Odyssey Part 1: Mining for Trouble

Session Start: Fri May 21 23:10:33 1999
[GM] Time Chart: 5 days later
[GM] Location: Control Room
*** Netryx (Jaxer@gc-digital137.pathway.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher walks in somewhat bruised
* Dominator sits ominously in the command chair, silent
* Garland looks down, his hair looking wet as it's oddly, still laying down
* Dominator his armor is still cracked in areas from the battle before
* Slasher goes to a chair and slumps in it still depressed
* Dakota is sittin in a chair somewhere in the room
* Netryx is standing in a corner observing the room
* Slasher gets up and looks at Preacher
[Arono] NRP:Were are we?
[Slasher] Who's this clown
[GM] NRP: HQ  *gets ready to pound someone*
* Preacher glances at Slasher, then goes back to meditating
* Dominator taps fingures over the computer, 1"... Too many dangerous... Cran may be defeated, but our losses are sever..."
* Slasher gives Preacher an evil stare
* Netryx still seems to have some kind of headache
[Slasher] You atleast have me Domie 
[Dominator] NRP: Dangerous missions
* Arono comes in and looks at the computers.....realy woundering how to figure them out
* Garland is sharpening the Gospel on a sharpening stone
[Dominator] Yes, but you could have shared Death Star's fate... any of us could have...
* Slasher sees Arono dumbfounded
[Netryx] Hi Arono
[Arono] uh hi netryx
[Slasher] No, I personally couldn't have, I was on Earth with BJ then I lost him
[Dominator] If you were there Slasher...
[Slasher] Yeah, yeah, I'ld be dead..So what did happen to DS
* Dakota wonders what happened to BJ
* Dominator looks at Slasher ominously
[Slasher] Like I said, I wasn't there
* Dakota is back from - playin zsnes - Gone 29mins 24secs - [i]
[Dakota] (sorry forgot)
[Dominator] Death Star took extensive damage... He was dead for several minutes, but we managed to bring him back to life...
[Slasher] Lucky son of a..well you know what
[Dakota] yeah...very lucky...
* Garland looks at dom when he says that
[Dominator] Now, his legs are entirely destroyed and he's still at critical condition...
[Dominator] Garland and many others were hurt as well...
[Netryx] Hey at least he is alive
[Slasher] Atleast we don't have to listen to his bitching
[Slasher] Anyway.....
*** GM is now known as DeathStar
[DeathStar] Oh, YES, you do....
[Dominator] Unfortunetly, DS has refused to remain at crictical, knowing him...
[Dakota] .....
[Preacher] (Darth Vader theme plays . . .)
[Dakota] !
[Arono] ...?
[Dakota] DS!
* Dominator turns head, 1"Death Star"
* DeathStar appears in a hoverwheelchair device, glaring at Slasher hatefully
* Slasher falls out of his chair and lands on his ass
* Netryx looks at DS
[Netryx] whoa!
* Garland glances at DS
* Arono looks at ds
* DeathStar glares back
[DeathStar] What the hell are you all looking at?
* Dominator searches for something to say
* Dominator turns, but wasn't really staring at DS as much as some others
[Arono] i thought you were in critical condition...?
* Garland yawns and turns back to the console "Something I'd rather not name..."
[Dakota] Just surprised to c'ya
[Slasher] A freak without a leash
* Netryx looks at the computer then back at DS
[Dominator] That's enough, Slasher
* DeathStar fires his blaster, missing Slasher's head by an inch
[Slasher] Sorry Dom, it's just so easy, look at *stops* ahh...
* Dakota blinks
[DeathStar] Care to rephrase that?
* Garland kicks back in what looks like a taped up chair
[Arono] DS!what are you doing?he is one of the hunters!
[Slasher] No not really.
[Netryx] oh brother.....
* DeathStar fires again
* Slasher gets back into his chair
* DeathStar is getting closer each time he fires
[Slasher] Ahh...
[Slasher] Fine Your Are A Freak on a Leash
* Slasher cloaks
[Arono] DS!your gonna wreck the place!
[Dominator] I'd suggest that you do, Slasher...
* DeathStar fires again, nicking the side of Slasher's face and drawing a thin trail of blood
[Dakota] @_@
[Dominator] Slasher, I don't want to deal with these childish behavior. If you can't antagonize the others, then go to your quarters and stay there.
* Slasher uncloaks wondering how he could hit him
[Garland] ......oy... can't we all just... get along?---NOT.
[Slasher] He used me as bait and almost killed me
* DeathStar points to his scanning abilities
[Preacher] (wah-wah-wah)
* DeathStar glances at Preacher
[Dakota] great here goes garland again... being the instigator
[Garland] Hey Dak.
* Slasher 's right arm stretches out and smacks Preacher upside the head
[Dominator] Now, everyone get to duties and do something constructive.
[Slasher] Ok
[Dakota] Hi 
[Garland] Shut up.
[DeathStar] If any of you care to know, the new CorSec Leader is coming...
* Dominator glances at Garland after his comment
[Preacher] NRP: Why did you do that?
* Slasher starts morphing his right arm into various objects
[Dakota] new?
* Netryx looks up at ds again
[Arono] i dont know how to work these things!how can i get to work?
[Slasher] NRP: Cuz
* Dominator turns to DS, 1"Yes, but who..?"
[DeathStar] How should I know?
[Slasher] Arono you need to turn them on
* Garland typed at an unreal speed (even for garland)
[Dominator] I don't know, I was thinking aloud...
* DeathStar hovers over to the master computer and types at it silently, filing his report
[Preacher] NRP: I'm sorry, in most other rpg's I'm in, I use ()'s for NRP. . .
* Netryx gets up and walks over to Arono
[Netryx] let's see....
* DeathStar the door opens up and the new CorSec Leader walks in
* Netryx flips a switch and the comp comes on
[DeathStar] ....*turns around*
* Dominator flips around in his chair and rises
* Netryx looks over at the door
*** Spade (death_star@ has joined #taw
* Garland looks at him
* Dakota looks
* Spade puffs on his cigar
[Dakota] !
[Spade] Hello again, Hunters...
[Dominator] Spade
* Slasher morphs hand into a Magnifying Glass and tries to fry Spades head off
* Arono turns his head to look at spade
[Garland] Oh lord.... it's Spaded.
[Dakota] Spade.........
[Dominator] What do you want, Spade...?
[Netryx] ....
[DeathStar] Slasher, no killing the horrible gentleman until after we tar and feather him
* Garland pays him no mind.
[Slasher] Ahh, DS your no fun
[Spade] I'm the new leader of CorSec.  Thought I would come here and tell you all how good a job you did on Cran.
* Preacher ignores all distractions . . . including Slasher's weak hit
[Dominator] You...?
[Slasher] Great, Now can I kill him
* Garland keeps typing ignoring Spad(ed)
[Spade] I mean, taking one dictator down and putting another in his place.
[Dakota] how'd you get that posistion spade?
[Dakota] great.....
[Garland] ---Your next, you know that Spaded?
* Slasher right arm stretches out into a 50ft long metal rope
[Slasher] I'll tie him up
[Spade] Expect to be hearing more from me when we begin are compaign against Alien Nation
[Dominator] That's all you come to tell us, Spade?
* Spade walks off, dropping his cigar and crushing it
*** Spade has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Slasher] Damn
* DeathStar wonders what the point of the visit was
* Slasher 's arm returns to normal
[Dominator] Campaign...
[Garland] Well.. that was pointless.
[Arono] ....hm...*tries to figure out comp again*
[Dakota] *cough "jerk *Cough Cough...
* Slasher decides to go back to sleep
* Dominator decides Spade probably came to show them that he can surprise them even on their own station
[Netryx] that dosen't sound good
[Garland] Shall we go get drunk and act like we usually do during missions? Drunk?
* Slasher lays out on a table and falls asleep
[DeathStar] Alright, ready for today's orders?
[Arono] yes sir
[Dominator] Slasher, that's enough with pathietically idiotic suggestions... You donj't go and tie up the president of CorSec... We took Cran out because EarthGov ordered us to...
[Dominator] Yes, I am, DS.
* Netryx wanders back to the corner he was standing in
* Arono turns around and looks at DS
[Dakota] sure
* Slasher doesn't here Dom over his own snoring
* Netryx nods to ds
[Garland] Oh why the hell not, it's just as fun as getting drunk. Orders?
* Dominator sits back down
[DeathStar] I already sent the others into space
[DeathStar] We're going to go into space now.  We have a lot of missions to do.
* Slasher snores a little too loudly
[Dominator] As you say.
[DeathStar] First off, as you all remember, not, the Lost Armada of ships...Slasher put a beacon on them, but no one can reach them due to the dampening field there
[Garland] *holds up his hands* We should be amazed by this?
[Dominator] Garland... awaken Slasher...
[Dakota] sounds interesting
[Dominator] Correct
* Garland kicks Slasher in the-------area of maximum male pain
[DeathStar] We're going to go to a planet where a special type of mineral is made that can stop this dampening field.  
* Slasher wakes up and grabs his groin
[Garland] He's up..
* Garland walks off
[Netryx] had to hurt....
[Arono] ouch...
[Dominator] All right. What planet?
[DeathStar] We'll have to take out the Mining Station and take over the planet first.  *smiles coldly*
* Dominator glances at Garland, 1"Not quite the way I had in mind... but..."
[DeathStar] The planet Birist'aslish
* Slasher 's right arm turns into a taser and he shocks Garland's _____ area causing excrutiating pain
[Dakota] but it defenetly works....
[DeathStar] This will be phase 1 of the mission
[Arono] Barita what?
* Garland catches it and just glares at Slasher
[DeathStar] Don't ask me to repeat it because I doubt I could
[Garland] Don't do that.
[Slasher] Hey...
[Netryx] @_@ dang all this "area" attacking has to stink
[Slasher] I'll get you back for that
* DeathStar heads into the hanger
* Slasher returns back to normal
* Dominator follows Death Star
* Slasher limps towards the Hangar
* Dakota follows DS
* Preacher quietly gets up and follows
* Arono walks the best he can with a leg trhat has a cast around it
* DeathStar leaves a handful of Hunters to run the station as he climbs into the Avenger II
* Netryx follows dak taking some pills for his headache
* Dominator climbs in
* Garland walks on
* DeathStar powers up the Avenger and runs through the countdown
* Slasher walks into the shuttle and checks to see if he's bruised
* Arono jumps in and sets down
* Dakota climbs aboard
* Netryx gets on
[Slasher] Nope no damage done
* Dominator sits at the weapons consol
* DeathStar turns to Slasher
* Slasher sits down and falls asleep
[DeathStar] I for one, vote Slasher OFF this mission
* Preacher sits
[Dakota] Tired slasher?
* Slasher wakes up and sits straight
[DeathStar] Garland, please remove him from the Avenger
[Slasher] Thats ok I'll be godd
[Dominator] Death Star...
[Garland] Okay, sure
[Arono] maybe we should throw him of the ship?]:)
[DeathStar] In space....too nice for him
[Dakota] no need he is up
[Dominator] NRP: Hmm, a new version of Light I see...
* Garland kicks him in the same area and throws him face first on the ground
[Dominator] NRP: As in "I'll be god"
* DeathStar lifts off the hanger and flies off
* Slasher lays on the ground grabing his face and his manhood
[Slasher] NRP: I meant good
* DeathStar enters hyperspace
[Dominator] That was a bit of an abrupt removal...
* Garland cracks his knuckles
[Dominator] NRP: I know, just kidding
[Garland] a minor workout...
[DeathStar] Hey, at least we don't have to listen to his snoring..
* Netryx sits near arono
[Dominator] But, you're the General...
[DeathStar] NRP: Remember, Cap. the first letter of your sentences
[Netryx] man...this headache just won't go away....
* DeathStar glares hatefully at dom
* Arono looks at net
* Slasher heads towards the bar to get drunk
[Netryx] (Sorry)
* Dominator looks back at DS
* DeathStar looks at the chronometer as time slowly ticks away
[Netryx] (Didn't know actually...2nd session)
[Arono] NRP:NRP!!!NOT() remember that
* DeathStar leans back in his wheelchair
* Dominator looks off into space
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 6 hours later
* Garland sneaks up on Net and punches him in the side of the head
* DeathStar tries to get the horrible music playing out of his head by covering his ears
* Arono shakes his head......woundering why teamates are being do childish
* Slasher starts jabbing needles into a voodoo doll that looks like Garland
[Dominator] Turn... that... off...
[Netryx] AAH...jerk
* DeathStar wonders who is playing it
* Arono almoste elbows gar in the throught but instead thinks better of it
* DeathStar the Avenger comes out of hyperspace in front of a planet that looks very dead
* Dominator looks around for the sourc to shut it off
* Dominator looks the planet over
* Slasher walks out from the back of the shuttle carrying a boom box
* DeathStar suddenly a Tsivrixsh battle ship heads for them from behind the planet
[Arono] ..
[DeathStar] MY GOD!!!
* DeathStar turns around to Slasher
[Dominator] AHHH!
[Arono] !
* Slasher turns it off
[Dakota] ??
[Arono] this cant be good!!
* DeathStar ignores the battle ship
[Slasher] I phased on when you guys weren't looking
[Arono] DS watch the ship!
[Dominator] Uh... I'm more worried about that Tsivrixsh battle ship
[DeathStar] What battle shi?
[Dakota] !
[Slasher] Ds I advise you look forward
* DeathStar turns back in time to see they are about to smash into it
[Netryx] say what???
[Dominator] Evasive manuevers!
* DeathStar dives the Avenger downward as the ship shoots at them
[Dakota] Whoa....
* Dominator redirects power to the shields
[DeathStar] Eh, look how odd shaped it is..
* DeathStar sees they're about to hit it again
[Arono] cant we do something?!blow that confounde ship up!
[DeathStar] Computer: Collision in 5....4.....3.....2.....
[DeathStar] 1...
[Dominator] More manuevers...!
[Dakota] dang! 
* Dakota braces him self
* DeathStar hits a button and as the Avenger touches the ship, stopping on it
[Netryx] Hold on!
* Arono covers his head
[Slasher] Had to phase on 
[Dominator] What are you trying to do DS?
* DeathStar smirks coldly at the scared Hunters
* Slasher flies forward nailing his head on a chair
[DeathStar] Trying to see how many LADIES are with us..
* Dominator sighs
[Slasher] Ahh Crap my head 
* DeathStar the cannons can't pick them up on the battle ship like this
[Dominator] You realize their turbolasers could still hit us from here... If not, a fighter could
[DeathStar] So, the rumors that the planet was taking over are true...
[Slasher] God that hurts
[Dominator] Apparently so....
[Netryx] nice....very smart too... nicely done DS
[DeathStar] A fighter...hey, didn't consider that option...hey, are those fighters launching right there?  *points*
* Dominator looks over at them
[Slasher] Netyrx I really don't like you, you remind me of CS too much
[Dakota] -_-
[Netryx] ?
[Dominator] Yes, they are...
[Netryx] why?
[DeathStar] ...Well, Spock, what do you suggest?
[Garland] I wasn't planning on dying again oh well...
[Slasher] They are, they look like tiny bugs from here
* DeathStar hits another button, leaving a bomb on the outside of the battle ship
[Dakota] well that works
[DeathStar] Wait, I forgot to fly away for I did that...HOLD ON!!!
[Dakota] aw man
[Arono] .....now....DS...you mind getting out of here now?
[Dominator] Well, we s-...
[Dominator] ...!
[Netryx] @_@
[Slasher] They say I'm stupid
* DeathStar hits another button as the turboboosters throw the Avenger through the swarm of fighters as the bomb blows up, taking the fighters out
* Dominator braces himself
* Slasher flies back into a wall nailing his head again
* DeathStar flies towards the planet as the battle ship's shields readjust to repair the damage
[Slasher] Ahh god, reminds me of a hangover
[Netryx] has to suck slasher
[DeathStar] We got about 4 seconds before we're targetted again, gang...
* Dominator looks to see if any fighters are left
[DeathStar] GM: Nope, none
[Netryx] don't worry i feel worse...
[Garland] Slasher, shut up, or I'll hurt you again.
[Dominator] How far is the weapons range on that battle ship?
[Netryx] try having a migrane for 4 weeks
[DeathStar] I would have to estimate rather far...
[Slasher] Garland go grab someone elses nuts
* DeathStar targetting alarms go off
[Dominator] Unfortunently, that was a sound estimate...
[Dominator] How the hell did we plan to take over a planet with ONE transport
* DeathStar dives downward into the think atmosphere as the ship fires on them, two of the three blasts connecting
[Garland] Oh that's it... *kicks him *fairly* hard, but harder than he did before*
[Dominator] Thank god there's only one battle ship...
[Dakota] Good question
[Dominator] Oh yeah! *sarcastically*
[DeathStar] Who KNOWS where SLASH is...
* Slasher stands there laughing at Garlands attempt to kick him
[Netryx] Yeah...
* DeathStar does a barrell roll over the canyons on the planet
* Slasher pulls out a metal nut cup that is dented badly
* Dominator wonders what DS is doing
[Arono] oh i REALY hate riding in this thing!
[DeathStar] We're going to land in that canyon by the mines...
* Dominator wonders if DS knows what he is doing
* Slasher bounces around the room
[Dakota] Get used to it Arono
[Dominator] I... see...
* DeathStar sees a large mine opening
* Garland watches Slasher
[Slasher] NRP: mean shi[
[Garland] Idiot.......
[DeathStar] Ooookay, lets fly into it...ready?
[Slasher] NRP: ship
[Dominator] NRP: Mine as in something like a coal mine, not an explosive device/
[Dakota] Uh... you are going to land right???
[Arono] um..
[Dakota] WHAT?!
[Netryx] !
[Garland] NRP: how decentish
* DeathStar flies the Avenger into the mine, the sides of it scraping the Avenger
[DeathStar] BAD IDEA!!! BAD IDEA!!!!
[Netryx] NRP: oh yeah... that's for sure
[Dominator] As I'll ever be for this...
[Slasher] NRP: Don't use those big words
* Arono grabs his chair as the ship rattles
* Netryx cringes from the sound of the ship grinding along the wall
* DeathStar sees a Mining Plant Building ahead, built into the mine, and lands on it's platform
* Dominator holds onto the panel for support as the ship shackes
* Slasher gets up and phases outside of the ship
[DeathStar] EVERYONE OUT!!!!
* DeathStar flips out onto the plataform
* Preacher walks out
* Netryx jumps out
* Dominator jumps out to the platform
* Garland teleported out before DS could finish
[DeathStar] NRP: On his WHEELCHAIR!
* Arono jumps out with his hand on his sabre
* Dakota kicks his juets on and flies out
* DeathStar hovers around as the aliens come pouring out, opening fire on the group
* Dominator dives down, blasting Thunder Bolt
[Dakota] oh great
[Netryx] Not now....
* Preacher changes into his Brute FOrm
[Garland] Bah.... *slashes them randomly, teleporting*
* Slasher ducks behind a rock
[Arono] ****...
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at Aliens (ap 220)
[DeathStar] Shoot first, ask questions later...
* DeathStar his wheelchair is hit, sending him spinning
* Dominator draws Rune Sword and slashesa
* Preacher begins beating at the aliens with his oversized club and shrugging off most blows
* Slasher looks around and sees a rock and chucks it at them
* DeathStar the aliens are dead...gooooo team
* Arono ducks behind the wing and fires CP at the aliens
[Arono] there we go
* Slasher gets up and sees DS spinning
[Slasher] Heh
[DeathStar] WHOA...WHOA...WHOA
* Garland lands on the ground, not even breathing heavily
* Netryx fires CD-X's at aliens (dp ?? only temp anyway)
[Garland] Well now.. think I'd expect more!
[Dominator] DS!
* Slasher puts his foot on the wheelchair causing it to stop
[DeathStar] OUF!!
* DeathStar hits the wheelchair
[Slasher] Sorry Old Man
[Dominator] NRP: What happened to Avenger?]
* Garland glances at DS
* Arono looks at Ds
[Netryx] That's it?
[DeathStar] NRP: Still in one piece
* Preacher reverts
[Dominator] NRP: Whereabouts?
[DeathStar] C'mon, that's just the rookie team
[DeathStar] NRP: In the mine
* Dakota lands near Arono
* DeathStar hovers inside the building
* Arono takes out his sabre and looks around for anysign of alians
[Dominator] That's what I'm afraid of... *runs after ds*
* Slasher sits on DS's wheelchair and catches a ride
* DeathStar sees a hanger bay of small 1 man fighters
[Dominator] Fighters...
[DeathStar] Alright, everyone...in one of those, even if you can't fly
* Arono runs after ds too
* Netryx drops to his knees "Oh god it hurts...."
[Preacher] NRP: Where exactly on the wheelchair?
* DeathStar hovers into one and powers it up, hearing the Battle Ship's fighters flying into the mines
[Dakota] alright!
* Dakota jumps into one
* Preacher changes into his Rogue form
[Garland] I flew once.. (WAR and one session)
* Slasher leaps into one feeling cramped
[Arono] .....
* Garland flips into one
* Dominator jumps into a fighter
* Preacher hops into one of the fighters
[Dominator] NRP: Tsivrixsh fighter?
[Arono] me?!i cant evan work a computer!!!
* Netryx gets up and gets in a ship
[Netryx] okay...
[Netryx] let's see how does this work....
[DeathStar] Then stay behind Arono...and die
* Netryx starts flipping switches on trying to start it
* Preacher studies the controls for a moment and then lifts off with ease
* DeathStar lifts the ship into the air, the fighters getting closer
* Arono looks at a fighter and gets in and looks at the controles
* Dominator glances at the computer system which is entirely in Tsivrixsh....
* Dakota activates the ship and lifts off
* Dominator lifts off
[DeathStar] How do you read this thing...
* Slasher starts pressing buttons and it rams into Net's shuttle
* Netryx powers up
[Slasher] Whoops
* Garland pushes some buttons and lifts pff
[Netryx] ah there it is
* DeathStar hits a button and goes backwards
* Arono pushes buttens and zooms out bye accedent ahed of the others
* DeathStar readjusts and shoots down the mines
[Arono] OH NO!
* Netryx grabs controls and lifts up a bit
* Slasher presses a button and grabs the control
[Slasher] Kewl
* Dakota floats forward a bit
* DeathStar fighters open fire on the group
* Dakota follows DS
* Slasher follows behind DS
[Dominator] I don't know... One of us really needs to learn Tsivrixsh... The controls are fairly similar, but... whoa! *accidentally made the shields drop*
* Arono is spining out of controle
* Netryx manages to keep up with the group
* Dominator hits buttons rapidly and his shields come back up, then he dodges the blasts
* DeathStar the mines break off into five direcitons, DS taking the left one
[Dakota] NRP: what weapons are on these things?
* Slasher goes straight
* Arono zooms ahead of evryone barrel roling like crazy
* Dominator takes the one just right of DS's
* DeathStar goes over a small bridge as the rugged mines try to to hit him
[DeathStar] NRP: Blasters
* Preacher goes down the middle path
* Dakota goes straight
* Netryx stays at the cross road
* Garland moves around fairly--- not good, but fairly in the ship
[Dominator] NRP: People shooting at me?
* DeathStar sees two fighters follow everyone
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
* Arono goes down the middle path too
[Slasher] NRP: what 3 people are follwoing me
[Netryx] I'll uh...back you up...yeah that's it
[Dakota] oh great
* Slasher turns around and goes down the right path
[Dominator] Fighters... Now how does this targeting system work?
* DeathStar flies over a small block and twirls to avoid some more
* Dakota pushes some buttons trying to turn around and fly backwards
* DeathStar a fighter blasts Slasher's ship, blowing up half his ship
[Dominator] There, I think I have it. *reduces speed to get behind a fighter and fires the lasers*
[Garland] DOM: just point and shoot I think.
[Slasher] What the
* Slasher crashes
* Garland shoots
* DeathStar another fighter blows up Dom's shields
* Dakota fires the blasters at one of the ships
* Dominator checks for misslie systems
[Slasher] Hmm Great now i get to walk
* Arono fires some lazers on accedent opening o whole in the wall
[Dominator] Argh!
* DeathStar watches a T fighter crash in the mines behind him
* DeathStar Arono accidently smashes into a wall
* Dominator sees symbols going by the shield icon, 1"Those numbers are going down I bet..."
* Slasher gets out and starts phasing down the Right tunnel at 50ft per phase
* Garland cover's DS's left flank
* Dakota turns back around and continues down the tunnel
[DeathStar] GM: Arono - 4,500 AP dealt
* Dominator flies around and fires at the other
[Arono] DOGH!
* DeathStar four fighters follow DS and Garland
* Dominator tries to find a warhead system and fire it
* Slasher wonders where the tunnel will lead him
* DeathStar Dom is shot again, from behind AGAIN
* Garland bsuddenly hits the breaks, lettign the fighter go ahead of him
* Dakota goes back passes netryx and heads down the tunnel ds went
* Arono is shaken but flys threw the tunnels still
[Dominator] ARGH! *flips around and heads backwards towards the fighter*
[Arono] oh that hurt..
* DeathStar slams on breaks and watches another fighter crash
[DeathStar] NRP: Arono, your ship is gone
* Dakota tries to catch up to give DS backup
[Arono] (it is?)
[Arono] NRP:it is?
[DeathStar] NRP: No duh, you crashed..
[Dominator] I hope this thing holds together... *flies under the fighter, blasting it from below*
* Slasher continues down the RIGHT tunnel and walks over a metal bridge
* DeathStar is hit
* Preacher maneuvers through the tunnels and fires at any fighters that cross his path
[DeathStar] OUF!!
[Garland] Hahah!!!! Woo!
* DeathStar his fighter spins
[Arono] NRP: i thought iu had better sheilds?
[DeathStar] Oh fudge..
* Garland barrel rolls
* DeathStar another fighter blows up Dom's right wing
* Dakota catches up to DS and helps him out shootin at the aliens
[Slasher] God this sucks having to phase
* Dominator hears his computer say something in Tsivrixsh starting with "Xervri N'vrosh! Xervri N'vrosh!"
* DeathStar hits antoher fighter, blowing them both up
* Arono falls out of the mess of fighter and grabs his diamond and disiperes
[Dakota] nrp: i hope
* Slasher stops phasing and walks down the tunnel
* Garland turns around and keeps firing on the ones shooting the others
[Dominator] Ahh... This thing is pretty beat-up... *searches for other fighters tailing him*
* DeathStar Dom's engines explode when a fighter hits him
* Netryx looks around wondering what everyone is doing
* DeathStar everyone else flying reach the end of the mine, losing their fighters
* Garland shoots one that's tailing dom
* Slasher looks around wondering where the hell he is
* Dakota fires at the alien ships behind ds
[DeathStar] NRP: That were chasing them
* DeathStar hovers over the mine floor
[Dominator] WHOA! *his control panel errupts oin sparks* Dammit, I have to eject
* Arono reaperes bye slasher"how do we get out?"
* Dakota slams breaks barely stoping behind DS
[Slasher] Get away Rookie
* DeathStar uses his scanner and finds the exit
[Dakota] whoa!
[Garland] NRP: So I crash or what?
* Slasher starts running ahead
[DeathStar] NRP: You're still going GAr
[Dominator] NRP: Can mine still fly?
[Dakota] heh... hi ds
[Arono] rookie?forget you!
* Dakota waves at DS
[Garland] NRP: k
* DeathStar looks at the fighter behind him
[DeathStar] WHAT?!
[DeathStar] Dakota?!
[Dakota] ??
* Arono runs after slasher and past him kicking the back of his knees
[Slasher] NRP: Where am I DS
[Slasher] Ack
* Dominator tries to control his fighter
[Dakota] tried to give you some backup
[DeathStar] NRP: A dark, dark tunnel
* Arono disiperes
[Slasher] Damn Rookie
[Dakota] our paths crossed
* Garland slows down but stays near the others
* DeathStar suddenly bats surround Slasher
[Arono] rookie nothin,,,
* Slasher sees the tunnel getting darker
[Slasher] What the
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Giant_Shield
* DeathStar hovers over to a mine cart
* Slasher holds it around him
[Arono] want my help?or you gonna get killd bye them bats?
[Dakota] So where are we DS?
[Slasher] No need
* Dominator ejects and lands on ?????
[DeathStar] Beats me...my scanner is being jammed
* Slasher watches as the bats bounce off his metal arm/shiel
* DeathStar grabs some of the minerals on the floor
[Dakota] Great
[DeathStar] But this is the stuff we came for...
[Dakota] okay
* Dakota grabs a bunch
* DeathStar throws some of it into Dakota's fighter
[Dakota] Now to get out of here
* Slasher noticest he bats are finally gone
[DeathStar] We need a few pounds of it..
[Dakota] Oh thanks DS _
* Dominator looks around
[Garland] COMM] Uh... what am I suposed to be doing flying around here, anyway?
* DeathStar throws some more in
[Arono] NRP:are yall on the ground?
* Dakota tosess a bit more in
[DeathStar] NRP: The majority of us
[Dakota] Better defend me on the way out DS
[Preacher] COMM] Am I needed anywhere?
* Slasher looks around for the mineral in the dark
* Dakota climbs back into the fighter
[DeathStar] Comm: We got the mineral.  Lets get off this hell hole and meet up with Slash's group
[Dakota] nrp: did i ever get out.....?
[Dominator] Comm: How? My ship has been destroyed
* Dakota flies back out slowly
* DeathStar points to Dakota
[DeathStar] GO!
* DeathStar hovers back towards the Avenger
* Dakota hits thrusters