Odyssey Part 2: Pirated

Session Start: Sat May 22 22:21:18 1999
·Garland· Time Chart: 1 week later
·Garland· Place: MMHQ
X1] Lemme tell ya, I ain't seen nothing like was sticking out of tihs guy's rear.
·Garland· X1: What?
X1] Whatever it was, it was HUGE!
* Slash happens to be sitting staring into space, thinking.... thinking about 20 years ago....
X1] You know, my story, that's I've been telling for the past ten minutes....
Slash] ..
* Slasher` is sitting in a chair nodding off an on
* Slash is silent
X1] Haven't you been LISTENING???
·Garland· .... retards... *types on the computer noting that Dom nor DS is there*
X1] *leaps acorss the table at Slash*
* Slash stops X1 with a glare
* Slasher` falls asleep
* Wiendigo sighs and tips up his bottle of beer
GM] **The Computer beeps**
Slash] Im not in the mood X1.
* Slash turns to the computer
* X1 picks himself up off the floor
* Slasher` jumps and looks at the comp
·Garland· Hmm? *looks at the computer* Some one answer the comp...
Slash] What now..
X1] Gee, aren't we Mr. Silly today?
* Slash answers the Call on the computer
* X1 grabs Slash's face and stretches it into a big smile
Slash] Yes. We are.*sarcastic*
* Slash rips X1's hands off his face
* Slasher` gets out of his chair and stretches out
GM] **A General appears on the screen**
GM] COMP: Hunters, new orders from EarthGov.
* X1 pulls out of Slash's grip and gives him a big, sloppy kiss
Wiendigo] Blow it out your hole, human....
* Slash glares at X1
* X1 bounces over to Wien
Slash] Back off, or i will have to hurt you.
GM] COMM: We need you to pull a recon sweep on the borders of Alien Nation, in the wastelands.
Slash] .....
Slasher`] What Kind
* Wiendigo glares heavily at X1
Slash] Just go in look and get back out right?
X1] Whoa, okay, ain't kissing him, i might get rabies....
GM] Look for any suspicious activity, like the aliens building bases, mavericks or any of the sort
Slash] ...
Slash] Well, lets get this mission over with..
GM] this is meerly an intelegence mission, nothing more. do not intercept.
* GM breaks transmission
X1] And mimes? What if there are mimes? What about them?
Wiendigo] That was suspicious.
Slash] Kill the Mimes.
* Garland gets up and walks to the Avenger
* X1 starts miming around Slash*
·Garland· Only AFTER killing X1 I say.
* Slash disappears for a moment
* Slasher` heads for the shuttle
X1] Oh c'mon, if you kill me, you scare the kiddies!
·Garland· ... What kiddies?
* Wiendigo smacks X1 and climbs into the shuttle
* Slasher` raises hand
X1] Ow! Jerk...
X1] These kiddies!
* Garland jumps on
* Slash reappears in the shuttle, wearing a small bandanna
·Garland· Who's flying?
* Slasher` enters the ship
* X1 shows off a massive group of kids around him
Slash] Me.
Slasher`] NRP: Slash is naked!!
* Slash is sitting in the pilot seat
* Slash in full amor
X1] C'mon kids, fieldtrip!
* Slasher` sits down in a chair
* X1 shoves them on board
·Garland· Uh....
Wiendigo] ...Where the hell did he find children?
* Slash straps himself in
X1] What children?
·Garland· X1? Those ARE holograms right?
* X1 looks around for children, finding none
Slash] Sit your asses down.. and HANG ON
X1] What are holograms?
* Slash punches the throttle to the max
* X1 stands up
·Garland· Wien, thats not like you, what happened to "fleshbags", now you call them children?
* X1 is thrwn to the back of the shuttle
Wiendigo] I'm in a pissy mood, don't pursue it.
* Slash laughs a sad laugh, and pilots the way out of the shuttle bay, tower screaming at him to be careful
GM] **Shortly after pulling out, the shuttle is hit by blaster fire**
Slasher`] ack
* Slasher` flies out of his seat
Wiendigo] Wonderful....
·Garland· The hell?
Slash] What in the Hell?!
* X1 gets thrown about the shuttle
X1] Ow, ow ow, oof, olmph, ow, ee, ow!
Slash] Someone arm the weapons
* Wiendigo stays in his seat
Slash] Comm] Tower who the hell is shooting at us?
GM] **the ship is hit with an EMP and is pulled into a hangar bay, unexplicabbly fast**
X1] Mimes? is it the mimes? I told you we can't trust mimes!
Slasher`] What the
·Garland· X1.. shut up.
* Slasher` gets back into his seat
* Garland looks out of the window to see the hangar
* Slash sighs
Slasher`] So does that mean were Grounded
Slash] Damn, that was quick..
* X1 looks out the port hole. "Aye aye....yie...."
* GM hundreds of armored humans run out and surround the avenger
Slash] NRP: A full moon is overhead
Slasher`] Uh Oh
* Slash 's warp blades suddenly appear in his hand ready for action
X1] Okay, WHO forgot to pay the parking ticket?
Slasher`] NRP:WHere ARe we
* Slasher` pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
GM] NRP: on a ship
* Slasher` looks at it and puts it away
Slash] I am assuming that they want to attack us..
Slasher`] Lets Rock
Wiendigo] Well, this is quiante.
·Garland· Just guessing eh?
Slash] Lets do them a favour...
Slash] Lets meet them..
* Slasher` phases out of the ship and starts punching a human
X1] Not by the fiber obtics on my chinny, chin chin!
* Slash appears at the door, all 4 plasma cannons armed and ready
* Slash opens it
* GM Cortez appears and kicks SLasher into the avenger
[join] Regix (casaursausr08-098.provide.net) has JOINED #TAW 10:35pm EST 
GM] Cortez: Remember me?
Slasher`] Oof
Slasher`] No not really
Wiendigo] No, should I care?
* Slasher` gets up and his right hand morphs into a sledge hammer
* Slash hears the fight
* Slash warps to Slasher
GM] NRP: The Sessions where LS died
X1] Are you that guy from the mall?
Slash] Who is this punk?
X1] The pervert guy?
Slash] .
* Slasher` spins around and the hammer smacks into Cortez
Slash] You..
Regix] LS?
* Slash arms his gauntlets and begins charging, soon a crackling field of energy can be seen around the gauntlets
* Slasher` 's arm returns back to normal
X1] NRP: Lighting Strike
[newnick] GM (Loboip136.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has morphed to "Cortez" 10:37pm EST 
* Regix arms rifle
Regix] Who
* Slasher` looks around
Cortez] I see you remember me.. *points to slash*
* Wiendigo throws his empty bottle at Cortez
* Cortez catches it
* Slasher` shrugs shoulders and rams into Cortez as he catches the bottle
Slash] Damn straight i remember you you peice of $%&
Cortez] Ouf!
* Cortez orders the humans to attack
Slasher`] Group Hug
* Wiendigo slides out his Energon Katana and phases
Regix] Are we gonna fight this freak or are we just going to sit here?
* Slasher` starts punching Cortez while ontop of him
X1] I opt for just sitting
* Slash dives into the throng of humans and slashes madly at them
* Cortez the humans all fire shotguns at the hunters (all 156) 1200 AP.
* Wiendigo dives out of the shuttle and starts nailing the soldiers with telepathic assults
* Slasher` holds Cortez up to take the pellets
Slasher`] Nice Shield
* Slash is standing in their middle, and continuing to slash at them
* Cortez teleports out of the way
* X1 melts out of the shuttle and starts hitting soldiers with a frying pan
Regix] Aren't we all dead again?
Slasher`] What the
Cortez] NRP: Slasher is still hit.
Wiendigo] When aren't we?
* Slash twin PSI scyths appear out of his arm's glowing a wicked purple. They extend 4 feet into the room
Slasher`] Ack
X1] Because you slash prices?
Slasher`] Thats It
* Slasher` looks around for Cortez
* Slash spins around blades whipping purple and blue blurs cutting down enemys
* Cortez the humans are still attacking
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a shield
X1] Duck...duck...duck....
* Slasher` holds it up and it absorbs the pellets
* Regix jumps at Cortez, sword landing into Cortez' skull
* Garland slashes one in half
* Slash is continuing to slash at them
* X1 hits a human really hard over the head. "GOOSE!"
Slasher`] CORTEZ Come out come out
* Slash Is going so fast hes almost a blur
* Slasher` looks for Cortez
Regix] Pellets?
* Cortez watches Regix jump at Air
* Wiendigo dephases and starts slashing up humans
* Regix observes pellets
* Slash pulls his cape over, and cloaks still slashing
Slash] You cant hit what you cant see
Regix] You want to die, don't you punk?
* Slash warps behind Cortez
Cortez] COMM: I know better than to put you in a cage, I remember what happend.
* Slash Stabs him in the back
* X1 starts laying into the humans like the Karate Kid
* Slasher` brings right arm back and it morphs into a long blade, he then dose a 45 degree angle spin cutting a group of humans down
Cortez] NRP: Slash doesnt know where Cortez is.
Slash] NRP: i mean a human..
Regix] This is odd...
* Slasher` looks up at the cieling looking for something to grab
* Garland is still fighting
X1] You have dishonored my family, now you msut pay!
Regix] Boy... sometimes I hate being a cyborg...
* Slash is still slashing at the remaining humans
* X1 hits a group of humans with sauasages
* Garland 10 humans tackle X1
* Slasher` sees the remaining humans attacking the others
* Slash dives at the humand on X1
* Slash slashes at them
* X1 morphs into a puddle and slips out
* Slasher` runs over to X1 and tosses some humans into a walll
* Cortez humans shoot Slash: 800 AP
* Slash is a fury of blades and plasma shots in the midst of the Humans
Slash] ARRGH
* Slasher` knocks Slash out of the way of the shots
Regix] Uh.... we can't see Cortez...
* Wiendigo lets out his Shadow Claws and starts tearing through humans
* Slasher` 's body slowly fades away till it is cloaked.
* Cortez humans fire on all 1000 AP
* Slash eyes glow blood red, then a eerie silver color
* Slasher` walks around the room not being seen
* Wiendigo phases
* Slash is still cloaked except for his eyes
X1] Whoa!
Regix] Ok... now we all are dead.
* X1 drosp his head into his neck and runs
* Slasher` 's fists begin to glow a dark brown."CHIKEI" Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Humans (Earth Elem/300AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* Slash warps and appears behind the group of Humans
* Cortez all the humans pull out swords
Slasher`] NRP: that would toss those humans around
* Wiendigo goes back to his telepatheic assults
* Slash fires all long range weapons at All_humans 1500 AP
Cortez] NRP: 50 humans left
* Slasher` uncloaks
* Slash then fires a L3 concussion bolt at the largest group of them
Slasher`] This is too Easy
* X1 body splashes himself into three humans
* Slasher` 's hands begin to glow a sky blue."FUKEI" Slasher releases the energy out of his left hand and it forms 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball that explode at group_of_humans with incredible speed (wind elem/320AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
X1] Yee hah!!!!
* Cortez humans evenly distrubute and all slash hunters 900 AP
* Garland jumps back
* X1 morphs around the blades
·Garland· Damnit... *kiamas the humans attacking him*
* Slasher` blocks some of the slashes but gets cut by others
Slasher`] Shit
* Slash warps to the celing and drops on a smaller group of Humans
X1] Perry, perry, thrust, thrust!
* Slash stabbing them in the heads
Regix] NRP: Uh, UO... Isn't the whole party dead by now? Every shot Cortez has hit us with has been over 1000 AP worth
* Slasher` 's body begins to glow a fiery red."KAKEI" Slasher flips up into the air and floats there gathering energy. After awhile the area around him starts to sway. Slasher starts to spin around. He then launches downwards like a rocket at Humans (Fire Elem/320AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
Cortez] NRP: all dead
Cortez] NRP: Noooo.....
Slasher`] Son on...god that smarts
X1] NRP: Yeah, but DS uped our HP levels considerably
Slash] NRP: everyone has 5000+ Hp..
* Slasher` touchs his right hand to all the cuts and they seal up
* Slash armor heals some of the wounds taken
* Wiendigo throws up his Shadow Shield and rams some humans
* Regix fires on soldiers
* Garland moves his hair out of his eyes
·Garland· Well now...
* Slash begins running picking up speed, then tackles one human, breaking his back
Regix] This is getting REALLY messy...
Cortez] COMM: Oh well you killed my minions...
X1] Clean up crew!
* X1 takes out a mop
* Slasher` looks for a door
* X1 starts moping the floor, cleaning up the blood
Regix] Shoot that damn comm!
Slasher`] REgix shut up
* Cortez steps out, wearing a suit like the one Albert wore to increase his abilities
* Wiendigo slips away
Slasher`] This'll be easy
Regix] What the hell?
* Slash is still cloaked
Cortez] Hah... you wish.
* Slasher` 's legs begin to glow a holy white. "KOKEI" Slasher kicks Cortez 8 times going faster each kick. After the 8th kick Slasher brings his left leg back and Holy Lightning blasts into it. Slasher brings it over his/her head and ontop of Cortez going through him/her. (Light Elem "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* X1 whistles as he cleans the bay
* Cortez absorbs it
Slasher`] Hmm not good
* Garland slashes Cortez
* Slasher` stands next to Cortez
Slasher`] umm
* Wiendigo latches onto Cortez's back and starts ripping into the suit
* Slasher` 's fists begin to glow a ice cold blue. "SUIKEI" Slasher punches Cortez 9 times. Each time he punches Cortez ice covers him up and after the 8 blow Cortez is covered in Ice. The 9th blow Slasher breaks the Ice shattering it every where.(Water Elem "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* Slash laughs
Cortez] Heh... I absorb any elemental attacks with this suit!
Slasher`] Great
* Cortez throws Wien into a wall
* Slasher` starts to back away from Cortez
* Slash dives at Cortez and slashes at hsi chest
* Slash then rolls out of the way
* Wiendigo rebounds and jumps off
* Wiendigo leaps back on
Regix] Slasher... uh, one couldn't help but notice that you're acting Godlike...
Regix] n/m
* Cortez kicks slash away as he flies twards him
* Wiendigo starts wraping Dark tendrils around the suit
* Slash flys into a wall
* Regix fires at Cortez.
* Slash begins charging his Railgun
* Cortez a blue sphere surround Cortez
* Wiendigo starts using them to attempt to crush the suit
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Drill
* X1 keeps cleaning the deck amongst the fightint
* Cortez the sphere expands and presses all the hunters against the wall
* Slash reaches L1 charge
* Slasher` shoves his Drill Hand into Cortez's Armor
Wiendigo] ARGH!
Slasher`] UGh
Regix] This guy has more lives than a damn CAT!
Slash] Urk..
* Wiendigo phases and goes through the wall
* Cortez the sphere explodes (Instant KO ALL)
* Slasher` phases into the shield
* X1 blinks
* Slash slumps to the floor KOK'd
Slasher`] NRP:Sphere to
* Garland falls over KOed
* Slasher` gets nailed in the back and falls over
X1] I'm sure that's not good...
* Regix faints
Cortez] Hahaha!
Cortez] Like I said, I'm gonna win...
X1] Oooo you big evil meany stupid...uh....evil guy....
Regix] Some...one... shut that joker up...
Cortez] GM: Time Chart: unsure
Cortez] Place: some room, doesnt look like a cell
* Slasher` slowly gets up grabbing his head
[quit] Regix (casaursausr08-098.provide.net) has QUIT 10:53pm EST "Leaving" 
* Slash twitches and his eyes snap open
Cortez] GM: all hunters awaken C
* X1 sees the team coming around, and closes his book and puts out his pipe
Slasher`] Man, talk about Hangover
* Slash sits up screaming "CRYSTAL!!"
X1] Took you guys long enough
Cortez] COMM: I learned a lot... rather than lock you up, I'm going to crush you!
Slasher`] Great
* Wiendigo slips through the shadows
* Slasher` looks around the room
* Cortez the walls start to move in, making the room smaller
* Slash looks around trying to recall where he is
Slasher`] Ahh Crap
Slash] Not good..
Wiendigo] Perfect timing...
·Garland· Uh..... not good.
* Slasher` starts punching the walls
X1] Um...eek?
* Slash remembers suddenly where he is and why
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a long
* Slash looks around for the seams in the walls
* X1 tries morphing to a size where he can sto pthe walls
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a long_pipe
* Cortez room size has halved
* Slasher` places it between the walls
* Wiendigo phases and goes through the floor
Slash] Slasher, thats gonna crush your hand..
Slasher`] It should hold
X1] Tell em about it....
* Slash concentrates and a bright warp field appears around him?
Cortez] GM: long pipe breaks
X1] Boy this is going to screw up my spine....
* Slash looks up, his warp field failing
Slasher`] Damn, how could it break
Slash] ah HA!
* Slasher` hand morphs to normal
* Slash fires a plasma shot at the celing
·Garland· Slash: what?
* Slash a Grating falls to the floor
Slash] Looky looky..
X1] Is it a gracho burger? Please say it's a gracho burger...
* Slasher` turns into a rope and throws through the hole in the cieling and climbs out
Slash] MOVE
Slasher`] NRP: I mean my arm
·Garland· Every one in!!
* Slash pushes everyone out through the top
* Garland jumps in
* X1 morphs up and through the grate
* Slasher` grabs Garland and helps him up
* Slash cant reach it and slowly gets crushed
* Wiendigo phases back through the floor and into the vent
* Slasher` grabs Slash and pulls him up
* Slash cant move, stuck
Cortez] GM: Slasher canr get his hand down to get him
·Garland· Slash!!!
Slasher`] NOOO
* Slasher` looks around frantically
* Slash eyes grow cold and lifeless
X1] X1 to the rescue!
* X1 morphs down into a a staircase
·Garland· We have to stop this thing!
* Slasher` looks around for some wires
* Slash goes limp KO'd
* Garland sees a fuse box and breaks it open
·Garland· uh.... Oh screw it!
* Garland blasts the fuses and it stops
X1] No, no, they're wires, not screws...
* Slash is wedged in too tight to be moved
Slasher`] NRP: were are we
·Garland· ......
* X1 takes out an oil can and pumps it a couple times
* Slasher` try to reverse it
Slasher`] NRP: DOH
Slasher`] Moron
* X1 starts putting oil around Slash
* Wiendigo takes out a cigar and lights it.
Slash] NRP: Listen up, im not dead, and i hope someone is logging, im outta here..
·Garland· Heh.. he's pretty dumb....
Slasher`] Garland hold onto my feet
Slash] NRP: and i GOTTA LEAVE
X1] NRP: Anyone?
·Garland· Leave him..
·Garland· NRP I AM
Slasher`] No
Slasher`] Grab my feety
X1] What???
X1] Are you nuts???
X1] We can't leve him!
Slasher`] X1 hold my feet
* X1 holds Slasher's feet
·Garland· I'm in charge now..... LEAVE HIM.
X1] Ugh, take a bath son, you need one
* Slasher` slides through the vent and into the room and tries to pull Slash up
* Garland crawls down the vent, dragging X1
X1] YEAH? WELL[ I'm the chief medical officer guy type thing, and I out rank you!
* X1 morphs away from Garland and continues to help Slasher
* Slasher` gets back into the vent
Slasher`] Forget it, he's wedged...
Slasher`] We'll get him on the way back
·Garland· Ugh.... Now you get the idea dont you slasher?
X1] Oh, in THAT case....
* Slasher` ignores Garland
* Slasher` crawls behind Garland plugging his nose
·Garland· Your all idiots.......
X1] And you're a big dufus
* Cortez jumps out of nowhere and slashes X1
X1] ACK!
[quit] Slash (Eatminesktnsk01d051701197.sk.sympatico.ca) has QUIT 11:04pm EST "Is still there, KO'd" 
Slasher`] NRP: Aren't we in the ventilation sytem
* X1 latches his teeth to Cortez's blade
Cortez] NRP we got out
* Cortez throws X1 into Slasher
Slasher`] NRP: Whatever
* Wiendigo continues smoking and ignores them
* Slasher` catches X1
X1] OOF~!
* Slasher` falls to the ground from the weight
Slasher`] Man you need to lose some weight
* Garland slashes Cortez
* Slasher` gets up and looks at Cortez
* X1 rolls himself into a bal and rolls into Cortez
Slasher`] Time to die
* Slasher` shoves his hands forwards concentrating. An area 2 ft in front of the hand starts to waver. Soon energy gathers there."ELEMENTAL SURGE" Slasher releases its energy towards Cortez causing everything in its path to explode(All Elements/500ap)
* Wiendigo takes another drag of his cigar
* Slasher` falls to one of his knees
* Garland slashes Cortez again
* Cortez kicks Garland into wien
* Wiendigo sides steps him
* X1 takes out a bug zapper and charges it
* Slasher` gets up and rams Cortez from behind
X1] Mwuahahahhaha!
Cortez] Ouf!
* Garland glares at X1
Slasher`] You like that
* X1 charges it to Lv 3 and uses the cord to swing it around
* X1 whacks Cortez with it
* Slasher` flips off of Cortez and lands on his back
Cortez] OUF!!!!!
Slasher`] Ouch
X1] Ooooo, pretty lightshow....
* Cortez a piece of latex burns off of Cortez's face
Slasher`] Woh kewl
Slasher`] FIRE
* Cortez slashes Wien
* Slasher` 's body begins to glow a fiery red."KAKEI" Slasher flips up into the air and floats there gathering energy. After awhile the area around him starts to sway. Slasher starts to spin around. He then launches downwards like a rocket at Cortez (Fire Elem/320AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* Wiendigo spins around it and kicks Cortez in the nads
* Slasher` laughs at Corteza
* Wiendigo then rams his elbow into Cortez's back
Slasher`] Thats gotta houirt
Cortez] OUF!! *latex is all burned and some guy is standing there*
X1] Icky....
Slasher`] Whos this clown
X1] Is it a mime? I bet it's a mime
* Slasher` goes over to the person and picks him up by the neck
Cortez] Heh..... It doesnt matter who I am.. Cortez is dead, and I'm avenging him!
Slasher`] Avenge this
* Cortez kicks slasher into the wall
Cortez] OKay.
Slasher`] oof
* Slasher` flies into the wall
Slasher`] Thats it
* Slasher` 's Metal arm starts bubbling. "Ultimatium" The armor flies in all directions and comes back and latches onto Slashers Skin/Armor. Slashers body is covered in Living Metal boosting his abilities.(2x AP/ lasts for 5 minutes)
* Cortez slashes Wien and then kicks him into a wall
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a long
-] *Wiendigo* limit
* Wiendigo melts inot the shadows and out again
* Slasher` 's arms turn into Long_Blades
* Wiendigo starts charging his shadow Shred to Lv 3
* Slasher` starts slashing Cortez up with both arms
·Garland· Okay... this is getting stupid.... meh.. *slashes Cortez*
X1] Woo hoo!
* Wiendigo lets it loose on Cortez
Cortez] AGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls to his knees*
Cortez] heh........*cough* heh...... *pushes a button*
* Slasher` morphs into a sledge hammer and smashes himself into Cortez
Cortez] Your all dead.
X1] Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark...
* Cortez the entire place starts to shake
* Cortez dies
Slasher`] Crap
Wiendigo] No, i believe you are.
[newnick] Cortez (Loboip136.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has morphed to "GM" 11:12pm EST 
* Slasher` 's armor retracts back into his right arm
* Wiendigo starts walking towards the shuttle
* Slasher` kicks Cortez's dead body
Slasher`] We gotta get Slash
GM] Comm: 3 minutes to complete destruction.
·Garland· MOVE!
* Slasher` heads for the room slash was left in
Wiendigo] No time, leave his dead ass.
* Garland runs for the shuttle bay
* Slasher` reaches the room Slash was in (DO i find him)
* Wiendigo melts into the shadows
* Garland comes to an intersection
·Garland· Left or Right!?
X1] Uh, up?
·Garland· NRP: no
X1] NRP: No, he's got it taken care of
* Slasher` turns around and phases next to Garland
Slasher`] He's not there
·Garland· Yeah.. like I care...
* Garland runs right
* X1 whaps Garland
·Garland· NOW MOVE!
* Slasher` follows Garland
GM] Comm: 1 minute 30 seconds to destruction.
* Garland find the bay, the avenger on the other side, and he runs for i
* X1 is mysteriously at the shuttle before anyone else
* Slasher` phases into the shuttle
Slasher`] GO GO GO
* Garland jumps on
X1] What took you so long?
GM] Comm: 30 seconds to destruction.
Slasher`] There was a mime back there
·Garland· Uh.... START THE THING!
* Wiendigo melts out into the shuttle
X1] Oh....WHAT????
* Slasher` takes controls and starts it up[
X1] Was it a big mime?
* Slasher` punches the accelerarot and flies otu of the shup
* X1 sits on the wing
Slasher`] YEah
* GM slash walks up behind slasher
GM] "Miss me?"
X1] How big? Really big? Like massive, or like small big?
* Slasher` jumps and hits his head on the cieling
Slasher`] Small big *rubs his head*
* GM the station explodes as the avenger pulls out and flings it off into space
Slasher`] Don't ever do that again Slash
GM] Slash: Okay... heh.
X1] Unless you really want to, then go right ahead.
* Wiendigo finishes his cigar
* Slasher` gives the ship a jostle knocking X1 off of the wing
* X1 latches on
X1] ACK!
Slasher`] Damn
Slasher`] Where are we
* Slasher` checks maps
* GM a blueish looking space anomali lies infront of the shuttle, as they are forced closer to it
X1] Watch your language!
·Garland· Uh.... what IS THAT?
X1] Think of the children watching!
* Slasher` tries to slow the shup down
GM] GM: it isnt
X1] My mother the space anomaley?
Slasher`] It's not stopping Garland
·Garland· uh.... we're in trouble....
Wiendigo] Gee, you think?
* GM the avenger is forced in and the shuttle racks
Slasher`] Shit
* Slasher` tries to stabalize it
* X1 loses his lunch
X1] Awww man, my PB and cheese sandwhich!
GM] TImeChart: the shuttle was in the place for 2 hours
* X1 pulls out anothe lunch sack
* GM the shuttle suddenly jerks out of the anomaly
Slasher`] Where are we...*checks system maps*
Slasher`] Talk about wierd
X1] Okalhoma?
·Garland· I'm glad to get out of-------*looks out of the window*
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* Slasher` sees Garland staring
X1] Hey, I CAN'T see my house from here!
* GM a blue planet lies ominously infront of the avenger
Slasher`] What Planet is that??
·Garland· I know that place.......
·Garland· Session Ends
Session Close: Sat May 22 23:20:52 1999