Odyssey Part 3: Family Matters

Session Start: Mon May 24 18:28:08 1999
[Garland] Time Chart: Seconds later
[DeathStar] NRP: Er. I'm not currently here...
* Slasher is sitting flying the ship
[Garland] Place: Avenger, only Slash, Garland, and Slasher are present
*** Netryx (Jaxer@gc-digital64.pathway.net) has joined #taw
[Slash] NRP: NO im not..
[Slash] NRP: recall i was left behind last mission?
*** Crystal (Eatmine@piper22.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
[GM] GM: Wien and X1 got into a fight and are both locked in their rooms.
[Dakota] (thank god!)
[Slasher] Garland whats this blue planet, that you know
[Garland] NRP: GMed you into the shuttle, you used a warp
[Garland] Heh heh... I'm sure you'l recognize it.
[Slasher] No probably not..
[Slasher] So you want me to land on it?
[DeathStar] Comm: ~~~~~~~~~?
[Slasher] What the??
[Garland] Huh?
* Slasher looks at the comm
* Garland mans the Comm
[DeathStar] Comm: Slasher, you ass~~~~~, pick up
[Dakota] NRP: where are me and net?
* Crystal a shard of crystal appears overhead and falls to the floor
[Slasher] CommL Who the hell is this
[DeathStar] Comm: Your ugly ass mother....~~~~~~~.....
* Crystal Appears when the crystal touches the floor holding Slash in her arms
[Slasher] Comm: Mom??
[Garland] GM: Crystal isnt there
*** Ariel (Jager@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw
[Crystal] NRP: Then neither is slash.
[DeathStar] Comm: .... *sigh* DS IDIOT!!
[Slasher] Comm: OH, so your not my mother
[Garland] NRP: yes, he is.. but Ariel isnt either.
[DeathStar] Comm: I'm following your signal....though it's been distorted by the wormhole.  I got Dakota, Net, Ariel, and Arono with me
[Dakota] NRP: you could always just set voice
[Slasher] Comm: Great...
[Slasher] Comm: Don't ask me where we are, Garland here won't tell me
[DeathStar] Comm: Though I'm going to throw Arono out if he retells another Knight story...
[Ariel] NRP: Can I join in?
[Arono] NRP:hay!
[DeathStar] NRP: You're with ME
[Slasher] Comm: For the sake of everyone's sanity toss him out
[DeathStar] Comm: I think Ariel jammed the hatch, so I can't..
[Slasher] Comm: Oh...well how much farther till you rendvouz with us
* DeathStar flies through the wormhole in a shuttle, arriving next to the AVenger
[DeathStar] Comm: Look to your left..
* Slasher looks out a porthole
* Slash looks out
[Slash] Looky there DS is back..
[Slasher] Comm: Cool trick, do it again 
* DeathStar motions for someone to man the weaponary on his shuttle
* Dakota takes it
[DeathStar] Comm: So, update me...what did I miss while I was out sulking?
[Garland] COMM: Dont worry DS... I'm home.
* Garland looks at the planet
[Slasher] Anyone wanna take weapons control for the Avenger, going 1
* DeathStar turns to Ariel
[Slasher] Going Twice
* Slash takes it
[DeathStar] You're my 2nd in charge until we meet up with the others down below.
[Slasher] Sold
[Garland] COM: Well we ran into some guy named "Cortez".
[DeathStar] Or, 1st.  However the hell that goes.
* DeathStar grabs comm
[DeathStar] Comm: Never heard of him.  Anyway, what do you mean home?
[Slash] Lets rock this jiont..
[Garland] COMM: This....is..Parnel.
[Slasher] Can we start for the planet, I wanna get something to eat
*** Ariel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[DeathStar] Arono,  I want you to keep an eye on the engine core...make sure it doesn't get overheated
[DeathStar] Comm: Parnel?  Your homeplanet?
*** Ariel (Jager@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw
[Arono] um...ok..
[Slash] Interesting..
[Garland] COMM: Apearantly so.
[Slasher] Comm: You want Arono to do it, that boy can't even tie his own shoes
[Arono] were would i go to do that?
[Garland] Well... let's go down..
* DeathStar points Arono down below
* Dakota mans the guns expectin the worst
* Slasher starts the engines up again and heads down to the planet
[Garland] Slash? Care to?
* DeathStar turns to Net
[Arono] ok..
[Netryx] ?
[DeathStar] Uh..keep an eye out for trouble
[Netryx] what?
[Slash] Right..
[Netryx] me?
* DeathStar follows Slasher in
[DeathStar] No, not you, your ugly twin next to you
* Arono goes down and looks at the machinery
* Ariel is half asleep (LAG!)
[Garland] Heh.. heh...
* Slash follows Slasher and DS
[Netryx] you sure? this headache i got....oy
[Slasher] NRP: Slash your on the ship with me
[DeathStar] Headache?  Oy vey
[Ariel] What's from Net?
[Netryx] not a clue
[Slash] NRP: I know nothing whats going on...
[DeathStar] NRP: I'm not doing much better
[Dakota] NRP: i lost track what's going on?
[Slasher] NRP: Your on my ship entering Parnels atmosphere
[GM] A few moments later they land on a blue grassed feild
[DeathStar] NRP: What's a Parnel?
[Slash] NRP: *Chuckle*(
* DeathStar lands his shuttle
[Ariel] NRP: Does anyone know what's going on?
[Garland] NRP:...DS.
[DeathStar] NRP: Ask the GM
[Slasher] Everyone out whos coming out
* Arono comes back up
* Dakota goes out
* Slasher walks out of the ship and sits down on a rock
* Slash warps out surveying the area
[Arono] am i gettin out to?
* Netryx puts his shades on before leaving
[DeathStar] Yes, Arono
[Arono] oh well..
* Garland walks out
* Arono hops out
* DeathStar his hoverwheelchair leads him outside the shuttle
* Ariel walks out.
[Slash] Im going to scout
[Garland] ..Be careful to...*watches arono fly 50 feet in the hop* jump...
[Slash] Be right back..
[Slasher] Go ahead
* Slash disappears
[Arono] woah!
[DeathStar] Can we make him go out of orbit?
[Garland] The gravity is a lot less here...
[Slasher] Not much gravity is there
* Arono lands on his back
[Arono] ouf!
[GM] GM: Arono is not hurt
[Arono] what happened here?
* Netryx looks around wondering what they are going to do
* Arono jumps up
[Ariel] You can say that again Garland...
[Dakota] heh... should have brought montana....
* Ariel is walking a foot above the ground
* DeathStar wonders if the rookies, Dakot, Arono, and Net can handle it
[Slasher] All in favor of throwing DS into Orbit Say Aye
[Slash] ...
[Ariel] Nay
[DeathStar] If you can kill me, Aye.
[Slash] Nay
[Slasher] Just kidding DS
[Dakota] NRP: great i'm a rookie again??? for missing some sessions? geez
[Dakota] nay
* Slash walks off in a direction
* Slash scouting
[Netryx] uh no
[Slasher] So where do we go Garland
* DeathStar hovers around to Garland's right
* Arono walks back to the outhers
[Arono] -u
[DeathStar] You know the planet best, kid...
[GM] GM: a few minutes later A blast flies by Dakota, grazing him by a few milimeters (1 HP) from the direction that Slash went
[Slasher] Oh shit
[Dakota] WTF???!
[Garland] !
* Slasher phases to where Slash is
* Slash a scream is heard
[DeathStar] Hmmmm.....something tells me Slash is in trouble
[Netryx] ?
[Arono] ?
[Slasher] SLASH!!!!
[Garland] Slash!?
* DeathStar hovers towards that direction
* Slasher appears next to Slash
* Crystal appears next to Slash firing at the plasma cannons
[Slasher] What the
* Slash is layign on the ground a nasty plasma burn on his chest
[Dakota] Really should have brought montana *runs off toward slash firing guns at (??)
* Slasher looks at Crystal
[DeathStar] He wouldn't have fit
* Arono runs after them and grabs his sabre
[Crystal] Keep your mouth in and Help me!
* DeathStar arrives at Slash
* Netryx follows Dak
* GM three armor clad warriors are fighting slash
[Slasher] Ok
[Slasher] Shit
* DeathStar blasts one back
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a drill
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at warrior (ap 230)
* Crystal fires another blast at the warriors, then encases ones head in a crystal
* Arono hacks one threw the middle like a baseball player
* Slasher shoves the drill into on of the warriors
* Netryx fires CD-X's at one (dp?? temp char anyway)
[DeathStar] Hmmm...should we try teamwork  *blasts the crystal to shatter head to pieces*
[Garland] Oh SHIT! Jiakare!
[Crystal] Nice shot Sir.
[Slasher] Don't like the sound of that
*** GM is now known as JiakareIII
* Crystal backflips and blocks a shot heading for DS with a shield of crystal
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at warrior (ap 220)
[Dakota] jia-who?
* Ariel appears to phase for a moment and two slashes appear on one of the warriors
* Slasher pulls drill out and arm morphs back into a hand
* DeathStar glances at Crystal
* Slash is laying on the ground bleeding heavily
* JiakareIII punches Dak, sending him flying.
[Dakota] WHOA!
[DeathStar] Nice block, Crystal
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI" Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Warrior (Earth Elem/300AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* Dakota lands 5 feet back
[DeathStar] Uh oh...
* Crystal raises eyebrow
[Netryx] dang...
[Crystal] How do you know me?
* Netryx fires CD-X's at one (dp?? temp char anyway)
[DeathStar] I did lead REBEL if you recall
* Garland stands there watching them fight, not being attacked, or attacking.
* Ariel claws the warrior across the face.
* Crystal slaps head
* DeathStar rams hovercahir into JiakareIII
* Dakota get's up
[Crystal] I thought you wouldnt of recognized me..
* Arono stabs 1 and keeps hacking in sword comboes
* Slasher turns around and looks at the new comer
[DeathStar] I don't forget easily...wish I did.
[Crystal] NRP: BRB stupid phone
* JiakareIII one falls, his arm gone
[Slasher] You must me Jiaka...whatever
[Crystal] NRP: nevermind..
* Dakota loads and fires a Napalm bomb at jiakareIII (ap 220)
* JiakareIII the other who chant "Finaulenada!!!" and sned 3 meter wide blasts at Arono (2000 AP)
* DeathStar reverses his chair and fires at the guy at take off his other arm
* Slasher waves at Jiakare
* Ariel appears to phase for a moment and two slash marks appear on one of the warriors
* Arono gets sent rolling
* JiakareIII grabs slasher, and twists his arm
* Slash fires a shard of crystal at Jiakare's head
* Slasher turns back to a warrior and kicks him in the groinall area
* Netryx fires cd-x again at JiakareIII
* DeathStar sees he's not doing much good so he hovers to the edge of the battle
[Slasher] NRP; which arm
* Dakota uses his jets to deliver a strong flying kick to JiakareIII (ap 240)
* JiakareIII 1 dies, 1 left
[Slash] NRP: doh..
* Arono gets up and dusts himself off
[Slasher] NRP: which arm did he grab
[JiakareIII] NRP: Left
[Slasher] AHHh
* Arono runs back to the battle
* Dakota crash Warrior
* Crystal jumps up and flys at one Jiakare's head twin shards of crystal in her hands
* JiakareIII the one left is holding Slasher
* Slasher brings his right arm and cracks it over Jia's skull
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at warrior (ap 230)
* Arono running stabs 1 in the back and twists
* JiakareIII screams and falls to his knees
[Slasher] LEt go!!
* JiakareIII lets go
[Slasher] Wuss
* Slasher kicks Jia in the head
* Crystal flips back, and jams a peice of crystal in his back, twisting
* JiakareIII falls over dead, only one living, but cant fight
[Dakota] dang...
* Arono pulls out his sabre and kicks him in the back
[Crystal] SLASH!!
[DeathStar] Leave the last one ALIVE
[Slasher] Hey your not too shaby
* Crystal runs over to his body
* Garland walks up to the one living
[Slasher] Shit Slash
* Crystal holds him close
* Slasher runs over to Slash and stands next to Crystal
* Arono shakes some blood off
* Netryx falls to his knees.. "man it hurts bad again..."
[Slash] C...Crystal??
[Slasher] Well atleast he remembers you!!
* Dakota looks around... then to Netryx "you okay?"
[Slash] I.. I thought you were dead...
[Garland] *to the armless Jiakare*.....Tu'helth hen kin'puluh.
[Netryx] Ungh...
* DeathStar watches Slash and Crystal, rubbing his hand over a small beard that is growing due to some work he did on himself
*** Ariel has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Slasher] Well he seems ok
*** Ariel (Jager@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher walks off and sits on a rock
* Slash eyes roll back in his head
* Netryx explodes leaving in a flash of light, when it disapears another reploid is in his place.
* Crystal cries
[Ariel] NRP: Now this is starting to get annoying...
* Garland talks to it
[DeathStar] I would advise we head back to HQ.
[Garland] ....Yes... I'm on my way here now...
*** Netryx is now known as Reploid
[Arono] ???
[Ariel] ...
[Dakota] WTF??!
* Arono looks at the reploid
[Ariel] Umm...
* DeathStar turns to Netryx
[DeathStar] We have another reploid freak...
[Slasher] Heh heh kewl, he did magic
[Reploid] ah.... wear am i?
* Ariel tries to walk backwards and falls over
[Arono] what just happened here?!
[Slasher] Hey There's only one freak and thats me
* Slasher goes over and helps ariel up
[Garland] Yes, yes, I'll leave you alive.... for now... we'll get that arm replaced. oh.. I see somethings happening with the hunters. I'll watch.
* Crystal picks up Slash's Ion Cannon, and straps it to her back along with her Ion cannon
[Reploid] huh?... oh yeah i was in... ah i see i got out finally
* Garland turns around and watches Reploid
[Reploid] name's ridge
*** Reploid is now known as Ridge
* Slash struggles to get up, and gives up
* DeathStar watches Garland
[Ariel] Thanks Slasher
* Garland glances at DS
[Slash] Im.. going back to the avenger.. Crystal..
[Slasher] Your welcome *turns around and sits back on his rock*
[Ridge] you didn't realize that netryx was a virus eh? 
* Slash tosses one warp blade
[Ridge] oh well
[Slash] Take it..
[DeathStar] IF you're not too busy talking to your buddy there, lets go home.
*** Slash has quit IRC (Disappears into a warp)
[Dakota] sorry ds
[Slasher] But I like this plac
[DeathStar] We still need to get to the Lost Armada
* Slasher jumps and flies up real high
[Ariel] Oh, Cheryl's up and around now Slasher.  Thought you might like to know...
[Ridge] this is the maverick hunters i assume?
[JiakareIII] GM: a ship is heard in the background
* Crystal picks up the blade
[Dakota] yep
[Slasher] Sweet...I mean that's good *looks around*
[DeathStar] ....*turns to find the source of the sound*
* Ridge looks around
* Dakota looks over his shoulder
* Crystal walks up to DeathStar
[Ariel] I'm getting tired of surprises today...
[Dakota] (me and Ridge gotta eat.. ko us or something
[Dakota] )
* DeathStar nods at Crystal as he sits there in his wheelchair
[Garland] Hrm... it's going to take longer to get here than I had expected...
[Crystal] What have you done...
[Garland] I guess we can leave.
[Slasher] Dak and Ridge go back to the shuttle
[Ridge] NRP: if that's a bad ship anyway
[Dakota] huh?..
[DeathStar] ....So I thought, "Garland"
[Dakota] okauy
[Crystal] You look nothing like the old Commander i knew..
[Dakota] follow me ridge
[Ridge] okay
[Arono] ...?
* Dakota and ridge walk off
[DeathStar] I've changed...plus I didn't exactly run it for a long time when you came around
* Slasher looks around ontop of his rock
[Garland] eh?
[Slasher] Hey!! I think I can see my house from here, no wait thats DS's house
[DeathStar] You would note you're already here...yet you talk about arriving here...
[Garland] Uh... nothing.
* Crystal eyes harden
[DeathStar] I'm not dumb.  I can listen.  You've always slipped up before...WHO are you really?
* Garland kills the jiakare
[Garland] Uh.. bad jiakare.
*** JiakareIII is now known as GM
[Crystal] ...
[Slasher] Hey Garland, there any Supply Station on this planet
[Garland] .... what? can't I talk to myself...?
[Slasher] No only I can
* DeathStar eyes narrow
[DeathStar] Back tracking?
[Crystal] *whispers to DS*Who is this guy?  Is he always this weird?
* Garland looks around decisivly.
[DeathStar] Garland?  Normally, no.  But he hasn't been the same since he returned (Session 55)
[Slasher] I'm a wierdo *waves hands*
* Garland kicks DS to the ground and throws a mine type devise at the avenger
[GM] GM: as they try to get on, the Avenger if surrounded in a field and they cant get on (after dak and ridge get on).
* Arono wipes some blood off his sabre with an old rag
* DeathStar blasts the mine in mid air
* Ariel looks around, a little confused, still trying to find out what's going on...
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Arono] ???
[GM] NRP: strike the "as they try to get on)
* DeathStar grabs his wheelchair and pulls himself back in, backing away from Garland
[Slasher] Hey, why'ld you do that Garlic
* Arono looks at garland
[DeathStar] Thought so.  So, who are you?  Another Jirake?  Or...maybe someone CLOSER to Garland
* Crystal glares at Garland, small shards of Crystal forming on her fingers
[Garland] Ah yes... Well.. I'm here now... *evil grin*
* Slasher coughs and mutters psycho
[Slasher] So am I
* GM 3 warriors land on the ground as if from nowhere
[DeathStar] Stop Garland.  He'S NOT GARLAND!! STOP HIM!
[Slasher] Wow kewl, more magic
[Slasher] Ok
[DeathStar] Oh shit...
* Garland jumps back
[Ariel] Now I'm getting annoyed...
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Sledge_Hammer
* DeathStar hovers backwards, grabbing his saber
* Crystal throws shards of crystal at the warriors chests
* Arono twirls his sabre and looks at garland
* Slasher spins around and whacks a warrior across the face
* GM one steps forward... Di'Mantha
*** GM is now known as DiMantha
[Slasher] That'll leave a mark
* Crystal then dives in and begins cutting them with the warp blade
[DeathStar] I KNEW it!  *points at Di'Mantha with sword
* Ariel steps back and is surronded by a white aura.
[Crystal] .....
* Slasher looks at the Di'Mantha and tries nailing him in the back with his Sledge hammer arm
[DiMantha] Oh.. I had so hoped to train more for this.
[DeathStar] NRP: Er, a girl
[DeathStar] That's a CRYIN' shame....
[Slasher] Someones pissed
* Crystal slashes madly at anyone withing reach
* Slasher arm returns back to normal
* DiMantha the other two attack the others, as DS and Di talk
[DeathStar] Ooo, feel the wrath of an angry woman
* Slasher backs away from Crystal
[DiMantha] Heh... I've grown a bit since we last met..
[Slasher] Hell hath no fury like a scorned women
* Arono steps back before he is hit too
[DeathStar] Physically, since you're still mentally the same...
* Slasher pushes Arono forward so he gets nailed by Crytal
* DiMantha the others concentrate on Slasher
* Crystal becomes a whirling blue blur as the blade and shards of crystal fly out from the center
* Ariel steps forward as the light fades, humanoid once more, even if only for a little while.
[Slasher] Uh Oh
[DiMantha] No not quiet.
* Arono reverses slash
* Ariel holds her hand up and a sword materializes in her grasp.
* Slasher turns around and sees the Warriors coming for him
[DiMantha] I've learned how to posses creatures...
* Slasher 's Metal arm starts bubbling. 1"Ultimatium" The armor flies in all directions and comes back and latches onto Slashers Skin/Armor. Slashers body is covered in Living Metal boosting his abilities.(2x AP/ lasts for 5 minutes)
* Crystal stops and throws 4 shards of crystal at Dimantha
[DeathStar] And what do you want with me?  A 76 year old crippled reploid?  To take ME oveR?
* Ariel charges the blade and it glows white.
* DeathStar glances at Garland, knowing Di'Mantha was controlling him
* Garland speaks, both voices, of Garland and Di are heard from Garland "No.. I just want my revenge for Kilath."
* Slasher 's whole body morphs into a sledge hammer and he starts chasing the warriors around whil trying to smash them
* Arono holds his sabre towards the ground and holds his diamond,his sabre slowly turns red
* DiMantha smiles evily
[Slasher] Smashy Smashy
[DeathStar] Oh, so YOU blame for Kilath's death too?  Go join the club...
[DiMantha] I know what happened.
* Slasher smashes one into the ground
[DiMantha] I know all about Crucifixion.
* Slasher morphs back into his human form
* Arono looks at slasher
[DeathStar] So do I.  He spent his life energy to battle Crucifixtion.
* Crystal sneaks up on one and punches him with a haymaker
[Slasher] Ouchies
[Arono] need a hand with 1?
[DiMantha] I just want to kill you.. and the hunters.. because he hated you all.
* Slasher cringes as he sees Crystal nailing one
* Crystal then pounces on him and continues beating the crap out of him
* Slasher kokei warrior
* Slasher 's legs begin to glow a holy white. 0"KOKEI" Slasher kicks Warrior 8 times going faster each kick. After the 8th kick Slasher brings his left leg back and Holy Lightning blasts into it. Slasher brings it over his/her head and ontop of Warrior going through him/her. (Light Elem "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* DiMantha one Jiakare grabs Crystal
* Ariel slashes one of the guards so fast that no-one sees her do it
[DeathStar] And we hated him too, I assure you.  I learned why he joined the Hunters and I'm none too thrilled.
[Slasher] No one touches her
* Slasher rams the Jia grabbing Crystal
[DiMantha] Heh.. well shall we, wheel boy?
* Crystal looks up
[Crystal] Thanks whoever you are..
[Slasher] NRP: How many Jia:S
[Slasher] I'm Slasher
[DeathStar] Nah, go ask Slasher.  I don't want to waste my time with a pissant like you
* Crystal looks downa and winds up and Punces the Jia in the face
* DiMantha draws the DarkBlood revenge "I kept this from Garland, It's a fine sword."
* Slasher stands tall all silvery
[Crystal] Nice to meet you Slasher..
* Garland draws the gospel sword
* Slasher feels the boost fade away...
* Arono centenues burning the sabre a nice glowing red
[Slasher] Hmm, Not good
* Slasher 's armor retracts back into his right arm
* Crystal continues punching Slasher
[Slasher] OUch
[Crystal] NRP: i mean the jara
* DeathStar glances at Garland and Di'Mantha
[Slasher] Why you hit me
[DeathStar] Going to double team me?
* DiMantha easily knocks DS out of the wheel chair
[DeathStar] OUF1
* Slasher appears next to DS
* DeathStar hits the ground, holding his saber
[DiMantha] I may be evil.. but I can take you alone.
[Slasher] LEave the gimp alone
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
* Arono runs to DS's side anfd gets into a fighting stance as if to protect him
* Ariel lands a powerful kick into the back of one of the jara's heads
* DeathStar rolls onto his knees, uses his sword to rise, point his saber at Di'Mantha
* DiMantha holds her foot to DS's head, readiying sword
[Slasher] DS you wanna take him
[Dakota] NRP: can i get back in?
[DeathStar] Her.  I want to take her
[Slasher] Oh, its a She..can't tell with a mug like that
* Garland looks at DS, and his hand can be seen trembling.
* Arono uper cuts Dimantha with fire on his sabre
* DeathStar uses sword as a crutch as he holds his saber
* Crystal gets off the now beaten senceless guy
* DiMantha throws Arono away
[Slasher] Wow....
[Crystal] NRP: BRB phone
[Slasher] DS, you sure you want to take her
[DeathStar] I-I'm sure.  Nice way to die, eh?
* DiMantha the other two have been beating Slasher senseless
[Slasher] Yeah, IF you want any help just tag me in ok
* Arono goes flyin again,but when he hits the ground he sends a wave of fire at Dimantha
[Slasher] AHH
* DeathStar drops his sword, standing on two feet
* Slasher phases away and appears above the two
[DeathStar] SHE'S MINE!!!
* Slasher lands on the two's backs
* Garland slashes the air
* Dakota runs back up
[Dakota] what's all the comotion?
* Slasher grabs the guy's heads and smashes them into each others
[Slasher] DS's fighting a girl and *punches one* we need some popcorn
* Arono jumps as hard as he can,flying over to a jiakare and landing on him,wile stabing him ij the head
* DeathStar slashes Di'Mantha
* DiMantha one FINALLY dies
[Slasher] NRP: HOW many Jia's left
* Dakota punches another "okay
[DiMantha] Ouf... I hate that! *slashes DS with ease*
* DeathStar blocks as he attempts a step back, but can't move his legs
* Slasher looks at a Jia and laughs
* Arono jumps off the dead jia
*** SlashMk3 (Eatmine@veltro2.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
*** SlashMk3 is now known as Crystal
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at a_jia (ap 230)
*** Crystal was kicked by DeathStar (DeathStar)
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Anvil
* Ridge runs up
* DiMantha the other slashes Slasher "KIN'PULUH!!" (1000 AP)
* Ariel stabs Jia with her energy blades which are overflowing with power. [400 AP]
* Slasher punches the Jia with his Anvil arm sending him flying
[Ridge] action alright!
[Slasher] AAGG
* Arono brings spikes of fire out of the ground up on a jia
* Crystal encases Jia in a block of solid crystal calling to Ariel 1"AVENGING ANGEL!"
[DeathStar] Hrm...I could be in trouble..oh well
* Slasher falls down to his knees
* Ridge locks onto jia and fires a Missile [130 ap]
* Ariel leaps at the helpless Jia and slashes them repeatedly in the blink of an eye before falling back a few paces.
[Ariel] Now!
* Garland slashes the air again looking to be struggling
* DeathStar concentrates and slashes three times (3000 aP)
* Dakota locks on and fires a Crash bomb at jia_ariel_hit (ap 230)
* Crystal fires her twin plasma pistols at the block of Crystal
* Ariel charges up a ball of white energy between her hands and fires it at Jia
* Slasher looks back and sees the Jia that attacked him.
* Ridge locks onto jia and fires a Missile [130 ap]
[Slasher] Nice try
[DiMantha] Stop that Garland.. your body belong to me, your a tool, nothing more! *Garland stops moving*
* DeathStar runs Di thru as she talks
* DiMantha slashes DS (800 AP)
* Slasher flips up and back landing behind the Jia and shoves his Ionblade through him
[DeathStar] Yeah, and your body is toast!
[DeathStar] a?RGH!
* Arono slams his sabre into the ground,does a handstand on it,then falls over grabs a jia bye the head then twisting it,tying to break the neck
* DeathStar holds chest
[DiMantha] Heh.
[Crystal] DS!
[DeathStar] Hardly...
[Dakota] Beautiful....? DS!
* DeathStar slashes Di with his sword, he goes into Polaris and begins to crush Di to bits and follows it with a miniture version of his Limit Breaker 3. (2,340 AP)
* Crystal runs to his side, unholstering her twin Ion cannons
* Garland drops the Gopsel in trying to fight it again
[Crystal] DIE!!
[Slasher] Hmm not good
* DeathStar whips head around to Crystal
* Crystal fires them both at DImantha 600AP
* Ridge points his chain guns at dimantha and fires [120 ap]
[DiMantha] Well I guess Double team is in order
[DeathStar] I would say.
[Slasher] Make the Triple Team
* Ridge draws his staff
[DiMantha] Agh... *Garland jumps in the way of the attacks*
* Slasher appears next to Crystal
* Dakota draws a black plasma saber from it's place on his back
[Ariel] ...
* DeathStar tackles Garland in mid air and twists
* Crystal the force of the blast blows her back a few feet
* Crystal gets back up
[DeathStar] GET HER!
[Slasher] Come on...Di
* DiMantha the other jiakare died a few moments ago
* Dakota 's sword changes to electric as he delivers an omnislash to Dimantha (ap 240 Elec)
[DiMantha] I'm evil what do you expect?
* Slasher 's hands begin to glow a sky blue.11"FUKEI" Slasher releases the energy out of his left hand and it forms 9 small Chi Balls and 1 Giant Chi Ball that explode at Di with incredible speed (wind elem/320AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
* DeathStar finds himself on the ground, on top of Garland
* Crystal begins charging her crystal creation power
* Ariel seems to throw something at Di'Mantha and her legs are incased in a solid block of unnatural ice.
* Ridge charges the staff making it red and swings at DiMantha [120 ap]
* Arono spins his sabre and jump slashis di
* DiMantha kicks Slasher to the other side of the feild
[Slasher] AHH
[Slasher] Oh yeah no gravity
* DeathStar grabs his Gospel
* Ridge locks onto DiMantha and fires a Missile [130 ap]
* Crystal jumps up and drives a knife of crystal into Dimanths head
* Slasher runs towards a tree, leaps onto its side, pushes himself off it and flies towards Di
* Ridge whistiles and a small mech shows up
[Slasher] SUPERMAN!!!
* Ridge digitizes and goes into Redwing. RW's eyes slowly brighten up as the mech activates
* Arono burns the blackblade red again till it catches fire
* DeathStar holds Garland's Gospel and whacks him with the hilt of the blade
* Slasher flies into Di
* Ariel comes at Dimantha from behind and slashes her with her sword.
[DiMantha] Ooo... you picked up Garland's Sword.... interesting. *throws Arono into Ridge
* Ridge digitizes and goes into Redwing. RW's eyes slowly brighten up as the mech activates
[Ridge] OUF!
[Arono] huh?
* DiMantha kicks Ariel into a boulder
[DeathStar] Oh shut up...*struggles to his feet but fails*
* Arono jumps up
* Ridge goes flyin
* Crystal grabs Her warp blade, and lunges at Dimantha, attempting to run him through
[Slasher] That's not nice
* Garland grabs DS by his neck
* Ariel lands on the boulder
[DeathStar] GACK1
[Dakota] That's Enough!
* Dakota is surrounded by a black sphere of energy.... it eventually dissipates revealing a golden version of Dakota
* Arono spinslashes Di with the burning sabre