Mission 84:

Gears of Destruction: Part One

[DeathStar] Time chart: 1 day later
[DeathStar] Location: Control Room (almost reparied)
* Slasher is sitting in the corner with his leg in a brace
* DeathStar runs through the files he's been searching into since yesterday's mission
* Blackjack yawns, pacing
* Arono sets down and watches schooler try to teach him how to use one of the comps again
[DeathStar] ....Just what a I thought....
* Blackjack glances at DS
[Slasher] Ensign Blackjack, go get me a cold water
[Blackjack] Go to hell, Slasher.
* DeathStar glances at the other Hunters, particularly glad he doesn't have to keep on eye on so many.
[Slasher] I love you too
[Slasher] And thats, Mr.Slasher to oyu
[DeathStar] Alright, who all wants a briefing?
[Blackjack] Hrm. Whatever.
[Slasher] Let me think about that....
[Blackjack] Sure, why not. Nothing else is happening. *snickers*
[DeathStar] What, yesterday's mission wasn't enough for you, Jared?
*** Paladin (None@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has joined #TAW
[Blackjack] Yeah. That mission yesterday reminded me just how good it is to be back with the Hunters. Oy vey.
[DeathStar] It doesn't pay to be a Hunter.
* DeathStar waves hand in Paladin's direction
* Slasher gets up and limps over to where DS is
[DeathStar] Welcome the newest recruit
[Slasher] Aright, someone new to slap around
[Blackjack] Hrm. Another r... *stops* Welcome, Paladin...
[Ariel] *sigh* Not another Rookie...
[DeathStar] Ah, but this one is experienced...
[Ariel] Oh, that's better.
* Slasher limps over to Ariel 1"Whats wrong with a rookie* grins
[Blackjack] So am I, but you consider me a rookie, even though I have experience as a Hunter...
[DeathStar] I consider you a liablity right now.  Change my mind.
[Slasher] I don't consider you a rookie..just an ensign
[Blackjack] Hrm. And after I save your life at the party. I'll remember that.
[Paladin] Alright, I will.
[Arono] nrp:hay the mideval guy in the future is my gag!i have halfa mind to kill you
[DeathStar] I also remember you tried to kill me.  On a few occasions I might add.
[Blackjack] Can't people change? And that sniping stint was an accident. I didn't know it was you.
[Ariel] Slasher, I seem to remember something of when you considered me a rookie... thanks for reminding me.
[Slasher] Your welcome
[DeathStar] People change.  
* Slasher limps off and sits in a chair
* DeathStar waves hand at Paladin
* Cheryl watches Ariel warily
* Paladin looks up
[DeathStar] Meet the latest X-CorSec person
* DeathStar slight hesitation
* Blackjack balls up a first
[Blackjack] NRP: fist
* Slasher looks up at Paladin
* Ariel frowns at that name
[DeathStar] I don't know much, except you seem to have "left" CorSec for now.  As Spade put it.
[Blackjack] Great, another CorSeccian... *sighs*
[Paladin] Well, I'm glad we're all such good friends with CorSec . . .
* Slasher gets up and limps off bumping into Paladin
[DeathStar] We're glad too, I'm sure.
[DeathStar] Alright, briefing boys and girls
[Blackjack] Personally hate them. Left them not too long ago... You may have heard of me...
[DeathStar] As I told you yesterday, I was going to look into Azuls.
* Slasher stops before leaving the room and listens
[Blackjack] Mm hmm.
* Paladin looks at Blackjack, then listens for the coming briefing
[DeathStar] No reploid by the name 'Azuls' has ever been created.  So, that means Azuls isn't his real name for starters or he's very top secret material.
[Blackjack] I'm willing to bet that Azuls isn't his real name...
* DeathStar hits a button and a 3d holovid of Azuls appears and rotates around
* Slasher limps in and looks at it
* Arono looks at the holo vid
* Blackjack examines the holovid
[DeathStar] This was taking when he entered the battle with Vile at our HQ * - 44
* Ariel watches with some interest
[Slasher] You think he's someone from the past.
[Blackjack] Don't remind me of that battle... *shudders*
[DeathStar] I've run it through all scans of reploids EVER created in any and all forms.  This type of reploid was never EVER created.
[Blackjack] Ok, so I'm NOT willing to bet that his real name isn't Azuls.
[Slasher] Maybe he aint' a reploid
[DeathStar] He is.  The scans show it.
[Slasher] That doesn't make sense
[Paladin] Unless records of his creation weren't made or were destroyed.
[DeathStar] However, parts of him seem older.  Much older than any materails used today.
[Ariel] An upgraded unit?
[Slasher] Perhaps he upgraded himself into a reploid
[DeathStar] That's what I'm willing to bet.
* DeathStar nods at Ariel with approval
[Ariel] Then what...
[DeathStar] Good idea Slasher.  The most likely of the choices.
[Ariel] You don't think that he's really?
[Slasher] Maybe he's from Light's time period
[DeathStar] Another good point Slasher.  Since when did you actually think?
[Blackjack] Possible, Slasher.
[Slasher] Since, I broke my leg
[Cheryl] The chances of that are...
[Cheryl] Well, actually...  that's probally the most likely...
* Arono taps the arm rest on the chair with his fingers
[Slasher] Maybe...he's on of Light's creations..a prototype
[DeathStar] We all know that he teleported yesterday and I took a massive teleportation search in that area.  We found only one, his, and it's a special frequency.
[Blackjack] Like X1? Hrm.
[DeathStar] So, we can now track Azuls if needbe.  Though it isn't exactly reliable.
[Blackjack] It's all we've got, though...
[DeathStar] Scanning for this frequency we saw he teleported to Mega City.  
[Slasher] I think we go find out where he is, and get some answers
[Blackjack] Hrm. That narrows the search area, but there's still a lot of room to search for him...
[DeathStar] My thoughts exactly.  Maybe he knows something of our invisible attackers yesterday.
* Paladin raises an eyebrow but remains silent
[Slasher] He could give us what we need to defeat the Alien Nation
[DeathStar] Well, enough yapping, lets go
[Cheryl] Are there any areas of megacity associated with light's period?  That'd be the best place to look I think
[Blackjack] Slasher, since when did you do all the reasoning, anyway?
[DeathStar] His lab.
[Slasher] Since I hit my head when I jumped from that thingie..Don't quite remember
[Slasher] Let's head to Light's lab
* Slasher limps off towards the Hanger Bay
[DeathStar] The battle ground of the famous Mega Man / Bass battle.  Joy
* DeathStar teleports down there
* Cheryl teleports down
* Blackjack shakes his head and makes his way to the hangar
* DeathStar powers up the Avenger
* Arono gets up and walks to the bay
* Ariel walks down
* Paladin follows the crowd
* Slasher enters the Avenger and sits down placing his right leg up on to another chair
* Blackjack gets on the Avenger and takes a seat at the weapons
[DeathStar] Ariel, you're second in command of the team.  My first in command.  Remember that.
* Arono steps inside then sets down in a seat
[Ariel] Alright.
[Arono] hay whats this?*reaches down into the seat and pulls out a CD player labled JA*.....just another one of these modern things....*tosses it aside*
* DeathStar brings the picture of Azuls up in the Avenger, it revolving around. The blue reploid with dark blue spots all over him whirls around, sunglasses resting on his eyes
* DeathStar lifts off and heads into space
[Slasher] DS...try cross matching him with every known robot from lights age
* DeathStar runs the check
[DeathStar] .....Negative.  Nothing matches/
[Slasher] Hmm...strange..
[Slasher] Just a hunch..
[Blackjack] Which leaves us in the same place as before, in the dark.
[Cheryl] He's probally been changed so much if he is, that's he unreconizable
* DeathStar flies towards the planet, thinking
[DeathStar] Point, Cheryl,
[Slasher] But who change him
[DeathStar] ......What is this, 20 questions?
* DeathStar points at Paladin
[Slasher] No, 30 
[Arono] NRP:guess no one recognises the cd player...oh well..
[DeathStar] CorSec, you got any?
[Cheryl] Slasher, check which robots would have alot of mechanical expertese
[Paladin] Who the heck is Azuls?
[Slasher] I'll try
* DeathStar slaps forehead
* Slasher checks the database
[Paladin] Which is why I was remaining silent . . .
[Blackjack] A guy that keeps saving our asses, Pal. I needn't say more.
[DeathStar] 'Azuls'.  What type of name is that anyway?
* DeathStar sees Earth ahead
[Blackjack] A cool one, but heck, that's all I can say about it, DS...
[Slasher] Does it mean anything in another language
* DeathStar shrugs
[DeathStar] I don't know, Slasher.
[Slasher] Maybe you check that out
[Slasher] Sorry, Cheryl. Nothing
[Cheryl] You're right... I think that name is another clue...
[DeathStar] Perhaps.  But I don't want to through every langauge trying to find a name
* DeathStar enters Earth's atmosphere
[Arono] this is a pleasent ride in this thing for once
[Slasher] Yeah, it'ld take to long
[Slasher] Arono, don
[Slasher] 't jinx it
[Paladin] why not just toss it in a multi-lingual dictionary . . .
* Cheryl tries to think of some of the old robots she's heard of with simular names
[DeathStar] Maybe the name is just made up.
[DeathStar] Maybe the name isn't very common
[Ariel] Most likely
[DeathStar] Maybe the name has multiple meanings
[Cheryl] But I still think...
[Slasher] Maybe..
[Blackjack] Maybe the name has no meaning.
[Paladin] Does the name really matter to who this guy is?
[DeathStar] Maybe's it's a dead end to draw us away from the thruth.
[Slasher] Yeah
[Ariel] This isn't some murder mystery, some things just don't mean anything
[Blackjack] My point exactly, DS
[Slasher] Maybe, we should stop saying maybe
* DeathStar flys towards Mega City and lands outside it
[Slasher] Maybe, we should goto Disney World instead
[Blackjack] Actually a smooth ride... odd.
* Slasher limps outside
* Blackjack sighs and steps outside, deep in thought
* Arono goes outside looking around
* Ariel gets slowly while Cheryl helps Slasher out
* DeathStar walks out
[DeathStar] Alright, Light's lab is on the outskirts of the city...
[Slasher] Thanks Cheryl
* DeathStar walks around the edge of the city
[Blackjack] That's our destination, anyway... who knows what we'll find?
[Slasher] DS, what happened to all the robots.
[Cheryl] My pleasure
[DeathStar] Robots....most ended up in the Robot Musuem.  Others survived until they were considered out of date and shut down.  Some upgraded themselves with the times.
* DeathStar points at the city
[DeathStar] One day you should check it out.  I hear they might build a Reploid one
[Paladin] So, most likely, he's an upgrade.  What are we trying to find out about this guy, anyway?
* DeathStar sees the ruins of the lab up ahead, left alone with time.
[DeathStar] Who he is.  How does he know what he does.  And why he does it.
[Ariel] Who he is, why he does what he does and DS beat me to it
[DeathStar] My job.
[Ariel] I've noticed.
* DeathStar steps on some rumble that crumbles
[DeathStar] ....
[Blackjack] Hrrm.
[Paladin] What if he keeps his identity hidden for a reason?
* Slasher stops and looks at the lab
* DeathStar gazes around the leveled building, seeing nothing but small ruins left
[Cheryl] Hmmm?
* Arono goes into the lab too looking around the ruins making sure its safe
[DeathStar] Surprised they never bulldozed this place.
[Slasher] Maybe, it's underground
* Paladin shrugs
[Slasher] Someone scan the lab
* DeathStar steps around, bringing out his scanner
* DeathStar scans the area, finding something unusal below
[Ariel] Letting your new rank go to your head slasher?
[DeathStar] Slasher's right, there's something under here...
[Blackjack] What's up, DS?
[Slasher] Yes..Yes I am
[Slasher] Bingo
[Blackjack] Or, what's down, in this case?
[Slasher] Can you find an entrance
[DeathStar] ......It's been buried off with the destruction of the lab, it seems...
[Slasher] Or will I have to phase my arse down there
[Slasher] IS it right below us?
* DeathStar grabs the rock blocking it and begins to move it with ease
* Arono wounders if he'll fall through a hole
[DeathStar] This thing is moving pretty easy...
[Blackjack] Why bother with a door...
[Paladin] or will it be easily accessible?
* Slasher limps over to DS and helps him
[Ariel] Dig our way down?
* DeathStar throws it aside, revealing a hidden staircase
[DeathStar] Thanks Slasher
[Ariel] Ahh...
[Blackjack] Like I said, who needs a door?
[Slasher] Only one way to go
* DeathStar shuts off scanner and walks down into the darkness
* Blackjack sighs and walks down the stairs
* Ariel follows... eagerly?
[Slasher] Ladies first
* Slasher steps aside
[Cheryl] Thank you...
* Cheryl follows Ariel
* Blackjack 's hand flies to his rifle, but he thinks better of it
* Arono fallows DS looking around trying to see without light
* Slasher comes in behind Cheryl
[Cheryl] Sure you can make it?
[Slasher] Yeah
[Blackjack] NRP: How's the light in here?
* DeathStar walks inside a lab that is operating on it's own, the computer systems on, flipping through Light's old robots. Everything seems to be in fine condention, and running on silent mode. Secruity devices hide the stuff without detrction
* Slasher turns around and looks at the entrance
* DeathStar flips on a light switch, activating the lights
[DeathStar] This place seems old...and new.  Someone's been working down here.
[Blackjack] Hmm... somebody's been here recently...
[Cheryl] Wow...
* Slasher enters the lab
* DeathStar sees a dried stain on the floor...from battery fluid
[Slasher] DS..maybe we should've blocked the entrance again.
[DeathStar] Perhaps.
[Blackjack] I'm willing to bet that's Azuls's, DS...
[Arono] if you need somone to stand guard ill do it
[DeathStar] Wow, all the incomplete Light files are down here...how the hell did no one ever find it?
[Ariel] Hey Cheryl, are you getting that feeling...?
* DeathStar walks to the computer, knowing that there is a huge file library in it
[Cheryl] That something is going to happen soon?
[Blackjack] Your guess is as good as any, DS...
*** Paladin has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Ariel] Exactly...
[Blackjack] NRP: Something happened. *snickers*
* Slasher limps over to DS
[DeathStar] NRP: hee hee
[Ariel] NRP: See!  I can tell the future _
* DeathStar hits the stop file on it and it stops on Auto's file
[Slasher] What ever happened to him
[DeathStar] Perhaps we should have brought disks and copied it.
[DeathStar] He was killed, Slasher.
[DeathStar] Tragic, too.
[Slasher] Hmm..
[Slasher] Perhaps it's best that we don't take Light
[Slasher] 's files
*** Paladin (None@cc49170-a.mtpls1.sc.home.com) has joined #TAW
[DeathStar] Not take Light's FILES?  This thing is a library of information!
* DeathStar flips through the information, stopping on Protoman
[Slasher] But if it falls into the wrong hands
[Slasher] Check the name Azuls
[DeathStar] Ah, the first robot ever created.  Number 000, also referred to as Blues.
[Blackjack] I'm with Slasher... these things have been buried, and everything's activated... maybe somebody wants to keep us out of here...
[Blackjack] Man, I'm getting paranoid.
* DeathStar checks it and but sees nothing linking to Azuls
[Cheryl] They didn't do a very good job then
[Ariel] What happened to him?
[Blackjack] Search for everything starting with Az, maybe
[Slasher] Maybe they wanted us to find it
[Paladin] What, will evil people build old outdated robots?  We've progressed far beyond this level of technology
[DeathStar] Shows here Protoman liked his visor.  Neat.  *flips to Mega Man*
[Blackjack] Fine, ignore the ensign.
[DeathStar] I already did, Jared.
[Blackjack] I take it you found nothing.
[Slasher] What's it say about Mega Man
[DeathStar] Mega Man...hero of the world.  Defeated Wily 8 times.  Brother to Protoman (Blues), and sister to Roll.  He had a dog named Rush.  
[Blackjack] Hrm. Tell me something we don't all know.
* DeathStar reads the technical information on MM and sees nothing interesting and goes to Rush
[DeathStar] That dog seems fimiliar...guess everyone gimicked him or something.
* DeathStar flips through all the files, even stopping on X1.
[Arono] ?
[Slasher] Maybe..Check for something on Updating
[Blackjack] Heh. Wonder what Light's comments on X1 were.
[Slasher] Or Update, Updated
* DeathStar hits a file marked Reploids
[DeathStar] Update lead to thihs.
[Slasher] Whats it say
[Blackjack] Anything helpful, DS?
[DeathStar] Only how to build reploids, how they made Mega Man into X....the procedure they took.  It looks like this file was accessed in the last 30 years or so.  
[Blackjack] That's not much help for anything...
[Paladin] So somebody made a clone of X?
* DeathStar flips out of the reploids and the file begins to shuffle through the robot files again
[DeathStar] Not exactly Paladin
[Slasher] Search for the most recent accesed file
[Arono] NRP:i thought they were bioroids...
[DeathStar] It has a file lock on it.  No can do.
[Slasher] That's where we wanna look then
[Blackjack] Hmm... we have any hackers here?
[Slasher] Anyone know how to hack
[Blackjack] I'll take that as a "no."
[Slasher] Is it password locked
* Azuls walks in
[Azuls] You shouldn't be here....
* Blackjack turns
* Slasher turns around looks
* DeathStar looks behind him
[Paladin] Is he a hunter?
* DeathStar finishes reading the last file
[Blackjack] Maybe you could explain what you're doing here...
[Slasher] BJ, this is probably his home
[DeathStar] So, are you one of Light's 'bots?  They all were supposed to have been destroyed except Rush and Proto.  However, THEY were killed in a battle years later.
[Blackjack] Probably, I know.
[Azuls] I care to explain nothing.
[Blackjack] Hmm, always the mysterious one, aren't we...
[Slasher] Then why do you keep helping us
[Azuls] Who says I'm a creation of Light?  *keeps face void of emotion*
[Paladin] Why else would you be hanging out in Light's lab?
[Azuls] Plenty of reasons to plenty questions
[Blackjack] Maybe he's looking at the old files... researching Light...
[DeathStar] I don't like this....how do you know what you do?
* Azuls frowns, looking at them through his sunglasses
[Slasher] What are you hiding
[Ariel] Hmmm... nice shades...
* DeathStar suddenly there is a rumble above them and the lab crashes around them, burying them inside
* Blackjack thinks about something, his face lighting up for a second, but he dismisses it
[DeathStar] What the?!
*** Arono has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Azuls] Who dares?
[Slasher] I knew we should've blocked the entrance
[Cheryl] Aaaahhh!
[Cheryl] Aaaahhh!
* Azuls is hit by rumble and is buried as he teleports
[Blackjack] Ah great...
*** Azuls has quit IRC (Leaving)
[DeathStar] GAH!
[Paladin] ah, crap
* DeathStar the entrance is blocked in and half the room is filled in
* Slasher looks for everyone
[Ariel] Oh great...
[Blackjack] Well, let's hope the ceiling is fragile, else we're stuck...
[Slasher] I'll be right back
* Slasher 's body slowly fades away till it is cloaked.
*** Arono (Swordsman@208-223-198-232.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* Slasher tries phasing above ground
* DeathStar frees himself and sees that the entire lab has been destroyed due to the cave in
[DeathStar] ...dammit!  Now we'll never know who Azuls is....
* DeathStar sees Slasher makes it
* Blackjack tries to pull his leg out of the rubble, twisting it
* Slasher looks around while cloaked
[Blackjack] OOUCH!
* DeathStar a few Mavericks are up there
* DeathStar sees his right arm is pinned
[DeathStar] Dammit
* Slasher sneaks up on one of the mavs and snaps it's neck
* Blackjack yanks his leg from the rubble, but his ankle is swollen
* DeathStar the other mavericks sees this and fire at slasher, hitting him, even though they can't see him
* Slasher loses his cloaking field
[Slasher] Shit...
[Blackjack] Great, just what I need, a sprained ankle... What's Slasher doing, anyway?
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Blade
* DeathStar they shoot again (4,500 AP)
[Slasher] Shit
* Slasher ducks
[DeathStar] Getting hurt, probably
[Blackjack] NRP: Damn, DS, enough AP?
[DeathStar] GM: Unavoidable
[Blackjack] Knowing him, yes.
[DeathStar] NRP: He's facing 4 of them
[Arono] nrp:uh......were are we besides slasher
[Slasher] ARg
[DeathStar] NRP: Lab
* Slasher 's Metal arm starts bubbling. 1"Ultimatium" The armor flies in all directions and comes back and latches onto Slashers Skin/Armor. Slashers body is covered in Living Metal boosting his abilities.(2x AP/ lasts for 5 minutes)
* Ariel gets up, and whipes some blood from her forehead
[Ariel] I hate it when that happens...
* Slasher 's arms turn into Giant_Blades
* Paladin just looks around
* Slasher throws them out at two mavs
* DeathStar struggles
[Paladin] So, can we punch a hole in that weak ceiling and fly out?
* DeathStar they dodge
* Blackjack tries in vain to walk, but his right ankle fails him
* Slasher 's fists begin to glow a dark brown.5"CHIKEI" Slasher pounds the ground causing the energy in his body to fly into the ground causing it to erupt in a straight path for 30 feet at Mavs (Earth Elem/300AP "2x AP if Ultimatium is in use")
[DeathStar] I say the rumble above fell in, so, no.
[Arono] NRP:we traped or somethin?
[DeathStar] NRP: NO, we're sitting around for no reason
[Blackjack] We've gotta find a way outt here... ow...
* DeathStar Slasher is hit with a tazer
[Slasher] Comm] I..Ahhhh
* Slasher collapses
* Slasher 's armor retracts back into his right arm
[Ariel] This...sucks!
[Blackjack] Yep, we were right, DS
* Arono disiperes and trys to reapere outside..do i succeed?
* DeathStar grabs huge beam on his arm and begins to pull
[Cheryl] Okay, who has a plan?
[DeathStar] NRP: Yep
* DeathStar arono is then blasted (4,500 AP)
* Blackjack walks over and tries to help DS out of the rubble
[Blackjack] NRP: Walk = crawls
[DeathStar] ARGH!!!  Damn that hurts!
* Arono dives aside
[DeathStar] GM: Unavoidable
* Ariel starts to shift some of the rubble off of her
[Blackjack] Sorry, DS... we both got injured in this one...
* Arono flys back then
[Slasher] NRP:Smart move Arono. Should of heard my comm
* Blackjack struggles to move more of the rubble
[DeathStar] Where's Cheryl?
[Blackjack] Haven't seen her...
* Arono hits the ground and slowly gets up taking out his sword
* DeathStar he is hit by a tazer
[Paladin] Think any of the computers are salvagable?
* Slasher is laying on the ground 40 feet away from DS
[DeathStar] Nope.  I wouldn't be surprised of sparks are flying off of them.
[Slasher] NRP: I mean Arono
* Arono slashes his attacker before getten shocked
* DeathStar one Maverick is destroyed but the other three overpower Arono, like Slasher
[Cheryl] I'm down here!
* DeathStar rotates arm
* Arono strugles to get up
* DeathStar they bat Arono down (50 AP)
[Arono] ow..that hurt
[Paladin] If there was a secret path down here, think there's a secret escape passage?
[Blackjack] Going to be fun moving around after this one... damn sprained ankle... we've gotta find a way out! Who knows what's going on up there!?
[DeathStar] Would be buried.
[Cheryl] *voice from under the rubble* Someone want to help me out here?
* Blackjack starts tossing rubble aside
[DeathStar] I would, if I could, Cheryl
* DeathStar uses one arm to throw stuff around
* Paladin walks over to the voice and begins moving rocks
[Blackjack] Say something, Cheryl... Can't find you
[DeathStar] This was suppose to be a simple mission....
* Arono reaches for his sword and stabs behind him at a mav
[Blackjack] Ok.
* Blackjack tosses some more rubble aside from where he heard Cheryl
[Slasher] NRP:Arono stop or you'l get killed
* DeathStar Arono misses and is blasted again (700 AP, KO, near death)
* Ariel starts to move more of the rubble aside, until she is free
* Arono hits the ground unconcious bleeding
* Paladin keeps digging
[DeathStar] Maverick: Heh, with the Hunters buried, Exodus can deal with the city.
* Ariel pulls herself out and sits down, her leg severely gashed
* Blackjack stumbles aside, sitting on the floor, massaging his ankle, his face twisted in pain
* DeathStar looks around the roof and begins to press again, listening to the rumble shift
* Ariel works on bandaging her leg up
[Blackjack] Everybody... ok? Or repairable...
[DeathStar] Okay, baaddddd idea.
[Paladin] What do you think is keeping those two who teleported out of here?
[DeathStar] Whoever attacked us.
[Blackjack] Probably the same guys that dropped a few tons of rubble on us.
* Cheryl manages to get out, and is barely scratched up somehow
[DeathStar] Alright, if we move the roof, it'll bury us...again.  
[Ariel] Not my idea of a good time
[Blackjack] So how do we get out... maybe we could move the pile of rubble?
[DeathStar] Maybe if the two idiots who left here did stealth and widespread attacks, we could be dug out
[DeathStar] Paladin, see anything on your side of the room?
[Slasher] NRP: :P
[Blackjack] Those two? I doubt it.
[DeathStar] And they got REWARDS?  Oy vey.
[Blackjack] NRP: Sorry, had to say that
* Ariel starts looking around for anything of interest
[Paladin] Nothing in particular, just a whole buncha rocks . . .
[Blackjack] Well, they do come through sometimes... rarely, but sometimes.
[Paladin] Oh, and what looks like an airshaft
[Ariel] And slasher was actually starting to do good...
* Blackjack smacks his forehead
[Slasher] NRP: I can't help it they got me while I was cloaked
[DeathStar] Oh, that just happens to be NOTHING
* DeathStar crawls over there
* Paladin shrugs
[Arono] NRP:and i cant help it the attacks were un avoidible...
[Paladin] it's half-buried
* DeathStar grabs saber and begins to dig
[Blackjack] Of course... why didn't I think of a vent...
* Ariel walks over, doing a good job at hiding her pain
* Blackjack stumbles over, unable to put any weight on his right leg, and helps dig
* DeathStar rips cover off
[DeathStar] Alright, I'll go ahead and make sure it's safe...
* DeathStar slides in
* Cheryl climbs over, almost slipping on every piece of lose metal
[Blackjack] Hold up, you're injured, DS. Maybe it'd be best if someone else scouted.
* DeathStar crawls, grunting, and reaches the end. He then takes saber and cuts up, slicing a hole into the roof and dirt pours in
[DeathStar] Maverick: Notice that hole?  Bah, probably nothing.
[Blackjack] Stubborn bastard... *sighs*
* DeathStar coughs out dir
[Cheryl] Are you okay in there?
[DeathStar] Alright, you guys can follow
* Blackjack climbs into and through the vent
* DeathStar leaps out of the hole
[DeathStar] NRP: Slasher awakes
* Paladin puts on his helmet
[Slasher] NRP:Sewage flies out
* DeathStar is blasted
[DeathStar] ARGH!
[Blackjack] NRP: *whacks Slasher*
* Slasher opesn eyes slowly
* DeathStar hits a tree
[Blackjack] DS!
* Slasher 's body slowly fades away till it is cloaked.
* Blackjack draws his rifle before climbing out of the hole, opening fire before he even gets out
[DeathStar] Mavericks: Get them!  They cannot interrupt lord Exodus' plan
* DeathStar one of the three explodes
* DeathStar fires cannon at another, blowing his leg off
* Slasher grabs a mav and shoves his Ion Blade through it
* Paladin leaps out of the hole, firing force waves
* DeathStar only one maverick is left
* Blackjack falls back, continuing to fire from a place on the ground
* Ariel makes her way through as fast as possible
* DeathStar that one explodes
* Cheryl climbs out
[DeathStar] Alright, someone heal Arono
* Slasher uncloaks and falls to one knee
* DeathStar hears noices nearby
[DeathStar] Sounds like Exodus is having fun.
* Blackjack hits a switch and fires at Arono (340 LP, I think)
[Cheryl] Yes sir!  Field medic Cheryl to the rescue!
[DeathStar] Help Slasher too.
* Arono slowly comes out of unconciousness cursing at the mavs
* Cheryl heads over to slasher first and is surronded by a white aura, healing slasher.
* Slasher gets up and limps over to where DS is
[Paladin] Can I assume "Exodus" is hostile?
* DeathStar runs off
[Slasher] Thanks, Cheryl
[Blackjack] Um, yeah, Paladin, that you can do.
[DeathStar] He's Crucifixtion's 1st in Command
[Blackjack] DS, where the hell are you going?
[Cheryl] Pas de problem mon ami
* Arono gets up looking around for the mavs at almost killed him
[Slasher] Wait..
[Blackjack] Ok, sounds good to me...
* DeathStar watches as a building explodes to the ground
[Slasher] DS..your arm.
[Paladin] At least he doesn't appear to be too strong.
* DeathStar ignores it
* Blackjack tries to run after DS before remembering his sprained ankle, and dives into the dirt
[Slasher] Paladin..just wait
[Blackjack] Dammit!
* Slasher picks Bj up
*** Exodus (Belmont@dial61.planters.net) has joined #taw
* Exodus blasts DS at the ground
[Paladin] That's called sarcasm my new squad maate
[Blackjack] Thanks, Slasher...
[Exodus] coming ALONE Hunter?
[Slasher] Shit..
* Paladin flies towards Exodus
* DeathStar grabs saber with good arm and swings
* Arono turns his head looking at axodus
* Slasher drops Bj and phases over to DS
[Blackjack] I think if I could shapeshift, I wouldn't have to worry, but I wouldn't be able to use my weapons... OUCH!
[DeathStar] Alone, never.  Meet me friends...who better be coming
* Exodus slashes at DS
* DeathStar blocks