Mission 80: Infinity and Beyond Part 2


The Maverick Hunters were contacted by a mysterous person called Fade. Fade wanted a scan of them all so he can create a newer version of Reploids called Mk.2. The Hunters naturally refused so he asked to send someone to monitor them. Death Star agreed, hoping to capture this person and learn more about Fade's plan. Once Shell came aboard, they led him to 'Wiendigo's room' which was really a cell. He and Dominator tackled him into the cell and locked him, questioning him as to who Fade was. They learned he ran a company called Infinity Inc., but Dath came in and recognized Shell, the two battling it out. Death Star, getting out of his hoverchair and walking again, stopped the two and forced Shell to leave and had Dath stunned for the time being. However, after Dath arrived in the MedBay a small cube landed in there....
Session Start: Sat Jun 05 22:17:54 1999
* GM Location: MedBay
* GM Time: A few minutes later
* Dominator is currently walking toward the medbay
[Arono] nrp:when ios that?i never was in last serssion...and are we in the base?
* Dath lies on a table half unconscious
* Garland walks in from his room
[Dath] NRP: Yes, we on on the base
*** Log is now known as DeathStar
* Arono walks in looking tired"whys evryone hanging around here in the medical place?"
* DeathStar walks towards his room
* Dominator passes by the med-bay and walks in
* Regulus looks at Arono
* Dath sensors show he is suffering from high levels of stress
* Garland rubs the sleep out of his eyes and decides to follow Dom
[Preacher] We're here because we were invaded, to a certain extent
* Arono guesses he meditated threw the hole thing
[Dominator] Hello, Garland... You missed an... interesting... incident that ended only about ten minutes ago
* AceHunter walks into the MedBay tossing a grenade from hand to hand
[Dominator] That's an overly dramatic way of putting it, Preacher
[Garland] Huh? *yawn* I was asleep!
* Arono looks at the granade
* Dath groans and rolls over on his side
[Arono] what are you planning on doin with that thing?
[Regulus] ň_o Hey AH, be careful with that grenade, we're in the MedBay.
* Dominator glances at Dath
* DeathStar enters the code to his room and enters it
* AceHunter notices the small cube on the MedBay floor and picks it up
* Arono is puzzled at what all the equepment is for.....why in his day..blahblahblahblah
[AceHunter] Hey, fellars, any idea what this is?
* Garland decides to practice his swordsmanship, so he goes into his room to get his sword, which the room is never locked.
* DeathStar tries to keep his entire right arm from shaking
[Dominator] ... After he's healed and out of the med-bay, I'm not sure what we should do with him... He attacked Shell... (last mission)
[Arono] what what is?
[Regulus] This is a grenade, AH.
[AceHunter] This cube
* Dominator turns to AH and looks at what he's saying to look at
[Regulus] Ah.
[Dominator] Hmm... Where did you fin dhtat?
* Garland walks out with his sword on his back
[AceHunter] It was just laying on the floor
[Garland] So..... what'er you guys talking about?
* Arono looks at the sword"thats a nice blade"
[Dominator] ... *looks at it (description?)*
* GM it appears to be a data storage cube of some sort
[Garland] Thanx, me and my mom made it from my old one.
[Preacher] NRP: Andross' TRUE FORM!!!
[Dominator] Data cube, maybe... Lets try it out on the computer.
[Dominator] NRP: ?
[Preacher] NRP: Uh, starfox . . . never mind
* DeathStar finishes doing whatever he's doing and leaves his room and slowly walks down the hallways
[AceHunter] Do we have a link to the computer in MedBay?
[Dominator] Yes... *points to a partailly seal-off from the rest of the room computer port*
* Garland walks out of the room and into the recreational room, and slashes at the air as practice
* Dominator walks over there, motioning for AH to follow
[Arono] i dont know how you ppl can live with those things...
* DeathStar heads into the control room and sits down, typing at the master computer
* AceHunter follows Dominator and hands him the cube
[Regulus] Arono, I don't know how you lived WITHOUT those things.
* Dominator puts the cube on the computer data port, and tries to check for data on it
* Regulus follows AH
[DeathStar] Comm: I don't know how he lived period.  Now shut off your comm. link Arono
* Garland is suddenly tackled, to his surprize, by Sharlena, who was watching TV
[Arono] it was easy enough for me...
[GM] Computer: A holographic message is contained on the cube
[Arono] NRP:?
[Dominator] A message... Lets take this too the control room. *takes the cube and walks up to the control room, motionign for AH to foolow*
* Arono looks at the hologram
* AceHunter follows
[Dominator] NRP: Hologram isn't playing yet...
* Preacher marches off
* Dominator arrives at the control room and enters
* Arono doesnt then
* DeathStar hears stuff over the comm. link and flips the Master Computer to show him the data from the computer terminal that the cube was put in
* Arono walks out and looks around the base
[Garland] Ow........*gets up, Sharlena follows Garland around*
[Preacher] NRP: Sharlena?
* Dominator walks over to the computer and puts the cube in, trying to play the message
* AceHunter enters the control room behind Dominator
*** Fade (shadezader@ts005d44.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[Garland] NRP: Garland's daughter.
* DeathStar stops the connection to the other computer since it's in front of him now
* Fade a shadowy form appears in the middle of the room, the form flickers and loses resolution on occasion, indicating a less than perfect holographic projection.
* Fade figure is cloaked in a simple brown trenchcoat. The right side of his face appears to be that of a young man, but the left side is shadowed. Only an eerily yellow-glowing eye can be seen from that side.
* Arono sticks his head inside his room and is confused how schooler can figure out a laptop
[Dominator] A recording of Fade...
[Fade] Greetings again hunters
[Arono] schooler what are you doing?
[Dominator] NRP: This is a recording right?
[Arono] [schooler]playing video games!=D
[GM] NRP: Yes
[DeathStar] Oh, look, it's Shade boy...
[Dominator] Apparently he wanted us to find this...
[Fade] Since our last encounter, I decided to record this so I wouldn't be interupted quite as often
[DeathStar] You don't think, Dominator.....
[DeathStar] Oh, now there goes all the fun in life...
* Garland walks into the room with the other hunters closely followed by Sharlena
[Fade] Aparently, you insist on antagonizing me
*** Sharlena (Lobo@ip4.greenville3.sc.pub-ip.psi.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar decides not to answer the recording
[Fade] My observer was harrased and imprisoned
* Arono walks into the controll room with schooler on his shoulder
* Garland watches the recording
* Dominator watches
* Arono watches whatever evryone elsed is looking at
[DeathStar] NRP: *watches Baywatch*
* Regulus watches.
* Sharlena suddenly jumps around Dominator
[Preacher] NRP: *watches canned ham for Austin Powers*
[Fade] Due to circumstances surrounding the insident I am willing to overlook the insult if the man known as Dath is released into MY custity
* Dominator looks at Sharlena
[Garland] Sharlena, leave him alone!
[Regulus] *Yawn*
[Sharlena] Dom: Who are Yoooooou?
[DeathStar] Into his custity?  Like hell.
[Dominator] I'm Dominator
[Fade] I await your responce, send the message to EarthGov offices under the name of Shade
[Preacher] NRP: custody
[Fade] Message ends
*** Fade (shadezader@ts005d44.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw
* Sharlena smiles and hugs Dominator, but being so short, ends up hugging his leg
[Arono] who was that?
[Dominator] ... Apparently this Dath has history with Shade and Fade, and since Dath went into a frenzy against Shell, it probably isn't a good histoyr
[GM] NRP: Shade=Fade
[Preacher] Why on Earth would we give him custody?  What exactly is he threatening us with?
[Dominator] A supposed scientist named Fade.
* Garland walks up to Dominator "Uh.... excuse her..."
[Preacher] NRP: Fade and Fade?
[Dominator] Uh, all right... Hello... SHarlena...
[Regulus] hm.
[AceHunter] So what do you fellers want to do about the message
[DeathStar] I say ignore it.
[Dominator] I think we should speak with Dath about this. Find out what exactly is going on, from his poitn of view at least
* Garland takes Sharlena into the next room, and puts her infront of the TV and walks back in.
[Preacher] Nothing
[Sharlena] TV!
*** Sharlena has quit IRC ([[-NE][GEN·ACiDMAX-]] ©1998, KnightFal http://nexgen.htonline.com)
[Arono] does it pose a threat to us?
[Regulus] Hm.
[DeathStar] When I came in here I began to search all the data I could on Infinity Inc.
[Dominator] And?
* Dath In MedBay Dath's eyes blink open and he tries to sit up, finds the room is spinning too much and decides to stay in the horizontal position.
[Dominator] What did you find?
* DeathStar brings the data back up
* Dominator looks it over
[DeathStar] They were responcible for multiple biological and technological developments including the Hyper drug
[Dominator] Hyper... How is it Hyper came in the maverick's hands then?
[DeathStar] In a mission against CorSec trains it was stolen by some Mavericks
* Arono is starting to loose his british accent
[Garland] Hyper? Dont mention that crap around me
[DeathStar] It was when Turbo was leading the team or something.
[Regulus] hm/
[Dominator] So, Infinity developed Hyper for COrsec?
[DeathStar] It seems so.  Not charming, eh?
[Preacher] NRP: *Steals british accent and uses it for EVIL!!*
[Regulus] NRP: Gotta go.
[Preacher] NRP: Bye
[Arono] NRP:what the heck?give me back my accent!
*** Regulus (ask.me@maxT1005-jfa.jfa.nutecnet.com.br) has left #TAW (teleports away.)
* Dath rolls of the MedTable and wanders out of MedBay
[DeathStar] I think we should talk to Dath.  Learn what he knows.
[Dominator] Infinity is likely Fade's corporation then... Or at least Fade works or it
* DeathStar stands up, holding his head suddenly
[Dominator] Like I said
[Garland] DeathStar?
[DeathStar] Li-Like I said, lets talk to him
* Dominator uses comm, 1"Dominator to Medbay, what is the status of the patient Dath?"
[Dominator] Death Star, are you all right? Perhaps you should rest...
[GM] comm: Dath has left medbay
[Dominator] What?
[Dominator] Computer, locate Dath
[DeathStar] You let him go?!  I told you to watch him!
[Arono] should i go find him?
* DeathStar jumps off the Master Computer deck ramp and runs out of the room
[GM] Computer: Dath is in the main hanger
[Dominator] To the hanger... *goes to the hanger*
* DeathStar arrives in the hanger a few moments later
[Dominator] He might be trying to leave... *starts running faster*
[Garland] .......*grips the hilt of his sword*
* Arono rubs his diamond disioperes and reaperes in the hanger
* Dath is trying to figure out the controls on a shuttle
* Dominator arrives after DS
* Garland teleports to the hangar
[Preacher] Is there any way to seal off the hangar?
* AceHunter enters the hanger running
[Dominator] Dath, halt!
* Arono looks at daths shuttle
[Preacher] Must we always run everywhere?
[DeathStar] Comm: Hunter Tower, throw the hanger bay shields up, NOW!
[Dominator] When time is of the esence, yes.
* Dath presses a button, turning on the shuttles windshield wipers
* DeathStar jumps on the shuttle
* Arono does to,landing on the nose
[Garland] ..... Even I can fly the shuttle.
* Arono crawls to the doors
* AceHunter presses another activating the coffee maker
* Garland walks onto the shuttle
* Arono trys to open them
* DeathStar takes saber out and prys the door open
* Dath presses another activating the coffee maker
[Dominator] NRP: I think the ramp is down Garland
[Dominator] NRP: er up
* Arono jumps in and grabs dath
[Arono] your goin out
[Dominator] Don't harm him Arono
[Garland] NRP: uh.... right.... the me teleport on.
[Dath] Gotta find Darien
* DeathStar swings in and lands behind Dath
* Arono pushes him towards the door
[DeathStar] Easy now fellow, we'll find him.  But first you need to explain to us Infinity Incs.
[Dominator] NRP: *wonders why DS and Arono opted for a more dramatic enterance, at the expense of the shuttle, then teleportation*
[DeathStar] NRP: We haven't done anything dramatic in a long time?
* Arono pushes him out on the wing
* Dominator enters the shuttle and moves by ds and Dath
* Dath glares at DS, his eye flickering green
* Garland glares at Dath
* Arono drags dath opff the wing onto the floor
* Dath sighs and sits back in the chair
[DeathStar] Don't give me that look, or I'll hold you for trying to steal out shuttle.
[Dominator] Dath, we'd like to ask  you some questions... about Infinity Inc.
*** Cheryl (Jager@CDR6-108.accesscable.net) has joined #taw
[Arono] nrp:i draged dath onto the floor
[Dath] Whatcha wanna know?
* Dominator sits down in another chair
[Dominator] Well, why is it they want you?
[DeathStar] Who.  What.  Why.  How.  When.  You know, the basics.
[Dominator] And why is it you attacked Shell?
[Cheryl] NRP: Where is this?
[Dath] Usetabe I worked for them
[DeathStar] NRP: Hanger
[Dominator] NRP: A shuttle in the hanger bay
[Arono] nrp:and hes ignoring that i did it
[Dath] Shell works for them
* Cheryl walks in unnoticed.
[Garland] NRP: I'm watching June Bugs if I seem distant
[Dath] NRP: Sorry
[DeathStar] So we noticed for ourselves.
[Dominator] And I presume you don't work for them anymore... There most be a reason beyond that since they want you back
[Arono] nrp:LAG!
* Garland notices Cheryl
[Garland] Hi.
[DeathStar] Okay and what is Darien's connection in all this?
[Dath] Darien, prob'ly
[Dominator] What do you mean?
[Cheryl] Hey Garland, what's going on down here?
[Dath] Darien's one of their experiments... and my son
[Garland] Dath here, is off his noggin, from what I get.
[DeathStar] I see.
* Arono wounders why daths in the shuttle when he draged him outside
* Dath had reentered the shuttle
* DeathStar wonders if Arono steps back any further would he fall in that hole
[Dominator] ... But, you don't know where Darien is?
* Arono wounders what hole,since hes laged to hell and back
[Dath] That's what I tryin' ta find out from Shell
[DeathStar] And where is Shell?
[Dominator] I see... You think Shell and Infinity Inc. have something to do with Darien's disapearence?
[Preacher] Obviously, that's why he attacked
[Dath] He admitted to havin' something to do with at an' I don't know where Shell is... any' he wants to I guess
* Garland balances the Gospel Sword in his finger, in boredom
[Dominator] So, where were you going to go with this shuttle?
[DeathStar] And how do you plan on finding Darien and Shell with this shuttle?
* Arono looks at garland"you keep doin it that way iand it will fall in no time"
* Dath search 'da nearer bases, Shell has a limited download distance
[Garland] Wasn't Darien that kid I kept calling my "replacement kid" when you guys found him?
[DeathStar] I see.  Okay, gang, to the Avenger.
[Arono] again?i hate that thing!
[Garland] Arono.... it hasn't fallen yet. *the tip of the sword if on the tip of his index finger
* Arono walks towards the avenger
* Dath runs to the Avenger and sits in the copilot seat
[Dominator] Do we take Dath, DS?
[DeathStar] Of course.
* Dominator enters the Avenger and sits at the weapons consol
* DeathStar heads and enters the Avenger, sitting down at the pilot's seat, suddenly hesitating oer the controls
* AceHunter finds a nearby seat in the Avenger
[Dominator] Dath, you'd better let DS pilot
[Arono] no but your look how its wabling
* Garland jumps onto the avenger and sits in *his* seat
* Cheryl takes her usual seat near the front
[Dath] I'll jus' point out directions
* Arono grabs the top of the door and swings in
[DeathStar] ...*looks around the control panel*
[Cheryl] I'm not going to pretend to know what's going on here...
* Arono sets in a seat
* Dominator glances at DS, 1"DS? .. Want me to pilot??"
* DeathStar looks up
[DeathStar] What?  Of course not.
[Garland] Arono.... are trying to say you could do better?
[Arono] darn right
[Dominator] ... All right... What's wrong?
* DeathStar hesistates and pulls a switch and the ramp closes in to make a door
* Arono takes out the darksabre than glances at garland
[Dath] 'dere closest bases is hidden in 'da rings 'o Saturn
[DeathStar] See?  Know what I'm doing....
* Garland grins at the competitiion.
[Dominator] In the rings of Saturn? ... They have a space statioN?
[Arono] i cant do it with this sword though
* DeathStar hesistates again
* Arono points to the blade witch is dancing with energy
[Garland] Fine, use mine, be careful it's heavy *laughs*
[Arono] see what i mean?
* Dath shakes his head, 1"More than one"
[Cheryl] Here, use this then
* Dominator looks back to see if everyone is buckled in
* Arono puts his sword back and takes garlands
* Cheryl hands Arono her pheonix blade
* DeathStar pulls a switch and the Avenger begins to back up, grinding the floor
[Arono] not too heavy...ive handled heavyer
* Garland Arono notices it's extreemly heavy*
[Dominator] I see.
[Garland] NRP: *cough*
* DeathStar flips a knob and the Avenger rises up into the air, still going backwards
[Dominator] ...! DS?!
* Arono is used to being rugged,hes stronger than normal
[DeathStar] I know!  I know!  I think...
[Arono] uh...
[Cheryl] NRP: Heh, try BlackBlayde's sword Arono _
[Arono] this is why i hate this thing!
* Dominator hits a button and the ship starts flying forward
* DeathStar pushes the old switch forward and the Avenger jerks forward, 5 inches from the wall
[Garland] Bah, it's not so bad.
[Arono] nrp:now that would be heavy!
* DeathStar remembers something
[DeathStar] Did I order the Hanger Shields up?
[Garland] NRP: heh
* DeathStar glances at Dom
[Preacher] Indeed you did
[Garland] Yeah
[Dominator] ... Yes you did
[DeathStar] Oh....shit.  Forgot.
[Cheryl] NRP: *Can't picture Arono lifting that sword*
[Preacher] But nobody was in the control room to do that . . .
* Arono balances the sword on his pinky,......it is so still it doesnt evan wabble
* DeathStar the Avenger goes at top speed towards the shields
* Dominator grabs comm, 1"Avenger to Hunter Tower, lower the hanger shields!"
[Arono] whoa!
[DeathStar] Impact in 2...
[DeathStar] 1...
[DeathStar] 0...
[GM] COmm: Roger
* DeathStar flies on through space
[Arono] SH**!
* Cheryl holds on.
* Dominator breaths out, 1"That was much too close..."
* Garland grabs his heart, in shock
* DeathStar flies towards Satarn, shaken up
* Arono glances at his pinky........the sword is still ballanced and not wabbling at all
[Garland] GAAHHH........ NEVER do that again!
[Arono] now thats what you call balance garland......
* Dominator considers asking DS again if he wants him to fly, but decides against it
[DeathStar] Alright, UO, I won't..
[Dominator] NRP: UO?
[DeathStar] NRP: Yep
* DeathStar arrives at Saturn and scans the rings
[Cheryl] No Arono, this is how you do it
[Garland] Oh..... Arono, thats nice, but how about thi--- What did you call me DeathStar?
* Arono lets the sword fall off his pinky and grabs in a stabbing position
[DeathStar] Huh?  What did I call you what Garland?
[Garland] Uh... nothing.....
* Arono hands it to garland
* Cheryl balances her phoenix blade on the tip of her finger
[DeathStar] NRP: *balances the Avenger on his pinky
[Preacher] NRP: *Balances his own pointy head on his finger
* Arono looks at cheryl
[Cheryl] NRP: Doesn't count, it's not a sword ;)
* GM the sensors pick up a small base just as the comm crackels open with a message
* Dominator looks out into space as they pass planets
* Dominator answers it
[GM] Comm: You are entering 'airspace' restricted to Infinity, Inc. personel only by EarthGov edict 957
* Garland balances the tip of the blade (good 100 lbs sword), on his nose
[Arono] thats pretty good.....bet you couldnt do that when we were goin backwords
* Garland and it dont wabble
* DeathStar flips comm. off
[GM] Comm: Adjust you course
[Dominator] DS... Should I tell them we're the Hunters
[Garland] Same as forwards.
* Cheryl falls as the ship rocks a bit, the sword not even moving.
[DeathStar] It wouldn't matter, probably.  Unless you would like to look up EarthGov Edict 957.
[Arono] you are truly 1 with your sword garland,,,,you will go a long way
[Preacher] Hmph.  To where?  Where the hell else would we be going?
[Cheryl] Um, oops?
* Garland jumps and the sword flies up, and it lands in his sheith on his back
* GM another message is being sent
[Dominator] We can force them to admit us, I believe... That's edict 87-... I forgot the rezt
[DeathStar] I wish those idiots in the back would STOP being macho...
[Arono] thats nothing
[Garland] I like to practice.
* Dominator listens to the comm message
* Cheryl plucks her sword from mid air and lets it vanish
* AceHunter shakes his head at the others
* Garland walks next to DS's seat
[Cheryl] Heh heh... I guess that was cheating, right?
[Dominator] Everyone, sit down...
[GM] If you do not adjust course we are authorized to open fire
[Garland] What'd you say? *smiling*
* Arono flips his sword out,it spins in the air then comes down in his sheeth too
* DeathStar notices the Avenger is rocketing due to everyone doing stuff
* Dominator glances at DS
[Arono] man!yall settle down!
[Dominator] Do we say anything yet, DS?
[DeathStar] Raise the shields
[Arono] i hate these rides!
[Dominator] You're going to attack them?!
* GM a few warning shots are fired from the base
[DeathStar] Dath, send them a message saying that we're from the Hunter and to stand by for boarding by Edict 136
* DeathStar rolls out of the way
[DeathStar] Raise the shields.
[Dominator] ... Shouldn't a Hunter do that DS?
[DeathStar] Dath's at the comm. link
[Dath] How does the comm work?
* DeathStar curses
[DeathStar] Someone sit at Dath's seat...
* Dominator moves over to the link and sends the mssage himself
* DeathStar hopes they won't realie Edict 136 has to do with farming
[Garland] NRP: Mesa think it's betta to die in battle than in spaece!
[GM] Comm: Edict 136?  What does farming regulation have to do with this?
[Preacher] NRP: what about a space battle? :P
[DeathStar] Damn. There goes that idea.  Tell them we're the Hunters and we're just telling a joke.
[Dominator] I said edict 875
[Dominator] That was a.. joke
[DeathStar] Edict 875?!  Oooooboy.
[DeathStar] We're in for it now
* GM fires a direct shot at Avenger dropping it's shields to half
[Dominator] What? THat's the regulation I was talking about.. right?
[Garland] NRP: de gawds! what is mesa saying! spaece battles are gewd.
[DeathStar] No it wasn't...
[Dominator] What was it?!
[GM] Comm: Divert your... sorry about that Hunters, come on it
* GM firing stops
[DeathStar] Telling them how to deal with enemies...
[Dominator] Roger that
* DeathStar would whack Dom right now
[DeathStar] You're SOOOOO lucky
[GM] Comm: I hope you brought Dath with you
[Garland] Hey Dominator, your lucky to be lucky!
[Cheryl] I think Ariel was right to take some time off...
[Dominator] Sorry... You're the one who gave me the farming regulation
[Preacher] How to deal with enemies?  Kill them?
[Garland] errr.... I'd best keep quiet.
* Arono killing enemies is good...
[Arono]  killing enemies is good...
[Dath] 'ey mind if I stay on 'da shuttle??
* DeathStar keeps flying slowly
[DeathStar] Why, but Dath, you don't want to play the bait?
* Dath looks at DS like he's crazy
[DeathStar] NRP: Which he is..
* DeathStar arrives at the base
* Arono takes out his sword and twirls it around gracefully
[Dominator] NRP: LOL
[Garland] Dath why do you want to stay on the shuttle]
* DeathStar pulls the Avenger closer
[Dath] I don't like the sound 'o that voice
[Dominator] I see...
* DeathStar changes voice to sound like a girl
* GM the base's hanger bays open
[DeathStar] Whyyyyy, buuuut Daaaath, youuuu don't want to playyyyy the baaaait?
[Dath] I mean on the comm
* Dominator rolls eyes at DFS
[Garland] Uh......
[Dominator] NRP: er, DS
* DeathStar flies into the hanger and stops
* Cheryl bonks DS for be such an utter moron.
* DeathStar grabs Cheryl's fist
[DeathStar] Don't try it
* DeathStar mutters
[Arono] cheryl,its not nice to hit your cammanding officer
[DeathStar] Can't wait to get home to talk to Iceheart.
* GM the hanger bay doors close, locking the Avenger inside
[Cheryl] ?
* Dominator looks at DS
[Cheryl] Oh, forgot again...
[Dominator] What?
* Garland pats DS on the shoulder, "You do remember that........Icehearts...?"
* DeathStar glances at the screen
* Cheryl sighs
[DeathStar] We're locked in.  *turns to Gar* In love with me?  Of course I know that
[Cheryl] My memory is going again =P
[Preacher] SHouldn't we be worried that we're trapped?
[Garland] Uh....... Thats's not what I was gonna say....
[DeathStar] Not unless a 100 robots with guns come walking in the hanger..
[Dominator] We probably are...
[Arono] we gonna get out or what?
* DeathStar lowers rmap
[DeathStar] Help yourselves.
[Dominator] But, lets hope for the best...
* GM a small door opens at the far side of the hanger
* DeathStar sees his hand tremble
* DeathStar slaps it down on the control panel
[Garland] *wispers to Dom* He's under a lot of stress, I think we should all let him think what he's thinking, it's probably best for him.
* Dath finds a seat and hides behind it
[Dominator] For right now at least...
[Dominator] NRP: Well, I have to go for a bit, see you
[Preacher] NRP: bye
[Cheryl] *Quietly to Garland* The virus didn't help him much either =P
[DeathStar] NRP: Do'h
* Dath slips on his ring
[Cheryl] NRP: C'ya
[DeathStar] NRP: The virus is still with him
* AceHunter walks out of the shuttle
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@ttyD2e.redding.snowcrest.net) has left #taw (is dragged off)
[Arono] nrp:what ever happened to mavricks?
[Garland] Virus? *remembers* Oh yeah.....
[DeathStar] NRP: They're hiding
[Arono] nrp:oh
* Preacher looks at the door that opened
[Garland] I wonder why My uncle didnt detect it when he fixed him up......
* DeathStar looks at the screen on the control panel
[DeathStar] So, that new guy is the only one getting out?
[Cheryl] That whole day was a little wierd for me...
* DeathStar face darkens
* Preacher walks out of the shuttle
* Garland jumps off and his armor appears
[GM] Loudspeakers: Come out, Hunters
[DeathStar] That reminds me, I need to talk to Shadow Knight next time I see him
[Arono] nrp:i gatta go take a DUMP!NOW!THE PAIN!
* Cheryl shakes her head, then follows the others
[DeathStar] NRP: *gags* I didn't want to know that
* Arono jumps ut of the suttle
[Garland] NRP: No one did......
* DeathStar stays in the shuttle, zoned out
[Preacher] NRP: uh . . .
[Arono] nrp:can can somone freakin pause???
* Garland walks DS out of the shuttle
* DeathStar wakes uo
[Cheryl] NRP: no
[DeathStar] What are you doing Garland...?
[GM] NRP: We'll just assume you're with us, Arono
[Garland] You need to get out of the shuttle so....
[Arono] nrp:ok
[DeathStar] Uh huh.
*** Arono is now known as Arono-away
[GM] Loudspeaker: All of you!
[DeathStar] You know, I haven't heard from Lightning Strike in awhile.
* DeathStar glances at the Loudspeaker
[DeathStar] Oh, shut up, I'm thinking!!!
[GM] Loudspeaker: Come out with your weapons down
* DeathStar twirls sabre
[Preacher] Would they take it as an offensive action if I killed the loudspeaker?
* Cheryl shrugs
[DeathStar] I will not lower my weapons until I see your weapons are lowered.
[Cheryl] Weapons?  What weapons?
* Dath walks slowly out of the shuttle, shaking
* DeathStar glances at Dath
[DeathStar] Hey, Bob, get back in there!
* DeathStar smiles at the loudspeaker
[DeathStar] Ignore Bob here...
* DeathStar shoves Dath back in
[Dath] ...can't... must...
* DeathStar begins to walk across the floor, saber in hand
[Garland] DeathStar, let him...
[DeathStar] Alllright, so, Shelly, are you here?
[Garland] He's a father like I am, he's worried about his child.
[Preacher] *whispers to DeathStar* Shouldn't we knock him out or something?
* DeathStar is getting closer to the door
*** Arono-away is now known as Arono
* Dath walks out of the shuttle again and toward the open door
[Garland] Shelly?????
[Arono] nrp:whats goin on?
[DeathStar] Or am I liking and the big ham himself is onboad?
[GM] NRP: they group is still in the hanger
* DeathStar is now 3/4 fo the way
* Preacher grabs Dath
* DeathStar twirls sabre
[Arono] action walks around as if scouting the hanger out
* Preacher shoves him back to the shuttle
[GM] ...gotta...can't...
* Arono walks around as if scouting the hanger out
* DeathStar arrives at the door unhurt
[DeathStar] See?  Nothing happened.
[Dath] ..gotta...can't...
[Preacher] *whispers* If you go, you could endanger your son
* Dath begins walking toward the door again
[DeathStar] NRP: The GM and Dath have a serious sterio effect..
[Preacher] Is taht what you want to do?
[Garland] Preacher, he must do what he must.
* DeathStar glances in the door
* Dath his eyes are zoned as he keeps walking
[Dath] ...must...
[Garland] NRP: BRB
[Cheryl] Are you sure he's okay?
* Preacher releases Dath to his fate