Mission 8: Twenty-one


[DeathStar] GM:  Location, Training Room of the Station. Blackjack is alone

[DeathStar] !train

[TrainingBot] ok the training bot is on, prepare to die

* Blackjack draws his rifle, and fires at the trainer

[Garland] Bad robot?

* Blackjack runs at the bot, and kicks it

* TrainingBot Grabs Blackjack's ankle and flips him

* TrainingBot blocks the shot with a plasma blast and throws a ninja star at Blackjack

* Garland watches

* DeathStar steps into the room

[DeathStar] I see you are playing with are expensive Training Equipment....

* Blackjack glares hatefully at the trainer, and leaps into the air

* TrainingBot catches Blackjack's leg and does a giga-toss and hurls Blackjack across the room

[Blackjack] Yeow!

* Slash^ follows DS

* Blackjack flips up and dusts himself off. 1"Oh, hey DS, Slash."

[Slash^] hey careful with that... its good hardware... and long to program..

* TrainingBot grabs Blackjack's leg in mid flip and causes them to come crashing to the floor

[DeathStar] ...Slash...you do know that his friends are now on board....we gotta help him in someway.  Also, Slasher's been hiding

[Garland] Oh! fun! 8*me shoots a Kiama at the trainer*

[Blackjack] *turns the bot !off*

[Blackjack] !off

* DeathStar steps up to the stopped robot

[TrainingBot] you weenie i was just warming up!

[Slash^] Slashers been hinding??

[TrainingBot] you weenie i was just warming up!

[Slash^] thats new to me...

[Blackjack] That's a great stress reliver...

[DeathStar] Interesting, isn't it?  I haven't used it yet, myself.  It'll increase your EXP abilites.

[Garland] me fight!

[DeathStar] I doubt anyone really COULD beat this.  Though X1 and the Tech Staff aren't finished with it yet.

[Slash^] hey careful, it doesnt have all the bugs worked out of it yet, you see how long it took to block that rifle shot of BJ's?

* DeathStar glances at Blackjack. 1"How are you holding up?"

* Garland 's gi is fitting more snugly that it used to

[Blackjack] But the relief is only temporary... *sighs*

[Blackjack] I'm doing ok, I guess...

*** LightningStrike (pirch@ has joined #TAW

* DeathStar glances at LS.

[DeathStar] Welcome.

[Blackjack] Hey LS...

[LightningStrike] Thank you :)

[Slash^] thats good, we dont want you in any emotional distress or anything..

[Slash^] welcome LS

[Blackjack] ...

[DeathStar] Garland....I guess you're under my eye today, since Dom's busy..

* Garland gets a coke from the machine, but it eats his quarter.......again...

[DeathStar] ......

[Garland] otay!

[Slash^] heh if you want a coke you gotta do this

* DeathStar blasts machine and it spills cokes onto the floor

* Garland gets mad and kicks the machine, unintentionaly breaking it, cokes fall out

[Blackjack] I had a dream last night... It reminded me about my and Chris's friendship...

[DeathStar] ....I see.

* Slash^ before he can bang on it DS blasted it

[Slash^] ........

[DeathStar] Sorry.

[Slash^] nevermind..

* Garland grabs a lot of coke and runs off to his room, smiling evily

[LightningStrike] Man, I know how bad dreams can be. 

[Blackjack] He said... he'd always be my friend, and would never let me down...

[DeathStar] That kid SCARES me..

[Slash^] dreams can be nasty...

[DeathStar] Is that true, Jared.  IS it?

[Slash^] heh you aint kidding, he even looks insane...

[Blackjack] Yes... it's true. I remember it happening.

[DeathStar] No, that he would also be your friend.

[DeathStar] Think about it....

[Blackjack] ...

[DeathStar] Besides that, our company has been very quiet...

* Garland 's room is coincidentily UO's former room

[LightningStrike] Yes, to quite.

[Slash^] very..

[Blackjack] I noticed that too... This isn't like them...

[LightningStrike] NRP: Err quiet

* Garland walks up to the trainingbot

[Garland] helloooooooooo?

[DeathStar] Hit the train switch kid

[DeathStar] add a !

[Slash^] here lemme get that..

[LightningStrike] !train

* DeathStar turns back to the others, ignoring Garland

[TrainingBot] ok the training bot is on, prepare to die

[Slash^] !train 

[TrainingBot] ok the training bot is on, prepare to die

* Garland kicks the trainer

* TrainingBot Grabs Garland's ankle and flips him

[DeathStar] Guys...leave the 'Bot alone

[DeathStar] GARLAND!!

* Garland rebounds the kick

[LightningStrike] !off

* TrainingBot Grabs Garland's ankle and flips him

[TrainingBot] you weenie i was just warming up!

* Slash^ watches as Garland gets throwen around

* Garland punches it

[DeathStar] ....That thing is deadly..

[Garland] KIAMA!!!!!!!!! *fires*

[DeathStar] Garland...STOP

[Slash^] its too dangerous... the tekies are gonna have to modify it a bit..

* DeathStar watches Bot rock back and forth

[DeathStar] You could hit the switch again

[Garland] but but but but.......

* Blackjack can't help but snicker

[LightningStrike] Garland

[LightningStrike] Stop

[DeathStar] ...

* Slash^ tries to contain laughter very badly

* Slash^ snickers

* Garland drinks like 5 cokes a minute

[DeathStar] I'm going around to find our company

* DeathStar walks off

[Blackjack] I'll go with you, DS.

[Slash^] Hey wait up!

* Slash^ runs to catch up with DS

* Blackjack follows DS

[LightningStrike] Mise well make it a group trip

* Garland hits the trainer again

* TrainingBot catches Garland's arm and throws him into a wall

* DeathStar laughs madly that time

[DeathStar] .....

[Garland] BAD ROBOT!

* LightningStrike turns into a lightning bolt and is now about 10 feet ahead of him when he turns normall

* Slash^ snickers

[DeathStar] That kid...

[Slash^] Weird

* Garland shoots another Kiama

[Blackjack] That trainer is dangerous...

[Garland] Typhoon Wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fires*

[Slash^] remind me to tell X about that bot...

[DeathStar] I hope he doesn't break it..

* Garland draws sword

[Slash^] uh oh...

* Slash^ turns the bot totally off and it retracts to the celing

[Garland] I NO LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!

* DeathStar stops and turns around

[DeathStar] GARLAND, NO!

[Slash^] uh oh...

* LightningStrike turns into lightning flys over to garland and takes sword

* Garland runs after it with bloodshot eyes

* DeathStar hits !die switch

[Blackjack] Garland! STOP!!!

* LightningStrike Still in lightning mode and flys back to where ds with sword in hand 

[DeathStar] ....NOT GOOD!!!

[Slash^] Here hit this!!

* Slash^ punches in the code for the command to kill the bot

[Slash^] !DIE you stupid bot!!

*** TrainingBot has quit IRC (Im melting im melting! oh what a world what a world..*melts into a puddle of slag*)

[Slash^] phew...

* Garland tries to break throught the ceiling after the bot

[DeathStar] ....

[Blackjack] GARLAND!!!

[DeathStar] X1....will pay....for this...

* LightningStrike zaps over to garland and puts sword in a locked safe.

[Slash^] thats it... 

[LightningStrike] NRP: brb

* Garland sees the safe, and runs after it

*** Chris (death_star@dial9.planters.net) has joined #taw - 2 Clones - Chris,DeathStar (F7 for details)

[Slash^] remind me to get the code for the bot and reprogram it..

[Garland] I need sword, break through ceiling!

[Chris] Having problems with your kid, Tim?

[DeathStar] You..

[Blackjack] Chris!

[Blackjack] DS, hold it.

[Slash^] Chris..

* Garland punches the safe MANY times trying to break it open

[Blackjack] Uh, yeah. But YOU try controlling him...

[DeathStar] Give him the damn sword.  Garland, SHUT UP about that bot

[Chris] Bot?

[Chris] No thanks!  I'm just fine the way I am, pal

* Slash^ opns the safe and hands Garland his sword

[Slash^] dont try attacking it,its gone

* Garland sniffles and runs off with the sword

[DeathStar] ...

[LightningStrike] NRP: back

* DeathStar turns back to Chris, red in his eyes.

[DeathStar] What do you want?

* Slash^ puts his hand on his warp blade

[Chris] Just here to talk to my friend....

* LightningStrike heads after Garland

[LightningStrike] Hey kid wait up

[Blackjack] What do you want?

* Garland runs faster

[Chris] I haven't seen you in awhile.  Lets go down to the bar and catch up on old times!

[DeathStar] .....Those two...*rolls eyes at Slash*

* LightningStrike Lightning bolts in front of Garland and goes normall

[Blackjack] Sounds good to me.

[Slash^] ...

*** Daniel (death_star@dial9.planters.net) has joined #taw - 3 Clones - Chris,DeathStar,Daniel (F7 for details)

*** Lamnon (death_star@dial9.planters.net) has joined #taw - 4 Clones - Chris,DeathStar,Daniel,Lamnon (F7 for details)

* Garland jumps up and jumps on LS's shoulders and jumps then over him and runs more

[Lamnon] Have you made up your mind yet, Tim?

[Daniel] Yeah!

* Chris frowns.

[Chris] Hello guys...

[LightningStrike] Listen kid, you could get hurt with that sword, that is why I didn't want you near it.

* LightningStrike Lightning Bolts in front of Garland again

[Garland] My sword!

[Blackjack] I... uh... still need some time, Drew.

* Garland repeats

[LightningStrike] Know anything about the speed of lightning kid ??

[Garland] nuh uh! *sniffle* *runs into his room and locks the door*

[Blackjack] Matter of fact, me and Chris were just headed to the bar to... discuss it. So if you'll excuse us...

[Daniel] More time?  C'mon.  We're friends! Friends should be together

[Chris] Yeah, Daniel....

[LightningStrike] Kids today they never learn, oh well.

* Chris shoves past Daniel and heads for the bar

* LightningStrike turns into a lightning bolt and goes through the metal in the door

* Blackjack walks around Daniel and catches up to Chris

[LightningStrike] I aint gonna hurt ya. I don't hurt kids.

[Chris] Sorry about those two...but we do mean what we say.

* Slash^ yells 1 Hey LS!, lets relax a bit let him be in his room

* DeathStar grins evilly at the two remaining people

* Garland is starting to get annoyed at LS

* Garland just sitting there drinking LOTS of coke

[Daniel] Uhh..

[Lamnon] Heh heh

* LightningStrike Heads to where BJ is

* Slash^ walks in and sits down at a table

* Blackjack takes a seat across from Chris at the bar

* Garland turns on radio and dinks coke while messing with sowrd

[Chris] The Hunters been taking care of you Tim?

* LightningStrike Sees everyone at the same table and sits down next to BJ

[Blackjack] Yeah. Nice room, good food, *sips his beer* the beer needs work, though...

* DeathStar heads to the pub

* Garland comes out

[Chris] Doesn't..

[Chris] ot

[Chris] it

* Slash^ orders a strait russian vodka

[Garland] oooooooo! me never had that type of coke! *looks at BJ*

*** X1 (scoutx1@rc-45.netonecom.net) has joined #taw

[Garland] Hi Mr. X1!

[Blackjack] Forget it, Garland. This is adult coke.

[DeathStar] X1...your Training Robot is screwy!!

[Garland] me want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[X1] Hey, hey, hey kiddies, it's everybody's favorite wacky next door Reploid

[Slash^] Yea, it almost killed Garland... 

[Garland] Trainer!? ME HURT IT!!!!!

* DeathStar stands in the pub an dsents down

[Garland] WHERE IT GO!?

[Slash^] .......

[X1] Uh.....

* Daniel looks around and leaves

*** Daniel has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** Lamnon has quit IRC (Leaving)

[Slash^] I turned it off Garland, Mr. X1 needs to fix it

* Garland 's mad again

[DeathStar] ...Oh brother

[Slash^] uh oh....

* Slash^ ducks under bar table

[Blackjack] Oy vey...

[Chris] Adult coke?  Oh brother

* Garland draws sword

* Slash^ reaches up and grabs his vodka before going back under

[DeathStar] X1...Garland's YOUR problem from now on

[X1] Um, it has a mind of its own? Yeah, that's it, it has a mind of its own. No, waitm Wiendigo was tinkering with it, yeah, that's the ticket. It's Wien's fault!

* Slash^ snickers

[Blackjack] How else am I supposed to explain beer to a four year old?

[Slash^] likely story...

[X1] What? No! I'm not a babysitter, I'm a....a...uh....what am I again?

[Chris] Your..*laughs* friends are funny.

[DeathStar] .....

[DeathStar] We need help....X1, get Garland out of the bar!!

* Garland twitches from being mad at the trainer

* Blackjack rolls his eyes. 1"This is almost a typical day around here..."

[Slash^] .....

[Chris] Typical?  Heh

[Slash^] its his fault!

* Slash^ points at X1

* X1 glances at DS. 1"Easy way or the hard way?"

[DeathStar] SHUT THE FRACKIN HELL UPALL OF YOU!!  *everyone in the bar stares at him*

* Garland sits at the bar seat and eats peanuts

* Slash^ shuts up

[Garland] heee hee hee Mr. Star silly@

* LightningStrike whispers over to slash "Not in front of the CorSec dudes there looking for our mistakes"

[Blackjack] THAT'S not typical, though...

* Slash^ whispers back at LS 1 you aint kidding...

* Garland offers X1 a bowl of peanuts

[LightningStrike] Ds, buddy pall, uh, maybe you need a rest .

* Slash^ polishes off his vodka

[Slash^] you buying or am I LS?

[X1] Uh, Garland, listen, why do you say to a trip to the pinball machine, it's fun

[Garland] Oooooooo!!!!

* Chris grabs a microphone from the person singing. "All personal from 4 to Hunter status, except Jared, report to the control room...

[LightningStrike] I don't drink that stuff, I prefer something more palitable.

[Chris] I mean DS does that

[Slash^] like??

* LightningStrike Orders up 1 of his specials

[DeathStar] ....

[LightningStrike] It's flavor baised, 200 flavors in 1 

* X1 tosses Garland Death Star's credit card. 1"Knock yourself out."

* Slash^ orders another one 1 make it 2

[DeathStar] God...I...need help...

[Garland] ooooooo!

[Slash^] Here DS..

* Garland runs and orders lots of stuff off of QVC

* Slash^ throws him a bottle of canadian Rye

[DeathStar] Garland....!!!!!

* DeathStar takes off after him

* Slash^ snickers

[Blackjack] HOLD IT! This was supposed to be just me and Chris talking! Get outta here!

[Chris] You're...friends are scary

* X1 slides into DS' seat. 1"Hi guys. What's new?"

* DeathStar still chasing Garland

[Garland] *to phone* What?!? what do you mean me maxed out card!?

* DeathStar grabs Garland

* LightningStrike Walks over to Garland "Uh, DS was once the meanest guy youd ever want to meet, don't, please don't make him angery"

[DeathStar] YOU DID WHAT?!

[Slash^] It seems we aint wanted ther LS, lets go for a cruise around the base....

* DeathStar grabs sabre

* Blackjack screams, 1"LISTEN TO ME!!!"


* DeathStar stops

* DeathStar looks at BJ

[Slash^] .....

[DeathStar] .....*grabs Garland and leaves, holding the kid by the neck*

* Slash^ looks at BJ

[Garland] AH!!!!! *runs, dust is comming off theground he's running so fast*

[Blackjack] Everyone, I need some time to talk with Chris in private. If everyone could leave... THAT INCLUDES YOU, GARLAND!!!

* X1 blinks

* Slash^ walks away with LS 1 c'mon lets go train

* DeathStar chases Garland

* X1 slinks off


[X1] Jeeze, I just wanted a Battery Acid Ale...

[Garland] /me uses  LS  c'mon lets go train

* LightningStrike Walks out, and turns back right before leaving and gives a "You gonna get it one day look" to Chris

[Garland] * X1 blinks

* LightningStrike leaves bar 

* Garland errrrrrrrr uses Speed Adrenalin

[Chris] Ithink...we're alone..

[Blackjack] Ok, sorry about that outburst. Sometimes you have to yell to make them listen.

* Chris half expects the kitchen sink to appeare

* Slash^ walks away down to his small training room

* DeathStar on the top floor stomping can be heard as DS chases Garland

* Garland runs off at a Speed and agility level: 30

* LightningStrike is in his normall room practicing electricity controll techniques

[Garland] EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Chris] ...

[Blackjack] The Hunters get out of hand sometimes... I've gotten used to it, though.

[Chris] I can see why you like it here so much

[Garland] Mr. Star!!!!!! It was Mr. X1's idea!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

[Blackjack] Now, back to business.

[Chris] That's why you really need to come to CorSec to stop the President

* DeathStar stops

[DeathStar] Really?

* Slash^ cursing can be heard from down the hall and a sizzling sound

[DeathStar] X1!!!!!!!!1

* DeathStar turns around and takes off again

[Garland] *is a really long way away from DS* nope!

* DeathStar heading for X1

[Blackjack] Stop the President?

* Slash^ hears DS yell that and looks

* Garland giggles

* X1 takes off out of the bar

* LightningStrike hears commotion comming by his room 

[Chris] President of CorSec.  He wants you to talk to him to make sure the Hunters are trustoworthy.  I say, you got my vote

* Slash^ trips X1 as he runs past me

* LightningStrike Sees DS stomping like a rino on a rampage 

* DeathStar runs through the bar, going by BJ, heading for X1

* X1 hops over Slash's foot

* LightningStrike Follows small crowed that is watching him 

* Slash^ catches X1's foot in mid air and trips him there

* X1 lands on his feet and runs past

* LightningStrike Catches up with DS

* Blackjack turns around. 1"Could you guys take this little brawl elsewhere?"

* DeathStar grabs X!

* Garland messes with DS's Credit card and wishes he hadn't maxed it out

* X1 slips away

[Chris] ....

* Garland so he could order more stuff

[Chris] What do you say?

[LightningStrike] Your a hunter not a killer remember that when you chew him out . 

[DeathStar] I'll chew him up alright..AND NOT SPIT HIM BACK OUT

* LightningStrike gets a hypo spray and knocks garlend out with it . 

[LightningStrike] There

[Slash^] Lightning!, lets keep out of Ds's way............ hes in a bad mood as usual

[Garland] HEY!!!!!! MR. STAR! NO HURT MR. X1! I LIED!!! HAHA!

[Blackjack] I'm sorry, Chris. I can't... Even with you trying to talk me into it, I still can't believe the President would steal the chip from us, and then want to team up not too long afterwards...

[Chris] ....Oh well.  I see why.  And I respect that

*** Daniel (death_star@dial9.planters.net) has joined #taw - 3 Clones - Chris,DeathStar,Daniel (F7 for details)

[LightningStrike] Slash, you aint seen bad moods, it was people like me and him that made corsec consider using star ship hulls for the walls in there buildings.

* X1 runs out into trafic. 1"EEP!"

[Daniel] That's too bad...

*** Lamnon (death_star@dial9.planters.net) has joined #taw - 4 Clones - Chris,DeathStar,Daniel,Lamnon (F7 for details)

[Lamnon] Really too bad...

* DeathStar turns and follows

[Blackjack] How long have you two been listening in...

[Slash^] Hey, i was his team mate whial in Corsec remember?@

[Daniel] Long enough...

* Garland runs around more, looking for a place to hide

[Chris] You jerks!

[LightningStrike] Yeah, and I know how to stop these types of moods I get em to.

* DeathStar listening to bug on Chris

* DeathStar stops

[LightningStrike] Gotta reach his reasoning side

[DeathStar] No!

* DeathStar turns around and heads for Bar

* X1 hits DS with a pie

[DeathStar] OUF1

* DeathStar trips and hits the floor

[DeathStar] X1!!!

* DeathStar gets up, whiping the cream off, and continues to the Bar

[Daniel] We hoped you would join us...

* Garland sees DS comming

* Slash^ picks up DS and hands him his Ion cannon 1 here use this...

[Garland] OH NO!

* LightningStrike Follows DS

[Lamnon] ...It's a shame

[Chris] Shame?

[Blackjack] Forget it Danny. I won't go back to CorSec.

[Blackjack] ...What's a shame?

[X1] Hey DS, still got your ATM card!

[Chris] We can't make him.  Give it up.  The Leader will just have to deal with this

* DeathStar flips X1 off as he goes on

* LightningStrike hears the conversation over DSs head set 

[Blackjack] If anything, YOU three should be joining the Hunters!

[Garland] Oooooo!*runs to Mr. X1* More money spend!?

[Daniel] ....Lets talk, in private, Jared...

[Lamnon] ...Please

[X1] Woo hoo! I can get that inflatable velvet clown I've always wanted!

* Slash^ warps DS's atm card to his hand

[Slash^] no you dont....

[Slash^] I DO!!!

* Slash^ hands it to DS

[Blackjack] Well... ok. Where should we go? The bar isn't exactly private...

* DeathStar groans as he hears them over the comm.

[DeathStar] Thanks..

* DeathStar pockets it

* X1 looks at garland. 1"It's MINE! All Mine!"

[Daniel] Our ship

* Slash^ little does DS realize i know his PIN number

[Garland] me too!!!!

[Blackjack] No.

[Chris] ....Might as well

* X1 looks at his empty hand. 1"What the hell?"

[Chris] C'mon, they won't do anything, Jared...

[Slash^] hehe sorry X... 

[Garland] *wispers to X1* To the Tv channle QVC!

[Blackjack] I... damn, guess I'm stuck. Let's go...

* Chris the four head upstairs to the ship\

[DeathStar] I don't like this...enough cutting up

* DeathStar looks at them.

* DeathStar follows the four of them

* X1 looks at Garland. 1"Go away kid, you bother me."

* DeathStar watches them enter the ship

* DeathStar the ship closes

[Daniel] There, that's better

* Chris sits back in his chair

[Blackjack] Now... what do you want to say?

[Daniel] You see, Jared, we can't let you stay here.  You gotta come to President CorSec...

[Lamnon] ...Now, you can come of your own free will, or you don't..

[Chris] W-What are you guys saying?

[Blackjack] W... what are you talking about!?

[X1] ...

[X1] How do you suppose we get in that ship, chief?

* Garland walks up to the bar tender

[DeathStar] Bug off creditor...

* LightningStrike Is securing lock down clamps so teh ship can't go nowhere.

* DeathStar looks the ship over

[Daniel] So, what's your decision, Jared?

[Garland] Mr. Person, can I have an "adult soda"?

* LightningStrike taps into communication

[Blackjack] You say that as if I have a choice...

[DeathStar] GM: Communication blocked

[Daniel] You do.  Go willing or forcefully

[Chris] This insane.  What are you doing??

[Lamnon] Following the Leader's orders, Chris...

* Blackjack mumbles something

* LightningStrike Sets it so the clamps are reinforced.

* Garland strangly gets a beer from the bar tender, no ID asked for.

* DeathStar slices hull, it clangs noiselly

[LightningStrike] There lets see em get out of that !

* X1 stands up


* LightningStrike Sets clamps on remot and takes a small controller with him for all station functions access

* X1 runs down toward the bar

* LightningStrike bolts down to ship bay.

* LightningStrike arrives

* Garland opens it and sips it, swallows some, spitts most of it up

[LightningStrike] So what I miss ??

[Daniel] What's that?

[Daniel] What did you say Jared?

* X1 grabs Garland

[X1] Naptime kiddo

[Blackjack] I said... *swings his foot upwards at Daniel's head* I never go down without a fight!

* Garland runs to the bathroom, and pueks up the beer, making a horridly loud sound

[Daniel] OUF1'

* Chris rams Lamnon into the hull

[Lamnon] HEY!

* Blackjack points his rifle at Daniel

[DeathStar] Sounds like fihting 

[Blackjack] I wouldn't try anything stupid.

* DeathStar leaps onto the ship

[LightningStrike] DS, you got the ammo to blow the door ??

* Garland walks out stagering like a drunk

[Daniel] You wouldn't...

[DeathStar] Not with me..

[Daniel] ...we're FRIENDS...

[LightningStrike] Leave it to me then 

* LightningStrike chargest lightning buster

* Blackjack 's finger tightens on the trigger. 1"Wrong. We used to be friends."

* Lamnon looks at Chris wearily

[LightningStrike] I'll melt it down in 1 hit !!

* Daniel raises hands.

[Daniel] I give up

* LightningStrike Fires a lightning bolt at enemy (45AP)

* X1 shakes Garland

[LightningStrike] (enemy is door)

* DeathStar door shudders

[Garland] It.... hehehe..... *hic* was good...*hic*

* DeathStar cracks

* Blackjack keeps the rifle aimed. 1"Open the door."

[X1] Boy wait till Dom hears this..

* Garland only swallowed 1 sip

* Daniel slowly edges for the door. "I'm unarmed!!"

[LightningStrike] DS you strong enough to pry that thing open now ??

[Blackjack] Do I care!? OPEN THE GODDAMNED DOOR!!!

* Lamnon steps forward and Chris kicks him

* Daniel hits a button and it opens

[DeathStar] OKayy...nevermind,

* DeathStar looked forward to doing in the door

* DeathStar draws sabres and runs to the open door

[Blackjack] DS, take him.

* LightningStrike Steps inside next to BJ

* Garland staggers around, talking to the cactus in thecorner

* DeathStar points sabre to Daniel's throat

[LightningStrike] Your both under arest

* Daniel slowly walks down

[LightningStrike] (err all three of ya)

[X1] Stop talking to Billy Garland

* Blackjack turns to Lamnon. 1"You too, bastard."

[Chris] ME?!

* LightningStrike Is sparking lightning from anger

* Chris kicks Lamnon out

[Blackjack] No. You're clear. *smiles*

[Lamnon] OUF

* DeathStar grins evilly

[Garland] to cavtus: Yer....*hic* my friend! *grabs the cactus for a hug, gets stuck with LOTS os spines* Oww...... heheh *hic*

[Daniel] Just one thing, Jared

* LightningStrike walking forward still having sparks flying. 

[Blackjack] What!?

* Daniel weapon forms in hand. "I learned a new trick." *blasts DS back into LS and grabs Lamnon and they run around to the back of the ship

[DeathStar] ARGHH

* DeathStar slides around

[Blackjack] Hey!!!

[Chris] NO1

* LightningStrike lightning bolts after em 

* LightningStrike appears in front of the escapes

* Daniel blasts LS 75 AP

* Garland walks out of the bar, laughing and yelling weird words

[LightningStrike] Ahem

* Blackjack sprints out of and behind the ship

* Lamnon blasts LS. 80 AP

* DeathStar follows

* LightningStrike dodges blast 

[Garland] balha!!!! *hic* heheh........

[LightningStrike] dodges again

* LightningStrike Does a lightning ram doing 45AP damadge

* Daniel fires a 500 AP shot at BJ that Chris leaps in front of, taking the hit

* LightningStrike Fires a lightning bolt at enemy (45AP)

[Daniel] ARGHHH

[Blackjack] CHRIS!!!


* Chris rolls onto the floor

[X1] Holy!

[Blackjack] Holy shit! CHRIS!!!!!!!

* X1 grabs catcus and bams Lamnon with it

* Blackjack drops to his friend's side


* LightningStrike takes Daniels weapon off him

* Chris coughs in pain

[Daniel] HEY

* LightningStrike crushes weapon 

* Garland looks at them

* Lamnon forms a weapon and firwes at LS and Garland

[Blackjack] Chris... I'll get you to the infirmary... *a tear is forming in BJ's eye*

* X1 rolls TNT under them

[Garland] Hey! this is a rerun! hahah *hic*

* Lamnon steps on fuse

* LightningStrike throws Daniel in the way of weapon


* Daniel falls down

[Chris] G-Get them for me,....

[Blackjack] CHRIS!!! NO!!!!!

* Garland falls down bleeding, and laughing

[Chris] A-Always...were...my friend...

[X1] Damn that kid is insame

[Blackjack] I... no... NO!!!

* LightningStrike Lightning bolts with Daniel in his hands into a holding cell and puts up field 

* DeathStar appears and breaks Lamnon's arm

* Blackjack looks up, fury in his eyes

[Lamnon] aRGHHHH

[Blackjack] YOU!!!!!!!

* Daniel stands and kicks DS back

[Daniel] Jared---NO!

[Lamnon] Oh no..

[Garland] NRP: No actoually he cant hold his liquor

* Blackjack draws his katana

[Blackjack] I should kill you bastards RIGHT HERE AND NOW!

* DeathStar steps back in surprise

* Daniel is in the slammer

[Daniel] NOT ME!!

* Lamnon runs off

* Garland gets up, staggers into the bar, and draws his sword

[Blackjack] I... COME BACK HERE!

* Chris strains to watch

* Blackjack rushes in the direction Lamnon ran

[DeathStar] GET HIM!!

* LightningStrike bolts back to battle. 

* DeathStar chases after him

* Lamnon dives into the bar, grabbing a bottle as a weapon

[DeathStar] Damnit..

[LightningStrike] Hmm, head em off time 

[X1] A CHASE!!

[Garland] *waves the sword around* to..*hic* the huntermobile *hic* X1!!!!

* LightningStrike Bolts behind Lamnon

* Blackjack dashes into the bar

* X1 follows them around

[LightningStrike] Your surrounded

[LightningStrike] Give it up

* Lamnon throws bottle at BJ's eyes

* Lamnon throws a person into LS

* LightningStrike charges up in all way 

* Blackjack doesn't see it coming, and it scratches his face

* DeathStar tackles Lamnon

* LightningStrike catches pearson and sets em down 

* Lamnon is out the bar door

* X1 trips Lamnon as he leaves

[X1] Whoops...silly me..

* LightningStrike Bolts in front of lamnon again

[LightningStrike] Ah ha

[Lamnon] YOU!!

* LightningStrike Fires a slow moving ball of lightning at enemy. (50 AP)

* Lamnon throws X1 into Lamnon

[Garland] ooooooo *hic* a fight! me play too! *hic* *fires a Kiama at DS, he's drunk remember?*

[DeathStar] OUF!1

* DeathStar crashes into shelves of liquor

* Blackjack places a hand over his face. 1"YEEAAAAHHHH!!!" Blackjack rushes at Lamnon, out of his mind with anger.

[Lamnon] NOO!!!!

* LightningStrike gets angery cause he hurts a friend and starts charging again

* Lamnon takes off in terror

* Blackjack draws back his katana and drives it into Lamnon's stomach

* LightningStrike Grabs lamon when he turns around .

[Lamnon] OUFFFFFFFFFffff.f....

* Garland starts to fire kiama's at any thing moving, then grabs a bottle of liquor and runs off

[Lamnon] Gagg.....Jargg....y?

* DeathStar shakes head and and looks in amazement

[DeathStar] He killed a CorSec agent?!  And a FRIEND..

* Blackjack draws his blood-soaked katana back, only halfway believing what he just did

* Garland trips and is cut by the broken glass, which is coverd in beer/liquor

[Lamnon] ......*dies*

*** Lamnon has quit IRC (Leaving)

[Blackjack] I... I... shit!

* LightningStrike lets Lamnon fall to ground 

* DeathStar runs up to BJ. "JARED..."

[LightningStrike] I guess I should have let him run ??

[Blackjack] Leave me alone!

[DeathStar] .....

* Blackjack runs in the direction of the hangar

[X1] .....Oh dear...

[X1] Blood on the new carpet damnit

[LightningStrike] Jared, you can't run from it !!!

* Garland gets up, bleeding and cut up, and REALLY drunk

* DeathStar looks at X1 in amazement

[X1] A joke, chief...

* DeathStar looks back at BJ

* LightningStrike bolts after jarred

[Garland] hey.... *hic, hic* people sleepn!

[DeathStar] Let him be...he had a friend to attend to...

* DeathStar walks by and cracks Garland upside the head

[LightningStrike] He is not heading toward the infirmiry DS the hanger the hanger !!


[LightningStrike] Oh thought he took him to the infirmery 

* DeathStar runs after them and arrives in the hanger, seconds after Chris passes away, saying something to Jared

* Garland punches DS

[Garland] trade licks!? *hic

[Blackjack] NOOO!!!

* X1 walks up too

[X1] .......

* Blackjack bends double, crying loudly

* LightningStrike does Limit on garland knocking him out and doing some odd AP number :)

[DeathStar] ....*Reaches out hand, but stops halfway*

* Garland flys back into a wall, just sits there giggling and mummbling things

[DeathStar] I...uh...Jared...?

* Blackjack mumbles just loud enough for everyone to hear, 1"This is impossible... My childhood friend, caught in the crossfire..."

[DeathStar] .....*turns away and stops in front of LS* .....Maybe I was wrong...about CorSec...but only before it was too late...and by then Jared was hurt..

* DeathStar walks slowly off, passing X1

* Blackjack continues, 1"And... and I killed Danny..."

[Blackjack] NRP: I mean Drew.

[LightningStrike] No one was wrong or right about CorSec DS, it is like any organization, it has good and bad in it.

* Daniel is in the cells, far below them

[X1] ...

* X1 turns away, not a joke on his lip, and leaves

[LightningStrike] Daniel is still alive Jarred

* Blackjack slowly stands. 1"Don't tempt me, Lightning Strike."

* Garland tries to get upand follow X1

[LightningStrike] No I mean, at least not everyone died, maybe all this killing will convince him to stop.

[Garland] upand= stand.

[LightningStrike] Maybe chris's death will mean more than just an end of a life, we gotta make this a new begining.

[LightningStrike] Can't let him die in vain.

* Blackjack places his hand over his eye. 1"Maybe you're right..."

* Garland trys to walk back to HQ, pueking up whatever he has in his stomach every few steps

* Blackjack slowly starts to walk away. 1"I'm going to the infirmary... If anybody needs me..."

[LightningStrike] Ok

* LightningStrike calls a med team in to take Chris to the morg (on comm)

* Blackjack winces. 1"Damn it, these tears aren't doing any good for this cut..."

* LightningStrike catches up with BJ 

[LightningStrike] I think we should have a wake, you do know what that is right ??

* Garland collapses at a corner from being drunk.

[Blackjack] I'm not sure...

[LightningStrike] You celebrate what was good about the pearson who died, you celebrate there life, and your memorys of them. It is an irish tradition.

[Garland] *hic*

* LightningStrike stops by a drink replicator 

* LightningStrike Orders up a number 22

* LightningStrike hands it to BJ

* Blackjack snickers. "I'm not Irish, but I like the idea... After I get this cut attended to, we'll see what we can do."  Blackjack smiles. "Maybe this is a new beginning after all..."

[DeathStar] can be heard yelling from far below where Garland last was.  "YOU SPENT 2000 DOLLARS?!"

"Comin' right up!" he yelled back, and made the drink. "You're lucky, you know?" he said after giving Blackjack his drink. "Got away from all of this with no injuries but that patch," he continued, indicating the eyepatch on Blackjack's right eye.

"Yeah, and the doc said it's only temporary," Blackjack responded. "I'll be glad to get rid of it. He said I'll probably be scarred for life, though..." The two's attention was suddenly drawn to a loud crash on the other side of the bar. Nova went to attend to it. Blackjack heard, "Damn it Garland! How many times have a told you to stay out of here!" from Nova. "Hehe... *hic* hi Mr. Nova... *hic* Want an adult soda?" Garland's voice said. Blackjack rolled his eyes, and turned his attention back to the daiquari.

It's strange how things can turn out... he thought. Three of my old friends, including a childhood friend... Blackjack kept his sob under control, ...are sent to bring me back to CorSec, and now two of them are dead and one is in jail... Blackjack sipped his drink.

Even with Drew dead by my hand... I feel like I did the right thing. After all, Chris said that he'd always be there for me... Blackjack finished his drink, and placed the money for it next to the empty glass. He stood up, and walked out of the bar. Maybe Lightning Strike was right... Maybe this is a new beginning... Maybe I can... He was pulled from his thoughts by a familiar voice.

"How're you doing, Jared?" Death Star asked slowly.

"I'm... doing fine... Just wondering about my future," Blackjack responded.

"Jared, I know how it feels to kill your friends. I'm sorry..." Death Star said, reminding Blackjack that he too was in CorSec for a while.

"I think... maybe Lightning Strike is right. To... to think of this as a new beginning..." Blackjack paused. "...Chris talked to me earlier... He helped me to understand my past. I... I can't run from it... I must face it. I am Jared Timothy Carter, sergeant of Maverick Hunter. It's time to live my life to the fullest!" Death Star smiled.

"That's good, Jared. You've finally learned. Just remember, we're all here for you," Death Star told Blackjack. Blackjack snickered.

"Blackjack! Win goes to the dealer!"