Mission 75: Face-Off

Session Start: Sat May 15 15:34:13 1999
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 week later
[DeathStar] Location: Conference Room
* DeathStar sits at his part of the table
[Preacher] NRP: So, I'm just . . . there?
* Regix sits in a chair
[DeathStar] NRP: I guess....so!
* Preacher sits in a chair
* Regulus sits in a chair.
* Garland is sitting in his -new- seat
* Arono is examining his new pistol
* DeathStar skims his folder as he waits for everyone to settle down
* Cheryl lays in bed, all bandaged up and an IV in her arm, not to mention hooked up to all other sorts of equipment.
* Arono is sitting down
* Slash sits in a chair, armor still has a massive gash in it that doesnt seem to be healing very well
* Ariel sits on the table
[Arono SOUND]
[Regix] What happened to her?
* Garland leans his crutches on the side of the table
[DeathStar] Alrighty then.....
* DeathStar looks up to see if everyone happens to be ready.
[Regix] What happened here?
* Slash looks DS right in the eyes
* Garland refuses to look at DS
* Cheryl is in the infirmary, not the conference room...
* Slash frowns, but waits
[Slash] NRP: BRB
[Preacher] ooc: So, what's going on?
* DeathStar leans back in his chair, making it crack some, as he waits for everyone to settle down
* Regix cracks neck
* Garland the crackong of the chair reminds him that DS broke his chair
* Arono sets his gun down and crackes his fingers all at once
[DeathStar] Alright, time to begin our briefing today.  Ready folks?
[Arono] NRP:too many wise cracks
[Regulus] I am.
[Preacher SOUND]
[Regix] Ready as always.
* DeathStar flops his folder onto the table
* Ariel yawns and fiddles with her bow
[Garland] NRP: new rule, only GMs do midis, you can do them, just dont use splay.
* Ariel jumps.
[DeathStar] Alright, in good news, the production of Reploids have began again.  So, soon, we'll be back up in numbers.
[Ariel] Wow!  That is good new
[Regix] That's nice to know... more Reploid to kill more Mav's/
[Ariel] s
[Regulus] hm. good.
[DeathStar] Also, in good news, there has been almost zero Maverick activity lately since the Hunted thing with us.  It seems Crucifixtion took a toll like we did during that time.  
[Preacher] ooc:  We can play them, but not splay, but we can't play them in the chan, only GM's can??!!?!!
* Garland glances at DS "You know---------- nevermind."
[Preacher] NRP: ooc=nrp
[Regix] Cruci is a tough SOB, ain't he?
[Garland] NRP: SO we dont have to put up with damned midis every 30 sec.
[DeathStar] And, as we all know, CorSec has become a part of EarthGov again..until now.  *Smiles coldly*
[Garland] Regix: He's mine to kill, learn that.
*** Slash has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Regix] Right.
[DeathStar] Alright, I have a story to tell you.  Ready?
[Regix] No objection, there Garland, just making an observation.
[Arono] ...r..e..p..l..oids?
* Garland glares an odd look at Regix
[Regix] Shoot.
* Regulus looks at Arono
*** Slash (Eatmine@bulldog6.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
* Ariel wonders how Arono managed to stay with the hunters this long...
[Garland] You have a morbid sence of respect..... like I did at one time.
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Slash
[DeathStar] Dr. Wily, during his earlier days, had a son.  Yes, Dr. Wily had a son.  Though you won't find him in the history books.  His bother ran off with the kid and changed their names.
[Regix] Why the look Garland? You look like you've seen a ghost.
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] bother - mother
[Slash] And no one knows where he went?
[Ariel] Dr. Wily?
* Ariel scratches her head
[DeathStar] That son, in turn, had a kid too.  That kid, which you all know.  However, I won't yet tell you who it is.
[Regix] Why would this concern the Hunters?
[Slash] ....
[Garland] I dont care about petty past issues from this planet, get to the point.
[DeathStar] This kid grew up, hating Reploids.  Don't ask me why.  He wanted to gain control of the power on Earth, but unlike his Grandfather.  So he did politcally.
[Ariel] [To no-one in particular] I should know that name... but I can't remember...
[Regix] Oh great...
[Slash] ..... Is it who i think it is?
[Arono] ...?
[Ariel] That sounds familiar
* DeathStar stands up as he talks
[Regulus] hm.
[Regulus] Sounds familiar to me too...
[DeathStar] He formed a great war machine called CorSec.  He managed to live over 70 years too.  He's alive today.
[Slash] ...
[Slash] Damn.....
* Slash curses
[DeathStar] Dr. Wily's grandson happens to be Cran.
[Regix] Are you saying this bastard created CorSec?
[Regulus] SURE did... *sigh*
[Slash] Whats this gotta do with us?
[DeathStar] After I brought this to the attention of EarthGov, they feelings to Cran shifted greatly.
[Garland] So..... the one who made Hodges betray me was the grandson of a madman of the 20XX's, laughable.
[Arono] .....ok....
[DeathStar] Cran has caused too much trouble.  But, we don't want to bring down all of CorSec.  Not all of CorSec is bad.
[Slash] True...
* DeathStar throws out photos of a huge building in the woods
[Slash] He is the core of its hatred to all Reploids..
[Ariel] So is CorSec is finally no longer a problem?
[Slash] Cut it out, the rest will wither and die..
* Regulus looks at it
[Regix] I suppose I must concur with that analysis, DS.
* Arono looks at the photo
[Garland] Not my problem, I'm not a reploid.
[DeathStar] We're going to strike Cran's private building up in the Canandian woods.  There we will destroy Cran once and for all, and all his forces up there.
[Ariel] Garland... Lighten up!
* Slash grins
[Regix] Neither am I, but we're still Hunters, Garland.
[Slash] Canada... Gotta love it... my ol stompin grounds!
[DeathStar] Once Cran is removed from CorSec's reigns, EarthGov will send in a new person to take over.
[Garland] Ariel: Be quiet furball.
[Regix] Cran? I  thought he was on our side?
[DeathStar] Cran is on no one's side but his own.
[Ariel] Furball?  FURBALL? Why... I guess I am... =P
[Slash] HA yea right... Cran that evil... *mutter mutter*
* Garland is still cold from last week
[DeathStar] But I hate for us to rush in blindly into Cran's domain.  So, we're going to have to practice some.
* Regix nods
[Regulus] hm. oki.
[DeathStar] The question is today: Are you ready for the final face off with CorSec?
[Slash] ...
[Slash] Yes
* DeathStar smirks coldly.
[Arono] yes sir
[DeathStar] I hope so.
* Slash eyes glint a malicious red
[Regulus] I sure am.
[DeathStar] Lets go.  Cran knows about this already.
[Regix] I'm a bit shaky, but I'll fit in the details.
[Ariel] No... But there's no other choice
* Garland jumps to his feet, ignoring the fact he was requiring crutches
* DeathStar heads down to the hanger.
* Arono stands up and fallows
* Garland runs past DS
* Slash warps to the hanger
* Ariel runs after DS
* Regulus follows
* Preacher calmly gets up and walks
* DeathStar enters the Avenger and powers it up
[Garland] My chance at revenge!
* Regix runs after the party.
* DeathStar glances at Garland
* Slash drops into the Co-pilots seat
* Arono disiperes and reaperes in the avenger
* Preacher sits down easily
* DeathStar lifts off from the hanger, nearby a star shimmering
* Regix sits in the Avenger in a spare chair.
[Garland] If I see cran, and have a good chance, there's nothing you can say to stop me, DeathStar.
[Ariel] I'd love to take Cran's head myself, but I really doubt that I'll get that chance
* Regulus sits down
* DeathStar flies away from the HQ and enters hyperspace
* Slash falls silent the trpi
* DeathStar drops out and enters Earth's atmosphere
[Arono] i realy hate riding in this thing...
* DeathStar flies over the canandian woods and flies over Cran's area
*** Retrieving #taw info...
* Slash smiles
[Slash] Good to be back...
[Regix] CorSec better give up this useless futility,
* DeathStar suddenly a missile lock goes off and missiles slam into the Avenger, ripping it into shreds
[DeathStar] WHAT THE?!
[Arono] HUH?!
* DeathStar sees the Avenger split in half as both halfs crash downwards
[Regix] OH SHI*
[Regulus] ...
* Arono disiperes
* Regix bails
* Slash disappears in a warp
* Slash lands hard rolling
* DeathStar stands up as his half crashes into some trees, tearing them down, blowing that area of the ship up to bits
* Preacher morphs into Chant
*** Preacher is now known as Chant
[Regulus] @_@
* Garland teleports to the ground
* Ariel flies down to the ground
[Slash] That was some FREEKING heavy artillary
* Regulus lands
* Chant flies out
* DeathStar lays on th ground, dead
* Regix lands on the ground, feet making a slamming noise.
* Garland looks at DS
* Arono reaperes
[Arono] DS!
* Chant floats
[Ariel] !
[Slash] Frick..
* Arono kneels down bye ds
[Regix] Damn CorSec.
*** Cheryl (Terangrel@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has left #taw
[Slash] DS!!!
* DeathStar troops can be heard heading their way
* Slash is back from - Collecting more MP3's - Gone 47mins 21secs - [iČ]
* Garland glares at DS
[Regulus] O_O
[Arono] ...........crap.....i thunk hes dead
* Garland walks up to his body
[Slash] ....
* Slash stands
* Chant morphs into Mender
*** Chant is now known as Mender
[Slash] Im in command now....
*** DeathStar is now known as GM
[Ariel] ...
[Mender] Is there anybody that needs healing?
* GM seven battle mechs come out and smashes Garland (5000 AP)
[Garland] He was mine to kill as well....... HRAGH!!!!!!!!!!!*screams at the sky*
[Slash] Well, what are we waiting for..
[Regix] Brace yourselves, you guys.
[Ariel] NRP: Er, I hope nothing happens to Slash...
[Ariel] Ah!
[Regulus] O_O
* GM one punches Slash and rips him in half, killing him with ease
*** Mender is now known as Brute
[Regulus] GARLAND!
[Arono] ....
* Garland slams into a tree
* Slash disappears into a warp, appearing behind a battlemech, slashing at its cockpit
[Regulus] o_O?!
* Arono backs off
* Garland the tree falls over
[Slash] NRP: urr... nevermind..
* GM drops Slash's pieces and turns over to Arono
* Regix fires flash bombs at the soldiers.
[Regulus] -_-
*** Slash is now known as GM2
* Garland uses Healing Magic on himself (+300 LP)
* Arono disiperes
[Regulus] NRP: o.O?
* Brute Starts clubbing the mechs
* Arono reaperes behind the mech
* GM rams Regulus into the ground (6000 AP)
[Brute] NRP: O_O
[Regulus] @_@
* Ariel moves in a flash, quickly slashing the mech twice.
* Arono fires at it with CP:400
[GM] NRP: The mechs...
*** GM is now known as TheMechs
* TheMechs one mech explodes
* Brute clubs mechs
* Regix hits GM
* Garland flys bove the reach of the mechs, but under radar
[Garland] WHAT IS THIS?
* Arono cocks the gun
[Brute] huh-uh, things go boom
* Arono fires at mech:490
* Brute slams a mech with his club
* Ariel charges a ball of energy between her paws
* TheMechs grabs Garland and blasts him at point blank range (5000 AP)
[Garland] Isn't this about time when Azulz shows up to save or asses?
* TheMechs throws his lifeless body at Ariel
[Regix] Gak! 
[Ariel] Ah!
[Garland] NRP: look at what I said before WHAT IS THIS
* TheMechs four mechs left
* Arono blast mechs after cocking the gun:490
* Brute continues clubbing at the mechs
* TheMechs two more explode
* Arono keeps firing:400
* Ariel fires the blast at the Mech before she is slammed into the ground
[Brute] heh bam BOOM
* TheMechs one more explodes
* Brute brings his club down on the final mech
* Garland hits the ground hard
* TheMechs explodes
[Ariel] Oof!
*** TheMechs is now known as GM
* Brute reverts
*** Brute is now known as Preacher
* Regulus is laying on the ground, dead.
[Regix] Ariel, you ok?
* Arono spins his Cyber on his finger
* GM a bomb goes off under Ariel (5000 AP)
[Arono] !
[Ariel] Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
* GM a tree comes crashing into Arono (1000 AP)
[Regix] SHIT!
* Regix slashes GM
* Arono turns around and blasts it
*** GM is now known as TheMech
[Regulus] NRP: Corsec's party! :P
*** Preacher is now known as Mender
* TheMech appears behind Regix and crushes him into the ground (7000 aP)
[Mender] Anybody need healing?
* Arono cocks his gun
* Ariel lands in a tree
*** Mender is now known as Chant
* Arono fires at mech:490
[Regulus] NRP: Mender, you should already know.. ;P
* Chant uses psionic blasts on The Mech
* Chant stays far back as he blasts
* TheMech punches Mender into a wall (4000 AP)
* Arono takes out his sabre
* TheMech grabs Arono and crushes him to death
* Chant goes unconcious
* Chant reverts
*** Chant is now known as Preacher
* Arono slashes the mach's hand
[TheMech] NRP: All Hunters are either dead or incompasitated
* Arono disiperes
* Arono reapers heart
* TheMech the entire area morphs into the sim room
*** TheMech is now known as DeathStar
[Regix] Arrgh...
[DeathStar] That was PATHETIC..
* DeathStar kicks a rock
[Arono] ok,....who wants some?
[Arono] what?!
* Regulus gets up
[Preacher] (quietly) I noticed you died first
* GM2 reappears
*** GM2 is now known as Slash
[Regulus] BOO!!!! I'M A GHOST!!! :P
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD22.redding.snowcrest.net) has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
[DeathStar] I know I died FIRST!!!!!
[Arono] what the---what kind of trickery is this?!
[DeathStar] I got caught in a EXPLOSION!!!
* Garland gets up
* DeathStar turns to Dom
[DeathStar] They're pathetic!! We'll die against Cran!!!
[Garland] You lying piece of.......
[Arono] i didnt die..
[Dominator] They what?
[Regix] Something tells me this guy playesd us for a fool.
* Dominator has walked in
[Regulus] Me either........ :P
[DeathStar] Slash, update the Commander here on the situation with Cran
[Slash] We are all quite dead.. hes got BIGGER forces then we do..
[Dominator] Please do...
[Regulus] Er, I mean, I DO died but I'm now a zombie! BOO!!!! ]:P
[Slash] Dom, We are taking on Cran... DS here staged a battle, and we got our asses kicked BIGTIME..
[Garland] ...... Dominator, can I hurt Regulus?
[DeathStar] I would like to run more exercises but we simply do not have that amount of time...
[Garland] Please?
[Dominator] Uh... Hold on, Garland
[Garland] Oh fine then.
* Arono looks around
[Dominator] So, you failed in a staged the battle against Cran? That's not good... Did you learn from your mistakes?
[Arono] wha?......were?....HUH?!
[Regix] DS this was a hell of a way to prove a point!
[Garland] I learned something...
[DeathStar] Thank you Regix.
[Dominator] What, Garland?
[DeathStar] I would like to run more simulation...but....
[Garland] That DeathStar is no help at all even when he's dead.
* Arono sheeths his sabre making the darkness go away
[Slash] Garland, back off, you died too..
[Regix] What did this... uh, serious loss proves what exactly?
[Preacher] (quietly) I did not die.
[Regix] WE ALL DIED.
[Garland] Bah, like I care, I already died once, for real, remember?
[Slash] That we SUCK
[Arono] i didnt die!
[DeathStar] ....
[DeathStar] Lets go
* DeathStar turns and marches to the hanger
[Dominator] Go?
[Arono] i am still here...
[Regix] Damn it.
[Ariel] For real this time?
* DeathStar whacks Arono as he goes
[DeathStar] You DID die, care for me to prove it?
* Ariel follows DS
* Dominator follows Death Star, 1"What's going on, DS?"
* Regulus follows DS
* Arono blocks
[DeathStar] Slash will update you.  I have no time
[Arono] no sir
[Regix] This bickering is pointless.
* DeathStar enters the Avenger
* Slash mutters darkly
* Garland gets on the avenger.
* DeathStar powers it up
* Dominator enters the ship
* Arono disiperes and reaperes in the avenger
* Garland laughs a little
* Regulus enters the avenger
* DeathStar lifts off the hanger
* Preacher walks into the avenger
[Garland] Same thing I said as when I got on the holo avenger, nothing you can say....
* Arono sets down
* DeathStar flies off
* Slash sits in the Co-pilots seat
* Dominator sits at the weapons consule
* DeathStar enters hyperspace, everything playing our strangely as before, and they arrive at Earth
* Ariel sits on the dashnoard
[Garland] but just in case.... *mans the detection units*
* DeathStar flies over the forest
[Garland] err..... *radar*
* DeathStar suddenly the radar beeps as the missiles head for them
* Slash smiles once again this time seeing the REAL canadian forests... His old stomping grounds
[Garland] Bail out!
[Arono] ..
* DeathStar dives below them
[Ariel] Shoot it down
[DeathStar] SHOOT IT!!
* Slash fires at it with weapons
[Garland] Uh... Shoot, yeah that too!
* Slash face settles into a cold frown
* DeathStar does a barrell roll out of the way of more missiles, but one hits the engine and causes the entire back part of the AVenger to explode
* Dominator tries to intercept the missiles with laser
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Ariel] AHH!
[Dominator] NO!
* DeathStar slams into the control panel as the entire back part of the Avenger, and anyone there, is now gone
*** Preacher is now known as Chant
[Regulus] -_-
[Garland] Well... you sucessfully destroyed my seat, and now Wiens.... who's seat is safe!?
*** Regix (casaursa@usr08-041.provide.net) has left #TAW
* DeathStar the Avenger goes down and crashes into some trees, flipping upside down
[Dominator] ...!
* Chant hovers out of the back of Avenger
[Dominator] NRP: Was anyone killed by that?
[Regulus] o.O
[DeathStar] NRP: Anyone in the back..
[Regulus] NRP: I think Regix was.
* Arono s head hits the seat infront of him
* Slash slams head into the control panel, putting a bloody gash in his head
* DeathStar shakes head
* Chant watches the Avenger crash
* Ariel was the farthest forward... not a good thing
[Dominator] We lost Regix...
[Regulus] NRP: I was standing, far away from the back.
* Slash holds head, as armor begins to heal himself
* Ariel went flying through the window
* DeathStar removes head from the controls and suddenly hears a sparking
[DeathStar] NOW!
[Dominator] AND NOW!
* DeathStar dives out of the Avenger
* Arono disiperes
[Arono] yes sir!
* Garland teleports out
[Regulus] Ok.
* Chant flies down to near the AVENGER
* Slash disappears into a warp, reappearing a LONG ways away
* Regulus jumps out
* DeathStar the entire Avenger explodes, cathcing anyone inside
* Dominator opens the hatch and leaps out
* Ariel catches a tree branch and is hanging upside down
* Dominator using Azure Crystal to fly
[DeathStar] DOMINATOR!!!
* Slash is beneath Ariel
* DeathStar turns to see Dom get caught by the explosion
* Arono apperes on the ground
[Regulus] o_O
[Slash] DOM!!
* Ariel looks down
[Garland] Dominator!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Regulus lands on a tree
[Ariel] Hey Slash...
* Slash warps to where he landed, bloody
[Regulus] @_@
* DeathStar arrives at Dom's dead body
* Dominator is damaged and propelled forward out of control
* Chant lands
* Regulus looks at Ariel
[Regulus] Hey Ariel.
* Slash also warps Ariel to the ground
[Ariel] Bye Slash...
[Slash] ... DAMNIT
[Arono] ..
[DeathStar] No time...to wait, lets move on...
*** Chant is now known as Mender
* Regulus jumps off the tree
* DeathStar sighs loudly as he heads through the woods
* Garland flies down really fast and punches the ground, hitting a rock and a large cracking sound is heard*
[Mender] Is anybody in ned of healing?
* Slash eyes dance with an odd look
[DeathStar] No one alive.
[Slash] .....
[Regulus] Mender...
[Regulus] STOP ASKING.
* Ariel flies off to catch DS
* Slash cold voice 1"Lets kill that bastard.."
[Mender] Egad man, do you realize I save lives!?
*** Mender is now known as Preacher
* Slash follows DS
* DeathStar suddenly the forest begins to explode
[DeathStar] WHAT THE HELL!?
* Arono takes out his sabre making saroundings dark as night
* DeathStar an explosion rips his right arm off
[DeathStar] GAWHHHH!!!
[Ariel] !!!
[Garland] Mender, I'll make it to where you have to heal yourself... ask again and your dead.
[Arono] ..........?
* Slash ducks, and rolls out of the way
* DeathStar collaspes
[Slash] DS!!!
* Ariel flies up as fast as she can
[Regulus] O_o
[Preacher] Are you threatening me sir?
* DeathStar an explosion catches Slash in mid section, blowing him into the sky
* Slash jumps and runs to DS
[Arono] !
* Slash screams as his armor is blown off
* Garland flies up out of the forest
* Slash then flys into the air
* DeathStar holds his stump as he pants
[DeathStar] We're losing....abort mission
* Arono disiperes
[Arono] what is happining?!
[Garland] Damn man......
* Regulus jumps heading out of the forest
* Slash lands a few feet away, dead
* Garland teleports and grabs Regulus, then teleports out of the forest again
* DeathStar takes off
* DeathStar steps on another bomb and is blown into a stream
[Regulus] Thanx Garland.
* Ariel watches from above
* Arono reaperes and trys to drag DS to the avenger
* DeathStar pulls himself out of the stream
[Garland] Say thanks again and I'm dropping you.
*** Preacher is now known as Chant
[Regulus] oki.
[Arono] come on DS....we can make it sir
[DeathStar] Mak---*is half out of it*
* Garland flies 20 feet over where DS is, then lands
* Chant flies over to DeathStar and Arono
* Arono picks DS up and helps him walk bye putting his arm around his shoulder
* Slash 's armor lands on DS
[DeathStar] ACK!
* DeathStar throws it off
[DeathStar] Enough of this, simulation end
* Slash it begins flowing over him
* DeathStar reappears in the control room
* Slash appears standing there..
[Ariel] That was better...
[Slash] Damn bomb..
[Garland] Dominator........ DOM----------WHAT!?
*** Chant is now known as Preacher
[Arono] .......?
* DeathStar flexes his once gone arm
[DeathStar] We're doing better, we lasted a full minute longer...
* Slash armor twitches reflexivly
* DeathStar punches wall
[Arono] again?!what sorcery?!huh?!
[Regulus] o_o
* Garland 's eye twitches at DS
[Regulus] Hm.
[Slash] We didnt even get into the freeking base!
[Garland] GR..........
* DeathStar looks at the clock
* Dominator comes into view
[DeathStar] Listen, we have no time for simulations
[DeathStar] We have to attack NOW.
[Ariel] ...
[Slash] Lets do it.
[Ariel] That's what you said LAST time...
[Preacher] Perhaps we should not use a direct assault?
[DeathStar] I'm sorry, but we're not ready and we're really going to die this time....
* Dominator nods solemny
[Garland] Thats it..... I say we just teleport there, inside the base.
* Slash grits his teeth
[Slash] HA, have any of us been there to teleport TO?!
[Garland] of just dirve the avenger into it.
[Preacher] We get blown up before we get there
* DeathStar heads into the Avenger, closing the simulation down
* Slash warps to the avenger, manning the weapons
[Garland] not if we control it remotely.
* Dominator clentches his fist, 1"This reminds me of too many hard times... I can't loose this time..."
* Ariel heads to the avenger again
* Preacher calmly walks to the Avenger
* Arono trys to figure out what just happened and goes to the avenger
[Garland] They must know.... that we're comming?
* DeathStar powers it up
* Dominator enters the Avenger sitting at the weapons consule
[Garland] Wait.
* DeathStar looks at Garland
[DeathStar] What?
* Dominator activates Spectral Shield using two Rune Crystals, to double his HP tota;
[Garland] Do we have any other shuttles?
[DeathStar] Yes, but this is our strongest.  our best.  Our only hope
* Regulus enters the avenger
* Slash screams 1"DARK ARMOR ENHANCEMENT!!" armor begins to flow, and shift changing into something new. a dark green glow appears around him, and all weapons are affected. 1"Bring on your worst nightmare"
* DeathStar lifts off the hanger
[Garland] But... maybe they know to watch out for this one.
* Slash is armored up
[Slash] Lets do it
[Ariel] ...
[Dominator] Still, the others would be too vulnerable
* Arono sets down
[Garland] Their guard may be off.... oh well, we're dead.
* DeathStar powers shields
[Ariel] Could we send a remote decoy?
* Garland jumps in
* Dominator arms weapons
* Slash sighs
[DeathStar] We don't have the time or supplies to do that
* DeathStar sighs loudly
[DeathStar] This is it.
[Slash] Stay back, and drop me in.. ill be the Decoy..
* DeathStar zooms towards Earth
[DeathStar] No you won't
* Dominator turns to the hunters, 1"Good luck, everyone..."
[DeathStar] I got some tricks up my sleeve..
[Slash] .... DS, I will make it so you HAVE a chance at survival
* DeathStar enters hyperspace
* Ariel has a feeling of DejaVu
* Regulus is now looking evil.
[Garland] I guess I'll be seign my father before my 6th birthday.
[Regulus] ...
* DeathStar drops out and hits Earth's atmosphere HARD
* Dominator turns to DS and whispers, 1"Do you think they'll be enough? ... Do you think we'll make it thorugh...?"
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Dominator] AH!
[DeathStar] No, no I don't Dom
[Arono] !
* DeathStar spins out of control over the forest, a strange smirk on his face
* Slash grits his teeth
[Dominator] NRP: ... *Wonders where REgix is8
* Garland didn't jerk
[Dominator] DS?!
[DeathStar] Yes?
* DeathStar pulls up, still spinning over the forest
[Dominator] This had better be one of those tricks!
* DeathStar missile locks go off
[Garland] I see... make them think we're already going down......
* Slash fires at them with weapons
* DeathStar hits some buttons
[Dominator] Well that's all well and good, if we don't crash...
[Garland] NRP: brb
[Regulus] A-ha! Good trick, DS.
* DeathStar is spinning too fast to shoot at them
* Slash stops
* Arono grabs his seat
[Slash] .. Well, lets just get hit here... get it over with eh?
[DeathStar] Here .... we.... go.  *hits a button and suddenly the missiles hit the Avenger, blowing it up to bits*
[Arono] i REALY hate this thing..
* Dominator hangs onto the panel in front of hm
[Ariel] Aaaahhhhh, Iiiii'mmmm gettting tooooo dizzzzzyyyyy....
* Slash grabs his seat
[Dominator] ...!
* DeathStar the area around them changes to the ground
[Regulus] WHOA!
[Preacher] o_O
[Slash] Funky...
[Ariel] ?
* DeathStar looks at Slash holding onto a tree stump
[Ariel] That was... different
[Garland] NRP: back
* Slash releases it
[DeathStar] I teleported us out..
[Slash] Very Funky..
[Slash] Nice job DS..
[Dominator] .... *breaths out*
* Slash flips and arms his lockdown cannon
* DeathStar looks at the Avenger's pieces crash to the ground
* Arono looks around
[Regulus] Yes, that was good.
[DeathStar] Well, we lost her...
[Ariel] Too bad we had to lose the avenger...
[Slash] Steal one from Cran once we kick his ass..
[DeathStar] They think we're dead.  Lets use that to our advantage.
[Dominator] Hopefully they think we're dead now...
[Garland] And we didnt use an el cheapo why?
[Arono] i hope this isnt a "Sim"again
[Dominator] Better her then us...
[Regulus] yeah.
* DeathStar takes off through the woods
* Dominator cracks knuckles and follows DS
* Ariel flies after DS and Dom
* Preacher walks after DS
* Slash disappears into the woods, moving like a phantom, following DS
* Arono fallows dom a bit nerves
* Regulus follows DS and Dom
* DeathStar flps over a tree stump and works his way through the forest like a pro
* Ariel looks around for signs of traps
* Slash charges his Gaunelets, and keeps them charged
* DeathStar she sees one as DS trips it, two trees flying at him from both sides
* Garland flies, weaving his way aroudn the trees silently
[DeathStar] Uh oh.
[Ariel] !
[Ariel] Move!
* Arono pushes ds
* DeathStar trips over a tree stump as the trees fly at him
* Dominator pushes DS out of the way
[Garland] ......
* DeathStar the trees smash together
[Garland] Amatures.
[Regulus] -_-
* Arono leans back just before they calide
* Slash reappears behind DS
[Regulus] NRP: LAG!
[Ariel] I hope they don't know we're here now...
[DeathStar] Oh, boy...that would have been...a new experience...
[Dominator] No kidding... We have to be more careful
[Preacher] NRP: 6 secs Regulus
* Slash looks for Traps ahead, scouting (Scouting, and Stealth and disguise)
* DeathStar suddenly a bear comes charging at him the,
[Garland] I can make sure they dont..... is there any wild life in this forest?
* Slash fires a Concussion burst at the bear, hitting its head
[Garland] Ohhhkay....*flies into it and punches it*
* Arono fires crossbow at it
* DeathStar the bear dies from the attacks
* Ariel watches
[Dominator] A bear... Not again...
[Garland] We need an animal carcass.
* Preacher just watches the bear
[Regulus] O_o
[DeathStar] You just had to kill it, didnt you???
[Dominator] ...  You didn't have to kill it
* DeathStar sees cubs nearby
* Garland flips it over his shoulder and puts it between the trees
[DeathStar] Oh PERFECT.  The animal rights people are going to have our heads...
[Garland] * doesnt care*
[Dominator] If Cran doesn't first...
* Slash picks up one cub
[Arono] Animal.....rights.....ppl?
* DeathStar glances at Slash
[Garland] Now they think the bear did it. DS BE CAREFUL.
[Dominator] We have to continue on
[Ariel] Hey, they're cute...
[Dominator] We don't have time for them
[Slash] Yes they are...
* DeathStar throws the bear on the two trees
* Slash sets it down
[DeathStar] There we go.
* DeathStar pants, covered in bear blood