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Name: Ultra Omega

Race: Reploid

420 HP

Power Level (Exp. Level) 4: 0%


Agility and Speed
Combat Proficiency
Psionics 2
Combat Proficiency
Unusualy Strong Physicly
Unusualy Mean

Weapon 1: Sword

Attack 1: Slash ,attack cuts through a LOT of stuff (35 AP)

2: Fury Swipe: sends out a greenish blue blade of plasma (40 AP)

Counter 1: Cuts through missles

Counter 2: absorbs electric attacks

Weapon 2: Fists

A1: Simple Fight (25 AP)

A2: build up, punch does double damage (35 AP)

Counter 1: can grab a punch (hand to hand combat)

counter 2: when damaged, power of punch grows steadily enough to release a BIG punch

Weapon 3: Speed Fire

Attack 1: allows to move with incredible speed, even to where even a reploids eyes can bearly track it

attack 2: with level advancement, grows even faster.

counter 1: can evade many attacks, must pay extreeme attaention to it - though

counter 2: can send elcetricity through armour when punched - electricuting the attacker - 40 AP

Weapon 4: FULL MOON

Attack1: Done in a full moon, if no moon is present, a hologram of the moon apears, UO draws energy from it into a ball, that continualy grows in power during charge time, take a minute or two to reach full power - 50 AP

Attack2: Sends out small blasts in a chaingun like action - 30 AP

counter 1: an image of the moon os projected around UO when attacked by electric attacks, making him more see able, but less acurate on shooting the inside of the hologram

counter 2: Absorbs darkness related attacks

Weapon 5: UltraOmega

Attack1: Powers UO up for 5 seconds, charging a HUGE Ki blast, then is thrown (and controled by use of fingers) into an oponent (20 AP)

Attack2: same as above, but take longer to generate, 20 sec. 4 times stronger, less acurate. (60 AP)

counter1: when charging attack1, when attacked during charge time, half damage is done.

counter 2: when attacked while charging attack2, 5/6 damage is done, the other 1/6 adds to the power of the blast

Weapon 6: Final Warrior

Attack 1: Adds 10 AP strength to desired target

Attack 2: Sends out a call to summon massive Ki, attacks 1-3 targets - 45 AP

counter1: dodges 10% of the time

Counter2: Counter Slashes with equiped sword or weapon - Block

Special: ShinarNikai

Is activated by claiming the words "Cbirka.......kmic!" Turns Armor Black and hair doubles in length. Doubles speed, and powers up enough for one times power leveler. being the strength of the user, multiplying the blasts power. Drains a lot power from the user, and caused incredible pain.


Tall, Brown Hair, Blue eyes, Blue armor with green fringes, has a crystal eye on brestplate, gives off a slight glow. UO loves battle, and competition, he's a cold blodded killer. Despite UO's mental condition, he'll prove himself a powerful ally, not by shear power, but by being a true friend.


UO has forgotten anything before 15 years ago, he thinks that's when he was activated, he's also unsure of weather of not he's really a reploid, as his armour is completely sealed. He worked as a security guard for a mining plant, after it was destroyed by the mavericks, and he actoually let a maverick go, he felt he was going soft. So he joined the hunters. He's appearently only in it for the money