Mission 9: Te/am

[21:04] [DeathStar] Time Chart:  After SK's mission
[21:04] [Cross] SK had a mission?
[21:04] Cross really needs to be online moe
[21:04] LightningStrike shakes head up and down 
[21:05] [DeathStar] Location: HQ.  In Control Room (remains)
[21:05] DeathStar steps over the wreckage
[21:05] Cross looks around
[21:05] [LightningStrike] Gotta work on a more resistant controll room eh ??
[21:05] [Blackjack] I can't believe we let them do this...
[21:05] [DeathStar] Damn freakin human/reploids
[21:05] [DeathStar] Time Chart: 1 day after SK's mission
[21:05] Garland runs around like a child
[21:06] [Garland] weeeeeeeeeee!
[21:06] [DeathStar] Garland...
[21:06] Cross walks around, not knowing anyone else who's currently there
[21:06] DeathStar sits in his chair, it creaking with the damage done
[21:06] [Blackjack] Garland, act normal for once...
[21:06] [DeathStar] Lieutenant Cross.  Come here
[21:06] [Garland] me nor--nor--normale!
[21:06] Cross goes over to DS
[21:06] DeathStar leans back in chair and snaps, him crashing to the ground
[21:06] Blackjack sits on the floor/ground/whatever and looks around
[21:07] [Cross] Yes?
[21:07] Blackjack manages to stifle laughing at DS
[21:07] [DeathStar] You transferred from the Special Units Operational Tactis on the station to join us for awhile.  Why?
[21:07] [Cross] Ah.... sir?
[21:07] DeathStar glares at BJ
[21:07] [Blackjack] W... what? *bursts out laughing*
[21:08] [DeathStar] JARED...
[21:08] [Blackjack] Sorry, sorry.
[21:08] [Cross] Well, sir... I'm not really sure my self.
[21:08] [DeathStar] Not really....sure?
[21:08] DeathStar blinks and tries to reboot computere
[21:08] [DeathStar] Alrgiht
[21:08] [Cross] I didn't feel that content with my old position, and something inside made me want to join this unit.
[21:08] [DeathStar] As I told you the other day.  Dominator has been missing for awhile now
[21:09] Cross trails off, 1"I guess I want to make a difference..."
[21:09] Garland messes with a basket ball and accidentaly pops it
[21:09] Blackjack fiddles with his eyepatch
[21:09] [Cross] Captain Dominator? He's second in command, right?
[21:09] [LightningStrike] Hey kid
[21:09] [DeathStar] Correct Lieutenant...
[21:09] LightningStrike looking at Garland
[21:09] [Garland] ...*slight sniffle*
[21:10] Garland looks at LS
[21:10] [LightningStrike] Want me to train you a little bit ??
[21:10] [Garland] yes Mr. Strike?
[21:10] [Cross] What's an eight year old doing here?
[21:10] [DeathStar] EIGHT years old?
[21:10] Garland throws the popped ball away, and gets in a fighting stance
[21:10] DeathStar flips around to look at Garland
[21:10] [Blackjack] We found him during a mission... He's under Dom... *stops*
[21:10] [DeathStar] B-But he's four!
[21:10] Blackjack realizes what Cross said
[21:11] Garland glances at every one looking at him
[21:11] [LightningStrike] Ok first rule, harness your chi, I do this through use of machinary like alot of Reploids.
[21:11] [Garland] what?
[21:11] [Cross] Huh? He looked eight...
[21:11] [DeathStar] I-I know..
[21:11] [Garland] what I do??? did I do something wrong????
[21:11] [DeathStar] Never realised..
[21:11] [Blackjack] W... weird...
[21:11] DeathStar blinks and turns away
[21:11] DeathStar types on computer
[21:11] DeathStar ignores cleaning crews around the place
[21:11] LightningStrike starts focusing electricity into a ball.
[21:12] Blackjack idly shuffles his cards
[21:12] [DeathStar] I think a small team should try to find Dominator
[21:12] [LightningStrike] Then controll it. 
[21:12] Garland does exaclty what LS does with ease
[21:12] LightningStrike has the ball fly into the air staight up and come back into his hands
[21:12] [Cross] All right, sir.
[21:12] DeathStar ship detectors beep
[21:12] [DeathStar] Eh?
[21:12] Blackjack stops shuffling, and looks at DS. 1"Maybe I should go... I think I've recovered enough..."
[21:13] Garland makes two balls and pushes them together, blows up in his face
[21:13] [LightningStrike] I see you have a high chi level, good, practice with it some, one day you can come on a mission with us if you get really good controll of it.
[21:13] DeathStar twirls chair around and hits a button on the keyboard and a Earth vessle appearson the screen
[21:13] [Cross] Uh... Lighting Strike, is it? Shoudln't we be listening to DS
[21:13] [Garland] me control!
[21:13] Garland makes a big ball and stretches it, shrinks it...
[21:13] DeathStar a Reploid's face appears on the screen.
[21:13] [Cross] What's up DS?
[21:13] LightningStrike turns around and says "Sorry DS but someones gotta look after the kid"
[21:14] [DeathStar] MH Officer: "Sir.  The person on here requests to speak to you.  He's...got offical papers from EarthGov..."
[21:14] [DeathStar] Coming down.,
[21:14] DeathStar flips screen off and heads for the Hanger
[21:14] Garland makes two balls and retrys the two ball fusion
[21:14] [Blackjack] I remember what happened last time they had papers from EarthGov...
[21:14] [LightningStrike] Yeah
[21:14] [DeathStar] I remember, One Eye Jared
[21:14] [Cross] Sir, want me to accompany you?
[21:14] [LightningStrike] Papers from earth gov always mean trouble for us. 
[21:14] [DeathStar] Go ahead
[21:14] Garland fuses the balls, lasts for 3 secs, then dissappears
[21:15] [Blackjack] *almost hatefully* I didn't lose the eye... I just got a bad cut...
[21:15] Cross follows DS, after glancing at everyone else
[21:15] Spade [death_star@dial27.planters.net] has joined #TAW
[21:15] DeathStar stops in front of the shuttle
[21:15] [LightningStrike] Hmm impressive garland, here *Toses him to rocks*
[21:15] Spade puffs on a cigar
[21:15] [Spade] Commander Death Star?
[21:15] Blackjack looks at the shuttle, worried
[21:15] [LightningStrike] The day you can fuse dilithiumite, is the day you'll have reached full potential.
[21:15] [Garland] heheh!
[21:15] [DeathStar] Yes.  you are?
[21:16] [LightningStrike] NRP: that material is almost unfusable, even by the best so you can't right now :P
[21:16] Spade blows out smoke.
[21:16] [Spade] I'm Spade.  I'm a part of EarthGov.
[21:16] [DeathStar] Sure.
[21:16] LightningStrike zaps down to hanger
[21:16] [Cross] Greetings...
[21:16] [Garland] NRP: your idea of chi is wrong from mine
[21:16] Blackjack is somewhat doubtful, but greets Spade
[21:17] [Spade] EarthGov wants to test your loyality.  You see, we want to see how reliable you are compared to what CorSec is.  I'm sending you on a mission.
[21:17] [LightningStrike] NRP: Well, chi is a we bit differant than anyone really understands, IRP and IRL it is the energy of the universe which may be tapped into and used.
[21:17] [Cross] A mission....
[21:17] [DeathStar] I see...
[21:17] [Blackjack] A mission, huh? What did you have in mind?
[21:17] [LightningStrike] Mmmhhhmmmmm
[21:17] [Spade] We want you to hunt down a rogue Maverick of this description.  *hands DS a sheet of paper*
[21:18] Blackjack thinks about the term, "rogue Maverick," having heard it somewhere before
[21:18] [Spade] See it gets done, alright?  *drops cigar on the ground and crushes it out, smirking as he walks back to his shuttle
[21:18] Spade [death_star@dial27.planters.net] has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:18] [Cross] A maverick?
[21:18] LightningStrike lightning bolts cigar into dust
[21:18] [LightningStrike] Dirty little things.
[21:18] [DeathStar] ....
[21:19] [DeathStar] What...are we waiting for?  *voice sounding strangled as he hops into a shuttle and starts it up*
[21:19] Garland runs around with glowing fists "WEEEEEE!!!!! I can use ki!"
[21:19] [DeathStar] *looks at the location written on the infomation*
[21:19] [Cross] Should I come, DS?
[21:19] LightningStrike walks up to BJ and says "I was actually talking about paper pushers, not cigars"
[21:19] [DeathStar] Your choice, pal
[21:20] LightningStrike Hops on in 
[21:20] Blackjack walks into the shuttle behind DS
[21:20] [Blackjack] I'm going one way or another...
[21:20] Cross enters the shuttle
[21:20] [Garland] hp PtEthEhtt
[21:20] [LightningStrike] Can I see that desc 
[21:20] DeathStar starts it up and pulls out of the Hanger
[21:20] Garland hops into the shuttle
[21:20] DeathStar hands it to LS
[21:20] LightningStrike checks it over 
[21:20] Blackjack is still thinking about that term, trying to remember
[21:21] [DeathStar] I'm running a check on it...he doesn't appear in any of the Maverick files
[21:21] [Cross] What do you mean?
[21:21] [Blackjack] Strange...
[21:21] [LightningStrike] We got files on all known and active mavs 
[21:21] [DeathStar] Basically I don't think he's a Mav
[21:21] LightningStrike hands the desc to Bj
[21:21] [LightningStrike] Never seen this guy before
[21:21] [Cross] Why would we go after him?
[21:22] [LightningStrike] Like he said a test.
[21:22] [DeathStar] Well, I'm going after him for the pure hell of asking him why EarthGov wants him.  Plus, I'm hoping to learn of clues of Dom's location
[21:22] Blackjack reads the description
[21:22] Garland 's Gi doesn't fit anymore, rips it in areas so he can keep it on
[21:22] [Blackjack] Nope... Don't recognize it.
[21:22] [Cross] Dominator left without saying?
[21:22] [LightningStrike] Either way we fail, kill him, earth gove says we have no morals, don't and we are Mavs.
[21:22] Blackjack hands it back to DS
[21:22] [DeathStar] He does appear on the Exiled Reploids to the Wastelands
[21:23] DeathStar glances at Cross but doesn't answer
[21:23] [LightningStrike] Do they got a bio work up on him ??
[21:23] [DeathStar] .....I can't really access much from the shuttle.  Sorry
[21:24] DeathStar they hit Earth's atsmophere
[21:24] [Blackjack] NRP: Is anyone logging this?
[21:24] [LightningStrike] Well, I'm going there just to see the look on his face when I throw a lightning bolt at him pearsonally, I mean we do gotta follow orders, especially from earth gov.
[21:24] [DeathStar] PAUSE
[21:24] Garland watches intently a the conversations
[21:24] [Cross] I am, but missed the begining... can't get it to copy the old tetxt..
[21:24] [Blackjack] Does anybody have a log of the time before the pause? I forgot to start logging...
[21:24] DeathStar grinds teeth, annoyed
[21:25] [LightningStrike] Ok, ok LS to the rescue
[21:25] [Cross] You were logging?
[21:25] [Blackjack] You were logging?
[21:25] [Garland] echo
[21:25] [DeathStar] No, he just said that for the hell of it
[21:25] [Garland] echo
[21:25] [Garland] echo
[21:26] [Blackjack] Seriously, were you?
[21:26] [Cross] don't flood my log with NRP, guys...
[21:26] DeathStar is so annoyed and so tired
[21:26] [Garland] you can remove things from the log you know...
[21:27] [DeathStar] Alright, I got the log from LS
[21:27] [Cross] Yes, I do. LS? You there???
[21:27] [LightningStrike] There now someone log the rest.
[21:27] [DeathStar] Can we CONT. you bow?
[21:27] [Cross] Okay, lets go.
[21:27] [DeathStar] UNPAUSE
[21:27] [Cross] Log too DC
[21:27] DeathStar lands the shuttle
[21:27] [Cross] Sir, why would we go after a non-maverick reploids?
[21:28] [DeathStar] Cross...just shut up.  Alright?  I'll sort it out when I get to the point where I sort it out
[21:28] [LightningStrike] A test of loyalty
[21:28] [Garland] ooooooo
[21:28] DeathStar looks up. "There's a ship up ahead. Lets go."
[21:28] [Blackjack] I don't trust that Spade... I'm sorry if you don't agree...
[21:28] [Cross] Yes, sir...
[21:28] [LightningStrike] Earth gov is nothing more than another CorSec !
[21:28] [DeathStar] And there seems to be some kinda fightning going on...too
[21:28] Cross gets out
[21:29] LightningStrike Takes controll of weapons
[21:29] [LightningStrike] Just tell me who to fire at :)
[21:29] DeathStar begins to run toward the ship
[21:29] Wiendigo [scoutx1@rc-99.netonecom.net] has joined #TAW
[21:29] [Cross] Correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks like it might be one of our shuttles, sir.
[21:29] Phoenix [dragonmast@] has joined #TAW
[21:29] LightningStrike hops out of shuttle 
[21:29] Garland brightens up
[21:29] [DeathStar] IT DOES, DOESN'T IT?
[21:29] Phoenix is now known as Slasher
[21:29] Wiendigo teleports in
[21:29] [Garland] Mr. Wiendigo!
[21:29] [Wiendigo] About damn time....
[21:29] [LightningStrike] NRP: Fighting in the atmosphere ??
[21:29] [DeathStar] OH god..
[21:29] DeathStar runs along the ground
[21:29] [DeathStar] NRP:  No
[21:29] Slasher phase shifts in
[21:30] [LightningStrike] NRP: Then where ?? In space ??
[21:30] [DeathStar] More company...oy vey
[21:30] Cross follows DS
[21:30] [Wiendigo] I swear, the next time that little shit X1 messes with the transporter system...
[21:30] [Cross] What is it??
[21:30] Garland runs up to wien
[21:30] [Slasher] What I miss
[21:30] [Garland] how ya doin?
[21:30] [LightningStrike] NRP: Well no one told me that.
[21:30] [DeathStar] NRP:  I SAID IT IN A MESSAGE
[21:30] DeathStar comes up on the shuttle
[21:30] [Blackjack] You're here. About time.
[21:30] Wiendigo glares at Garland
[21:30] Slasher sees cross and wonders if hes good or bad
[21:31] [Wiendigo] Watch it human...
[21:31] DeathStar Mavericks jump them
[21:31] [Slasher] Garland becarful hes from Hells Prison
[21:31] Dominator [ryan_cros@TC1-11.intercomm.com] has joined #TAW
[21:31] LightningStrike charges up 
[21:32] Blackjack flips backwards, throwing the Maverick that jumped on him
[21:32] Wiendigo takes out his katana and slashes them up
[21:32] DeathStar throws a Mav at Wien
[21:32] LightningStrike AP recharges energy batteries at a rate of 5Ap per sec and recharges Lightning batteries at a rate of 10LP per sec. Recharge Occurs in it's own battery which has a constant residual charge of 10AP and a max charge of 50but during a charge up begins at 0)
[21:32] Slasher turns around and starts firing missles at them
[21:32] [Garland] Mr. Dominator!
[21:32] [Garland] Ooooooo
[21:32] Garland kicks lots of mavs
[21:32] [DeathStar] Dominator?!
[21:32] Wiendigo shishkabbobs it
[21:32] DeathStar roundhouse kicks one in the head, knocking it off
[21:32] Midnight^ [ryan_cros@TC1-11.intercomm.com] has joined #TAW
[21:32] [Garland] KIAMA! *fires*
[21:32] Cross is fighting the mavericks
[21:32] LightningStrike starts fighting the mavs bare handed then switches to using lightning bolt attacks
[21:32] [DeathStar] LET THE FUN BEGIN!!
[21:32] Blackjack slashes wildly at the Mavericks, finally noticing Dom. 1"DOMINATOR!?"
[21:32] DeathStar rips into Mavericks
[21:32] LightningStrike Fires a lightning bolt at enemy (45AP)
[21:32] [Cross] What are you guys doing here??
[21:32] LightningStrike Does a lightning ram doing 45AP damadge
[21:33] LightningStrike Fires a slow moving ball of lightning at enemy. (50 AP)
[21:33] Midnight^ blasts the mavericks, next to Dominator
[21:33] Garland is happy
[21:33] Slasher phases in to the center of the mavs and starts to slash at them wit hhis ion blades
[21:33] [Garland] My two favorite people are here!!!!
[21:33] LightningStrike does a lightning bolt floot doing 2AP damadge to his target until the target is dead, or the weapon called off.
[21:33] DeathStar begins to slash them up
[21:33] Blackjack impales a Maverick on his sabre
[21:33] [Blackjack] (60 AP)
[21:33] Cross slashes through some Mavericks with Rune Sword
[21:33] [LightningStrike] There that took one down 
[21:33] DeathStar a Maverick runs his sabre through his chest
[21:33] [DeathStar] URK!
[21:33] [Cross] Glad to.. see you too, Garland!
[21:33] DeathStar stops
[21:33] Wiendigo stabs a Mav
[21:33] [Cross] (Dominator said that)
[21:33] Garland attacks more violently
[21:33] [Blackjack] DS!
[21:33] [Dominator] (Dominator said all of Cross's last lines)
[21:34] DeathStar grabs sabre and rips it out of him, killing the mav
[21:34] [Garland] not you cross.... I mean Mr. Dominator and Mr. Wiendigo@
[21:34] Dominator continues attacking
[21:34] Midnight^ slashes through the mavericks quickly
[21:34] [DeathStar] .....Damn....got careless..
[21:34] DeathStar the rest of the Mavericks retreat
[21:34] Wiendigo guts a couple Mavs
[21:34] LightningStrike does a 100AP Limit into an enemy knocking him unconcious (not a normall limit my special one)
[21:34] Slasher runs to DS and truses his life mist on him
[21:34] DeathStar continues to stand, nodding at Slasher as he glances at Dom.
[21:34] [Wiendigo] How many more of these damn turncoats do we ahve to take down?
[21:34] [Midnight^] These the Maverick Hunters, Dominator?
[21:34] [DeathStar] What...are...you doing...down here?
[21:34] [Dominator] Yeah.
[21:34] Garland starts to chase the mavs retreating
[21:34] [Slasher] Let me help you DS
[21:35] [Wiendigo] That answers that
[21:35] [Blackjack] Welcome back, Dom. *snickers*
[21:35] DeathStar glances at Midnight
[21:35] Slasher places DS's arm around his nexk
[21:35] [Garland] run you damn bots!!! I learned that word from Mr. Wiendigo!
[21:35] [LightningStrike] That means Dom is a mav to. 
[21:35] [Dominator] Well, I scanned some Maverick s in this area two days ago...
[21:35] [Midnight^] Huh?
[21:35] Blackjack snaps his fingers. 1"THAT'S where'd I'd heard the term!"
[21:35] [Cross] ...
[21:35] [DeathStar] Damnit Wien.  Just teach him some new damn word.
[21:35] Wiendigo glances with a smirk at Dom
[21:35] Slasher chuckles at Garland
[21:35] Blackjack snickers lightly at DS
[21:35] [Dominator] Garland, stay here.
[21:36] [DeathStar] Why...Reploid....does EarthGov wnat you?
[21:36] [Garland] otay!
[21:36] [Dominator] Anyway, I got sorta held up by the mavericks. Midnight and I were hounded by them for the last two days
[21:36] [Midnight^] EarthGov wants me, huh? ... Damn...
[21:36] [Dominator] What do mean, EarthGov want him?
[21:36] DeathStar limps toward him
[21:36] LightningStrike looks over at Ds then back at the "Maveric"
[21:36] Dominator looks at Midnight
[21:36] Slasher places his other hand on DS's wound and uses Life mist again to heal it up
[21:36] [DeathStar] We got someone named Spade telling us to catch him !!
[21:37] [Wiendigo] Well damnit Death Star, you're that damn leader of this damn band, why don't you teach him some damn new word, damnit...
[21:37] [Midnight^] I'm a free reploid, that's why they want me.
[21:37] Garland back flips around, exersizing
[21:37] [Blackjack] He claims to be from EarthGov, but somehow I doubt it...
[21:37] [DeathStar] Shut the hell up
[21:37] Cross looks at Wiendigo strangely
[21:37] [DeathStar] A free Reploid...
[21:37] LightningStrike stuffs a old gym sock in Wiendigos mouth "Put a cork in it hot shot"
[21:37] [Garland] damnit! yay! know more words now!
[21:37] Wiendigo bares his teeth at Cross
[21:37] Blackjack whispers to Cross, 1"This is typical of him..."
[21:37] [Dominator] ... So, they are after you, Midnight?
[21:37] DeathStar scans the area for the Mavs.
[21:38] Slasher stops and checks DS's wound 1"You gonna be ok"
[21:38] [Midnight^] I didn't join the Maverick Hunters. Since they can't keep me on a lease, they want me dead.
[21:38] Wiendigo hits LS in the head with a rock
[21:38] [DeathStar] I say we get out of here and sort this out later
[21:38] [DeathStar] I'll be fine
[21:38] [Slasher] good...
[21:38] [Cross] I see.
[21:38] LightningStrike looks at wien 
[21:38] [Dominator] ... Midnight, I know you feel that way about the MH, but...
[21:38] Slasher cloaks to be safe
[21:38] [Dominator] Deat Star's right. Want to make for their base?
[21:38] [LightningStrike] You know some cosmetic surgery will fix that lump you call a face right ??
[21:39] [DeathStar] Head to their base??
[21:39] [Blackjack] Who's base? We came here looking for Midnight...
[21:39] Garland blurs around
[21:39] [Wiendigo] At least I'm not a single element based Reploid.
[21:39] [DeathStar] I don't like the idea of heading to any Maverick Base...
[21:39] [Midnight^] The mavericks have a large base around here. Its were Dusktown used to be.
[21:39] [Slasher] Better than standing here where we can be attacked at direction
[21:39] [Midnight^] I'm Midnight, by the way.
[21:39] Slasher laughs at what Wien said
[21:40] [LightningStrike] I only need one element unlike some weaklings
[21:40] [Blackjack] I figured that, considering Dom called you that a couple of times. *snickers*
[21:40] [DeathStar] Fine...everyone, head for the base...
[21:40] [Garland] element..... Mr. Wiendigo what that mean?
[21:40] Slasher grabs his hand and gives it a nice friendly squeeze
[21:40] Blackjack fiddles with his patch. 1"I don't like this..."
[21:40] [Dominator] They might send more mavs after us though.
[21:40] [Dominator] FOr some strange reason, they won't stop hounding me and Midnight
[21:40] [Wiendigo] It's another word for "damn", kid, just use damn instead...
[21:40] [Cross] Sir, I could stay back and watch the ship... In case mavs came.
[21:40] [Garland] okay!
[21:40] Slasher is still cloaked and makes his way to the mav base
[21:40] [DeathStar] Alright.  You do that Cross.  Garland, you stay here with Cross
[21:40] [Wiendigo] Just like a coward...
[21:41] [Blackjack] Do it, kid, and you're liable to say it to the wrong person one day...
[21:41] DeathStar motions for Dom to lead the way to the base
[21:41] Slasher laughs at Garland
[21:41] [Dominator] Wiendigo, don't teach him that kind of language...
[21:41] [LightningStrike] Garland, it means, like, wind, fire earth, lightning, things like that, don't listen to that lunitic k 
[21:41] [Wiendigo] Always the first to volunteer to stay behind
[21:41] [Wiendigo] And what are you gonna do about it, soldier boy?
[21:41] [Garland] lunitic? whats that?
[21:41] [Blackjack] Wien, this is his first mission with us... How would you know?
[21:41] [LightningStrike] It's another word for nut case
[21:41] Slasher is behing Midnight but hes cloaked so he doens't know
[21:41] [Midnight^] I hope you MH officers won't mind me aiding you.
[21:42] DeathStar leaps into the air and teleports
[21:42] Dominator walks in front of DS, pointing toward the bsae
[21:42] LightningStrike looks at wiendigo
[21:42] Blackjack shrugs. 1"You seem like you wouldn't be a problem. Let's go."
[21:42] [Dominator] Garland, stay here so you'll be safe.
[21:42] [Garland] .......okay.
[21:42] [LightningStrike] Unlike you I seem to have friends among my allies !
[21:42] LightningStrike follows DS
[21:42] Garland reads a book with no name on the cover
[21:42] DeathStar reappears ahead of Dom
[21:42] Slasher uncloaks and runs right bye midnight
[21:42] [Dominator] Don't worry Garland, you can protect the ship.
[21:42] Slasher phaseshifts next to DS
[21:43] [Wiendigo] Do you think I give a rat's ass about NOT having "friends"?
[21:43] Wiendigo flies after the group
[21:43] Blackjack grips his rifle tightly. 1"Let's go..." He catches up to Dominator.
[21:43] Slasher wonders if he know what the word means
[21:43] [LightningStrike] Apparently, what where you abbused by your creator ??
[21:43] [Garland] Mr. Wiendigo, I'm your friend!
[21:43] [Cross] Good luck, everyone.
[21:43] [Dominator] Everyone ready?
[21:43] [Midnight^] Of course, Dom.
[21:43] Garland reads the book more
[21:43] [DeathStar] ...
[21:43] [Cross] What are you reading, kid?
[21:43] [Wiendigo] Go drink some water, Electric-Boy
[21:44] [Garland] nonya
[21:44] [Blackjack] Let's get this over with, Dom.
[21:44] [LightningStrike] Ok, I can actually do that.
[21:44] DeathStar reminds him to file a complaint against LS and Wien being together
[21:44] [Blackjack] I wasn't looking to take on a base this time...
[21:44] LightningStrike zaps out and before anyone can blink is back with a glass of watter
[21:44] Cross [ryan_cros@TC1-11.intercomm.com] has left #TAW (watches memebrs leave)
[21:44] Slasher walks next to DS making sure the wound stays closed
[21:44] LightningStrike chugs it down and is ok
[21:44] [DeathStar] ....
[21:45] [Dominator] Death Star, its up this way. It'll take a little bit of walking to get there.
[21:45] [Garland] (to the now nonexhistant Cross) Nonya buisness!
[21:45] [LightningStrike] I'm not an elemental reploid, I'm what they call an exterminator.
[21:45] [DeathStar] Remind me to file a complaint against them being seperate...too
[21:45] [Wiendigo] It was a rhetorical statement, dipshit
[21:45] [Garland] diiiipppshit!
[21:45] [Slasher] Yea yeah i know i should leave you alone but im a little worried about it
[21:45] [Dominator] So, you came to arrest Midnight? Under who's orders?
[21:45] [Blackjack] Watch your mouth around the kid, Wien...
[21:45] [Wiendigo] More like the pest then the exterminator
[21:45] [DeathStar] Spade's.
[21:45] [Slasher] Spades what
[21:45] LightningStrike looks over to BJ
[21:45] [Garland] exterminator!
[21:45] [Wiendigo] Listen human, I'm not going to tell you again, mind your own damn business
[21:45] [DeathStar] Orders
[21:46] [LightningStrike] Wonder how he got out of the listing of maverics ??
[21:46] [Slasher] oh ok
[21:46] Dominator looks up at the mention of the name, 1"Spade?"
[21:46] Garland is gitty to learn more words
[21:46] [DeathStar] Yes.
[21:46] Midnight^ looks at Dominator, 1"You know him?"
[21:46] [Blackjack] Wien... stop being an asshole for five minutes, and I'll leave you alone for the rest of this mission...
[21:46] [Garland] assssssehole?
[21:46] [Dominator] Well, I once knew someone with the same code name... But he'd be dead by now, so... no.
[21:46] Slasher is getting alittle tired and pulls out a can of water and gulps it down
[21:47] [Dominator] Garland's going to get bad language habits from hanging around us...
[21:47] [LightningStrike] I doubt he can last a second, much less 5 minutes
[21:47] [DeathStar] Too late, Dom
[21:47] [Slasher] Heh
[21:47] Wiendigo flips BJ off with both middle fingers
[21:47] LightningStrike Stops dead in his tracks
[21:47] [Blackjack] Hmph... That attitude will get you killed eventually, Wien...
[21:47] LightningStrike gets hit by 4 or 5 lightning bolts 
[21:47] DeathStar they arrive at the wall of a base
[21:48] [Midnight^] Didn't imagine you raising a kid, Dominator... A human one at that.
[21:48] [Slasher] I was wondering how much longer
[21:48] [LightningStrike] DON"T T ME OFF CREEP
[21:48] [Wiendigo] Death would be better then this miserably plane of existence
[21:48] Slasher tries to phase through the wall
[21:48] [Garland] Um... me use new words I'll make a sentance! "Damn! Damn is what Mr. Strike uses, he's an asshole"! YAY
[21:48] [Dominator] Midnight, you know that I don't hold humans responcible for CorSec's actions.
[21:48] [Midnight^] Well, hell, you held us reploids together for years so... Ah, we're here.
[21:48] DeathStar scales the wall
[21:48] Blackjack is silent at Dom's last statement
[21:49] Garland reads the book more
[21:49] Slasher uses his ion blades to make steps and climbs up after DS
[21:49] [LightningStrike] I'll zap inside k 
[21:49] Wiendigo follws up behind DS
[21:49] DeathStar leaps over the wall
[21:49] [Slasher] I wouldn't do that LS
[21:49] Garland follows while reading
[21:49] Dominator looks at Blackjack, 1"I don't hold you responcible either. YOu quit, and I admire you for that."
[21:49] [LightningStrike] Why not ??
[21:49] [Dominator] Careful, its heavily guarded. Watch out for mines...
[21:49] Slasher flips of the top oto the ground
[21:49] DeathStar lands on a mine
[21:49] [DeathStar] DAMN!!
[21:49] [LightningStrike] They will think I'm a lightning bolt 
[21:49] Dominator climbs over wall
[21:49] Blackjack climbs over the wall, barely making it over in time to see the explosion
[21:49] [Slasher] i know why
[21:49] LightningStrike climbs inside
[21:50] DeathStar stands there
[21:50] Midnight^ disappears then appears by DS and grabs him, teleporting him away before he's hit by the explosion
[21:50] Wiendigo blasts down on the field, trying to hit more mines
[21:50] [DeathStar] Damn....that hurt
[21:50] Garland walks/jumps behind
[21:50] [LightningStrike] Ok, do it the old fashion way
[21:50] [Slasher] crap... I 
[21:50] DeathStar ducks the explosions Wien's making
[21:50] [DeathStar] WIENDIGO!!!!
[21:50] [Blackjack] Did I have a choice...
[21:50] [Garland] "damn that hurt"
[21:50] LightningStrike I can scrap the mines if you want me to ??
[21:50] [Dominator] DS!
[21:50] [LightningStrike] I can scrap the mines if you want me to ??
[21:50] [Slasher] Im right on one and im afraid that if i move it wil explode
[21:50] [Wiendigo] Clearing the road!
[21:50] Midnight^ activates a scanner
[21:50] DeathStar Mavericks appear
[21:50] [Slasher] Wonder if phasing will work
[21:50] [LightningStrike] Slasher stay vey still
[21:50] DeathStar they blast them with long range weapons
[21:50] [Midnight^] Everyone, follow me. I can pick up the mines' locatins.
[21:50] Blackjack is scared to take a step
[21:51] Slasher phases off the mine
[21:51] [Slasher] No need
[21:51] Wiendigo flips down and lands in a crouch
[21:51] DeathStar leaps around, dodging mines
[21:51] Midnight^ starts carefully weaving through, then ducks and knocks a maverick forward into a mine
[21:51] [LightningStrike] Here, who all can get air born ??
[21:51] Slasher cloaks
[21:51] DeathStar activates Jetpack and hovers
[21:51] Dominator follows Midnight then fires at the Mavericks
[21:51] Wiendigo throws his Dark Sai at the Mavs
[21:51] Blackjack jumps around, and dodges the shots, but lands on a mine
[21:51] Garland puts book up and rips off a sleeve of gi because it's too tight