Mission 74: Too Many Knights

Session Start: Fri May 14 22:04:06 1999
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: MHHQ, Control Room
* DeathStar has feet propped up on the master computer
* Netryx wonders in the door to the control room
* Wiendigo phases up through the floor with his arms crossed, laughing
* Cheryl looks around the HQ a bit
* Dath is wandering somewhere around the base
* Arono sets down in a chair watching schooler figure out a comp,and he is having a easier time then he was
[Wiendigo] There's the man who can't hold his liqour
* DeathStar glances at Wiendigo
* Dominator walks in and walks over to his chair
[DeathStar] Who, him?  *points at Dom*
* Ariel sits on Cheryl's shoulder
[Wiendigo] No, you dumbass.
*** Garland (Lobo@ip4.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #TAW
[Ariel] It's nice to have you back Cheryl
[Netryx] I have returned....
* Garland walks in
* Dominator raises eyebrow, and sits down
[DeathStar] Sorry, dumbass is hiding in the mirror..why don't you go look?
[Cheryl] Back?  Who said I'm staying?
* DeathStar glances at Garland and his eyes narrow
[Arono] ............schooler.....how did you acces the "E-Mail"?
[Ariel] ?
[Netryx] nice to see you al
* AceHunter sits back in a chair flipping a coin repeatedly into the air
* DeathStar sighs at Arono'
[DeathStar] s stupidy
[Netryx] (all)
[Cheryl] Hey Net
* Garland shoots an angry look at DS
[Arono] [Schooler]see you push this butten right there
[Ariel] What?  What do you mean?
* Cheryl sighs.
* Netryx looks at Cheryl
[Netryx] where's Ariel?
[Dominator] NRP: ... "[Schooler]" ?
* DeathStar leans back in his chair some, listening to it crack
[Arono] NRP:read my bio dom
* Garland drinks some water from his canteen
[Cheryl] Well she's right... oh...
[Ariel] Heya Net
* Wiendigo yanks the chair out from under DS
* Garland claps at wien
* DeathStar lands on his feet quite easily
[Arono] [Schooler]hi net!
[Cheryl] ...here...
[Garland] Ahh... damnit.
[Netryx] !
[Netryx] Ariel!
* Wiendigo tosses the chair across the room
[Netryx] what happened?
[Arono] *Schooler flys to net's shoulder
* Dominator is absently scrolling through a record
[Ariel] The one and only
[Netryx] ?
* DeathStar grabs chair as he tosses it and brings it around across Wien's face
[Arono] ...
* DeathStar then raises and smashes him in the head
[Netryx] do i know you... you look familiar
[DeathStar] Oh, go take a seat...
[Ariel] There was a little ... accident...
* DeathStar sees chair is broken and throws pieces down
* Wiendigo is ophased, so it goes right through
[DeathStar] NTP: You didn't say, thus GM rules you took the hits
* Arono trys to send an e-mail and winds up sending it back to himself
[Dominator] Don't you all have some duties to attemd to or something, everyone?!
* DeathStar grabs Garland's seat and sits down
*** Dakota (Jaxer@gc-digital68.pathway.net) has joined #taw
[Arono] ....i hate this thing
[Wiendigo] NRP: No, i was quite phased, that's a mishap on your part, not mine.
[DeathStar] Sure, they do Dom, but do they care?  No.
[Garland] .....get out of -my- seat
[Ariel] Dak!
* Arono keeps messing with the comp tryin to get it to work
* Dakota wanders in the door
[Dakota] ?
[Dominator] I'm about ready to leave... I can get more work down in the rec room...
[Dakota] wha?
[DeathStar] Oh, Captain, I ORDER you to take a new seat...
[Dakota] Hiya people!
[Ariel] Haven't seen you in a while _
[DeathStar] Oh stuff it, Dakota.
* Garland 's seat happen's to be Kilath's old seat, unbeknownst to Garland
[Dakota] been very busy...
[Dakota] ?
* Dominator sighs and opens a random report on his computer, absently looking through it
[Ariel] How've you been Dal?
[Dakota] what's wrong DS?
[Wiendigo] Can I tell him where to stuff his new seat?
[Dakota] fine ariel...
[Dakota] !
* DeathStar sends Dom the Cruise ship debriefing reports through the e-mail
[Dakota] what happened to you??
* Netryx leans up against the wall
* Garland stands there glaring at -his- seat
[Ariel] There was a little accident a little while back...
* DeathStar works on his paper work, leaning back in seat and cracking it
[Garland] I pick that one, now get up.
* AceHunter yawns
[Ariel] _
[DeathStar] No, I took it.  Go get another one.
[Dakota] some accident... you look like sera now
* Netryx listens to the conversations
* Arono trys to acces a game but accesses the internet instead
[Dominator] NRP: Tellme if Dominator comes up on anything of interest DS...
* Garland looks at DOm and then DS
[Arono] Dang it!
* DeathStar leans back further and a definate snap can be heard
* Dominator looks at Garland
[Netryx] so schooler... do i know you from somewhere?
* Wiendigo takes out a cigar and lights it.
[Dominator] Death STar, you realize tht wasn't constructed for you to break it?
[Arono] [Schooler]you should!......
* Garland is getting mad at DS breaking his seat
* DeathStar finishes reports and checks out EarthGov reports
[DeathStar] Eh?  So, who cares?  A seats a seat.
[Netryx] don't remember...
* Wiendigo smokes his cigar.
* Dath runs into the room and trips over the door frame
[Ariel] Yeah... I've trying to fix it, but I haven't had much luck...
[Dakota] yeah...
* DeathStar turns around to face Garland
[Dominator] ....
[DeathStar] Still pouting over your seat?
* Dakota and montata were out doing lotsa stuff....
[Arono] [Schooler]um ok......ill leave you alone then...i thought you were net
[Arono] *schooler flys back to arono
[Garland] Yes....SIR...
* Dath is knocked unconscious
[Dakota] we got seperated from this unit and was working on our own again... it was quite interesting
[Cheryl] Well, as I was saying, I think I'll head out soon...
* DeathStar stands up, takes chair, and acts like he's about to hand it to Garland when he crushes it in half
[Dominator] Where are you headed, Cheryl?
[DeathStar] There, you may have it, Captain.  *Drops it at Garland's feet*
[Arono] ?
* Garland winces at this, looking extreemly pissed
[Wiendigo] Screw this. 6*heads down to the bar*
[Cheryl] I think I'm going to go get a place planet side.
* Netryx looks up at wein leaving
* Dath is lying unconsiously in the doorway
* DeathStar slight smirk and turns back to computer
[Dakota] who's that?
* Dakota points at Dath
[Dominator] Go ahead...
[Garland] .........*looks down at the chair*
* DeathStar grabs another chair and sits down
* Arono scratches his head looking at comp screen
[Arono] ...
* Netryx wanders over to arono
[Arono] i hate computers
[Netryx] what's wrong?
[Arono] i cant figure this thing out!
[Netryx] what do you need?
[Garland] You broke my seat.
* DeathStar spares at glare at the others
[Garland] ......
[DeathStar] KNOCK IT OFF
* Ariel hops down and goes over to another computer
* Dakota looks over at net then back to ariel
[DeathStar] Yes, I did break your seat, didn't I?  Oops.
* DeathStar not looking at Garland
[Garland] That was MY seat........!
[Arono] a 25th century brain
* Dakota snickers
[DeathStar] Oh, it WAS, was it?  That is so nice....
[Netryx] ....
[Dath] NRP: Isn't anyone going to do anything about an unconscious person in the Doorway!?
* Ariel makes the terminal that Arono's using start beeping
[Netryx] no what are accessing?
[Dominator] Garland, its all right.. You can get another seat...
[Arono] ..
[Arono] theres the beeping again!
[Dominator] NRP: Uh... What, Dath?
* Dakota wanders over to Dath being a medic and all
* DeathStar could care less about Dath
[Dakota] hey buddy you okay?
* Garland reaches for sword stopping 2 inches from the hilt, looking around decidingly
* Wiendigo walks back in, stepping on Dath's unconscious body as he enters
* Arono pushes buttens randomly
* Dath is unconscious
[Arono] make it stop beeping!
[Netryx] what do you want out of this computer arono
* DeathStar still doesn't look at Garland
* AceHunter spins around in his chair
[DeathStar] Errr...wish Wien would kick Arono's ass...
* Dakota checks Dath over
[Arono] ...
* Dominator is typing up some reports to his database, using other reports for reference
[Arono] i dont know
[Arono] i just want to know how to use it\
* DeathStar glances at Arono, putting Garland into his line of sight.
[Wiendigo] Errr, wish Death Shit would shut the hell up...
[Netryx] ...uh... 
[Netryx] well... what are you trying to do then?
* Garland throws hand down and heads for the bar "*mutter* *mutter* iceheart *mutter* *mutter*
[Cheryl] Hmmm... I hear that the west coast of north america is nice... maybe I'll get a place there...
[DeathStar] What was that!?  *voice booms across the entire room, all hearing it*
* Dakota looks at garland as the name is mentioned
[Arono] figure what all iv missed since the medieval times
[Arono] bassicly...
* Dakota looks back at Dath checking for reasons of unconsicousness
* AceHunter notices Dath in the doorway and walks over to Dakota
[Netryx] ah history...
[Arono] and learn how to use this thing!
* DeathStar rises to his feet, a look on his face that startles all
* Dominator glances at DS
[AceHunter] What happened to him
* Ariel peeks up over Arono's monitor
[AceHunter] ?
* Garland looks at DS
[Dominator] Death Star...?
[Ariel] That's a lot to learn
* Netryx acess the interenet and goes to a history archive
[Netryx] what year?
* Netryx makes turns the speakers off
* Garland glares at DS
* Wiendigo isn't startled
* Dath is unconscious from hitting his head on the floor
* Dakota sees the bruise on his head
[Dakota] oh...
[Dakota] hmmm..
[Dominator] Calm down Death Star...
* Wiendigo takes notes. 1"To piss Death shit off, mention Iceheart..."
[AceHunter] What?
[Garland] I said maybe she should stay dead like my father, as you said! (last session)
[DeathStar] WHAT?!
[Cheryl] Hey Dak, have you ever been to California?  I'm thinking about moving down there
* Dominator glances at Wiendigo
* DeathStar leaps off the master computer platform and lands feet from Garland
[Dakota] i was just there...
* Wiendigo wrote that, no one heard him
[Dominator] ...!
[Dakota] yeah it's nic
* Garland looks DS in the eyes
[Dakota] nice
[DeathStar] Your father, the scum bag he was, deserved to die.  Infact, I WOULD PUT HIM BACK IN THE GRAVE MYSELF IF HE HAD THE GUTS TO BE ALIVE!!!
[Arono] ....
* Dakota attemps to revive dath
[Arono] ..
* Arono looks at DS
* Garland grips the hilt of his sword on his back
* Dath doesn't seem to work
[Netryx] what year arono?
[Dominator] Garland, I don't know what you're trying to do but getting Death Star abset is... *gives up*
[Wiendigo] About damn time a real fight happens
[DeathStar] You know, I died once....very pleasent place....maybe your father likes the tortured screams of hell...
[Arono] how about the year after ppl claimed my death?
[DeathStar] Since he did go to hell...under Satan himself...you and your GOD stuff can't save him...
[Cheryl] Cut it out you two!
[AceHunter] Hey fellers, no reason to get worked up.
[Dakota] i don't think he means the jail eather garland
* Garland draws the gospel, but then throws it asside
[Wiendigo] REminds me of my days in Hell and the cell block cock fights, now those were entertaining...
* Garland gets in a fighting stance
[Dakota] oh boy....
[DeathStar] Ooooooooooo, you're going to actually FIGHT?!  Coward...
* Arono looks at gar
* Dakota carries dath off to a med bay
* Wiendigo raises his beer
* Netryx looks over at the 2 arguing
[Wiendigo] Rip him a new asshole!
* Dominator is trying his best to ignore them, refusing to take sides
[Wiendigo] Stuff a foot in his ass!
* Dath a small object shimmers where Dath was laying
[DeathStar] Maybe you would like to join them, seeing as you've been nothing but hell since you returned!!!
[Garland] ........*eyes say all then need said*
[Dominator] Wiendigo, you're not helping matters...
[Dath]  *murmers* he's here... he's here
* DeathStar laughs evilly
[DeathStar] You aren't worth it, runt..
[Arono] .........
[Wiendigo] Shut the hell up soldier-boy and let me enjoy this!
* Netryx wanders over to the fight not saying anything but just watching
* Garland does not laugh
[Arono] maybe i shouldnt have joined this band of misfits
* DeathStar looks awt Garland
* Garland grips fists so tightly, his knuckles can be heard cracking all over the room
[DeathStar] See?  He's fall frozen up...can't even move...
* AceHunter picks up the small object and looks at it. It's a ring of some sort
* Cheryl is glaring angrily at DS and Garland
[DeathStar] Pathetic....
* Garland is trembling with anger
[Garland] You........
[AceHunter] Anybody know what this is? *holds up Dath's ring*
[DeathStar] Your father stood there too...and died for it....pathetic as he was....
*** Dath has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Arono] nu uh
[Wiendigo] FIGHT DAMNIT, YOU BLOODY F*****!!!
[DeathStar] You know, Bobo  the Alien, your father treated him as a doll a girl would..
[Garland] My..... father...... was not as you say!!!!!!!!
[DeathStar] Your entire family line is shit.  And so are you!!!
[Garland] ....Bo.....bo?
* Arono looks with no defrent expretion on his face
* DeathStar turns and walks off from Garland
* AceHunter looks at the others and sits back to watch the argument
[Garland] I was right, IceHeart is better off where she is, how could she love this monster?
* AceHunter flips the ring into the air and catches it
* DeathStar stops
* Wiendigo tosses his bottle at the wall, where it shaters
* Dominator stands up, 1"That's enough! If you want a fight, take it out on the drones in the training room. Stop this."
* DeathStar turns to Garland
* AceHunter keeps flipping the ring into the air
* Garland glances at wien and then looks at DS
* Wiendigo sits bakc down
[Wiendigo] Yes!
[Arono] ...
[Netryx] c'mon ds... this isn't worth it 
* Garland leaps at DS
* DeathStar leaps at GArland
[DeathStar] DIE!!!
[Wiendigo] YES IT IS!
* Arono is eager to see what his teamates can do
* Netryx got stuck imbetween!
[Garland] !!!!!!
* DeathStar grabs him in mid air and twists Garland
[Netryx] CRAP!
* DeathStar rams him into the floor
* Wiendigo yells in excitment
[Dominator] Damn...
* Garland flips as he does this and rams hit foot into DS's head
* Arono gets upo from his seat
* DeathStar blocks with Blitz and punches rapidly at Garland's face
* Garland jumps back and kicks DS
[Wiendigo] GOD I wish I had my barbed wire here!
[Dominator] If they keep this up, I'll call security and have them sent to the brig...
[Arono] Stop this at once!your both acting like children!
* Garland blocks what he can
* Dominator glancesa t Wiendigo
* DeathStar leaps back
* Garland kiama's DS
[Netryx] DS C'mon man!
* DeathStar tackles Garland delivers a punch into his nose as he absorbs the kiama
[Arono] ...
[Dominator] That's enough, Netryx
[Cheryl] STOP IT!
[Netryx] This started with that stupid chair!
[Garland] OUF!
* Garland jumps back
[Garland] W-what?
* DeathStar grabs his leg in mid air
* DeathStar slams Garland down into the floor
[Garland] GAH!
* Arono stares at them
[Cheryl] STOP IT NOW!
[Dominator] NRP: n/m that Netryx, misinterprated what you said
* Garland throws DS into the wall
[DeathStar] I knew of your powers....I had to go---WHOAA!!
[DeathStar] ARGH!!
* DeathStar moves from dented wall
* Garland kicks DS
[DeathStar] OUF!
* DeathStar grabs Garland's neck and chokes
* Garland uses speed tech and goes into a rampage on DS
[Wiendigo] Dibs on the corpses!
* DeathStar twists Garland by the throat
* Arono watches with his arms foulded
* DeathStar slams him into his knee, aiming his neck at the knee
* Arono takes out a pipe and smokes it
[Garland] AGghhhh....... *grabs DS's elbow and pushes, getting him into a lock.
[DeathStar] Heh heh heh heh
[Arono] .......pathetic......iv never seen sutch childishness
[Netryx] ...
* DeathStar grabs Garland's throat with other hand
[Ariel] Watch it Arono...
[DeathStar] Go for it, Garland...and see what a SNAP can do to my reflexes..
* Garland kicks DS in the sotmach
* DeathStar takes it
* Dominator goes tot he computer to call security, having had enolugh of watching them fight
[Arono] whatever you say m'lady
[Netryx] Shut up wein...
[Netryx] your no help
* Wiendigo suddenlt blasts the comm panel
[Netryx] DS he's a hunter for crying out loud!
* DeathStar tightens grip on the neck
* Garland loosk angrily at DS
[Garland] YOU *cough* WONT WIN!
[DeathStar] Neither will you!!!
* Dominator calls security
[Wiendigo] They finish this, soldier-boy.
* DeathStar runs forward and rams Garland into Wiendigo
* Wiendigo phases
* Garland holy kiamas DS *tho it may be absorbs it will push him back*
[Netryx] what if crux attacks ds then what???
* Arono watches with a grin
* Cheryl stands between DS and Garland
[Cheryl] STOP IT!
[Dominator] I'm afraid they'll kill each other or take the whole base with them
* AceHunter keeps tossing the ring into the air scoffing at the fighting
* DeathStar steps back and smirks
* DeathStar slashes Garland with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush Garland to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
[Dominator] ...!
[Garland] AGH!
* Netryx walks over to DS
[Netryx] c'mon man enough!
[DeathStar] You little bastard!!  SHE WAS BETTER THAN YOU!!!!
[Wiendigo] Let 'em!
* Garland runs for his sword
* Cheryl gets hit and goes flying, KOed.
* Garland uses Healing Magic on himself (+300 LP)
[Netryx] i think he learned his lesson
* Garland picks it up
* Garland slashes DS
* DeathStar takes the slash but his saber slashes Garland
[Arono] ..
[Dominator] NRP: Tell me when/if security comes...
[Garland] I wasnt using my blade!
* DeathStar each slash is a 1000 AP
[Garland] You had to tho! Coward!
[Arono] wooo.......
[Ariel] Cheryl!
[Garland] OUF!
[DeathStar] Hee hee....you really expect to win???
* Garland uses holy prowess
* Cheryl is laying on the ground, KOed and bleeding heavily.
* DeathStar rams the saber at Garland's neck, cutting it
[Netryx] DS... man don't kill him... what did he do anyway?
* Garland teleports around, slashing DS at his ungaudes points
* AceHunter begins chaining a series of his grenades together for a more powerful blast
* DeathStar teleports around next
[Netryx] ....
* Garland holds neck with one hand, while teleporting/slashing
* DeathStar grabs Garland in midport and jerks him by the hair
[Arono] NRP:BRB
* Dakota wanders back in
[Dakota] WTF???!
[Dakota] DS What are you doing????@
[Dakota] !
[Ariel] Dak!  You've got to help Cheryl!
* Dakota looks at cheryl
[Dakota] (?)
* Garland teleports to the other side of the room
* Garland looks to see how hurt DS is
* DeathStar teleports to the other side, smirking
* Dominator scrowls
[Arono] NRP:back
* Cheryl is KOed in a puddle of her own blood
[Dakota] DANG!
* Dakota runs over to Cheryl...
* DeathStar charges blaster
[Dominator] NRP: Whoa, how the heck did Cheryl get hurt?!
* Dakota grabs a first aid kit near by and treats her
[Wiendigo] NRP: WAyyyyy back
[Dominator] Cheryl... *goes over to her and uses SC to heal her, +1000HP)
[DeathStar] You gutless coward.  Cheryl's blood is on YOUR hands!!!
* Garland charches a Hijikar
[Netryx] C'mon your hurting people not even involved!
[Ariel] NRP: She tried to stop DS and Garland and DS went through her
[Garland] NRP: DS not hurt at all?
[DeathStar] NRP: Didn't see her until it was too late
[DeathStar] NRP: Hell yes I am
[Dominator] Wiendigo, you should not have attacked security...  You'd better not have killed them...
[Garland] NRP: no show signs like Garland
* DeathStar shakes his arm Garland tried to break
[Wiendigo] NRP: I blasted the comm, not secruity
[Garland] YOU.......
[DeathStar] IT's time to end your pathetic existance at the Hunters..I told you to leave, you came back
[Dominator] NRP: Oh! n/m that, I'm getting confused
[Garland] ARE NOT THE DEATHSTAR I KNEW AS A CHILD! *almost done charging
* DeathStar Master computer beeps with a mission
* DeathStar finished charging a while back
* Ariel is weeping softly over Cheryl's still body
[DeathStar] Oh, am I not?
[AceHunter] FINALLY!
[Dominator] Everyone, stay back. I don't want you to get hurt! *heals Cheryl again to revicve her*
* AceHunter runs to the master computer
[Garland] no, your a monster! *fires, nearly blinding everyone*
[Dominator] What are you doing, AH?
* DeathStar fired too, just as bright
* Dominator mutters about the destroyed comm.
* Arono sheilds his eyes
* DeathStar the two blasts collide, sending everyone flying backwards some
* Dominator shields eyes as well
[DeathStar] OUF!
* Dakota holds some gauze to the Injury to slow and hopefully stop the bleeding
* DeathStar hits wall
* Garland slams into the wall
[Dominator] Ahhh! *falls back*
* DeathStar looks around, dazed
* Arono slasm into the comp he hates so mutch
[Dominator] NRP: What's Cheryl's condition
* Netryx looks at them both
[DeathStar] What the hell is happening?!
[Arono] GAH!
[Netryx] C'mon that's enough!
* Garland gets up, holding neck
* AceHunter suit protects him and he sits down at the computer bringing up te mission
[Netryx] !
[Dominator] Stop now both of you.
* Netryx slams the wall....
[DeathStar] Mission Orders: Mysterous Disturbances in England.  Need assistance now.  
[Netryx] ungh
[DeathStar] Too Many Knights ---- EarthGov
[Ariel] NRP: She's lost alot of blood, but she should recover
* Netryx gets up but staggers
* DeathStar puts up his weapons, glaring at Gar as he goes to Ace
[Ariel] Cheryl...
[DeathStar] W-What the hell is it?
* Arono gets up from the elec pile of crap and his sabre obsorbs the elec energy
* Garland limps, leaving a trail of silvery blood
[Wiendigo] GOD DAMNIT!
* Netryx grips his head...
* DeathStar keeps sparking
[Netryx] ahh...
[Dominator] Dammit. Death Star, Garland, you both are releaved of duty. Everyone else, lets get going...
[Dakota] Netryx?
[Arono] knights?
* DeathStar ignores Dom
* AceHunter rushes to the Avenger
* Netryx collapses
[DeathStar] You don't have that authority of Dom
[Dominator] NRP: Thought the come broke...
* DeathStar appears in the Avenger
[Dakota] NET
[Dakota] !
* Garland medbots attacks Garland and DS
[Arono] i didnt know knights were still around
[Garland] GAH!
[Wiendigo] RAQGH!!!!
* DeathStar watches Garland get attacked
[DeathStar] Knights AREN'T around...
[Wiendigo] NO AND F***ING NO!
* DeathStar powers it up, not remembering anything but the fight
[Arono] what is it about to many knights?
* Dakota looks over dak trying to figure out what is wrong
[Dakota] net?
[Dominator] ... Oh, I see. Well, that's nice to know. THe Hunters Venerator and I tried to found are going to hell because of this.... I'll go on this mission, but if this keeps up then I'm out of here for good
[Netryx] ....uhgn
* Ariel leaves Cheryl to the med teams and heads to the avenger...
* AceHunter starts up the Avenger
* Dominator goes to the Avenger and sits down
*** Cheryl (Terangrel@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has left #taw
[DeathStar] Then pack up Dominator...
* Wiendigo phases to the Avenger
* Arono walks to the avenger
[Netryx] damn my head hurts...
* Garland throws the med bots out of his way, only taking some morphine and some reconstructive medications
[DeathStar] This is an all new ball game with all new Hunters...quit living in the past.  X1 once told me that...
* Arono disiperes in the hall and reaperes there
* Garland teleports to his seat on the avenger
* Dakota grabs net takes him back to the med bay then catches up with the group
[Dominator] So, we have to kill each other before we even go on a mission?
[Garland] .....Damn medbots..... *holds shoulder*
* Arono sets down in the avenger
[Wiendigo] God you're benign...
* DeathStar lifts the Avenger off, glaring at Dom as he winces in pain
[DeathStar] Garland is not a Hunter at heart.  The evil bastard...
* Wiendigo slides inot the shadows, and out again onto the Avenger
[Dakota] ...
* DeathStar takes off
[Garland] *at least still has his seat in the avenger*
[Ariel] You almost killed Cheryl DS.
[Dominator] You own petty and childish behavior started this DS, so don't give me that...
* DeathStar puts glue on it though
* Garland winces as he sits
[Dakota] yeah... that was close
* DeathStar points fingure at Dominator, ignoring Ariel since he doesn't remember
[Dakota] ?!
[Garland] *is is in too much pain to care about the glue*
* Dominator narrows eyes, 1"Yes... sir..."
[DeathStar] GAHJJ...*holds side as he flies through space, Earth in the distance*
* Wiendigo whispers in Ds' ear. "1You had him on the ropes, you could have finished him, you could have been RID of him..."
[Arono] ...no one likes ds anymore itn seems
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo
[Dominator] Neither you or Garland are in the condition to go on a mission, regarldess of anything else...
[DeathStar] If I did, I would have lost more than him.
[DeathStar] But he will die, beleive me...
[Ariel] Watch it Arono
[Wiendigo] ...SO????
* Arono looks at ariel
* DeathStar smirks evilly as he continues flying
[Dakota] what the heck is going on around here.. i leave when Garland leaves.. i come back and DS and Gar at each others throats?!
[Arono] your bein awfull pushy latly
* Wiendigo slumps back into a seat, pissed
[DeathStar] GAHHHJ
* DeathStar holds side as he reaches Earth
[Dakota] what are you upset about? NO one died AWW ISNT THAT TO FREAKIN BAD!
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
[DeathStar] DAkota, shut up.....and now.
[Dakota] ...
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
* DeathStar eyes are filled wiht a pain that is not physical
* Garland has taken ALL the first aid kits on the avenger and still hasnt covered all his wounds
[Arono] ........*thinks about mutany*
[Dominator] NRP: Are we at Earth yet?
[Ariel] Cheryl ALMOST did and I will NEVER forgive that...
* DeathStar lands at England and powers down
* DeathStar turns to Ariel
* Arono gets out
[DeathStar] What are you talking about?
[Arono] eangland......my home nation
[Dakota] ?!
* Garland looks to the sky through the window and mutters somehting about his father.
[Dakota] You don't know???
[Ariel] YOU almost killed Cheryl DS...
[DeathStar] I what?!
[Ariel] I will never forget that
* DeathStar turns to Dakota and Ariel
[DeathStar] I-Impossible...
* Garland raises hand to them
[Dakota] check the security tapes when we get back!
[Dakota] YOU DID!
* DeathStar slams fist on control panel, blowing it up
[Garland] Leave him be... he was after me.
[Dominator] During your fight, she foolishly tried to stop you both and you went right through her to attack Garland...
* Arono looks around the outside of the ship
[DeathStar] I DID NOT!!!
* DeathStar turns back
[DeathStar] Dom, you lead this mission.
[Dakota] To much of a blind rage. you didn't realize what you did
[Wiendigo] Turmoil, distrust, traitorism around every turn, God this reminds me of my Vixen Gate days
[Dominator] ... You're not coming?
[Ariel] She should have left the hunters earlier...
[DeathStar] No, I'm not
* Garland 's severed muscle spasms and he grabs his side
[DeathStar] ARGH
[Dakota] but... i thought... she was like a mirror of you or something ariel
* DeathStar holds side
* AceHunter walks over to Arono 1 "You home nation, mine tooo feller"
[Dominator] All right... Will you wait in the shuttle for us then?
[Ariel] No...
[DeathStar] Yes.
[Ariel] I'm not sure anymore Dak...
[Arono] oh?your from eangland?
[Dominator] All right...
* Garland tries to get up, but can't leg is too damaged to work
* Wiendigo mocks the team from the back of the shuttle
* DeathStar eyes narrow as he thinks hard
[Dominator] ... *glances at Garland* You're not in the condition to come?
[Wiendigo] Piss and moan, piss and moan....
* Dakota looks back not caring and looks back at ariel
[Dakota] So what is the mission DS?
[DeathStar] Too Many Knights...I don't know, ask Ace
* Garland gets up
[AceHunter] There's a disturbance
* AceHunter nods to Arono
[Garland] Yeah.....*grabs side in pain again*
[Dominator] I can't leave you and DS here alone...
[DeathStar] Then sit down and BABYsit Dom
* Wiendigo grins evilly
[Arono] knights........i thought there wernt anymore..
[Dakota] ... i don't want to bury someone when i come back
[Wiendigo] I'll watch them...
* DeathStar turns to Wiendigo
[DeathStar] Great, our coach...
[Dakota] you'll just encourage them!
[Dominator] That's what I feel I have TO do, DS. Stay here, both of you, and behave. We have a mission to do...
* DeathStar stands up and leans against the busted control panel
[Dakota] I don't care if you did...