Mission 80: Infinity and Beyond Part 3


The Hunters were contacted by an unknown person calling himself Fade, hoping to learn more about the reploids and take scans of them, to create a newer model called the Mk. 2. Sending Shell there to to monitor the Hunters, Death Star and Dominator captured him and learned more about the shadowy figures of Infinity Inc.

After Dath recovered, however, he led the Hunters to an Infinity Inc. base in the rings of Saturn where they landed to discover more on the disappearance of Darien. Upon at the base, however, Fade attempted to scan then for his Mk. 2 models but Dath vanished. The virus in Death Star began to wreck havoic on him and Shell temporarily managed to take it out before he sent the Hunters on their way back to their HQ to be quarintine from Dath. But the question is: what is Dath?

Session Start: Fri Jun 11 18:18:38 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
* GM Location: Avenger: Near the Infinity Inc. Base
* GM Time: A few minutes later
* Wiendigo suddenly appears at the hangar, landing a "barrowed" shuttle.
* Slash appears with crystal at his side
* Regulus teleports in
[Slash] NRP: BRB stupid mom wants stupid phone
* Ridge looks around at the people
* DeathStar flies the Avenger
* Ridge lands in Redwings
[DeathStar] You still haven't answered my question Shell
[Wiendigo] NRP: Scratch mine in that case...
* Dakota flew behind Ridge with jets
[Shell] And what was that?
[DeathStar] About Dath.
[Shell] What in particular?
[DeathStar] How can he be worse than a virus?
* DeathStar spots the base up ahead
* Wiendigo suddenly appears behind DS, coming out of some shadows
* Arono hums a mideival song
* Ridge digitizes out of Redwings
* Dakota lands nearby
* DeathStar lands in the hanger of the HQ
* Regulus looks at Wiendigo
* Cheryl taps her foot impatiently
[DeathStar] Hello Wiendigo
* Wiendigo glares back
[Wiendigo] Piss off.
[Shell] Remember this base is now under quarintine
[DeathStar] Yatta yatta, no it isn't until you tell me what Dath is
[Regulus] Boo.
* DeathStar flips the ramp open on the Avenger and the pops the side door open
* Shell sighs, 1"Project Foundation"
[Wiendigo] Go screw a lakbot blorgart.
*** Crystal has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Slash has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[DeathStar] Project Foundation will tell me something then?
* DeathStar hops out of the Avenger
* Arono gets out behind ds
* Wiendigo jumps off and stretches
[Dakota] *Montana is also parked near by
*** Regulus has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[AceHunter] No, he was the materpice of our Project Foundation
[Shell] No, he was the materpice of our Project Foundation
[Wiendigo] I never bloody want to be stuck on Earth again, EVER...
* Arono looks at the tank curously
[AceHunter] NRP: Oops
* AceHunter wanders off to his room
*** AceHunter has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Ridge] [Montana] Whatcha looking at?
[DeathStar] ...
[Arono] uh........*slants his head to the left*.....nothing
* Wiendigo takes out one of his infamous cigars
[Shell] Our project to see how far we could boost the human Psi ability
*** Slash (Eatmine@sktnsk01d051601239.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
* Arono walks off to the bar
*** Crystal (Eatmine@sktnsk01d051601239.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
* Cheryl finds herself wondering if Ariel has found anything yet...
[DeathStar] So, he was test experiment...
[Slash] NRP: back
[Dakota] So Ariel how are you today?
* GM base lights flicker
[Crystal] Whats that Slash?
[Cheryl] (NRP: Um, Dak, Ariel isn't even here...)
[Dakota] wait.... oh sorry Cheryl
* Slash looks up
[Slash] Humm.. thats odd..
[DeathStar] ?
[Dakota] (NRP: i know he got them mixed up)
[Slash] Dont know crystal
* Arono dont evan otice
[Cheryl] Someone messing with your head too Dak?
[Arono] notice
*** Shell has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[Dakota] uh.... heh
*** GM has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[DeathStar] X1 put a fish in the generator again!?
[Slash] AHHH
* DeathStar glances around
[Crystal] Mmm fried fish
*** Regulus (ask.me@ has joined #TAW
[Cheryl] I've got a bad feeling about this...
* Wiendigo crouches low to the ground, grinning eviler than usual
[DeathStar] NRP: fried pause
* Arono looks up taping his fingers on the bar
* Crystal shruggs and walks over to Cheryl, and begins chatting
* Wiendigo crouches near the ground, grinning eviler than usual.
[Slash] ..
* Slasher enters the bar and heads for a bar stool
[Slash] Wipe that stupid Grin off your face Wien...
[Arono] NRP:good god.....evryone run!weindigo is gonna kill us all!
* DeathStar sighs
* Slash orders his usual, a bottle of russian vodka
[Slasher] Hey Slash you poet and you don't know it
[DeathStar] If X1 tried to cook a fish on the generator again...
[Wiendigo] How 'bout I wipe that shitty face off of your skull, Slash?
[Cheryl] Slasher, PLEASE don't try to be smart _
[Slasher] That doesn't rhyme Wien
* Crystal turns and pulls up a stool next to Slash, then shoots a glare at Wien
[Slasher] Cheryl your talking about me here
* Shell shakes his head as he looks at the Hunters
* DeathStar doesn
* Arono looks at slash then looks strewight forword takin g a drink
[DeathStar] t even look at Wien
[Slash] Nahh, i got too much to live for windbag...
[Shell] I can't believe I wanted to observe you guys for any period of time
* Slash hugs Crystal
* Slasher orders a shot of whiskey and downs it
[Wiendigo] Pretty little tihng Slash, would be a shame if anything happened to her.
* Regulus looks back at Shell
* Wiendigo smirks
* GM lights flicker again
* DeathStar eyes darken as he remembers
[Slasher] Who the heck is that fool *points to shell*
[Cheryl] We need to change those lights...
* Crystal hugs back
[Regulus] Don't believe I want to be observed, Shell.
[Slasher] DS you forget to pay the bill again
[Slash] ..
* Slash looks around
[DeathStar] It's X1 I tell you
* Arono looks at the lights
[Regulus] ...
[Slash] Theres gotta be something wrong with that generator..
[Shell] Yes, I found that out last time I visited this place
[Slash] X1s probably attempting to make S'mores again..
[Regulus] Hm.
* DeathStar pages X1 to come up here
* Crystal laughs
[Wiendigo] I'd love to roast him over an open fire...
* Slasher gets up and looks around for no apparent reason
[Cheryl] If this doesn't stop, I'm giving X1 a piece of my mind...
[Slasher] Why not the whole thing Cheryl
*** Dath (shadezader@ts005d12.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
*** X1 (wiendigo@rc-146.netonecom.net) has joined #taw
* Crystal glares at Slasher
* Dath face suddenly appears on a computer screen
[Cheryl] Slasher... Shut up... -_-
[Crystal] Ignore him.. Slash told me all about him
[DeathStar] Dath!?
* X1 falls out of the venalation system
* Regulus looks at the computer screen
* X1 lands on top of DS
* Slash looks up from his now half empty bottle of Vodka to the computer screen
* DeathStar catches him
* Cheryl jumps back so X1 doesn't hit her, THEN notices Dath
* Regulus looks then at X1
[Slash] Whoa
[X1] Nice catch, ever play for the Yankees?
[Cheryl] What's going on here?
[DeathStar] The Hunter baseball team actually
* Arono looks at dath not looking suprised at all,just calm as heck
* DeathStar waits for Dath to speak
[Cheryl] ... we have a team?
[X1] Ohhhh, so YOU'RE the bonehead that cost us the annual pennet!
[Slasher] I hate Baseball
[Slash] I know..
[Regulus] ...
[X1] And baseball hates you
[Slash] Wasnt it you that ate teh Ball X1?
[Slasher] Good
[Dath] 'ello everyone, I'd like to go back to the Infinity Inc. station
[DeathStar] No, no, that wasn't me, that was Zero...
[X1] It was a foul ball I tell you!
[DeathStar] Then go...why tell US about it?
[Shell] No way!  We're not letting you near the place!
* Slasher bonks Shell
* Wiendigo slumps into a dark corner, watching everyone
[Slasher] Quiet you
[Dath] I need somebody to pilot the shuttle back there
* Slash Smacks Slasher
* Cheryl giggles
[DeathStar] Slasher, do that again and you'll be in the brig
[Regulus] -_o
[Slasher] OH sorry
[DeathStar] Where ARE you, Dath?
* Arono looks at dath silently
[Crystal] ..
* Slasher backs away from shell
[Dath] In the computer system
[Regulus] :P
[Slash] What are you doing in there?
[DeathStar] How the hell did you manage THAT?
[X1] Whoa, like to see Houdini pull off a trick like that!
[Crystal] ..
[Crystal] Slash, im not feeling so good... im gonna head back to my room
* Crystal blows a kiss and disappears out the door
* Cheryl shrugs it off
[Slasher] How can he be in the comp 
*** Crystal has quit IRC (walks down the hall to her room)
* Slasher trys to snatch the kiss
*** Shell has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[DeathStar] If Houdini could get out of his grave, I'D be impressed
* Wiendigo suddenly stands up
* Slash punches Slasher out
[Slasher] Ouch
*** GM has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* Wiendigo slips out the door stealthily
*** Dath has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[DeathStar] NRP: Not aGAIHN
* Cheryl bonks Slasher for be such an utter moron.
* Slasher hands the kiss to Slash 1"Sorry"
[Slash] ...
[DeathStar] I'll ask again, how did you manage THAT Dath?
[Dath] Simple, I demole-somethin'-or-rather into the comp system
[X1] Butter and alot of luck?
[Slasher] Why does everyone hit me, I'm not Justin 
* X1 smacks slasher
[Slash] You are a good replacement
* DeathStar sighs
[Slasher] D'oh
[Regulus] ...
[DeathStar] Tell me again why we're Hunters....
[DeathStar] Okay, I'll pilot you there
[Slash] ..
[Cheryl] ?
[Slasher] Can I come along?
[Slash] Where we going DS?
[X1] Because the tribe needs food, and we're the best at foreging
[Arono] nrp:dont bring up that name!youl make me cry!i get sentimental over my first chars
[DeathStar] I think it best if you guys stayed here
[Cheryl] You sure DS?
[Slash] (involintarily whispers) and do we get to kill something
* DeathStar holds head in slight pain
[Shell] You can't! This base is under quarintine
[Cheryl] By who?
[Regulus] O_o Are you alright, DS?
[DeathStar] So?  Do you suggest I let Dath run amuck in my computer systems?
* Dath the walls glow green and a blast knocks Shell off his feet
[X1] Oh, wait, you mean why we're MAVERICK Hunters, silly me!
[Shell] Ahhh
[Slash] What the hell?
[DeathStar] ....Dath...
[DeathStar] Knock that off.
[Cheryl] Dath, what do you intend to do once you get there?
[Slash] ...
[Slash] Dont make me go in there..
[Dath] Get me son back
* Arono looks at the wall calmly then at shell
[DeathStar] Meet me in the hanger, Dath
* DeathStar teleports to the hanger
* Shell gets back to his feet
* Slash warps to the hanger also
[Dath] 'dere already
[Slash] Where you go, I go...
* DeathStar gets into one of the smaller shuttles and powers it up
[DeathStar] Slash, STAY here
[Slash] ...
[Slash] Sorry boss, cant leave you out of my sight...
* Arono disiperes fallowing DS to the hanger
[DeathStar] This is a suicide mission....I know it.  Dath surely knows it.  Shell must know it.
* Shell downloads himself to the hanger and jumps in the shuttle
* Regulus looks at Slash
[Shell] You can't!
[DeathStar] That's an order Slash, don't make me angry....
[Slash] ....
[DeathStar] Slash, remove Shell from here....
[DeathStar] Dath, you in here?
* Arono looks at ds
* Slash picks up Shell and removes him from the hangerbay
* Dath face appears on the shuttle screen, 1"Yep"
[Arono] do i come with you sir?
[Slash] Listen DS, if you dont come back, there will be NOTHING holding me to the team.
* Cheryl sits on a stool, takes a sip of her drink, and ponders what to do next.
* DeathStar sees Arono is outside the shuttle and lifts off
[DeathStar] And a~way we go...
[Slasher] What the hell just happened
* DeathStar flies from the hanger, hoping Dath is in there
[Arono] ah ok.......
[Regulus] NRP: Wb
* Slash watches as they fly out
[Slash] ... Be careful...
* Arono disiperes and readperews behind ds"you didnt aswere me"
[Slasher] Oh no. I left my blankee in there
* Shell downloads off the base
*** Shell (shadezader@ts005d12.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw
[DeathStar] Arono, you have 3 secodns to get BACK in that hanger...
[Slash] Alright Team, now hes off the base im commander..
* Regulus sighs
[Arono] ok ok
[Slash] Were going after him
* Arono goes bacvk
[Slasher] PARTY!!!!
* Slash disappears to the Avenger
[Slash] Comm] Suit up and get your asses ready to move
[DeathStar] Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this
* Wiendigo reappers covered in blood
[Arono] hes in a bad mood today...
[Slasher] Or we could do that
* X1 pops out behind DS
[X1] BOO!
[DeathStar] GAH?!
[Slash] Comm] MOVE IT
* DeathStar grabs X1 and slams him into the wall
* Dath the air in the shuttle turns green
* Slash straps himself in the pilots seat
* Slasher heads for the hanger
* Arono jumps in the ship
* Slasher leaps into Slash's ship
[X1] Uh....yea team?
* DeathStar sighs and drops X1
[DeathStar] We're out of range of even your teleporting abilities NOW....
[Slash] Comm] I need shuttle clearence now
[DeathStar] Guess you're stuck with me and Dath,...*glances  at the green air*
* Arono gets into a seat and uses the seatbelt thistime
* Dath the green compresses into Dath's form in the copilot seat
[X1] Isn't that special?
* Slasher sits down and takes Co-Pilot
* Slash powers all burners up to max
[DeathStar] Just nice....*sits down, piloting in lost thought*
* Dath rubs his head
[DeathStar] Dath...where do you want to go again?
* Regulus jumps in the ship.
* Slash gets the authorization and opens the bay doors
[Slash] Everyone on?
[Arono] check
[Regulus] yeah.
[Dath] Back to the base in Saturn's rings
[Slasher] I think were missing Cheryl
[DeathStar] I thought so  *is nearing it now*
[Regulus] ...
[Wiendigo] To your grave , hopefully.
[Slash] [Comm] CHERYL
* DeathStar rubs head in pain
[GM] Comm] Turn back now shuttle, we're not going to let you on like last time
[DeathStar] Let me see, can't use the farming protocols this time.....
[X1] You know, asprin would do wonders for that
* Slash continues to fire the burners, with the clutch
[Slasher] I'll wait for her and catch up
[Slash] Alright..
[DeathStar] X1..it's the virus...nothing can stop it.
[DeathStar] X1, raise the shields....
* Slash locks down and rockets out of hte bay
* Slasher phases off the shuttle and into the hangar
[X1] Not even a spoonful of sugar?
* Dath a green field appears around the shuttle
[Regulus] O_o
* X1 raises his pants
* Slasher tries to find Cheryl
* DeathStar groans
* Regulus looks at the green field
* X1 now raises the shields
[Regulus] Hmph.
* GM base opens fire on the shuttle, but the shots are absorbed harmlessly
* Slash storms out of the hangerbay flying as fast as the supercharged avenger can go, barrel rolling
[Arono] ..
* DeathStar thanks his maker that he remembers how to fly again, thanks to Shell
[Slash] Comm] DS YOU hear me?
* DeathStar hears the comm and curses
[DeathStar] What the hell is he doing?!
[Dath] Fly in now!
* DeathStar flies in
[Slash] Comm] I take that as a yes..
* Wiendigo leans back, licking his teeth
* Slasher searches for Cheryl
[DeathStar] Into the rings of Saturn...leaps hope we're not smashed to bits
* Slash punches all shields and rerouts weaponry to engines
[Arono] i hate these rides,,,
[Slash] Comm] Listen DS, i dont care, im not leaving you to do this on your own
[DeathStar] Comm: Then we'll see each other in hell, won't we?
[X1] Never will you see a bigger hola-hoop...
[Slash] Comm] Been there, Done that
* DeathStar nears the base
[Wiendigo] As have I...
[DeathStar] Don't exclude me.
* Slash ignites a small portion of his hellfire around his fist
* GM Saturnbase fires on the Avenger
* Slash rolls and attempts to dodge the shtos
[DeathStar] Okay, Dath, suggestions on how to land in their hanger?
* Arono nrp:wounders how reploids went to hell,not sure if they have souls
[Slash] Stupid asswipes..
[Dath] Go through the door
[DeathStar] NRP: A matter of speech
* Slasher finds Cheryl
* Dath is concentraiting
[DeathStar] Ohhhh, so they're going to have their shields lowered JUST for us?
[X1] Very carefully?
[Slasher] Cheryl, we need to catch up to everyone else. 
* DeathStar flies at the door
* GM the hanger bay door is glowing green and opening
[Cheryl] Huh, what?
* Slasher runs off towards the hangar bay
* Slash keeps flying ot the Saturn base
* DeathStar flies through, scraping the roof of the shuttle some
* Slasher enters a shuttle
[Slash] Comm] Keep the doors open, im coming in..
[Regulus] -_-
[DeathStar] Comm: Like I have a CHOICE.
* Cheryl follows, but is a little out of it
* Dath keeps concentraiting
[X1] I'm so Not repainting this tihng!
* DeathStar flips a switch and powers down, landing
* Slash follows the Ion trail of DS's shuttle and lands a few minutes later
[DeathStar] Okay, Dath, don't suppose I can fly home now?
[X1] Do you know how hard it is to find Venusian Yellow these days???
* Slasher enters a shuttle
* Arono spins gun on his finger examining it
* Slasher starts it up
[DeathStar] X1...try playing 'Mute'.
[Slasher] Comm]Slash...come in...Slash
[Cheryl] Geez, can't you go any faster?
* Slash opens the hatch and motions everyone out
[Slash] Comm] What slasher?
[Slasher] We haven't lifted off
[X1] Hmm, don't know that one, but if you hum a few bars...
[Slasher] Comm]Where are you
* Regulus gets out
* Arono jumps out
* DeathStar stands up and flips his door open for Dath
[Slash] Comm] Dont rightly know, follow Ion trail
* Slasher flies out the base
* Cheryl pushes slasher aside and kicks it into full gear.
[Slasher] Shit
[Slash] Comm] DS? where are you?
* Slasher flies back into a wall
[DeathStar] Right in front of you, you shmuck
* Wiendigo sloutches along the walls.
* DeathStar is in his shuttle
[Slasher] Ouch
* Slash looks up
[Slash] Ah, there you are..
* Arono crosses arms looking at the shuttle
* Slash walks into DS's shuttle
[Wiendigo] How observeant...
[Cheryl] Slasher, do something usefull and scan for the ion trail
[DeathStar] You disobeyed my direct order...I could have you arrested....
[Slasher] K
[Slash] ..
* DeathStar notices Dath has been quiest
[X1] Yea!
[Regulus] ...
* Slasher gets up and taps some buttons bringing up a scanner
[X1] Oh, no, i mean...BOO! BOO! HISS!
[Slash] ... Listen DS, you and Crystal are all that i have left...
* Dath the Hanger bay doors closes as Dath looses his concentraition
[Arono] sir i was only following orders!
[Slash] I cant afford to lose either of you.
[DeathStar] Oh don't give me that...
[DeathStar] I rather be alone...stay alone...and DIE alone.
[Slash] Listen, Force Works was destroyed because of ME
* Slasher continues typing, and an ion trail appears
[X1] Gee, don't hurt my feeling or anything CHIEF...
[DeathStar] X1, you don't HAVE feelings...you hide behind a wall of jokes
[Slasher] Cheryl follow that trail
* Cheryl transferes all power other that the systems she need to fly to the engines
[X1] I'll have you know it's a pane of glass!
[Cheryl] Right!  Got it
[Wiendigo] More like a pain in our collective asses...
[DeathStar] See?  Why is the MEDICAL robot here anyway?!
[Slasher] Comm]Slash is the hangar doors still open
[Slash] Comm] yes
[Slasher] Comm] Just making sure
* Cheryl transferred all power from life support too
* DeathStar is getting himself worked up and suddenly gets a blank look to his eyes
[Slash] ..
[Slash] DS..
[Arono] sir?
[DeathStar] Huh?  What?
[Slash] DeathStar.. are you ok?
[Regulus] o_o
[DeathStar] I'm fine...
* Slasher starts gasping for air
[X1] Chief? Yuo okay?
[Regulus] I hope so, DS.
[Slasher] Che...ryl....*points to mouth*
[X1] Whoa, Slasher!
* DeathStar grows annoyed and turns to Dath
[DeathStar] This is all HIS fault....now, tell us, how do you plan on finding DARIEN?
[Cheryl] Stop over acting!  We still have a couple minutes of air left
[X1] NRP: N/M that last one
[Slasher] Oh...sorry
[Dath] Head to the center of the base
[Slash] NRP: gotta go, gonna go scout, just pick me up when leave
* Slasher gets up
[Slash] Im gonna go scout around a bit ok?

To Be Concluded...

The mysteries are still hanging over the heads of the Hunters as they attempt to find Darien in the Infinity Inc. base...I must say, this was rather short and probably wasn't planned by Ace but he was having troubles that day. Still a good session all around. But the problem was with this session was people from Part 3 mysterously vanished from Part 4 and people not in Part 3 mysterously appeared for Part 4. This was never explained, like how DOES Slash get off the station when he's not with the Hunters in Part 4? I guess some mysteries aren't to be solved....---- Death Star