Mission 83:

Gears of Destruction: Prelude

[DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 Week After IF
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room, Under Repair
* Dominator walks around, supervising the repairs
* Garland is sittingin his tapped up chair
[Arono] nrp:i didnt read all if
* Slasher` is laying on the floor
[Blackjack] Mirri said she'd be here, dammit...
[Cheryl] *sigh* How many times do we have to fix this place up...
[Seraphna`] Um.. Dak...?
* DeathStar leans back in his chair at the master computer
[Dominator] I forgot to ask you, Jared, is Mirri going to join the Hunters or stay a civilian?
[DeathStar] Until people decide we're actually nice
[Blackjack] She wants to join the Hunters.
* Slasher` gets up and gives DS a nudge backwards
[Dominator] She has CorSec experience, so it shouldn't be a problem for her to join...
* Seraphna` leaps off his shoulder and changes form
* DeathStar grabs Slasher and takes him with him
* Seraphna` is surrounded by a strange light, out from the light comes a human. 16 years old with long, blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. Wearing priestest's robes she look everything like the girl, and a hint of thee dragon remains...
[Slasher`] Ahhh
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Slasher`] Thanks DS
[DeathStar] ...
* DeathStar throws Slasher off
[Blackjack] Oy. THings haven't changed a bit...
* Arono looks around
[Slasher`] OOF
* Slasher` gets up
* DeathStar stands up
* Ariel walks in, still wearing her jacket and backpack, having just got off the shuttle. Her arm is in a sling.
*** Mirri (speedblade@user052.pcnow.net) has joined #TAW
[Ariel] Um, Hi guys...
[DeathStar] I have some announcements I have to make that I've avoided due to the fact Preacher died.
[Dominator] For better or worse, they haven't, BJ...
* Garland sees Sharlena walk in, but Garland nudges her out, as "I'm busy right now Sharlena, go watch TV or talk to X1."
[Slasher`] ARIEL!!!
[Blackjack] Ariel!?
[Seraphna`] Ariel
* DeathStar remains silent
* Seraphna` rushes over to her
[Cheryl] Ariel!  Welcome back!
[Seraphna`] A... aree you okay?
* Garland smiles at Ariel
* Dominator clears throat to get the others at attention, 1"Go ahead DS."
* DeathStar shrugs at Dominator
[Slasher`] Everyone Look. Ariel's back
[Ariel] Oh, I'm fine.  Had a run in with... an old friend.
[Blackjack] No shit, Slasher.
[Arono] nrp:LAG!!!
* Dominator raises an eyebrow at ARiel
[Cheryl] Master of understatement Slasher?
[Dominator] Hello, Mirri.
[Blackjack] Old friend...?
[Slasher`] Yep
[Mirri] Hey Dom.
* Slasher` goes back to laying down on the floor
[Ariel] Oh, you should remember Kilgore...  *smiles slightly* He's only a memory now.
* Arono yawns
* Dakota walks into the repair room a minute later
[Arono] ...what a quiet day.....
* Seraphna` inspects her arm
[DeathStar] We can't have you playing the hero EVERY day Arono
[Seraphna`] How long has this....
* Garland jumps up and goes over to the coke machine
[Arono] nrp:did i get my medal yet?
* Mirri walks up behind Blackjack and claps her hands on his shoulders, yelling, 1"HYAH!"
[Blackjack] AAAH!
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes
[Blackjack] MIRRI! Dammit, don't scare me like that!
[Dakota] heh 
* Garland gets a coke, and is still a little edgy from Strider
* Mirri giggles
* Dakota wanders over to Sera
* DeathStar sits down at the Master Computer
[Dakota] hey
[Mirri] Sorry
[Seraphna`] Hi!
[Ariel] Yeah... I broke my arm, and now I have to wait for it to heal...  never imagined THIS would happen
* Slasher` appears behind Mirri and taps on her shoulder 1"BWUA!"
[Seraphna`] Um...
[DeathStar] What is this, a military installment or a place of chat?
* Mirri turns and looks at Slasher
[Dominator] Probably the latter
[Slasher`] Uhh...Gotta go
[Garland] *smiling* So, what we got here DeathStar?
[Seraphna`] Dak... I need to tell you somethin
[Mirri] You'd better run...
* Slasher` phases off and is seen laying back on the ground where he was
* DeathStar claps hands, getting everyone's attention
* Blackjack and Mirri glance at DS
[Slasher`] But Ariel's Back
* Arono looks at ds
[Blackjack] Got my attention
* Garland was listening.
* Dominator was listening too
* Seraphna` whispers into Dak's ear...
[Mirri] What's up, DS?
* DeathStar points at Sera
* Slasher` sits up
[DeathStar] I SEE that!
[Seraphna`] *My last name is Vangaurd...*
*** Morpheous (janus_stri@AS52-27-60.cas-kit.golden.net) has joined #TAW
[Ariel] Nice to see you too DS
[DeathStar] Oh, congrats. on being a pet to Carlos.  
* DeathStar waves at Ariel
*** Morpheous (janus_stri@AS52-27-60.cas-kit.golden.net) has left #TAW
* Garland teleports over next to Dom, kinda scared by DS's outburst*
[DeathStar] Oh, and how have you been?
[Arono] nrp:morph!say not a word!
[Dakota] Say WHAT?!
[DeathStar] Alright, ready for the briefing?
[Mirri] Pet? *decides not to ask*
* Dominator glances at Garland, then back at DS
[Slasher`] Nrp: Arono, master of being late
* Seraphna` steps back
* Dakota almost falls over
* DeathStar sighs
[Seraphna`] My FULL name is Seraphna Vanguard
[Slasher`] I'm ready boss
[DeathStar] Alright, Seraphna...Dakota...head out of the room. We have business to conduct.
[Ariel] Met up with some old friend, old enemies...  Nothing out of the ordinary...
* Iceman sits down in a chair
[Blackjack] Well, what's up, DS?
[Arono] nrp:im lagged slasher,i hate this server
[Dakota] huh who...
*** Iceman was kicked by DeathStar (Gah, I warned you!)
[Dakota] Sorry DS what?
[Seraphna`] I... sorry General...
[Ariel] *grins* Oh, and I did find what I went looking for, and a little more...
[Garland] DOM: What ever happened to the good old days when we all still hated each other byt at least we were quiet?
[DeathStar] First, I wanted to congradulate DOMINATOR.
[Mirri] Hmm... this place is about as well organized as the CorSec softball team...
[Seraphna`] !
* Slasher` claps his hands
[Seraphna`] There's a first
[DeathStar] He did an excellent job on leading you guys to win the day with Infinity Inc
* Dominator grins at Garland's question
[Slasher`] WOOO!!!!
[Dakota] yeah he did...
[Blackjack] Yeah. He did do a good job.
* Garland laughs a little
* Dominator raises eyebrow, 1"I think that's the first time you've complemented me..."
* Ariel shushes a noise in her back pack at the mention of I inc
* DeathStar smiles
[DeathStar] I'll make it more of a point
[DeathStar] Alright.
* Slasher` looks at Dom 1"Don't Jinx it"
* Mirri glances at Ariel, but then back to DS
[DeathStar] Now, I'm sure you want to finish what you began with Infinity Inc., to make sure they are dead, but we can't
* Seraphna` notices, fixing her gaze on the bag
[Dominator] True... unfortunetly...
* Seraphna` is surrounded by an erie light, when it dies down, Sera is a dragon again...
*** Ridge (Matrix@gc-digital117.pathway.net) has joined #Taw
[Dominator] NRP: Be back in ten minutes... probably....
* Seraphna` hops to Ariel's shoulder
*** Dominator has quit IRC (Leaving)
[DeathStar] You see, Alien Nation's situation has risen to a point of total dispair
[Slasher`] Is that good?
* Ridge wanders in
[DeathStar] No, it means it's become our main concern
* Ridge stays back near the door listening
[Seraphna`] *What is that* (Sera whispers to Ariel)
[Slasher`] Oh ok
[DeathStar] With what, uh, someone did to CorSec, it's useless almost
[Blackjack] Hmm...
[Ridge] NRP: Slaps Dak for not telling him session was going on
* Slasher` gets up and walks over to Cheryl
* Mirri 's eyes gain a distant look at the mention of CorSec, but she shakes her head and is brought back to the present
[Ariel] [whispers to Sera] Oh, just a friend... I'll introduce you later.
* Slasher` for the first time is not worried about Corsec
[DeathStar] Alright, we're heading to Alien Nation.  Load up in the Avenger
[Slasher`] We should take 2 shuttles this time
[DeathStar] The Avenger is big enough to hold all
[Slasher`] If you say so
* Slasher` phases down to the Avenger and walks in
* DeathStar teleports down there
[Arono] ....i hate that ship...
* Blackjack and Mirri jog to the Avenger, talking along the way
* Dakota starts walking down
* Seraphna` tries lloking in the bag
* Garland teleports on but, as usual, doesn't sit.
* Arono disiperes and reaperes in a seet
* Ridge follows behind the group
* Cheryl runs down to the avenger
* Slasher` plops down on the floor again
* DeathStar powers it up
* DeathStar sighs at Slasher
* Ariel starts walking to the avenger, and a little silver 'head' poke out of the pack and looks around before hiding again
* Blackjack takes a seat at the weapons console, Mirri sitting near him
* Dakota sits in the shuttle...
* Cheryl graps the comm, not like it's needed
* Ridge sits across from dak
* DeathStar lifts off
[Garland] NRP: I can officially say, with this many people, sessions are gonna be pretty hectic.
* Ariel sits next to Dak
[Blackjack] When did all these rookies join Hunter... oy vey...
[DeathStar] NRP: I thought summer it was suppose to be easier...
[Dakota] hey ariel nice to c'ya back
[DeathStar] ACtually, Ensign Blackjack, you're the rookie.
[Ariel] Thanks Dak, it's nice to be back ^_^
[Blackjack] I meant rookie, period. I have a good bit of experience as a Hunter.
* DeathStar flies out of the hanger, slowly checking the controld
[Seraphna`] Dak...
* Blackjack sighs
[Seraphna`] or should I say...
[Blackjack] May have had my rank stripped, but it's good to be back...
[Dakota] Sera don't even say it
[Ariel] ?
[Seraphna`] I...
* DeathStar hits the hyperspace button
[Ariel] What are you two talking about?
* Arono props feet up then looks down at both of his necklaces
[Dakota] I need some time to take that in...
[Arono] oh...crap...
* Slasher` goes over to BJ 1"Does that mean I can tell you what to do?"
[Garland] My armor won't do me much good anymore (IF)... Well, I still have the gospel.
[Seraphna`] Ariel... My full name is Seraphna Vangaurd
* Blackjack mutters something
[Ariel] !
* Mirri giggles
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@p4-22.reno.powernet.net) has joined #taw
[Ridge] Did i hear you right Sera?
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
[Seraphna`] Yes...
* DeathStar leaps out of hyperspace
[Ariel] Hehe, I guess we both learned something new
[Dakota] But... how....*trails off...
* Slasher` sits in a chair this time
[Seraphna`] I don't know
* Dominator is sitting
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere, tuning out the constant talking
[Ariel] Would you believe my real name is actually Zaxaen?
[Slasher`] No
* DeathStar the control panel beside Arono sparks
[Ariel] That really took me off guard...
[Arono] huh?
* Garland looks at his unhymed gi. "Maybe I should look into Hunter issue uniforms?"
* Dominator glances at Arono
[Arono] the heck?
* Arono looks at it
[Dakota] Why is that Ariel?
* DeathStar it cataches on fire
[Seraphna`] It has something to do with Kaiser Form
[Slasher`] You ahd to let him sit there
[DeathStar] Hmmm....turbulance...weird
[Ariel] . . .
[Dakota] ah...
[Arono] woah!
* Blackjack glances at Arono
* DeathStar continues to flyl, heading over the Wastelands
[Dakota] See I don't know much about that chip sera...
* Arono jumps back from the flames
* Slasher` grabs a fire exitenguisher and shoots the fire out
[Ariel] Well, let's just say I wasn't from where I thought I was after all...
[Blackjack] Bad luck follows him around, I swear...
[Dakota] ?!
* Dominator looks out the window as they go
[Dakota] yeah bj i hear you
[Arono] wered that come from?
* DeathStar controls go dead
[DeathStar] ......
[Dominator] ... DS?
[DeathStar] Hey, we have a computer malfuction here
* Ridge walks up front
[Ariel] I... I'd rather not talk about it right now...
[Arono] i hate this ship....i hate this!!!
[Dominator] This isn't exactly a good time for it...
* DeathStar tries to repower the Avenger as it begins to go down
[Slasher`] Geeze, what are the odds of that 
[Seraphna`] But it says we both spent time at Dr. Edo's... In the files
[Blackjack] We still have weapons... at least for that...
[Slasher`] What's the going to do
[DeathStar] Yeah, the weapons on OUR backs
[Arono] oh.....my...god...
* Dominator goes to a computer panel to try to see what happens
* Cheryl desperately tires to get things working again
* Ridge starts fiddiling around with the computer
[DeathStar] Dominator, locate the source of the trouble!
[Arono] were goin down...i hate this sthing!
* Garland looks at his sword - on his back.
[Dominator] I'm trying! 
* Slasher` kicks a control station
[DeathStar] It's probably being marked by a SPARK or a FIRE
[Seraphna`] THE POWER IS GONE....
* Blackjack bangs his hand into the weapons console
[Blackjack] DAMMIT!
[Slasher`] Work *kicks it again* WORK DAMNT
* Ridge finally just digatizes inside trying to fix it
[Dominator] Wait a second... Arono's panel is on fire!
[Slasher`] No, I sprayed it
[Mirri] I thought Slasher put it out
[DeathStar] .....Oh, smart one guys.  Took you awhile to figure it out.  Now REPAIR it
* Arono is standing up in confusion
[Dominator] True, but the panel should be fixed...
[Mirri] Allow me...
* Ridge comes back out of the computer
[DeathStar] 10 seconds until impact, BTW
* Mirri takes to the panel and tries to repair it
[Slasher`] Nice
[Seraphna`] IT WON'T repair guys!
[DeathStar] 5....4.....3...
* Ridge slams a button near arono
[Mirri] Gotta love pressure...
* Slasher` kicks the copm with all his might
* DeathStar powers kicks on
[Seraphna`] I suggest jumpinng
[Arono] ok we can crash ...BYE!
* Mirri looks up
* DeathStar pulls up, skimming the dirt
* Cheryl assists Mirri in any way she can
* Arono disiperes before they hit earth
[Mirri] A little force solves everything, I guess
* Slasher` wonders what did it
[Seraphna`] Ah!
* Cheryl is lagged oocly
[Ridge] heh yep
* Garland breath a sigh of releif
* Ariel finally decides to answer.
[Seraphna`] A little russian fixer upper
* Slasher` stands up victorisouly
* Blackjack releases the breath he was holding
[DeathStar] Alright, lets land this thing by those EarthGov forces...where we need to be anyway...and have them repair it
* Ridge reads the button
[Ridge] "Emergency energy supply"
* Slasher` raises hands in the air
[Blackjack] You're the one flying the thing, General
[Seraphna`] NRP: Gotta go in a few minutes
[Slasher`] WOOOIEEE
[Ridge] Who knew
* DeathStar lands
* Dominator breaths out, 1"I'm getting too old for this..."
* Arono reaperes outside when it stops
* Ridge goes and sits back down
[Ariel] Yes... I managed to find Edo's lab actually Sera...  But I wasn't created there.
[DeathStar] You?  YOU Dominator?  Bah, youngins
[Garland] I think we should have more earth technology savvy hunters..... *sighs*
* Slasher` phases outside
[Seraphna`] But.. but you found me there...
* DeathStar lowers ramp
* Garland teleports out
* Seraphna` seems like she's hiding something
* Dakota heads outside thinking
* Blackjack thinks about what Slasher said earlier, and waits until everyone gets off
* Ridge goes out
[Mirri] What're you waiting...
* DeathStar steps out
* Blackjack winks
[Slasher`] NRp: What did I say earlier
* Dominator exits
[Mirri] Ah... hee hee
* Mirri walks off the Avenger
* Ariel is obviously not telling the most important part
* Arono watches evryone come out
[Arono] why did that happen?
* Ariel gets out, followed by Cheryl
* DeathStar is obviously not hiding anything
[Seraphna`] Where are you from Ariel?????
* Blackjack waits until everyone is off, then he shapeshifts into a half-tiger form
* DeathStar sees Spade nearby and sighs
[DeathStar] Oh, THIS'll be fun
* Garland has nothing to hide, the hunters saw him grow up.
[Dakota] aw man...
[Ariel] I really don't want to talk about it right now...
[Dominator] ... Spade... just great...
* Blackjack sneaks up on Slasher and growls, putting his hands on Slasher's shoulders
[Seraphna`] DO YOU know...
* Slasher` turns around and looks
[Ridge] perfect timing as usuall....
[Slasher`] A pretty kitty
* Blackjack roars at Slasher
* DeathStar sees Spade heading this way
* Ariel nods slowly...
[Blackjack] Uh oh...
[Garland] Spade.... I dont know him to well, but I don't like him.
[Seraphna`] HAVE you figured it out yet 
* Slasher` waves hand in front of his face
* Arono looks at spade
[Slasher`] Geeze, heard of a breath mint
* Blackjack quickly shapeshifts back, before Spade sees him
[Dominator] Well, everyone... Lets try to be impressive for once?
* Slasher` starts laughing
[Seraphna`] Ariel???
[DeathStar] Great going Dominator...
* Blackjack rolls his eyes
[Ariel] . . .
* Dakota just crosses his arms watching spade
*** Spade (ryan_cross@p4-22.reno.powernet.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar waves hand at Seraphna to quiet her
* Slasher` sits on a nearby rock and watches Spade come towards them
[Blackjack] We have other worries than each others' pasts right now...
* Seraphna` starts talking to her in some foriegn language
[Ridge] now what does he want...
* Spade walks toward the Hunters
[DeathStar] Seraphna, SHH\
[Garland] Sera, Ariel, please, we're on mission try to keep your talking down...
* Blackjack stands next to Mirri, glaring at Spade
* Mirri is also glaring
[Dakota] Sera sshhhh
* Seraphna` hushes up
* Ariel nods
* Spade lights cigarratte, 1"We meet again, Hunters."
* Arono crosses arms looking at spade
* Blackjack remains silent
* Slasher` gets off rock and walks towards Spade
[Dakota] yeah sure spade...
[DeathStar] And I see you're still alive and kicking.  How goes your plans these day?  Read the papers about Hell.  Shame.
[Dominator] Right, Spade.... 
* Garland glares at the cigarette, not knowing what it is
* Seraphna` hopes they didn't notice her fluent Tsivrixish
* DeathStar however, not fluent enough
* Slasher` grabs the cigarette from Spade and smashes it in his hand
* Spade glances at DS, a flicker of anger but keep composure, 1"Yes... it was... I'm running a list of suspects as we speak..."
[Blackjack] Slasher, I wouldn't advise that...
[DeathStar] .....Go Slasher...
[Slasher`] I don't like people smoking around me
* Blackjack mutters something about missing his rank
* Garland NRP hopes that Sera would pay attention to the mission rather than blabbering about her name and her speaking Tsiv.
* Seraphna` is a littlee preoccupied
* Spade glances at Slasher
[Seraphna`] NRP: Have I ever
[DeathStar] NRP: No
* Slasher` stares back into Spade's glance
[Spade] So, Blackjack, I see you've switched sides yet again. Still can't make up your mind?
* Garland looks into Spades eyes, watching him
[Seraphna`] NRP: Give the man his prize!
[Dakota] Spade just what the heck do you want this time? Get to the point
[Blackjack] Actually, Spade, I've made the final decision this time. Maverick Hunter is where I belong.
[Dominator] ....
* Blackjack decides not to say any more
* Arono chews gum listning to spadde =P
* DeathStar looks between BJ and Spade
[Spade] Well, I hope your happy then.... Now, lets get on to business
* Garland remains quier
[Arono] nrp:-the second d
[DeathStar] Business, smoething we all enjoy.
[Slasher`] Do we have to listen to him?
[DeathStar] Yes.
* Blackjack starts to spit at Spade, but instead shakes his head and waits
* Dakota mumbles unfortunetly...
[Spade] I'm afraid that in our temporarily, mind you, weakened state, my men can't break into a large Maverick stronhold that's been a bit of a bother to us
[DeathStar] Awwwww.
[Dominator] And let me guess...
[Blackjack] Aww, poor babies...
* Dakota mumbles i know where this is going...
* Slasher` sneezes "Wusses"
[Blackjack] I'm glad I left when I did. You idiots are pathetic.
[Garland] .... CorSec has grown that weak?
* Mirri elbows Blackjack
[Ridge] nah they always were and didn't know it
[DeathStar] No one can hold onto power forever, Garland.
[Spade] So, I want you Hunters to go in and destroy it
[Mirri] Ssshhh... no sense riling him...
[Slasher`] What do we get in return
* Arono leans on the shuttle
[DeathStar] Alright, Spade.  When we return, victorious, I want the Avenger repaired by EARTHGOV forces, not CorSec.
[Spade] If CorSec is weaker now than before, it's because of Cran...
* Dominator mutters something inaudible
[DeathStar] Cran was a fool.  Hope you don't follow down the same path as him.
* Ariel almost grins at that
[Seraphna`] I thought CorSec is independant? (Whispers to Ariel) 
[Seraphna`] Was?
[Garland] And your obviously, as your worse than him.
[Spade] I won't, count on it. As for your ship, I'll send the request out. Pity, as my men could have done it quicker
[Ariel] He's sorta... dead Sera
[Seraphna`] Waita...
[Seraphna`] Dead?
* Slasher` sneezes at Spade
[DeathStar] A shame, yes.   But then again, losing power and dying would be worse.
[Dakota] rather have it done slower and well then fast and cheap
[DeathStar] Lets go guys
[Dakota] yeah
* Spade hands DS a chip with the base's location on it and walks away, lighting a new cigaratte
* Ariel nods
* Dakota heads for the shuttle
*** Spade has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Garland grins and gets ready
[Seraphna`] When.. How?
* DeathStar scans the chip's memory
* Slasher` grabs the new cig and phases off
[Ariel] You missed a bit when you were away
[Seraphna`] Who killed him...
[Slasher`] Damn yuppy
[DeathStar] WE killed him
[Mirri] I thought I'd gotten away from answering to him, dammit...
* Ridge heads into the shuttle
* Slasher` smashes the cig and walks into the shuttle
* DeathStar sees it's within walking distance
[Dominator] Hmm... He's still sending us out on his "missions"... Well, we're on teh same side unfortutently...
[DeathStar] C'mon guys
[Ariel] ... thank you DS
[Seraphna`] Who preformed the last deathstroke
* DeathStar dashes out across the sands
[Slasher`] Do we have to walk?
[Blackjack] NRP: Oops, I meant for BJ to say what Mirri just said
* Dominator follows DS
[Dakota] I thought Spade did cigar's......
[DeathStar] Maybe he was out
[Garland] 14,15-15,14-1,12-16,12 e flys-dashes next to DS 1,12-15,14-14,15-
* Arono fallows ds"hay were you goin!?"
[Seraphna`] WHO!
* Ariel leaves that unanswered
[Dakota] yeah...
* Blackjack shrugs
[Blackjack] It really doesn't matter
* Garland flys-dashes next to DS
[Dominator] How far is the stronhold, DS?
[DeathStar] 1 mile
* Slasher` phases next to dS and and walks next to him
[Seraphna`] YES IT DOES CRAN WASN't...
[Blackjack] Hmm, that it?
* Seraphna` stops herself
[Garland] NRP: /m is an alias for me..... whoops
[Dakota] Sera?
[Dominator] NRP: Hmm, metric system still hasn't caught on everywhere
[DeathStar] NRP: Nope
[Slasher`] NRP: What's a metric system
[Seraphna`] Cran wasn't all that...
[Seraphna`] bab...
[Blackjack] NRP: *whacks Slasher*
[DeathStar] NRP: *whacks head*
[Seraphna`] bab+=bad
[Garland] NRP: kilometers....
[Dakota] well anyway...
* DeathStar leaps over some sand dunes
[Dominator] What's our strategy? Same as always? The direct approach/
[Slasher`] NRP: I know
[DeathStar] The good ol' Wastelands, how I missed them
[DeathStar] Of course, we're not much into indirect.
* Arono jumps over them too fallowing ds
* Slasher` phases threw some sand dunes
[Blackjack] Strategy? Pfft, that's what good about the Hunters, strategy is never used.
[Dominator] Hmm... I haven't... I think I know just where we are too...
* Seraphna` whispers to Ariel...
[Ariel] With this ragtag group, it'd never work BJ...
[DeathStar] Remind me to leave Seraphna and Ariel out of the next mission
* Ridge just walks along...
[Slasher`] Sera...Secret's don't make friend
[Dominator] Count on it...
* DeathStar sees the strong hold up ahead
* Mirri draws the handgun she carries around
[Dominator] All right, everyone. Lets use some teamwork and take this thing out
* Garland does a few gymnastics while dashing, just for the fun of it
[DeathStar] Do the limbo!
* Dominator draws Rune Sword and charges weapons
[Slasher`] What's this word you used...Teamwork is it?
[Dakota] You know... 
* Arono takes out sword looking around for treouble anywere
[Seraphna`] It WASN"T a secret!
* Blackjack draws his rifle
* Garland blushes at DS
[Blackjack] I missed using this in battle...
* DeathStar arrives outside the stronghold
[Dominator] DS, could you scan the base to give us an idea of what its defenses are?
* Cheryl is engulfed by the flames, appearing only as an inversed silhouette of red light. The flames then burn away to reveil Cheryl standing there defiently, wearing her winged Crimson armor.
[Garland] I was..um... drunk at the party! Yeah that's it!
* Slasher` pulls out his Ion Blade and stands next to DS
* Blackjack rubs the dirt off of the letters on the butt of the rifle, "BC"
[Seraphna`] I just wanna know if Dak could really be...
[Blackjack] We'll worry about it later, Sera.
[Ariel] Right... might as well get down to buisness
[DeathStar] Scans are blocked.
* DeathStar puts scanner up
[Dominator] Great... *surveys the outside area*
* DeathStar feels along the wall and sees a vent partially hidden
[Dominator] Anyone see the CorSec forces?
[Garland] Well.. the usual bust in and ripp
[DeathStar] Hmmmm....probably a waste duct or something
[Dominator] Looks like that's our entrance.
* Seraphna` can't do anything to be ready
[Garland] 'em to shreds?
* Ariel holds out her good arm and a sword of white light forms in her grasp
* Slasher` kicks the vent down
[Blackjack] Hmm. Great. An airvent.
[Ariel] Oh fun...
[Mirri] And I'm claustrophobic...
* Slasher` crawls in
* DeathStar watches some old sewage pour out
* Arono looks at the vent
[Slasher`] Eww
* Dominator takes a step back
[Arono] nasty...
[Mirri] Hmm. That's not an airvent...
[Cheryl] -_-
[Slasher`] Defiantly going to need a bath
[Garland] Slasher...... *turns a little green*
[Dominator] No wonder it was "too tough" for CorSec...
[DeathStar] Poor slasher.
* Seraphna` concentrates
[Dakota] aw man you can't be serious
* DeathStar crawls in
* Seraphna` can no longer smell it
* Dominator glances at DS
* Blackjack coughs while saying 1"He deserved it."
[Dakota] he is....
* Dominator follows DS
[DeathStar] Don't worry, no more sewage
* Dakota goes behind Dom
[Dominator] Ah, good..
[Mirri] I do not like the idea of going in there...
[DeathStar] The SMELL reeks
* Arono fallows dom
* Garland follows Dom
[Mirri] And it's not the smell...
* Ridge follows the group
* DeathStar cralws behind Slasher
[Arono] i hope there is no more of that stuff...
[Dominator] Neither do I, but you get used to traps after awhile... ANd smells... maybe...
* Blackjack follows Dom
* Ariel heads in , followed by a hesitant Cheryl
* Slasher` kicks DS accidently
* Garland is gaggin on it (enhanced senses)
[Mirri] It's not the trap... I'm claustrophobic...
* DeathStar grabs his leg and yanks him back
[Dominator] NRP: *sees Garland and BJ both try to follow Dom and get stuck side-by-side*
[Slasher`] Ack
* DeathStar crawls in front of him
[Slasher`] Ouch
* Seraphna` hangs onto Ariel
* Slasher` phases infront of DS
[DeathStar] Slasher!
* Mirri shakes her head and dives into the vent
[Slasher`] What?
[DeathStar] ....Fine, *Smile*, you go first
* Dominator mutters, 1"Just keep going Slasher..."
* Slasher` keeps crawling
[Garland] Gahh..... the smell.... *looks sick*
[Dakota] c'mon guys maybe we should keep quiet eh?
* DeathStar keeps crawling, seeing that a duct goes up, and the one ahead ends
* Mirri goes as quickly as possible, trying to escape both the smell and the closed in space
[Dominator] You know what? A good feauter reploids should have is to turn off their sense of smell.../
[Arono] garland.....dont vomit all over evrything.....its already sickning
* Garland crawls along, looking very sick
* Seraphna` tries to sence any traps
* Ariel crawls very awkwardly since she does have one arm in a sling
* Dominator continues follow DS
* DeathStar begins to go up, sliding slightly
[Garland] I'll.... try not too.
* Slasher` reaches the end
* Seraphna` tries to sence any traps
* Mirri catches up to BJ
* Ridge watches for wiring of anykind as they go
* Slasher` does his best not to slip going up
[Mirri] Dammit! I didn't think I'd be doing this in Hunter!
[DeathStar] For a Maverick base, sewage makes no sense.  Must be aliens here.
[Slasher`] DS, I gotta an Idear.
* Arono jumps up grabing one side with feet and hands and the other just the same
[Blackjack] Aliens... considering where we are, that makes sense...
[Slasher`] How bout I climb up and drop my arm down. I can turn it into a rope
[Dominator] Spade failed to mention that to us.....
[Dominator] How convient of him...
[DeathStar] If you make it that far Slasher.
[Slasher`] Aright
* DeathStar sees a duct going right
* Seraphna` notices something about Ariel...
[DeathStar] Go in that
[Dakota] Spade never makes it easy you know...
* Garland is looking VERY sick, but keeps trudging on
[Blackjack] Hmm... Slasher, morph your arm into that rope now...
[Slasher`] K
[Blackjack] Save you a little time...
* Slasher` 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a rope
* Dominator keeps crawling on
[Seraphna`] You're warm, not cold like metal...
* DeathStar pulls himself into the duct
* Blackjack shapeshifts into a hawk and grabs the rope in his beak
* Dominator follows DS
* Slasher` sits on the duct
* Blackjack flies up the vent
* Arono fallows too
* DeathStar hears machines going
[Slasher`] (side
* Ariel follows