Mission 73: Mystery on the High Sea

[Wiendigo] Session start...or something
* Garland growls
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 4 days later
[DeathStar] Location: MHHQ, Minus DS and Wien and Garland
*** Wiendigo is now known as Wien-Not_Here
* Ariel is sleeping like she does so much lately.
*** Wien-Not_Here is now known as X1
* Arono is looking at a comp and tring to figure out how one works
[X1] Holy cheeseness!
*** Garland is now known as Garland-gone-to-the-ballpark
[Arono] dang it!stop beeping!
*** Slash has quit IRC (*&&$%!!!)
[Arono] stupid thing.....
[X1] Okay, someone explain to me again where the hell everyone is?
[Arono] i have no idea
* Ariel looks up
[Ariel] What? *yawn*
[Regulus] o.o
[X1] Chief, Bingdigo, the card guy, and Garland guy, where are they?
* DeathStar a MH shuttle drops out of hyperspace next to the station and docks
[X1] Oh, and that Hasher guy...
[Ariel] How should I know?
* Ariel gets up and stretches
[X1] ...Because you're TEAMMATES!
* DeathStar walks into the room, half-drunk, and sits down in his chair
* Arono almost hits a computer
[DeathStar] *hic* What the hell are you guys doing?
[Ariel] Excuse me I don't poke my nose into other peop... Heya DeathStar!
* X1 sees Wiendigo and DS enter the room. Wien leaves looking sober.
[X1] O_o
[X1] ...I hate my life...
* Garland-gone-to-the-ballpark walks out of the shadows, as if he'd been there the whole time
[DeathStar] I hate it too.
*** Garland-gone-to-the-ballpark is now known as Garland
[Arono] can anyone tell me how to work this contraption?!
[X1] Well I hate you!
[DeathStar] That's nice.
* DeathStar glares at X1, slight hatred viberating off of him toward him
[X1] I want a divorce! You're not the man I married!
* Ariel hops up by the keyboard
[DeathStar] And THAT'S why I hate you
[Arono] ?!
[X1] Err...wait, that came out all wrong...
* Arono looks at ariel
* DeathStar grabs keyboard and hikes it at X1's head
* Garland put his hand on X1's shoulder "Go ahead, tell him you were cheating on him anyway
* X1 slaps it away with a fish
[Ariel] What?
[Arono] have you seen schooler?and do you know hoiw this thing works?
* X1 slaps DS with a fish
* DeathStar cuts fish in half with saber
[Ariel] No... haven't seen Schooler...
* X1 slaps Garland with a loaf of bread
[DeathStar] Where the HELL does he get those things...
[Ariel] Yeah, has anyone seen Cheryl?
[X1] Mail order.
* Garland grabs it and takes it to the cafeteria
* DeathStar settles down into the Master Computer and sees it has a beeping message on it
* Arono terns his head to watch the maddness
[X1] Yeah, like a long whilr ago
[Ariel] She's been gone for weeks...
[Garland] I could care less, means we dont have to pay for food, as long as he keeps it up
[DeathStar] Bravo....no one checks the orders anymore...
[Ariel] Well, anyways.  What are you tring to do Arono?
[X1] Yes I do!
* DeathStar shuffles through what has been happening and suddenly a new message comes in
[Arono] trying to get this thing to work
* Arono points at the comp
[X1] Ariel ordered the tuna on rye, I ordered the ham and cheese special...
[Regulus] NRP: gotta go for a while... got a few headache................
* X1 points finger at it and it stops
[Garland] Well I didn't, because technically, I'm not suposed to be here, *sarcasticly* commander.
*** Regulus (ask.me@ has left #TAW
[Arono] ..
[Arono] that was quike
[DeathStar] Alright, everyone to the Avenger....
* X1 *and it suddenly starts beeping agian*
* DeathStar hopes there's enough fuel in it....
[X1] Woo hoo! Field trip!
[Arono] that the big "SHIP"in the "Hanger"?
[Ariel] Yes Arono...
[X1] No, the big dog in the doorway.
* Garland yawns
[DeathStar] No, the tub in the "Bathroom"
* X1 suddnely notices a big dog in the doorway and it attacks X1
* DeathStar disappears and reappears on the Avenger
* Ariel hops down and walks to the Avenger
[X1] AHHH!
* Garland teleports to the avenger
[X1] Bad Fido! BAD!
* Arono walks to the avenger since evryone is goin there
* DeathStar powers it up
* X1 smacks it and rusn to the Avenger
[DeathStar] Okay, lets run over this.
* Arono hops in
[X1] Helpmesavemehelpmesavehelpmesaveme!!!!!!
[DeathStar] I read through the logs and posted them in the Avenger
* Arono sets down
* X1 jumps in and hides
*** Regulus (ask.me@ has joined #TAW
* Garland glances at X1
* DeathStar lifts off a foot
[DeathStar] Ready?
[Regulus] NRP: Just watching. *sigh*
[Garland] you okay, X1?
[X1] Dog....BIG, BIG, BIIIGGGG dog...
[DeathStar] Garland's mother.
*** Slash (Eatmine@spyker46.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
* Arono rubs his knuckles and glances down at his fingerless metal glove
* DeathStar sees Slash and waves him to the Avenger
[DeathStar] GET A MOVE ON IT!!
[Arono] yah,im ready
[Garland] Whatever, General Doggie
* Slash warps in
* DeathStar leaves the HQ
[Slash] SOrry, had some stuff to take care of
* X1 pops into the co-piolits seat
[DeathStar] Now, I've been gone for 4 days and no one seems to have read our messages...
[Arono] i hate riding in this thing..
[DeathStar] But we have a REALLLLLL mystery on our hands...ready?
[Ariel] ?
[X1] Jeeze, it's not like you had a hot date or anytihng lined up, sheesh...
[DeathStar] Do not ask questions or make comments to this topic until I ask since I got a lot of briefing.
[Slash] Ok, start talking then..
[Regulus] NRP: I'm feeling better now.
[DeathStar] IT seems there has been three cruise line ships "vanishing" the past week.  After the vanishing of the second one, the Mavericks claimed to have done the first two.  The also took claim to the third after it happened.
[Garland] DeathStar, no one's listening anyway, don't bother breifing us, just tell us what to shoot.
[Regulus] NRP: Can I join in?
[DeathStar] Now, we have no live witnesses to see what has happened to the ships but their wreckage has been found...on the bottom of the sea.
[DeathStar] NRP: Yeah, just be hiding on the Avenger
[Slash] Salvage op?
[DeathStar] We're going to protect the fourth one.  Questions or comments?
[Regulus] 10 *You can hear Regulus' voice...
* Slash tattoo shines in the light of the Avenger
[Arono] no sir!
[X1] Do I get paid overtime?
[Slash] Lets rock.
[DeathStar] Damnit, I mean it.  Any observed?
[X1] What about insurence? Am I up to date?
[Garland] Question: why bother, this damned 'team' will fail anyway
* Slash whacks X
[DeathStar] Anyone observe anything?
[X1] OW!
* Regulus walks to Garland
[Ariel] What do you mean Claim ds?  Do you think it was someone else?
[DeathStar] Ariel?
* X1 whacks Slash
[Regulus] The team will fail?
* Slash glares at Garland, then at X, flames seemingly dancing in his eyes
[Arono] ,,,,,,,,,good lord...
[DeathStar] Well, it's like a terrorist.  They claim to do stuff and normally are behind it
[Regulus] If you want it...
[Garland] It has so far.
* X1 hands report carsd out to everyone, showing big, fat "F"'s
[Regulus] Well...
[Arono] ..
[DeathStar] No one sees anything?
[Ariel] So watch everyone...
[Slash] Then lets turn that record around..
[Arono] X1....what the hell am i gonna do with this?
[DeathStar] I find one thing interesting...
* Garland throws the card at X1
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere
[X1] Show it to your mother?
[Slash] Whats that DS?
[Garland] I'm not part of the team, I work alone, just around these guys
* Regulus takes the card
[DeathStar] ....The Mavericks took claimed to have done it after the second one sank.  Why not after the first?
[Arono] my mother is dies a LONG time ago
[Regulus] Garland...
[Slash] ..... Interesting....
[X1] Uhh.....goldfish then?
[Slash] Very interesting...
[Arono] ........i never had a goldfish
[Slash] NRP: *mental note: Shut X1 up by sending his CD's*
[Garland] What, Regulus? if your just gonna say my name, dont say it at all
[DeathStar] And another thing....the ships wreckage was scattered around the ship.  Which means...*Waits for someone to answer it*
[X1] Pirates?
[Regulus] @_@
* Regulus looks at Garland
[Slash] Aliens.
[X1] Big, evil type pirates?
* Regulus looks at X1
[Garland] That DeathStar drank vodka on those ships.
[DeathStar] IT means something from INSIDE took the ship out for the wreckage to be outside the ship's site.
[Slash] Or a Traitor.
[Regulus] If you need a pirate, you have one. Me.
[Regulus] I was a pirate. WAS.
[Regulus] -_- so bad.
[DeathStar] Man, you guys are NO detectives...*Sighs*
[Ariel] Or a large explosive...
* DeathStar lands the Avenger at the port
[Arono] ........i kill things,not figure them out
[X1] Yes, I'm a doctor, and I paly one on TV
[Slash] ... No, i really think they *points* are more STUPID then anything...
[Ariel] A bomb would scatter it nicely...
[DeathStar] Oh, and one more thing, they all vanished in the B. Triangle in the Altantic.
[Slash] .....
[Arono] .....
[Regulus] hm.
[Arono] um..
[Slash] Oh goody, another mystery to solve..
[Arono] thats normal....i think
[X1] Woo hoo! Mysterious phenomanon field trip!
[Garland] Bermuda Triangle???
[Regulus] heh...
* DeathStar sees hundreds of passangers getting on the cruise ship
[DeathStar] That's right Garland
* X1 puts on his Bermuda shorts and shirt
* Garland has never heard of that
[Slash] NRP: Tonight on unsolved Mysteries, The maverick hunters disappeared protecting the cruise ship Titanic!"
[X1] Tourist trap galore!
* Garland see's X1 wearing the clothes
* DeathStar walks towards the cruise which is finished loading up
[DeathStar] Come on you goofs...
[Garland] Is that what people wear on trips like this?
* Arono gets out
[X1] Yesh.
[Regulus] NRP: Slash, it's even possible that we was INSIDE the titanic! :P Or that we were the Iceberg... :P
[Ariel] Ah, where's Cheryl... she likes things like this...
[Garland] Hrm.... I'll try to blend in, gimme a pair.
* DeathStar enters the cruise ship and talk to the Captain
* X1 slaps an outfit on G, even more hidieous than his
* Slash warps ahead, tattoo shining in the sun, a bright silver colour
* X1 bounces along, snapping a dozen photos a second
[Slash] NRP: *wonders when anyone is gonna ask about the tattoo*
* DeathStar gets their rooms and heads below deck
[Ariel] Hmmm... I wonder if I could pull it off...
* DeathStar the cruise honks and begins to move away from dock
* Garland thinks it to be normal human attire, and doesn't blush/seem embarassed at all.
* Slash warps to the main deck, admiring the huge pool
* Garland walks on
* X1 suddenly sees a group of lovely ladies walk by and he spins aorund and walks after them
* Arono fallows evryone
* DeathStar has three room, throwing a key to Slash and Garland
* Slash catches it
[DeathStar] People, split your room up between those two.
[Slash] Thanks dude.. im gonna tan..
* Slash goes in and locks his door
[Arono] ...
* DeathStar enters his room and closes it, closing the door behind him
* Garland looks to see if a bar is on the ship
* Ariel is surronded by a white aura which disipates and Ariel looks like a normal cat
* Arono looks for a bar too
[DeathStar] Time Chart: A Few hours laters, night time
* DeathStar a thick fog as settled in
* X1 dances in a conga line, being tailed by at least a dozen women
* Slash goes out glancing around
* Arono is in the bar drinkin...ignorin ppl talkin about him
* Garland is half-drunk from drinking about 10 pints of vodka
* DeathStar puts on a tux and steps out, calling everyone on the comm.
[Slash] [mutters] stupid weather..
[DeathStar] "Yo, get down to your room and dress up some.  IT's dinner time."
[X1] Anyone want a date? I've got plenty to go around!
* Arono gets up not at all drunk and goes to get dressed
* Slash ducks back in and comes out in a full tux, and top hat, using the Bo for a cane
[Ariel] Um...
* DeathStar pats the tux annoyed
* Regulus goes to his room.
[Ariel] [Comm] DS, what about me?
* Slash goes to the Dining room
* Garland stumbles into his room, walks out in his loose fitting gi
* DeathStar enters the dinner hall, where half the passengers are, and sits at the captain's table
* X1 is still in his Bermuda outfit
* Regulus puts on a tux too.
[DeathStar] "Oh, just come along"
* Regulus puts on also some sunglasses.
* X1 congas into the dining hall
* Regulus goes to dining room
* Arono comes out in a tux,still wereing his doomerang just incase
[Ariel] [Comm] I hope the don't mind animals _
* Regulus looks at X1
* Garland still has the shirt X1 gave him on tho.
[Slash] Nice Suit DS
[DeathStar] Same to you...
* X1 sits at a large table, and so do the rest of the women
[Slash] Looks out of place *laughs*
* DeathStar is talking to the Captain and the builder of the ship
* Ariel straightens her bow and walks to the dinning hall
* Garland sees DS, being half-drunk, and laughs at him
[DeathStar] "You're to sit at the Captain's table, BTW"
* Slash grins
[DeathStar] I agree..
* DeathStar tugs out the bow
* Regulus looks at Garland
[X1] Ladies, champange, on me!
* Arono walks to the dining hall too,doomerang he leavs in his room,but he still weres his necklace
* Slash tugs at his Bowtie
* DeathStar glances at X1 and sighs as he eats some of the food
* X1 takes a champange glass off of his head and wipes off his face. 1"I meant it, literally!"
* Slash face turns purple as he accidentaly tightened it
* DeathStar suddenly the entire ship jerks
[Slash] Aacck...
[DeathStar] What the?!
[Arono] HUH?!
* Slash rips it off breathing quickly
[Regulus] @_@.......
* Garland gets a plate, fills in to the brim, and eats in meer moments, and gets up for more
* DeathStar the ship comes to a stop and all is quiet
[X1] Whooooooaaaaaaaaa big fella!
[Slash] What in the Sam hell....
* Garland is to busy easting to care
* DeathStar Captain gets up and heads to the deck
[DeathStar] Hmmm...
* DeathStar heads outside
[Slash] Something is rotten in the Cruise liner..
* Slash warps outside the door
* Garland has eaten a total of 7 plates now
* DeathStar looks outside but the fog is too thick to see anything
[Figure] 12* Slips out a side door *
[Garland] Oh well, I'll finish later.. *goes to the deck*
* X1 dances off with the ladies
[X1] NRP: Gotta go guys, company
* Regulus looks outside
[Slash] ......
* DeathStar looks around and hears a storm on it's way
[Regulus] NRP: Bye X1
* Ariel follows everyone else
[DeathStar] I don't like this...
* Arono leaves,not comfortable around other ppl
* Slash looks around
[Slash] Not a nice night for a Cruise..
[Ariel] Hey Slash...
* DeathStar suddenly he is jumped in the fog
[DeathStar] AHHHHH
[Slash] Yes Ariel... DS!!
[Ariel] !
* DeathStar is tux is torn
* Slash whirls around facing the shout
* DeathStar rolls around, getting clawed
* Slash eyes gleam dull red in the fog
* Arono runs out with no tux on as he is just puting on his chestplate
* Ariel looks around.
* Slash runs to DS
* DeathStar throws whatever is on him into the water
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
* Garland flares into a semi transparet light, armor appearing, the flames lighting the area around him
* DeathStar stands up, a deep gash down his stomach
* Arono rubs his necklace and trys to make the fog go away with a gust of wind
[Ariel] DS!
[Slash] What in the HELL WAS THAT?!
[Ariel] What's going on here?!
[DeathStar] NRP: Fog is too thick and unnatural to be moved
[Slash] Damnit, you are hurt.. sit down..
* Ariel gently touches DS, and a soft white light surronds them both, healing DS. [300 LP]
[Arono] i cant see............stupid fog!
[DeathStar] I couldn't see..it...well....scaley....reptilian...
[Garland] Yup, DS is hurt, too bad we're not jiakare, we'd be ripping apart out wounded.
* DeathStar it begins to rain
[Garland] out = our
[Voice] Are you guys okay?
[Arono] .......creat...
[DeathStar] "We" Garland?
[Slash] .....
* DeathStar looks around
[Slash] Perfect....
[DeathStar] Who are you?
[Arono] my armor's gonna rust...
* Slash flips up his autocannons
[Garland] I meant 'we' as the other hunters and I.
* Slash ripping his Tux
[Slash] .....
[Voice] 12* A siloette is seen in the fog *
[Slash] Its coming....
[DeathStar] No DUH, Slash..
[Arono] ...
*** Regulus has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* DeathStar saber appears in his hand
[Slash] NRP: damn good timing...
*** Cheryl (Terangrel@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw
[Cheryl] So what are you guys doing here?
* Garland looks at the silouette
* DeathStar lowers saber
[DeathStar] You!?
* Arono takes out the darksabre making it a little darker
[Ariel] Cheryl?!
* Slash begins charging his gauntlets
* Slash lowers his Warp blades
* DeathStar the rain picks up and thunder can be heard
[Arono] ..
[Arono] ?
[Slash] ?!
[Slash] What are yoiu doing here?
[Cheryl] I always love a good mystery _
* DeathStar suddenly screams of terror can be heard in the dining room
[DeathStar] What!?
[Ariel] !
[Arono] ...
* DeathStar jerks head back to the door and takes off that way
* Arono run s to the dining room
* Slash turns and rushes to the Dining room
* DeathStar enters the dining room, which is a wreck, every passenger dead, cut up to death. Blood splatters the walls
* Garland teleports to the dining room
* Arono rolls in and stops on 1 knee with sabre in hand
[Slash] What did this!?
[Arono] ....
[DeathStar] .....
[Garland] Whoa, someone had a feild day
[Arono] this is horible..
[Cheryl] I should have stayed in here..
* DeathStar glances around
* Slash falls silent seeing all the dead...
[Cheryl] I might hae been able to stop whatever it was...
[DeathStar] We got ourselves some guests....and if this keeps true to the first three ships, this ship is going to sink.
* Arono gets up on 2 feet
[Slash] [whispers] the memories.... NOOOOO
* DeathStar steps over a half eaten head
[Ariel] ...
* Garland looks at the head
[Garland] Sick.
* DeathStar walks over to the elevator, which is slowly coming up to their floor
* Slash falls to one knee, crying
[Ariel] This... this is ... horrible!
* Slash gets up, slowly following DS
* Garland pulls Slash up to his feet
[DeathStar] .....*raises saber, the elevator three floors below*
* Cheryl suddenly has energy blades in her hands
[Garland] Death happens every day, get over it
[DeathStar] *Two floors below*
* Arono looks at the elevator,sabre pulses with dark energy
* Slash pushes Garland away snarling 1"Back off."
[Cheryl] Better be ready for anything
*** Regulus (ask.me@ has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] *one floor below*
[Garland] There's always the after-life.
* DeathStar hears the elevator ding
* Regulus comes back
[Arono] ...
* DeathStar the doors slowly open and...no one is inside
[Ariel] I rather not Garland...
* Arono eyes narrow
* Regulus looks at it
[Cheryl] It must be a trick
* DeathStar steps into the elevator and suddenly a pile of bones land on him
[Regulus] Hmph.
* Slash gets in, warp blades and cannons at the ready
[DeathStar] WHAT THE?!
[Regulus] O_O
* Regulus looks at the bones
[Slash] ...
[Ariel] !
* Garland smirks
* DeathStar looks up and sees three green creatures land on him
[DeathStar] OUF!
* DeathStar one bites his shoulder
* Slash looks up, and gets tackled by one of them
[DeathStar] ARGHHHHH!!!!
[Ariel] DS!
[Garland] Wien would love this.
* Arono jumps and slashes the creatures
* Cheryl points her arm in the direction of Creatures, and fires a large energy blast at Creatures. [320 AP]
* Slash fires his Cannons at point blank range
* DeathStar throws the creature into the wall, seeing it is bigger than the one that attacked him
* DeathStar the creatures die
* DeathStar holds shoulder
[Ariel] What... what are those thing?
[DeathStar] These things are growing....
* DeathStar looks down at one's dead body
* Slash has a huge gash right down the middle of his armor, not healing
[DeathStar] Some kind of...water creature.
[Cheryl] They look... Alien...
[Garland] .... a room full of humans were killed by this things, yet DS simply killed it, odd.
[Ariel] I don't think the humans were armed...
[DeathStar] Or trained..
* DeathStar stands up
[Slash] .. Or suspecting..
* DeathStar the one he threw into the wall grabs his ankel and bites down
[DeathStar] ARRGHH!!!!
* DeathStar takes saber and drives it into it's head
* Slash holds his hand to the bloody wound
[Garland] ...or do I care?
* Arono blazes the thing with his diamond
[Slash] Frick those things have pointy teeth...
[DeathStar] Okay, now that the mystery is solved, we have to save the rest of the crew.
[Arono] do these things ever give up?
* DeathStar suddenly the ship begins to rock up and down the on the wild waves
[Garland] You mean it they arent already dead?
[Arono] right!
[Garland] if
[Regulus] ........................
[DeathStar] ?????
* Slash holds his ground
[Ariel] ...
* Garland yawns
[Regulus] @_@
* Regulus looks around
* DeathStar suddenly the entire room spins around nad they all crash onto the ceiling
[Cheryl] Whooaa...
* Arono rubs his necklace and trys to stop the waves with his watter elemintle powers
[Cheryl] Ahhhhhh!
[DeathStar] OUF!!!
* DeathStar rubs head painfully
[Regulus] @_@
[DeathStar] What just HAPPENED!?
[Arono] OW!
* Ariel is flying upside down...
[Garland] All in a days work... so whats so special about this Bermuda Triangle anyway?
* Slash hits head, and flips back up
* Arono keeps tring
* DeathStar stands up on the roof and sees that everything is in chaos
[Arono] i say were sinking..
[Slash] Looks like we were capsized..
[Slash] That too..
[Ariel] That wouldn't be good....
* Slash looks up
[DeathStar] A cruise ship this big?!
* Garland is flying upside down, as well
[DeathStar] That storm had to be STRONG.
* Garland lands on the ceiling
[Slash] Who knows...
[Regulus] o.O
* Ariel turns rightside up.
* DeathStar sees all the exits are on the "Roof" now
[Slash] But we gotta get outta here, NOW
[Cheryl] It would have to be artificial...
* Arono rubs his diamond"ill come back win things seetle down!seeyah!"disiperes
[DeathStar] Well.....then we head down....wait....bad idea...
[Cheryl] No natural storm is that strong
[Slash] Its down or drown..
[Regulus] ...
[Regulus] Garland,
[DeathStar] IF this ship is upside, going down would send us to the ocean...so that means the Captain is dead...
[Regulus] You were right!
[DeathStar] So that means we head into the engineering section, right?  *looks at slash*
* Slash looks up
[Slash] Yep...
* DeathStar glances back at the doors, high up
[DeathStar] Lets go!
[Slash] Engineering section, then up, thats the weakest point in the hull..
* DeathStar activates jetpack and flies up there
[Cheryl] Ah, right...
* Slash climbs the wall, using his armor to climb with ease
* Cheryl is engulfed by the flames, which burn away reveiling her crimson winged armor.
*** Cheryl is now known as DK_Cheryl
* Garland scratches head. "Whatever" then flies up
[Arono] ohh....now thats something formilure..
* Ariel hops up on Cheryl's shoulder
[Ariel] Nice to see you again... you'll have to explain later
[DK_Cheryl] Right
* DK_Cheryl flies after DS
* Regulus flies up after DS
* DeathStar deacativates it and heads into the through the ship to the circle, which is has all the floors, most of them anyways, being shown. Down below water is filling up, at the casino level
* Slash follows DS as fast as his armor will allow him
[DeathStar] Not good....
* DeathStar looks up, which is down
* Garland yawns as he follows
[Slash] We gotta move fast.. i dont give this Ship much longer then a couple hours at most...
[DeathStar] How the hell are we doing to get up there?  *suddenly he is jumped by a creature and crashes into the water below*
* Slash looks down
[DK_Cheryl] A couple hours?
[Slash] Hour..
[DK_Cheryl] I really doubt that long...
[Slash] DS!!
[DeathStar] AHHHHH
* Arono reaperes
* Slash dives in after him, warp blades out
* Arono slashes the creature
[DK_Cheryl] !!!
* DeathStar struggles with the creature in the water
* Slash swims to reach DS
* Slash slashes at it with his blades
* Garland punches the creature
* Arono jumps on the creatures back pounding its head
[DeathStar] NRP: Uh, it;s in the waters guys
[Slash] NRP: *wonders how they could be doing that if DS and it are in the water..*
* Regulus enters the water
* DK_Cheryl is flying above the water, trying to get a good shot
[Arono] nrp:how deep?
[Garland] NRP: how you know me not in water?
* DeathStar gets cut again
[Regulus] @_@
[DeathStar] NRP: DEEEP
* Slash dives under the water, and swims up from underneath stabbing it through the body
[Regulus] NRP: My attacks, will they work in water?
* DeathStar hits a slotmachine and coins come out
[Garland] NRP: I can hold breath for 20 min+.
* Arono aperes in mid air diving into the water
[DK_Cheryl] Ariel, jump
* Ariel jumps
* DK_Cheryl dives in after the rest
* DeathStar thanks Slash for killing it
* Regulus dives after DS
* DeathStar swims tot he surface
* Regulus gets a few coins and comes back :P
* DK_Cheryl turns around and swims back up
* Arono looks around under whater then disiperes again
* Garland grabs a few coins and pockets them
* Slash wipes the blood off the warp blade, and warps to the surface displacing a lot of water
[DeathStar] GAHHHH....how do we get back up there?!
[DK_Cheryl] WEll, that was unnessisary...
[Arono] dont ask me..
* Slash warps DS back up, also displacing a lot of water
[Slash] I cant get all of you..
[Garland] simple..... we but throught the ceiling, er floor
[Slash] Climb..
* DK_Cheryl jump out of the water and flys a couple feet above the water
* Slash looks at the floor..
[Slash] well, all fire at once eh?
* DeathStar points out they can't go any higher here
* Slash arms all weapons
[DeathStar] Wait!
[Garland] I meant like fly up and ram it.
* Slash stops
[DeathStar] If you do that, won't we SINK faster?
[Slash] yes, but we would get out then..
[DeathStar] And if the bottom hull is under water?
[Garland] Air pressure less, therefore aire escapes from the new hole.
[Garland] and water comes in
* DeathStar water is now two floors below them
[Slash] Then we sink even faster..
[Garland] Hrm.... let's do it anyway.
[Slash] Whats it gonna be?
[DeathStar] We'll be CRUSHED then
[Slash] Sink later, or Sink Now
[Arono] ....
* DeathStar glances down and sees some more creatures in the water
[DeathStar] And what about the rest of the crew?
[Arono] um........i think we might as well get it over with
* DeathStar notices some stairs down the hall
[Slash] They are Dead DS....
[Garland] How do you know they aren't already dead?
[DeathStar] We COULD down there....
[Slash] Or Very close to it
[Slash] Your the leader.. not me
* DeathStar runs to the stairs
[DeathStar] Never...climbed upside down stairs...
* Slash jogs to the stairs
*** Regulus has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* DeathStar leaps up and continues working his way up the stairs
[Garland] And why do you pick now to care about peoples lives, DS?
[DeathStar] I'm being paid to, jerk off
* Garland follows
[Arono] nrp:brb
[DK_Cheryl] Well, let's go people...
[Slash] Damn.. dark in here..
* DeathStar reaches the end of the stairs and walks out into the upper levels of engineering
[Garland] Funny, you were paid before, and you didnt care.
* DK_Cheryl dashes after DS
[DeathStar] No lights..
* Slash twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
* DeathStar walks around the halls
* Slash they light the area around him
* Slash his tattoo shines in the purple light
[DeathStar] We'll have to enter the employee part of the ship to get further up..
* Garland forms a ball of ki in his hand, giving up minimal light
* Slash the skull and crossbones mocking anyone who looks at it
* DeathStar suddenly five HUGE creatures leap on them
[DeathStar] OUF!!
* DeathStar throws one at Garland as he rolls to his feet
[DeathStar] I'm really hating this..
[Arono] NRP:back
[DK_Cheryl] Hey, what's that Slash?
* DeathStar one bites his side
* Garland punches it into a wall
[DeathStar] ARGHH!!!!!
* Slash rolls out of the way, stabbing one as he rolls
* Garland draws Gospel
* DK_Cheryl slashes a creature as it comes flying towards her
* DeathStar stabs the creature
[DeathStar] Two more
* Arono reapers
* Garland runs at one of them and slices it
* DeathStar turns and sees piles of bones littering the hallway
* Ariel throws an energy ball at another one
* Slash 's cape flows out, spinning sending thousands of poisoined razors at the creatures
[DK_Cheryl] How do they grow so fast?!
[Slash] My tattoo..
* DeathStar shakes head at the bones and continues on, crushing a skull of one as they go on
[DeathStar] They're eating.
* Slash follows DS talking
[Garland] They're growing bo----er... its.
* Arono looks around to make sure none are following them then disiperes
[Slash] I.... I once was a member of Force Works..
* DK_Cheryl follows quickly
* Slash looks down at the tattoo
[DK_Cheryl] Force works?
[Garland] Thats nice slash.
* DK_Cheryl thinks for a moment...
[DeathStar] You were?!
[Slash] Yes... the sort of Reploid SWAT team...
[DK_Cheryl] No, I've never heard of it before...
[Slash] Yes I was...
* Garland doesnt care
[Slash] It was......