Mission 71: Unproven Theories

Session Start: Fri May 07 21:33:55 1999
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 weeks later
[DeathStar] Location: The Control Room
[Wiendigo] NRP: 2 weeks after what?
[Dominator] NRP: Last session...
* Garland walks in, an odd exrpession on his face.
* Slasher is sitting at a table
* DeathStar stands at the viewport, looking out into space, the same one X1 looked out in Mission 1 and commented on Elvis. He is fully repaired and quiet.
* Dominator glances at Garland
[Wiendigo] NRP: Is it archived yet?
* Slasher yawns
[DeathStar] NRP:  No...
* Slasher lays back on the table
* Dominator turns away and looks out in space
[Cold-Snap] So, who's up for Yahtzee?
* Dominator ignores CS
[Garland] ......*types onimously*
[Ariel] ?
* DeathStar turns away and glances at Garland
[DeathStar] So the dead still walks...
* Slasher ignores CS and starts nodding off while laying flat on the table
* Dominator glances at DS
* Ariel is reading something (with difficutly) on the computer
* Wiendigo is currently in the bar getting drunk off his ass
* Garland saves it in an encrypted file
* Slasher snoring can be heard from where he is sleeping
* DeathStar sits down in his chair and surfs the files on present day matters in EarthGov, bored.
[Ariel] Hey, what's that Garland?
* Cold-Snap rolls dice by himself
[Garland] ...nothing *pockets the disc quickly*
* Dominator paces slightly, apparently thinking about things
* DeathStar hears the Master Computer beep
* Ariel looks over curiously
* Dominator turns and looks at the computer
* Slasher jumps and gets up
[Ariel] Ohhh... nothing is it?
[Ariel] ...
* DeathStar flicks the switch and reads the message
[Ariel] Okay, fine
[Slasher] Hey...I was...slee*yawn*ping
[Garland] ...... All it does is beep.
* Dominator walks over by the master computer and galcnes at the message
[DeathStar] Oooookay, everyone to the Hanger...
* Slasher falls off the table
[Slasher] Ouch
[Dominator] All right. What's the mission/
[Ariel] Yeah!  What's going on?
* Slasher gets up and walks off towards the Hangar
* Cold-Snap walks to the hangar
[DeathStar] Trouble down in Alien Nation.  We're just going to go check it out.
* Garland walks to the avenger
* DeathStar heads toward the Avenger
[Dominator] Alien Nation... *says half-angrily*
[Ariel] Oh, not again...
* Dominator goes to teh Avenger
[DeathStar] Oh, don't get all damn rightous over there Dom.  It is not you...
* Slasher walks inside of the Avenger
* Ariel hops down and follows
[Wiendigo] COMM: What the 'ell's goin' on NOW?
[Cold-Snap] Why do we deal with aliens?  Aren't we the Mav hunters?
* DeathStar enters the Avenger and starts it up
[Ariel] Will they ever stop giving us trouble...
[Dominator] Righteous, DS?
[DeathStar] No one answer him.
* Dominator sits down at the weapons consol
* DeathStar lifts off
* Slasher falls asleep in a chair
* Cold-Snap straps in
* DeathStar flies off
* Wiendigo slides out of the shadows onto the shuttle, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels
* Dominator taps fingures on the consule a few times
[DeathStar] Took you long enough, Wiendigo..
* Ariel sits down by Garland
* Dominator glances at Wiendigo, then turns back
* Garland isnt sitting
[Wiendigo] Arse face
[Ariel] So Garland, what's it like to die?
* DeathStar keeps piloting, not really paying attention to anything
* Garland glares at Ariel
* Slasher starts snoring again
[Ariel] What?
[Garland] .....you dont want to know.
[Cold-Snap] Is there a big bright light?  Or just a whole lotta dark?
[DeathStar] Death is something comforting....for most.
* Dominator watches the stars and the Earth in the distance
[Garland] ..... I'd rather not talk about that....
[DeathStar] Then shut up.
* DeathStar hits Earth's atmosphere
[Cold-Snap] Someone's pissy today
[Garland] After you, my great leader.
* Slasher falls out of his chair and continues sleeping on the floor
* Dominator looks at DS, but says nothing
[Ariel] Okay... if you don't want to talk about, I can understand that... But I still want to know...
[DeathStar] Then read a book.
* DeathStar flies over the Wastelands and below is EarthGov troops on one side firing on Alien troops on another
[Garland] Ariel: wanna know what death's like? talk to wien for a year, then do nothing.
* Wiendigo starts mocking DS behind his back
* Slasher head bounces and hits the floor, causing him to wake up
[Slasher] Ahh...
[Dominator] NRP: Alien, eh? I didn't know aliens where on Earth yet
[DeathStar] NRP:  Nawww, the call Alien Nation that for their health
* Dominator eyes survey the wastelands
* DeathStar lands outside the fighting
[Dominator] NRP: I thought you did since they were allied with the aliens...
[Wiendigo] Or, go look at Garland in the shower, then you'll wish you were dead.
[Dominator] So, we just go in and attack the aliens?
* Slasher groggily walks outside the avenger
[DeathStar] No.  First we find the EarthGov Commander here...
* DeathStar stands up and steps out the side door
[Dominator] All right.
[Ariel] Oh, by the way... Has anyone seen Cheryl lately?
* Dominator follows DS
* Slasher stretches out
[DeathStar] No, and no one cares to.
* Ariel stands up and follows DS
[Slasher] Nope, sure wish I have
[Dominator] Not that I can recall, Ariel, but I haven't looked for her either
[Garland] How would you know, Wiendigo?
[Cold-Snap] I wonder where she went
* DeathStar walks past the stary blasts from the other side and walks up to the Commander.
* Slasher looks around outside of the ship
[Wiendigo] Dominator told me. *smirks*
[Dominator] Now, everyone lets get ready for the mission.
* Garland glares at Wien
[Garland] #$%.....
[DeathStar] EarthGovCommander:  Eh?  Who the hell are you people???
[Slasher] I'm still tired tho, Dom give me another minute
[Dominator] The Maverick Hunters, sir.
[Wiendigo] How about you kiss my ass, and I go home and get drunk pissed?
[Ariel] Hiya!
[DeathStar] The Maverick Hunters.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm taking over this operation.
* Dominator glances at Slasher, 1"To do what?"
[Garland] Get drunk pissed, and kiss your own ass, your liber enough
[Slasher] Sleep
[DeathStar] EarthGovCommander: Say WHAT!?  I'm a Commander, Reploid!  Who do you think you are!?
* Dominator raises an eyebrow at DS's comment, wondering if he can do that
* Slasher walks over next to DS
[Garland] liber = limber
[DeathStar] I'm a General.  And I'm shoving you aside.  *shoves him aside and stands in his place with a mock look on his face*
[Slasher] Who's this geezer
* DeathStar the man curses them under his breath
* Dominator narrows eyes at DS's behavoir
[Wiendigo] How about you do it, runt, since you're so good at it anyway?
* Garland doesn't care how DS acts
[DeathStar] Alright.  Update me on the battle.
[Garland] Really, runt am I? *is aprox 6'5*
* Slasher sits down beside DS listening to him talk
[DeathStar] EarthGovCommandr: Well, SIR, our forces here have their forces cornered and checked, you could say.  But they have a base to the right that can reinforce them.  We can't spare anyone to take it out.
[Wiendigo] Trust me, you're a runt, and you'll always be a runt.
[DeathStar] Then that's what we'll do.  Come along, Hunters....
[Dominator] As you say, general...
* Slasher gets up and follows behind DS
[DeathStar] Whatever, Commander.
[Ariel] Hey, stop calling Garland a runt
* Ariel looks way up at Wein
[Garland] .....and you'll always be a kin'janan
* DeathStar grabs some Attack bikes from the Avenger
* Dominator gets an attack bike
[Slasher] cool
* DeathStar powers his up.
* Slasher wakes up
[Ariel] Ah, nutz...
* Dominator starts his up
* Cold-Snap gets on a bike
* Slasher goes over and leaps ontop of a bike
* Slasher revs it up
* Wiendigo slips into the shadows
* DeathStar takes off
* Garland jumps on a bike
[Ariel] Anyone have room for a passenger?
* Slasher drives off
[Cold-Snap] Hop up
* DeathStar grabs Ariel
[Slasher] I'll take her
* Cold-Snap heads off after DeathStar
* Dominator takes off as well
[Garland] Hrm.... a two wheeled vehicle.... inventive.
* Slasher grabs Ariel from DS
[Slasher] I need someone to keep me awake
[Ariel] Wow, I'm popular today _
* DeathStar is to far away from Slasher
[Dominator] How many wheels would you prefer, Garland?
* DeathStar watches Slasher make a fool of himself and swipe at air
* Slasher revs the bike up to full and flies past DS and grabs Ariel
* Garland revs it up and wheelies it the whole way
* Dominator revs the engine and follows DS
[DeathStar] Okay.  Get yourselves killed.  *really doesn't care*
* DeathStar comes along the sandy dunes and heads for the base
[Garland] ... I already did DeathStar!
[Dominator] NRP: How far is the base from us?
[Slasher] ariel hold on
[DeathStar] NRP: In sight, lets say
[Dominator] I'd suggest not to get yourselves killed
* Garland goes up a dune and makes a 50 ft jump
[Ariel] I am!
* Slasher rebs the engines to max and flies towards the base
* Dominator flies forward over the dunes
* DeathStar stops halfway to the base.
* DeathStar powers the bikes down and his scanner appears over his eye as he scans the area.
* Slasher stops 10 feet in front of DS
* Cold-Snap skids behind DS
* Garland turns/skids to a halt by Dom
* Dominator stops by DS
* Slasher turns it around and drives it next to the others
[Slasher] That woke me up
[Dominator] What did the scan turn up, DS?
* Garland 's hair, oddly, is laying down
[DeathStar] Alright....I'm picking up on three packs of them.  Each containing about...maybe 20 to 30 in each group.  They all have .... "bikes" of their own.
[Slasher] Hmm...we can take them
[Dominator] We're outnumbered... Lets hope their technology is equal to ours, or it'll get ugly...
[DeathStar] Here's how we're going to do this.  Slasher, Cold Snap, and Ariel will take out the middle group.
[Slasher] Ahh man, I got CS??
[Ariel] I'll do my best!
[Slasher] CRAP
[DeathStar] Me, Garland, and Dominator will head the furthest right group and try to get around them and enter the base.
[Slasher] Well atleast someone will
* Dominator nods
* Garland nods slowly
[Cold-Snap] Ah man, I got the asshole?
* Garland decides he likes the bike
[DeathStar] You three, don't play heros.  Just keep them busy long enough for us to get in the base.
[Ariel] Actually...
[Slasher] Heh, what ever you say CS
[Dominator] That's enough from both of you... ACt like officers...
[Ariel] You mean I got you two
[Wiendigo] And I'll go wherever I damn well please.
[Ariel] I'm the ranking officer
* Ariel smiles
* DeathStar powers up and takes off right
[Cold-Snap] Yes sir
* Dominator follows at DS's side
[Slasher] Come on Guys lets go
* Cold-Snap heads straight ahead, in front of Slasher
* Slasher blasts off towards the group
[Ariel] All right!
[Ariel] Let's head out...
* DeathStar the middle group and left group, making 60 of them, head for the three
* Garland follows
[Slasher] Hope the bastered dies
[Ariel] Just don't get us killed Slasher!
[Dominator] NRP: "The three" is which group?
[Slasher] I wont
[Ariel] No one is dieing under my command if I can help it
* DeathStar swings around the right group which joins the other two groups, making 90 attacking Slasher's group
[Slasher] AHH SHIyt
[Ariel] !
* DeathStar stops at the base and powers down
[Cold-Snap] Holy . . .
* Dominator swings around, though he worries about the other team's safety
* DeathStar hops off the bike and blows the door down
* Slasher sways back and forth dodging the blasts
* Wiendigo slides out of the shadows
* Dominator powers down by DS, 1"Think they can handle themselves?"
[DeathStar] No.
[Dominator] What?
[Garland] What?
* DeathStar the aliens fire and blow up Cold Snap's bike
[DeathStar] I said, no, I don't.
[Slasher] SHIT
* Wiendigo takes out his Energon Katana.
* Cold-Snap flies through the air
[Cold-Snap] gah!
[Dominator] Then why did you send them to attack them?
[Garland] ...... You sent them on a suicide mission!
* Slasher stops next to CS
* DeathStar looks up
* Slasher leaps off and lands next to CS
[DeathStar] We would have never made it this far if they didn't .
[Slasher] Hey you plk
[Slasher] plk+ok
[Wiendigo] Good, someone's finally using thier heads around here for once.
* DeathStar enters the base
[Dominator] ....
[Cold-Snap] Damn that hurt
* Ariel jumps down
[Slasher] Come on lets get going
* Dominator follows DS
* DeathStar the aliens open fire (2000 EACH in Slasher's group)
[Garland] *stands at the door unsure of what to do*
* Slasher grabs CS and throws him on his bike
* Dominator charges weapons
* Slasher blasts off before the blasts can hit him
[Garland] *mumbles* What would he do........?
[Cold-Snap] ooofff
[Ariel] We gotta get out of here!
[Slasher] That Asshole
* DeathStar the aliens surround them
[Ariel] They're ALL after us!
* Slasher flies towards the base
[Cold-Snap] Let's run!
[Slasher] Shit
* Cold-Snap fires behind at the aliens
* DeathStar walks down the hallway
[Slasher] NO were surrounded
* Garland follows DS
* Ariel looks around desperately
* DeathStar the aliens fire a beam weapon at CS's arm and blow it up
* Dominator follows, surveying the base, fighting the urgue to go back to the others
[Slasher] Damn't
[Cold-Snap] AAAAAAAA
[Ariel] ...
* DeathStar hits a button on his comm and the Avenger appears and blows the aliens up
[Wiendigo] NRP: BRB
[Ariel] !
* DeathStar pockets comm.
[Ariel] Whew...
[Cold-Snap] O_O
* Slasher hides behind the Bike
[DeathStar] I needed them all in one place to fire Avenger's super missiles.  *glances at Dom and then turns back to the hall*
[Garland] ...... *glares at DS* why didnt we do that before?
[Cold-Snap] hokay, now what/
* Slasher takes out his Comm
[Dominator] I see... I'm glad there was a purpose to that...
[Ariel] We regroup with the others
* Dominator continues down the hall
[Slasher] comm] DS..your gonna pay for using me as bait
* DeathStar enters a large room and sees some aliens eating
[Garland] ......*has an annoyed look on his face*
[DeathStar] Comm] Bite me
* Dominator looks the aliens over
* Ariel smacks slasher on the back of the head
* DeathStar the aliens leap up, 13 of them, and head for them
[Dominator] DS, shouldn't they come to us now?
[Slasher] comm]Mark the spot and ouch
[Garland] Be careful, I think wien would bit you.
[Dominator] NRP: Head for DS's group?
* DeathStar blasts an alien
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
* Dominator finishes charging and lets loose a charged blast from Thunder Bolt; its purple circular energy blast slams into all enemies in the area (600AP)
[DeathStar] I hate the number 13..
[Dominator] 600=740
[Ariel] Alright... the three of us on one bike?  I hope you two don't mind getting close... to each other _
[Slasher] Heh, not at all
* Garland kicks an alien into the wall
* Dominator draws Rune Sword and slashes
* Slasher gets back on the bike
* DeathStar slashes one to bits and blows another one up
[Slasher] All aboarx
* Cold-Snap gets on
* Ariel sits on the front of the bike
[Slasher] NRP: How far are we away
[Cold-Snap] Man Slasher, take a bath
[DeathStar] NRP: You should be OUTSIDE the base
[Slasher] Sorry CS
* Slasher sees the base on the horizon
* Garland takes on 3 aliens
* DeathStar stabs one's head into the wall and pulls his saber out
[Slasher] Lets go
[DeathStar] Alright, lets continue
[Dominator] Lets...
* Slasher turns the bike on, turns it around and blasts towards teh base
* DeathStar looks to the left, and then to the right
* Garland slashes one in half laterally
* Slasher sees the entrance and flies into it
* DeathStar suddenly an alien appears before Slasher and fires, blowing the bike up (1000 AP to all)
* Garland sheiths sword
* DeathStar glances to the left and heads that way
* Slasher flies into the side of thebase
* Ariel goes flying fowards
* Cold-Snap flies AGAIN
* Dominator follows DS
[Garland] ...... Seems like yesterday these guys were a challenge.
* Slasher gets on his knees and starts breathing heavily
* Cold-Snap fires at the alien from a prone position
* DeathStar alien fires a bomb that attaches to CS before it vanishes
[Ariel] Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[Slasher] Noooo
* DeathStar enters a large lab with a strange machine in it
* Ariel lands in a roll
* Slasher gets up and starts running towards CS
* Dominator looks aroudn the lab, specifically for aliens
[Ariel] Ah ha!
[DeathStar] I scanned it.  No one.
[Slasher] CS!!!!!!
* Cold-Snap runs around
[Dominator] Ah... Any idea what its for?
* Ariel turns around and blasts the alien with a energy bolt
* DeathStar the bomb explodes
[Ariel] !
[DeathStar] I'm scanning...totally alien....I have no clue, really...
[Garland] Hrm...
* Slasher gets blasted into through the base wall
* Cold-Snap is blasted
[Ariel] Cold-Snap!
* Ariel runs over
* DeathStar grabs comm.
[Garland] Let's break it..... while we're here, lets give them setbacks.
[Cold-Snap] NRP: Me dead?
[DeathStar] What is TAKING you guys!?
[Dominator] I see... Why have it on Earth... I don't like this
[DeathStar] NRP: Up to you
[Garland] *blasts a few parts of the lab*
[DeathStar] Not yet Garland..
* Cold-Snap is blasted into tiny bits
* Dominator listens in on DS, mentally seconding his words
[Garland] ......As if you care, DeathStar.
* DeathStar ignores Garland
[Ariel] COMM] Just keeping the aliens of you back it seems _
[DeathStar] Garland, go outside to the dining hall and wait for the others.
[Dominator] NRP: *notices they don't bother to mention CS is dead*
* Garland gives DS a mean look
[DeathStar] Go
[Ariel] NRP: Haven't noticed yet
[Cold-Snap] NRP: I'm SOOOOOOO dead!!!  WHOOOO HOOOOO
* Slasher gets up grabbing his head
[Garland] You treat me as if I'm still 4..... I'm 5 now.... *walks off angrilly*
[Ariel] Slasher, where's coldsnap?
* Dominator looks around for any computer screens or anything useful
[Slasher] I don't know
* Ariel looks around as the smoke clears
* DeathStar Dom sees one
[Slasher] I say anexplosion then...
[Ariel] Cold snap?
* Dominator looks it over
* DeathStar walks around the machine.
[Ariel] Cold-Snap!  Where are you?
[Dominator] NRP: *Wonders if its in English or any other Earth language*
* Slasher gets up and runs towards the smoke
* Garland gets to the dining hall, cursing DS
[DeathStar] NRP:  It's in the T language
* Cold-Snap is in three pieces, lower half still standing, and two parts torso blown to other sides of the room
* Ariel steps on CS's head and screams
[Slasher] NRP: CS where outside
[Dominator] NRP: Which is called Tsivrixsh as well
[Cold-Snap] NRP: wherever
[Dominator] Alien... I can't make any of it out
* Slasher grabs Ariel
[Ariel] No..... no!  NO!
[Xevil] Need help?
[Slasher] ITs ok...
[Dominator] Xevil!
* Xevil appears behind Dom
[Garland] Where are those idiots.......
[DeathStar] Eh?  *whirls around*
* Dominator flips around
[Xevil] That, my friends, is the universe's first time machine...
[DeathStar] TIME machine!?  Ooooboy, you guys have really lost it...
[[Ariel] Comm]  DS!  Cold snap...... got blown into bits...
[Dominator] A 'time machine'?
[Slasher] Ariel lets go
[DeathStar] Comm] Get in here NOW
* Slasher grabs Ariel and heads to where the others are
[Garland] NRP: much to his dismay...... remember the TCT crossover?
*** Cold-Snap is now known as Lactose
[Xevil] Normally, I would agree with you, Commander Death Star....it would be impossible.
[Lactose] NRP: Just watching
[DeathStar] General.
[Xevil] Who cares?
[Dominator] Normally?
* Slasher enters the room where everyone else is with Ariel
[Ariel] !
[Slasher] What the....
[Ariel] Not HIM again...
[Xevil] It seems that if two times have a strong bond....where two times have more connections than any other time...one can jump back and forth...once.
* Garland waits in the dining room
[DeathStar] Once....that's nice world domination plans there...
[Dominator] ... Interesting... So, you';ve decided to exploit it, I'd gather
* Garland gets bored and looks for food
[Xevil] Of course.  This time's special time is....2110...
[Dominator] NRP: With Xevil confronted us, Garland?
[Garland] NRP: I'm in the other room, DS's orders, remember?
[Xevil] We'll be going back and crushing Earth while you Hunters are in bondage.
[Dominator] 2110...
[Ariel] 2110?
[DeathStar] Comm] GARLAND, GET IN HERE!
[Ariel] Where's Cheryl when you need her...
[Xevil] --But I got a better idea now.
[Dominator] ....
* Xevil raises hand and the time machine turns on
* Garland had just found what looked like an apple
[Slasher] Oh great
[Xevil] I'll BANISH you into 2110....
* Slasher has a bad feeling
[Garland] Comm] damnit DeathStar, make up your mind!
* Garland walks in
* Xevil raises both hands and all of them are thrown into the portal
[Dominator] What?!
* Dominator draws Rune Sword
[DeathStar] DAMNIT!
* Slasher grabs onto a pipe
[Dominator] AHHHH! *flies into the portal*
* Garland is munching on his apple-thing
[Slasher] SHIT??
[Ariel] Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....!
[Garland] WHOA!
* Xevil fades from their view
* Ariel acts over dramatic
* Slasher loses his grip and flies into the portal
* DeathStar hits a tree
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Garland] B-BUT I WANTED TO FINISH EATING FIRST!!!!!! *flies in*
* Slasher flies out the other end and rolls into DS
* DeathStar throws him off
[Slasher] Ugh
* Slasher sits up
* Dominator lands on the ground, then jumps to his feet
[Slasher] DS...CS is dead
* DeathStar leaps off the tree, noticing it's all busted up, and sees they are in the cemetary of X and Zero...or what will be
[Lactose] NRP and PS and MS and GS . . .
* Garland lands hard on the ground, the apple hitting him in the head
[Ariel] Hey...
* DeathStar blinks at Slasher
[Ariel] If this is 2110...
* Garland jumps up
[Slasher] Guess you don't care
[DeathStar] This is NOT 2110....it can't be...
[Dominator] What do you mean?
* Garland yawns
[DeathStar] I just don't believe it....time travel is impossible...
[Slasher] I wonder if I'm still being created in the vile Corsec HQ
[DeathStar] CorSec hasn't been created yet, idiot.
[Ariel] ...
[Slasher] Hmm, then I guess not
[Ariel] I can't remember where I would be...
[Garland] ......It's a foolish thing to do to send us back, rather than to the future.
[Ariel] !
[Ariel] Yeah, what if we can change the past?
[Lactose] NRP: What year are we normally in?
* DeathStar walks towards the right
[DeathStar] NRP: Dom will answer that for us
[Dominator] NRP: Uh...
* DeathStar nearby a tree shimmers and then returns to normal
* Dominator follows DS, glancing at the tree
[Slasher] Hmm...maybe Ariels right, maybe we should try to save X1 and Zero
* DeathStar looks around
[Dominator] ... This could be an elaborte hoax...
[Slasher] It could be
[DeathStar] Probably.  But...my scanner went off the scale...
* Slasher walks over to a tree and taps on it
[Dominator] ....
* Garland doesn't care what year it is, he wasnt even born in this time
* DeathStar the tree taps...like a tree!
[Dominator] NRP: 2180
[Slasher] Hmm, seems to be real
[DeathStar] Alright, the HQ is that way.
* DeathStar points at the large building in front of them
[Slasher] Ok
[Dominator] Is it wise to head there?
* Garland yawns
* Slasher heads towards it
[DeathStar] Why not?
[Ariel] I wasn't a maverick hunter in 2110 was i?
[Garland] I was not even thought of by my parents at this time.
* Ariel scratches her head
[Slasher] You probably weren't even a dirt thought in your creators minds
[Dominator] We could run into our old selves for one thing...
[Slasher] I won't so don't worry
[Ariel] I wouldn't reconize myself _
[DeathStar] That would be nice.  For one thing I would tell myself to kill Zero before he went nuts.
* DeathStar notices the tower nearby is totally destroyed
[DeathStar] ....Too late.  The X/Zero battle must have already begun..
[Dominator] If that did happen, what would happen to us? This is one of the reasons time travel is, or should, be impossible...
[Slasher] Crap
[Slasher] Should we go watch a famous battle
[Dominator] ... Yes... *remembers*
[Ariel] Can we stop them in Siberia?
[Ariel] ...
[Garland] ...... let history take it's place.
[DeathStar] ....Stop them....that's a thought.
* DeathStar notices a small, rusted down old shuttle nearby
[Slasher] We could change history tho, we might not even be created
[Dominator] A shuttle...
[DeathStar] That's...weird...
* DeathStar shrygs it off
[Slasher] What are the odds of that
[DeathStar] That's your problems.  I was already around
* Dominator glnaces at DS
* DeathStar enters the shuttle
* Slasher heads towards the shuttle
[Ariel] Alittle... conveinent...
* Slasher phases inside of it
* DeathStar powers it up.
* Ariel follows DS inside
* Dominator follows DS
[Slasher] How quaint
[Dominator] Haven't been in this model for a long time...
* Ariel thinks for a min
[DeathStar] .....You shouldn't have ever been in it this model
[Ariel] You know... I must have been around during this time...
[Dominator] ... It does seem older than most even at this time... 
[Garland] DeathStar, if you did alter the past, you may be a different type of person, therefore, you'd have altered yourself anyway.
[DeathStar] This thing was around the 2090's...it was proven unsafe...
* DeathStar takes off
[DeathStar] Like I care.
[Ariel] !
[Ariel] Um... oh well
[Dominator] .... Definatly not one I actually flew in...
[Ariel] I can fly anyways so I'm okay
* DeathStar nearby a cloud shimmers some
[Ariel] !
[Ariel] What was that?
[Dominator] Unless, of course, the unstability had it explode, Ariel
[Garland] ......I never said you did, and I do not care about you either.
[DeathStar] You know the "big bang theory"?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Back
* Dominator narrows eyes at the shimmering
* Wiendigo slides out from the shadows
[Dominator] ... Yes...
* DeathStar they appear over the Wastelands a few seconds later
* Wiendigo stops and looks around confused
* DeathStar or what WILL be
* DeathStar looks down at the frozen grounds
[Slasher] Hmm..Tundra
[Wiendigo] Someone mind telling me where the hell we are?
[DeathStar] You mean WHEN.
[Ariel] Siberia
[Slasher] 2110 or we think we are
* Dominator glances down, recognizing what some spots will be
* Wiendigo shifts his eyebrows
* DeathStar up ahead is the Maverick Base Zero was using. On the pads are the nuclear missiles.
[Wiendigo] I gotta lay off the tequila next time...
* Dominator mutters, 1"Looks much like it did when reploids where exiled, and I wanderedhere..."
[Ariel] Hey!  I can see my...
* Ariel stops
[Dominator] DS... What are we planning to do?
[Garland] Why did Xevil send us back in time anyway....? It would have been wiser to send us forward.
[Slasher] The nukes
[Dominator] NRP: .... *glances at Ariel*
[DeathStar] ....Something's not right....*Scans the nukes*
[DeathStar] I'm not getting ANY energy readings from them.
[Dominator] He said that this was the only time that could be reached, do to some phenominon...
[Ariel] That's wierd... about the nukes too
[Slasher] Garland unless he either wants us killed in the nuke blast or he knows whats gonna happen if we stop the battle
[Wiendigo] Essentially, we're already screwing with time, so if we continue to, time will be shit upon, and we'll be the cause of it.
[Dominator] ... Interesting.,.. We haven't seen anyone, but that's not suprising, since we've only been to a destroyed base and a cemetary
* DeathStar nearby to the west something else shimmers.
[Garland] ....... thats exactly why I say we dont tamper with time.
[Slasher] What the heck
* Ariel scratches her head, wondering why she almost said that.
[DeathStar] Everything that shimmers is to the west...
* Slasher looks towards the shimmer
[Ariel] ...
[Slasher] MAybe we should head for the west
[Dominator] RIght....
* DeathStar stops the shuttle in mid air
[DeathStar] So...what does that say...
[Slasher] DS??
[Ariel] Reminds me of a holographic system...
* DeathStar alarms go off as the nuclear missiles explode on the pad and the blast wave heads for them
[DeathStar] Oh damn...
[Dominator] ....!
[Slasher] GO GO GO
* DeathStar begins to reverse the shuttle and screams
[DeathStar] WHICH WAY!?
[Ariel] Uh oh...
[Dominator] Full speed away, maybe!
[Garland] UP.
[Dominator] ... I don't care... West!
[Ariel] up and away!
[Slasher] WEST
* DeathStar turns it and heads west
[Ariel] West sounds good too
[Garland] ......
[Lactose] NRP:  Doesn't the path go in a spherical motion anyway?
[Garland] NRP: so anyway is good.
* DeathStar suddenly the shuttle is hit by a blast and the hull begins to fade...all are englufed in a bright light
* Wiendigo sits back and taps his fingers
[Slasher] SHIT!!!
[DeathStar] Location: The Alien Base
* DeathStar hits the ground hard
[Dominator] ....!
* Wiendigo hovers
[Ariel] Wha?!
* Slasher lands next to DS
* Dominator hits the ground as well
* Ariel lands on slasher
[Slasher] Ugh
* DeathStar stands up, rubbing head
* Garland would hit the ground, but teleports to his feet
* Xevil walks up
* Dominator rises
* Slasher gets up and sees Ariel on top of him
[Xevil] I didn't count on this...
[Dominator] Xevil...
[Wiendigo] I figured as much...
[Dominator] Count on what?
[Slasher] Time Travel Eh?