Mission 79: Infinity and Beyond Part 1

Session Start: Fri Jun 04 20:15:36 1999
* GM Location: At the base
* GM Time: Three weeks later
* DeathStar reclines in his hoverchair, head titled silently, lost in thought
* AceHunter is looking over the computer systems
* Dominator is walking through the base, checking on some minor repairs and other operations
[DeathStar] NRP: Is about ready to kick Lactose's butt
[Dominator] NRP: Ariel might not know this is a sessions too
[DeathStar] NRP: I told her
*** Dath (shadezader@ts008d40.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
* GM wanders in and yawns
[Ariel] NRP: I'm here... sorta
[DeathStar] NRP: *snickers*
[GM] Whatcha guy doin'?
[DeathStar] NRP: *points at GM and Dath*
[Dath] Whatcha guy doin'?
[GM] NRP: OOps...I'm new at this
[Dominator] NRP: Where'd Dath wander into? Control Room?
[Dath] NRP: Yes
* DeathStar glacnes at Dath
[DeathStar] Hm?  Yes, hello....what's-your-name...
[Dath] Dath
[DeathStar] Ah, yes, hello Dath...
[DeathStar] New here?
* Dominator walks into the control room
* Ariel wanders into the control room, talking with Cheryl
[Dath] Sarta
* Dath yawns again
* DeathStar glances at Ariel and Cheryl, mixing their names up
[Dath] 'm tired, I go finda place to sleep
* Dath leaves
*** Dath (shadezader@ts008d40.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw
[Ariel] Cheryl: Well, you have to take me with you!
* Dominator dodges the leaving Dath and goes to his chair
[Ariel] You're staying here.
* Dominator sits down and goes over reports and news
[Ariel] [Cheryl] But I want to go ...
* Ariel cuts Cheryl off
* DeathStar glances at Dominator
[DeathStar] What's up, Do-...Dominator...
[AceHunter] So where have you fellers been?
[Ariel] Requesting a leave of absence sir.
* DeathStar glances at Ariel
[DeathStar] Why?
[Dominator] Nothing much... Station seems in order... *notices DS stuttered*
[Ariel] I have some personal buisness to attend to...
[DeathStar] We've been here, I think
[DeathStar] Uh huh.  That's not good enough, Cheryl..
[Ariel] [Cheryl] What?  Oh yeah... he's still confused...
* AceHunter blinks and begins tossing a grenade from hand to hand
[Ariel] This is really important to me Sir...
[DeathStar] Then you can tell me...if it's really important
* DeathStar glances at Ace
[DeathStar] Who are you?
*** Lactose is now known as Preacher
[AceHunter] You hired me, remember?
[DeathStar] No, not really.
[Dominator] Ace Hunter, I'd suggest you don't do that for your safety...a nd I'd order you not to do it in the control room
[AceHunter] What happened?
* AceHunter puts the grenade away
[Preacher] NRP: Have I missed much?
* DeathStar sees his hand tremble some and hides in within his hoverchair
[Ariel] I have found some clues about my past in some old data files from REBEL that were found in... er, nevermind.  Anyways, I need to look into them
[DeathStar] NRP: Not really
[DeathStar] Fine, go on.  *marks the computer that Cheryl is leaving for a week max*
[AceHunter] DS?
[DeathStar] Yes?
* Dominator is still observing the conversation and notices that in the corner of his eye
[AceHunter] What happened to your memory?
[DeathStar] My memory is fine...really...*Grumbles about those who don't know about the virus*
[DeathStar] I'm just testing your memory.  So, what's your name?  Do you remember?
[Ariel] Thank you sir.  Make sure Cheryl here doesn't try to follow me will you?
[Ariel] [Cheryl] Hey!
* GM light blinks indicating incoming communication
* Ariel takes off to the shuttle bay with her stuff, leaving cheryl in the command center pouting
* Dominator answers the communicator
[GM] Holographic communication incoming
[Dominator] Source?
[GM] Unavailible
*** Fade (shadezader@ts008d40.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
*** Ariel is now known as Cheryl
[Dominator] ... Answer it and attempt trace...
* Fade a shadowy form appears in the middle of the room, the form flickers and loses resolution on occasion, indicating a less than perfect holographic projection.
* Fade figure is cloaked in a simple brown trenchcoat. The right side of his face appears to be that of a young man, but the left side is shadowed. Only an eerily yellow-glowing eye can be seen from that side.
* Fade the figure speaks in a highly formal tone. 1"Excuse me, this is Hunter HQ, is it not?"
[Preacher] NRP: Where are you people?
[DeathStar] NRP: HQ
[GM] NRP: Control center
* Preacher wanders i
[Preacher] NRP: in
* DeathStar looks at the figure
[Dominator] It is, and who are you?
[Fade] Don't bother trying to trace this, it's not going to work
[Fade] I am Fade and I have a few questions for you
[Dominator] Oh, really? And what are they, Fade? *rises*
[Fade] Some associates of mine have been keeping an I on the Hunters for some time
[DeathStar] Boy...people call us and ask questions.  No we don't diliver pizzas...
[Dominator] Continue...
* DeathStar raises eyebrow at Dominator
[Fade] One, strangely enough all of the Hunter Reploids seem to have gone maverick
[Fade] Can you explain how this happened?
[DeathStar] Really?  I don't remember THAT....
[DeathStar] Dominator..you've gone Maverick?
* Dominator raises eyebrow, 1"Neither do I..."
[Fade] On repeated situations you have attacked humans
[DeathStar] Hey, we have a law now that states we can kill humans in battle..
[Dominator] Also, why should we have to explain anything to you? I'm humoring you to see if there's a point to this, but you're not in a position to make demands of us...
[Fade] But all of the Reploids were created before that law went into effect
* Fade turns to Dominator
* DeathStar ignores Fade
[Fade] We are considering whether to take action in your situation
[Dominator] An new law overrides an old law. And who is "we"?
[Preacher] NRP: Who is this guy to do anything?
[Fade] My associates and I
[Dominator] Fade, are you attempting to threaten us?
[Fade] The actions were taken befor the law
[Fade] Not at all
[Dominator] Then what is "action"?
[Fade] Depends on your answers
[Dominator] Fade, even if they were, it's not your place to prosecute us if that's what you getting at.
[Fade] I am not, I am a simple reasearcher wanting answers
[Dominator] Unless you tell me more about yourselves, like exactly who you work for, then I'm afraid I can't give you any.
* DeathStar has zoomed out
[Dominator] NRP: As in left, or "zoned out"
[Fade] I am my own employer and I give you my assurances that I do not work for CorSec or the Aliens
[DeathStar] NRP: has zoned out
* Cheryl listens, but doesn't say anything
[Dominator] Or the mavericks I would hope. WHat is your purpose for doing this? A study into reploids?
[Fade] I am concidering starting a new line of Reploids
* DeathStar jerks head up
[DeathStar] A what?
[Fade] A new line of Reploids
[DeathStar] ....EarthGov has agreed to such a thing?
* Cheryl listens more intently.
* Preacher raises an eyebrow
[DeathStar] I knew Reploids were being remade and all...but...
[Fade] Certain members have been persuaded to my side... but I need answers for authorization
[Dominator] Answers from us?
[Fade] Now for my questions.  Why did you attack humans? For example, at the starport (Mission 56) you attacked forces that were not engaged in attacking you, the were normal humans threatened by mavericks.
[Fade] Exactly
[DeathStar] There were CorSec officials, SIR
[DeathStar] I don't know where you got your facts from.
* DeathStar seems to be his oldself again
[Fade] An old aquintance of yours I assure you
* Dominator glances at Death Star, 1"I still am not sure we should respond to any of this."
[DeathStar] I remember that day clearly.  CorSec was attacking innocent Reploids.  
[DeathStar] The group was divided on what to do.  I went after the "humans" if you can call the monsters that.  The Reploids wanted to reach the rockets to escape.
[GM] OK, I accept you word for it
[Fade] OK, I accept you word for it
[Dominator] Fade, it could be you a re scientist of good itent, or it could be you are trying to coerce us to respond by leading us to believe this is for a "higher good". How can we know it isn't the latter?
[Fade] I never said it is for a higher good
* DeathStar hates mind games
[Fade] I simply am considering options
* DeathStar mouths to Cheryl "Traced them yet?"
* Fade checks something out of range of the holoprojector
[GM] NRP: The source is within the base
[Dominator] But saying you wish to build a new line of reploids, and want to fix them of all "flaws", might seem to make us more responsive to your questions...
[Preacher] NRP: Warning, Imperial forces have entered the base.  Warning, Imper . . .
[DeathStar] NRP: ...
[Preacher] How would a new line of reploids affect the ones already in existance?
* DeathStar sees Cheryl has zoned out and sighs
[Fade] I need more information before I can convince enough EarthGov officials for permission
* Cheryl is concentrating hard on the computer
* DeathStar is surprised Preacher asked an intellegent question
* Dominator glances at the source info they are getting
[Fade] Hopefully it will prevent violent tendancys in 'older' models
[DeathStar] Boy, do I feel special now..
[Preacher] How so?  Will the older models be replaced?
[DeathStar] Oh, I have a question...
[Fade] Negative, they still have their uses and they have experience which can be transfered to the Mk. 2's.
[Fade] I thought I was here to as the questions..but go ahead
[DeathStar] How much is this call costing you?
* DeathStar smirks
[Dominator] Many of us would be considered older moduels, I resent it being said I "have my uses".
[Fade] Nothing
[Preacher] NRP: Dom's actually USELESS!!!
[Dominator] NRP: Have we figured out where in the actuall base this is from?
[Fade] I do not appologize for fact
[Dominator] NRP: Hey!
[Dominator] You forget, Fade, reploids are seniet, so even if you built new ones, upgrading older modules would only be allowedd if they gave permission
* Cheryl frowns and shakes her head in frustration
[Fade] I didn't say I would upgrade the Mk 1's at all
[DeathStar] I personally felt like we've all be insulted...
[Preacher] So, the Mk 2's will slowly take the places of the Mk1's?
[Fade] No, but there are few enough Mk 1's that there are plenty of jobs availible for the Mk. 2's.
[DeathStar] But MK 1's are being built still.  Soooo, that bombs that idea.
[Dominator] Fade, you need to be more open with us, before I'll answer your questions.
* DeathStar is waiting for one of them to be bold enough to cut the transmission
[Fade] ...sighs...
[Dominator] NRP: *echoes his previous question*
* DeathStar sees Ace has been silent
[Preacher] NRP: A first for Ace . . .
* AceHunter is in a corner tossing his grenade
[Dominator] Now Fade, perhaps you speakingg to us in person would help.
[Fade] Look, I would LIKE to know why you attacked humans on the numerous occasions
[Dominator] NRP: Is fade's transmititon from the base...?
[DeathStar] Well, I'll take a census on the station and see why....
[GM] NRP: From inside the base, yes
[Preacher] Because they opposed whatever objective the group had.
[Dominator] Fade, we had our reasons, but I fail to see how this has any bearing on a new genreation of reploids
[Dominator] NRP: Did we pinpoint whree?
[Fade] Because I would like to avoid Light's errors
[GM] NRP: Inside the command center
[DeathStar] Yeah, Light's "Error" just caused a lot of hell with the reploid community...
[Dominator] NRP: Eh? We're in the Control Room
[GM] NRP: Yes
[Preacher] NRP: So, he's behind the false wall?
[DeathStar] NRP: LOL
[Fade] Now, my question, please...
[GM] NRP: No, it is comming from within the foom
[Dominator] Our actions there werne't part of his error. We had our reasons, but regardless, the ability to make our own decisions should explain why we could do that Fade. There's no way to correct the ability to think for one's self, without making it a programmed, non-intelligent robot
* Dominator motions for somebody to look for where it's coming from, which they should be doing while he talks...
[AceHunter] OK, now we're getting somewhere
* AceHunter grins and continues tossing his grenade
[Fade] Question 2: What caused the mavericks... I mean more that just the virus
* Cheryl starts checking the internal sensors for any unusal annomalies
[DeathStar] The decision not to be pushed around by humans anymore, probably.
[Dominator] Fade, you presume that our speculation would be better then yours or anyone else's?
[Preacher] Human nature.  Humans invented the reploids, so violent human tendancies entered the reploids to some degree.
[Fade] Yes, you are the best concentration of "antimavericks"
[Dominator] Sounds like you've already decided your answer
* DeathStar uses his scanner to locate Fade
* DeathStar suddenly gets an idea
[Dominator] I think my previous statement about intelligence explains this well enough. You cannot correct this problem in reploids anymore than you can in humans.
[DeathStar] [Could it be Dath???]
[GM] NRP: He does not show up
[Dominator] NRP: The [ ] are for...?
[DeathStar] NRP: Thinking
[Dominator] NRP: BTW, I've thought that for awile...
[Preacher] NRP: who's Dath?
* DeathStar scans for Dath
[GM] NRP: His is sleeping in Avenger's cockpit
[DeathStar] There goes THAT idea....
[Preacher] What idea?
[DeathStar] Nevermind..
* Dominator is waiting for Fade's responce
* DeathStar hovers around the room
[Preacher] [Perhaps there's a transmitter  hidden in our own computer?  Or he's transmitting through it?]
[Fade] I think I have ways
[Fade] Question three, can I take scans of the Hunter Reploids' mental pathways?
[DeathStar] Not I, says the leader.
[Preacher] Do you intend to put their brains in new bodies?
[Fade] No, but their experience would be invaluble in programing the Mk 2's.
[Preacher] NRP: The last thing we need is more Justins, Garlands, and Slashers running around.
[Dominator] I can't authorize that, that's a violation of their privacy. Only they can, and I for one would say "no". Especially considering how little I know about you. I won't put trust in you, telling you things, unless you do the same for us
[Cheryl] DS... have I ever officially been a maverick hunter in the first place?
[DeathStar] Not offically.
[Cheryl] NRP: Not one of them was a reploid preacher _
* Fade pauses
[Fade] As their leader, you have that authority
[Fade] I am asking as a scientist
* DeathStar blinks
[DeathStar] You're asking the insane leader to give YOU permission to scan my men's minds?
[Fade] I would also like technical blueprints for those members that have them on file
* Fade waits
[Dominator] No, Fade, I wouldn't. I can't order them to do that, it's outside of their duties as Hunters. And at the moment I have no inclination to do so regarldess of what I can do.
* Cheryl grins
[Preacher] Scientists?  Scientists are idiots.  They mass-kill with non-nuclear weapons, and then award themselvs for being "humanitarians."  Scientists.  Pfft.
[DeathStar] I will tell you this: you must get an answer from THEM.  Not I.
[Cheryl] Okay Fade, you can have my blueprints...
[Cheryl] Oh wait, I don't have any _
* Cheryl grins
[DeathStar] I will NOT compromise my men's safety on some scientist I don't even know.
* Fade sighs
[Dominator] Hunter regulations wouldn't allow for it anyway, unles you were authorized by EarthGov to do so. Even then, I doubt it. Ishare his comments as well. *refering to DS*
[Fade] Alright then, I have a final request...
[Preacher] NRP: How would I terminate the connection from our end?
[DeathStar] ...No, we don't do takeout...
[Dominator] Which is?
[DeathStar] NRP: Hit the comm. switch off
[Fade] I have a friend who wishes to observe closehand the functioning of the Hunters... would you mind if he joined you?
[DeathStar] ....*growls* I see no problem with him staying for a mission or two...
[Dominator] ... I want a name, Fade, or else I won't go answer...
[Fade] He goes by Shell
[Preacher] Is he a spy of sorts on us?
[Fade] If he wishes
* Cheryl wonders if someone messed with the sensors, since she can't find anything to indicate the location of the transmitter
[DeathStar] Get him here within 1 hour if you want him to ... study us.
* Dominator turns to DS, 1"You realize that would be a horrendous breach of security, DS].."
[Fade] Understood... SHELL! End the transmission
* DeathStar flicks the comm. switch off with this statement
*** Fade has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Shell (shadezader@ts008d40.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[DeathStar] I realize, but if we want to get close to these guys we need to have them here...
[Dominator] .. I would prefer it be us who are studying him.
* Shell decloaks
* DeathStar whispers to Dom
[Preacher] Nice technology.
[Shell] I Shell, at your service
[Shell] NRP: Shell is a cybord
* DeathStar turns to Shell
[DeathStar] Greetings most humble guest.  Would you care to see the rooms first off?
[Dominator] Greetings
* DeathStar glances out the viewport at the Lost Armada
[Shell] I am here to observe you reploids, not your enviroment
* Cheryl mumbles something about MH HQ and a hotel...
[DeathStar] But you get to know us, you would need to see our rooms...our personalities are in the rooms
[Shell] Thank you for your permission to allow me here and I appologize for invading without first asking
[Shell] All right, where to first?
[DeathStar] Lets see Wiendigo's room, shall we?
[Shell] Certainly, if he has no death traps waiting
[Preacher] NRP: don't touch the sheets!!!
[DeathStar] I mean, he is the coldblooded murderer of us all, isn;t he?
* Dominator listens silently
* DeathStar leads the way, heading down a couple of floors
* DeathStar flickers a fingure to Dom, as if signalling him
* AceHunter follows behind Shell
* Dominator walks over to DS
* Shell walks along taking notes
* DeathStar heads past a few cells, hits a button and opens one up
* Preacher locks the door to his room
* Dominator walks behind Shell make that (stealthly)
[Shell] He lives in a cell?
* DeathStar motions for Preacher to move up on Shell too, blocking off escape routes
[DeathStar] Yes, he does.
* DeathStar waves hands to cell
[DeathStar] Step on in
[Shell] I prefer not to Spiderbot One investigate
* Preacher stands behind him
[Dominator] ... We didn't agree for proboes, Shell.
* DeathStar points a skeleton hand in the corner
[DeathStar] Hey, that looks like Justin's hand.  Care to see it, Shell?
*** SpiderbotOne (shadezader@ts008d40.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
* SpiderbotOne decloaks and walks into the cell and begins looking around
* DeathStar stands there, cursing mentally, but nothing happens to SB1
* Dominator whispers to DS
[Preacher] Do you have anymore "cloaked" treats?
* SpiderbotOne begins scanning the cell
[Shell] Of course
[Dominator] Treats?
[Dominator] NRP: Er, n/m what dom said
* SpiderbotOne walks back to Shell, squeeks and recloaks
[DeathStar] ....Now would you step in?
* DeathStar looks haggard
[Shell] Why would I need to?
[Shell] Next room
[DeathStar] To get that hand....
[Shell] Not really
* DeathStar no ones moves, keeping Shell blocked in
[Shell] I thought I had your permission
[DeathStar] We're about to go.  Just disappointment, I guess...
[Preacher] You didn't answer my question . . .
[Preacher] Do you have any more cloaked spies?
* Shell human eye blinks
* DeathStar glances at Preacher
[DeathStar] He answered.
[AceHunter] They are not spys and they aren't exactly cloaked
[Shell] They are not spys and they aren't exactly cloaked
[AceHunter] NRP: N/m that
[Preacher] NRP: oh, never mind
[Shell] Shall we go on?
[DeathStar] Yes, we shall  *begins to hover along very slowly*
* Dominator trips Shell after DS says something to him
*** SpiderbotOne is now known as Dath
* DeathStar rams Shell into the cell
* DeathStar hits the button and closes the cell
* Dath stumbles into the hallway yawing
[Shell] Hey!  What's the meaning of this!
* Dominator turns to Death Star
[DeathStar] The meaning is I don't trust you or "Fade".  I want answers before you MOVE from the cell.
[AceHunter] I am a scientist, I look for answers, I will answer if I have them
[Shell]  I am a scientist, I look for answers, I will answer if I have them
[DeathStar] Oh, WHEN You have them.  What do you take us for?  You think you can walk over us?
* AceHunter gets bored and wanders off
* DeathStar hovers away from the cell
[DeathStar] Have fun the brig....
*** AceHunter has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Preacher] We do not appreciate invasion or spies in our own HQ
* Dominator whispers to DS, 1"Death Star, are you certain we should hold him? Why not force im to leave?"
[DeathStar] I don't know, but I think they might already have access here....
[Shell] Hey!  I though you had questions!   And you said I could be here!
[Preacher] You were already here, were you not?
[Shell] Not really
* DeathStar stops and turns to face Shell
[DeathStar] Explain the transmittor.
[Dominator] It was from inside this base. And explain how you managed to gain entry so easily.
[Shell] Simple, I carry it with me.  I acted as a booster for Fade's signal
[Shell] I downloaded myself here
[Dominator] You realize, that secretly entering this base is a violation of the law, and we have every right to hold you for that
[Shell] I got permission post facto, though.
[DeathStar] I thought so.  Who does Fade work for?  Or, better yet, what is his "company"
[Dath] What's goin' on?
[DeathStar] Like we're the Hunters, who's he?
[Dominator] From who?
[Dominator] NRP: Is Dath a member?
[DeathStar] NRP: A HunteR?  o
[GM] NRP: Not going to say
[Dominator] NRP: I meant a Hunter
[Shell] We're called Infinity, Inc.
* DeathStar tries to recall that name but can't.
[Preacher] What will be diffrent about the new models?
[Dominator] Infinity Inc. So, you break into our base then call us asking if you can come? I think you should have done it the other way around.
[Preacher] I thought each reploid was different, was I mistaken?
[DeathStar] Infinity Inc....that's real interesting.  I'm sure I've heared of that....but can't place my fingure on it.
[Shell] We do various jobs
[Shell] I was worried about you cutting the signal before I finished downloading here
[DeathStar] Well, Infinity Inc can kiss our butts.  I don't like the sound of it.  I won't help you.  Leave the station or I'll have you on the grounds of causing trouble.
* DeathStar opens the cell door
[Shell] BUT you said I could observe!
[Dominator] And do not enter this base illegaly or you'll be arrested for it.
[Dominator] We changed our minds.
[DeathStar] What the man said.  And don't expect a Good Cop or Bad Cop thing here.  We're Bad Cop - Bad Cop.
* Shell his mechanical eye flickers green
[Dominator] Consider yourself lucky we're being lienent about this matter
[DeathStar] What the?!
* DeathStar sees the green, turns to Dath, and the back again
[Dath] What!!!
* Dath wakes up fully
[DeathStar] I've only seen three people do that...
[Preacher] NRP: Who's Dath?
[Cheryl] ...
* Dath charges Shell and tackles him
[Dath] YOU!!!
[DeathStar] 1) This guy  2) Dath here  and 3) Darien...
[Dominator] NRP: I think he's a beggar who somehow cot on the station
[Dominator] ...!
* DeathStar hovers back some
[Preacher] NRP: Who's Darien?  Gah!  Forget it
* Shell throws Dath back into the hall and jumps out of the cell
[Dominator] Should we restrain him...?
[DeathStar] Get Shell!
[Shell] I see you're still around old man
* Cheryl locks the door
* Preacher turns into his brute form
[Dominator] Don't force us to arrest both of you... What is this about? Dath?
[Dath] Where's Darien!
* DeathStar rams Shell in the back
* Preacher grabs at Shell's shoulder
* Shell sends out a Psi blast blasting everyone back except Dath
[DeathStar] ARGH
* DeathStar hoverchair shorts out and sparks
[Dominator] Argh!
* Preacher falls on his a$$
[DeathStar] Hmmm....damn
[Dominator]  That's it! Attacking us is unwise Shell. *arms Thunder Bolt*
[Shell] And that was on low power
* DeathStar uses his arms and flips out of the wheelchair and lands on his feet, smirking
[Shell] You attacked first
[Shell] And imprisoned me
[DeathStar] Hey, if Dath don't like ya then we bums don't like ya either
* DeathStar twirls sabre
[Dominator] You violated the law coming here, so imprisoning you was legal.
[Preacher] Who cares about legality at this point?
[DeathStar] Now, would anyone care to explain to me what's going on?
* Shell puts up a field of raw telekinetic energy around him
[Dominator] You attacked Shell, for some reason, and now he's going to attack us
* Preacher changes into his Chant form
[DeathStar] It was bait.  To get YOU heer.
[DeathStar] You were suckered.  Plain and simple.  
* Dath slips his hand into his pocket and puts on his ring
* Preacher puts up his own telekenetic shield
* Dath eyes begin glowing green
[DeathStar] Uh oh...I don't like this...
[Shell] ...but all I wanted was to observe you
* DeathStar steps back, actually walking
[Dominator] Leave NOW, Shell
[Dominator] DS?
[DeathStar] I think those two are about to exchange more than words, Dominator.
* Dath fires a green blast out of his hands knocking Shell back into the cell
* Preacher floats back
[Dominator] As do I. Dath, stop this!
* Shell shakes it off and turns to Dath
[DeathStar] Yo, alien dude, have Cheryl seal off this level, just incase one of them tries to escape.
[Dominator] Seems like Dath is the danger here, Death Star. Should we knock him out?
[DeathStar] I'm more interested in the answer to Dath's question, Dominator.
[Preacher] Comm] Cheryl, would you mind sealing off this level?
[Dominator] All right... If he gives one before they kill each other
[Shell] How should I know?
[Shell] All I heard was he returned to base after the starport incident
[DeathStar] ...He just gave it.  Stun them both...hit Shell only enough to make him sick and disoritented so he can leave.
[Shell] The closest one he could find I guess
* Cheryl manages to locks down the floor
* Shell steps out of the shell toward Dath
[Shell] shell=cell
[Preacher] NRP: UltraOmega just msged me . . .
[Shell] Now hand over the ring...calmly
[DeathStar] NRP: What?  And I thought...damn him...he's done it this time...I thought we resolved this...
* Dath takes a few steps back, "NO!"
[DeathStar] I don't like this...I don't know who to stop.  I trust Dath more than Shell, however.
* Shell glares at Dath
* Dath glares back
[DeathStar] THAT'S ENOUGH!!!
* DeathStar blasts the cell wall, blowing a hole in it
* DeathStar the hole is between them
* Shell turns to DS
* Dath turns to DS as well
[Cheryl] [Comm] I'm ready to use the KO gas/EMP pulse if you think it's nessisary DS
[Dominator] DO IT!
[Dath] I don' follow ya orders!
[DeathStar] Cheryl, take Dath out...stun only.
* Shell backs away from them
[Dominator] While your on this staition you do Dath, or we'll take you off too
[Dath] Hey, what 'id I do!
[DeathStar] We'll find that out when you wake up
* Dath backs away slowly glaring at Shell
* DeathStar continues standing there, glaring
* Cheryl activates the internal stunner thingy to shake up Dath a bit
[Shell] Fade's not going to like this
[Dominator] You attacked Shell unwarentedly and caused trouble here, Dath
[Dath] But... he.... Darien....
[DeathStar] Fade can....no, I won't say it.  Tell him I don't trust Fade.  And tell him I'll be looking into the Infinity Inc.
[Preacher] It seemed warrented from my point of view
[Dominator] How's that, Preacher?
[DeathStar] As for Dath, we'll find little Darien.  Count on it..
[Preacher] He was a apy and an invader
* Shell lifts his robotic arm and types something on the keyboard there.... and vanishes
*** Shell (shadezader@ts008d40.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw
[Preacher] NRP: Spy
* DeathStar turns to Dath
* Dath collapses to the floor
[Dominator] I don't liket this. The fact that he can just teleport in here is dangerous...
[DeathStar] Damn!  There goes questioning him....
[Dath] ...Darien...
[Cheryl] [Comm] What happened down there?  There was an energy serge and...
[DeathStar] Comm: Santa just left, that's all
* DeathStar walks over to Dath and picks him up
* DeathStar hand trembles, but other than that, his legs are repaired
[Dominator] Are you all right, DS?
[Preacher] COmm] So there's an energy serge when he comes and goes?
[DeathStar] I'm fine....
* DeathStar carries Dath to the MedBay
[Preacher] Comm] can we monitor for that sort of thing?
[DeathStar] NRP: surge
[Cheryl] Comm]  Yes, but there won't be any advanced warning...
[Dominator] ... I say we increase security just in case...
* DeathStar arrives at MedBay and lays Dath down, pointing at Dominator
[DeathStar] You stay by him.  When he wakes, learn all that you can of Infinity Inc from him.  I'll be in my quarters...
[Dominator] Also, Cheryl do so, so that we at least know when they arrive. Have the computer alter us if it happenjs
[Dominator] Standard intruder alter
* GM a small cube falls to the floor in the medbay
* DeathStar walks off, trembling slightly as he vanishes into the darkness of the halls
[Preacher] NRP: alter?  I.E. to change?
*** DeathStar is now known as GM2
[Cheryl] (NRP: Well, I wouldn't want to have to alter it _
[Cheryl] Comm] Already done.
* GM accompanied by a miniscule energy surge
Session Close: Fri Jun 04 21:52:34 1999