Mission 82: Infinity and Beyond Part 4


The Hunters were approached by a mysterous person calling himself Fade, who questioned them and wanted to scan them for his Mk. 2 models. The Hunters said no, but they learned that there was a lot more to Infinity Inc. than meets the eye when Dath knew of Shell.

Traveling to the Infinity Inc. base, the Hunters hoped to learn of Darien but where bogged down by Shell. After Shell helped Death Star's virus problem, Dath vanished and Shell sent the Hunters back to the HQ to be quarintined.

Back at the HQ, Dath appears on the computers and wants someone to fly him back to Infinity Inc's station to find his son, Darien. Death Star volunteers, ignoring Shell's protests not to go because of Dath's "worse than a virus" problem, but he ignores him and takes off in a shuttle, ordering everyone to stay behind. Slash naturally rallies everyone and follows in the Avenger, landing after Death Star on the station. Now the Hunters prepare for the final hunt for the truth about the entire situation...

* GM Location: Avenger: Inside the Infinity Inc. Base
* GM Time: A few minutes later
*** Hirozaki is now known as Regulus
* DeathStar stands where he was a few moments ago
[Slasher] Cheryl how much longer till we catch up to the others
* DeathStar wonders when Slasher's AIR will run out
*** Shine_Hyena (White_Gryp@QNCYB409-01.splitrock.net) has joined #taw
* Cheryl notes that they're out of air now
* Regulus falls asleep
* Arono leans on the avenger
[Cheryl] Um, soon... soon...
* Slasher starts gasping
[GM] loudspeaker] I see despite my warning you still managed to get inside my base
* DeathStar glances around
[Dath] Gimme my son back!
* Slasher loses consioucness and passes out
[Dakota] Why are you surprised?
* Cheryl lands the shuttle and opens the door just as slasher is ready to pass out
* Arono disiperes
[DeathStar] Hey, I'm only taxing people here...though now X1, Wiendigo, and Slash are missing...
[Cheryl] We're here
[Arono] man...theres no air in here
* Slasher wakes up breathing heavily
* Ridge is in Redwings
[Slasher] Cheryl.....
[Cheryl] ?
* Slasher stands up finally breathing normal
* GM a single door opens in the far wall
[Slasher] Your worse than DS
[Cheryl] Why thank you _
[DeathStar] I'll take that as a compliment...
* Slasher exits the shuttle and sees everyone else
* DeathStar keeps eyes on the door
* Ridge looks at door
* Cheryl gets out of the shuttle and joins up with everyone else
* Slasher walks over to DS
[Arono] ..?
[Regulus] (AAH! LAG!)
[DeathStar] So, you and your girlfriend have fun being alone?
* Regulus looks at Cheryl
* Dakota snickers
[Ridge] heh 
[Regulus] You're late.
[Slasher] Ha, a real comedian I see
[DeathStar] I see she took your breath away...quite literally
[Regulus] The party seems to have already begun.
[Cheryl] Hey, I made better time than you guys did
[Slasher] And almost killed me in the process
* Dath begins walking toward the door and his eye begin glowing green again
[DeathStar] Uh oh, there goes Dath again...
[Slasher] Follow that...man
[Cheryl] Are you making fun of my driving slasher?
[Slasher] No...no...defiantely not
[Cheryl] You better not be
[Slasher] What If I am...
[Dakota] C'mon keep focused on the mission!
[DeathStar] I think I heard him say, "Crazy women drivers..."
* Slasher smacks DS
[Cheryl] Do you really want to know slasher?
[Slasher] That's Crystal
[Ridge] oy...
[Slasher] No not really
* Ridge follows Dath
* Arono looks at DS
[Cheryl] Good choice _
* Slasher continues walking behind DS
[Arono] you gonna take that frp, your troop sir?
[Regulus] ...
* Dakota goes with Ridge
[Arono] from
* Dath enters the door
* Arono goes were evryone else is
* Slasher goes over to Dath
* DeathStar grabs Slasher by the neck and trips him
[DeathStar] Take what?
* Cheryl follows Dath
[Slasher] oof
* DeathStar enters the door
[Arono] never  mind sir
[Slasher] I didn't say it , Arono did
* Arono fallows ds
* Slasher flips up rubbing his neck
[Shine_Hyena] {mm dak}
* Dakota draws his saber as he walks along
* Regulus enters the door
* GM behind the door is a familiar hallway and in the center the air glows gold
*** DeathStar sets mode: +o GM
* Ridge draws his staff
* Slasher walks through the door and into the hallway
* Arono takes out his doomerang(you hard right)
[Ridge] (er strike that... i can't)
* DeathStar holds the side of his head, calculating in his head
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
* Regulus looks at the golden air
* Cheryl prepares for anything
* Dath fists begin glowing green
* Ridge arms RW's weapons
[Ridge] I don't like this...
*** Shine_Hyena (White_Gryp@QNCYB409-01.splitrock.net) has left #taw
[DeathStar] Okay, explain to me again why we're knee-deep in our necks in trouble?  Oh, YES, you guys decided to FOLLOW me here.
* Arono takes out Darksabre
[Slasher] Slash did actually
[DeathStar] And now he's missing....
[Slasher] Who cares...
[Regulus] And we followed Slash.
[Slasher] What you talking about Reg...what ship did you come on
[Dakota] yeah that was good wasn't it
[Arono] i was only taking orders sir
[Slasher] You weren't on the ship me and Cheryl took that's for sure
[Regulus] ...
* DeathStar sighs loudly
[DeathStar] Keep it down, will you?
[DeathStar] Can't you guys EVER act serious?
* Dakota walks along
[Slasher] SORRY!...oops I mean sorry
[Slasher] Where'ld Dath go
[DeathStar] NRP: Did someone fall offline...?  *glances at GM*
* GM the glows stays steady
[Slasher] PAUSE
[Dakota] Gah
[DeathStar] UNPAUSE
[Slasher] NRP:Sorry you said he might of fell offline so
[Slasher] Why the hell is it glowing gold
[Regulus] ...
* Dath follows slowly behind Dakota
[DeathStar] Well, maybe PURPLE wasn't in style the day they bought it?
* Dakota holds sword in front of him
[Regulus] Not a good reason at all, Slasher, THIS I'm sure.
[Slasher] How do we know it's even safe to breath this crap
[Dakota] I really don't like this....
[DeathStar] If you die, then we know it's not safe.
* DeathStar reaches out and touches the gold glow
* Slasher collapses
[Regulus] heheheh.
[Dakota] Slasher?
* Arono puts away his doomerang and holds his sword
* GM the glow covers his hand but nothing more seems to happen
* Slasher gets up 1"What"
[Slasher] I tripped on a fire
[DeathStar] Interesting....*completely steps into the glow*
[Slasher] Wire also
[Dath] What slasher?
[Cheryl] Okay. . .
* Dakota looks around
[Slasher] I tripped on a wire, I think
* GM the glow increases intensity for a bit and then goes back to normal
* Slasher continues going and walks into the gold stuff
* Regulus looks at DS
* Ridge stays near DS
* DeathStar continues walking
* Ridge follows
[Slasher] This stuff feels cool
[Regulus] (LAG)
[DeathStar] That's just your IQ dropping.....
* GM the glow increases intensity for a bit and then goes back to normal as Ridge enters
* Arono looks at the glow not sure to fallow ds this time
[Dakota] Can someone analyze this stuff?
[Slasher] OH...
* Regulus follows DS closely
* Slasher enters the Glowing area
* Ridge backs out
[DeathStar] ....I think this stuff is actually analyzing US
* GM the glow increases intensity for a bit and then goes back to normal as Slasher enters
* Slasher backs out and goes back in
* Dakota stays out
[Dakota] hmmm...
[DeathStar] If I'm right, it's scanning us
* Arono tutches the stuff experimentaly
[DeathStar] For those MK2 models
* Slasher waits for the glowing to go back up
* Dakota fires a very weak shot into the gold that fades away a second after it entered
* GM the glow stays the same the second time Slasher entered
[Slasher] Damn...thought I'ld have some fun
* DeathStar exits the glow on the opposite side
* Slasher goes back in and enters the other side
* Dakota goes through quickly
* Dath enters the glow
[Slasher] (Exit even)
* Arono takes a deep breath and fallows ds
[Slasher] Maybe I shoulda phased through
* Ridge goes through as well
[Cheryl] I don't like this...
[DeathStar] It's not going to hurt you, you idiots..it's SCANNING us
[Regulus] Yeah.
[Cheryl] So?  I don't like being scanned
* GM the glow only increases the first time they went through
[DeathStar] And then it's going to be turned against us to destroy us
[Ridge] well i am trying to not let it get all the details
* Cheryl follows, hoping they'll get a kick out of this data
[Regulus] Yeah, nothing to be scared off.
[Arono] ..?
* Slasher phases back to the other side, grabs Cheryl and phases her and himself to the otherside
[Slasher] There, now you don't have to be scanned
* Cheryl had already passed through though
* Regulus runs to the other side* GM the door on this new side of the hallway opens
* Ridge digitizes out of RW
[Arono] not so load...
[Ridge] heh heh...
[Ridge] he scanned Redwings not me
* Slasher walks to the door and goes through it
[Ridge] so he don't know jack bout me
[DeathStar] And how can you be sure it didn't go through?
* Ridge follows them
[DeathStar] He could have BOTH of you
[Cheryl] I think it scans the mind paterns
[Slasher] What's there to know about you
[Ridge] i was in a digital form DS
[Ridge] not a solid form
[DeathStar] Ya ya .
[DeathStar] Anything's possibly, Ridge, remember that
* Dakota follows
* DeathStar walks towards the door
* Ridge pushes a button on rw and it follows ridge
[Slasher] Yeah, look at me, I'm still on the team
* Dath walks to the door
* Arono fallows
* Regulus enters the door
* Cheryl laughs
* Slasher looks in the ne whallwy
* Cheryl follows Slasher
[Slasher] Find something funny Cheryl
[DeathStar] Yeah, you
[Dakota] ...
[Regulus] Heh.
* DeathStar enters the door
[Slasher] Well, as long as I've brighten you day
[Dakota] Cant any of you be serious for once
[Ridge] nah i doubt it
[Arono] i am serious dakota
[Cheryl] Nope, not in my job description
[Slasher] Nah, then It'ld be a very boring job
[DeathStar] I doubt it's ever happened, Dakota
* GM there is a tall cyldrical room on the other side of the door
* Dath enters
* Slasher enters the cyldrical room and looks around
[DeathStar] I feel like a rat in a maze...
* Dakota looks up (how tall is it?)
* Ridge goes in
* Regulus looks around
[Slasher] Anyone home
* Arono looks the room over
* DeathStar saber appears in his hand
* GM the top can't be seen due to a strange fog in the room
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
[Arono] poisen gas?
[Dakota] um... i don't think i'll scout the ceiling
[DeathStar] Possibly.  Stick Slasher's head in it to find out.
[Slasher] DS start talking maybe all that hot air you got'll blow away the fog
[Regulus] Me either.
[Slasher] I'll check
[Dakota] oh brother
* Slasher phases up to the fog and breaths
* GM the floor shakes and begins to rise
[DeathStar] THIS is bad...
* DeathStar glances up
[Arono] oh no..
[Dakota] !
[Slasher] NRP:well what happens
[Dakota] crap
* Arono disiperes
* GM the fog doesn't seem to have any ill effect on Slasher
[Arono] bte guys
* Ridge digitizes back into Redwings
* Slasher falls down
[Slasher] Well it's ok 
* Slasher finally notices the cieling rising
[Arono] i would think this thing is gonna smash you!
[Slasher] (Floor sorry)
[Cheryl] Some sort of wierd elevator?
* Dakota looks up....
[DeathStar] How much longer till we reach the god?
[Dakota] this could be bad
[DeathStar] fog?
[DeathStar] If it's an elevator, it's a slow one....
* Slasher lays down waiting for the floor to stop rising
* GM the floors speeds up and a humm can be heard, but the fog seems to rise at the same speed the floor is going
[Regulus] Yeah.
[DeathStar] NOT good....
*** Fade (shadezader@ts013d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar twirls sabre
* Fade a shadowy form appears in the middle of the room, the form flickers and loses resolution on occasion, indicating a less than perfect holographic projection.
* Fade figure is cloaked in a simple brown trenchcoat. The right side of his face appears to be that of a young man, but the left side is shadowed. Only an eerily yellow-glowing eye can be seen from that side.
[Slasher] Atleast we don't need to worry about the fog
[Dakota] who?
[DeathStar] Fade....
[Slasher] Hey who orderd the pizza
[Dakota] ....
[Dath] FADE!
* Slasher looks at FAde
[DeathStar] Echo?
* Ridge looks
* Regulus looks at the yellow glowing eyes
* Arono reaperes and looks at fade
[Regulus] Hi.
[Slasher] I'm gonna go take a look above, Cheryl wanna join me
[Fade] Thank you for being so cooperative with my scan
* Slasher starts phasing upwards
* Ridge snickers
* Fade grins
[Cheryl] No thanks Slasher...
[DeathStar] No problem...only took you a few hours to get it, eh?
[Slasher] Fine with me
* Fade laughs
[Cheryl] Oh, have fun trying to decipher it
* DeathStar backs up and stands next to Cheryl, glancing around
* Slasher enters the fog and keeps going (do i pass the fog)
[DeathStar] Cheryl, find a way to stop the elevator.
[Fade] It would have been much simpilar if you had submitted earlier
* GM the fog seems to keep going
* Cheryl discretely looks around
[DeathStar] Simple isn't always better, is it?
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[Slasher] Comm]DS this fog aint ending
*** Shine_Hyena (White_Gryp@QNCYB409-01.splitrock.net) has left #taw
* Slasher keeps going up tiring
* DeathStar steps away from Cheryl and scratches his head nonchantly
* Arono looks at fade with a look like"dont be a fool and try anything dumb"
[DeathStar] Comm: That's nice.
[Regulus] hm.
[Slasher] Comm: Thought ya'ld like to know
[Cheryl] (Can I see anything remotely useful?)
* GM Slasher bumbs his head into a slightly curved ceiling
[Slasher] Ouch
* Regulus looks at Slasher
[Slasher] Comm:I've made it to the top
[Regulus] Well, you found something.
[Slasher] NRP:You can't see me Reg
* GM the walls seems to be bad of a solid sheat of metal
[DeathStar] Comm: ....Good or bad, I wonder.
[Regulus] NRP: :P You can hear me thru comm.
[Ridge] probably bad
[Slasher] Comm:It's solid metal....
* DeathStar wonders if he drives his saber through the wall
[Cheryl] (Bad?)
[Slasher] Comm:But it's curved
[Ridge] like a dome?
[Slasher] Comm: Somewhat
[DeathStar] Okay, Fade, so what is the point in this little game?  
* Slasher starts tiring out from phasing in place to stay up so high
* GM as the floor catches up to Slasher it follows the curve and keeps going, turning almost 90 degrees, but the floor remains "down"
[DeathStar] THIS is getting weirder...
[Cheryl] That was no dome...
* Slasher hits the ground
[Slasher] Wierd
[Arono] huh??
[Regulus] Whoa.
[Ridge] um 
* Dakota turns on jets
* Dath is looking around worridly
* Dakota hovers
[Slasher] What just happened
[DeathStar] Fade, I demand you stop this contraption
[Ridge] yeah good idea
* Arono ducks holding his sabre
* Slasher walks over to the Hologram
[Cheryl] What is the point of this Fade?
[Slasher] Your uglier than a Wien's mother in law
[Fade] At this point I do not wish to... as a matter of fact I wish to perform an experiment
* DeathStar sighs and curses
[Arono] ...?
[Slasher] Really, but I'm already one so guess I'll have to leave now, bye
* GM suddenly the gravity beneath Slasher's feet increases crushing him to the floor
[Fade] I don't think so
* DeathStar holds his head at an angle, muttering in pain
[Arono] whoa!!!
[DeathStar] Neat trick....got-ta learn it o-one day.
[Regulus] wah!
[Slasher] Ahh
* Dakota still hovering (?)
* GM the gravity returns to normal
* Slasher lays on the ground in pain
* DeathStar kneels down
* GM the gravity only haad affected Slasher
[Ridge] couldn't 've felt good
* Cheryl hold her hand out, creating her phoenix blade out thin air.
* Slasher gets up slowly
[Dakota] Hey DS Kaiser?
[DeathStar] Is it dark in here, or is it just me?
[Dakota] Should i?
[Slasher] Baster!!
[DeathStar] KaiseR?  Who's KaiseR?
[Fade] Excuse me while I introduce you to the first Mk.2
* Fade vanishes
[Cheryl] ?
*** Fade (shadezader@ts013d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw
[Slasher] What the hell is an MK2
[Dakota] Kaiser-Vanguard?
* DeathStar forces himself up, muttering in pain and looking around, eyes squinted
[Regulus] ...
[DeathStar] Name doesn't ring a bell
[Regulus] Don't ask me.
[Dath] Weird
* Slasher tries to stand but collapses to one knee
[Dakota] ?!
[Dakota] You okay DS?
[Slasher] That hurt...
[Ridge] I bet
[DeathStar] Not really.
*** GigaManX (shadezader@ts013d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[Arono] ....
* Slasher looks at the guest
[Dakota] Well you might get the chance to see him again
* Dakota looks at the new person
[Slasher] Who's this ugly freak
[Regulus] ...
[Ridge] ?
[DeathStar] See who?
* GigaManX teleports onto the platform... looking almost identical to the old Mega Man X
* Regulus looks at the one that entered
[DeathStar] This is perfect...
[Dakota] X?!
[Arono] ..
* Slasher gets up finally
[Ridge] Can't be
[Arono] X?
[Arono] whos X?
[DeathStar] X?  Where?  *looks around*I
[Slasher] It ain't 
[GigaManX] Who are you guys?
[Arono] ppl
[Slasher] Where probably your victims
[Regulus] hello.
* DeathStar leans against the wall, not trying to reveal his sight is gone
[Cheryl] Umm... hi...
[GigaManX] Victims, what do you mean?
[GigaManX] Hello
[Slasher] Who are you
[Dakota] well.. who are you?
[DeathStar] He sounds friendly.
[Arono] .....this a MK2?
* Slasher glances at DS
* Ridge remains cautious
[GigaManX] My name is GigaMan X
[Slasher] Hey DS you ok...you don't look real good
[Ridge] Giga?
[DeathStar] I'm f-fine.
* Arono looks at DS
[Slasher] You sure
* Dath turns to look at DS
* Slasher walks over to DS
[Regulus] DS..
* Ridge keeps eyes on Gigamanx
[Arono] sir?you you sure your ok?
[Slasher] DS, don't lie to me
[DeathStar] Okay, GigaManX...can you STOP this thing?
[GigaManX] But who are you guys?
* DeathStar glances at Slasher
[DeathStar] What do you mean, don't lie to you?
[Slasher] You don't look good
* GigaManX notices the floor is moving
[DeathStar] You don't look too good yourself...
[GigaManX] Not really, no
[Slasher] Yeah, well I've never had good looks
[Slasher] You have any wounds...
* GigaManX walks over to DS
[DeathStar] ....This is pointless.  Team...find a way to STOP the elevator.
[Dakota] so why are you here GGX?
[Cheryl] Do you have any idea what this thing is GigaManX?  I really don't like it here
* Slasher stands infront of GMX
[GigaManX] Hey, maybe Dr. Shell can help you
[Dakota] Shell
[Regulus] Dr.Shell?
[Dakota] ?
[DeathStar] Shell?  A doctor?
[DeathStar] That just gives me the creeps.
[Slasher] That guy I bonked 
[Ridge] Sounds familiar
[GigaManX] Of reploids... he's a genius
* Slasher looks at DS caefully
[Dakota] well where is he and what is this elevator doing?
[DeathStar] Y-yeah?  Well, maybe he can cure a virus of mine, eh?  We'll find out later.
[Slasher] Someone scan this area
[DeathStar] How BIG is this station for an elevator to be running..what, seven minutes now?
[GigaManX] That's it 6 snamps his fingers
[Dakota] ?
[Regulus] ??
[DeathStar] What is?
[Dakota] here we go
[Arono] huh?
[GigaManX] The elevator... I remember it... it just keeps going around the station
[DeathStar] Oh, that's nice to h-hear.
[Regulus] okay.
[Dakota] Oh good
[Slasher] Really, so is there an stops along the way
* GigaManX voice sounds amazingly like MegaManX's
* Slasher looks to see if the fogs still there
* DeathStar waves hand around, hits the wall, takes saber and drives it into the wal
[Ridge] Hey GGX... Ever hear of MMX?
*** Fade (shadezader@ts013d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
[Slasher] DS why you waving your hand around
[Dakota] Or Zero for that matter
[GigaManX] Yes, why?
* DeathStar ignores Slasher
[Ridge] You sound like him
[Arono] Zero?MMX?huh?
[Regulus] DS...
[GigaManX] I know
* DeathStar takes saber and slashes the wall again
* Slasher waves hand infront of DS
[Dakota] So Does this Thing ever stop?
* DeathStar takes no notice of Slasher and stabs the wall again
[Arono] DS?
* Cheryl jams her blade in the opposite wall where she think sthe track would be
[Slasher] Either he's ignoreing me...or....
* Arono goes over to ds
[DeathStar] WhaT?
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
* Fade reappears 1 "Time's up... your floor"
* Fade vanishes
* DeathStar steps back
*** Fade has quit IRC (Leaving)
[Slasher] Woh
[DeathStar] Our floor....?
[Arono] uh...can you see slashers hand?
* GigaManX is teleported out
[Slasher] Arono..Sssh
[DeathStar] What?  Slasher's hand?  Yes, of course....
*** GigaManX (shadezader@ts013d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has left #taw
* Slasher flicks DS off
* GM the floor stops
[DeathStar] Do that again, and you're a dead man Slasher
[Regulus] ...
[Dakota] Whoa... It stopped
* GM a door opens in a wall
*** Iceman (goldiceman@sktnsk01d05160186.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
[Slasher] Woh....ok nevermind
* Dakota heads toward the door
[Cheryl] Finally
* Slasher enters through the door still keeping an eye on DS
[DeathStar] (Session)
* Ridge goes with him
* Arono jumps out the door first
* DeathStar follows them, slowly
[Slasher] Come on DS.
* Slasher stomach grouwls
* Dath follows helping DS along
[DeathStar] I'm taking my time, thank you...
[Slasher] Ahhh....
[Slasher] I need some food 
[DeathStar] What?  *Tries to think of who's helping him*  Yo, Arono, knock it off!
* Arono twirls his blade around looking for any threats
[Dakota] ?
* Regulus gets out of the session
* GM the room appears to be some sort of lav
[Dakota] Arono?
[Regulus] (ack!)
[Dakota] DS that's Dath
[Arono] huh?
* DeathStar sighs deeply
[GM] NRP:lab
[Regulus] (Gets out of the elevator)
[Iceman] (ohh)
[DeathStar] I knew that...really.
[Regulus] (@_@)
[Dakota] O....kay....
[Slasher] DS come here
[Slasher] I need to talk to you
*** Shell (shadezader@ts013d10.min-mn.concentric.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar walks over to Slasher
[DeathStar] And that would be?
* Slasher looks squarely into DS's eyes
* Shell walks into the room from another enterance
* Dakota continues down the hall infront of the group
[Slasher] Just wait
[Cheryl] Hello... shell...
[Slasher] Nothing..nothing at all
* Arono is infront of evryone looking for threats
* Regulus turns to Shell
[DeathStar] Shell?  Here?  I thought he was back on the station
[Slasher] Nah...
* Dakota looks at Shell
[Shell] Nope, I simply downloaded myself here
* Slasher looks around for anything useful
[Ridge] ? DL'ed?
* Arono looks at shell and only with his wrist and hand flips his sword into stabin g position
* Ridge digitizes out of RW
[DeathStar] Oh, yes, you're little downloading thing...
[Ridge] You have a cyberjack or something?
[Shell] Kinda like Ridge there just did
[Ridge] Funny... Never met you before
[Slasher] NRP:What do I all see and is there anything useful
* DeathStar leans against something, panting in pain
*** Regulus has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Shell is a cyborg
[Slasher] DS your leaning against a tube full of um...urine
[Cheryl] Cyber space a fun place
* GM is a advanced lab for working on reploids
*** Regulus (ask.me@maxT3054-jfa.jfa.nutecnet.com.br) has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] What?! 
[Ridge] yep
[Slasher] DS...are you sure your not having any problems with your vision
* DeathStar stands back up
[Regulus] hm.
[Slasher] Well another Cyborg
[DeathStar] Why ask a stupid question like that?
[Shell] Sorry about the wait, but I needed time to process the results of your scans
* Dakota walks over to DS and holds a fist infront of him
[Regulus] So...
[Slasher] Cuz you leaned against a vat of urine
[Cheryl] How'd you like them _
[Dakota] How many fingers am I holding up DS?
[Regulus] You're the one scanning us.
[Slasher] Which was really water
* DeathStar eyes narrow at Dakota
[Dakota] If you ain't having trouble you'll know
[DeathStar] Back down, OFFICER.
* Shell takes out a small, round device and walks over to DS
[Dakota] ???
[Dakota] Oy...
* Slasher hates to find out what his scan said
[Arono] .....looks like dakota got DEmoted?
[Dakota] Officer...
* Cheryl doubts that Shell could make out much of her scan and find it quite funny
[Dakota] Damn it
* DeathStar can't remember Dak's name so he called him an officer
[DeathStar] So, where is Darien Shell?
[Regulus] ...
* Shell with a single move, turns the top of the device and sticks it onto DS's forehead
[DeathStar] What the?!
[Regulus] ...
[Shell] As I said last time, I'm not sure
[Dakota] ! Hey?!
[Regulus] I hope you know what you are doing, Shell.
[Slasher] My scan probably says potential psycho
[Ridge] What the?
[Cheryl] What do you think you're doing?
* Arono gets ready to kill shell if needed
[Shell] Trying to cure him
* Dakota still thinks he is demoted
[Arono] ..
[Slasher] Cure him of what
* Cheryl steps back in a defensive position never the less
[DeathStar] I'm touched, really.  Right in the head.
[Shell] Nasty little virus Cran invented
[Slasher] Cool
[Ridge] Virus?!
[DeathStar] Do tell....
[Regulus] ...
[Regulus] Virus.
[Regulus] I remember.
[Ridge] I am a specialist in Viruses
[Arono] ..?
[Slasher] How do you know of it
* Ridge wanders over to shell
[Ridge] What kind?
[Shell] I did scan him
[Slasher] Oh yeah
* GM the device seems to start clearing out DS's circuitry, he can see again
* DeathStar blinks
* DeathStar glances around
[DeathStar] Charming place, really.
[Slasher] The Shell what did my scan say
*** Iceman has quit IRC (leaves to play StarCraft)
[Dakota] Yeah sure DS
[Dakota] I knew you was blind
[DeathStar] Blind?  Me?
[Shell] I can't tell you... classified
[Slasher] Sure I am....
[Ridge] ? Okay
[DeathStar] Don't be making jokes...Dakota.
[Dakota] What??
[Cheryl] Oh, but I'd love to know what you thought of my scan _
* DeathStar glances at Cheryl
[Dakota] Now what did I do? You going to demote me again?
[Slasher] Potential Danger to Slasher
[DeathStar] Okay, I'm really confused here
[Regulus] Me too.
* Shell leans his head as if listening to something
[Slasher] He thought he was demoted when you called him officer
* Dakota walks to other side of room
[DeathStar] We came here to save Darien.  Not completed.  Instead we're in a lab with someone trying to cure me of a virus...
[Regulus] ...
[Slasher] Cheryl your scan probably said, potential danger to Slasher's health
[Regulus] DS] Maybe Shell knows WHERE Darien is!
[Shell] I said I don't already
[Cheryl] Hehehe, you don't need a scan to tell that Slasher.
[Slasher] HAHAHAHA....................
* DeathStar raises eyebrow
* Arono crosses his arm and looks around at the group
[Slasher] So I wonder where Fade's gonna send us next
[Regulus] .......
[Shell] Unfortiantly, I have instructions that I'm going to have to carry out.
[Slasher] What are they
* Cheryl takes a step back
[DeathStar] Which are....?
[Cheryl] What?
* Slasher does the same as Cheryl
* Cheryl grips her sword more tightly
[Arono] when are we gonna go get wgat we came for or atleast look....
* DeathStar doesn't bother to step back
* Ridge wanders over to Dak
[Ridge] You okay
* GM the lab equipment begins retracting into the floor
[Dakota] Yeah sure
* Slasher takes a step forward (and does the hokey pokey)
[Slasher] Cool, special effects 
* GM the doors slam closed
* DeathStar eyes narrow
[Ridge] ?
* Arono flips his sword into slashing position again
[Dakota] Now what???
[DeathStar] Your orders are to destroy us, right?
[Dakota] !
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Blade
[Regulus] O_O
[Shell] Unfortiantly, as I said
* Slasher holds it to Shell's throat
* DeathStar sighs
* Cheryl grabs Shell and holds her sword to his throat
[DeathStar] You do know we won't let you do that, Shell.
[Dakota] Then I'm sure he didn't cure your virus
[Ridge] He probably made it worse!
[Slasher] He probably just downloaded it 
[Cheryl] Don't try anything funny.
[Slasher] Took it for himself
[Regulus] ...
[DeathStar] Boy, trusting group I have back there...
[Slasher] Yeah cuz between me and Cheryl you don't have a very good chance of survical
* Dakota draws his sword
* Shell downloads behind Slasher and attacks him with a green blast (100 AP)
[Dakota] !
* Slasher flies into he wall
[DeathStar] And away we go
[Slasher] oof
* Arono jump slashes Shel\
* DeathStar stabs at Shell
* Slasher gets up and looks at Shell
* Cheryl summons her armor
[Slasher] Basterd
* Ridge gets out of RW
* Shell downloads out of the way
*** Cheryl is now known as DK_Cheryl
* Ridge pulls out a small device with a point on it, he rams it into shell 's neck and tries to digitize into him
[DeathStar] This could get rough.  Dakota, get Vanguard!
[Dakota] Right !
* Regulus punches Shell with 1,11Ice10,0 concentrated on his fists. [260 AP]
* Shell the room appears with blades that begin slicing into everyone
* DeathStar flips behind Shell and stabs him
* Dakota concentrates
* Arono goes into fury slashes and attacks madly without skill,just ultra speed and alot of slashes
[Regulus] @_@
[DeathStar] ACK!
[Slasher] Ahh
[DK_Cheryl] Wish Ariel was here, but here I go!
[Dakota] HA
[Regulus] ACK!