Mission 72: Past Revelations Revealed

Session Start: Sat May 08 16:35:33 1999
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 2 days later
[DeathStar] Location: MHHQ
[DeathStar] Location: bar
* Slasher is in the bar drinking heavily
* DeathStar isn't in the area
*** Airier (dobahold@209-130-201-141.nas-2.MON.frontiernet.net) has joined #TAW
* Garland pulls out the disc he encrypted (last session) and works on it
* Slasher grabs head suddenly
* Blackjack is banging on a pinball table
* Wiendigo is slumped over the back of a chair, passed out drunk
*** Airier is now known as Seraphna`
* Slasher suddenly gets up and starts heading for the Hangar bay
* DeathStar the new bartender pears at Slasher
* Blackjack slams his fist into the machine. 1"Lost again... damn it..."
[DeathStar] Bartender:  Hey!! You gotta pay for taht!!!!
* Slasher doesn't notice the Bartender
* DeathStar runs mantinance on the Avenger in the hanger
* Blackjack passes the bartender
* Slasher enters the hangerbay
[Blackjack] I'll cover his bill...
[Blackjack] How much does he owe?
[AceHunter] New at this job feller, I don't think I've seen you here before?
[DeathStar] Bartender: 399 gils...
* Seraphna` walks into room staggering
* Slasher passes right by DS and enters into a shuttle
* Blackjack winces
[DeathStar] Bartender: I took over for Nova
* Garland glances at Sera
* Dath is wandering around the base
* DeathStar jumps on the shuttle
[DeathStar] Hey, Slasher, you're not authorised to take this
[Seraphna`] hiccup!
* Blackjack mutters something as he hands the cash to the bartender (NRP: Name, maybe?)
* Slasher grabs DS and throws him outside
[DeathStar] NRP: Uh...forgot..
* Wiendigo falls out of his chair and gets up drunkenly
* DeathStar lands on his feet easily
* Garland goes to the bar
* Slasher starts the engines and leaves the bay
[DeathStar] Big mistake...
* DeathStar activates the beacon in each shuttle they own and can track Slasher
* Garland orders a pint of vodka
[Seraphna`] That was a nice drink....
* Blackjack thinks he hears something from the direction of the hangar
* DeathStar enters the Avenger and powers it up.
* Garland woofs it down
* Blackjack shakes his head and walks towards the hargar
* Wiendigo slightly crashes into things while cursing to the high heavens above
* Seraphna` goes over to garlang and lands on his shoulder
* Garland teleports himself and Sera to the Avenger
[Seraphna`] hello
[DeathStar] Hmmm...*lifts off*
* Slasher enters hyperspace and disapears
* Blackjack enters in time to see the Avenger lift off
[Garland] ......meh, where're you going?
[Blackjack] Comm] Hey DS, what's going on?
* DeathStar hovers over the hangerbay
[DeathStar] Tracking our lunatic officer Slasher...
[DeathStar] THIS time, however, his little stunts are going to cost him dearly..
[Wiendigo] Piss off, blarney mother goat kissing shit mule!
[Blackjack] Slasher? Big surprise there...
[Garland] bah.
[Seraphna`] Garland] Ariel told me what happened
* DeathStar reverses and hovers by BJ
[DeathStar] You want to come along?  Might actually be some fireworks.
* Blackjack leaps aboard the Avenger
[Blackjack] Of course.
[Garland] *yawns and sits down for a change*
* Wiendigo staggers into the bay, and then onto the Avenger
* DeathStar takes off from hanger and tracks the shuttle
[DeathStar] NRP: Damn, most of you managed to get on anyway...
* AceHunter grabs a drink from the bartender tosses him a coin and runs to the Avenger
* Garland scratches Sera's ear
* DeathStar heads for Earth
* Slasher lands the shuttle somewhere on Earth
* Seraphna` purrs at the attention
* Wiendigo passes out just inside the Avenger's doors
[Blackjack] NRP: Only me and Wien, DS.
[Blackjack] NRP: And I don't think Wien's coming.
[DeathStar] NRP: Garland and Seraphan too.
[Blackjack] NRP: Oh.
[AceHunter] Bugger! I missed it!
* DeathStar near Ace is another shuttlke
* DeathStar enters the Earth's atmosphere
* Dath walks up, 1"'hat hapin'?"
[DeathStar] Why I'll be damned...why would he go there?
[Garland] At least I'm keeping busy.... *taps a peice of equipment* I need to get that fixed.
[Blackjack] Got me.
* Wiendigo mutters in his sleep. 1"Piss and applepie my ass, smells more like my ass!"
* DeathStar points out the ruins of the American CorSec HQ...the one taken down in "Genesis"
* Blackjack shakes his head
[Blackjack] I have a LOT of bad memories from this place...
* Slasher is in the center talking with somewhen
[DeathStar] That's where....*shudders*  Oh well.
[Lactose] NRP: He said "ass" twice in one sentence
* AceHunter gets on the shuttle, 1"Come on Dath, we can't have fellers like you hanging around the base alone"
* Dath boardes the the shuttle
* DeathStar lands outside the ruins
[DeathStar] Alright, everyone act orderily and aim for the legs...
*** Krevair (blarg@ has joined #taw
* DeathStar stands up and opens the side door
* Blackjack nods
* AceHunter locks on to the avenger and heads to it's location
[Garland] .....I aim where I choose
*** Seraphna` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Slasher is seen 50 ft away from everyone talking with a man
* Wiendigo is still passed out
* Blackjack slowly rises and looks out
[Blackjack] Doesn't look like Wien is coming with us.
[Blackjack] Good thing, too.
[DeathStar] You aim where I say, Garland, and if that's your ass...you'll shoot yourself in the ass.
[Wiendigo] Buck off, Motague!
[Blackjack] Ok, so he's awake...
* Wiendigo slowly gets up, still staggering around
* DeathStar heads for Slasher
[Garland] No, I won't.
* Slasher the two turn and look at DS
[DeathStar] Then you'll find yourself heading back to Parnel.
[Blackjack] A little rebellious today, aren't you, Garland...
[Wiendigo] Awake and ready to kill shrapnel barnacles...
[Krevair] Ahh, welcome Mr.DeathStar
[Blackjack] Take it easy for once, Wien.
[DeathStar] "Mr"?
* DeathStar stops 10 feet away
[Krevair] Don't you remember me??
* Wiendigo looks at BJ
* Blackjack stops a short distance behind DS
[DeathStar] ......No, should I?
* Blackjack ignores Wien
* AceHunter lands his shuttle
[Krevair] You guys rescued me awhile back.
[Wiendigo] Does the moon hit your face like a big can of ass?
* AceHunter gets out and joins the rest
[DeathStar] We've rescued alot of people..what makes you so special?
* Dath follows Ace
[Blackjack] Hmm?
[Krevair] I'm from Corsec, well was
* DeathStar frowns
[Blackjack] I don't remember you... even from CorSec...
[Krevair] Don't worry.
[Garland] CorSec, hah.
* Wiendigo suddenly starts sobbering up
[DeathStar] I won't.
* Wiendigo grabs his head in pain
[Wiendigo] ARGH! HANGOVER!
* Blackjack shakes his head
[Krevair] Ahh Mr. Carter, its no suprise you don't remember me. I wasn't even acknowledged as existing
[Garland] Well...... when we want to hurt wein, get him drunked up. hah.
[Blackjack] Hmm.
[Krevair] I worked on your friend here *points to Slasher*
[DeathStar] Ooooo, Mr. Mysterous.  Justs just cut to the chase.  WHY are we here?  I want my damn shuttle back.
* Wiendigo stumbles around in the background, trying to shake off the pain
[Wiendigo] Never...take...drinking challenge...from jackass...X1...
* Blackjack snickers despite himself
* DeathStar glances Slasher over.
[Krevair] LEts see....oh yes, Well when Slasher was created, I was their to help him through his first steps
[DeathStar] And I should take your BADGE while I'm at it.
* Slasher stairs ahead
[DeathStar] Bah.  *turns back to the man* So you created him.  Big whoop.
[Blackjack] So, why did you need Slasher now?
[Krevair] And well, with all our experiments, he has a chip on his brain. I activated it to turn it off
* Garland grows bored and armor disappears, leaving, not a gi this time, civilian clothes with sword seithed on back
[Wiendigo] Take him, we sure as hell don't want him.
* DeathStar almost finds himself cracking a joke but stops.
[Krevair] Well I activated it to bring him here, so i can take it out
[Blackjack] Activated it to turn it off? Now that makes sense.
* Krevair holds up the chip
* Wiendigo takes off his helmet and starts rubbing his temples
[DeathStar] It's called circular thinking, BJ.
[AceHunter] Can I see that thing feller?
* DeathStar finally notices Ace
[Garland] Wispers to BJ: Unfortuate for DS, he's a square.
[Krevair] I was just about to tell Slasher what he has kept way back in the farthest reaches of his head
* Blackjack smirks quietly
[Wiendigo] Great, it's the git.
[DeathStar] .....*sighs* Well, this isn't really any of our business.  Lets go gang.
* DeathStar points at BJ
[Krevair] He's always known his past, it's just that he's never wanted to admit what he learned
[Blackjack] What?
[DeathStar] You fly Slasher's shuttle.  Take Garland.
* Garland smiles
[Blackjack] I feel weird leaving Slasher, but... Come on, Garland.
[Krevair] No, no wait, you might want to hear this Mr. DS
[DeathStar] I'll fly the others, except Ace, back to the base.
* DeathStar stops
[DeathStar] I would?
[Blackjack] Or not... What do you want?
* Wiendigo pushes DS
[AceHunter] Feller, why'd you need to summon Slasher here? As opposed to coming to the base?
[Wiendigo] No, he WOULDN'T!
* DeathStar grabs Wien's arm before he reaches him and twirls him around
[Garland] heh... *scratches his laid down hair*
[Krevair] You wanna know why he has multiple personalities
* Wiendigo flips over DS's back
[Blackjack] Uh, yeah, that might be nice, Krevair.
* Dath is looking around for things that he could sell for money
* DeathStar trips Wien in mid air
* Wiendigo catches Ds's foot
[DeathStar] Why?
* DeathStar draws it back and punches Wien in the throat
* Wiendigo lands safely
* Wiendigo blocks it with his sword hilt
[Krevair] Because of the memories he's kept. He's seperated so many of his selfs that each one has created its own personel self..its hard to comprhend
* DeathStar grabs sword and flings it back
[DeathStar] I would imagine, Mr.
[Blackjack] Oy vey. Could you two quit fighting!?
* Wiendigo backflips to it and grabs it before it hits the ground
* Garland lightly laughs at Wien/DS.
[Krevair] Slasher was an....*looks at Slasher*
[DeathStar] "An"?
[Krevair] I'm afraid he might go in a depression'll modd when he hears this
* Dath finds something and pockets it
[Krevair] Mr. DeathStar, Slasher was an accident
[DeathStar] He's already a depressant wuss.  Go ahead.
[Wiendigo] I could have told you that...
* Slasher snaps out of it
[DeathStar] ....So I remember....a "Failure"...
[Slasher] I..I..was an acciden't
[Krevair] Yes, my son, yes you were
[DeathStar] There, there, most humans are accidents too.  *Doesn't look in the least bit sympathic*
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[Blackjack] What's that supposed to mean, DS!?
[Wiendigo] And most REploids, take DeathStar for instance.
[DeathStar] It's true.  Look at Wien back there. 
* DeathStar stops when he sees he's running along the same lines as Wiendigo
* Wiendigo is in front of DS, rather than behind
[Blackjack] Hrm.
[Krevair] He's not like any other accident....He's different. 
[Garland] .... I wish I knew why the hell people from earth are prejeduce..... *glares at DS* Humans are a good species.
[DeathStar] Well, go on.
[Blackjack] Apparently so.
[Blackjack] Keep going.
[DeathStar] I agree.  Good to kick your ass.
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[Wiendigo] Let me guess, he's an extremely BIG accident...
* Krevair a sound can be heard
* Krevair falls to the ground grabbing his chest
* Blackjack mutters something under his breath
[DeathStar] To use you.  To manipulate you---*stops*
[Blackjack] Krevair?
[DeathStar] Heartattack?
[Blackjack] You ok?
* Slasher gets up and runs over to Krevair
[DeathStar] Please let it be a heart attack..
* DeathStar kneels beside the man
[Wiendigo] Wasn't me this time, i swear. Alot acctually, you all should try it, very liberating.
[Blackjack] Now aren't YOU sympathetic today, DS...
* Garland grows extreemly angry at what DS said, remembering hodges
[Krevair] My son...don't give up...you'll find out....
* Krevair dies
[AceHunter] Anybody know CPR?
[Garland] .......*lets out a loud growl*
[Krevair] He's dead...
[DeathStar] A little late...
[Blackjack] Damn it...
* Krevair moves Krevairs hand revealing a bullet hole
[Wiendigo] Good, great, splendid, can we go home now?
[DeathStar] How does he move himself?
[Blackjack] Damn it... somebody shot him...
* AceHunter does a trace of the bullet path
[Blackjack] NRP: I think Slasher meant to do it
[Wiendigo] Gee, you're quick...
* DeathStar scans the area
[Slasher] NRP: forgot to switch guys
*** Krevair is now known as CloakedAssasin
[DeathStar] Give me a minute....there, I got him
* DeathStar points in the direction of the bullet
* AceHunter based on where the bullet entered and where Krevair was standing
* AceHunter fires where the bullet came from
* DeathStar scanner begins to read the Assasin's lifesigns, etc, etc
* CloakedAssasin uncloaks revealing a man looking almost exactly like Slasher but different color eyes and hair
[Wiendigo] NRP:BRB
[Blackjack] Great, just what we need, another Slasher.
*** CloakedAssasin is now known as Ultima
[DeathStar] One was hard enough to live with..
* Ultima walks towards the group
* DeathStar finishes scanning NRP: Give me your stats!!!
[Blackjack] ..now we have to deal with two.
[Garland] NRP: Sheeesh, the names get more and more original.
[Ultima] Old man almost said it to
[DeathStar] You did the world a favor. Now let us return it.  Aim for the legsd.
* DeathStar blasts at Ultima's leg
[Ultima] Well looks like I'm gonna have to get rid of you
* Blackjack fires at Ultima's other leg
[Garland] .........*looks at Ultima*
* DeathStar aims then at his head and fires another shot
* Ultima bullet goes ride through em
* Slasher collapses in a state of depression
[DeathStar] Oh brother....
[DeathStar] This, personally, isn't my battle.
[Blackjack] DS] WHat was that he said about depression after he found out?
* Ultima grabs the bullet and flicks it back atDS
* Wiendigo jumsp on Ultima's back and starts choking him
* Dath reaches into his pocket and puts on his little ring
* DeathStar doesn't fire bullets, idjit
[Wiendigo] RAGH! DIE!
* DeathStar heads for the Avenger
* Ultima phases behind Wiendigo and boots him towards the shuttle
* AceHunter fires a VRP blast
* Wiendigo blasts at U
* DeathStar enters the Avenger and powers up the cannons
* Dath eyes glow green
* DeathStar aims at Ulitmate and fires (15,000 AP)
[DeathStar] Bye bye, little one...
* Garland walks twards the avenger
* Ultima ducks the shot
[Blackjack] Nice shot, DS! Now try again...
* Ultima pulls out a Blade
[DeathStar] How the hell!?  That's impossible!!!!
[Garland] ....... DeathStar, can you say, Overkill
* Wiendigo picks up a big rock and throws it at U
[DeathStar] Damn cheater!!! DAMN CHEATER!!!
* DeathStar fires at Ultima madly
* Ultima looks at Garland and runs him through
[Ultima] AAHHHh
[Garland] OUF!
* Ultima turns around and looks at DS
[Ultima] First person to hit me
* DeathStar is in the Avenger and waves
[DeathStar] Thanks for running Garland through.  Aim for his heart next time.
* Ultima thrusts hands forward and the ship overturs
* Blackjack tears his katana out and rushes Ultima, slashing in an X pattern repeatedly (1300 AP)
* Garland tries to get up
[Ultima] Agh
[DeathStar] DAmn..*powers engines and flies up into the sky*
* Blackjack tries to ignore DS's comment
* Wiendigo sits back and watches
* Ultima turns around and backhands BJ so hard it flies 10 ft away
[Blackjack] DAMN!
* DeathStar flies by, knocking Wiendigo onto the wings and flies up out of range again
[DeathStar] Alright, you ready Wiendigo?
* AceHunter fires a few more VRP blasts at Ultma
* Blackjack drops to the ground and rolls to his feet
* Ultima cloaks
[Wiendigo] Nrp: No, cause I'm eating
* Garland drags his right leg, looking at DS and the avenger.
* DeathStar continues using the AVenger's tracking systems
[DeathStar] C'mon, where are you....c'mon...
* Ultima punches AceHunter and evertiem he punches him hes nailed lightning fliesout
* DeathStar spots AH fall and flies down at the spot
* DeathStar fires the cannons around the area
[Garland] *mutters something no one can hear*
[AceHunter] NRP: Ultima gets bad luck
* Ultima isn't affected by the curse
* DeathStar heads down and the G-Force keeps Wiendigo on the wing somehow
* Garland is holding his side
* Dath a wave of green blasts out from Dath damaging Ultima whereever he is
* Blackjack fires at where everyone else is
[Blackjack] firing
* AceHunter gets back up and cloaks
[DeathStar] 10 seconds to impact....nice.
* DeathStar keeps firing
* Wiendigo sits there calmly in Indian style
* Ultima loses his hold on the cloak
[Blackjack] NOW!
* Ultima uncloak
* DeathStar rams Ultima into the wing with Wiendigo on it
[Garland] Great, I dont attack someone, and they run me through...... sheish. *looks at the wound which blood stained his clothes*
* AceHunter tosses a grenade invisibly at Ultima
* Wiendigo flips off
* Ultima grabs the wing and rips it off
* DeathStar flies along the ground and sees they're heading for the wreckage of the base.
* Dath fires a giant green blast at Ultima
[DeathStar] NRP: Isn't ripped off. So there
* Blackjack opens fire with all of his long range shots, and breaks off to heal Garland (1400 AP, 430 LP)
[Ultima] NRP:sorry
* DeathStar turns upside down and rams Ultimate into the ground
* Garland activates holy prowess and armout appears
* Ultima skids along the ground
[DeathStar] Good thing he doesn't have any ion weapons...*snickers*
[Blackjack] Shut up, DS.
* AceHunter throws a grenade at Ultima
* DeathStar pulls out of the wreckage and twirls around and heads back for Ultima
* Dath fires another green blast at Ultima
* Ultima goes over to Slasher and holds him up by the throat
[Ultima] No one move
* Garland draws the gospel
* DeathStar targets Ultima and Slasher and moves to missiles
* Wiendigo moves
[DeathStar] Bye bye, pesky little one
* Blackjack holds his katana nervously
* DeathStar fires the missiles
* Ultima holds Blades to Slashers neck
[Garland] DS, NO!
[Blackjack] DS, what the hell are you doing!?
* Ultima throws up a barrier and the missiles turn aroun
* DeathStar lands the Avenger and the missiles fly overhead
[DeathStar] Damn, I missed...
* Garland teleports onto the Avenger
* Blackjack mutters something about turnabout and fair
* DeathStar saber appears in his hand and he begins to walk toward Ultima
[Garland] .......your endangering the lives of YOUR own soldiers, you call yourself a leader!
[Ultima] STOP or he dies
* AceHunter charges at Ultima, firing
[DeathStar] You know, if you kill him, you do know all of us will kill you.
* AceHunter stops
[Blackjack] Smooth, Ace.
* Garland storms off and sits in -his- seat.
[Wiendigo] First we'll thank you, then we'll kill you.
[AceHunter] Sorry feller
* Ultima is unaffected by the blast
[DeathStar] Your best chance would be to drop him and surrender.
* DeathStar is getting closer.
[Ultima] I'll just phase away
[DeathStar] You could try, but you wouldn't get far.  We're the Maverick Hunters.  You would be a fool to run.
* Wiendigo lides into the shadows
[DeathStar] We have weapons that you couldn't POSSIBLY imagine...
[Ultima] HAH I'm the UW
* Dath glow is spreading from his eyes to the rest of his body slowly
[DeathStar] Who really cares?  *is ten feet away*
[Ultima] Put it this way, if i die they can make more of me
[Blackjack] The Ultimate Weapon...
[DeathStar] Ah, but still, you'll be dead...
[Ultima] Think of it this way a whole army of me
[Blackjack] I remember that project. I worked on it some...
[DeathStar] Oh well.  We'll nuke 'em.  How's that?  Whatever you come up with, I can counter.
* DeathStar is now 7 feet away
[AceHunter] Who will make more of you, feller?
* Wiendigo pops out of U's shadow and grabs Slasher and takes off with him
* Ultima slowly backs away while holding onto Slasher
* Ultima has a shield around him
[Wiendigo] NRP: Ah, but you never said it could stop me! Nyah!
* Slasher snaps out of his depression state and elbows Ultima in the face
[Blackjack] NRP: *smirks*
[Garland] Why would Wien save him?
* DeathStar tackles UW
[Garland] Thought he hated everyone.
* Wiendigo takes out his shadow claws
* Slasher drops and looks at DS
[Ultima] Ahh
* AceHunter fires a fully charged VRP shot at UW
[Wiendigo] Just wanted to tear this shit to pieces, runt.
* DeathStar throws UW into the shots
[Slasher] HE's MINE
[DeathStar] Then you can have the scraps, kid
* Wiendigo starts tearing into U
[Blackjack] Time to die... Never thought I'd kill something I helped build.
* Ultima throws a bottle and a bubble appears around him and Slasher
[DeathStar] Damnit...
[Wiendigo] NRP....WHAT???
[Ultima] Lets go then, you were the accident
* Slasher shakes it off
* DeathStar sighs, bored, and turns and heads back to the Avenger to watch
[Ultima] thats your weakness isn't it...you can't face the truth
* Blackjack thrusts his katana into the ground
* AceHunter turns to DS, "Should I got in there and help them?" (can go through shields)
[Wiendigo] NRP: Nice to know we're playing Bubble Bobble here...
* Blackjack mutters something about popcorn
* Slasher grabs head
[DeathStar] Why bother?  If Slasher dies, we gain sanity, if he Slasher wins, we gain nothing.
[Ultima] What...
* DeathStar enters the Avenger
* Slasher 's Metal arm starts bubbling. 1"Ultimatium" The armor flies in all directions and comes back and latches onto Slashers Skin/Armor. Slashers body is covered in Living Metal boosting his abilities.(2x AP/ lasts for 5 minutes)
[Blackjack] What's wrong with you today, DS?
[Garland] I really need to put in a word with EarthGov about his behavour.
[DeathStar] Go ahead, Garland, but I don't think they'll really believe an alien.  That's how they are.
[Slasher] Remember Ultima, Theres more than one Slasher up in this head *points to his head*
* Dath wanders over to the ruins and begins looking around for stuff
[Garland] Shut the hell up DeathStar
[DeathStar] Why don't you MAKE me, Lieutenant?
* Garland yawns
* Ultima starts backing off
[DeathStar] Or should I say X-Lieutenant
[Slasher] He he he
[Garland] Must you pull rank? Hahah
[Wiendigo] Finally, a really slobberknocker
* Blackjack hears trouble coming from the Avenger over his open communicator
[DeathStar] Or should I point out an X-Hunter?
* Slasher sees Ultima walk into a wall
[Slasher] NRP: i mean bubble
[Slasher] DIE!!!
[Blackjack] That does it...
[DeathStar] Off the Avenger, now
* Garland glares at DS with a certain ammount of contentment
* Blackjack picks up his katana and sheathes it
* Ultima pops the bubble and starts running
* Garland wasnt even on the Avenger
* Wiendigo phases back out to the wing and lays there
[DeathStar] NRP: Then how the fudge can you take -your- seat?
[Blackjack] DS, what's going on.
* AceHunter sets phased mines around the forcefield to blast anyone who phases out of the field
* Slasher flies up and flaps above Ultima. 1"Wings Of Death" Slasher Starts Beating his wings faster and faster, causing a whirlwind to appear and engulf Ultima. Slasher then cloaks and Ultima is suddenly knocked in the air, and sent flying down into the ground, where he/she is nailed by a barrage of Chi Balls. Slasher then uncloaks and comes spiraling down and goes through Ultima, causing him to lose his/her breath for 2 minutes (2500ap)
[Garland] NRP: oh yeah, strike that then hhahah
[Wiendigo] NRP: Easy, he goes on, grabs it, and moves it off, hee hee
* Slasher stops and looks at Slasher
[DeathStar] Now, as I said, off.
[Blackjack] NRP: *snickers*
* Garland walks off, quiet smugly
* Dath is still rummaging through the ruins
* Slasher collapses
[Blackjack] Death Star, answer me.
[Blackjack] What is going on?
[Wiendigo] Anyone see that Dath freak?
[DeathStar] Finally, the little frick is getting too big for his pants.
* Ultima falls onto his back blood surrounding him
[DeathStar] Garland is getting to pigheaded if you ask me.
* Slasher gets up and walks over to Ultimas body
[Blackjack] Hmph. Seems to me that it's YOU that's getting too pigheaded.
* Wiendigo stands up and walks to the wing's edge
[DeathStar] Perhaps.  But I really don't care.  Do I look like I care?
[Garland] Father was right about him... heh.
* AceHunter walks through the forcefield and runs to Slasher, 1"You ok?"
* Slasher sees Ultimas Blade
* DeathStar isn't phased by the Father comment
[Slasher] NRP: Bubble/forcefield gone
* Garland looks around the area
* Slasher picks it up and places it in one of his sheaths
* AceHunter suddenly a giant pile of green-glowing junk lands on Wiendigo
* DeathStar sits down in the pilot's seat and powers up the Avenger
* Wiendigo phases
* Dath suddenly a giant pile of green-glowing junk lands on Wiendigo
*** Chan_Servicer (Die@98CCF65A.ipt.aol.com) has joined #taw
[Wiendigo] Waht the 'ell?
* Slasher returns back to normal and remembers everything that happened
[DeathStar] Wake me when we're allllll ready to go.  *goes to sleep*
[Blackjack] Death Star, Garland tells you to shut up and he's gone from Hunter, right? That's kinda dumb.
*** Chan_Servicer (Die@98CCF65A.ipt.aol.com) has left #taw (2havoc.10(r)oots.(r)adical)
[Slasher] I..I..I..ws an accident..
[Wiendigo] NRP: What the hell was that?
* Slasher goes back into a depression
[Blackjack] Wake up! I'm not through with you yet, so-called General.
[AceHunter] Don't matter, feller!  Your one of us all the same!
* DeathStar snores heavily, ignoring Blackjack
* Slasher walks off towards the ship, sits down and ignores everyone
* Garland looks around for something to do.
*** Ultima has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Blackjack] Hmph. Garland, when he wakes up, tell him I'm staying on Earth for a little while, to think some things over.
* Dath wanders out of the ruins an looks over Ultima's body for stuff to salvage
[Slasher] BJ, can i come with you
[Blackjack] If you wish.
* Garland glances at BJ
* Slasher goes with BJ
[Blackjack] Just do it, Captain.
[DeathStar] Ensign  *calls from the Avenger*
* Slasher Dath only finds shredded cloths some bottles and a cigar
* Wiendigo takes out a cigar and lights it.
[Blackjack] *muttering* I figured he was awake...
[Blackjack] Farewell for now, Hunters.
* Wiendigo smokes his cigar.
[Garland] Well, I'll stay around ya, I dont have anything to do,BlackJack
* Slasher walks with BJ
* Dath picks up them and puts them in his pockets
* DeathStar takes off in the Avenger
* Garland puts his hands in his pockets
* Wiendigo phases back inot the shuttle
[DeathStar] NRP: The AVenger?
[Wiendigo] NRP: Aye, I was on the wing after all
* Slasher looks at BJ "So...where we going" still in a depression
* DeathStar glances at Wiendigo
[DeathStar] Oh, sanest of the insanest..
[Blackjack] Come on Slasher, Garland. You wanted to come with me, but there won't be much happening...
* DeathStar flies through space, quiet, tempted to bypass the HQ.
[Garland] BJ, any idea where earthgov HQ is?
[Wiendigo] God, if you're going to be a wise ass, at least waise intellgently.
[Slasher] I ain't fit to go into battle for awhile
[Blackjack] Yeah, Garland.
[DeathStar] It's "Smart" ass.
[Garland] Where?
[Wiendigo] Not in your case.
[DeathStar] At least my ass has more brain cells than you.
* DeathStar flies past the HQ
* Slasher stops and goes over to Krevairs body
[Blackjack] The main HQ is in Washington, Garland.
[Wiendigo] Childish, try again when you've actually learned some new material
* Slasher picks it up and goes back to BJ
[Slasher] Can we bury him
[Blackjack] It has sub-HQs scattered here and there.
[Wiendigo] Where the hell are you going?
* DeathStar enters hyperspace
* DeathStar thinks dimly
[DeathStar] Who really cares?
[Garland] See, I'm planing on putting in a court martial for DeathStar, he's endangering the lives of his team for his own interests.
* DeathStar has entered a vacation spot
* Wiendigo looks at DS
[Slasher] NRP:DS i'm with BJ
* Blackjack sighs. 1"Yes, Slasher. He deserves a proper burial... even as little as we can give him."
[Wiendigo] *I* DO!
[DeathStar] Why?  Afraid I've kidnapped you...
* Blackjack sighs
* Slasher starts digging a hole
[Blackjack] Maybe you're right, Garland...
[Wiendigo] I have a hell of a lot of drinking to get back to, jackass
* Garland remembers a long time ago, he used to burry mavericks
[Blackjack] I hate that it's come to this...
[Garland] Slasher, let me help.
* Slasher finishes the hole lays the body in there and pounds in a steak
* AceHunter takes Dath with him in the shuttle after he pulls him away from the ruins
[DeathStar] Then you can go to the bar on this planet I got locked in.  We'll only be there until the end of the war. No biggie.
[Slasher] Yeah Garland..heh..i remember that
[DeathStar] OF course, if you want to go back to Earth, you could charter a ship....
* AceHunter lands next to the rest of them
* Wiendigo sits back
* Blackjack 's coat is thrown back in a sudden light wind
* Garland puts a rock formation at the head and foot of the grave
[Wiendigo] Impergnant assmunch.
* Slasher covers Kervairs body after taking a Krevairs necklace
* Blackjack lowers his head
* Slasher places it around is neck.