on Liberator
[Slasher`] DS look out
* Arono raises his bow and fires at lib
[Regulus] @_@
* Garland kicks liberator
[Blackjack] Er, ok, do long range attacks, then.
* Cold-Snap continues firing at liberator
* Regulus punches Liberator with 1,11Ice10,0 concentrated on his fists. [260 AP]
* Liberator electricutes Garland back
* Slasher` runs towards Liberator
* Wiendigo lets out his Shadow Claws
* DeathStar one DS grabs him while the other uppercuts him
* Slasher` pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
* Ariel charges a tiny ball of energy between her paws
* Blackjack fires at Liberator, rapidly changing between elements (1420 AP)
* DeathStar the thirs stabs him
* Arono grabs his sabre
[Garland] AHHHHHRGH....
* Dominator slashes Rune Sword into Liberator (580AP)
* Slasher` does a leaping slash at Liberator
* Cold-Snap runs into an alley
* Arono jumps and slashes lib
* Wiendigo leaps on Lib's back and starts slashing him
* DeathStar keeps doing this process
[Blackjack] NRP: How tall are the buildings around here? Or are there any?
* Liberator blocks with his sabre, slashes Dominator then grabs one of the DS's and smnaps its neck, then throws Wiendigo into BJ
* DeathStar DS is on his back and DS throws Wien off
* Cold-Snap appears a few minutes later from a high window and begins firing down on liberator
* Garland lands on the ground, sparks of elctricity jutting off of him
* Ariel continues to channel energy into the ball
[Blackjack] OW!
* DeathStar the other two DS's tackle Liberator
[Dominator] Argg
* Wiendigo leaps off of BJ's chest and lands on his feet
* Dath concentrates and a few rocks in the area begin to glow green
* Blackjack flies back a small distance from Wien's kick
* Cold-Snap fires plasma, aiming at the top of Liberator's head
* Liberator teleports and hovers over them, blasting them all with a giant blast
* Liberator raises both hands forward, palm open, then clentches a fist and the ground around them explodes in fire, damaging all present (2,000AP)
* Ariel charges the ball until it's the size of a tennis ball, and starts to turn black
* Wiendigo phases into the ground
* Arono jumps back
[Blackjack] OOW!
[DeathStar] ARGH
[Regulus] @_@
* Dominator slashes madly at Liberator