Mission 85:

Gears of Destruction: Part Two

Session Start: Wed Jul 21 20:55:55 1999
* Logging #taw to '#taw.log'
[Slasher] Session End..
[DeathStar] Time Chart: 4 hours later
[DeathStar] Location: Control room
[Blackjack] NRP: I like having that honor now
[Slash] NRP: wow, that was a quick session
* DeathStar rotates arm, having it repaired
[Ariel] NRP: * Ariel bonks slasher for being such an utter moron.
* Blackjack sighs, seated, his ankle wrapped in bandages
* Slasher stretches his right leg
[Slasher] Damn brace
* Crystal walks in with slash at her elbow
[Slash] What the hell happened here?
[Blackjack] To hell with being human...
* DeathStar the Holovid is playing about the bombings at Mega City
[Slash] Looks like you went through a meat grinder
* Ariel sits back in her chair resting her leg
[Blackjack] We did, so to speak...
[Slash] NRP: phone
[DeathStar] Exodus tried to bury us./
[Hiro-AWAY] NRP: Gtg. Bai-bai.
[Blackjack] At least we have a decent Med staff here.
* Slasher takes the brace off and slowly stretches it straight
[Ariel] Tried to DS?
[Paladin] NRP: Laters
[DeathStar] Permentantly I meant.
* Blackjack stands, testing his weight, but can't and falls back into his chair
*** Hiro-AWAY has quit IRC (o_0 Watcha lookin' at?)
[DeathStar] News:  With 120 dead, the leader of CorSec, Spade, promises that all efforts will be put into stopping the Mavericks who did this.
[Slasher] Why do I have the feeling were going to have to stop them
[Blackjack] Hrm. At least we didn't get blamed for anything...
[Paladin] Because they don't have any spare resources.
[DeathStar] News: However, a case is being made against the Hunters who happened to be in the area and did nothing.
[Blackjack] Dammit.
[DeathStar] .....
[Slasher] Way to Jinx it BJ
[Blackjack] Hey, how was I supposed to knwo
[Blackjack] know
[Paladin] The irony is smothering me.
[Ariel] Right now I would like to . . .
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*** Slash has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Ariel hits the arm of her chair and winces
[Blackjack] Right now I would like to hit Spade so hard that he would be hurting in places he didn't know he had...
[DeathStar] X1: Like to dance?
* DeathStar looks around for X1
*** Arono (Swordsman@208-223-198-232.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* DeathStar looks as the wounded Arono comes in
[Slasher] Hit Arono then
[Arono] ?
* Ariel glares coldly at Arono
[Blackjack] NRP: It's Arono's fault all this happened! :P j/k
[Arono] NRP:what i do?
* DeathStar leans back in chair
* Blackjack glances at Arono
* Slasher slowly stands up and limps around trying to stretch his leg
* Arono looks at ariel not knowing what the hell he did
[Blackjack] How are we supposed to fight in our current condition?
[DeathStar] News: More to come later....
[Slasher] OH shit
* Slasher falls to the ground
* Ariel looks angry enough to...
[DeathStar] Hooooboy
[Paladin] Who are we going to fight?
[DeathStar] I guess you should all be dismissed from duty...
[Slasher] I've fallen and I can't get up
[DeathStar] I have no idea.  We've lost all signs of Azuls.
[Ariel] No, I can still fight.
[Blackjack] Hey, just because I'm on crutches doesn't mean I can't fight.
[Slasher] I can still fight.
[Arono] nrp:what did i do?
[DeathStar] NRP: Nothing.
* Slasher phases over to the table and place the brace back on
[Blackjack] Remember, I'm a shapeshifter, sort of.
* DeathStar suddenly the entire HQ shakes, throwing them on the ground
[DeathStar] OUF!
[Arono] nrp:then why are they mad at me?
[Slasher] Ahh
* Blackjack falls out of his chair
[Arono] whoa!
[Blackjack] What the hell!?
[DeathStar] Computer: Warning, Station Under Attack by Unknown Forces.
* Slasher lands on his right leg causing incredible pain
[Slasher] AHHHHH
* Ariel holds on to her chair
[Paladin] Is that the early alert alarm?
* Arono wants to know why there mad
* Blackjack lands on his face, but manages to keep his ankle from hitting the ground
[DeathStar] GAck!
* Slasher gets up slowly
* DeathStar stands up
[Blackjack] Ok, what the hell was that...
* Cheryl steadys herself, after pulling herself off the floor
* DeathStar the station shakes again
[Slasher] Not those invisible ships again
[DeathStar] OUF!
* DeathStar his chair snaps
* Blackjack drags his crutches over, dropping them from the new quake
* Slasher flies into DS
[Ariel] What happened to the OTHER alarm?
[DeathStar] Beats me.
[Blackjack] Dammit, DS! Who installed these alarms, X1!?
[Slasher] SHUt tha damn thing off
[DeathStar] Computer:  Run for your lives!!!!
[Paladin] So, do we sit here talking about it, or does this place have some sort of defenses?
* Slasher gets off of DS
[Blackjack] Sounds like it.
[DeathStar] We can't fight what we can't see...
[Blackjack] What's hitting us!?
*** Slash (Blayde22@sktnsk01d051701235.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
[Slasher] Can't we like shoot out flour into space
* Blackjack struggles to pull his crutches over, succeeds, and stands up
* Arono gets up
*** Crystal (Blayde22@sktnsk01d051701235.sk.sympatico.ca) has joined #taw
[Ariel] Brilliant idea...
[Paladin] So . . . we sit here and wait to die?
[DeathStar] No we can't!
[Slash] NRP: za?
[Blackjack] Slasher, your plans never cease to amaze me
[Arono] NRP:oh...
[Slasher] What do we have that we can release into space
[DeathStar] Computer: AHHHH!!  I'm getting hit here!
[Blackjack] Yep, X1 definitely built that computer.
[Paladin] A useless computer . . .
* Slash glances at the computer
[DeathStar] Computer: Christ people, are you that inefficent?
[Slash] Well, we could throw that..
* Crystal grins
* DeathStar the station shakes again
[Slasher] Ah
[Blackjack] What say we load the computer into the cannons?
[Cheryl] Can we flood the area with charged ion particles to try to find them?
[DeathStar] To the Avrnger!
* Slasher phases down to the avenger
[Blackjack] NRP: To the batcave!
* Slash warps to the avenger with Crystal\
* Blackjack runs as quickly as he can with crutches to the Avenger
[DeathStar] Computer: Warning, decks 1-4 damaged....
* Paladin follows the crowd
[Crystal] NRP: Holy socks batman!
* Arono doesnt take time to run and just disiperes and reaperes there
[Slasher] Let's throw Arono out, that'll scare em off
* DeathStar teleports there
* DeathStar powers up the Avenger, the station shaking again
[Blackjack] NRP: *smirks* Good idea, Slasher
* Ariel half runs to the avenger, while Cheryl teleports
[Slash] Well, The disadvantage of that is we would never hear the end of his whining
* Arono elbows slasher in the gut
[DeathStar] Computer: Ai ai ai, we're all slow today.
[Slasher] Ouch
[Slasher] Someone Shut that comp off
[Blackjack] Will you SHUT UP, you damn computer!
[Slash] ...
[Paladin] I'll have to meet this X1.
* Slash looks for the volume knob
[Blackjack] Can't even pour coffee without that damn computer warning me about something...
* Crystal presses the Mute button on the panel
* Slasher buckles himself in
[Blackjack] NRP: Reference! Hehe.
* Slash straps hismelf in
* Crystal does so, right beside Slash
* DeathStar flies out of the station
* Blackjack props his crutches against the wall while sitting at the weapons panel
* DeathStar the Avenger begins to get attacked
[Slash] Uhh
[DeathStar] gah!
[Slasher] Ack
* DeathStar raises shields
[Blackjack] So what do I hit with!?
[Slash] DS, you got any one man ships?
[Paladin] NRP: Can we see the source of the blasts?
* Slasher goes to the back and looks for something white
[DeathStar] They're all undergoing upgrades.
[DeathStar] NRP: Yes.
[Slash] Damn
* DeathStar flips around
* DeathStar the Avenger rattles again
[Paladin] Shoot where the blasts are coming from!
[Blackjack] Hey DS, give me a clear shot to where the blasts are coming from...
* Slash sits down at the weapons console, and begins firing
[DeathStar] Good idea Paladin
* DeathStar levels off
[Slash] Suck on hot Turbo lasers
* Blackjack opens fire once he has a clear shot
[Blackjack] NRP: So we have two weapons consoles.
* Slasher comes back with something
[Slash] NRP: yea
* DeathStar one ship explodes
* Blackjack gives a thumbs-up to Slash and keeps firing
[Slash] NRP: starboard and port
* DeathStar the shields drop as more shuts hit it
[Slasher] Hey we could always throw X1's girlfriend out there
[DeathStar] She'll pop, probably
[Blackjack] We could always throw X1 himself out there
* Slash continues firing, not bothering to acknowledge
* DeathStar dives downward
[Paladin] NRP: THought he had an inflatable chicken . . .
[Slasher] He's not here tho
* Blackjack shrugs and keeps firing
[Slasher] NRP:Thats a hologram
* DeathStar another ship explodes
[Slash] YEEE HAA
[Blackjack] Keep it up, Slash!
[Crystal] Get em
* Slash keeps firing with deadly accuracy
* Blackjack lets lasers fly
* DeathStar listens as the shooting stops as the rest of the ships explode
[DeathStar] ....
[Slasher] Cool
[Blackjack] Who says my good aim only applies to rifles...
[Slash] Nice work
* DeathStar one ship appears, too far off to hit, and flies off towards Saturn
* Slash leans back
[DeathStar] ....
[Paladin] There could be more . . .
[Slash] Looky
* DeathStar hits thrusters and follows it
[Blackjack] Keep the weapons ready, Slash.
* Slash has his full charge, and primed
* DeathStar sensors pick the ship up now
* Arono just buckles since he cant do anything
[Slash] Goody
* DeathStar keeps following the ship
[Slash] Just like shooting ships in space
[Blackjack] Hit it hard...
[Crystal] It is shooting ships in space
* DeathStar watches as the ship dives down, levles off, and goes forward, vanishing from sight
* Blackjack locks onto the ship
[Slash] NRP: BAH, gotta go
[Blackjack] Dammit!
[Blackjack] That's what we get for hesitating...
* DeathStar sensors pick it up still
[Paladin] NRP: bye
[Blackjack] I got him, Slash...
[DeathStar] ...I don't like this...
[Blackjack] He's cloaked...
[Paladin] Maybe he's leading us somewhere?
* DeathStar dives down, lowers off, and sees the ship
[Blackjack] Ha!
[Paladin] Somewhere bad, probably
[Slasher] That's wierd
* Blackjack fires at the ship
* DeathStar flies on and suddenly a huge battle ship appears, and they fly into the hanger, where the field stops bullets
[DeathStar] AH!
[Blackjack] YEOW!
* Blackjack stops firing
* DeathStar jerks the Avenger to a stop
[Slasher] Wow..how fun this'll be
[Arono] @_@
[Paladin] . . . I hate it when I'm right.
[DeathStar] I'm learning to hate it too
[Slasher] Well let me check..
[Blackjack] We all do, Paladin... trust me, we all do...
* Slasher 's body slowly fades away till it is cloaked.
* DeathStar lowers ramp
[Arono] i already do hate it
* Slasher phases outside
[DeathStar] Well, this is an alien ship
[DeathStar] I remember it.  (See 'War' storyline)
[Arono] oh how nice.......*gets out*
* DeathStar steps out and walks across the empty hanger
* Blackjack grabs his crutches and walks to the door. Before stepping out, he shapeshifts into a half-falcon and tosses his crutches aside, flying out.
* Slasher uncloaks
[Slasher] Well so much for checking it out
* Paladin follows the crowd
*** Crystal has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* DeathStar listens and hears nothing
[Slasher] Wierd
*** Slash has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Blackjack] *whispering* This is weird...
* Ariel walks out catiously
[Slasher] DS, Scan the place plz
[DeathStar] Scans blocked
[Paladin] There'll probably be an ambush any second . . .
[Blackjack] Eyes open, everyone...
* Arono takes out sabre twirls it looking for any sign of an alien
* DeathStar suddenly the hanger begins to rumble
[Slasher] Oh shit
* /sound: no such file 'battle_of_darkness.mid'
* Slasher phases into the Avenger
* Blackjack dives back for the Avenger
* Paladin sprints back
* DeathStar they are surrounded by aliens, even some in the Avenger
* Arono looks around then eases into the avenger
[Blackjack] DAMMIT!
[DeathStar] Hoooboy
* Paladin skids to a halt
[Blackjack] We're screwed...
* DeathStar they all open fire (30 aliens, 500 AP each)
[Blackjack] NRP: How high is this place?
* Ariel and cheryl stand back to back, ready for whatever is coming
[Slasher] OH shit...*notices the aliens in the avenger*
[DeathStar] NRP: 30 feet
[Paladin] Ambush . . . what next?
* DeathStar dives
[DeathStar] ARGH!
* Blackjack performs an aerial acrobatic display, dodging the blasts
* Arono rolls under a firing alien and jumps up impaling it
* DeathStar is flipped into a wall
* Ariel and cheryl roll in opposite directions
* DeathStar Arono is thrown into the Avenger
[Slasher] Uh..Hi..Do you know where the bathroom is
* Paladin flies into the air
*** DeathStar is now known as Aliens
* Aliens ram Paladin
* Arono hits the avenger hard rubbing his head
* Slasher pulls out his Ionblade with his left hand and its shines with energy
* Aliens ten aliens take on the two females
[Paladin] Gaagh!
* Paladin falls to the ground and rolls a bit
* Aliens ten take on Slasher, Arono, and Paladin
* Blackjack quickly draws his rifle and cocks it, firing a stream of fire at a group of aliens (450 AP)
[Cheryl] Uh, oh...
[Slasher] (I'm in the ship
* Aliens the other ten fire at BJ
* Arono gets up and takes on all his at once
[Aliens] (They are in there too)
[Slasher] Not good
* Paladin fires a force wave at the aliens while kneeling
* Blackjack flies around awkwardly, taking some of the shots, but dodging some also
[Arono] c'mon you monsterous feinds!
* Slasher slashes at one of the aliens
* Aliens two ram Arono back and stab him repeatedly (4000 AP)
* Aliens the alien kicks Slasher's leg
* Cheryl runs VERY fast to keep from being shoot
* Arono ducks leting them hit eachother
[Slasher] AHhh
[Slasher] That's it
* Blackjack fires Cryo Blast at the two attacking Arono (460 AP)
[Cheryl] HELP!
* Slasher 's Metal arm starts bubbling. 1"Ultimatium" The armor flies in all directions and comes back and latches onto Slashers Skin/Armor. Slashers body is covered in Living Metal boosting his abilities.(2x AP/ lasts for 5 minutes)
[Aliens] GM: Stabs can't be ducked
* Arono gets up laughing
* Aliens one stabs cheryl into the floor (2000 aP)
* Paladin lights his energy blades and starts slashing
* Arono dodges back then
[Aliens] GM: Against wall
* Slasher loses it and his armor sends out spikes in all directions
* Ariel leaps in and ducks low, slashing a couple aliens with her shining blade
* Blackjack , still in the air, dives at the one attacking Cheryl and tries to impale it
[Cheryl] Aaah!
* Aliens they stab Slasher with a huge lance (2000 AP)
* Aliens it whacks BJ
[Slasher] Arg
* Blackjack flies back into a wall
* Arono kicks the 2 aliens that just killed eachother down
* Aliens they drop the bleeding Arono
* Cheryl swings wildly at him with her phoenix blade
* Paladin fires a force wave at the aliens attacking Slasher
* Aliens they kick Arono (20 AP each kick)
* Slasher expands his body flatening the aliens against the ship
[Arono] NRP:hay!
* Blackjack stumbles up, dizzy and dazed, and tries to fly, continuing to fire
[Aliens] NRP: You were stabbed
[Arono] NRP:ds thats not right......i dodged!
[Aliens] NRP: Against wall idjit
[Slasher] NRP:yeah
[Blackjack] NRP: In case you didn't notice, GM ruled no dodge on it
* Aliens they throw a bomb at Slasher
* Slasher phases away
*** Arono (Swordsman@208-223-198-232.du.pldi.net) has left #taw
* Aliens the bomb rolls around the Avenger
* Slasher is now outside
* Ariel moves like the wind between the sword forms, slashing the aliens
* Blackjack fires at the bomb, trying to set it off and hurt some aliens
* Aliens the aliens grab Arono and slice his head off, holding it for all to see
[Blackjack] NPR: NO!
[Blackjack] NRP: I didn't do that!
[Slasher] NRP:DS!!!!
[Aliens] NRP: *snickers*
[Blackjack] NRP: You're evil
[Aliens] NRP: Hr
* Slasher runs to where Cheryl is
[Aliens] NRP: He's annoying
[Paladin] NRP: Say it with me, E-VILLE
[Ariel] NRP: Preds!
[Slasher] Cheryl you ok
* Blackjack looks around
[Cheryl] I... I'll be okay... I think...
[Blackjack] NRP: How's the situation?
* Aliens the remaining aliens, all of them basically, laugh
[Aliens] NRP: Well, bloody, deadly...
[Blackjack] NRP: Good answer...
* Cheryl clutches her side, her hand soaked in battery acid
[Slasher] No you won't
[Aliens] Xevil: Do you surrender?
* Blackjack shakes his head while hovering, trying to clear the dizziness
* Aliens they grab DS
[Paladin] Who's he?
[Slasher] An Ass
[Blackjack] Grr... Xevil... I thought I'd seen the last of you...
* Aliens walk off with him
[Paladin] Crap, I really don't need to deal with another one
[Slasher] Maybe we should surrender
[Aliens] Xevil: Think again *talks through comm. unit*
[Blackjack] Him? I doubt it...
[Blackjack] NRP: Ignore that
[Paladin] They're getting away with our leader, should we do something?
[Blackjack] Surrender... I hate that word... but we almost don't have a choice...
* Slasher helps Cheryl up and puts her arm around his shoulder
[Slasher] WE can't win so
* Blackjack lowers to the ground, hovering a slight distance over it
[Aliens] Xevil: Ah, I see you guys are getting smatter....drop all your weapons on the floor
* Blackjack sighs, letting his weaponry clatter to the floor
* Slasher drops his Ion sword down to the ground
* Ariel lets her blade vanish
* Paladin shrugs and turns off his blades
* Blackjack continues hovering
[Aliens] Xevil: ALL of it....
[Slasher] Damn
[Blackjack] That IS all of it...
* Slasher throws his Combo System to the ground
[Aliens] Xevil: Ah, good.  Now, prepare for teleportation....
[Ariel] What do I look like?  Some type of rep?  I can't rip my arm off
* Aliens teleprots everyone but Arono down to the cells
[Paladin] Do you want me to strip?  The weapons are all built into my suit . . .
* Ariel shudders slightly
[Blackjack] You'd better not, Paladin...
* Aliens something attaches itself to Paladin
*** Aliens is now known as GM
* Blackjack sits on the floor, reverting to human form
[Paladin] What?  I got a GREAT body
* Slasher tries cloaking
[Paladin] What the heck is this thing?
[Blackjack] I'm a GUY, Paladin... And I'm NOT gay...
* GM all is quiet
[Blackjack] But I am smart...
[Paladin] Ah.  Slasher's been lying to me.
* Blackjack glares at Slasher
[Slasher] NRP: Did I cloak?
* GM Slasher fails
[Cheryl] ?
[Slasher] I didn't say a damn thing 
[Cheryl] What did he say?
* Blackjack reaches into a pocket and pulls out a card
* Slasher goes over to Cheryl
[Slasher] Hows your wound
[Blackjack] *quietly* These may be our escape ticket...
* Paladin smiles slightly and begins poking at the thing that attached to him
* GM it zaps Paladin
[Cheryl] Healing... slowly...
[Paladin] OUCH
* Blackjack shakes his head and starts thinking
[Slasher] Good..
[Slasher] Let me see it 
[Paladin] Probably some sort if dampening device.  Something to zap me if I try anything.  Let's see . . .
* Paladin lights an energy blade
* GM Paladin looses 500 HP
[Blackjack] NRP: Yikes
* Paladin lets out a string of curses not suited for human ears
[Blackjack] I'd heal you if I could, but I don't have my rifle...
*** Arono (Swordsman@208-223-198-232.du.pldi.net) has joined #taw
* GM arono is still in the hanger
[Paladin] Well, thanks for the thought . . . I feel like somebody put a 9 volt battery on my tongue
* Blackjack runs a card along the cell
* Slasher takes a look at Cheryl's wound
[Ariel] Sure it wasn't a 900 volt?
[Paladin] Not on my tongue . . .
* Blackjack sighs and throws the card at the wall angrily
* Slasher wipes his right hand over the wound and it's coverd in living metal sealing the wound for now
[GM] Xevil: Looks like we have visitors....
[GM] GM: Arono is bleeding from the gut, he will die soon unless treated
[Slasher] Xevil:What do you want with us
*** Dakota (Jaxer@gc-digital126.pathway.net) has joined #taw
[Slasher] Xevil: And what have you done with Arono
* GM a shuttle lands with Dakota flying
* Arono is dieing....i need some help here
[GM] Xevil: Arono's in the hanger, dying
[Blackjack] NRP: Well we can't exactly help you
[Slasher] Xevil: No loss..Now why do you want us
[Blackjack] NRP: Considering we're locked up in cells and everything.
*** Dominator (ryan_cross@p4-29.reno.powernet.net) has joined #taw
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dominator
[Dakota] (i suspect we landed in the hangar...)
* GM aliens begin to head to the hanger where Dakota and Dom have landed
[Blackjack] Hey... the guards are leaving...
* Dakota gets out arming everything...
* Slasher tries his comm
* Dominator charges weapons
[Ariel] If anyone has a plan, now is a good time
[Dakota] rock and roll dom
[Paladin] Yea, let's just blast our way out . . . oh wait, they took our weapons
[Dominator] Right. Lets go... Watch your step. *exits shuttle*
*** GM is now known as FortyAliens
[Dakota] yep
[Blackjack] I've been thinking about it, Ariel, and I think I ahve one
* Slasher clicks on his comm
* FortyAliens runs at Dakota and Dom
[Ariel] Let's hear it
[Paladin] NRP: Is it a field or bars that guards us?
* Dakota charges his armcannon and blasts aliens (ap 280)
[FortyAliens] NRP: No door at all
[Dakota] 40... eh
[Ariel] (NRP: GAH!  I got about 1 min left...)
[FortyAliens] NRP: No exit
* Slasher looks around the room
* Blackjack draws teh 5 or clubs and slams it into the floor against the wall
[Dakota] need something bigger...
* Dakota Suddenly two huge wings rip out of Dakota's back... his legs slowly growing explode revealing large muscular legs underneath, his arms follow suit, his hands also grow giant claws at the transformation continues... A large crest busts out of the back of Dakota's head and the rest of his normal armor blows off, revealing a powerful looking Dragon where Dakota was...Kaiser-Vanguard.
*** Dakota is now known as Kaiser_vanguard
* Dominator fires thunder bolt at the aliens, taking cover
* FortyAliens the floor explodes
* FortyAliens they absorb it and slash Dom (2000 aP)
[Blackjack] Ok, that didn't work...
[Slasher] Everyone out
* Slasher leaps down the hole
[Blackjack] NRP: Ok, so it worked.
[Dominator] ARGH!
* Blackjack shapeshifts into a half eagle and dives into the hole
[Ariel] Nice
* FortyAliens they open fire on Dakota and bring him crashing down to the ground
* Slasher leaps back up and grabs Cheryl and then jumps down
[Blackjack] Thank you, thank you.
* Paladin hops down after them
* Dominator uses Silver Crystal on himself and slash
* Ariel hops down, landing silently
* Kaiser_vanguard breathes in heavily and realses a giant amount of fire energy at aliens (230 ap)
* FortyAliens twenty MAvericks run at the weaponless Hunters
* Cheryl climbs down
[Kaiser_vanguard] gah dang it...
* Blackjack flings cards at the Aliens
[Slasher] Where are we now?
* Kaiser_vanguard gets up
* Kaiser_vanguard lugnes at some_aliens attacking with all of his claws. (240 ap)
* FortyAliens they step by Arono and hold him up as a shield
[Paladin] Hand to hand, then
* Slasher looks around
[Dominator] We're got to get around these guys! *slashes rapidly*
[Ariel] Mavericks?!
* Blackjack stops throwing the cards
* FortyAliens the first few explode
[Arono] ......unnh...
* Paladin swings at one of the mavs
[Blackjack] Dammit, I need my rifle!
[Dominator] NRP: Are the other hunters by Dominator and Dakota
[FortyAliens] NRP: No
[Slasher] This ain't good
* Kaiser_vanguard swipes at their heads
* FortyAliens uses Arono as shield
* Dominator dashes forward at amazing speeds with Crimson Crystal, then activates Ebony Crystal to double his next attack's AP, he then slashes three times in the time a normal person can only slash once at Aliens the attack is mentally hammered at him at the same time using Purple Crystal (3000AP total + 3000AP telepathic)
* Slasher rams into a Mav
* FortyAliens they stab Slasher
[Blackjack] Hit 'em from all sides!
[Slasher] Ugh
[Ariel] On my mark...
* FortyAliens aliens roar in pain
[Kaiser_vanguard] nicely done dom...
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Blaster
* Kaiser_vanguard breathes in heavily and realses a giant amount of fire energy at aliens (230 ap)
* FortyAliens they blast Dakota and Kasier with stuns
* Blackjack flies above and releases a spread of cards from the back
[Ariel] Go!
* Slasher holds the blaster up and starts firing at the mavs
[Dominator] Thanks, but it's not over yet...
* Kaiser_vanguard crashes to the ground again
* FortyAliens the mavericks all die
[Dominator] Dakota!
* Paladin punches a mav
[FortyAliens] Xevil: Ah, dominator, Dakota...
* Blackjack bows without landing, then turns his attention to the aliens
[Slasher] Let's get going guys
[Kaiser_vanguard] Dang.... this..... sucks......
[Dominator] Xevil?!
[Paladin] Are any of you a science officer?
[Blackjack] Would you SHUT UP, Xevil!?
[FortyAliens] Xevil: Yes.  Welcome to my ship.  
* Slasher looks around frantically
[Kaiser_vanguard] grrrrrr.
[Dominator] The pleasure's all mine...
[FortyAliens] Xevil: I would quiet down, Jared....
[Cheryl] Why paladin?
[Paladin] I need to get this thing off me
* FortyAliens teleports Dakota and Kasier to the others
[Blackjack] Hrm.
[Paladin] it's stopping me from using my suit
[Slasher] Xevil:Where's DS
*** FortyAliens is now known as GM
[Dominator] NRP: Dakota = Kaiser (same person)
[Kaiser_vanguard] (dak = kaiser.... same)
[GM] (I meant Dom and Kasier)
[Dominator] (For stun too?)
* Cheryl takes a look at the device
[GM] Xevil: Hah.  You guys let me drag him off.
[Kaiser_vanguard] (well it's the 2nd time you've done it)
* Arono is still dying
[Blackjack] Did we have a choice, mister high and mighty?
* Kaiser_vanguard is in a rather large cell i'd think...
[Slasher] We would've stopped you but couldn't
* Dominator glances at the others
* GM a medpack rests on the Avenger, across from Arono
[Dominator] Hey guys... Back-ups here....
* Kaiser_vanguard is out cold..
[Blackjack] Dammit, somebody take care of Arono!
[GM] NRP: Arono isn't round
[Slasher] NRP:were not near him
[Blackjack] NRP: Sorry, confused
[Paladin] I think the Aliens are already doing that . . .
[Slasher] Xevil: Where are our weapons
[Blackjack] And I doubt it's the way I meant...
[Dominator] NRP: Is Xevil in the same room?
[Paladin] ah
[GM] NRP: No
[GM] NRP: Dakota wakes up
[Arono] atleast,....atleast ill die from a battle like a brave warrior would.....
[Kaiser_vanguard] ungh....
[Dominator] Where's Death Star?
[Blackjack] Hell if I know, Dom
* Slasher looks for a door
[Paladin] NRP: Dom's with us now?
* GM one down the hallway
[Blackjack] NRP: I'm guessing we're in a cell.
[GM] NRP: No, he's with Brittney
* Slasher heads down the hall
* Arono reaches for the avenger
[Dominator] NRP: Paladin? New hunter?
[Ariel] NRP: *votes this the most confusing taw session*
* Paladin looks at Cheryl. 1,0Any luck?
[GM] NRP: No, evil villian
* Blackjack hovers, still afraid to put weight on his ankle
* Cheryl is carefully tinkering with the device
[Blackjack] NRP: Hmm, DS is being more of a smartass than usual...
* GM is zaps Paladin -500 HP
* Arono crawls at the avenger holding his gut trying to get to the medpack
[Cheryl] Oops!
* GM he gets it and is completely healed
[Paladin] OUCH!  Dammit, be careful.  My mouth tastes horrible
[Dominator] What happened to you guys?
[Cheryl] Sorry...
[GM] GM: However, he's much slower
* Slasher contineus heading down the hallway
* GM Slasher reaches the door
[Slasher] Hmm...*Sighs* Here goes nothing
* Slasher opens the door slowly
[Dominator] NRP: Where is Slasher in relation to Dominator?
[Kaiser_vanguard] oy... what hit me...?
* Arono gets up and walks around looking for his teamates still feeling pain
* GM it's the room with their weapons
[Cheryl] I don't think I can get it off safely with out any tools
[Slasher] Yes
[Blackjack] Slasher? What's in there?
[Slasher] NRP: I'm down the hall
*** GM is now known as AlienCommander
[AlienCommander] Tsiv!
* Slasher grabs his weapons
* AlienCommander kicks Slasher
[Slasher] Uh..Hi
[Slasher] OOf
* Blackjack was yelling
[Dominator] I'm following Slasher...
* AlienCommander rams Slasher into the wall
[Slasher] Arg
* Dominator goes where Slasher did
* AlienCommander throws him into Dominator
[Blackjack] Uh oh... I didn't like the sound of that "oof..."
* Slasher 's concentrates and his right hand morphs into a Sledgehammer
* Blackjack backs up Dominator
[Slasher] Agg
[Dominator] Whoa! *catches Slasher*
* Cheryl dashes into the room
* Blackjack throws three cards at the commander
* Paladin cautiosly follows
* Slasher swings his arm nailing the Alien acroos the face
* Dominator sets Slasher down and blasts at the commander
* AlienCommander grabs BJ's rifle and fires it at them
* Blackjack dives to the floor
* AlienCommander keeps firing
[Paladin] Hey, your weapons must be here!
* Dominator dives to the floor, then jumps up stabbing at the alien
* Cheryl dives, trying to grab the alien's feet out from under him
[Blackjack] How dare he use my rifle against me...
* AlienCommander pulls out an Xvash and smashes it over Dom's back
[AlienCommander] ACK1
* AlienCommander falls on Cheryl